Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 14, 1955 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 14, 1955
Page 2
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MOM STAR, H0*t, ARKANSAS Monday, Jun* 13, 195S U0«l Nttfea ing lands in this county: A »trlp of land extending in width from th* center of Little Missouri fclvet t«r include the bottom and said river an d a strip feet at points adjacent to and along and extending landward from the top ** the Hempstead County bank, following said I Across the ORbEft AMD FOft Of LANDS river through and following described , jfefters, Nixon French, Robert French, ftobert French, Azdra'French ^Ifche'y.jThe Heirs of W. L. ' rffia the wive* of the .male tt, w, E. Barton, A. A. fiafton, >Wte, Percy Walsh, Mrs. Percy ilch,. Thala Varness, Mrs. Allen ' 'dge, Mrs. Fred M. Hudson utokuown owners of any of ^ tracts in this suit described are *Jr Warned and notified that Baring on the following appli- 'o condemn lands in Hemp- ""nfy will W held by the Circuit Court at -Hope, Jt»a» f tm June 28, 1055, at 8:00 APPLICATION FOR " CONDEMNATION OF LANDS ICgL'the plaintiffs under au' of Act 73 of 1953, Sections ,, through 907, inclusive, Ar- M Statutes (1647), and other Me, statutes and institute ., •..u.nent domain "action" to sep, the necessary channel cut"x,clearing and snagging per- Bl£tasement8 and access-per!>fl| connection,with 'the channel emfent -.and flood control on the Little Missouri River A part of the fractional 't of Sec.' 22, Twp < 9s., Rge. 24w., described as follows: fceein- -""-• -1 the ftW/corner of said SWV« Sfcid corner being on the Little Missouri River, thenco South (d the SW/corner of said forty acres, thencfe East to the bank of Ute old Grass Lake; thence north- Mftterly doWn said bank Of the old Grass, Lake to a large Syca- fWare', hear the bank of the River; thence West dp .'and with tha bank of said river to the beginning point, containing 17 acres, more or less. Also a part of the V/V4 of Sec. 22, described as follows: Beginning at a point on the South bank of the Little Missouri River where the North land line passes through the center of Section 22, crosses said river, thence South to the SE/corner of the NEV 4 SW% of Sec. 22; thence West along the quarter section line 600 feet; thence North to the South bank of Little Missouri River; thence easterly down and with said South 'bank to the point of beginning, and containing 42.52 acres, more or less, and all of the above being a part of Sec. 22. Twp. 9s., Rge. 24W. — Owners Luther Jeffers'and Mrs. Luther Jeffers. 2. Commencing 1021 feet East of — Owners Homer Wolen and! Mrs. Homer Nolan. • 8. AU that part of the NEVi NEVi Of Sec. 28. Twp. »«., Rge. 24w., lying South and East of Little Missouri River, containing 25.95 acres, more or less. -«• Owners Guy K. Brock and Mrs. Guy K. Brock. 9. NW/4 NW% Sec. 25, Twp. 9s., Rge. 24w., lying South and East of Little Missouri River. — Owners Guy K. Brock and Mrs. Guy K. Brock and M. E. Brock and Mrs. M. E. Brock. 10. That part of the S% of tean Creek within Hempsiead "tyf and that all of the lands, itfettts and rights hereinafter Ibied are absolutely necessary kesiential and must be vested 4n npstead County Arkansas, by •\]I!M1B55, in order for Hemp- r I: County, Arkansas, through SOSUnty Court to assign them r ne-United States of America in er,thttMfce Vlckshurg Office of ", a.-Engineers can proceed to <Mit and complete said chan- .• improvement flood control . plaintiffs ask that this promptly consider this pe » and vestl in Hempstead ity : the right-to immediate pos- pf all the lands, rights, and benefit^ requested • r._..-_~.i., £ 0 gt,'n^ p«, a the SW/corner of NWV4 of Sec. 22, thence North to Little Missouri River, approximately 3240 feet;; thence Westerly up and with Little Missouri River to the West line of said Sec. 22, thence South to the SW/corner of the NWV 4 SW% - , . 4>e-set,by thc.Xourt and Court thereafter hear and t each individual case and * vest the requested title or Hempstead County upon the t of the amount determined Court. plaintiffs> ask that ad'County and its assigns p be vested with a perpetual ent for use in connection with ^'channel improvement project theJLittle Missouri River in, to, Bunder, arid across, the follow- of said Sec. 22; thence East 1020 f,«iet to the point of beginning, containing 74.50 acres, all in Sec. 22, SVp. 9s., Rge. 24w. — Owner Azora French. Laney. V: 3. That part of the W% Sec. 22, Twp. 9s., Rge. 24w., except that part sold and conveyed to Azora French. Laney by warranty deed dated January 15, 1954, and recorded in Book 226, page 560, to Which reference is hereto made for particular description, and a part of the EV4 W'A of Sec. 22, Twp. 9s., Hge.' 24w., described as follows: Beginning 600 feet West of the SE/corner of NE'/i SWV 4 of said gee.;. 22, thence West to SW/corner Of said 40 acres; thence North to the .South bank of the 'Little Mis- SQUri River; thence in an Easterly direction down and with the South l>ank of 'said river to 'a point on said bank that is directly North of the point of beginning; thence South to the point of beginning, all in Twp. 9s., Rge. 24w. — Owners JJixon French and Mrs. Nixon French and Azora French Hicks Laney. . 4i Part.Fractional South.- Northwest Quarter Sec. 23, Twp. 9s., Rge. 24W., 4.02 acres, more or less. — Robert French and Mrs. Robert French. 5. NWV4 SW'/4 Sec. 23, Twp. 9s., south of River of Sec. 24, Twp. 9s., Rge. 24w. — Owners J. L. and Embley Lee. 11. Fractional SWft SE>/4 and Fractional SEV 4 SWVt south and east of River in Section 19, Twp. 9s., Rge. 23w. — Owners W. E. Barton and A. A. Barton, his wife. 12. Fractional NW'/4 SEM Se* 19, Twp. 9s., Rge. 23w., containirtg 20 acres, more or less. — Owners Percy Walsh and Mrs. Percy Walsh. That said perpetual easements shall also include the right of ingress and egress over other lands of the aforesaid owners not described herein, for such men and machinery as may be required in connection with prosecution of the said improvement work and its future maintenance, reserving to the owners, their heirs and assigns, all mineral, gas, and oil rights and all such rights and privileges in and to said lands as may be used and enjoyed without interfering with or abridging the rights, privileges, and easements herein granted. Plaintiffs ask further that Hempstead County, Arkansas, a body politic of the State of Arkansas, and its assigns forever, be vested with a perpetual easement in, to, over and across the following described lands situated in Hempsted County, Arkansas, to-wit: a. A part of the of the SEy 4 Rge. 24w., containing 40 acres, more or less. — Owners Leslie Ryther and -Effle Rather. " 6. Fractional SWV< NEV 4 and part of-the Fractional South part of the NWV 4 , all in Sec. 23, Twp. 9s., Rge. 24w., containing 39.49 acres, more or less. — Owners Heirs of W. L. Davis, including the wives of the male heirs and including Mr. & Mi-sT B. F. Anderson, _ 7.. The E% of the Fractional SEV 4 (Right and South Bank of River) of Sec. 23, Twp. 9s., Rge. 24w., to be divided by a line running due TTorth and South so as to equally divide said Fractional SEV4, con- of Sec. 19, Twp. 9s., Rge. 23w., more particularly described as follows: Commencing at the southeast corner of the NW'/ 4 SEft of said section 19, thence N. 33°05* W., 250 feet, more or less, to the point of beginning; thence S. 77°04' W., 100 feet; run thence with a 17°03' curve to the left a distance of 201 teet; thence S. 42°44' W., 499 feet; thence N. 47° 16' W., 245 feet to a point located in the center of the Little Missouri River, run thence with the center of said river in a northwesterly direction a distance of 415 feet, more or less; thence N. 42°44' E., 360 feet; run thence with a 06°06' curve to the right a distance of 345 feet, to a point located in the center of the Little Missouri River; run thence with the center of said river in a southeasterly direction a distance of 430 feet,-more or less; thence S. 12°56' E. 295 feet, mdre or loss, to the point of beginning, containing 10.8 acres, more or less; and as shown on map prepared by the Vicksburg District, CE, File No. OLM- 15-7, Drawing No. 13. — Owners Percy ' Walsh and Mrs. Percy Walsh. b. A tract or parcel of land lying and being situated in the SE>4 SW% of Sec. 35, Twp. 9s., Rge. 24w., in Hempstead County, Arkansas, more particularly described as follows: • Commencing at the northeast corner of said SEV 4 . SWV 4 of Section 35, thence S. 32 0 45' W., 845 feet, more or less, to the point of beginning; thence N. 86°00' W., 450 feet; thence N. 04°00' E., 225 feet, more or less, to a point located in the center of Ozan Creek; thence following the meanders of the center of said creek in a general easterly direction a distance of 925 feet, more or less; thence to the point of beginning, containing 4.0 acres, more or less; and as shown on map prepared by the Vicksburg District, CE, File No OLM-15-9 R/W. Drawing No. 5 — Owner Thala Varnell. c. A tract or parcel of land lying and being situated in the SEV4 SEVi of Sec. 34, Twp. 9s., Rge. 24w., in Hempstead County, Arkansas, more particularly described as follows: Beginning at a point on the wes boundary of said SE% SEVi of Sec 34, from which point the north west corner of said SEVi SEVi bears North, 245 feet distant, more or less, thence N. «6"15' E., 345 feet more or less, to a point located ir the center of Ozan Creek; run Ihence with the center of said creek in a southeasterly direction a distance of 355 feet, more or less; thence S. 03"45' E., 242 feet, more or less; thence S. 86°15"W., 62( teet, to a point located on saic West boundary of the SEVi SE'/i; run thence with said west boundary, North, 505 feet, more or less, to the point of beginning, containing 0.0 acres, more or less; and as shown on map prepared by the Vicksburg Dstrict, CE, File No. OLM-15-9 R/W, Drawing No. 5. Owner Thala Varnell. d. A tract or parcel of land lying and being situated in the SEVi SWVi of Sec. 4, Twp. 10s., Rge. 24w., in Hempstead County, Arkansas, more particularly described as follows: Beginning at the southwest corner of the SEV4 SW% of said Sec. 4, run thence with the west boundary of said SEV 4 SWVi, North, 78 feet; thence N. 16°58' E., 175 feet, more or less, to the center of Ozan Creek; run thence with the center of said Ozan Creek in a northeasterly direction a distance of 345 feet, more or less; thence S. 73°02' E., 390 feet, more or less, to the center of said Ozan Creek; run Ihence with the center of said Ozan Creek, in a southeasterly direction a distance of 312 feet, more or less; thence S. 16°58' W., 25 more less, to a point located on the south boundary of said Sec. 4; run PRESCOTT NEWS Mr*. Griffin Hostess To Mrs. S. C. Grif/in was hostess to the Necdlecraft Club at her home. A bowl of roses was placed on the coffee table. At the close of a pleasant even- nig spent sewing ahd chatting a dainty dessert course was served to members, Miss Hazel Matlock, Miss Lila Grimes, Miss Alice Grimes Mrs. J. C. Stegar, Mrs. R. S. Hamilton and Miss Opal Daniel, Mrs. Hazel Pritchard and Mrs. Lee Mc- I.Cain of Hope. George Jr. Stegar was a guest. Packers Name New Officers LITTLE ROCK UP) — Chris Finkbeiner of Little Rock was selected Medical Men Told to Judge for Worth LITTLE ROCK MV- Arkansas' 1955 class of doctors was told yes- president of the Independent Meat'terday it has "an inescapable ob* expended in the improvement of said river channel and Ozan Creek and it is obligatory upon U. G Garrett, as County Judge, and Hempstead County, Arkansas, to acquire the necessary rights-of-way for such improvements, and also acquire access easements ac lands, other than those to be „„- quired, for the purpose of moving machinery from one cut-off to an- Practical Nurses Have Family Picnic Packers of Arkansas here yester- gation to lead Qthers to judge lhe Members of ths Prescott Division } Vebb of Helena . secretary- across of Practical Nurses entertained their families with a picnic supper at Suckles Lake. Those auendlng were Mr. and M£S. Leroy Phillips, Mrs. Brad Bright, Mr. and Mrs. Watson Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Clive Howard and sons, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Graham, Richard and Gail Graham, Mrs. Gene Lee, Mrs. Tommy Home, Mrs. Blanch Jones, Mrs. Laura Braden, Mr. and Mrs. Al Williams and Mrs .A .S. Buchanan treasurer. Commercial Soft Ball League To Be Organized Here A commercial soft ball league will be organized in Prescott. This league will be made up of boys and men from 16 years old and up. Prescott Hardware Co., Prescott Insurance Co., Fore's Department Store and the Bank of Prescott have agreed to sponsor a I team in this league if enough ; other. That said improvements are proper, necessary and essential for the health and prosperity of the citizens of Hempstead County Arkansas, and the plaintiffs herein have used every effort to secure easements and leases from the defendants herein named upon and across their lands for that purpose without success. That plaintiff U. G. Garrett is ;he duly elected, qualified and act- ng County Judge of Hempstead bounty, Arkansas, who by County Court Order is authorized, directed and empowered to do and perform, all things necessary to carry out he plan of the channel improve- po ° according to the position they menl project of the U. S. Engineer; "'"" -in Little Missouri River as indi ated on Map File No. OLM-15-8 Murder That Shocked N. Y. Made Into Film By, BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD M —"Our main concern was to get these people out' of the Sunday supplements and into the realm of reality." This was producer-writer Charles Brackett speaking of his latest film project, "The Girl on the Rod Velvet Swing." It is the story of one of the most famous murder cases in American history —the shooting of Stanford White by Har•y K. Thaw over the love of Evelyn Nesbitt. The scandal rocked New Yorl Pharmacy .will players can be signed up. The lea-' gue will have to have about 50 players before we can get started. Anyone interested in playing come by the Chamber of Commerce Wylie within the next finally put the case in book forn and 20th Centuy-Fox bought thi rights. Over lunch, the erudite Bracket (described the details of the story taining 3.9.28 acres, more or less. I S. 04°00' W., 245 feet, more or less, FAMILY FARES t NOW APM? VIA K. C. S. AND OTHER LINK 10 MANY MOKf CITIIS AND VACATION lANDSf ROUND TRIPS-Head of family pays regular far*. Olhtr memben 12 yean or older on same ticket make the round trip for one-way fare. Children 5 to 12—one-half of one-way fare for round trip. GOING-Begin trip on any Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday. RETURNING-Begin trip on any day. SOUTHERN RILLING, NEW O.TOOITHIR COLORS AT IXTRA COST * ftw WhH. llu. ,«JNte?l Co-Tp«« family Far»t alto available i^fot on»-way tript, . • .__*:•':* pEPOT TICKET OFFICI T.l.phon. 7-265) for IHLM HtRH luilders ANNOUNCING LARRO OPEN HOUSE Saturday, June 18th McWilliams Seed & Feed Store REGISTER NOW FOR PRIZES We handle qll kinds of garden and field seed, Fertilizer, complete line of insecticides and that good tarro Feed, made by General Mills, the makers of Gold Medal Flour, All our feed is un- guaranteed- thence with the south boundary of said Sec. 4 a distance of 712 feet, more or less, to the point of beginning, containing 5.0'acres, more or less, and as shown on map prepared by the Vicksburg District, CE, File No. OLM-15-9 R/W, Drawing No. 6. — Owners Leo Nichols and Zelda Nichols, his wife, Mrs, Allen T. Eskridge, and/or Mrs. Fred M. Hudson. for use in connection with the improvement of Little Missouri River and Ozan Creek by cut-offs,. realignment, and straightening of .the said stream, with the easement herein obtained to include the perpetual right, power, privilege, • and easement to the said Hempstead County, Arkansas, and its assignees, to enter upon, excavate, cut away, and remove any and all of the above-described lands as may be required at anytime for the construction and maintenance of the aforesaid work of improvement or any enlargement thereof, and to maintain the portion so excavated and cut away and the channel thereby created as a part of the waters of the said river and/or creek, and the further perpetual right and easement to enter upon the said lands to remove all buildings located on the same or any part thereof, and to trim, cut, fell, and remove all trees, underbrush, and other obstructions, together with the right, power, and easement .-to occupy and use any portion of the said lands not so cut away for the purpose of spoiling excavated' material and for such other purposes as may be needful in the preservation and maintenance of the said work of improvement; reserving, however, to the owners, their heirs and .assigns, all such rights and privileges including mineral rights in and to said lands herein described as may be enjoyed without interfering with or abridging the rights, privileges, and easements herein granted. Plaintiffs pray an order of this Court condemning an access easement for a period of 30 months from this date granting full ingress and egress to Hempstead County, Arkansas, and its assigns, including the U. S. A. or 'any contractors awarded a contract to improve the channels of Little Missouri River or Ozan Creek, for such men, machinery and other equipment as may be required to perform this work upon, over and across the following lands in Hempstead County, Arkansas ,to-wit: • (1) Fractional NEMi NE>/i Sec. 20, Twp. 9s., Rge, 23w., containing 15 acres, more or less — Owners J. L. Johnson and Mrs. J. L. Johnson. (2) Thc SE'/ 4 SWA of Sec. 4, Twp. 10s., Rge. 24w. — Owners Leo Nichols and Zelda Nichols, his wife, Mrs. Allen T. Eskridge and/or Mrs. Fred M. Hudson. (3) SE'/4 SEtt of Section 34, and thc SEV4 SW% of Section 35, Twp. 9s., Rge. 24w. — Owner Thala Varnell. (4) Fractional NW'/i SE'/4 Sec. 13, Twp. 9s., Rge. 23w., containing 20 acres, more or less. — Owners Percy Walsh and Mrs. Percy Walsh. Plaintiffs further allege that each tract of land herein described is necessary for either the construction of such improvement or for the moving of machinery and equipment over it from one improvement to another in said project; that Plaintiffs, and defendants have not been able to agree upon the value of said tracts of lands, and it is necessary that said lands be condemned for said purposes. That all of the maps, drawings and orders mentioned herein are on Hit', in the Hempstead County [Clerk's Office. That tha proper improvement of said fiver, for flood control and soil preservation, is necessary and proper and the taking of said lands for such purpose is for the public good and benefit. That the determination of the questions in controversy, to-wit, the value and price for said lands, is likely to retard progress of work on said project, and that plaintiffs are entitled to an order condemning such lands as aforesaid. That the Congress of the United States of America has appropriated approx-r ImiUcly ^thfi million dollars to be Jrawings 1-6, inclusive, and mat File No. OLM-15-7, Drawings 1-13 inclusive, and on Ozan Creek as indicated on map File No. OLM- 15-9. Drawings 1-8, inclusive, all of which have been filed with the County Court of this county. WHEREFORE, plaintiffs pray judgment against all of said named defendants as the owners of the respective lands set out above, for judgment against all the heirs of W. L. Davis, deceased, who at this time are unknown, and for judgment against any other persons who might have any interest in any of the lands herein described, particularly, by reference nr otherwise, for the condemnation of said lands for the uses and purposes herein set out; that a date be set for hearing this petition, that Hempstead County, and its assigns, be granted immediate right of possession, that the Court set the amount of a bond to be posted by Hempstead County now to entitle it and its assigns to immediate possession, that the amount to be paid each defendant be determined as the law provides, and for all other legal and proper relief. HEMPSTEAD COUNTY ARKANSAS. BY /s/ U. G. Garrett County Judge /s/ U. G. Garrett County Judge Witness my hand and seal as Clerk of the Circuit Court of Hempstead County, .Arkansas, this 4th play. principally Stanford White, a fabu '' The four teams will be drawn by building ^^^•«^'j™_^*A&*«£:^ All games will be played at night at Prescott Fair Park. Square Garden. Evelyn fell in love with White, who had a family of his own. She TW,. ^-»T TIT-,. T,.,, was also P ursued by Thaw, a rath- Mr, and .Mrs. Milton Dilhard and, or unbalanced heir to Pittsburgh Brenda of Florence, Ala., were the steel millions. After much pursuit Wednesday guests of Mr. and Mrs • • - • Paul Hictt. Miss Ava Lou Garrett is attend ing summer school at Hendrix Col lege, Conway. Mrs. Price Ramsey, Barbara and Scottie of Center, Texas are the guests of her mother, Mrs. B. C Stivers. Col. and Mrs. L. C. Dill have returned from San Antonio, Texas. Mr. and Mrs. Bob 'Whitmarsh re- ;urned Wednesday .from a vacation in the Ozarks. Mrs. Imon Gee, who has been the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Tom Ayers in Fayetteville, has returned home. Billy Lopmis is attending Ridgecrest for boys at Ridgecrest, N. C. day of June, 1955. June 6, 13, 20 Garrett Willis Circuit Clark Mrs. 0. B. Cannon, Jr., and Mary have returned to Hobbs, New Mex- co after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke White. Mrs. J. W. Teeter was a Wednesday visitor in Little Rock. Friends of Mrs. W. C. Reeves he convinced her to marry him. Thaw was convinced that White v/as menacing his marriage. One night he walked over to White's table in the night club atop Madison Square Garden and fired three shots into his body. Then he broke open his pistol to show the crowd he meant no further harm and submitted to arrest. Thaw was adjudged insane and put in a mental institution. Ho later was released and died a few years ago. There is one surviving member will regret that she underwent major surgery at St. Michael's Hospital, Texarkana on Wednesday. award degrees to 20 students. of the triangle: Miss Nesbitt. "She is teaching ceramics in Los Angeles." Brackett said. "I have had several meetings with her and I find her most charming. She must be over 70, yet she still has an amazing beauty—and the lovely hair for which she- was fam- For allowing her story to ba told, Miss Nesbitt was paid about $30,000. In the film, her part is played by Joan Collins, the young English actress who scores a hit in "Land of the Pharaohs." Farley Granger is Thaw and Ray Milland enacts White. FISTULA FREE BOOK—Explains Facts Fistula, Rectal Abscess, Piles and other rectal and colon disorders are dangerous. A new 40-page TREE BOOK explains corrective reatment. Write today. Thornton & Minor Hospital, Suite 619, 911 E. Linwood, Kansas City 9, Mo. FATHERS DAY, JUNE 19 Remember DAD on His Day. 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Saturday, June 18 <"„ Speaking at the baccalaureate services at the University of Ar» kansas School of Medicine here, jthe Rev. Colbert S. Cartwright, pastor of the Pulaski Heights Christian Church of Little Rock, declared that racial segregation is "morally and scientifically indefensible." He demanded "full and expedi* tious implementation of the Su-J| preme Court's decree ending the legal basis for segregation in public education." The Rev. Mr. Cartwright added: "We must let no racial bigot however pious hoodwink us into the belief that the Bible supports segregation of races. There is no competent biblical scholar who finds such teachings in the Bible." ' The medical school will graduate ( 79 new physicians here tonight at if> <* the school's 77th annual graduation ceremony. The School of To City Subicribtra: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. m..and a special carrier will deliver your paper. Hope Star ARKANSAS: Partly eidud? Alt afternoon, tonight, Wednesday „ with scattered ItaindefstidW*,„-3 afternoon, tbhight, WMftMM? *» w i th scattered thundershtrtrtri. north central mostly At Wight No important temper attif* changes. Experiment Station rtpofL fd£ 24-hours ending at 8 a. m , Tu<*> day. High 87, Low 60. . 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 207 Star »f Hip* 1I»9, Putt 1*17 Consolidated lot,, it, 1*2f HOPE, ARKANSAS, TUESDAY, JUNE 14, 1955 M«mb«f! Ito* AMvetaM Pwn It Audit ••**•• ef Clrcnlollmt Av. Nw P*M Ctttt. » MM. IMIiit Mvrcli fl, 1»ll —I,MS ii»itit11ii •Reassessment Program Is Outlined Here The 1955 assessing law \ proposes to lift property valug «yr tax purposes to a unifofe per cent of thc market was em~ ed to school men and others meeting called by.the new stead County Equalization in the courthouse here at 8 p M ° nday- Jjjhave been included as defendants. K. G. Hamilton of Hope, choi(j«» Speer said that an appeal from of the incorporated towns of t^i's Pulaski Chancery Court to the Ar Stock Law Suit to Pulaski Court LITTLE ROCK IM— A Union County suit challenging a 1955 law concerning livestock 'on highways was re-filed yesterday in Pulaski Chancery Court. The suit, brought by Dan Lee Staples against Union County Sherif O. E. Bishop, contends that the law, which requires police offi-, to ' m P° U " dandS " n found on highways, will be heard Chancellor Rodney Parham. attorney representing Bishop i requested last week that the case transferred. Union Chancellor i county as their representative oil- kansas Supreme the Equalization Board, opened thejwould eliminate meeting and then invited J. I. Lie- over the state, ij|long, long-time teacher and now engaged in real estate and insurance here, to act as moderator. Present with Mr. Hamilton were the other two members of the Equalization Board, Carl Hinton of Patmos, selected by the schools of the county; and Jerome Smith of Ozan, named as representative of County Judge U. G. Garrett. Guest speaker of the evening was Horace Williamson of El Dorado, Court probably numerous suits 26 Are Fired by Education Department LITTLE ROCK UR— The ax fell Jjpervisor of Union county schools i° r 26 Education Department em- and chairman of the Union County ployes yesterday in an "economy Equalization Board. Mr. William-,move" as the state Board of Edu- son recalled that some years ago j catioi * : . adopted a $29,370,821 depart- Union county tried a voluntary I menfc.pd£et for the 1955-56 fiscal LONDON (UP) — Union nego- reassessment program, with only,^j"-• ',. . itiators said today that Britain's fair results. Then it employed non-L lne dismissals, suggested by the crippling strike was expected to resident appraisers, and got an out-; boar ° a m . on ! h a fi°- included Dep-|end by nightfall. Cotton Crop Not as Far Advanced LITTLE ROCK UP) — Arkansas' cotton crop is not as far advanced now as the 1954 crop was a year ego. the Crop Reporting Service* said today. In its weekly report, the agency said that growth of cotton in many sections had been delayed by cool weather. _^ __ Thc rice situation varies, the tied~"the"nation T s' costly" T7~-day-old service reported. Rice is mostly Crippling Strike in Britain Is Finally Over LONDON (UP) ment and union —The govern- negotiators set- railway strike today. I up and doing well in southern and south central areas. Wet weather will require days to restore the nationalized railroad system to eastern counties,' where sizable because of mountainous * Crea * es sti11 " mata to be backlogs of freight. Today's settlement, ending the disastrous transport chaos, was neogitated between the Government's Transpor Commission which operates the nationalized railways, and union representatives. Government and industrial leaders said it will be months before the full economic loss from the strike can be computed. The strike forced many of Britain's key industrial plants to close, put nearly 1,000,000 men onto the nation's unemployment rolls and seriously weakened the nation's drive to balance its imports with exports. Losses to the nationalized railways alone approximate • 15,000.'000 ($42,000.000). Ike Speaks Up for Rebuffed Atom Projects By JOHN A. GOLDSMITH Diplomats Feel Russia Uneasy Over China's Rise to Power, Hence New Friendship Drive By K. C. THALER LONDON (UP) — Western diplomats said today Russian uneasiness over Communist China's sud- WASHINGTON CUP)— Prcsi-j^en rise to power in the Far East dent Eisenhower appealed strongly. today for congressional approval of' two recently-rebuffed projects be the reason for thc Soviet's now campaign of friendship in the West. CeciV O'Sfeen to Head Lions Club in Coming Year LITTLE ROCK tf) — A suit a tacking validity of petitions popular vote on exemption of ll , .. „ _. , stock and poultry feed frohi Members of the Hope Lfons Club state sales tax was dropped honored their ladies last night at a'terday. Suit Attacking Tax Petit ions Is Dropped his proposed nuclear powered They suggested that Pieping dinner mecting and insta il 0 d new atoms-for-peace merchant ship andjhas risen toward the status of a 0 ffj cerSl the Dixon-Yates electric plant. (world power far faster than the The Congressional Atomic Ener-' Kremlin expected and that the Soe( j me congressional Atomic n;ner- "'<-""•" ^v^<-*u unu mai uiu ou- I Corn prospects were reported & y Committee turned thumbs down v * et is tidying up its relations with 'better th™ Ei slvoraI vears P °n the atomic "showboat" yester-, the We *t to keep her hands .free better than in several years. dgy And Ugt wMk ^ ^^ Ap _| for futures d?alings with her huge propriations committee rejected Aslan neighbor. Cecil O'Steen was affirmed as ± UOJ<-ldlL U|Jf * O-*^*-* ^t WUI-* £i^>- Mil UlAfc- i , _ . . — • I standing performance, Mr. William- " ty % om ?} ISSJ ° ner , Don Blackmon: Dr. C. M. Clarke, director of! son said. Technically the Union county Following a joint meeting of the U AW Trying to Extend Wage Guarantee By REY W. BRUNE DETROIT (UP) — The CIO United Auto Workers opened preliminary contract talks with American Motors Corp. today in an effort to extend the guaranteed wage principle it won from Ford and General motors to the remainder of the auto industry. The union's talks with American Motors, the Nash-Hudson combine which is one of the industry's , ,. . - three smaller auto makers, won't .'o feuding unions, an official of reach a climax until August but a $6,500,000 item for building transmission lines from the Dixon-Yates power, plant site to the Tennessee Vlalley authority. This transmission link is the heart of the whole project. Mr. Eisenhower made his appeal for reinstatement of the two projects, at his weekly conference with Republican legislative leaders. Senate GOP Leader William F. Know-!at the opening of "world .War II The diplomats based this assessment on two parallel developments in world affairs: .Peiping's increasing willincness to assert itself and Moscow's.subsequent campaign to "normalie" relations with Austria, Yugoslavia . and West Germany, The situation has an example in tary; Cecil Dalaney, treasurer; Bill Routon, vice-president;, Wes Ninemlre, vice-president, Buddy Mhoon, vice-president; Homer Jones, Lion Tamer and A. J. .Rhodes. Tail Twister. Directors are; Herbert Rogers, Harrell (Bud) Collier, FerreU Williams and .G. E. Barwick. Harold Brents served as master of ceremonies; Hope Ogran and Homer Jones sang solos and Kd judge pays the imported apprais- .ijts,- the speaker continued, but actually the judge is reimbursed by the various taxing units or school! districts. This year, Mr. William-' son said, Union county is making . Um ° n ° f -ilwaymen the firm already has serve* notice teacher education: A. B. Wether- the ington, director of research; Mil-,)said- burn Adams supervisor of safety) "There is a strong possibility that'Semen" programs: George Barton, super- the strike will be-over today" I CIO President visor of stat sties, and riarian.-! -a,. *„*:.... -,.,'•'• .. I. l -. lu fiesiaent * * PaUern " Set ' a rapid survey of personal property only, checking on real property only where it is found not to be oh $218, visor of statistics, and Beavers, supervisor of Instruction. The terminations art . elective July 1. , - Walter ot the non-strik- had indicated he would Reuther not try The budget is only $100 from WHU1U _ „-, ing NUR and the striking Associa-ito force the "big three" pattern ted Society of Locomotive Engi-lon the smaller companies but he neers and firemen called an after- left little doubt that h as predicted at an earlier the tax books at all. Real estate is board meeting. The first estimate scheduled to be equalized as to assessment next year. Mr. Williamsson told the local |jjroup an appraisal will cost about 10 per cent of one year's tax income. ... ,-,, T, r , al organizations asked the board Elmer Brown, Hempstead county j^, : jcevok'*? its-school supervisor, told thu rri^et-j discontinue the practical ing Hempstead must by law have training program. However its valuation on the tax books_up,board • posted a reply to the was made when state revenue officials were predicting a revenue decline, but since then the financial oi'tlook has brightened with increased collections. ..,A delegation representing sever- agreement document that would set the nation's 25,000 trains running again after a 17-day stoppage. Leaders of the two unions met this morning for the first time since 70,000 ASLEF members walked out. They were summoned by Labor Minister.", Sir Walter Monckton, , The ASLEF and the British Trans port Commission, which operates the country's nationalized railroads the were believed to have reached to 18 per cent by July 1, 1957. Cur- j quest and announced only that the rently, he said, the county averages program would be continued until about 12 per cent—so the adjust- present classes are completed, ment would raise the current total; The board adopted a regulation assessment of 10 millions to 15 permitting the hiring of teachers millions. [with as little as 30 hours college w Mr. Brown added that alphabet!-i ll ' aining as an emergency mea- cal lists of cilizens residing in each sure - Usual qualification is 60 col- school district are now being pre-, lege , hours pared and these lists will be check-'• Althou g h jt was the first board ed against the tax rolls i meeting since the U. S. Supreme r-nnnt,, T,M™ ^ ,' t ., 'Court's May 31 decision regarding «Mr° hi y Judg e , Ga "' ett said con- rEc i a i segregation in publiic side-able property is not now on'schools, the group made no an- the tax books and the recapture of r.ouncement concerning the mat- this would go a long way toward ter. r <#i« ! »l|«I offsetting the effect of the reas-| Marvin Bird of Earl,' who was sessment program on the individual | re-elected board chairman, said 'iiy^. 61 '' ithat the board had decided to re- U V. Nunn, Jr., Hope city attor-jmain silent on the issue, ney and deputy prosecuting attor-i Elected vice chairman was John ney, explained the general terms Rye of Russellville. of the 1955 act setting up the re-| assessment program. The act abolished the old Equalization Board and provided for a new one of three members, one each to be named by the incorporated-towns, agreement yesterday on 'a formula to ned the strike. This formula was submitted to NUR today anc was believed to be the basis for the expected settlement. Reuther, smiling over his victory over GM, outlined what probably will be the union approach to the guaranteed wage among smaller companies. Texas in Tribute to Ma Ferguson the schools, and the county judge'L, The act, he continued, also set £„ up a new division of the Arkansas ne . 1 . °"' l " Q • Bihiin «„,.„;„„ n .... , , as wished for AUSTIN, Tex. Ufh- Ma Ferguson blew out the one big candle on cake last night and Russia Trying to Confuse Big 4 Meet By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER WASHINGTON UPI— The Soviet government seems to have embarked on a campaign of confusion designed to becloud Western arguments about the real issues for the forthcoming Big Four conference. That appears to be a major purpose of the Tass comment Issued yesterday in connection with Russia's formal acceptance of the . „ Western invitation for a top level bishop's Palace in an effort to Argentine Workers Feud With Church By SAM SUMM£RLIN BUENOS AIRES, Argentina M— Presid/ent Juan Peron's massive labor following rallied for a nine- hour nationwide strike today to demonstrate their loyally to their leader in his feud with the Roman Catholic Church. Pcron appealed to the people to be "clam. . . alert and vigilant" in the wake of a three-day wave of clashes and demonstrations. Attacking the clergy as "a wolf in sheep's clothing," he threatened in a nationwide broadcast last night to crack down with all his might on future outbreaks. Shortly before he spoke, fresh fighting erupted in the Plaza de Mayo in downtown Buenos Aires. Church supporters hurled back a crowd of Peron adherents who charged the Metropolitan Cathedral and the adjoining Arch- land (pal.) said the consensus of the conference was that the atomic ship "program is constructive and will serve a very useful prupose for promoting atoms for peace." Knowland said he believes Congress will approve the nuclear merchantman before the session is over. The joint committee vote against it was 9 to 7. The atomic committee strongly endorsed, however, Mr. Eisenhower's now atom-sharing program and voted him $270,000,000 for atomic construction not including the nuclear ship. recent world history. Adolf HitlcrlBarry, Little Rock, Lions Inter .* <u. .-_- _, ,.,_.,_, "'national Third-Vice-President, wa principal speaker. Wallace Sage 'NIB Eugene Warren, the Little Rocfc* lawyer who had filed the salt, he anticipated that there Wouldflx*^ additional court action on the ter later. . , Warren said he had the orl| suit dismissed because develoj! ments had made allegation! 4 Co tained in his complaint "no ' true "• ' , Thc suit contended that See of Sta'te C. G. Hall looked westward to the hostile de> mocracies and eastward toward a growing, assertive Russia. Hitler's answer was to make friends with one side while he Busboy Takes Lie Test in Filmland Case HOLLYWOOD (UP)— A 25-year- old bus boy took a lie detector test today in an effort to clear himself three-man ; Singer Alice Lon's photographed the Lady" in the nude. any connection with a gang which tore off clothing and "Champagne Service Corporation.""to"^ as the last 80 . meeting at Geneva on July 18. Secretary of State Dulles welcomed the Soviet acceptance, as known as the Assessment Co-ordination Division. Its duty is to assist 80 more years as happy did Great Britain and France. Dulles commented dryly: "at least Mrs. Miriam A. Ferguson, twice lit settles one thing.' governor of Texas and like her! The Tass comment made it clear and advise local government in the f* IK ; ^ ~' Ttle TaSS comment made jt clear use of uniform assess™ me hods ^ husband ; ™- Gov - James E ' ,^ at hardl y anything else is set- Under the new law iCcal fiovern' , (Farmer Jlm) Ferson ' was a high-1 tied. It also made clear that th, ment is given three years in whlrh" y controversial fl S ure for 25 years Soviets are now following up theii to raise assessments In ?n n f in Texas P° litics - "peace" offensive with a full-seal, of true propeAT valul f n I , "'i Nearly 30 ° government officials,!propaganda drive to rally publi< niPf"" hv °Q« value ~ to be com- state and national, relatives and opinion in the free and neutral na , I friends gathered for her birthday | lions to support the kind of Conner who spoke were: 'dinner last night. Sen Lyndon ence discussions they want. mount an Argentine flag palace. The jPeronistas "Peron yes! Priests no!' rushed the building. on the shouted as they I Joseph M. Cannon, arrested on ;uspicion of robbery, requested the test after officers said evidence "leans heavily" against him in the robbery-assault reign of terror against Miss Lon and her family. Police did not disclose results of the test immediately. Officers said Joseph M. Cannon, of North Hollywood, "has a lot of explaining to do" to support his denial of taking part in the six- hour reign of terror early Sunday against the. Champagne Lady" end her family. "We're still checking his alibi to learn his whereabouts at the exact time of the incident," a detective spokesman said. ."But the fact .we found a camera, newspaper clippings of the event, silk stockings and several photographs of Miss Lon in the suspect's home points heavily against him." However, the spokesman said Cannon, arrested yesterday, had offered to take a lie detector test. The suspect was described by po- iice as a member of an "Alice Lon fan club." The singer, who performs with Lawrence Welk's orchestra, was stripped and photographed in th» nude by the gang that invaded dealt with thc other. He signed non-aggression pact, a short-livec one, with Russia and then foughl the West. Diplomatic observers who suggested this classic strategy as a possible explanation of the So- viol's present policy said the outcome would not necessarily be tension between Russia and China. But they said Chinese Communist growth still may be -causing certain uneasiness in Moscow over the potentialities of'the new colossus which borders the Soviet Union for thousands of miles. Thai long border holds the potentiality of differences over territory and population. . . ' Diplomatic sources said; .these trends would make the recent Soviet advances to Western. Europe plausible and .acccpltable,. though; the West would remain alert against any Soviet ''-'plant." Despite any. suspicions of Soviet zone chairman, installed the new officcers. Dieted bv 1938 ' president of Hope Johnson, the Senate Democrative V7 H ti P h C ° mnierce ' wh ° Pled- leader, said he would have trav- ged the chamber s co-operation in eled 16,000 miles instead 1,600 to obtaining improved school rev- attend, cnues; Carl Bryan, secretary-mana- * |h Ife DAVY'S AUTOGRAPH MOUNT VERNON, 111. (UP) — An auto agency here is offering ger of the chamber; Norman Jones, 'congratulations. superintendent of Blevins schools; I Mr. Mobley of Saratoga; Clifford Franks, president of the county school board; and James H.' Jones, superintendent of Hope schools, and Joss M. Davis, mayor of Oakhaven. President Eisenhower wired his kids a free "autographed picturu 'of Davy Crockett." A Person Simply Can't Feud With Something for 34 Years and Not Fall in Love With It SPARKY SAYS: By HAL BOYLE —and be perfectly happy." KANSAS CITY U&— Mama has At other times Mama has sold "that old barn" "That old barn" is at last. decided to turn the house into a du- what she plex and rent out the second floor. •DON'T LET CHILDREN PLAY WITH MATCHES! Don't smoke in bed —Don't overload your wiring system —Don't let junk collect in the allic and basement —Don't use frayed electric cords. Keep fire from your family, your home and your jobl Published as u public service in co- Operation with The AdvtrtUinf Council calls the big old-fashioned 10-room,She never quite got around to it. white house in which she has lived; She never has liked the idea of for more than 34 years. During having strangers around since, that time Mama raised five chil- years back during hard times, she There were no reports of any _ „ injuries. Twenty-nine persons were her San Fernando ..Valley home injured Sunday in rioting around """- ! -~ J ~-'- -"- ' ' the cathedral. Some 470 persons were arrested over the weekend, most of them Catholic failhful who took refuge in the Episcopal Palace when the rioting broke •trickery, the informants pointed to a number of indications they claim give their suggestions strong backing. First is the unmistakable shift in emphasis on' Soviet foreign poll cy to China. This was first apparent when Soviet Communist party leader Nikita Khrushchev led a delegation to Peiping last -year to fortify the Soviet-Chinese alliance. Since then the Soviet has proclaimed formally and publicly the Sino-Soviet alliance. "China first" followers have risen to power in Moscow and "China experts" have been drafted into leading positions in thc Soviet foreign office. An example of Red China's rise came at the Geneva conference. Soviet Forign Minister V. M. Molotov went there as a sort of "benevolent uncle" to introduce Red Chinese Premier Chou En-lai, Chou iimmediately outshone him. Since then Peiping has been increasing independent and Chou acted against Kremlin advice in the Formosa crisis while demanding more industrial goods from Russia as promised in trade agreements. out. The nationwide strike demonstration was called by the General Confederation of Labor (CGTj, whose six million members constitute one of the strongest pillars of the Peronista movement. It was welded together by Peron and his wife Eva during the last years of her life. 7 wearing dark suits, surgical gloves and silk stocking masks. They beat the singer's husband, Robert M. Waterman, and her moth er, Mrs. Mary Wyche, and both required medical attention for cuts and bruises. Miss Lon was hit cnce in the stomach to silence her Pension Funds Can Be Used for Bonds LITTLE ROCK I/B — Money in police and firemen's pension funds may be invested only in >bonds qf governmental units, Atty. Gen, Tom Gentry said today, Gentry said specifically that the! Parties Clash in Meeting on Polio Vaccine WASHINGTON UP) — Democrat and Republicans clashed at a Sen ate Labor Committee hearing to day on Whether the: committee had any right to ask Secretary of Wei fare Hobby about the safety of the Salk polio vaccine. Mrs. Hobby went before th. committee to oppose a Democrat ic -sponsored plan for community vide programs of free vaccination 'or all children wanting it. She Styled the proposal, sponsored by Sen. HJ11 of Alabama, an V npthing'vv,prpsram : ; Milch:*' ' w-event Iny flexibility by states n administering free vaccine sup plied by the federal' government. Mrs. Hobby at the same time disclosed that the Eisenhower administration has ticketed 35 million dollars, instead of the 28 million previously asked, for its own program of free vaccine limited to needy children. The Hill measure, Mrs. Hobby estimated, .would cost 135 million dollars. , At the outset of a two-day hearing on the conflicting proposals, Hill aid the' committee wants an answer from Mrs. Hobby on "how safe" the Salk anti-polio vaccine is today. Ho said the committee also wants to learn whether it is "sound public policy" to continue with the mass inoculation pro- at this time. Sen. Bender (R-Ohio) immediately objected. He said the cqm- mittee had agreed to Confine its hearing to the two free-vaccine proposals. Homecoming at Bell's Chapel Homecoming at Bolls Chapel Church, near Blevins, will be held June 19. The Pastor, the Rev. Horace Honca, will preach at the 11 a. m. service, lunch will be spread at noon and-singing is scheduled for the afternoon program. Everyone is invited. certify the ballot titte, ot r the' tions as meeting necessary.-, requirements. ^,- ' „ . ^ Since then Hall has asked', At Gen. Tom Gentry for ah,, on validity of the tltlfi. ,' " The Supreme Court with wfc the suit was filed, refused, to • join Hall from, proceeding ,,„ didn't pass On other allegations-!li the complaint. . ' „ l >•, •*" Gentry planned to meet thli ernoon with spokesmen ,'fOr/t ing sides In the, controversy., oyer' removal of the sales-tajc/," ^\«pfs The unusual conference-greV* of a request by Hope publisher*/ Washburn for a meeting with C try before the N latter issuoi^l Hall-requested opinion^, ,t/A Washburn led {he figh^ «t fcrral to the. 1956 general" of the feed exemption." , 'With Gov. OrVal Faubui' ad support, the exemption "" ed by tha 1955 Le«isl< . .,„.., Washburn filed petitions" cpqtf \r\r-r rk/i*viA Q4 fWl BlxfMintfWAa-fJL^WjM* ing some 34,000 13,000 more than legally iiec _ — to refer the legislature; i Warren's now-dismissed' ; ! r *ii filed in the"nanie 'of Rep!'-*^! Teugue of Carroll County,'' Bandit 3 Wounded in Gun Battle , NEW YOR K(UP>—A policem killed a, payroll tjandlt and )ther persons wore wounded n a wild'gun battld witnessed housands in a crowded cornme :ial district a few blocks froo) ci hall. The hold-up man, fleeing with/a ;4,000 payroll snatchtid from a.JB^ rear-old girl messenger- -in'.w'i' nlding lobby, nger was >Kyi«d motorcycle patrolman <after an hange of bullets whjefy ! ripp hrough the windshield-of ^an upied automobile, ' ' *> Before he was killed < hot a building elevator man lie vent to the rescue of tl , messenger; grazed a \vojnan" pi* rby with a bullet aimed- ai",t oliceman, and shot another p rby who attempted to n«b" hi An unidentified FBI«m«ri' " .vent to the patrolman's" nee, but didn't fire a shot, as unhurt. * ; ; Diana Panzer 19, clerjc when she started to scream. All money could not be invested in three were forced to take sleeping pills. Boston Racing Group Seeks Spa Franchise LITTLE ROCK (/Pi—Operators of building and loan associations. The opinion was requested by Pine Bluff City Attorney Steed. Wilton EXTENDED FORECAST For the period June 14-19; ' Arkansas: Temperatures 2-5 de grees above normal. Normal minima 65-75. Normal maxima 8402. No important changes. Precipitation moderate northwest Arkansas in widely scattered thunder•storms and little <or none else- I where. All Around the Town •y Th» fear M«ff 1st for the Lincoln Letter-'Servi said she had. left a bjln^ A fojr >' office with the payroll'wrapped, a plain brown paper, envetype,, "I noticed a man f pawing jnj she said. ground floor hallway,- =he \n, , T me. I screamed, I thougn^his was a toy pistol." ," A \ *,-. As the elevator man, Joseph lolana, 43, ran to her ai4i the* man fired, dropping SottiJ&n*. a shot in the groin, and fteg the payroll. > , , Protest Tulso's Water Supply OKLAHOMA CITY UP) — Eight t Ulvvesi ArKansas CitlCS lUCQi '^'i" "". ~,~ --•"- •-»-•- « i ouuw UAIUUII iiun w*m uA**Aw*fc^ V*H*' fc*ic *3y* 111^ +***i wfiu«w** ( t i tjf *4^f protests yesterday against Tulsa'sj closed last night that they had sub- W stockshow week later this year been at the Washington Church for application for 150 million gallons milled _one of three bids for the I. . . . a il money derived from the the past three years, A committee drive is on here to Southern State, . . . the Rev, H. A- 1 the Third District Livestock. P. Ault will 'be the new Pastor o! Boston horse race track dis- show exhibit hall with exhibits dur- the Spring Hill Churctt. . . be has Masons to Eltet New Officers Whitfield Lodge will hold pf officers for the wmUWt night at 7:30 o'clp^t. Th.era be an important' meetin building cpmmHtee f,p r { pose of discussing needs arfuJ&p are urgga tq ol water daily from the Illinois River, on the Arkansas-Oklahoma border. Arkansas cities protesting are Prairie Grove, Springtide, Bcnton- villc, Gentry, Rogers, Fayetteville, Lincoln and Siloam Springs. The Planning and Resources dren, and saw most of them fly,briefly rented two rooms to a cou-,Board has scheduled a hearing on away, one by one. jple Dad knew. Dad did know some the matter for tomorrow. But always they have come'cdd people. In this case the hus- back to the old white house. It band, a robust fellow in a 10-gal- has remained the family center, i Ion hat, turned out to be a snake Mama's feud with the house oil salesman, and • Mama learned began the day she moved in. She to her horror he was keeping jars j asked to move the Los Angeles- threatened to move right out, and of embalmed rattlesnakes in his.Glendale boundary to put member* • - , . j , • • • I Ol* 411V1AVJ V*W*»»V.V» *kl^4»* T*.V racing franchise at Hot Springs. bootns wiu be uscd by the show to . The announcement came short-1 ly after Pulaski Chancellor Guy E. Williams ordered a 10-day recess in a suit validity of a Oaklawn Jockey Club holds for racing at thc resort city. Edward J, Sullivan Jr., pay off a debt on its buildings, and at the same time it will Today is Flag Day. nation pays tribute to Old SLOW DOWN CHICAGO (UP) — ficjal reported to , . , . ,. business firms the opportunity to , .... however, very few flags 10 vonr frTnrhis» <JUsplay their W8l ' eS l ° thousan(J » ot JWW J« H°P C t0*jjf. iu-ycar jiancnis^i . .. . .. _ nnl , a i qhnw. . . • ' visitors to the annual show. jthe first eight civic minded business firms to sign for booths ini Practical pursing school, - »ored by Texarkana Public 'Schools* - c » iz ens Bank, First National j s now processing student appljR*- ing Association which operates Suf-|Bank. Hope Chamber of Commence, ' $Jons for admission into a third folk Downs at Boston said a Hot H °P e Auto - Cresent Drug Co., Hop* class which starts July 5. SPE.CIAL REQUEST LOS ANGELES (UP) — The Los . --- --Angeles city council has been Clyde Halk and Milan S. Creigh-:VO. Springs committee headed by Furniture Co. and Hope Hardwire . be the last class as the Stata she's been threatening to do every year since. "Who wants to rattle around in so,quarters. The couple moved very soon after that. In recent years my sister, Do- out of the same family in the same city. sn • old barn like this" she has lores, her husband, Don Newton, ton as co-chairman has be en, booth "developing" the Suffolk bid. Oaklawn Jockey Club, headed by . don't be left out, get you* Oepartment pf Education has de« ci4ed to drop the program. , towns apd cities in this area are copperat- Spring Hill Methodist Church l# ing with the program. , . It John G, Cella of St. Louis, has' giving a farewell dinner for th« ed contact W ( M- locke, superin- Six families asked that all of|held the franchise at Hot Springs Rev. Claud Clark Jonight at 7, tendent p| Te*arkan,a, Ark, schools- I said a thousand times. "It's just .too much trouble to keep up. | "I'll sell it and move into a one- room apartment with a hotplate their property be annexed by Los!since 1935. Oaklawn contends that o'clock the Rev. Mr. ClarV and their two children have shared j Angeles because "we are sick of a 10-year franchise granted the old home with Mama. But this, telling the registrar of voters j year is legal. spring they bought a newer house which bed we sleep in so we can Continued on Pag« Thr«| 'vote," a spokesman said. last,has been pastor of the church for! NQte-^Surnmer 1$ wtyat you w»U four years. ... he is being tram- for a|i year, complain, about The club filed suitto ebtabhsh, f erred to Columbia County an.d win it arrives, and wpnder I the validity, 'tumplete hi? college education, aj j ever ,wf>n,t after U fc |<ffl$ » * :ve longer" sighs DO n automobile erasfted parked negrby,. ?>,•*«? 1

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