The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1949
Page 11
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THURSDAY, JUNE 8«, IO9 Outdoor Cooking Fun for Fourth Horn* Economist Suggests WhoU Families Participate Whether celebrating the Jburth of July means out to the wooded country-side or to the back yard, It's fun to cook out of doors. For a f*»l treat, let the whole family B in the picnic making, suggests pa Sta?gs, home economist. Unusual picnic fare might be meat balls threaded on picnic forks or sticks, alternating with plump pickle or onion slices. &ch Person can cook his own over the coal*—but not flame—until the meat b*lU are well browned and completely done. A smart way to prepare the ground meat for the picnic is-to season It (1 tenspoon salt. 1-4 teaspoon pepper and 1-4 cup grated onion per pound of meaO and roll the hamburger out on waxed paper with a rolling pin. The ment is tlien easily cut like biscuits and stacked between squares of waxed paper for handy carrying. When eatme time comes the patties arc formed into balls. Each can shaoe the meat to <ro on the stick he'H use. Plenty of relishes, such as carrots, radishes, cucumbers and tomato slices should be included along with potato si-lad. B"ked beans go nicely with the meat balls and they can be served In their baking dish. Juicy peaches or pears or other fresh fruits provide an easily managed dessert served alone with luscious cup cakes b?k- ed. iced and carried rlRht in the same pan. A thermos jug of iced tea completes the picnic lunch. Mid-South Cotton Men I /eef 3 New Directors MEMPHIS. June 30— (Pi —The "(Id-South Cotton Growers Astocla- ion has added three new direc- ors and re-elected its date ot officers. Named to the board at the assoc- allons annual membership meet- ng here yesterday were U N. HU- ;ers of Bald Knob. Ark., H. L. >tandord of Jonestown, Miss., and "• J. Grayson of Fort Necessity, Officers re-elected are: J. C. Rapp of McGhee, Ark.. resident of the board of directors' Hobson vandlver of Memphis, gen- ra| manager, and A. B. Stewart of Memphis, secretary-treasurer. Read Courier News Want Ads Guesswork Taken t of Cookinq By Thermometers Back In Grandmother's day. suc- 'cessful results in cooking depends to a great extent upon guesswork Grandmother had to guess when the oven was the right temperature for roasts or cakes. She used a series of complicate tests to tell when Icings, candies and jellies were cooked to the correct stage. When she made doughnuts, she judged the temperature of the fat by the length of time it look cubes of bread to brown. All of these tests required a sort of sixth-sense or "feel" for how foods should react at certain stages of their cookery. The woman who failed to Interpret, the signs correctly encountered frequent cooking failures. , • Today's homemaker doesn't need to depend upon such hit-or-mis? methods. Accurate cooking thermometer* have replaced old-fashioned njle-of-thumb methods. Practica new cooking thermometers made entirely of stainless steel are the most recent advnncement in temperature cookery. These thermometers have distinctive, dial-type faces which are as easy to read as the I face of a clock. The temperatures Life marked in large black figures ^pDng with helpful suggestions as I to the various stages of cooking "doneness." Included are thermometers fo deep fat frying, for making candies and icings, and for roasting meats The deep fat frying thermometer shows at a glance when the fat the right temperature to produce French-fried foods which are golden-brown and delicious. It has an adjustable clip so that it can be BACON Now ii Ike New Red & White Package Delicious, slo-cured Evergood Bacon is now in a brand new red and white package. Look for it at your dealers today. Always ask for flavor- rich Evergood Sliced Bacon. MmuM PACXMC co. ipccd Pickard's Gro and Market 1044 Ctiickosawbo SWIFTS PREMIUM ' BRANDED BEEF Specialise in Fancy Meats and Grace net We 0,/ry.r Mtone 2043 Plenty of PirfcinR aliened to the ecige ot the fry- ng kettle. This puis the dial face n easy-to-read position without lie need for bending over the kettle of hot fat. The all stainless steel candy thermometer Is a valuable aid to cook- ng candies and Icings to the def- nite temperatures required for sat- sfactory results. It indicates the :orrect temperature foi removing he candy from the heat and al» shows when the mixture is cool enough for beating. The all stainless steel meat tlier- nometcr is especially practical because it is non-breakable. It has a sharp painted end which is inserted directly into the thickest part of the meat, with no need tor making a hole with a skewer. By following the indications on the dial, meats can he roasted to the correct internal temperature. This insures meat that is juicy and flavorful a n d eliminates shrinkage caused by overcooking. Each of these thermometers Is designed to make cooking easier and eliminate failures. For the conscientious cook, they are as important in the modern kitchen as a favorite paring knife or cooking utensil. Berries Team With Cheese For Holiday BY GAVNOK MADDOX NEA SUM Writer For that Fourth of July open house buffet, use a blueberry relish to add one of the three patriotic colors. It goes perfectly with cold sliced meats Blueberry Rfliih (Makea about K (laUM, I fluid ounces each) Four cups cultivated blueberries (prepared), 7 cups sugar, 'i cup vinegar. ',1 bottle fruit pectin. To prepare blueberries: crush thoroughly or grind about I'/, quarts fully ripe cultivated blueberries Add '4 to 1 teaspoon each cinnamon, cloves, and all-spice, or any desired combination of spices. Measure sugar, prepared bluber- ries and vinegar into large kettle. Mix well and bring to a full rolling boll over hottest fire. Stir constantly before and while boil- ng Boll hard 1 minute. Remove :rom fire and stir In bottled fruit pectin. Skim; pour quickly. Paraffin hot relish at once. Note: Per- !ect with roast veal, cold meats. ?tc. And here's a molded cheese loaf, itudiled with blueberries. It. too makes a good open house specialty. It cnn be made a day in advance and served easily. Blueberry Cheese I.oaf (Serves 6-8) One bov cultivated blueberries, 2 packages orange-flavored gelatin, 2 cups hot milk. 1 egg. juice and grated rind of Vj lemon >,<. A ..u*2*j. c^a V co-aft: Smooth&Tastyas only CREAM con make it A. S. BARBORO CO. Memphis, Ten*. Idle UMW Men Force Closing of Mine in Kentucky MADSONVILLE, Ky., June 30 V-Th* E**t Diamond Coal Mine »-ai cloud today at the request of Hopklna County Sheriff iua Olllllmnd. This action was taken within a few houn after an eitimated 4000 United Mint Workers from the West Kentucky coal field marched la the mint, operated by non-union workers. Sheriff Gilliland s»ld he asked the marchers to leave the company property and they refused. He said the situation wu beyond his control and he asked the company ta close operations. It complied. The men remained at the mine. Spokesmen for the UMW agreed with the sheriff and State Police that there was no violence. Jess Loveless. -cretary of UMW District 23, said he anticipated no trouble from UMW members. He said Ihu UMW members are Interested in having employes at the East Oiamond mine Join the union. Loveless declined to estimate the number of men who marched to the mine, iwo miles east of here. He said he had not been at the scene today. BLYTHEVILLB (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE ELEVEN pint sour cream, two 3-ounce packages cream cheese, !t teaspoon salt. Wash blueberries; set aside until needed. Dissolve gelatin in hot milk: separate egg. and pom- dot milk slowly over egg yolk, stirrhv as you add. Cool until mixture begins to set. Add grated rind and lemon juice. Mix cream cheese with sour cream and salt: ndd to gelatin mixture. (Note: If sour Hamburgers Are Glorified: Secret Is Loose Packing if rroiuid meat. Yes, of course, the meat loaf. Let' be fancy and use his recipe of Freda DeKnlghl's rom her "A Date With a Dish. 1 Company Meat Uwt (Scrvea «> One pound veal ground. 1 pound beef, ground, 1-2 cup chopped green lepper, I medium onion, chopped, 2 cups bread crumbs or mashed po- "aloes, 1 can mushroom slices and mice, 1-2 cup chopped celery, 2 eggs, 2 tablespoons horseradish, 1-2 cup tomato catsup, 1-2 cup milk, 1 teaspoon gnrlic and celery salt. Add vegetables and bread crumbs. ,o meat. Work in eggs and milk along with dry seasonings. Shupe nto loaf. Sprinkle with salt, peppei and flour. Bake 45 minutes. Poui mushrooms mixed with horseradish HAMUUKGKK ANGOSTURA lar Aint-'rk-an theme By Gaynor Maddox NKA Slaff Writer Puck hamburgers loosely, tl.en cook quickly and biefly That's the fonnuln for tenderness, Juicy ami cream is not available, substitute one cup top milk.) Mix to smoothness: add half the blueberries. Whip egg white until stiff; fold into pudding; pour into loaf pan or mold. Chill until set Unrnold on lurgc platter. Decorate with remaining half of berries. —A glorified variation on a popur flavorful results. Hamburge Angostura To one pound chopped beef add 6 dashes of bitters. Broil or fry rjuickly oil hot fire. The secret oi hamburger Angostura is to keep them from being too well cooked. The juices of the meat should mingle with the bitters, but not absorb them. If the meat Is cooked for n short time the bitters will impart a distinctive flavor. Too many cooks spoil the hamburger by over-cooking. Now let's take up another angle and catsup over meat. Continue t* cook another 1-3 hour. Sprlnklaj with parsley and serve. Mike gr»v» if desired. Note: Mushroom «oup may be used In place of sliced or whole mushrooms. 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