The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 1, 1939
Page 6
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Have you ever run ovpr a big - broken bottle and cut your casing so badly (hat it was unfit for' further service? Well, this is one of the accidents you are protected against by the Lee Tire 12- inontlis 1 guarantee against road hazard. Sure, it's an unusually Jiberal guarantee! And adjustment under it is just as liberal... at Phillips 66 stations... or at any Lee dealer from coast to coasf. PLYTHEVILLE, (ASK.? COURIER NEWS Dean Of Major. Pilchers Has League Perfect Control In 5-1 Triumph Staff Correspondent nv United NEW YORK, July J. ,„,-,_„, Chnilcy R:ol, dndcly of all major- league pitchers, gave lhe Cincinnati n«h' hurling corps a lesson yesterday they had tetter learn if any of them nre counting on pllch- '"~ In the Woild Series ngnlnM, the ikccs next October, 'Hint lesson s control. • , RqH, who paved his 40lh hiilh- dny lust Mnrch 17, pitched the 3ubs lo a 5-1 vlctoiy over the Reds ami did not v,nlk n .single man it uns his first triumph this Mason. Johnny Vnndei Meei started Joi the Reds ru'id nfter walking foui men In the second Inning v,as ejected by Umpire Kirjgy Scni.s for |)i-testing his tall nnd slilke decisions Before Vnndei Mcei left ho had walked In one inn Then Whltey Moore came In nnd walked In nn- aiier run 'ihoM! two iuns were good enough t3 win for the Cubs. Vnndei Meci nnd Mooic allowed only four lilts, but they walked nine wen. Ro:t K <ive up eight hits but he didn't give anybody n free tlckel The Reds' 'big five" has •v.nlkecl 101 men ihls season, with Vnnder Meer and Mooie the big offenders Vandci Meer lends the league In v.alks with 03, and Moo'rc hns given 55 nucVy WnHeis has walked 38, Lee Giissom 27 and Pnul Deiringcr only, n In m Innings, the league's best recoid Any time Derringer kses he gels brat by the othei side. He never licks himself. Only iiiii made off n,iot was Einle Lambnrdrs homer (No 12); llie defeat cut the Reds' lend over the idle Glanls lo 4 games and elcvnleci the Cubs to within hnlt n' game of third place. •Iho isio-klyn-pljlladclphla night gaine nt Eubclts Field wns rained out £-i the socond straight evening. The Yankees uon a 7-lnnlng game from the Scnnlors—shorten- ed by rain nnd dnikncss—10-2, behind Oral Hlldebrnnd's four-lilt pitching The champs slugged Cnr- rnsqucl nnd Krnknuskns foi 13 hits, Including triples by Dnlilgren and Rolfe It was No 6 for Hildebiaml. Two VroU In lhe flisl inning cost the ..While "Sox two rims mid Da-' Today's Sport Parade By Henry McUuort NEW YORK, July 1, (UP)-Say II ain't so, Joe, say it ain't, so. I mean Ihal Interview Dint was published In the 'NOT York papers ' yesterday. Yn» knew the one J -mean—lhe one that said you hud planned'(q wait until the tail) roum) to 'knock out Gnlento so that for nine rounds' you might have the "pleasure" of culling him, bulcliorlng.liiiii, beating him, nml making him pay for the gross remarks he hn<l made about yoij. That Isn't like you, Joe. You're not. that kind of a guy. In the years y/ JU have been champion you have conducted yourself with n dignity, ah aloofness, that has done more, for your race lhau anything Hint has been done since Dookei T.'Washing ten died. Knowing yon lye'rc. belter Ihnn Die men sent o»l to face you, you have carried your superior abilities wllli becoming lightness. You have accepted .the power In y.jur lists (he speed in your legs, ns n nnlu- ml heritage; something • lo bu Imn'dleil with care lest yoirdamage loo much those less blessed. You don't menri to tell me, nml lhe entire iiprld, that you nre throwing overboard all your' sportsmanship because of a few. remarks that one challenger • made. His taunts, his toasts, his wild'I declaiming, were born or desperation. They were, actually, a tribule tD you nnd your' skill inside lhe ropes. Prize jnghthig Is a nnsty. business, and we nil know It Is, but we don'l like'; to .be tola (lint It Is Certainty,'not' by' Iho champion. Until Hint interview yesterday-you had done a tot lo lift the business of fighting-with.the lists above the street level. There were millions'of as, Joe—here and 'abroad—who saw In you something that transcended n.'mcrc mauler, n common brawler. Tlie pure power of, you, the quiet (error of your, fists, lifted you Into the class of 'an art, Do you want lo destroy all of Hint in tine Interview? Do you wan',, lo. with n . few ill-chosen./fords low.ef yourself lo the levgi O f a QOUl, brutal, -merciless Wfier? This country .and; Us ..clllzeris Imve iong UiriicdJwIlh ;disgust-'from the bull fighting- of Spp'r," nnd "Mexico' bc- HUisfl It involved the needless pun-: aimcnt of^hc helpless. There is 10 scnliin'ont In this country for one wl^/dellberately works .distress Unprecedented Number Of Players From One-team Named ; ; . CHICAGO, July 1. ' (tJP)-.i.NJne members of New Yorks thundering, Yankees—an unprecedented selec- llon—were named loday to lead lhe.American League All-stars Into their own Yankee Stadium July n lc.r the seventh animal contest -with slurs of:the,National League. The American Leaguers will hit In batting practice with a Yankee catcher In tlie cngc, q Nev/ York coach will be on, the baselines and lhe Yankee trainer .will rub them down. But for a'gesture', of recognition lo qinnle, Mack, Philndel- plilas grand 'old manager, the club wc'uld be run by tlie Yankee boss Joe McCarthy. . - "' Thus lhe eight managers of tiic Jmilor league admit the dominance of,:the -world champions. They picked the squad but how many New York players actually . will appear'is up lo Mack. -,'- Tlie selection by clubs; New York—Vcrnon Gomez, n/wi Don Burton Defeats Lepanto's Roy Mattix Don Burton, local middleweight, hammered out a decision over Roy Mattix, Lepantn fighter, in an eight round bout at Lepnnlo last night. The scrap was the main event on a boxing card held at the American Legion's open air arena there. SATURDAY, JULY 1-1939 According to reports, Burton was warded sly. out of eight roui id had Malllx on the canvns 01 In the third round foi 1 the count of three. JO PLUME „ and Johnny Murphy, pitchers; Prank Crosettl, Jae "Garden and Red Rolfe, Innelders; Joe. DIMagglo and Qooi'ge Selkirk, oiilficidcrs- Bill ,Dickey,: catcher. Boston—Jimmy Poxx and Joe Cronln, Innelders; '-Roger-..Cramer, outfielder; Lefty Grove, pitcher, Detroit — Tommy Bridges and Buck Newsom, pitchers- Henry Qrccnbcrg, nrst, base. (Charley Geh^ ringer, second baseman in al) previous games, was picked but injuries will prevent participation), : Chicago — Ted Lyons,; Luke Appllnjr,'sljbrirMiv'j'"• I Hoag, outfielder; Nose Out Vols While Lookouts Keep Half Game Behind ' By,- United Tlie Memphis chicks ehuig to io n ,i !„"." —;•""••" Associntlon lead lost night by defeating the Nashv lie vols, 9 k> 7, white he fogged Chntlnncoea Lookouts .stai- l,, na ,! al S°!»e.tack in second The Chicks iiad a ctose call at I >8 hands of (he Vols o ml only a teperatc eighth-Inning rally en«Wed them to retain their role of lhe The VoLs gave ll)e Chkks a cue St. en put W | 10 cnnno t rjg|,t, ' tiolt beat Chicago, 3-1. Buck Newsom held the White Box la qlghi.hli.s In vUnnityf i>k eighth \^ ^° Yeitcidny's, heio—Chaille Hoot, 40-year^Ul Cub pitcher, who went the route lhe first time llils year to beat llie Keels, 5-1. Prankster Raises Speed From 35 to 85 Limit WATCH HILL R I (UP)_M-i- Inrhl.. -.1,1 «.' II I 7 , " .WlUllf BUU5S HI' VS,3, UUl. UCCaUS orhts rubbwi thcli eyes in nstou- T-thought, you were much liie bet ish ncnt nn pnnfrnn ino- n ,,roi<..x ! ,..-,._.:', . ... - . . hlnncnt on confronting a police sign al iiie cntiance lo this com? munily. it read "Speed Limit 85 miles pci hour. Police Dcpl" Hut !a\v ciiforcei-s ^nltl the limit was "50 miles out of the «ay." They soiiglit high and low for the culprit who, .with paint, raised the numeral!? "35" to "85." New Comet Nnmecl LONDON (UP) -P- A new c:mct made-Its bow to astronomers 'recently andMt has been christened Jurlof-Achmaiof-Kassel—the name of its first three observers. It call 30 seen at Orcenwlch Observatory atlcr sunset midway' between Cn- pella and Algol. Down the Alley Here's one Lane that appears to run right down the alley, it's Pnscilla, who with her skiers recently gave a bowling paily, dicssed for .fullest enjoyment of interview was correct you ,venl piist Die cruelty of bull-fighting, because" In n bull-fight nnlinqls nre the only sufferers. And your plan was,to harass' niid torture'- a human..that won't go en. this side of •• the: water,'Joe. _ Your business Is to walk put anil,• as quickly as possible, end the. man who faces you. You woii'J,' gain 'any popularity votes by deciding lo spear, cut, rip and torment a fellow human Tor 27 nilmitcs before finishing him wlllv a punch: ! I picked you to whip Galenic quickly—and I wiis for you, not solely because I had picked you, because my', reputation cnn .slant a wrong guess or' two, but because I-thought you were much (he bet ter'.behaved. And-the existence, lhe Importance,, of spirt, 1 depends so much on its 'champions. Tliey are the cohr-bearers of' sports;- the champions, nnd when they clip (he colors, sport suffers. But—ami I am speaking to yoi ns a man from Georgia, Joe, who was glad lo include you among his friends—if Ihat 'Interview £f yesterday was from your heart, and not dictated by those In charge ol you—well, I hope Lou Nova br.B3|j Paster knocks hell out oT'you: Yesterday's Results Northeast Arkansas league Newport 7-0, Paragould 1-1. . Cnrulhersville at Jouesboro, night game. Southcni Chnllnnooga C. Birmingham 2. Night games: . New'.Orleans S, Atlanta 4. Nashville 'nt Memphis. Knoxville nt Little Rock. National Chicago 5, Cinclimall Boston nt New York, postponed, rain. Philadelphia nt Brooklyn, postponed, rain. Only games scheduled. American O .. t New York 10, Washington 2 Detroit 3, Chicago 1. St. Louis at Cleveland, postponed, rain. Philadelphia at Boston, poncxl, rain. post- Today's Games Norlheast Arkansas Leag Open date. Southern Uafnc Knoxville nt Memphis. Atlanta nt Birmingham Nashville nt Little Rock. Chattanooga nl New Orleans. Nalional Boslon nt Philadelphia. Brooklyn at New- York Pittsburgh at St, Louis Cincinnati at Chicago. American League Chicago at Detroit, two games, St. Louis al Cleveland. Philadelphia at Washington New York at Boston. \ Read courier Kws want atlj. -,- ..iw~t»..,,., first base. Cleveland—Pitcher Bob Feller and Jatchcr nolllfi Hcmsley. Philadelphia—Bob. Johnson,' outfielder; Frank Hayes, catcher./ ." ["•Washington—George .Washington Case, outfielder. ' , Five of the 25 1/nvo been selected Tor every contest. Cronln, Foxx, Oeln-Ingcr, Dickey, and Gomez' haven't missed a game, although Gehrlngcr will have lo-.drop from the Old Guard this year. •'•" Since the first game In 1933, -tlie American League 1ms > won four, losing cnly hi 1930 and-again, last season, scoring; a .total of 20 runs to 21 f|2i- lhe National Leaguers. Rounding out ; the squad are Coaches Lena Blriekburnc of Philadelphia uric! Art Fletcher, New York; Dave keefe, Philadelphia, will act as batting practice pitcher and his receiver will be John Schultc of New York; Earl 'Painter of (he Yankees is the trainer. ' . Reds Get Seven '• '-.NEW. YORK, .July' l. (OP)-For.' the.seqancl 'straight yeiir lhe Cincinnati Reds tcok the lion's share' of places on the National League AH^Slar lenm, wlih seven men on the squad that will oppose the American 'Leaguers in Yankee Stn-' dlum.Jiily 11, It was revealed today by, Gabby HnrlneU, Chicago Cub piiol, who will lend llie National League Icain this ycnr. • ^ Behind lhe licds came lhe Cardinals with five, the Dodgers with four, the Glanls and pubs Ihree each, and lhe Pirates, Bees and Phillies one each. ' • Si.x plnyers were imnmhrau.s choices. Paul Derringer, Ernie Lom- bnrdl and Frank McCormick of Cincinnati, Joe Mcdwick of the Cards, Stan Hack of the Cubs and ft^-orris Arnovich of live Phillies. Hartnelt named Bill Terry of the Giants and his o\yn Red Cor- rlden as coaches. He picked Charley Root ns baiting practice pitcher, and Andy Lolshnw of the Cubs ns trainer. '•',.', With eight htirlers, including- the -'big Ihree" of (he pace .setting Reds, on the squad, It appeared that the iNatlonal League waulct rely on pitching strength' ns they did in last year's 4-1 victory. The 25-man squad follows: Pitchers—Derringer, Vandcr Meer ami Wallers, Reds; Curt Davis and Warnekc, Cardinals; Fetle, Bees; Wynlt, Dodgers, nnd Lee, Cubs. Catchers—Lombard!, Reds; D.m- nlng, Glanls; Phelps, Dodgers. Infleklers — McConriick. Reds; Mize, Cardinals; Cnmilli, Dodgers; Frcy, Reds; Herman, Cubs; Jurgcs, behind themselves' to lake !> |ead In (he eighth. Three of Jsilora runs were scored off Prank Vcverka in the sevenf.h.^.r,;f ISS,,!"*.^ 11 ^ !•? *™ «f 'U or four pretty Baseball Program Slated For Holiday. At Park On Highway ' An al'l-day baseball card 'has been planned for baseball fans at nr S P? 1 * 0 ' 1 'Highway 61, soulh o Bly hevllle, pn Tuesday, July 4, with three games to be played One game will be plnyed in t'he rooming nnd h vo games In the af- leriwpn. Meat will lie barbecued on the- grounds, nillowlne the ball games there will be 11 dance •.in.Uje morning; game Blackwnt- fj, current Division B leader will ftieei Huffman, a close .secosid in the division race. BInckwnler will present, one of the best "B" learns In northeast Arkansas. Raymond Scolt, who recently slnick out 23 men and hurled a no-hit, no-run iame ngulnst Tomato; will pilch for Blackwuter. Huffman boasts a team Ih'nt, hns been undefeated since the first game of lhe season. George Jones will hurl. He Long To Mix With Bill Hall a A .special Fourth of July mat program has been arranged here for Monday night at the Legion arena, featuring a tussle between Tiger Long, Miami, Pla., and nil) Hall, .six foot and five inch Texas "rubber man", according to Pto- motci 1 Mike Meroney, , Long, who claims the light ---01 ...,~ bjuifita tllC Ugll heavyweight wrestling championship of (he South, will probably provide the stlffest competition Hall has encountered since he started appearing in this section Long has proved that he cnn hold Ills own with the best men of his weight unu has seldom bowed to an opponent In the local arena On lhe other hand, Hnl), loo. Is finite a 'performer. He can twist his long arms nnd, legs into , almost any shape making it hard to keep him locked In any kind of a hold. 'Hie battle .should be.a crowd pleaser Tony Garibaldi, an Italian r. will test his grips against , Les Jensen in the preliminary go on llie card. Jensen lost two straight' . to , Bml Mjke . thcvjllc having won i n MIT n iKi 1938 when this dly h«,™ T t «m n the lengMe. The Missouri ea tied for the flist half \ n - 31 w i Joncsboro and won the Keo 4d h If to make the honor thelts .A number of rcenforcemciits arc being made In the four S, of the league with the ma|:r clmnze at Jonesbei-o. K-ank Grubc for! mcr Chicago White Sox first 'siring catcher, has toe., secured as ma ! ager and Hoivurd M, "Dutch" Welch former manager, Is returning to , o Kitty league at riowllng Grfcn, Reading, Pa., Honors Open Golf Champion READING, p tt . (UP)-The Heart- Ing Chamber of Commerce has awarded n plaque to Byron Nelson m recognition of the nUciillon he brought to ibis city by winning the^ National Open golf champion- Nelson, professional'nt this Ing Country club since April, 193V leaves here this summer to become! pro nt the Inverness club In Toled o,/O. , m e Nazerlan here a week ngp, but nevertheless Is a capable malman .-... ^v».5c uujje;, win • nuri. He —™ '* " i.-upanie matman Has v,'pn every game he has pitch- ?"?, wlu bc Jll > easy-'mark" for-lhe io, • Luthi, ,...r .ilEf m ihu eighth. •This .'left things looking- Giants; Vaughnn, Pirates; Hack, Cubs; Lavngetto, D:dgers. Outfielders — Arhcvich, rhillies; Mcdwlck and T. Moore, Cardinals; Goodman, Reds and Oil, Gianls Bobo's Team Wins 9 "••••&« »>-flJAJaj" • ljrj!tlv dark for the Chicks, but they teed oir in their half of the Inning .against Woody Johnson and nulled the game out of the fire. Stout who T, 1 . 1 ^Vf a P ! nc ' 1 IlU(ef « the Hh, received credit for the iong-socking Lookouts counted nil heir (allies on home runs In defeating the Barons behind Dick- Bass' cagy pitching, .Benjamin, Camelli, Bnrna and the J35.000 be.-iu- ty, Bill Nicholson, connected for the limit oil ole Sheriff Blake. Bass gave up 13 hits but four double- plays and.- his reliable pop-up ball kept the Bawn. plate. Aside from the Chick-Lookout Jeitd, the big news dc the evening was the phenomenal hitting streak of Babe Bennlng. third-baseman for the. lowly. Little Rock Travelers^Ho hit five for five as the Bjjcks iie- ieatcd the Knoxville Smokies,-9'to J, making 12 hils in a row 'in the last four games. Bennlng started connecting Wednesday and hit every time up h, Thursday's doubleheader. The. Atlanta 'Crackers' winning streak wns rudely stopped'at-ebht games down In New Orleans, where the Pelicans scored a dpuble victory, 5. to 4 and 7 lo .1. Floyd Stromme, Pelicans' ace, won the first game, as a relief''pitcher and fell, so good he started the'second tilt. He -w,:n thnt, one too, iilllibiigh he was lifted :fcr a pinch-hitter when lie lired in the fifth. ; . Today's games: Atlanta, at Birmingham, Chattanooga at New Orleans; Knoxville at Memphis- Nashville al Little Rock. The two afternoon games will pit he Monette Biif/nloes of Craig- iead county, composed of- class B players, those under n years of age, against an all-star team from the two divisioas of the Mis- slppi county league of the same ige limits. .,,,... ,-••.' In the final game.tb.v~Lule,s All- Stnrs, c.omnosni"'ot outstandins )lay ( crs Hi Division A of the coun- 7 ^oague; wlu play Number Nine, the undefeated leading team of che league. ; Bill Godwin, dheotor of league, activities, has requested (hat the following • men . report In uniform at Lutes Park July 4: "B" All stars: Burnham (Yar- ss, Grant (Clear (Yarbro) It; Lake) 2b; Ledbetter nro) , Griffiii (Gosnell) ib; Hicks Harbert (Lutes) cf; Delbridge (,Dell) 3b; R. Scott (Blackwatcr) rf; Raymond Scott (Blnckwater), p. Utility men: Castleman (Blackwater), Johns (Burk's Store), Jones (Huffman), Meharg (Clear Lake), J. Lutes (Lutes), Chitman ' (Gosnell). LUtes All-Stars: Stotts (Keiser) , Dtitl > touts "re scheduled foi- tllc bte( ' 'two out of three falls <m '" f n«tc time limit. STIfrI'Iu P (iflLF All N; E.'A. Clubs Out To Stop Pilots, First Half Winnets Martin (Lutes) ss; Phillips (Lutes) ib; 11; Walls (Keiser) 3t>; rf; B. Lutes cf; Mann (Keiser) (Lutes) 2b; Glover Colcman (Burdette) (Lutes) c; C. Wright (Lutes) p. Utility men: H. Wright (Lutes?, Ashabranner (Manila), Flttmnn Keiser), Louis Sinotherman: (bell), Weldpn (keiser), Bledsoe (Dell). BASEBALL STANDINGS Northeast Arkansas League ''•••'.'•' ••' . W. L. Pet. Canithersville 36 Ifi .692 Newport .......:..... 31 24 .564 Paragquld, 21 33 ,38a Jonesb'oro ..........; 21 30 .308 Southern League W. L. Pet. Memphis ; ;.. 42 21 .60!) Chattanooga- ..'43 2fl .597 Atlanta :... 3!) . 33 .549 Kiioxvllle 37 32 .538 Birmingham ..... : .... 32 37 .4G4 Nashville 28 37 .431 New Orleans ......... 40 41 .423 Little Rock 27 43 .age The Northeast nr«.ansas Baseball league which hns been playing in a Class D league, will begin its second half season Simda> New- pmt a t cauitliersville and e an Paragould at Jonesboro both doub leheaders -The fust half titl le vas cinched e vas cinced by CaruthersviIIe las.1 Sunday with R.double header'over Para give the Missouri boss a uld to seven game iead Second honors- for llie first half were cinched by Newport early m tl>e week before the first half officially cksed yesteidaj CaruthersviIIe won llie honor the nrst time In three for years, Bly- HeljK Kounil Up Cows RUTHLAND, VI. (UP)-A versatile feline h Marcus, tiger cat Boule. helps Every Boule owned by Louise afternoon Marcus round up the cows. And" threat also has set some sort of a record by catching three mice al once- just because the rodenUs got con- lused and herded together in an attempted mass escape from pussy's RlTZfr Coolest Spot in Town WatchSociety Pi fe Of Courier New« F»r Free Show Gae»U Saturday Four Softball Teams Will Play Sunday Morning Schedule A Business Men's Softball league has been drganizert and teams win begin play Sunday morning at 8:30 o'clock. Games will be played at Haley Field each Suiulny morning; The league will be made tip of four teams and the schedule will be seven weeks long. Teams that are In the loop are Meads, R. D. Hughes, Umgston . Wroten, and Arkansas Missouri Power corporation. ( • ' The roster of the tennis follows: Arkmo: Bartholomew, Maxwell, Holly, Esles, -Hughes, Terry, niid Jaggers, Nebhut, McHaney, Wilson, Cross, Douglas, Miller, Kelinger McCltire. nt 10 r. ^ n , , R. D. Hughes: Grimes, Pollard, Of 13 Games On Road Crawford, Parr, Logan, Allen, Martin, Burns, Humphrey, Applebaiim, Shelton, Reeves Allen, Garrignn, Hcrschcl Bobo's Fort Smith te.itn of the Western Baseball League went home yesterday nfter having von nine out of 13 games while on two weeks road trip. The former olythevlllc manager, vho has a number of once Blythe- vllle Giants on his Class C tcnm nt Port smith, won a double header with St. Joseph, Mo., 12-5 and 3-0, .0 put his team two games cut in front. Harry Fcldman. who played here nst year, won the first game to nnke 13 for him and William 'Dutch" Von Ahnen won his seventh game and third shut-out. He s leading the league in shut-mils. The British Air Ministry re- ccnlly qrdered 400,American mlll- ary-type planes. The planes ordered were air transports which can be converted Into, bombers and training ships. Borum, and Young.' Lnngston Wroten: Hammock, Wroten, Hlght, Miller, Cnlpe, Nlch- nls, Gilbert Hammock, Asher, kol- and, Langjton, Jackson, Moore, Wood, nnd Henson. Meads: Gllden, Grnber, Jackson, Bailey, Lnnsky, Tliomnsson, Boy- clt, Santtefur, Dowdy, Hardy, Mc- .Clnnahan, - Whltworth, Henderson, Whilehead, and Stickler. Schedule: July a, Hughes vs. Lahgston-Wrolen, Meads vs. Arkmo; July 9, Langston-Wrolen vs. Meads, Hughes vs. Arkmo; July 16, Hughes vs. Meads, langslon- Wroten vs. Arkmo; July 23, Arkmo vs. Meads, Langston-Wroten vs. Hughes; July 30, Arkmo vs. Hughes, Meads vs. Lnngston-Wrolen; Aug.; 7, Arkmo vs. Langston-Wroten, Meads vs, Hughes; Aug. 14, Hughes vs. -Langston-Wroten, Meads vs. Arkmo. National league W, L. Pet. iincinrinli ;. 33 23 .623 'Tew York ..35 28 .55(i St. Louis 33 27 .550 3hicngo ......... 35 30 Brooklyn 29 29 Pittsburgh 27 31 Sostoii .'. 20 35 Philadelphia 19 33 .538 .500 .'1BG .417 American League W. L. Pet. New York 50 Boston 33 Cleveland 33 Detroit '34 Chicago 31 Philadelphia 25 Washington 25 St.'Louis ia .781 .579 .532 .531 .508 .-113 .373 .290 The new DC-4 cost over $1,500,000 to build and test. The plane has a wing length of 138 feet, nnd is 24 feet, 6 Inches high. Tlie ship hns four motors of 1400 horsepower Complete Line of WEST1NGHOUSE ELECTRIC Ranges and Water-Heaters WALPOLE'S ELECTRIC SHOP tlO S. Second Fhone 311 EACH WEEK BUYS NEEDED CAR REQUIREMENTS Tires, batteries, radios, beaters and other products for your car _can be bought on the Hresiooe Budget Plan for surprisingly little cash outlay and terms so small you'll hardly notice them. Littea ta the Vaitt of Firestone. Af< iroMMjr orer XatisntriJt A'. B. C. Red Hdu Tuoe in lhe Firwtonc Voice of ihcpjrm Radio PiosrJim mice cjch week during noon hour PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. 5th & Walnut Phone S10 WRESTLING TIGER LONG vs. BILL HAIL TONY GARIBALDI vs. LES JENSEN AMERICAN LEGION ARENA, MONDAY 8 P.M. Also cartoon & serial ."Buck Hos rs." Conliininus show. Acimussion fill 5 JO p m lllc i 2l>c After r > 00 pin I6c S. lie , , Sunday - Monday C«8T i JMM j > GRANT ARTHUR Also I'arainrmul Disucy rgrfnon Goes Sunday. News &. Wall "Mother Goose Co'nilhunus show Acini. Sun. Mat. &• Night I6c * TCc Acini. Mondiiy Matinee lOe. & 2fic ni. Monday Nighl ROXY Admltslon always lOc & Z8e Matinees Prl.-SaL-Sun. Last Times Today A NiW UNWESSM Also cartoon & serial "I.cmc KanK- T Hides Again." Continuous show Saturday. Sunday-Monday Also Fox Ncirs *. Comedy

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