Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 16, 1955 · Page 21
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 21

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 16, 1955
Page 21
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fit HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS W Extension Sited as a separate bill rather than i i-ider to the measure to extend Selective Service for four years. The reserve program, designed to provide a trained force of nearly three million men who could be called up in a hurry to augment the regular armed services of about the same size, bogged down —Chairman in the House when an amendment (D-da ) of the Senate was attached to ban racial segre- Services Committee voiced gation. PRESCOU NEWS Mrs. C. G. Gordftn Hostess to Canasta Club on making belts and covering buckles. The home of Mrs. C. G. Gordan' Ice cream and cake were enjoy- Indian Sees Others Being Given Release was beautifully decorated with ar- ed by the seven members during 1 . "' rangements of gladiolus and roses the social hour. • oma on Friday afternoon when she was WASHINGTON W) — Indian Dip- conciliatory gestures toward Red China. One "suggestion along that line has been the return of Chinese now in this country to their Communist-ruled homeland. The difficulty with this anticipated suggestion, U. S. officials say, is that all the Chinese stu- who wish to go home have Governor Rejects Clemency to Four LITTLE ROCK M —Four clemency recommendations by state Parole Board have turned down by Gov. Orval Fau-,m endat i° ns bus. They involved convicts sent-' tenced from Jefferson, Boone and Thursday, June U, 195S _ Baughman, convicted in Boonfi County in November, 1954 of assault with intent to rape. The board had recommended a reduc* tion to two years. Faubus did not say why he re- been jected the Parole Board's recom" Thursday, June 16, 1955 HOPE STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS K. Krishna Menon said been cleared to do so and no one Chicot' counties. after a conference with President knows of any other Chinese in the | The governor refused to com- Three New Polio Coses in State LITTLE ROCK Wl —Three new leases of polio were reported to the |State Health Department last pek. None of the victims had re- ceived the Salk vaccine. One "paralytic case was reported in Miller County. A paralytic case and a non-paralytic case were reported in Pulaski County. The- Arkansas polio total for the year has reached 35 cases, compared to 63 cases at a correspond- ing date last year. The Health Department said 77 cases of measles, 69 of whooping cough and 48 of mumps were reported last week. KISSING FINE VAN NUYS, Calif. (UP) —Judge Gerald C. Kepple told Genevieve Dykes, 33, yesterday that "love, like alcohol doesn't mix with driv- ,ing," and fined her $10 for kiss- In Sweden, 23 per cent of the ing her boy friend as he drove people- are under 15 years old. I along a busy street. The distance of the planet MarS Ea ' th ™ r " '" mt " ^ek, 'a special pilgrimage to Russell's; Mr , T R Hp-tortv the administration insists that office yesterday, armed with pa- ' nester 'y- Senate try to rescue its re- Pers aimed at tacking the reserve! A dainty dessert course was ser- manpower program, Russell program onto the draft extension.! ved lo members; Mrs. Imon Gee, Be it clear that must be hah- Sen. Saltonstall (Mass) top GOP Mrs - E - M ' Sharp, Mrs. Homer _ member of Russell's committee, Ward, Mrs. J. V. Fore, Mrs. H. J. nes sat in. I after a conference with President knows of any other Chinese in the The governor refused to com from tne Earm varies iro mao to H Torrmkin.! Elsenhower today that ne tho "Sht United States who want to submit mute the life sentence of Clarence 63 million miles at the Imes when, ins of Shrevd tho release of some airmen by Red to Communist government. Long, a Jefferson County Negro lts orbit approaches closest to the ro'nkline iWr China haa "°P ened the door" to Krishna Menon conferred with to 21 years. Long was convicted Earth. «,**.< i*. , iu „ , WiU| S6crettr y o{ Defense Wilson and'hostess to the 195(f Canasta Club. I Mr. and Mrs. C. extension of the draft act other top Pentagon officials mado, Hjgh score honors were W£m by and c T Tompku^uj ™ -^ china had ,, opened |he door ., to Krishna Memm conferred fi y g ^ ^ ^7^ Earth 'nnd'MrV Clavton S'm7th and gls ± s the p °f* ib " iiy ot freedom for «>*. Red Chinese Premier Chou En-of first degree mSrd^ in S and Mrs. Clayton smun ana sons ers he]d there |i ai He came here from New York - >R ATHLETES FOOT 3. td'V-diyi. Watch Russell said all parties ,had agreed "it might be dangerous" and jeopardize draft act extension with powerful, inttant-dry- , . T-4'LJ your 40c back at any Both the regular draft of youths ]HL*t6re. Today »t John 8. Gib- 18 to 26 years old and the separ- HOrUg Co. AMMONIUM NITRATE NITRATE OF SODA Fertilizers Sweet Sudan, Funks G. 711 Corn, Stock Sprays, Cone Seeds, Combine'MHo and Atlas Sargo Cotton Dusts Ind Liquid Sprays. MONTS SEED STORE Wilson, Mrs. J. A. Yancy, Hesterly. a canasta guest, Harold Parker and a tea Mrs. Ralph Gordan. Mo., Mr. and Felder, John and Cha- of San Antonio, Texas; Mr. and Mrs. John Province and child- Mrs. guest, Center H. D. Club Has June Meeting The June meeting of the Center Demonstration Club was held on Friday afternoon in the home of Mrs. Horace Jones. Mrs. Jones gave the devotional talk followed with the business session conducted by the president, Mrs. A. P. Jones. A round table discussion was held on "Foot Health" after which Mrs. Horace Jones gave a demonstration ren of Province, Tenn. are spend- James Hagerty announced that ins the week at Quinns on Lake the President's suggestion the In- Hamilton near Hot Springs. j di ^ n di P. l ° maic w ° ul °" meet later . today with Secretary of State Mrs. H. A. Holt and Miss Mattie Du j lus j Holt have returned to Fort Worth,' Krishna Menon met with Eisen-l to re P° rt to Eisenhower and Sec;. • |retary of State Dulles on his 10 Press Secretary £ ays of talks in Fei P in e with the hower 45 White House He also said that Krishna Menon D. Cornish. By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON (M— India's V. K. Krishna Menon calls on President v.-ould probably see the President Eisenhower today to urge concilia- M eXa Vr»nk"« a llom //"and 1 DrT agaln before he leaves the counvtory moves toward Red China in Mrs. Frank Hallom Jr. and Dr. J. ,_ ln ,„,„ , the hope rf promoting negotlatlons for a Formosa settlement. Menon, widely regarded here as more pro-Communist than pro- American, recently held lengthy talks with Red Chinese leaders in Peiping. Sitting in on his talk with the President, the State Department said, would be Indian Ambassador Krishna Menon would not dis- had Jim McKenzie has returned from ^dTboTwUh Eisenho^r and" Dallas where he has been the guest Dul]cs during thg meetin , n ^ of Sammy Moore. President's office. He was asked whether, apart Mrs. O. G. Hirst spent a part of from his report to the P ; esk f ent) as tne he could state his feeling about the last week in Little Rock of Mrs. Matt Hitt. ate doctor draft act for medical sepcialists expire at the end of this month. Tire doctor draft would be extended for two years in the Senate bill. possibility of release of 11 American airmen acknowledged by Red Mr. and Mrs. John W. 'Davis and Cnina to be imprisoned there. Mrs. Robbie Wilson were the week-;|p our filers were released about two end guests of Mr. and Mrs. Scott Smith in Little Rock. weeks ago after Krishna Menon had visited Peiping. In reply to the question, the In- Mrs. Mattie Ellis visited Mr. andidian envoy said: Mrs. Allen Connell in Little Rock CLOSING OUT GOES ON!! LADIES COTTON Regular $1.29 to $1.95 values. Special BLOUSES 29 to $1.95 val 64c LADIES RAYON These are regular 49c and 59c values PANTIES ;gular 49c ai 19c Shirts and Shorts rat quality. Extra spe 32cea. = -•' Men's first quality. Extra special only MEN'S '*', These are regular $2.95 to $3.95 values. These are regular $1.69 bed pillows. Now These are 6,95 woven bedspreads, Special Men these are regular 3.95 values. Now SPORT SHIRTS • $2.95 to $i .69 PILLOWS ular $1.69 bee 87c BEDSPREADS 5,95 woven bedsprea $3.43 ARMY PANTS are regular 3.95 v; $2.74 BEDSPREADS ! reg< $5,95 values. $2.97 Childrens Skirts ettpn tklrts that are $ Sixes 3 to 6X 58c Ladies Panties ;g, 98p value 42c These are reg< $5,95 values. Now only Cotton tkjrts that are $1.69 values. 3 to 6X Thttt are val«es. Mpw only Men MEN'S SHOES These dress shoes are regular $5.95 values. 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He also said that he personally looked forward to further talks with Eisenhower. Of today's meeting, Krishna Menon would say only that he was "very happy" to see the President, had given him greetings from Prime. Minister Nehru and had related his own ."impressions of .what goes on in the world" His purpose in coming here was to report on a 10-day visit to Premier Chou En-lai of Red China last month and to urge that the U. S. government make some conciliatory gesture toward Red China last, month and to urge that the If. S. government make some conciliatory gesture toward Red China following up the release of the four airmen. At the airport, the Indian diplomat told reporters "you are concerned about your nations there (in Red China) and they are concerned about their nations here." U. S. officials say that all' the Chinese students here who wish to go to their Communist-rule homeland have been cleared to do so and no one knows of any other Chinese in the United States who want to submit to Communist government. Krishma Menon did not amplify his remark. His comment, which he did not amplify, fitted in with reports he would urge. Eisenhower to make Faubus also disapproved a mutation recommendation James Masters, who was com- for sentenced to life imprisonment in Chicot County in 1942 lor the slaying of ave Armstrong, a Negro taxi driver from Dermott. And the governor refused to commute the six-year sentences of Earnie Fiveash Jr. and John G. L. Mehta and Secretary of State Dulles. The day shaped up as a busy one diplomatically for Eisenhower and Dulles. When he had finished with Menon, Dulles planned to meet German Chancellor Konrad Adenauer at the State Department for an h our 's talk before taking Adenauer to the White House for lunch with the President. 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Sharp and Miss Virginia Ann Hays spent Sunday in Benton with Mr. and Mrs. T. H. Duke and were accompanied home by Kathy Duke who is their guest. Mrs. J. E. Regan and Mrs. Electa Cantley .spent Sunday in Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Phil Foster attended the Fall Fashion Market in Little Rock Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Everett Proctor Jr. and family of Wynne spent the weekend with Mrs. Lee Montgomery and Mrs. Lucie Lee Cruse and were accompanied home by Miss! Virginia Oare Cruse and Miss Nancy Lewis. Mrs. Allan Johnston of Shreveport, La. has been the guest of Mrs. C. F. Pittman and other relatives. Mrs. Pittman accompanied her home for a visit. Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Woosley and Mr. and Mrs. Vuel Chamhberlain were the Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs, Shell Blakely in Little Rock. Mrs. J. J. Battle and Miss Mattie Royston of Fulton visited Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Hamby on Friday, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Ackerman, Nancy and Johnny have returned to Little Rock after a visit with Mrs. Thorne Hesterly. 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