Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 15, 1955 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 15, 1955
Page 13
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iwfcH»t**Kf**i Jc;-«**e*H>«l**» HO M . If A *> HOf t, , A R K A.M.* AS , Ju«o IS, MS* Wednesday, June 15,1955 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS iuit Seeks to Ion Power of itoteDept. 'JAMES MASLOW New* Analyst WR-the Slate De- Aent can let Americans travel ^ d or Jorce therrt to stay home j^r;ttahting or withholding pass" ' i.'Any Citizen who goes abroad ut a passport commits a passport on the gi bunds that he fiafd something considered disparaging about the United States. He gave an example: One man's passport was held up because he was accused, among other things, of having said when last abroad that this' country was full of capitalists who exploited labor. He finally got it. 'What appeal docs an individual have—and what chance to face his accusers and refute them—if he is refused a passport The passport official said everyone -is told why he can't get a passport. Carliner says only some are told, The State Department has an appeals.board before which an in- *&Ai feM.«wi «,*,.uf«M •« «»««« »v»« plead his case. But the passporl &eTto s ^v°reLS!^ ohS denied them to appeal. have a year over 400,000 passports granted...How many* appli- were turned down An offl- a right to appeal to the board. • What of all others who are not criminals • and are not Commu- ; nists The 'official said they have no appeal but can, if they want, , . , . . 1 -t ' - »-*|-* I-""""" * MM* %.UI1| •* +H-^J TVClllK, the Passport Division said fic t a hearing before people in the — he does not know be- Passport Division. They are not division keeps no record < o id who their accusers are. Ca- lincr says this is not a hearing but 1C number of denials, •said the department can re- -ji$; grant a> passport because; ili'An applicant is a Communist ,j,.-| ; '/iHas -Communist ties, has a f Criminal record, is insane, or can't icjjiiy/ills' way; or pf'i/.' The department doesn't think Ji ', f ". & certain individual go is in ,th;s country's ,bcst P* ,, feite'rcsts. This gives the depart- Itint wide latitude, "he official said: In cases which ....jUnder No. 2 the State Depart- rtent uses its own discretion. For jiixample: an individual who wants ||IO;S|go' : to Latin America' may, 'in illKtft departhient's opinion, have 'jjlnks with rdv1)lationists v lMere He' ^wouldn't get a passport Ip David <3arliner, ACLU attorney, only an interview. Carliner will present two lest cases in federal court. In one he will ask a federal judge to force the State Department to give any person refused a passport a full hearing which he can present cvi dcnce in his own behalf, hear all the evidence against him, be [ rep resented by counsel, and face his accusers. In the other 'case Carliner will challenge the right of the State Department to withold a passport, v/ith or without a hearing, because a man participated ' in politics abroad. ays a person may be icfuscd & coma About 3,400 Americans became blind last year (because of glau- C. R. Williams There will be a Revival at the CHURCH OF CHRIST 5th and Grady Starting JUNE 20 Through JUNE 26 Services will begin each evening at 8 O'clock. Everyone is invited SOME CATS HAVE FLEAS—But not Fluffens. She's got mice. The four-year-old mixture of Persian and Angora cat is perfectly content to be a playground for a white mother mouso, lower left, and her seven youngsters. Fluffens and the pet mice belong to 13-yenr-old Marlene Nyquist of Minneapolis, Minn.; Death Has by Brett Hall/day s ClfTfl* IMS W few Mrftlfck She's in . Chapter XX "Oh, ,1 thought Miami, you know." "" : "What? Who is" "Arlene. Now I am beginning to wonder what this is all .' about. From the first I had a funny-feel- llhrce times . before a; femlnineUng about, it. It just wasn't. like The policeman did. Have you ; seen Arlene" Neutrality Concept Agree to by Leaders WASHINGTON, <jl—-President Ei. enhower and West German Chan- ceHor Konrad Adenauer formally declared today that "the concept of neutrality" cannot be applied to Germany. The President and the chancellor issued a joint statement after a half-hour White House conference. It spoke throughout of agreement between the two heads of government in the whole field of relations between the Soviet Union and Germany, and the Soviets and the West generally. "As a result of their discussions they are .reassured that there is a very broad field of understanding between them," the joint statement said. It took up specifically the latest Soviet moves which for a time led some observers to think that a powerful appeal to Germany to accept neutralization in return for reunification might be imminent. The Eisenhower-Adenauer statement said: "A large part of their discussion was devoted to the relationship between the nations of the free world and the Soviet Union and particularly the recent developments such as the Willingness of the Soviet Union to participate in the" four- power conference and the invitation of the Soviet government to the chancellor. They 'agreed htat one of the objectives of the forthcoming four-power meeting will be to pave the Way for early German reunification. It was confirmed that in their combined opinion the concept of neutrality is in no way applicable to Germany and that only in collective security arranee- ments can Germany assure its independence.'.' The statement said nothing as to . _ whether Adenauer will accept an case but—and fified his wife $15. might be Arlcne. A dor in the rear opened as she stood there, and a heavily- built man wearing a gray suit and a .gray felt hat emerged and strode toward her. He didn't fit her idea of a mor- Not since I left New Orleans." g™ 5 .attendant, and she stepped i a side, from in front of the door, looking past him to see a small blad-hadcd ' man in shirtsleeve follow him through the door and turn to . close it. She took one. step forward just as the man in gray reached her side. He stopped to stare at her'in , Alone in the "apartment, Lucy: voice answered, and relief at get-'Arlcne. at all to go. off. like that." i'surprise, and exclaimed loudly. got up and wandered about disconsolately. ting her so quickly flooded through like what?" demanded- Lucy. She should be doing something. She said. "Arlene? This is Lucy She couldn't just go to bed andj Hamilton.'sleep as Shayne suggested. She'd never sleep. Not tonight. Not with this on her. mind. For the simple, inescapable fact was that sharply. "The way she did two days ago. Lucy "I didn't know you were coming down too, my dear. It isn't Helen, thank God!" He caught her arm and swung ... . . . , , . . , Jill V/l\^ il IWliVJ. J. Ill ^C*JA111£, • J I. VI 1 1 everything that hae. happened Miami anci iVa dreadfully Impor- went back ^inexorably to her allow- tarit> Do you know when Arlene ing Jack Bnstow to stay without I wil] j., e in? informing. eithe.r, Shayne or the pplice at once. Then it came to'.her suddenly 'the voice excitedly, "whatever rlene Bristow!. Jack's sister in .this all about? A ooliceman v "I'm sorry. Miss Bristow isn'tjWithout__ even a word to. me. And here. Who did you say was calling?" "An old friend. I'm calling from her about toward the door before could collect her wits and "Well, I no, as a matter of fact. For heaven's sake," -went on " is in i this all about? A policeman was .Of course. She.here not more than half - an hour would' call Arlene. The number ago asking all'the silliest'questions was in her old address book. I about Arlene, and he wouldn't tell Arlene New Orleans. Yes. There'it was on the third page in the book. Bristow. Arlene. She looked at the clock as she iiurrled to the telephons. Almost lalf past 12. Rather late to make thought me why." "I see." Of course, Will Gentry the New Orleans police' and instituted .inquiries at once. It was not even packing a bag from what!Lucy could collect her wits and J could tell from looking at her disclaim knowing him. His bulky a call, but then'she remembered silly of .her not to have realized gladly that New Orleans .was in a that. After a brief pause, she different''time zone; .Was'it orie or two '' hours difference'.? She -could never remember. There was a v at that. lime of night, and then she distinctly heard -a telephone ringing .at the other end; It rang asked, "Who is this speaking?" "I'm .Esther Grant. I share the apartment with Arlene. ''Are you heard Arlcne. mention?" 9" "Yes. Wha.t "They, asked me about you, too. In the low-price 3, PLYMOUTH is FIRST IN FIRST IN SIZE. FIRST IN SAFETY FEATURES! ,The thrill of pride you feel each time *you drive -your new Plymouth has .several sources, There's the sleek ' ,;'jjpia'rttites's of its Forward Look styling. Jhe eager power of the thriftiest 6, or the most powerful 'standard V-8 in Plymouth's field. And there's the peace 9! mind that comes from knowing that .you are protected by more safety features than offered by any other low- price car. You'll know what we meun .(wlien you4»'ive a big HOW Plymouth — how about toclay? wm. thanks to hjeld de- greatest v/jj- "AMERICA'S MOST BEAUTIFUL CAR"that's what the nation's foremost artists' group, the Society of Illustrators, say about the 1955 Plymouth! BIGGEST LONGEST ROOMIEST THE BIGGEST CAR OF ALL 3 is naturally the most comfortable inside, and Plymouth gives you the smooth, steady ride only a big car can give. SAFETY-RIM WHEELS have a special retain ing ridge to help hold a tire straight on the rim in case of a blowout. Another Plymouth exclusive 1 SURER, MORE PREDICTABLE STOPS come from two hydraulic brake cylinders in each Plymouth front wheel, where the other two low-price cars use only.one. PLYMOUTH PDC BETTER , TOO looking clothes. But she said everything was all right over the telephonCj and for me not to worry, 'and to call her office the next morning and say it was an emergency' and she'd be away, a few days. And that's when she asked, me. to look in her bock and get your ad'dress and phone number for her, and so I thought of course Bhe'd call you right away." "What did she say" "Well, she sounded kind of funny. I don't know. Worried. I guess, or scared. But she said I wasn't to worry and everything was all right, but she had to make a trip to Miami unexpectedly and would I look in her book for Lucy Hamilton's Miami address. '"She was in an awful hurry and.- didn't want to talk any, so I di$ 'and then she hung up." '.'.'•' Lucy told her good-night :; and cradled the phone. She sat •'very still, resting her throbbing -forehead : in one palm and trying to think what this news meant. So Arlene was in Miami! Her trip had to do with Jack, of course. Thfat :seemecY ^obvious. Some sort of trouble he was in involving $700, that had caused Arlene's emergency trip. Some sort of trouble that 'had culminated in Jack's death; tonight. .. -.'vjim A horrible thought struck Lucy as she sat there; Could cither of the two girls be, in fact, Arlcne Brislow She thought- back frantically to everything she 'had heard said about the first 'victim. Either Will Gentry or Timothy Rourke had .mentioned her' extreme youth. About 16, hadn't they said. Arlene must be almost 30. And Gladys Smith was said to have been slaying at the rooming house for some time. Obviously, she couldn't be Arlene. But the other The one who had accostcl Shayne at the scene and whom lie had taken to a motel for the night. Michael had mentioned some thing queer about her reaction when .* she saw Jack. He was ready to swear it wasn't the man she had expected to see when he said he was bringing her husband in, but at the same time there had been something odd about her denial of knowing him. Shayne had sensed it at the time. Could Arlene have recognized her brother and denied it Lucy Hamilton got up shakily, but her features were set in a mold of grim determination. This was one thing she could . do. Something she alone could do. She could make certain that the young woman who had drowned horribly in the trunk of the gray sedan in Biscayne Bay either, was or was not Arlene Brislow. Lucy went to the telephone and called police headquarters, explained she wanted to know to tha first voice that answered, and was switched to two' other gruffly official voices before a member of the Harbor Squad supplied the information: "Yes, ma'am. She'll be at the morgue pending identification or maybe an autopsy. You think you maybe know ..." "I'm not sure. It might be. . . , SISTER Maggie I just don't know. I'm scared to death to go down there, but ..." "Nothing to be afraid of, Miss. It's your duty to go down and check.". She listened silently 'while :ie gave her explicit direction as to the procedure so late at night, and thanked him for his courtesy after a lime and hung up. . . She had been told there would je an attendant on duty to assist uer, and she stood hesitantly just- Inside the door, her. heart beating rapidly and possessed by an in? lense desire to turn and flee from pUce befoie anyoije came to body was between her and the at tendarit and he shouldered the door open while clamping a bit hand tightly over her mouth an pushing -her thoughts it in front o him. Crazed with fright, Lucy strug glod and kicked to free herself making gurgling sounds behind hi tight palm, but they were going down the steps now and there no one to observe what wa» hap pening .A black,. two - door sedan was parked .at the curb, and he held her tightly with one arm abou her neck and the hand still ovei her mouth as he jerked the door open and pulled the seat back. Twisted, upward as she was while still fighting to free herself Lucy had her. first clear look a his face.' It seemed familiar, anc the'truth came to her with sicken ing force. It Was the man who had been in the' gray sedan on the Causeway, when she had tossed Michae" Shayne's makeshift bomb into the front seat. At the same moment, he deliberately swung a big fist against her right -temple. A-long gong sounded inside her head. Lucy Hamilton swung back fuzz ily to consciousness some time later. She had no idea where she was at first,, or how .she had got there. She was constricted in • a •narrow space, and in a moment or ;so she .realized, she must be on the floor in the back scat of a moving car. Then, suddenly she remembered .everything. Her head ached intolerably as she shifted position, reached out hands on either side to affirm her guess that she was on the floor in the back of a moving car. She wasn't bound in any way. She had just been dumped in the back, unconscious, and he had driven away from the morgue with her. invitation to go to Moscow to discuss diplomatic and trade relations between his Country and. tha Soviet Union, nor, if he does accept, whether he will go before or after the feig Four meeting scheduled to begin July 18 at Geneva^ Switzerland. ~ FINES WIFE TRENTON, N. J. (UP) —Traffic Court'Judge Casimir E. Bugdo was a bit startled yesterday when he looked up from the docket to see his Wife, Margaret, standing before him, charged with passing a school bus. The judge attentively heard • Expert Rdpalr Service—All Types • Home and Industrial Wiring • Installation—Fixtures & Outlets • 24-Hour Service^—Call any time. ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 114 S. Elm Phone 7-2629 - LEO'S GARAGE - . Sub-Dealer for FORD TRACTOR & PARTS "Our repair shop is as near as your telephone" For All .".i. . • CARS • TRUCKS • TRACTORS • EQUIPMENT •Leo Harrsfield—• Owner and Operator 413 S. WALNUT PHONE 7-4314 He must have recognized her there at once, she thought. He had gotten a good look at her on the Causeway in the moonlight without . any hat to hide her features. Why had he grabbed her and rushed her out of the door of Ihe morgue before she could protest Did he. realize she was an old friend of Arlene Bristow's and that was why she had come Was the dead woman Arlcne, and did he have some reason for wishing her to remain unidentified She lifted herself on her elbows and gazed unhappily at the back of the driver's head silhouetted above .and in front of her. Other' women in a similar position, she recalled, had been known to take off'a shoe and knock a man out by socking him on the dead ;with. the'heel of it, B.ut she hadn't 'changed since her walk on the Causeway, and she was wearing the same sensible, rubber heeled walking shoes she had selected for : that 'jaunt. The par was slowing nlore and niore,' and she strained her eyes to read' the street names on corner posts as they slid past intersections. The only thing she could read was Biscayne Blvd. on two successive ' corner signs as they passed. So, they were on the Boulevard traveling northward. ' -.She was certain, now, that he was. braking for a turn. She sat very ten.se on the floor with her nead just below the level of the seat in front of her, straining her eyes out the • window to catch the next street sign. Saltair Street! It was completely unfamiliar to her. She hadn't the faintest idea where it was except ghe knew it must be near the northern limits pf the city and n A demonstration of the best known methods of hair and scalp treatments to be given to the citizens of our city. • Hair and Scalp Authority Here to tell Truth } About Baldness A personal demonstration will be held from 12 noon until 9:00 p. m. on Thursday ONLY, June 16, 1955, in the Barlow Hotel in Hope, Arkansas by the-Merrill Hair and Scalp Consultants of Wichita Falls, Texas. The Merrill Consullant is being sent Here for the express purpose of explaining to the people of our city, the facts and the truth about hair and scalp disorders. He will explain the 18 common scalp disorders that cause most men and women to lose their hair. He will demonstrate the proper methods of lair and scalp hygiene 'that .have aeen proven successful for thousands of Americans from coast to coast. The Merrill Hair and Scalp Consultants will give you FREE, a complete hair and scalp examina- :ion and tell you why you are los- ng your hair, or why you are hav- ng 'trouble with your scalp, Hopeless Cases Are Few First, the Merrill Consultant is quick to tell the hopeless cases that hey cannot be helped. Once a man s completely, shiny bald, nothing can be done. But the hopeless cases are few. Because,' if the hair •oots are still alive, evidenced by he presenie of light, (holorless fuzz,) the Merrill Conultant can perform '.what sometimes 's,e,em to be wonders. • In the private •'examination, these facts will coroe to light. . •':,.' -'•..• No Charge. For Examination, The examination is very thorough and highly technical. .It requires a' full 20 to 3P minutes. And/there is no charge for this, examination, After the examinjitun you will" be told |tie required length of •• treatment • and how much it will cost. After starting the treatment, you will make regular reports to the Merrill Laboratory in Wichita Falls,' Texas. An expert will check your 'Progress regularly, and keep in touch with you throughout your course of treatment. As you will be shown at .your interview, Merrill offers • you a written guarantee of satisfaction. New Hair Is Permanent "If every man and woman will follow our directions faithfully during treatment and after finishing trea^- The Merrill Consultant ment, there is no reason why they ! will not have hair all the rest of ; their lives," says this authority. ''•'< "We know our treatments will work from our thousands of testimonials. It all depends on the indiidvual pei .f f > son's faithful observance of a few simple, rules." Guarantee Pledges Results Merrill Hair and Scalp Consultants GUARANTEE, in a written certificate given to each new client, that if you are not responding satisfactorily to treatment at the end of 30 days; that all money paid on treatments will be graciously refunded. "We do this to overcome skepticism," says the Merrill Conifc ,* sultant, "Most of our clients .are* A-™ happy, satisfied men and women, confident that they will regain their ; ; hair and remove all traces of im- !:, bedded dandruff and other malic- s ious hair and scalp ailments that prevent natural growth. This guarantee is for those who want to be ••'; . assumed that they will get their money's worth, and that is exactly what we intend to give them!" 'i A Truthful Note ! Thousands of men and women hav«'if ^j been helped by the Merrill method. Because of their tremendous ^ success in this field, it should be said here that there are some who cannot benefit from these treatments. Any person wno is slick, shiny bald, is destined to remain ; so. If there is any sign of fuzz, no matter how short or colorless, "• there is a definite chance that hair may be re-grown in time. "We have no cure-all," says our expert. "But if you take care of your hair, w<| 4« can help you have healthy, normal/ ** lasting hair that you will be proud '' of all your life." ^.i You need not have an appointment to take advantage of this clinic. All examinations are private and you will not be embarrassed or obligated in any way. Both men and women are welcome. for ypur Irpubleson^e hajr and acalp * * PRESCOTT NEWS Four Americans Fighting Europe PARIS 'UB — Four. Americahs i were learning today what it is like Wednesday—June'15 , , J . _ _. L --to fight a continent. recently attended Boys State andj They're fighting all Europe to The Weslside Home Demonstra- they gave an account of the govern-j get the 1960 games for Detroit, tion Club will meet on Wednesday afternoon in the home of Mrs. W. S. Black. The Men of the Presbyterian Church will have their supper program on Wednesday night at 6:30 at the church. ment and activities. The International Olympic Corn- Bryan Ritchie was presented cuff mittee. meeting here this week, links as a Founders Day gift. Car-[ wi11 award the .games Thursday roll Bratton and Paul Hiett, presi-, and Detroit's chances appear dent and secretary, received desk slim. Sylvia Gray Honored Sylvia Gray was honored with a party given by her parents, Mr. -and Mrs. C. R. Gray, at their home on Wednesday afternoon to celebrate her fifth birthday. ' 'Games were played and the main event was a treasure hunt, '»,-. Favors were party- hats and bib- wcrs - , ' .,<|.,tf| Ice cream and the birthday cake sets. It was voted to give $25 to Mr. and Mrs. Grady Cox who lost their home by fire. Representative of Boys State Kiwanis Guests At the weekly meeting of Prescott Kiwanis Club that met on Thur- sday'evening at the Lawson Hotel, Russell Moberg Introduced representative Glodwfri Connell, Jerry The big reason is that Europeans want the games for Europe. "We keep hearing that Rome is the front running City for the 1960 games," said Fred Matthaei, chief of the Detroit delegation, which also includes Jack Tompkins. Doug Roby and Dick Ross. "We also understand these people over here think Lusanne. Switzerland is a Strong contender," Matthaei continued. ''But we Cottihgham, Carl Dalrymple and|have not given up by any means David Hanning ..who in turn spoke We have been trying to get the on the history of Boys State, coun lotte Eastcrllng, Ann Bolton,' Gildal oth <P r visit ° rs . tacj« ded Coach Fayc Hines, Marvana Cunningham, j"^.^.'^?^ ^1™*^™?' Anna and Ellen Gordan, Roscoe 1 ^" 6 ' 1 and Jimmy Franks, Eddie Daniels, Ronnie Vandiver, Mary Ellen McRae, John Reynolds, Bob Rouse, and Mrs. Lera Johnson of Clarksville, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Parks McBrayer TOP Paul r,--,i^ T,. • n r> M of Toledo, Ohio are the guests of ^r a K^ ai Siana, Ca 1aS be a r n g d ^ ™* ^ ™™» ^^ Gloria Rapn. Mike Smith and Eddie Eaves. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Powell Entertain Mr. and Mrs. Fred Powell were hosts at a picnic supper at their home, Guildford Lodge, on Wednesday evening. -;. An arbor covered with Vines made an attractive back ground for the guests that were seated at tables on the patio. After supper canasta was enjoy- Mr. and Mrs. Jim Nelson and Walter have returned from Memphis where they were the guests of Dr. and Mrs. Glenn Williams. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Lee have had as their guests Mr. and Mrs. George Cummings of Gladewater, Texas, Coy Cummnigs of DeQueen and W. B, Cummings of Blevins. Miss Jane Nelson is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Nelson at Hughes. She will also visit in Havana before returning home. Jim Bemis, who has been visit- included Mrs. J. C .Stegar, Mr. and Mrs. W. F. Denman Jr" Mr' ^ M". W. F " Denman ing. his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. Mr, T ^ t, nan ,T rankS ' Dr ' and ;H. Bemis, left last week for Mex- Harrnn ,°, H ^f'' ', ^ Amelia ' ico City where he will attend Mex- Hauell and Mr. and Mrs. Darrcll i co City College Marsh, Johnny Marsh and Mrs. J College. C. Marsh of Birmingham, Ala. F. J. White Bank President Resigns _Fred J. White, president of the Bank of Prescott since 1950, has resigned, effective Miss Martha Jo Ledbetter is attending Draughons Business College in Dallas, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Home have returned to their home in San to enter Diego after a visit with Mr. and Olen Henrdix, Mrs. Andrew Davis and other re- merchant and extensive latives land owner of Antoine, was elected f by' the Board of Directors to suc- peed him. Mrs. Loomis Barger left last connected ~ u . s ^ several banks in Oklahoma and home came to Prescott from Ballinger, Tex., where he operated a bank. He .is a member of the state Banking Commission. ^eek for Irving, Texas to join Mr. •Barger where they will make their Richard Earl Matthews of Santa Jose, Calif, and Russell Lynn Mes- games since 1939 and we'll keep trying for a century if necessary." MORE COFFEE THAN TEA TOKYO (M—Japan, the land of the tea ceremony, learned today it uses more coffee than tea. Kyodo news service said the nation uses 4 million pounds of coffe- fee a year arid 3'/ 2 million pounds of tea. Mrs. W. R. Hambright. Mrs. B. C. Stivers. Mrs. Price Ramsey, Barbara and Scottie were Sunday afternoon visitors in Hope. Rev. Seldon Blackburn was an instructor at the Chrisitian Clear Springs Camp Ground for Chi Ko's last week. Mr. and Mrs. Jim-Nelson had as their Friday . guests.'. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Van Home and son, Tom, of Arkadelphia. . ' • • . Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Garrett and Becky have returned from a visit with relatives at Salem. Mrs. E. Adam, Mary and Martha Adam and Linda: Gail- McBrayer spent Friday in Little Rock and attended the Arkansas .Association Brahman Field Day at Dr. John Hundley's Bar H Ranch. Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Yarbrough and Joe Grain spent Sunday with Mrs. Grain who is a patient in St. Michael's Hospital, Texarkana. Lt. Sidney Parker Davis, Jr. Mrs. Davis and son, Drew Parker of Fort Jackson, Columbia, South Carolina are the guests of his parents, Mr. and'Mrs. S.'P. Davis and other relatives. r»,, T\/T >r\ , -ti -, ~~ .. - ^r x WA .-HUJJG icLuincu lu uieu jiuinu .Guss McCask.ll and Dr. J. B.' on , Friday after a visit with Mr. Hestcrly wall serve on the board of and Mrs. Mack Roberts and -sons. directors. .Lions Meet •' '•'"'*" s The regular meeting of the Prescott Lions Club was held on Thursday noon at the Broadway Hotel. • Wallace Sage introduced Gladwin Connell, Jerry Cottingham, Carl Mrs. Ray Hozendorf of Magnolia 'Dalrymple and David Banning who was the Friday guest of Mr. and Mr. and Mrs. Saxom Regan mot- ser of Hope returned to their home] ored to 'Little Rock, Saturday 'where Mrs. Regan left via plane for Minneapolis, Minn. Where she will, be the guest of Mr. and "Mrs. SOMEONE fcEALLY LAID AN EGG!-One of C. W. KnHtle's hens can be mighty proud of laying the egg at left. Broken open, the oversized egg yielded not only a normal white and yolk, bllt also another complete egg ot normal size. Trouble IsV'RnlCUe, w. Bethel, Kan., doesn't know which hen laid it At right.;!* an average-sized egg. / : DAVID IN THE FOX DEN—Four-year-old David Mathis.-Mi Monroe, Mich., kneels among six young foxes captured by his i father and uncles. Robert Mathis saw the foxes and their mother ! on a neighboring farm, went for help and lured the young ones ! into a milk can. Mother fox escaped. The young cubs will be ' I disposed of or given to a zoo, David's father says. •.. I Miss Mary-'Dilliard of Magnolia has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hiett. Miss Dilliard was en- route to New York City for a vacation. AMMONIUM NITRATE NITRATE OF SODA Fertilizers Sweet Sudan, Funks G. 711 Corn, Stock Sprays, Cane Seeds, Combine Milo and Atlas Sargo Cotton Dusts and Liquid Sprays. MONTS SEED STORE C. E. Plank for two weeks. Mrs. Fannie Newth spent a part of last week in Texarkana as the guest of Mr. and Mrs.. Lusby. Howard Mr. and Mrs. Max F. Rix of San Diego, Calif., Mr. N. B. Nelson of Searcy and Leonard Nelson of St. Louis have returned to their res- The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring items to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral,Home The pastor, the Rev. F. L. French and members of Antioch Baptist Church will observe its 3rd anniversary Sunday, June 19. The Kev. Willard Leak, pastor of Bethel AME Church will preach. The public is invited. The N. C. C. Club will present it's annual trip to Hot Springs, Ar- ^rL 1 ^,^ >™ ^ ^Tun. ^ Ro^Hp^O : Dr. and Mrs. CN. R. Nelson. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Robertson have returned to Fort Smith after a weekend visit with Mr, and Mrs. Guss McCaskill. Master Bobby Robertson remained for a weeks visit. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Garrett have been notified that they have Buses will leave the Bee Bop at 5:30 a. m. children under 8 years of age must have an escort. For further details contact Mattie Williamson, Leroy Miller or Elbert Patterson. Phone 7-4348. Mrs, Maggie Holston, Mrs. Lillie M. Garland and children, Mrs. Stel- Mrs! William Ellis resides at 2721 West 17th. St. Erie, Pennsylvania. is •The Big Knife." When she fin-| EX-ARKANAAS ished ahead of schedule 1 She'\vasj ST. LOUIS '*" booked on n4as4uerade Party As 4lj5 cs wi H mjrstery guest. I Sister M Although panelists Ogden tfash, tau8 V ln Buff Cobb and feobby Sherwood sit Panelist Ilka Chase Has Many Talents By WAYNfe OLIVER NEW YORK UP)—Ilka Chase a panelist on AfiC-tV's Masquerade Party, but she'd make a baffling guest for What's My Line on CBS-TV - • _ _ „ . .,*,.. i, .» », were baffled completely and I got The panelists on What's My Line thfi ,„„ «* Qn fo . ^ v rharltv." NtJff held tofi 'm in Morriltott, Ark., Tex. She died Of litfiMttl next to her each week, and Nash lpri . a _ lives in the same building and, 16 ™**', Akentls en «|' re _ Miss Cobb nearby, they failed toj SlSter A S entlS ent «?Pi solve her masquerade. "1 wore a long nightgown and nightcap to give them the clue, 'In Bed We Cry," the title to one of my books,".she recalls. "But they 'j of school sisters at 'here in 1906. Sh6 Is ' would recognize Miss Chase instantly but they'd have difficulty describing her occupation. Ilka is so versatile she's not even sure herself what definition would be appropriate. The saucy, provocative Miss Chase hbt only is a TV regular, but also is an author of note, a motion picture actress, lecturer and a veteran of stage and radio. And she's a housewife as well— the wife of Dr. Norton Brown, New York physician. Miss Chase did baffle her own fellow panelists recently. She took a leave of absence to go to Hollywood to appear in the feature film the full $300 for my two shtei-s and . ham and Theodore Schott, Girardeau, Mo, Many'lice are wtlh6tit;'e|fefi PARENTS!! Is your child handicapped in school for lack i reference material in the home? ;• ^;COMPTON'S PICTURED ENCYCLOPEDIA is the answer to your problem '; Contact Horace Hubbard, Local Representative?!^ 212 E. 16th St., Hope, or phone 7-2436 for democrat;! BeeBee Chapter Order of the Eastern Star iNo. 412 will meet Wednesday night, June 15, at the regular meeting place at 7:30, Ke'ystone Lodge No. 43 F. & A. M. (P.'M;'A.). held its annual election ofbtjlcers, Tuesday night June 7th. for-the ensuing year. Officers elected and appointed are as follows: H. L. Washington—Worshipful Master. . . ... G. L. Cox—Senior Warden. C. G. Carmicheal—Junior Wardden. T. A. Hamilton—Secretary, C. W. Hicks—Treasurer. .. Bert Pearson—Senior Deacon. Craton Epps—Junior Deacon.- Jesse Easter—Senior Steward. Willie Brandon—Junior Steward. Frank Flenory—Chaplain. R. J. Hicks—Tyler. The American Legion Ladies Auxiliary will meet Tuesday night, June 14, at Hicks Funeral Hom'e at 7. Asking, all members to please be present and on time. Vearnella Ellis, a native of Hope won a furnished rock ranch house la Shaw left Sunday night enrouto at Ola in a contest that was spon-.ito Erie, Pa., to attend funeral ser-;and son of Mr. and Mrs. William sored by the Ola VFW. 'vice of Varnell (Nib) Ellis. Mr. and Ellis was killed accidently in Erie, "- "--•-•-' --••• be in Pennsy- It says a lot about you THIS Blue Chip CMC town delivery gives your business pride and, your business sense a happy meeting ground. Come in for a close look! •See us, too, for Triple-Checked ujed trucks- HEMPSTEAD MOTOR CO, 319 5. Pa. Burial will Ivania. Mrs. Lvie Hardiman pf Prescott died at her home Monday, June 13. Funeral -arrangements, are incomplete. Vander Lloyd, Sr., died suddenly at his home Sunday night, June 12. Funeral arrangements are incomplete. Nelson-Hill Post No. 427 will meet Tuesday night, June 14, at the' regular meeting place at 8, All members please be present. Miss Eva P. Frierson has returned home after spending a few days visiting friends and attending a wedding ' in Naples, Texas. Pvt. William Woods from Fort Hood,. Texas spent the weekend with his aunt Mrs. Frank Flenory Mr. Fienory and other relatives. Baby's Scream Saves Brother BABY'S SCREAMS HATTIESBURG, Miss. Ifl- Because 18-month-pld Lloyd Odom Jr. has a healthy set of lungs, his 4-year-old brother Jimmy is recovering from a close call in an abandoned refrigerator. •• ' Mrs. Odom rushed into the yard yesterday when she heard Junior's screams. She noticed the door on the old refrigerator was closed. Jerking the door open, she found Jimmy soaked with sweat, his eyes bulging. Ho was barely able to talk. He had bitten his arm in several places, apparently in agony. Jimmy will be all right, a doctor said, after a day's rest, but a few minutes more and it might have been a different story. Japan iiaa 3,75(9 raotjqn SAVE AT J.C. ATGHLEY & CO. Air-Conditioner Headquarters for Southwest Arkansas sin ' ,ff ,*•'-** ;" ' ! m ON THIS FRIGIDAIRE AIR - CONDITIONER Here is the buy of the year in this ART-100 Frigidaire Air-Conditioner and.you will save $120.00 for a limited time only. This Air- Conditioner sells regularly for $419.95. Hot weather is here and now is the time to have your Air Conditioner installed. NOW FOR ONLY . ART-100 ONLY on cooling costs EK?" * *t& ¥m tiibm •* fi •.*, 5, tff v f ,M FRIGIDAIRE THRIFTY TWIN Room Conditioners SEE US NOWH For Your Air Conditoner ARE TWIN POWERED FOR HOPE WEATHER Two cooling systems inside! Use both when days are sizzling. Use just one system when weather'* moderately hot i . . and save up to hfllf on operating cost. New Frigidaire Magic Guide con- (he air info off the roo« r«9or<fl«»! window location, No annoying draftl— wasted cooling power, Pfhumidifitf^ ventilates, exhausts , »Mt, choice pf cgpqcitie* j troll "Great Circle Copliity" to get all for W«m«n» winc^w*. * ' <•'* « •vilt and backed by Gtntrel fPW^PSffmWPPH^PilWW^P , ,....; i J, C. ATCHtpy & 'Tour Air-Cpnditio«f r H«adquortf rf < 117 S. Main -" •• *** *<# ,.<'zbJdi .n* ,-1 t i . ; s ' \

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