The Weekly Republican from Cherryvale, Kansas on September 30, 1898 · Page 3
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The Weekly Republican from Cherryvale, Kansas · Page 3

Cherryvale, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, September 30, 1898
Page 3
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t i 1 r- i K cvi.rv i riiiay Mnaviso at sunrise. C. E. JJCCSE, Editor. One Year S'x M-jntas Three Mora lis " .nv?.1 r- V a ht i!:: tittl.'i mcy Ic SEPTEMBER 30. 1SS8. CITY GOVERNMENT. Ol-'I-iC UKS. C.. M. ShnnO-n '.. V. M.C!'-!i.:ii.i .s. j. V. V. K. irrv f! A. Mill lull J. J. CIj.uwi.. M:iV"r . C'.tV UlTlh-V Ciw Clerk Police Jl! . CilV 'I'll "MMlT .. City Mioshal CiH"Nl.ll.MlCN. lirA V.jiu. .o.liil V. aid. Thiol Ward. K. T. Cili!-.;. y J A. Claylim A. V. McCm-miri I-). S. MiIKmaM . T. W. ( ,ih A. Tarr ".. M. Sv.-acal S. Keslcrsoi! l imilh Want Ci IV (j. -r.f. - i ;. k I v. i . V I'rTT .YKYl'IIi.-.. i Nn. S' 1 I 1. 0 1 i. VI ...r car.- I ! !!'!. n-;r ! u'l in Tlifitv. . t.c: I'ol full l.lln it -utv t.- all .11 c.t ; 1 r; n i vc ii. :.i a n: 4 -i ' C-6 4 p. III. V'. No. c.irs ia; ..! to ill' rll ; Tii' IV""-. Ti; . V.': Qi:a;ix ;Ci.ei.i.a: ML EiTAIB, L8IK3 AHB KMim : Tin: ri:"! l.i:s Kank J. A. VAUGHAN, M, D., linar-i. l-i u ,n. in. n'ld T to 4 c'cl-'ck p. m. I p s;:iirs r.vtr WiImihV lat- office. CHItSKVVAl.r. - - - - KAXSA. T. M. COURTNEY fc CO. Nntnlv IMI . r.-.-a'. :-t: i. (.'In mi- r.vd Insv-niicc .14ts V.'.mr Oi. iiKKVVAl.K. KAX. LOCAL IIvCIDEKTALS. Cramer's j.liotos exed. 7-Ctl Nai, eon'R. and hard wart) at Thom- M. F. niith vitited NeoJcsha, Tuesday. Go to Thompson's for all kinds of hardware. I have a first class banjo for sale cheap. I). C. Litnranre. P. K. SmiUi, of ColTeyville, was the city, Saturday. All Thompson's pocket knives are warranted. Geo. Butler went to Thayer, Tuesday niternoon. Mrs. P. H. Cole was tpuite sick the first of the week. Paint your bvyjy icith Ward's bny.y jiaint. Miss Kate Clayton visited in Pittsburg this week . Charlie Koho made a trip to Neodesha, Tuesday. You get a good meal at V, T. Allen's restaurant for 15c. Mrs. W. E. Stapp was in from Mortimer, yesterday. Mrs. Ohas. A. Mitchell went to Parsons, Wednesday. W. T. Allen will get you up a meal on very short notice; opposite Santa Fe depot. M. Corser returned Sunday Irom his Eastern trip. Piatt & Thornburg's celebrated inixed paints lor sale by D. C. ' Lieurance. D. W. Cathers visited Wichita, Tuesday, on business. Natural gas cook and heating 6toves at Thompson's. Lucy Beal left Saturday mora-! J. Foudry, of Cedar Vale, re-ing for Waverly, Missouri, to Jive turned home Tuesday, after a short with Mrs. Wycofi, nee McKnigbt. j visit with J. W. kinder and family. Ice cream at W. T. Alien's. Mr. Long, of Parsons, has purchased the Blair property. Charter Oak coal cook stoves and heaters at Thompson's. Charley Shanton came in from Nevada, Mo., Wednesday. Everything good to eat at V. T Alleu's restaurant. Mrs Dr. TowleB returned from Coffeyville, Tuesday evening. V. L, Greenleaf, of Des Moinee, Iowa, is in our ciiy this week.. Machine Oils uf Ward Drug Co. Charter Oak steel ranges, and they are line, at Thompson's. J. II. Blair, county treasurer, was on our streets Wednesday. The celebrated Pitkin Paints for sale by Ward Drvg Co. Joshua Ketehuni came in Tuesday morning over the Santa Fe. Mrs. II. J. Hendricks was a visitor to Parsons, Wednesday. . Notice our oiler of the Mail and Breeze in another column. S)U-lt Thompson Bells hardware, nails mid all kinds ol carpenter tools. b. D, Jackson, of Philadelphia, arrived in our city, Monday night Buy your wail paper, paints and varni.-hes ol 1). C. Lieurance. Conductor (ioodspeed, of the Memphis route, is tukii;g a layoff. W. II. Sooit and Bert Busweil, of ColTeyville, Sundayed in our city. Cthhratid Pittina Paints, one oj the oldest paint Injures in the L iulcii Sii'ies, for sale by Ward Oruy Co. Mis Elith Looiuis, of Parsons, visited over Sunday with friends here. J. O. Nichols was up Ironi the Territory the latter part of last week. .! Liiijunt line oj Paint Pruslue at Ward Drug Co. Mrs. D. W. Calberd and child ren are visum;: in 1 arsons tni:- iveek. All kinds of builders' hardware ior houses and haras at Tbomp-.- 011's. T3 1 11 repair b y LPl'RM LEA. taking thtui to k" URUbife2.U', V. Moss, at X. .Yluore's Joe store. Mrs. Lr. Pithler has returned from a visit wilh friends in Eureka. Frank Heidi left Tuesday for Fort Leavenworth, via Kansas (Jil v. J. W. Morgan aiwayo has bargains in licw and second hand itunuure, household supplies, etc See him lor stoves and stove-lepair?. tf. 11. E. Long, son-in-law of Jas Keiley, was in the city tiaturday ni-ht. J. A. 'i lncb.tud, the tinner has the best rool paint in tins part ol toe world. Give him a call when you want your roofs painted oi want anything done in me tinning line. 4-ltI. For line watch repairing always o J. V. Atercnaut, the leading Jeweler. Marshal J.J. Clayton, went to McCuue, W ednesday morning on business. I am prepared to raisu and move hcusts; iurnish my own help; do my own bousing. Parties not wanting it thai way need not apply. iuy prices are reasonable. U esley llkerson. oloti Division cupt. Mitchell, of the Memphis Kouie was in our city, 1 UeaUay. John Overturf, a resided of Mound Valley was in the city .Saturday. Have your o y e s fitted with glasses by D. C. Lieurance. A lull line ol spectacles in stock. James Keiley so.d his residedce property on South Neosho street, Saturday. Cull on Carries, the tailor, Neosho street, when you get ready for your fall suit. Mr. Fowler, of Independence, aceompanied by his children, was in the city, Sunday. Take the Santa Fe Route to attend the Trans-Mississippi and International Exposition. Omaha Nebraska, June 1 to November 1, 16'JS. W. E. Ralston, Agt. There was no rush from this place to the Topeka festivities this week. Miss Icy Brothers is rapidly recovering from from a 6evere spell of sickness. C. T. Borders, of Kt. Louis, was in the city last Friday, visiting with friends. John Stewart took the examination at Parsons, Monday, for the postal service. For hue rings go to J. V. Merchant. His line is. by far. the j best in the city. Varnish Stains at Ward Drvg Co. Mr. tfheliield and wife of the Territory, are in the city with a view of locating. J. B. Bodkin and J. T. Stites, two Parsons citizens, were in the city Wednesday. Several of the 21st Kansas boys arrived here on the Santa Fe train yesterday evening. Mayor G. M. Shanton and wife were spending a few days in Wichita, last week. Tliere is no pain or discomfort when fabler's Buckeye JPile Oiutuient is used. It is prepared witb seieutltiu accuracy aud professioual knowledge, and is the kind Ibat cares blind, bleeding itching or protruding piles wilh no pain or loss of time. For sale by W. S. Kaunum. Frank Dicus, oi Edna, visited a few days this week with his brother, V. C In our city. Mrs. Gil. 'lhompsou, of Liberty, was in the city Wednesday, en route to Kansas City. Y. F. Cornell, Jr, representing the Great Western Type Foundry, was in our city Saturday. The prices on those rings at J. V. Merchant's are marked away down. Call and see the in. Eouse Plants for Bale. I have lor sale potted plants ol almost every description, from 0 ceuts up. Unu clock north ol tbt liandley Hotel. Mrs. N. P. Morgan. Prof. Herod and his two sons drove to St. Paul, Kaus., this week to visit, the professor's father. Bait Whaleii, son-in-law of E. 1. Wood, arrived in our city Ia;i Friday. Ho is from St. Louis. O. P. M. Wiley, malinger of the Mattbewsun House, at Parsons, was here on business yesterday. Mrs. A. W. Frauk aud Miss Kale Frank went to- Fredouia, Tuesday, to visit with relatives. Is our child puuy. peeked auu peevish? Does it fret aud cry wiluoui -eemuig eaue? Does it have con vulsions? If so, it has worms, auu iVnite's Creuiu Vermifuge will safely expel them aud restore its health. 2.3c tor sale by W. S. ilauiium. J. C. MoSiveeny has erected a new and commodious barn on his premises on West Second street. George Butler and family, accompanied by Miss Maggie Whit-Uker drove over to Thayer Sunday ). W. Cathers and John Beal accompanied by their respective families, drove to Brooks, Sunday, Mrs. S. E. Iiagon is having her millinery room repapered, which will add much to its attractiveness. Mrs. Porter returned Sunday morning from an extensive trip through the western part of the state. J. C. Carnes, the taller, is prepared to furnish suits or single garments at prices that will astonish you. Wm, Diiion, an employe of W. C. Dicus & Co., ciundayed at his home in La Fontaine, Wilson county. II. 0. Speihuan, of the Graham Paper Co., of Kansas City, Mo., visited his customers in our city Tuesday. For Sale Cheap Spieudid Esty Organ, also a good banjo. First house east of Baptist church. 23 3i E, Ferrell, of Independence, a brother of Judge Ferrell, is working in the carpenter gang at the smeiters. A nice tailor made 6uit never fails to give satislaction to the purchaser; see J. C. Carnes, Neosho street. J. S. Gulick has severed his connection with the Water Works Co. alter a service of five years with the same. Mrs. J. H-. Johnson, who has been visiting her daughter, Anna, at Ottumwa, Iowa, returned Sunday morning. Mrs. A. M. Brandt and three children started Sunday morning for Burlingame to visit the former's parents. Miss Nellie Prentice, who has been visiting for the past two weeks with friends in Chanute has returned home. Is your liver tired? does it fail to do its duty? Ii so. don't Deflect its call for help. A few doses of Herbine may save yon a spell of sickness. lierbine is the only perfect liver medicine. It cures cnills aud feyer. 75 cents. For safe by W. S- Han num. Wm. Baird, a former citizen of our city, but now of Seymour, Mo. was here Tuesday, He will again locate with us. G. M. Hosleton- and family, of Coffeyville,- arrived in our city last Friday, and will take up their residence here. Mrs Sarah Jane Slattery who ha6 been visiting wilh her brother, Jasper Gordon, at Thayer, for the past few dajs, came in Sunday for a few days visit with friends and acquaintances in this city, before her return home to Nevada, Mo. Call at Ward Drug Co. and get & sample card of paints. Always receiving new patterns in gold filled cases. See them be fore buying. J. V. Merchant, the leading jeweler. The weather foi several days past has been fine for wheat seeding, and farmers have been mak ing good U86 of it. Bert Eobin, an employe of the Clarion ofEce, left Sunday for the Territory to visit a couple of weeks with friends. Buy your musical instruments ofD. C. Lieurance. Also a full line of musical supplies 6uch as strings of all kinds, bridges, man dolin picks, tuning forks, violin keys, tail pieces and violin cases The best line of French harps in the city, and none but the best quality of strings. Jacob Miller came up from Cof feyville, Friday, in answer to a telegram announcing the serious illness of his father. Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Guest and son arrived Wednesday from St. Louis. Mr. G. is connected with the smelter company. Orrin Richards, of Richards & Botsford, returned from his eastern trip last Saturday. He was gone abet two weeks. Jas. Taunehill, of Orange Grove Ills., who has been visiting with his son-in-law, Geo. Cailey, left tor his home Tuesday. Tri-eonial Conclave, Pittsburg. Pa., October 10-14, 1898 For the above occasion the Frisco Line will have on sale tickets, tr Pittsburg, Pa., at one standard first-class fare for the round trip. Tickets will be on sale Oct. 7 to 10, ood for return Oct. 31, 1S98 For further information call on or address, J. W. Lingenfelter, agent. D. C. Bodine, of Neodesha, was in our city Saturday, looking aftei some property he had loaned to a party who came over here. Mrs. Rjmine and Misses Logan, Oottom and McDonald, teachers in our city schools, visited the Parsons schools, Tuesday. The way residence property is changing hands in Cheiryvale, a man hardly knows to day who will be his neighbor to-morrow. J. S. Browne and wife, of Carthage, are in the city. Mr. B. i.-the gentleman who was seeking to locate a pottery in our city. The applications for business rooms have not. become sufficiently pressing to induce Joe Butler to rebuild the rooms in the opera house block. Mrs. J. L. J. Estes, of .Morgan-ton, N. C , came in Monday to at tend at the bedside of her sick daughter, Mrs. Albert Stewart. Mitch Wood returned Sunday evening from Carthage, Missouri, where he had been visiting with his brother, Ed, for a few days. I have acquired an interest in the undertaking and furniture establishment of Simon Frank, and would be pleased to see all my friends at my new place of business. T. P. Logan. Lew Taylor declined the place of special policeman, tendered him by the mayor and council, and L. A. Brown is filling the position. Saws, planes, squares, rules, dividers, calipers, trowels, picks, wheelbarrows, bitts, braces, chisels, hammers, etc., at Thompson's Remember, 1 do all my own watch work, have no beginners in the shop to fool with your watches. J. V. Merchant, leading jeweler. Mrs. Chas. J. Corbin has returned home from Topeka, where she has been for some time past with her mother who was very ill. The meeting at the Opera House addressed by Landis on Tuesday evening was rather sparsely attended and without enthusiasm. Reduced rates via the Frisco Line The Frisco Line will have on sale, one way and round trip tickets to St. Louis, Missouri, on various dates, at reduced rates from date to and including Nov. 3, 1898. If you are going east call for particulars as the rates will benefit parties going beyond St. Louis. J. W. Lingenfelter, agent. C. S. Crawford came ia last Friday and Sunuayed with his family. He is still traveling for a mercantile house of Kansas City, Mo, Mesdames C. O. Wright and C. A. Mitchell are entertaining Miss Clara Rule, of Colorado Springs, wno arrived in the city Friday night, v Al. Dicus, of Mound Valley, was in the city last Friday to see what improvements our city has made, and which he has heard so much about. Edward Cokes, of McCune. has formed a partnership with William btanneld in the blacksmith business. His family will occupy the looms oyer Ward Drug Co.'s store. t Ole Olant BBSs.- or at least the people of the want especially the people of know that we have R Drug Store oi which we are proud. We power to make it Illii PLALh. where you can come in all confidence for drus and of safety and satisfaction. well selected and well bought, are here and we offer them to you with the hope that shown us through yovr patronage. ; Ward Drag Thos. W. Anderson, our ex-postmaster, is moving into the house formerly occupied by R. II. Brothers, just west of the city. Ballard's Horehouud Syrup is not a mixture of stomach destroying drus, but is a scientifically prepared remedy that cures coughs and colds, aud all thtoat and lung troubles. Its actioa is quick, prompt and positive. 2oe. mid 50c, For sale by H . S. Iiaunuin The 21st Kansas arrived in Leavenworth on Wednesday, and it is probable we may see some of the boys at home on a furlough in a short time. My stock of silverware is com posed of all the latest patterns and best qualities the market affords. Prices right. J. V. Merchant, watch inspector for K. C, F. S. & M. Railway. Sherman Ritchie has moved his family back to Cherryvale, Irom Kansas City. He has secured a job with the Smelter that now in course of erection here. J. J SMITH, Over Cook's launch Room. rhe Resident Dentist CHERRYVALE, KANSAS. Miss Emma Duley left Tuesday ver the Santa Fe for Kansas City, where she will join her aunt, Mrs. Kate Dice, on her return home to Veedersburg, Ind. Fred. Mitchell, who enlisted in 22nd Kans., Co. I, at the first call ior volunteers, came in Saturday. Ie is a sun of Cashier Mitchell, of the Peoples' Bank. P. Benham is nursing a catarrh on his right nana wnicn causes him intense suffering and calls out many inquiries from solicitous and sympathizing friends. D. B. Britts, of Newburg, Ark., who with his family is visiting W. H. Mahoney in the country, ex pects to become a resident of our city in the near future. Mrs. A II. Sinclair has rented the old Talbott property, on East Main street. She is going to oc cupy the same as a boarding house about the first of the month. The influx of strangers and la borers on the smelter is taxing the capacity of the hotels and board- inz houses, aud families are keep- boarders who never did so before. Mrs. Minnie Bishop, of St. Joe, Missouri, an expert milliner and trimmer, arrived in our city Sun- lav and will take charge of Mrs. S. E. Ragjn's millinery emporium. Ti,rt rMn:r(ni(int of :i medicine i.3 to lighten the burdeu of pain and cure. this brines us to me question ui a ,r,,n,I,- m.l Tahler's Buckeye Pile Ointment is the only remedy for blind, bleedinff or prmruuins rue.-, (hat is endorsed bv physicians. Cures cue most obstinate cases. 50c. For ale by W. S. Hanmiru. Andy Pruitt is the happy father of a bouncing boy which claimed board and lodging at his home Tuesday night. Baby and mother doing well and Andy able to be about. Carnes, the tailor, will take your measure and send it to the house or will make you a suit himself. He is agent for one of the largest woolen houses in the United Slates. Fred Mitchell says he was hun gry all the time he was in camp; not because the government didn't furnish sufficient rations, but be cause he had an extraordinary ap petite. Rev. J. R- Baldwin, of Inde pendence, Oregon, is here attending to business. He will remain a few days and then join his wife. who is visiting in Linn county, Kansas. The scarcity of houses for rent in Cherryvale may be guessed at by the fact that 'Doc" Cook has an application for his stable by a party desiring to occupy it as a residence. J, P. Thomas, represnting the Hammond Typewriter company. of Kansas City, Missouri, was in our city this week, exhibiting the wonderful facilities of his machine. It i 8 certainly worth anyone's time to see the improvements that have ,been made on this type writer the Earth t earth to know of us. We ) Cherryvale and vicinity to ) are doing everything in our medicines with a Icciinjf The purest, freshest goods your appreciation will be Co. Carnival Week at Kansas City. October 3 to 7. Attractions will far exceed those of previous years. The Kansas City, Fort Scott & Memphis railroad company, in addition to its regular service, will provide such special train service as will comfortably accomodate all its patrons. See excursion bills for information as to attractions, special rates and special service, J. B. Bricker, of Abeline,a form er resident o f our city, whiH painting his brother's house, fell and broke his arm. As soon as he has recovered he will move back to Cherryvale. Excursion Rates Via Memphis Route September 6 and 20, October 4 ami IS '98. I will sell tickets to all points on the K. C. M. A B. Ry.. east of and including Holly Spring.-at rate of one fare for round trip, final limit of ticket, thirty days irom datj of sale. On above mentioned dates I will sell homeseekers' excursion ti k ets to most any point in the south east at rate of one fare lor round trip plus two dollars, going limit of fifteen days returning limit twenty-one days from date of sale. stop-over;1 will be allowed on go-ing trip. For full particulars call or. or address W. S. Merkill. Agt. Cherryvale, Kan. Hoiueseekers: Excursions The Santa Fe Route sells homeseeker.-excursion tickets Oct. 4-1S, Nov. 1-1-5 and Dec. 6-20, 1S98. For information call on or address. W. E. Raiston, agent. Male Help Wanted: Reliable traveling salesman to sell a full and complete line of lubricating oils and specialties. Good posi tion and liberal terms lor the right parly. Address the Atlantic Refining company, Cleveland. Ohio. 9-2-Ct. Council Proceeding. Council met in regular session. Mayor Shanton in the chair. Councilman present, Guiikey, Clayton, McCormick, Seaviat, Kes terson and McDonald. Minutes o f previous meeting read and approved. Report of city treasurer for quarter ending September 15 read, received and ordered placed on file. Brick committee were granted further time on the two Lotterer bills. Ordinance Committee recommended that the ordinance vacating alley through Eudkin's sub-divion be not passed. On motion report was accepted. Ordinance Committee recommended that ordinance fixing the width of sidewalk on Main and Neosho streets and ordinance granting to Fred II. Brown the right to operate a telephone system be passed. On motion, report was accepted. On motion of Councilman McDonald it was voted that street lamp post at northwest corner of Paxsou's out lot be moved by city and put in proper position. Resolution was read and adopted transfering money from poor fund to contingent fund. On motion of Councilman Clayton it was voted that 125 be appropriated to make addition to city jail. On motion of Councilman Guiikey it was voted that prisoners be worked on. the addition to city jail in day time and guarded in city hall at night. O. P. Brumbaugh was appointed night police and confirmed by vote of council. Loui3 Taylor appointed to work on city jail and watch prisoners in day time, also to be qualified as special police. On motion of Councilman Guiikey it was voted that two new watering troughs, 10 feet long, be made and put in place. A resolution for curbing and guttering certain parts of Main and Neosho streets read and adopted. Tuesday afternoon the W. F. M. Society of the M. E. charch was most royally entertained by Mrs. A. D. Beckley. Mrs. Dr. Keiley, corresponding secretary of the Independence district was present and gave a report of the district work. At the close of the busi-aess meeting the hostess made a motion to adjourn to te dining-! of Trenton, visite i in this ueigfcj-roora; the motion was unanimous-j borbood last Monday, Mr. C. go-ly carried, and an elegant repast ing on to lola to attend the U. B, was discovertd. The return to : conference A letter f r o us. town was made by moonlight. The outlook of the Cherryvale Auxiliary is encouraging, an increase in members and interest; the apportionments of -the year have been met. The new year begins auspiciously. The following members were present, Mesdames Bailey, Rice, McDonald, Fuller. Brown, Logan, J. W. Beckley. McManaman and Carl. Tour3 in the Rocky Mountains. The ''Scenic Line of the World" tho Denver & Rio Grande Railroad offers to tourists in Colorado, Utah and New Mexico ths choicest resort-, and to the trans-continental traveler the grandest scenery. Two separate and distinct routes through the Koeky Mountains, all through tickets avuilabie via either. The direct line to Cripple Creek, the greatest gold camp on earth. Double daily train service with through Pullman sleepers and tourists' cars between Denver and San Franci.-co. The best line to Utah. Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington via the '"Ogdeu Gateway." Write S. K. Hooper, G. P. it T. A., Denver, Colorado, for illustrated descriptive pamplilets. VAN Ti:i SEVERAL Trasiw.r.h .Tn M in th;;; rl.V.j l luanii -v oi:r l.;:-;.i..- i: thuir u r. :tlHl n ;ry cl;uL:.-, It is r.'.nln'.y o! lice work cc:i'lucu,.l at h'-ntj. Salarv s-r:i-h' 'r-.'a yar ur.d t.I'i. tisls i'u f:ime. i't'.ii:i:c. :a Mltire, :m It su!.'! , k-. i -ri i:'-- - Eiu-l.;-.e st'.!' a l -c.l --lai:;: " 1 kitv.-l.'r. 1U ii- cvt E. iRss. I'rv-t.. Ij-t. M. ChH':'.iT. Old Settler's Reunion. At a meeting on la.-t Saturday it was decided to hold the Old Settler's Reunion on Tuesday, October 11, and the following committees were arpointed: On Grounds Hon. V i!!iam Dunkin, J. M. Kevins, J. J. Anderson, Peter Bannon, Stephen tlambleton. The committee have selected Dunkin's Park as the place o: meeting. On Speakers E. T. Lewis, A B. Clark and William Dunkin. On Instrumental Music-Thomas Anderson aud C. C. Kiticaid, ol Cherryvale, E. P. Allen, R. S Heady and Chas. Yoe, of Inde peiidence. On Vocal Musis Mrs. L. U. Humphrey, Chas. Yoe and W.N Banks. O n Decorations Mrs. J. II Pugh, Mrs. II. II. Crane, Mrs. J. M. Nevins, Mrs. J. J. Andersoi and Mrs. Charles Yoe. On FinaL.ce Edwin Foster, E P. Allen, Charles Y'oo, L. R Spradlii.g and J. G. Hambleton. It was decided that tho reunioi be an oid fashioned basket picnic It is fully expected that then will be a great crowd of old set tiers, and that each will come pre pared with incidents to relate con periling the early settlement, aw' ;n contribute their full share towards making an interesting meet ill'T. My succes thus far has demonstrated the fact that. Cherryvali people appreciate good treatmer.' and like my style of doing busi ness. If you contemplate pur chasing a watcn, clock or something nice in silverware, call and look over my stock. J. V. Me diant, K. C, f . is, & Al. watCii inspector. To The Ladies of Montgomery County: It is with pleasure that I invite you to my Filth Millinery Open ing in Cherryvale. I selected in the East, a fine Stock of Good.- and secured from St. Joe, Mo., a First Class trimmer. Miss Bishop, who will, I know, give you complete satisfaction. Come and inspect my goods on October 6th, 7. and Sih. Yours To Please, b. E. Ragox. Knights Templar Conclave, Pitts burg. Tii., October 10-14. 1S9.3. The Santa ie Koute sells excursion tickets to f ittsburg Oct 7. 8, 9 and 10 for ooe fare for the round trij. By depositing ticket with joint agfint the limit will be extended to Out. SI. R ites have been authorized from Pittsburg to Washington, Baltimore and nil points with-iu a radius of 260 miles. For information please call and see us. W. E. Kalston, airent. Country Correspondence. WEST LABETTE ITEMS. Plenty of rain now to keep dust down Two threshers in the country now A. W. Potter attended the U. B. conference at lola, this week, and from there will go to Northern Missouri to visit a brother he ha3 not seen for thirty years Sunnyside school commences Monday, September 2G Frank Furse and Frank Davis are in the Nation, near Nowata, baling hay Alice and Daisy Henshaw were the guests of Katy Potter last Friday Dave Squire preached at Sunnyside Sunday tight The evangelist, Lemon, who is traveling on foot with his wife and three children, is helding fcrth at West Fairview and depending on the tender mercies of whoever sees fit to invite them home with them Mrs, Nannie Potter and Grandma Furse I TbeJ pse svrnp Pepsin. Spend 10c visited last Friday with Carol for a trial bottle and you will be con-Baker and family, of Drum Creek, yincetl. Large size3 50e and $1. 4 Watson Chrisrnore and wife, true family medicine. At Lurauev Charles Squire, of the Twentieth Kansas, says he hopes he will b discharged out in San Francisco a& he has ihe Klondike fever. HELLO! Did you say that you were not feel, ia;r well and that your stomach vtug out of older? Weil men try a bottle of Ur. Caldwell's Syrnp of Pepstu and you are sure of relief Constipation and iudigestitia cured. Sick headaeliu cured. (Ireatest boon t o mankind and is appreciated by thousands, ldc w ill get you f triul Mze bottie. Lar3 sizes, 00 cents and t l. of Lieurance. A. C. Whiteman, editor of the La Crosne,(Kans ) Republican, and. post master at that place, has beeo in town a few days visiting Editor Akin, of the Clarion, aud making a note of Cherryvale's prosperity and pleasant surroundings. Among our locals, last week, a mistake was made in a personal which should have read Messrs. George Thompson and S. C. Edgar instead of Mrs. George Ihomp-son aud S. C. Edgar A mistake which we hope all parties concerned will kindly overlook. SANTA FE EXCURSIONS. Topeka, Kansas. Oct 1-3. 183. Anneal Meeting Kansas Turufest Th Sanca Fe lloute sells excursion tickets o Topeka and return for one fare, rickets on sale Sept. ;?o toCet.3 inclti--ive. good returning until Oet. a. lS'JS Topeka. Kansas. Oct. 10 13, 188, At:nu:.i Meeting, Grand Lodge, (irand f.m-ampment and IUbtcca Assembly I. O. O. I'. f Kansas The Santa Fe t iiiie sells exclusion tickets loTopeki Ortober ine'iisive. good to return iinli! and ineitidii.g October 17, lb'JS. Priests of Pallas Parade aud Kami-vai Krewe, Kansas City, Mo., October , l.V.W. The Santa l'e Route sells excursion tickets to Kansas Ciy and returns for one fare. October 2-?, in-elusive, limited for return until and 'tielutlmg October 'J, Topeka. Kans., September 20 to Oct. 1, I'.'. -Ti.e Santa Fe lloute sells excursion tickets to T.p"Sa and return or one fare. Sept" mix r 21 to 30, in-ilusivc. good to return until and iu-ludiug October 3. ls'.'S. W. E. Kalstox. Agt. N. B. Welch, of Wiliow Springs, Mo., arrived in our city last Thurs-iay, ar.e will work on the smelters under Contractor Weaver. He made tiie Republican a pleasant all, fie having received a copy ot he "old reliable'' the week before. He expressed himself as iigh'.y pleased with our city. He s ft guest of P. S. Dewey, and will uove liis fauiity here just as soon is he can get rid of his property interests in Missouri. New War Songs and Music. Two of the most popular pieces if music arranged for piano and .rgan have just been issued by the Popular Music Co., Indianapolis, Ind., "Bring Our Heroes Home,-' Indicated to the heroes of the U. S. Battleship Maine is one of the linest national songs ever written. The music is stirring and the words ring with pitriotism. Dewey's Battle of Manila Marc!i Two-Step" is a fine instrumental and will live forever as a souvenir if the Spanish war. Either one of these pieces and Popular Music Roll containing IS pages full sheet ;uu.-ic sent on receipt of 25 cents. Address: Porui.Aii Music Co., Indianapolis, Ind. The new change in the plan of assessment of the Patriarchs of America seems to be giving excellent satisfaction. Many of the lodges have written to Secretary Reid that a number of their former members are being reinstated and also new applications for membership are being received. Parsons Palladium. Cherryvale Lodge, No 7, P. of A., is also pro.-pering under the new plan. Our boys claim to have the cheapest and best lraternal order op. earth. Are you going tj the Klondikel Do you want to know how to get there? Write S K. Ilocper, O. P. D. & T. A , D. & R, G. ft. R., Denver, Colo., for a delightfully illustrated pamphlet devoted to his subject. Mr. and Mrs. Husselton moved to our city from lAiceyvme iaot Friday. They had lented a house but it was sold before they got; here, and they succeeded in pro- r t'.4 curing a couple oi rooms uu e Third street". Mr. H. has secured work on the smelter. The Republican learns that the Coffeyville Brick company has purchased 27 acres of ground where it was originally intended to locate the brick plant south of the city and the locstion of that enterprise here has now passed the stage of uncertainty. BIGHT IN IT, That's where Dr. Caldwell's Syrnp- . J Peysin is. The greatest remeuy io. the stomach that was ever put togeliiT er. Absolutely yegui-auic v" my eeotion of the pepsin. Are you con stipated? Then try bvrop repsia. H:ir vmi indigestion of sick teadaei.f

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