Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 11, 1955 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 11, 1955
Page 7
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SOCIETY I A, M. «fttf 4 P. M. 13 mmm& of tte -wscs of the :<*thtod^t Chtir-cli will be held ,__"Ghal > «Sh-*tori"day-June 13, at K *ft. Mrs. L. S. Tooley.will bring Kft tievotion&L' and- the children's #ifl fljf&feftt the program. Glujas: Hopewell Simplified teehniaues in cutting and making garments was given by Mrs. Theo meeting of the Demonstration Club. Long at the June Hopewell Home The president, Mrs. J. H. Taylor, called the meeting to order at 2:00 p. rri. at her home on West 5th St. 'eet. The American Creed was read ^ . 6t J* J? 1 *"• | by all members. Mrs. Taylor read Mrs. JIITI.COWJ 318 the 122 psalrh after : ^hich the Lord's Prayer was repeated in unison. The theme of th£ program for three circles 6f the Christian iifcn's fellowship- of the First an Church will meet in the Parlor at 3 o'clock Monday frflne 13, With Mrs. Edmond Pendle- nd Mrs,, (Ernest Graham as 'Plans will be made for the to be June 20th. Wes'leyan Service Guild will meet June 13, at 7:30 p. m. in * home of Mrs. James McLarty 1th Mrs, Rachel Edmiaston as «|ociate hostess. Miss Clarice Can*~ have charge of the pledge vice. Business Woman's Circle No. 1 the First Baptist Church will fleet Monday June 13, at 7:45 p. m. • the Educational Building with IlsS Annie Sue Andres as hostess. ettfay June 14 A. A. Albritton will be ho* at a breakfast for the Hope Garden Club 'at her home on •RosSlbn Hy 1 ' Tuesday morn- i Jit'", ,9?30. Mrs. C. P. Tolleson il ^preside, and alter the break- st the Albritton garden will be fljfecCThis is the last meeting un- il> September. the day was clothing, and roll Call was answered by how to solve your figure problems in clothing. A round table discussion was held on good citizenship, the privilege of voting, etc. Iced refreshments were served to the following: Mmes, Krnest Graham, Theo Long, Leslie Honeycutt, John Keck, Lester Huckabee, O. B. Hodnett, G. W. Wiggins, Cecil Bittle, Leland Wilson. Willis Cobb and the hostess, Mrs. Taylor. The club was happy to welcome Mrs. Leland Wilson as a new member and to have Mrs. Willis Cobb as a guest. The '•" meeting adjourned with plans for an all-day workshop to be held at the Experiment Station July 7th. ' r HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP V" **• Completely AIR CONDITIONED for "your comfort , . f* 104 8. Elm Phone 7-2878 ',Vlrj)lrtia Aullne § fiTE ff" ffTJ BT™ F" W H c II u E K , NORMAN WISDOM Mai a ar.-t kUIHERFORD ; ALSO AT: ,11 :S7 •- 3:20 .6:41 FfMSME IK Mm -Wth : PAYNI-DOMIRGUE K«iCAMIRON ABUUXtKW | LOOK • EXTRA • LOOK 1. Chgpter 10 of "THE BLACK ARROW" -.2;' Elmer Fudd Cartoon MON. • 7:16,9:15 fimwun W Shover Six boys, six girls, two leaders, nnd two visitors attended :the June meeting of the Sriover' Sorlngs 4-H Club at the home- o£ Jimmy Bpckworth. Jimmy Beckworth read Psalms l:J-3 and Jimmy-England led in prayer. Jimmy Beckworlh presided : at the meeting. Peggy Rogers gave a report on the girls 4-H Glub-Coun- ty Camp at the Experiment Station June 1-2. Raymond Aaron gave a report on the boys 4-H Club County Conservation Camp at the Guntor Farm on the same days. At the June 21 meeting in the home of Mrs. Joe England, Jimmy Beckworth and Raymond Aaron will give demonstrations. Green Laseter The, Green Laseter Home Demonstration Club,,met Thursday night, June .9, at the'home of Mrs. Glen Finoher;" The jm'eeting was opened with ' th'e' reading of the Club Women's Creed. ' : 'Devotional was from Psalms 122 by Mrs. Finoher and Mrs/England led in.prayer. Mrs. Wanda flarts-. field led-the song "of the month. . Eight memfoers answered the roll with ;i "How I solve my figure -problems,-in clothing,". Mrs. Gilbert-Fuller,-clothing leader, was in charge of ; the" demonstration. One new member, Mrs. Patsy Beard, was added to the roll and Mrs. Camp was a'visitor. MOM ifAl, MOft, ARKANSAS^ Saturday, June 11, 1955 "* The all-white vacation -wardrobe is the one most flattering to a deep tan. The one \ve show here is completely machine-washable, requires only a touch>up with an iron. Oreandv blouse and cotton skirt (left) are by Nelly de Grab, have bright red velveteen cummerbund. Shorts and jacket by Grove (center) are in poplin, are worn with Italian-inspired T-shirt. Orion sweater (right) is worn with while skirl. Sweater, by Premier needs no blocking or sizing. DOROTHY DIX Worthiest Cause Dear Miss Dix: After reading your recent article on foster homes ! feel impelled to write, you my experiences. I am the product of 'oster'homes; I lived in several during my first 16 years. All the members of my family were raised in foster homes, as we were left motherless at an early age. Of course, some of my experiences were unhappy, but I remember most of my foster parents with af- Since then my former employer has asked me several times to come back. He has- even offered to sell me a share in the business. ] am beginning to think he is in IOVP with money, and any companion who will work hard for him is what he wants. I am aware now that I've wasted five years of my life chasing rainbows. Answer: When an man learns that a V. G. unscrupulous few words ol love can save many pennies, be- 'ection. In fact, I have eight wonderful mothers who have gotten lieve me he doesn't hesitate to pour :ogether because of me. Three of on the honey. WAR DECLARED WASHINGTON. (UP) —The JJo- fense Department has. declared war on insect saboteurs. In a directive ordering insect .hem still take foster children into heir homes. As for brothers and sisters — well we recently had a reunion in California and 220 show- up. If a woman does have maternal nstincts, I would beg her to take oster children into her home and leart even for a short time. A mo- herless child would get to know jersonal love, which is unheard-of n institutions. A .yard isn't what's needed; any heart that's warm with love is large enough. Anyone who 'has wondered what to do with the Spare room now that Junior is off to school or married and Sis, has a family of.her own will fmd. : many, a child to filj the space. There are long lists at agencies for any race, color or creed. MRS. A. Answer: You tell the story better than I can. I know of no worthier cause than this. •You Can 'Help Foster children, as I hope my rea ders know are youngsters who are not available for adoption. Sometimes they have only one parent, Saved Him Money You saved your boss the wages ol a clentiinfa-woman .sign painter and extra salesman — all for theyprivl- lege of being told he loves you. Now he wants you back with your savings so you can buy into the business! You've been foolisii-.before; if you fail for that line you'll bo eternally sorry. v.'Hun,- dp; not "walk, to the. est bank-ap-5 put yp.ur mone,y;i ijntb goyerhment bonds. Stop onithSway ,'ba'ck to church, and praj| for- his wife. If you received shabby treatment, think what he's Miided out to her. posts, Assistant tary Franklin G. littlS infiltrators Defense Secre Flbete says the are destroying control measures at all military or perha ,p s their.parents .can't care „„... Acc.etnnf Ti.f. n » s — for them temporarily. Taking them from one insecurity to another is heartless, hence the need for the foster mother with her open arms and sheltering care. And I assure you, a child is the greatest insurance against loneliness. Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 TONIGHT GRAB BAG FOR THE KIDDIES TONIGHT CORNEL WILDE YVONNE DeCARLO IN "PASSION" ——— ALSO —— 1. Chapter 10 of Serial "Adventures of Copt. Kidd" 2. Three Color Cartoon SUN. -MON. MICKEY ROONEY RAY MCDONALD PEGGY RYAN IN "All Ashore" 1, HORSESHOE PITCHING CONTEST 2, NEWS OF THi DAY • SAT. NIGHT* Midnite Ghoit Show "HOUSi OF HORRORS" Meet the Creeper! The Screen'* Neweit Manittr! fr^yina upan Aftilt'ff in « Mfmi«ii of ^UOOK • LOOK • Com* to£ur Un ftty Ortr FrM, for H»t Dear Miss !Dix: I am very bewildered. A year ago I was going steady with a boy who gave me several nice gifts, none of them costing more than ten dollars. Now I am engaged to someone else. Should I return the gifts I received from the first boy? B. W. Answer: It's not necessary. They were given on definite occasions, such as Christmas and birthdays, for your pleasures. I think the boy would be hurt if you returned them. Dear Miss Dix: I have been married two and a half years. Ever since we were married my husband has wanted to live with his mother, I consented once, and we lived with her for a year without success, My husband has been in the ser- vicp for,-the past year, during that time I have had an apartment, vor- ked, and saved quite a bit of money. When he gets out he wants me to move back with his mother What should I do? c. G. Answer: Keep your own ment. You've had enough apart- i _ experience to know you can't yet along with your > mother-in-law in the same house. Better friendly relations at a distance than strained ones in close proximity. Miss Dix; Vou will probably begin your answer by telling me •What a fool I've been in spite of .being old enough to know '"better: |Syen though J am now 38 years old J have been as fppljsh as a teen»!?«'• ' . ' -.,' .•'"' '-'iftKlM ,' -I .started worj?ir»g fojfa .business man almost five years ago. He is married, byt his, wife has been an invalid for many years. The onjy thing he can <jo for her is support her, -pay her doctor bills, give a gift pn 'holidays, etc,, which I have always reminded him to do. Soon after I started to work for him he tlod me he loved me. I felt sorry for him and soon learned to }ove h}rn. He toJd me he wanted to divorpe his wife put, being a synv pnth>Uc person, J would not hurt hf r even to pain happiness for our««}¥*«. In the roMntfme, I HSBunv ed more and. more office responsibility with no -increi»e in salary. { flow, the win- dews, painted the signs and d«l job selling on the side — commjgisipn., Then I had ,Q« it$ larger sjiajy ana j Dear : M,iss Dix; I ,am a boy oE : 2Q in love with a 16-year-old gifl who is in the custody of foster parents. How can I go about getting .'the'ir permission for us to becom'e'engag- ed? DONNIE Answer: Foster parents -"should be given the full consideration you would accord -the girl's real mom and dad. Tf. they feel the need- to consult with anyone else, .they'll take care of that. : 2-y?.ar-old a'young De;;r Miss Eix: My daughter is engaged to man who is insanely jealous'-'of everyone, including my husband and me. He doesn't want the girl to bother with anyone but him.'If we have a little gathering at home and she's friendly to the other guests, as >she should be, he sulks all evening. My daughter used to be quite active socially but he is cutting her off from all fviends. What can we do? T. P. Answer: The girl is going to lead a mighty miserable life as the wife of a jealous man. All you can do is point out the pitfalls; if possible use as an object lesson some girl who has already committed the mistake. She'll regret this marriage bitterly, so try everything, even nagging if need be, to keep her from 'it. Practice of Sterilization Not Justified By ALTON U. BLAKESLEE AP Science Reporter 0 ATLANTIC CITY, N. J. Wl— The practice of sterilizing women after they .have had several babies by Caesarian birth is apparently not justified two obtetricians said today. Their study finds many women apparently can safely lia^'o a number of babies by this surgical method. 1 The old wives' concept is thai a woman can have only one ov two babies by Caesarian delivery. Di's. Hugh B, McNally and Vincent 4e P. Fitzpatrick. of th'e Uni r vefsity of Maryland told the Ainf-rican. Medical Assn. of a study. o£ 130 women who had had three or more earlier Caesarian delivers.-_; .. . ; THey said they vver? Seeking evidence to confirm or refute the need for what they called' the "common practice" of sterilizing women after a few such deliveries. They said the -! practice is based upon fear that a scar in the uterus womb will rupture during pregnancy after a few such operations. Tr-eh 130 patients had hpd 404 previous Caesarian babies, .'and 44 earlier normal deliveries, and another 130 babies were born later during the time of the study. BRIDE'S ALL DRESSED IN WHITE-White bathing suit and beach coat, that is. Mary Ann Blecha and John Popek, both of Chicago, 111., are married in bathing attire beside a Miami Beach, Fla., pool. Notary Public Ben Kaufman performs the ceremony. NEWS Mrs. McKenzie Hostess To WSCS Circle 3 Circle 3 of the W. S. C. S. of the Methodist Church met on Monday afternoon in the home of the chairman, Mrs. H. H. McKenzie. Arrangements of roses and pansies decorated the rooms. Mrs. McKenzie called the meeting to order with prayer and gave the devotional on "The Melody Scale of Christianity." Mrs. Frank Gilbert spoke on "A Deaconess Speaks" and Mrs. J. V. McMahen' told of tory of Lite." The meeting closed with prayer by the chairman after which de- Seven" was given by Mrs. Hubbard The Bible study on "Love in the New Testament" was in charge of jMrs. Wallace Pemberton. A dainty dessert course was served by the hostess during the social hour. Miss Bailey ' Hostess To Wesleyan Guild Miss Frances Bailey was hostess to the Wesleyan Service Guild of the First Methodist Church at her home on Monday evening. Mrs. J. "The Lava-jA. Cole was assisting hostess. The business was conducted lectable ed. refreshments were enjoy- Presbyterian Circle 3 Meets In Rouse home Nine members of Circle 3 of the Women of the Presbyterian Church met on Monday evening in the home of Mrs. Dudley Rouse for the monthly meeting. The chairman, Mrs. John Hubbard voiced the opening prayer and conducted the business session. Mrs. Max Bryant gave the Bible lesson Soul." on "The Struggle of The The program on "We Are Mpre women than $> per cent of had had .more than four C^esavian sections (of deliveries, • had five, fliae.jftad six, five had seven, one had nine, and one 10. They said the number of, pregnancies had begun to drop stiarp* y after about three Caesarian jirths, for reasons not explained. Among possibilities were earMiv sterilizations, natural sterility, or :ear of repeat operations. Then; studies were based o n women in 18 United States ami two Irish hospitals where sterilization is forbidden unless diseased : : ssves'can be proved. In the 130 deliveries during the ime of study, seven resulted in death of the unborn baby or fetus. But there had been 36 such deaths of the fetus in deliveries. Only the one 508 previous death of the fetus was attributed to rupture of the previous Caesarian scar. Only one woman in the group died, and that death was apparently due to causes not related to delivery, they said. McNally and Fitzpatrick said a series of Caesarian births is not in H«eif a "justified indicatl<n' for sterilization, and that women can apparently have any number of babies by Caesarian birth so long as there is no diagnosable defective scar from a previous operation. by the president, Mrs. L. 0. 'Lee, and she gave a talk on Pledges that was followed with a Pledge with all members taking parti. Miss Bailey was presented with a life membership pin and certificate by ,Mrs. Lela Hays on behalf of the Guild. A dainty dessert course was served to 17 members. Mr. and Mrs. Steele Moore and family returned to their home in Dallas on Tuesday after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. S. O. Logan They were accompanied by Jim McKenzie who is their guest. Mrs. A. W. Hudson and Mrs. W. P. Cummings accompanied Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Reeves to Texarkana Tuesday where Mrs. Reeves will be a patient at St. Michael's HospitaJ. . , Mr. and Mrs. Darrell Marsh '.'<arjd; Johnny of Birmingharii, Ala.,ha 1 the .guests Qf relatives.. ' i '' Mrs. E!. L. ,M : arkham has :retu,rn- ed to her home' in. Dallas after; a visit with'J\Ir.. and Mr'?, C. iH/<Mo- ore. Mrs. Fadjo Cravens Jr.) -and sons, Tommy and Chad returned to their home in Fort Smith on Tuesday after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bemis and were accompanied home by Miss 'Bittey Bemis. Mrs. Ira Ward has returned to her home in Little Rock after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Karl King, Jr. Mrs. Lawson,f Felder and sons, John and Charles of §an Antonio, are the guests of her parents, Mr. .and Mrs. C. H. Tompkins. Mrs. Wylie Bird and son, Steve, of Ft. Cobb, Qkla., are visiting her Mrs. Bob Cox, and ottjep News Briefs VIENNA, Austria, (UP) —The U. S. Army stepped up plans to withdraw from austra by and announcing plans today to auction off surplus Army property. Reports indicated the surplus Army property. Reports indicated the surplus property includes more than 100000 tons of vehicles, coal, tentint fabric and otner goods. NEW DELHI, India, (UP) — Gen. Maxwell Taylor, U. S. Gen. Maxwell Taylor, U. S. army chief of staff designate, arrived from Tokyo last night for a two- day visit. He said his visit was purely social. He is on his way to the United States. YOKOHAMA, Japan, rUP) — Some 5,000 workers at the U.S. Army's largest vehicle repair plant in 'the Far East went on a 24- hour strike today against a 60 per cent personnel cut. Employes staged a protest rally against the dismissal of 3,745 woikers at the Fuji automobile plant. There was violence. The employes were dismissed because of a cut in procurement orders. RAMSGATE, England, (UP) — The pilot of a U. S. Air Force F-85-F jet averted tragedy today when he pulled out of a dive toward a group of houses at the last second. His supersonic craft nicked the corner of one house and skidded through the backyards of six ethers. The Air Force identified the pilot as 1ST Lt. John L. Casswell, Jr., of Betshesda, Md. He suffered minor injuries. Deaths in the 4 United States * T By The Associated Press Washnington — Dr. Ralph E. Himstead, 62. general secretary of the American Assn. of University Professors and former instructon^ I at Cornell (Iowa) College anJr | Northwestern and Syracuse Universities. Born in Blue Mound, 111. Died Thursday. NEW YORK — Morris K. Clark, 59, managing editor of the foreign distributors division of General Motors Corp. and associated with the firm since 1919. Died Wednesday. TRURO, Mass. — Howard R, Huston, 62, vice president and director of the American Cyanamic^ I Co., and former secretary of the^' League-of Nation's. Born in Sweet Springs, Mo, Died Wednesday. CHICAGO — Mrs. Gertrude Richards, 75, treasurer general of the Daughters of the American Revolution, and widow of J. De Forest. Richards, Chicago banker. Died Wednesday. HOLLYWOOD — Ernest L. Javins, 44, of Baltimore, an executive of the Glenn L. Martin Aircraft Co, Died Thursday. CAMBRIDGE, Mass.—Dr. Langdon P, Warner, 74, retired curator of oriental art at Harvard University's Fogg Museum and considered one of the world's outstanding authorities on Far Eastern culture. Born in Cambridge. Died Thursday. WASHINGTON — The House.... Appropriations committef? is still in .a closed door session considering power agency funds. Estimates' of when the session will .... break up range from 15 minutes to two hours. Please guard against premature release of the advances COMMITTEE DEALS AND RESTORATION OF — (Upcoming) PHILADELPHIA (INS) — Middleweight boxing contender Joey Giardello was sentenced today to six to 18 months in prison for his part in a terror raid on a south Philadelphia gasoline station last. Halloween. Judge Edward P. Little meted out thepenalty declaring: "I deeply regret the fact that your career may be affected, but it is affected, by your own acts." scheduled title bout with cham- The 25:year-old boxer, whose scheduled title bout with champion Carl "Bobo" Olson was cancelled after he became implicated in the brawl, said he would appeal the sentence, and was permitted to enter $1500 bail pending argument on the motion. A jury convicted Giardello last .March 17 of charges,.• of assault riot and donspirady in the beating of the gasoline station attendant. Three co-defendants pleaded guilty and are scheduled for sentencing later. • Joey's attorney, Michael Von Moschzisker, pointed out that since the Halloween incident Giardello had been living an exemplary life as' a married man and father. District Attorney Samuel Dash moved for a jail sentence, however, due to the seriousness of the offense. CHIPPENHAM, England. (UP) •The C. J. Lytle, Ltd. company pleaded guilty today to misleading advertising. •Prosecuting Attorney C. J. Sears testified that research showed a person would have to eat 170 grapefruit a day to justify a Lytlc ad claiming the fruit would "ward cff colds, flue and other winter ills." relatives. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Plyler and Frank Plyler have returned to Dallas after a visit with relatives and friends. LOW BIDDER LITTLE ROCK (M — Lagnanrv Electric Corp. of New York, a!w Italian firm, submitted an apparent low bid of $11,538 for six transformers at the Bull Shoal Dam, Army Engineers announced yesterday. The apparent low bid of $31,750 for an electrical distribution system at the Blytheville Air Force Base was submitted by Townsend Electric Co.. of Jackson, Tcnn. Seed about' ready to harvest on 30 01- more acres Ky 31 Fescue. Anyone interested may harvest on halves. — See Clyde A. Monts. Duke's Beauty Salon 1019 W. 7th Phone 7-4389 Air Conditioned Complete Beauty Service Operators Frances Gilliam — Ethel Moran Biggest Bargain In Town CHICKEN IN THE CHARLOTTE'S DRIVE-IN ('Formerly White's Drive-ln) Now Open Every Monday Now is the time to V Get SCREENS From GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO. 422 E. DIVISION FOR SALE Grocery Store and Market, good location for a 7 to 11 business Located on Highway 67. PORTERFIELD GROCERY & MARKET TRY OUR DRINKS AT OUR FOUNTAIN We have the most modern in Soda Fountain and equipment. FORTUNES Ice Cream served, only the best in Fruits and Syrups used. Hae your friends meet you at our fountain. Our fountain has A 1 Rating. 102 W. 2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST Phone 7-2292 AMMONIUM NITRATE NITRATE OF SODA Fertilixen Swfet SMdon, Funks G. 711 Corn, Stock Sprayt, Conr Seeds, Compine Milo and Atlos Sqrgo Cotton Duiti ond Liquid Sproys. MONTS SEED STORE Vf K K ,J V_ ^ Sofurday, June 11, 1153 itAR. I'VE SOT MV BATH WATER RUNNING--I HOPE I GET TO IT BEFORE SOMEBODY ELSE DOES WE'VE GOTTA GET ) h | jf A HOUSE WITH ^ " ' twO BATHS •MR MlLUSwlS IT :100JLATE ?OA »UEftOV PLAV -' -WltH t H WH6NM3UPUAVTTH YWVQUDlD USUAU.YA WHAT IS IT. O2 BlRtH CERtlPlCAtfe U8R AGBMf OUT 01>R WAY VIC FLINT Answer to Previous Puzz tHINHCtNe , BUT MWfe/TYPE/. JUgTiKEe»»MiB SPACE NOW" I GH03T TOlVW I£VOJ WAWT / DM THE ^EFT- TOSURVIVe/yt BUILT IMMV X PAY? 12th U.S. President ACROSS 3 Affirmative i 12th U.S. Prsaident, Zachary 7 He served only 16 13 Coat part 14 Visigoth king n ;? Tcla . u 15 Subsides 9 North ifiFish America (ab.) IVShort-na^ped jOH°«e'sgait 28Fam ? u S fabric - 1 ? En fi a S e „ English school 42'Deeds . . 5 Exaggerate -, £ £ lo « ag , aln 7 Nautical 8 Ester of oleic 18 Anatomic 12 Scrutinize 29 Get up 43 Vegetable networks 19'Symbol for 30Cicatrix 44-Gaelic 20 Number tungsten .. 36 One who. 46 Step. 21 Discourse 22 Blemish .pesters 47:Feminln* scouraee 23 Surrender 37Chur6h -nanie leamine 24Giveearto officials 48 Try 26LamDrev 25 Shield bearing 38'Retainer SOF'olIdwet . fishermen 27 Learning 39 Type of-fur 82'Knock 31 Equal 32 Auricular 33 East Indian woody vine 34 Feminine WASHTUBBS ITS 50 HIPPEN ^^AON6 TRB155 WE COULDMT SEE /SUyONE WHO'MIOH ATTEMPT TO RB^OVg IT FIRST! ^P TO LMJP AND LOCM6 IT fKOIJk THE GROUNDl . SAME PLACE TAiM COMVINC POWW TO EARTH "JO CIRCLE MB L|,KECOVERV'TatC)C COULD' PICK IT.UR .Bftt THftT-WONM appellation YOU CAM '? <n»BMn *'m 35 Cylindrical 38 Sharper 40 Man's name- 42 Lincoln's nickname 45 Revoke a ' legacy 46FondIe 49 Color OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoop»• CASHED IN! \OO 53 Bed canopy 54 Makes into law 55 Pilots 56 Reiterate *OOT$ AND HER BUDDIES IIUll ' lili I IlliM community CARNIVAL •UGSPUNNY HEV,VA0)S CLUCK J QUIT KICKIN' WlS'PACE/' T'EAT' By HerthberaeV ALLEY OOP ,.;AMY TIME, DOCTOR. TIME AT YsasiR,'YOU Bali WILL' ^ar YOU WANT US WONPERFUL THINS A VVOULD ALL.' I'LL BE / 1UGETIN VERY HAPPW / TOUCH WITH THEM;RGHT We're really going to have to roqgh it this trip,, nwn- forot the mosuito l" I forgot the mosquito lotion! SIDE GLANCES By Gblbroltfc fWfiTIE PIE By NrtimMnt Pern NURSERY THI STORY Of MARTHA WAYNI too much to«« »t our Vlf this it a nur$ery, why aren'* there intf littlf *

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