Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 13, 1955 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 13, 1955
Page 3
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, June 13, 1955 ith U.S. Plan ly Lit, GARftETT t»r. Jonas Sfiys.the U, S. Public Vtee^.hew -and suffer tfactufihg , standards for his lid vaccirte "Will preclude devi' 'roccdures orig Itefcj trouble* *With, some, <Jom>; of Ihe vaccine may ,,he said,';be| Si. of the.'..mlflK it), requirement* fof , toteftng' interprets! It express** these vie;,3'In a m to Surgeon General Leon- A; Scheete made public, early #m 'Pftt&urgJl. He did not tarectly criticize the health serv- B, bt4 he .indicated that he dis- jree .with, some .sections of its White paper" report on the entire "llo % yaccine program. [T recognize .that this. represents rotor Views ', and those df your ;,*vaff," Salk said adding there are f Dints both 'Iwhercin I concur and ?,Whereih I -do not." <7|The health Service report, re- iased 14st,ye^t'said,that,trou- developed ..when,- production of aecine'^as?8hlfj*d,from the l^borato/y tp&Mull-st&le commer- s «Jl'OpeFat^nU<^ t ' fin af statifm«nt ' that some have viewed a*, fcielt^attoif Dr Salk's the* rtMt'said that "the . olS| ina^tfvation which t »nder« thft^lio 'Virus in the vac- rafce harmless *he pfedid course " always fol- 'Where problems have arisen." ialk continued} 1 'this -has been be- St. LOUIS LIVESTOCK N NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, in. — Hogs 9.500J active, higher sorted No. 1 and 2 around 190-210 Ib 21.00; most 180-220 Ib 20.27-25.75 few 230-240 Ib 20.00-2' around. 260 Ib average 19.50; 140-170 Ib 19.0020.00; 100-120 Ib 17.00-18.50! sows 400 Ib down 15.00-16.50; over 400 Ib 13.50-15.001; boars- B.<M2.5, Cattle 6,00; calves 1,000; stea- iOod and choice steers 21»25- 22.IS good and choice heifers 19.'3;022:00; cows utility and commercial 12.00-14.00, occasionally 14.50 and above; canners and cutters 9.SO- 11.50,. ;top cutters to 12.00; bulls Utility and commercial 13.t>0«15.00; good and choice vealers 19.00-23.00; high choice and prime 23.00-25.00, Sheep 1,700; slow; good and choice spring lambs weak to 50 lower at 22.60-25.00. aluminum issues, and oils. AirCrafts were depressed while other sections were mixed or steady. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO !*) -- Live poultry about steady; receipts in coops 1,- Cella Defends Continued from Page On€ !&; will operate horse racing at' Springs for the next 10 years slatted here today. , The Oklawn Jockey Club is asking Chancellor Guy E. Williams to enjoin the State Racing Commission from opening bids ior a racing franchise at the resort city. 140 Friday 17fl coops, 65,847 Ib; Oaklawn contends it has a Valid NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK M— The Stock Market continued rising to record heights today With a Strbng advance. 1 In the earl yafternOon, prices were up around 2 points at the best with the strength well distributed. Losses were usually small. • The steels, railroads, chemicals and major auto stocks were in the forefront of the advance. Also higher were the rubbers, Coppers, f.o.b, paying prices . unchanged to 1 higher; heavy hens 22.5-28 light hens 17.5-18 broilers or fryers 3032 old roosters 12-12.5 caponettes 34-35. Butter steady; ;receipts 1,724,672; wholesale ! buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 56... 75; 02 A 66.75; 90 B 54.5; 89 C 52.5; cars 90 B 5'5; 89 C 53. Eggs steadier; receipts 20.327; wholesale buying prices unchang- ,'6d to 1* higher; U. S. large whites 60-69.9 per cent A's S6; mixed 63; mediums 33; U. S. standards 31; dirties 28.5; checks 25.5; current receipts 30. cognizance of all the theoretical considerations' that apply. This could occur because the phrasing of the minimum requirements^ fll* low for differing interpretation." The health service had prepared the minimum standards under which the vaccine was produced commercially. ure practice* has not taken full GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO (K\ — Except for dis tant deliveries of wheat, virtually the entire list of commodities push ed higher on the Board of Trade today. May wheat lagged behind the trend although at times it also topped the previous closing Ivl. Ry gaind most on Friday's gov- rnmcnt forecast o,f a deep cut' in the new crop. Soybeans moved ahead well on advances in meal. Qorn was helped a little by export of minor quantities to the United Kingdom. At the close wheat was 2 cents higher 2.01; to >/ 4 lower, corn was Vis-l July $2.00- up, July $1.43-, oat S %were unchanged to lower, July 67'/8, and rye was 2-3'/ 4 higher, July $1.07. Soybeans were V->-2!4 cents higher, July $2.431/2-2.44. CHICAGO UP) — Wheat: none. Corn: No. 1 yellow lake 1.48; No. 2 1.47; No. 2 yellow 1.4;9>/ 2 . Oats: No. 1 heavy white 78-78'/ 2 ; No. 3 white 71'/ 4 . Soybean oil: 125; soybean meal 50.00-50.50. Barley nominal: malting choce 1.35-52 feed 95-1.16. franchise to continue horse racing at. Hot Springs until 1965. The commission, on advice of Chief Assistant Atty. Gen. Key Matthews, has taken the position that the franchise, granted by a former commission, is illegal and should be voided. Two competing groups are trying to end Oaklawn's 20-year hold em a temporary injunction against the Hot Springs racing. Oaklawn a month ago obtained commission considering bids for a new franchise. Today's hearing was on whether this temporary order should be made permanent. Oaklawn has operated the only horse race (rack in Arkansas since pari-mutuel belting was legalized in 1935. In April, 1954 former Gov. Francis Cherry's racing commis sion awarded Oaklawn a new 10 year franchise which was to star on May 14, 1955, when the olt trachise expired. Methodists |\A dfefropst/at»,on,.of thfe best known methods of hair and scalp I* 'treatment*,. to be given to the citizens of our city. Hfiir and Scalp Authority to Tell Truth About Baldness noon until 9:00 p, m. on .err^l p0ns.ul{aht is being sent ->r the'express purpose of ox- t B t9'th,e people of our city, > facts an4 the t^th about hair scalp Borders, He will ex- fw 1| p»mmon scalp disord- »t men and hajf, p e will r, methods of that have , , r , fpr thous- :aris 'from coast to 'Hi! Hair and Scalp and so prov ot A coast The h9|r ,„ tell a your hftft-; ot troub^ you FREE, a ip examina- ypu are los- you are hav- your scalp , . Oaiei Are Few the Mtjrrill Consultant is jjjck to tea the hopeless cases that ey 9annot fre helped Once a man completely, shiny bald, nothing - be done. But the hopeless a»e few Because, |f the hair are still ahve, evidenced by pre?ew»/ of light, (holprless ;,) the Merrill Conultant can irm what sometimes seem to onders In the private exam- ^tton, these facts wjll come to Examination is very thorough . . !?l. *It reqwm a to 39 mjnutes. And, theie is tor lfM» examination (aminatkn you will be the required length of treat-' Ijow rrjuch^t w4U cost, treatment, you ffpcjrts to the • in, Wichita fxpert wiU check -'-' 'kf«p el iiniaW*nt "$» yw will - if/PUT Jntervisw, Meinl) a written guarantee of Wichita Falls, Texas. ment, there is no reason why- they will not have hah all the .rest of their lives," says this authority. "We know bur treatments will work fiom our thousands of testimonials It all depends on the indjidvual person's faithful observance of a few simple rules." Guarantee Pledges Results Merrill Hair and Scalp Consultants GUARANTEE, in a wiitten certificate given to each new client, thut if you die not responding satib- factorily to tieatment at the end pf 30 days, that all money paid on treatments will be graciously refunded. "We do this to overcome scepticism," says the Merrill Consultant. "Most of our clients are happy, satisfied men and women, confident that they will i egain theii hau and iemo;e nil tuices of imbedded dandruff and other malicious hair and scalp ailments that prevent natural growth. This guarantee is for those who want to be assured that they will get their money's worth, and that is exactly what we intend to give them 1 " A Truthful Note Thousands of men and women havo been helped by the Meirjll meth. od. Because of their tremendous success in this field, it sftouid be said here that there are some who cannot benefit from these treatments Any poison who 3s Mick, shmv bald, is de&tmed. to remain -so. If there is any sign of fuzz, no matter how short or colorless, there is a definite chance that hair may be re-grown in time. "We have no cure-all," says oui expert "But if ypu take care of your hair, we can help >ou have healthy, normal, lasting hair that you will be proud of all your life " You need not have an appointment to take advantage of this cUfiia. AH examinations are private and YOU Will not be embarrassed or obligated jn any way Both men and' women ate welcome. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK (IR— Cotton futures drifted lower today on lighliquida- tion and hedgings.Mlll buying and shorq, .covering -was in evidence. Distant . October at . one ..., time •dropped $1.05. a'bale under the pievious close on spot house sell ing, but subsequently recovered somewhat on shorter covering. Late afternoon prices were 5 to 60 cents', a bale lower than'the previous close, July! 33.89, October 34 08 and Deccmbei 34 13. Peron Backers Continued from Page One down on the church 'partisans. President uan Perqn marshaled his forces today for support Jn his bitter feud with the nation's prc dominant church. It was Argentina's gravest political crisis in two years. At least eight persons were injured by flying stones last nifiht when bands' shouting "Long LivePeron: Down with the Pope!" clashed in the central plaza with Catholics chanting "Long live Christ the king." Peron supporters surged against a group of Catholics guarding the steps of Buenos Aires' huge Me tropolitan Cathedral. Shots rang out but apparently no, one was hit by bullets as "the mob advanced on the adjoining archbishop's palace. The demonstrators smashed palace windows with stones and burned a preist's car before police rusli'ed into the city's central square and scattered the mob with tear gas and chemical foam. Later the pro-Catholics regrouped and started to inarch back: to .the cathedral, but they were dir persed by police and firemen. After order had been restored, newsmen entered the Episcopal Palace, where more than 2,000 persons had taken refuge. The Interior of the cathedral itself was strewn with benches, ta bles and desks which had been pushed against the doors as ba; riera. •1/ater ; aflfthorities ordered the jailing of scfme 250 of the refugee Catholics. Tney were picked up in police cars and ,• hauled off to central police headquarters. •The turmoil raise'd tension to its highest pitch since the church-state dispute broke. out seven months 3gp after Peroh's charge that church elements were plotting to undermine his regime. Church officials have denied the charge. Continued from Page One the Cainden District. The Rev. Con ner Morchead, the retiring Cam den superintendent, will become director of the Children's Home at Little Rock. Thmc Little Rock Conference embraces Methodist churches south of the Arkansas River. The state's lother conference— the North Arkansas—will hold its annual meeting at Jonesboro this week. Hope District E. C. Rule, District superintendent. Ashdown, Clyde T. Parsons. Bingen Circuit, Jamfes Shaddox. Blevins Circuit, A. W. Hamilton. Boyd-Fouke Circuit, Bun Gantz. Centerpoint Circuit, Dewitt Harberson. DeQueen, Alfred Doss. Dierks, C. E. Messer. Doddridge Circuit, W. W. Crowe. Emmet Circuit, Bruce H. Bean. Few Memorial, Joe W. Hunter. Foreman, Wendell Hoover. Hatl'ield Circuit, Harold E. Wright. Hope Virgil D. Keeley. Horatio Circuit, Don Smith. ' Lockcsburg J. R. Callicott. •* Lockesburg Circuit, to be supplied. ' • ' ; '"' ' %• Mena, Kirvin Hale. Mena Circuit, Hollis . Simpson. Mineral Springs Woodrow Smith. Nashville, J. E. Dunlap. Presc.ott, .W. D. Golden. Prescott Circuit, L. 0. Lee. Richmond Circuit, J. W. Mann. Rondo Circuit, Clyde Swift. Springhill Circuit, H. A. F. Ault. Texarkana College Hill, Howard Williams. Texarkana. Fairview, H. D. Ginther. Texarkana First Church, Wil liam E. Brown. Washington Circuit, Robert Nix. Winthrop Circuit, W. P. Walker. Tuckermon Woman Head of B&PW LITTLE ROCK (ff>)— Mrs. Fannie B. Beard of Tuckerman is the new president of the Arkansas Federation of Business and Professional Women's Clubs. She was elected as the fedeation's annual convention here Saturday.. Other new officers are Mrs. Nora Bee Lingelbach of Springdale and Mrs. Gertude West of Little Rock, vice presidents; Mrs. Floyd Bekowitz of Clinton, recording secretary, and Miss Christine Culp of El Dorado, treasurer. The convention approved resolutions calling for compulsory automobile liability insurance, physical fitness tests for drives and com- polsory car inspections In Arkan- Congress was called into urgent special session today. Peronista party leaders were expected to lash out at the church and voice support for their leader in the Senate, where the Peronistas hold all the seats, and in the lower chamber, where they control aL but a dozen of the 155 places. Mr. Zuko, one or the nation's top entertainers, and his wooden-headed partner, Jolly Baker Boy, will be in Hope Tuesday for appearances at the Saenger Theater and the Hope Drive-In, Manager Eldon Coffman has announced. Television stars on KATV, Channel 7, they have also appeared on TV from New York, Miami and St. Louis. They have worked with a number of stars including June Allyson, Dan Dailcy, Edward Arnold, Boris Karloff, Guy Lombardo, Ray Anthony and Dick Powell. There will be no increase in prices for this special added attraction. They will appear at the Saenger Tuesday afternoon and at the Drive-In Tuesday night. Jolly Baker Boy is a member of one of the most famous "families" in show business. His "brothers" include Charlie McCarthy, Paul Winchell's Jerry Mahoney, Jimmy Nelson's Danny O'Day and Max Tcrhune's Elmer. "Father" of all of them is Frank Marshall of Chicago,- the world's foremost- creator of ventriloquial figures. Mr. Zuko -and the Baker Boy are on a good-will tour for Meyer's! Bakeries and while here they'will also visit the Hope 'bakery. The Baker Boy's picture has appeared on millions of Meyer's bakery products. Past Secretary of the International Brotherhood of Ventriloquists, Mr. Zuko is now Territorial Vice- President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians. During the war, he entertained his fellow servicemen in the Pacific and was named "The GI's Favorite Magician." Faubus Pledge Help in Seed Tax Issue RUSSELLVILLE UP)—Gov. Orval FaubUs has pledged his support to poultrymen seeking to prevent a popular vote on the 1955 Act exempting poultry and live-stock feed from the state two per cent sales tax. The governor, who. spoke Saturday at the Arkansas Poultry Festival here, said that he had supported the exemption previously and that he saw .no reason to/ change his mind. Shortly after petitions to refer the act to the 1956 general election had been filed by Hope publisher Alex Washburn, Faubus said he intended to stay out of the referral fight. Poultrymen have challenged the validity of the petitions in 'a suit sation. w .^""l The ruling reversed the Work men's Compensation Commission and Sebastian Circuit Court. Triebsch, an employe of the Athletic Mining and Smelting Co., became unable to work in 1949 and died later. The Supreme Court hnd held him entitled to compensation in a previous case. Today's opinion was written by Associate Justice Sam Robinson Associate Justices Ed McFaddin and George Rose Smith dissented. Union Chancery Court was upheld in voiding as usurious a contract between Universal CIT'Cred- ited in the Court. Arkansas Supreme Court Rules Continued from Page One and kidney ailment for which he tad been drawing workmen's compensation. Therefore, the court said, his widow is entitled to death bone- its provided for by the compon- Biggesr Bargain In Town CHICKEN IN THE BASKET 85c CHARLOTTE'S DRIVE-IN (Formerly White's Drive-In) Now Open Every Monday it Corporation and George O. Avery for purchase of an automobile by the latter. In Sweden 81 infants out of l.OQO died in their year in the early 20s compared to less than 19 today. About 3.4 per cent of the eartlrt crust is calcium . 'i Now is the time to Get SCREENS From GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO. 422 E. DIVISION HOT WATER HEATER HEADQUARTERS • Day & Night • Rheem • Crane • General One - Three - Five - Ten Year Warranty HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing - Heating FOR SALE Grocery Store and Market, good location for a 7 to 11 business Located on Highway 67. 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America's finest and smartest slippers. Always the greatest gift in the world fur a man. 4.95 . 7.95 Xtt*erfeoV«n scefe <?an give .'• ".'::T Vr^^C--^"/; 1 -; Mon Jay, June 13, 1955 HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phone 7-8431 Between 8 A. M. and 4 P. M. Calendar Monday June 13 The Fireman's Auxiliary will meet Monday June 13, at 7 p. m. in the home oC Mrs. Jim Cobb 316 S. Washington. ! pWesleyan Service Guild will meet Monday June 13, at 7:30 p. m. in the home of Mrs. James McLarty with Mrs. Rachel Edmiaston as associate hostess. Miss Clarice Cannon will have charge of the pledge service. Business Woman's of the First Baptist Circle No. 1 Church will meet Monday June 13, at 7:45 p. m. j in the Educational Building with Annie Sue Andres as hostess. Tuesday June 14 Mrs. A. A. Albritton will be hostess at a breakfast for the Hope Iris Garden Club at her home on the Rosston Hy Tuesday morning at 9:30. Mrs. C. P. Tolleson will preside, and after the breakfast the Albritton garden will be toured. This is the last meeting un- W' September. • The LLL Sunday School Class of Thursday, June 16 Hope Chapter 328 order of Eastern Star will meet Thursday night for a pot luck supper at 6:30 p. m. country club, Dianna and patricla left Friday for Little Rock where they will spend the week at Fernclifl. Pat Cleburn Chapter Has Annual Plcnl* The Old State Capitol in Washington was the scene of a picnic of the Pat Cleburn United Daughters of the Confederacy Thursday noon. Flags were draped in front and back of the rostrum, and a beauti The regular meeting to be at B, iul arrangement of red white and ' blue flowers were placed Upon tha o'clock followed with an initiation. Notice Due to the remodeling of the long tables where, lunch Was served. Gladiolus banked the fire place. Mrs. C. V. Nunn Jr., speaker. Parish Hall, the Duplicate Club'gave an informative and inspiring will meet in the home of Sid talk on .Jefferson Davis. Mrs. Bes- Rogers, 502 N. Washington at 7:30 sie Battle spoke on the history of tonight. All members are urged to early Washington. attend - • Chapter members visited historical spots In Washington, the home of Mrs. Lucin Smith to see the beautiful oil paintings and antiques, Country Club Picnic To Be June 16 Mr. and Mrs. John Halley and! the world's 'largest" magnolia "tree Mr. and Mrs. Earl O'Neal will be and the monument where the Bowie hostess for the family picnic at the' Hope Country Club Thursday even-' ing June 16, at 6:30 p. m. Miss Frances Shearer Recent Bride Complimented Mrs. Buster Gilbert compliment Knife was made. Thirty-three members were present. The guest list included Mrs. Oliver Dryer, Mrs. David Watts, Mrs. Robert Ellen and children of Texarkana, Mrs. Frank Kirk and Th» "Four Statesmen," male quartet from Phillips University, Enid, Oklahoma, will be presented In a music prograrrt at First Christian Church, on Wednesday evening at 7:30 o'clock. The members of the quartet are: Roy McNaught, Kingfisher! Oklahoma, first' tenor; Randall Rasmussen, North Platt, Nebraska, second tenor; Howard Clegg, Hlitchinson, Kansas, braitone; and BUI Williams, Butler, Missouri, bass. DOROTHY DIX Troublemaking Mother Dear Miss Dix: I have a fine hus- rt AthS ' O.T Mrs ' Vev* *•"< a " d three lovely children. My 1 onenial and reasonable. mrs. Busier unaeri curnpiimeiu-i ^u" ui Amiens, o-a.. ivirs. oieve , , ., , ., . „ . , „„, ,-,„„ ed Miss Frances Shearer with a'carrigan Jr., Mrs. Robert White, l hu . sb and ,, s . fa . m f. !? ""f"" "\*"* ,„?£ m ,vn»iio^^,,, ,1, ;„ h n ,. ho,^n MI- a .Tot, Hnnrf,, A™ „„,< v or ,^ r I havent had a bit of m-law tiou- three miscellaneous shower in her home Mrs. Jett Bundy, Ann and Peggy _, , , Thursday evening June 2nd. (Franks, Mrs. Powell, Dianne Ellis, I f,_,. itle problem is After the playing of several Jimmy and Betty O'Neal of Hope, games the honoree was presented manv lovely and useful gifts, from the fifty-eight guests present . Miss Shearer became the bride of Roy Arnold on Friday night. the 1st. Baptist Church will meet. Henry of DeQueen. in the home of Mrs. Arless Trout Tuesday evening June 14, at 7:30 With Mrs. Mary Purtle as associate hostess. All members and associate Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Jim Huckabee have June 3, in the home of Rev. Homer returned to their home in Pasedena, HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Completely AIR CONDITIONED for your comfort 104 S. Elm Phone 7-2878 Hazel Virginia Auline Dianna Helms • House Guest Honored Miss Patricia Daunis of Little Rock has been the house guest of Dianna Helms for the past week. While here she was complimented with several parties. Miss Sheila Foster was hostess for a morning Texas, after a visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Huckabee, ther. She has taken a ten-it!,? dislike to my husband and also to his family. She has tried in every woy to make me dislike my in-laws and to convince me that my husband is too devoted to his people. I don't feel that this is true. I try my best to keep my mother I.IILO, IVJ.L . aiiu irii a. xuiii iiui-itciucc, . . , . . . Mr. and Mrs. Connie Yocum of I" «°° d . h _ un ?° r .' WthUC _ h ,.. 1 . 8 Springhill and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. William Ferguson and daughter, Barbara Ann have returned to their home in Pasedena, Texas after a visit with their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Tom Huckabee ible. In an effort to please her, have been guilty of rudeness my husband's people. Dear Miss Dix: I've been married months to a man of 30, who is a wonderful guy. I have two chil dron from a former marriage anc he's a splendid father to them. The only flaw in my happiness .-is th girl next door. Before we wet- married, I used to invite her over to watch TV and she and Fred used to kid around a lot. He still fools with her and I wonder if it's really me he loves. LISA party, and Miss Carolyn Strong I and Mr. George Sweeney of Prescott. They were accompanied home by Miss Mickey Pate for a visit. j gave a picnic supper for the guest Dianna complimented her gues . and others with a dance at th ENDS TONIGHT! MICKEY ROONEY A TREAT FOR KIDS FROM 4 to 104 "ALL ASHORE" CARTO 3 Riota Comedies 3 — i — THREE STOOGES OUR GANG ~ Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Popeye Tom & Jerry — They'll All Be Here A Once a Year Event! SO BIG IT PUAYS 2 THEATRES — Hope Drive-In I Soenger XAAaJ TU.,« I Tues, Matinee . - Wed,-Tnurs, | ONLY ADULTS . . . 40c CHILDREN FREE AT 1:15 Children . . . 25c EXTRA!!—IN PERSON TUESDAY ONLY Mr* Zuko and Jolly Baker Boyl COURTESY MIYiRS Mickey Pate left Saturday for Houston, Texas for a vacation with Barbara Ferguson. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Miss Charlene Burke —Hope, Mrs. J. S. Harwell—Saratoga. •Discharged: Mr. W. R. Smith— Blevins, Ark., Miss Edwin A. Whitman—Hope! I hate to visit either family any more beiause _of this dissension, is' to grandmother, who has always been Answer: A man doesn't marry a girl with two children unless he is to'pretty deeply in love. Of course hi attitude toward the girl next doo hasn't changed. You brought them together, she's a friend of yours and he's pleasant to her. Wha would you expect? If you start to doubt your man after three mon kind to them. I love my mother, ths, you're headed for a pretty mi want to please her but don't want to antagonize others in the process. HELEN T. serable future. Dear Miss Dix: I've gone with a Answer: You say in your letter, | boy for nine months and he has ne Deaths in the United States By The Associated Press Jacksonville, Fla. — Franklin Pierce Beddow, 72, retired news paper executive. Died Saturday. Bloomington, Ind. — Dr. Rolla Roy Ramsey, 83, retired Indiana University physics professor and electronics pioneer. Born in Morning Sun, Ohio. Died Saturday. Philadelphia — Rear Adm. Walter A. Buck (retired) 59 executive of Radio Corp of America. Died yesterday. Duluth, Minn. — Josiah E. Green, 44, novelist and former newspaperman. Died yesterday. Rochester, N. Y. — Robert Wilcox, 44, stage and movie actor and lusband of Diana Barrymore. Died Saturday. Pittsburgh — George M. Carvlin 55, steel executive and widely •cnown in the ndstry. Born in Chicago. Died yesterday. which I have shortened, that your father has always catered to mom's every whim. That is the precedent she established, and that's what she wants. How she got her every wish satisfied I don't know—perhaps she threw temper tantrums, perhaps she had ."sick" spells; all these are standard techniques. Perhaps she was very wise and had her own subtle approach. At any rate, spoiled she Wants All Your Loyalty Now she hates to see you give any loyalty to your husband or his folks, thinking ti's a drain on her own reserve. Ot-course it isn't. Loyalty and affection can be spread over my number of deserving people. She wants every tut of your devotion, every speck of your children's affection. I doubt that she'll get very far with the children; they're usually smart enough to see beneath the veneer. Your in-laws are more deserving of your kindness than your mother; you were wrong to be disagreebale to them. Your mother must be made to understand that since you have a family of your own, and since your in-laws give you no cause for complaint, you must continue being nice / to them. Make this emphatic. Tears will toe shed, of course they always are. However, when she sees your devotion to her is not impaired, she'll be ver invited me to his home. He co mes to my house, my parents trea him well, and he in turn is cout eous to them. AMELIA Answer: Let the invitation come from him or his parents. Don't hin around that you think it's abou time you met them. Subscription TV to Pose Big Problem . By WAYNE OLIVER NEW, YORK UP)—If subscription TV should be adopted, would the average television service man be able to build his own decoding device so he could watch withbu j paying rodprs ? And perhaps make de It's Terrific! SHEHGER It's Big! LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! Biggest Array of Family Fun of Any Year in One Big Week WEDNESDAY AT 10A.M. SUMMER VACATION MOVIE SPECIAL! DAVY CROCKETT CARTOONS — STAGE CONTESTS; PURCHASE SEASON VACATION MOVIE TICKETS TODAY 8 Morning Shows — Plus 25c Bonus Saving on Davy Crockett and Cantoon Carnival ALL FOR rr TUESDAY AT 1:45 P. M. ONLY IN PERSON Mr. Zuko and Jolly Baker Boy Star of TV Shows and CARTOONS 3 COMEDIES KIDDIES . . . 25c ADULTS , . . Kiddies With Vacation Movies Season Tickets TOc for this Show! TUESDAY ONtY STARTING 4:45 GENE KELLY in "CRIST OF THI WAVE" coders for his friends? The question of bootleg decoders has touched off a new controvei- sy within a controversy as the Fedeeal Communications Commis sion wrestles with the problem o: whether to authorize Pay TV. Three companies have developec methods of scrambling telecasts for subscription TV. They contend it would be impractical if not impossible for outsiders to build bootleg decoders that would work. Jen-old Electronics Corp. of Phil adelphia, in comment filed with the FCC, contends it would be a simple matter. | A sampling of opinion of elec- jtronics engineers not involved in the controversy brought considerable agreement with the Jerrolc view that it wouldn't be difficult to build a decoder that would enable the set owner to watch subscription telecasts without paying. But the pay TV companies insist their codes can be changed so frequently and so easily, that would be bootleggers would be frustrated. CBS radio says that eight of its top 10 daytime programs are reaching larger audiences than a year ago despite the increase in homes with TV sets. DAVEE-E-E DAVY CROCKETT WALT DISNEY'S //I DAVEY CROCKETT" King of Wild Frontier STARTS WED. 10A.M. SAENGER ADULTS . , , 45c KIDDIES , . 25c VACATION MOVIE SPECIAL OH WEDNESDAY MORNINQ Ends Tonight GLENN FORD BARBARA STANWYCK "VIOLENT MIN" This Is Kids' Week at the Hope Theaters Everything happens at once to 'theatre managers—and it's really happening to Henry Seamans, new manager of the Saenger and Hope Drive-In theaters this week. It might be termed the biggest week for children the theaters of Hope have ever seen. Let's start from the beginning. Tuesday is the start of the three- day annual special event at the drive in of the Cartoon Comedy Carnival. This is a big show consisting of 10 cartoons with all the favorites and three two reel comedies including the 3 Stooges and Our Gang.; It's just two hours of fun. As many kids might not have cars, or can't get to the drive-In at night—this cartoon comedy Carnival will be put on at the Saenger :heater Tuesday afternoon only at 1:45. Kiddies with Summer Vacation Movie tickets will-be admitted 'or a reduced price for this show. Then, Mr. Seamans heard that Mr. Zuko and the Jolly Baker boy of TV fame were near here. on. this day, so he made arrangements for a personal appearance of this famous star Tuesday afternoon at the Saenger and Tuesday night at the drive-in with the Cartoon Comedy carnival. But that's just the beginning. Wednesday and Thursday the much talked about "Davy Crockett" comes- to the Saenger Screen. In order to accomodate all who want to see it—this show will be presented at the regular showing of the Summer Vacation Movies on Wed-; nesday morning at 10—then all day Wednesday and Thursday. Season Vacation, movie tickets will be good for the morning show only—special prices for the Davy Crockett show will prevail Wednesday and Thursday. So the Kids will have their week at the rriovies this week—and all records are expected to be broken, and ther.e's going to be. a lot of tired personnell around the Saenger and Drive-in after Thursday night. . ... HONG RONQ Uft-ftoman Cath olic Bishop Frederick Donaghy of New Bedford, Mass., arrived in Hong Kong today after nearly five years confinement in Red China. His return leaves only one American Bishop in Red China: The Most Rev. James Edward Walsh of Cumberland, Md.; who is in Shanghai. Bishop Donaghy, 52, arrived by train from Wuchow, Kwangsi pro j vince, wearing a plaid white shirt, shabby brown trousers and black leather shoes. About 50 nuns and priests greeted him and took turns kneeling and kissing his ring. "1 am very happy to be in Hong Kong and pleased to see all you people," the bishop said. Looking pale and tired, he said he would talk to newsmen after a few days rest. The prelate, who spent 26 years in China, was named bishop of Wuchow in 1938. Reds Release Catholic Bishop 1950. and aKSr flv^S' prisonrneht placed tentioh. Me ' Jflsi; f«f ago. convicted of i tivHies'aftd ordered v China. ' • Seed about! rka 6n 30'* Fe«tue> Anydffl Duke's Beauty 1019 W. 7th. -Air Complete Beauty • He was arrested on Christmas There will be o evening -a* HP. to Bare-Shouldered fashions BOB9IE STRAPLESS — Designed for you by thp Bobbie Fashion Board, 30 AA to 38 A, $2.59 Strapless bras by Form!Itj ... A fresh Life Bra everyday! /•<•%,- v« , Here's the uplift you've been hoping fof-JL- , : ;...,..,.,. /„,.. vL, i. i,, In a strapless bra! Extra-light foam-rubbew, '; padded underbust gives you firmer supptp^t, V;, lifts you higher ., /molds'and-holds, • •' '',',:••'.' "•; '-'•'••• 'i'-- : to youtliful perfection. Cups are gently uj^ . . ! :V: ' '-• • .•^-^^^ scored with wire for really secure alljire,; ' ; • : ' •: • •- .."'•'' " '"'•'' Come in—choose bandeaux pr 4onglme •yw ' / from our Life Confidential selection, Wpar ' ,; , eumrner's bare-shouldered fashions injjew 19 ?IC.

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