The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1930
Page 3
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WRUNK5UJAV. AUGUST U (ARK.) COURIER NEWS, PAGE THREK Quaint Virginia Fishermen's Colony Cornish Seltlcmenl on laa- yiM' Island Is Rcmiianl of Cdoniu! Days. I:»ITUIV S.S'OTli: 'Dili N Hi'. 1 lii-l nr Iwc sttifcr. alirnil anr nf tin- it- .-; icr-.ilulili i u:r.!n:inK ! -<"> '.» llir trdlirn—:t n-llt nf lliu 17llt evil liny—n-llirli is now tirilli; mncli r:l- | i/rd. 'Thi-y will :i|i|).-:i in lliis »pHS|)a|i:T. Hy NliA Scrvlcr "WASHINGTON.—J'.JM « i.' • • ;-:,ni th-j national ca;)iul I'.es : [iiM-finli!i°, hit of Amerii'.Vs co!, iiiiil pts-i—iroia'.cd Tangier IslanJ. v.'lisre there arc neither uutoin .- l:!!fj iioi sophistication, where o!.l i-j>-:oins and old ms'.hods of s.ncec!: arc preserved today ju5l »•> tht-v r-xisti-cl three centuries asu. Jr. n few inure years Tn'ujhv ! land v.-il! have b?c' much like ;;;<_• rest cf the cun.nry. The change i lias begun alrrady. 'I here is a inov- | i:ia picture llteo'-er on lite i<=lmid, | pin in.iny of the inhabitants own rndins. Moil lellinjs big:i of all-' i:ie IsldiKlji-s' riatigh'.eis arc wjar- ing short skirts ui:d tisiim lipstick. Bn 1 . fov liie present. T.>!>!jic! 1 Is- ]:,nd is s;tll a unique DIIIH-JSI of t!i.* ,i::s:. as unlike modern America ,"If iL v.-L'it on th? other side of in: world. tiaslGDO Inhabitants Tangier Island is 'i'l mile; arms? the Hay fioin Onancocli. Vj., in the rL-steiii sliore. H is a narrow, sandy ••tfijj 01 laud ubont a mile- I'.aJ c. t-al! ill leii-itl!. and it has H ;( M in- •.mbUunts. Practically ail of them i -i :i iivh'-K by cinc'nin" tis.i oysters antl crabs. Most ol them have never leu Hi? i-.!r,iiii. except lor Ip.ei:- trief ti.-Omr; li-iu:- t'lid most of them never \vi!'. Their tov.r. Is one of the oldest s.n'.nriui-nts i:i I he United States. In 1G07 the island ivas discovered liy O-iptam John Suiilii. end a £sv: years Inter l'w "Id captain tradr.1 il fr.i one ovcrc-ost. Bolii li? aixl the. purchaser. lr>ceivl ?ays. veic {•i-:saikfie:l the trade. Car'air. ?:ni!b fo'.mti liie overcoat 10 l>2 s'.mrwbal slH.pworn. and the nir- chaser ecnne to feel that (he iybn.' \vai not worth ihe price. O.vnisli Came in iltJ^Cl A! any :?tc, live taiullies from /•"vim-Kll. in Eiv.'iand. rama io U,? island about 1020—just nbor.i tin •"••• ilv.ii tlit Hlgfinis v,-er- ).m I- in° at Plymoulli Reck. Like fir }~°t.c,nv.. nicy erosed the ocean in escape religions persecution. Th-y biiili their homes on th3 i:-la»d, IcnnaiTieci. and reared their- children Their children i::iwniarricu. and icday nearly all of the inhab- lants ar?"descendants cf those ori;- Inal fi«' families. Dunns the war of 131'' Taivjiev I-l:,:id v.-is the I'.caiiquarlers fi'O'ii «h:cli '.he British invaders opcr- |l i:!vd. TSte army that turned Wasit- •.ii'jluii was based on Tnnaipi"". f: frit lite expedition I'int fi'.ilcd "i i;s attciniit to capture Bnltinuro. The 10.0110 redcoau \vlu tojli pail in tlus attack nt-re paraded on tin- b-ach at Taiisior before tliev FI-. •ail and liar.ingi.Ed by Jrisliua •i lic,iiiiis. iamoii=; colonial :>reae:.ef of the; island, who v.-arncd :!i;ni Ira 1 , tlieii" expeciiuon \vjuld iai' an: 1 itot niiinv ol i hem v.-e.uld l:e killed ..-two prophecies lio'.h of v.-hich v.cie liilfillrd. Joshua Tr.oma; ii a l;^:nd (t! the inland. In one spot in C!n.";a- ueake Bay t!ie water is never rous'i the Tauijier folk say. because Tnom- -.5 pravcd over it. At nnolhcr spat S8STER MARY'S KITCHEN liy SISTKIt MAKV XI-:.\ Si-rvlrt Writrr The swiss chard, or "spinach H>iowned vllh beet" ns ii K oltcii called, is one | Inndalsi! in Hollniulnlsc snnce. Cif. i IK tlilck center part ot the IPIIV.,!, In iinlfwin leiiBths nnd He In s:-.4M bundles. Cook and serve In Hlinurinlse snilcc In n bolder of Ihi Uiin part of the leaves cooked nniA garnished wllh hard cooked oi;'s. 'I'hls nn . I'xcocillngly iiGiirk.l-ng niul ocoiiomlciil main dl.-ili fir !( summer menl. Dally Menu j IjUNC-lKOK—Crrum of com soup rugs niii lettuce snlad. linked sweet iihi'li'fi, cake, lomonadc 1 . '-(— Mem loaf, imtatces meal, clmid In Hoi- .met 1 , currol straws, slli;- cd peache. wllli soft ctislnvd, milk, Iced tea. from $15.000 to $557,000 during the last 2B years, flccordlng to a repent nf ilie.oi-eanlwUlon's presltlenl Prof. William McPherson of Ohlc State Unlveislty. Appvoxlmately 85 per cent oi (he anninil Income is expended hi lh[» ivcoidiiiK of re.seari'h conduct- oil by thi- chemist-members. Jour, nals. in which arc printed the re- M'urch rtiidlnns. now number tlirof yearly, conlalning npproxlmatelj 11.200,000 word'. In 11)05, the society publMieil n single Journal u 1160,000 words, liullcallng the Increased number of chemical rx n the $200,000 Mist Presbyterian Church. : . ': • • -. When white residents heard of he aged negro's death, his family . was offered use ot the church, When the congregation .0} the church was soliciting subscription;for the new church. Wood wo,^. ong the first, to contribute an;1', to pay his subscription Ih. full called of the most deliciotH. succulent . summer vegetables on the market. Iced tea. Slave-Time Negro'iBuria There an- sevciul vnrli'lles, some j —^ 6 . present in ^oo>l ntuoiml.s. Chard \y n ' mnn \\^,,,. p;» n ( nr Held Trom White Church es. liii'h variety has a I hick wlilt? midrib lliat is cooked nnd servwl j J'oSSClsinj? Home BrCW I STATESV1I.1.E, N.'C. iUPI—Til like «\piniigiis. The leafy pan !•, | .__^ . funeral of "Viieli'" liicliard Wow used like spinach nr "ijri'cns." | An|1|l jj,,,,,.,, ^ {t , w , 1]c umv | ( . Sl respected slavery-day nej;ro, set In i-(imp-.>lilon elitird rivals the | nnc meted on In police court todav | precedent In Siale-iville. "Unclr much lauded splnacli. It's es|w-1 when .slic ainittcd owr.prshlp cf i Kit hard's funeral service v:ns lie! cially rich in Iron, This makes It I a [|Uii:iilty uf mm: )>vew. sle/fd by CREWE, England. (UP)-Wliena queen bee dropjwd In -on a sale at a local department store aiid her irlbe followed, traffic was delayed for an hour. TOM A HILL For LIEUTENANT GOVERNOPy Above is the water front of Tangier Island and below is the "main :c:icd colony. The map shows iht- island's location in Chesapeake B..; laughter. The Tangier Island peo- | pie are a sober folk. One of them, i when a visitor remarked about this. ' said, "I like to laush as well as j anyone, but '.Sere's nary a bit to | laugh at." ' '. Young Generation Chanjes ! The Cornish heritage of the is- j landeis is slill reflected In their speseh and ens' /aiion is C: of the irland are getting so that hey look much like the flappers of my American town, and the you UK :nen -uic following suit. Within a few ysars Tangier will be like any mail American town. The radn ar.rt t:ie movies can be den-jndei en for th-:. But. for the present, it is sti'l FLIES 37fl stre?'." of this quaint, olcl-fash- ol the local mill. The next mrei Is scheduled for ' Monday aUernoon nt 2 p. in. and I will pj.-siHy be held nt the g"~ I cuiirsc on account ol the lo I :-.m^e of tiie pusher models. I still reiiecieu in iiicir , w; , lyi-ir i ' "CI ' customs. But American- |\V. J. Wllllllgham S b lying -ginning. The flappers j ^ ce " ^^ B es( R cc OVCJ Ni:\V NEWSPRINT CENTKR u,AMOSA Colo.. (UP)—Business interest of Alamosa have organized (cr 11 determined drive 10 make Aiair.osa the center o! Colorado's j new Industry, ihat of ninnufacUir- I :ng newsprint paper. Selection of ' U;e sill- where the paper will be A sustained flight of 310 teat by i ^anufs-clurcd is understood to lie his model airplane, the "Plyin? • hetwern Alnmosa and Salida. Ace," nnalifieil W. J. Williu an Idea! vrgi'tnblc lo serve during hot \\OLither wlien meat is not pro vided. The uuuiiln content I:, gouil und chuii! is a chenp source of vitamins, (ur Hie vegetable is never high p:iu- mill the vitamins tire others with brcad.llghl-coloretl Icav- iilso lias the pt'Ciiltnr virtue of sup- plemnuiiii; tln> piotein defloic-ncles of other vrurtatjles inul cerciil foods and i-Milalns a cerliiin substance I which enables the brxiy to make i use r.f the miiu-rnl content " nb!e. ', (Muk fi)r Short Tinu- | Tl-.v ^imc niles of cooking hold' good Iw swLss churd Hint are applied to other delicate vcKCtuble.s. Cook in as little water us possible and for a short period of lime. The sriisonhuf is Important, for chard will lie criticized as "lint" if not peppod up with a flush of lemon juice. The person who is "eotliig lo reduce" will find chard a good friend, for It Is unusually palatable dressed simply with salt nnd lemon juice. The person who is eating to gain can udd many col- cries to liis diet by dressing his I portion with butter or Hnilmidnise same. The vegetable is at Us best 1 police In an Orijil 1 . 1 Mouse on rcad striTl. SI.-- was liner! $511 . Ch. .lev l/'\vi was Ihr.c ('• -el i;e W. Siiidi was r.tiod sioy on n charge of driving while Intoxicated In Tiu-diiy |x>)lr(! court, bin Jud[;e Graver^ ordered S5H of the line held up on revoinmendJ lion o' 'he cliy Ktcriicv. Charley Jelfersoi, DCB/O bandit iivail-' '.nspcci. -.vho uavi |x>llt.' a tai;l 1 ciiusc Monday, wa. flneil SSO lor ', etii rylng a pistol. • A'oi'll MaloiK' was Unerl SIO (jii a charge f>! petit Inrcmy, Jim Atirn- I'.inn was nnetl $15 tor Olsturblnj the peace and Ilusi'r Frli;ls vns fined $10 on n slinila: cliui'?J. Two men were fined $15 cirli en cnarj- e; of public cnmkcnn». II. II. Hi-ndrlcks wn lined one dollar for violation of -ralllc regulations. Chemical Society Hikes Annual Budget to $55,000 COLUMBUS, O. (UP)—The An) crican Chemical Society lias 1n creased In membership fnm 3.01 to 18.000 and its annual ' budge Round Trip Tickets less tlinn 1-2 Price On Sale Daily Limit .1 days—including date of sale Good In coaches. Also In Pullman on payment of usual additional for space In such cars. . Hound Trip Fares from Blytheville to via Si. Louis . . Cape (iirardeau Sikcston Camlhersvilte .. Oseeoia '. Wilson - —. Memphis . . .$5.00 __.. $3.16 ..... J2.25 — .. $ .65 < .55 $ .80 . $2.00 Fropnrtlonnie Redaction* to Othtr. Destination* —for further details Ask-lhe Frisco Agent in Test Monday. local youth, for an advancement 1 ., in i In Africa there are about 0001 j , llc wor |t of'the American Aircraft- dill-rent-:! bit of the distant :mst. i „ , fa Mond . aft . strangely preserved a few mnes | from the nation's capi'.al. i i lane'.iages; in India 222. -I ernoDn at flaley Pielci. His next construction \vill te of A short distance be'.tr.v Tangier j » twin pusher type model plans ! -•land is Great Wntts Island and, flncli he will cnte,r agams, tha, i-n t= Itat. Little WatUs Is'.anH- * Edward Couturi, Memphis barely larger lhan a city lot t .it |[ youth, wlio alsc_participaten in the having, a story all its own. Ii boa-.s A mcdern Robinson CrusDC. form-;i i'jccjssful attorney, wlv: berarnE dissatisfied ivith life nnd \vho lias lived all alone there for 22 years. The total length of Broadway within the limit? of Greater New- York is fifteen and one-half miles meet with several lota! Monday. Couturi's plane Monday i;mained aloft approximately one and one half minutes hut was A\r.- mialified when the craft caught in a tree. Approximately 20 boys attended the meet which was'held under the supervision cf J. J. Daly in the absence of C. T. Kramc-r, comnia:ide r Gravel Trucks Needed at Wilson, Ark. Schultz Construction Co. ik SAME FLOUR ' As SAME INGREDIENTS YET...HOW DIFFERENT THE CAKE!.... no <F :inci "OIK! As everyone who has ever baked a cake knows, the secret of a gooil cake lies as much in the skill with which It is made as it does in the choice of ingredients. fish ever are caught, lx?;ause cnc" toimrt livn fisheinifii liB'luW over the right <o drop tliniv Iinc< ihei-o. nnd decreed tli cue' "! ever catch iisli <•"••<• ' = Clinrch nomiiutlfs \.ivcs Tlinmns' iiiH-.-cnce still prevails. The inland's cnc church dominate the lives of the Wanders a« us ntildi'ic dominate '.lie sfcylme. n wecHy prayer is olkrcei (or 8-»"- cMdics I)!' t'w fishing boats, v.-f.en boats come in with haul a tlianksgivin; service is held ' No liquor can He had on Tansier. Panic yean. a S o a man oyEii.-rt a laiccn t-^i-o. bin the islanders -le•-• -nded c.n him. wrecked l.-e plai'L. wic-cked open hh wine kegs and "iinsli'-d his whfcfcy bottles. Ur- 'ijicr' was dry long tefori- national Mioiuintion. . r , Ti'c pl-.ysiral contormauon o. liio town Ls like notliiiig else in Amfr- ic , Thcr" are no streets, as ore .- n-.rv Americans underhand 'he H-crd; rnstead nanwv. grass-gro.:; nnes are the thovouahlp.res Inieu DV trim while houses witn urigtu- colcred roofs. Nearly every lio'J^ ! l:as its own lamily burying groiinl in the front yard, marked by head- Clones that dale tact:, in/sonic caw. more than two centuries. Uluc Laws Ki|ti<l No dance.' are held on Tangier. I The church dees not Mievc i" i n-.em Until a very few years aao i it was against the law for o man to leave his house on Sunday ex- c m to so to church, and H is no. :? m«ny years sine? the tov:n pa- la-eman si'.oi a man tor falling to a!send Sunday worship. UiiL the old order is chaiv'i-.vj A veer ago the island gat Us first electric li"lus uilh a gasoline en- Bii"-" "cnorating the power. Two movie F:ons;>s havr lw?n estabhsnrd -over the opposition of the church —and the young ir.en and women of the place are beginning, by their fr-.-f ;'u>d aClidllf- l ° sllOW tUO niovios' infliieiice. Several hundred rato sets are in use on the island —with the daily w?alher fovrcnst as the most popv.lar feature o: t'.ie broadcast. A visitor nonces the absence of poison promptly Plant board bulletins warn that the vicious leaf-eating, crop-destroying pest is prevalent in Arkansas now, with general infestation probable in many counties this week. Why let leaf worms eat up your hanl- much-needetl crop when time-tried, high-density "Delta Brand" Calcium Arsenate assures _^ Dust With "Delta Brand" Calcium Arsenate "Drums of death for pests—pounds of protection for you" MADE IN MEMPHIS—FOR THE SOUTH COMMERCIAL CHEMICAL CO., Memphis, Tenn. Wire or Phone Six—1878 for Immediate Delivery you economical, efficient ^nd immediate control. Made in Memphis by the world's largest manufacturers of calcium arst'iiiile. "Delta Brand" costs no more but covers more. You can buy protection at low cost now. Rut with many growers already nnying heavily, warehouse slocks arc nesr- ing depletion. Snon poison may be at a premium—or unobtainable at any price. Ask your dealer—or r-l'one ns —for old reliable "Delta Hrnnd" in the moisture-proof, aluminum painted drums . . . "It kills 'em." 100% Effective, freshly I'arkcri High-Densily—Calcium Arsenate L. The Quality of Motor Oil Depends I ; •'- - . ..'.-. ! - :. i^vv; ••• on the way Imade : : x : -: : ll; Repeated tests have shown that motor oil manufactured from cnillei produced in a given territory may differ widely in lubricating yaW. The fact that certain oils are made from certain crudes*-by different manufacturers-does not mean that the oils are equally efficient. Because the secret of quality in motor oil is largely in the making— not in the crude alone. Nothing is too good for a product which bears the "Standard" Name. A skilled technical organization selects-for the.making .of "Standard" Motor .Oil—those crudes which test* show have certain definite prof-' erties. And, through scientific manufacture, in one of the. world'i greatest refineries, the wax, excess carbon and other impurities of th« crude are removed, and the lubricating and heat-resisting qualiti* are combined and refined into a motor oil that meets every test. "Standard" Motor Oil makes motors—new or old—run srnootrwr . and better, and costs run lower. Sells for o§ly 25c a quart, every- where. Better stick to "Standard." STANDARD OIL COMPANY OF LOUIS1A NX STAN D A R D -I S-V '' ••ate-.-- STANDARD SI 30 ROAD MAPS AXD INFORMA. TION FREE«.WI«i»e«r >un plan a. Irif, ttl "Stanjurd" Towiinj Srrvir*, 213-1 St. Clmrlc* A«., N>u- OiltAru, Is.uiilana^.ttyyvu h'^^ «*•* tell rout*. Jttii urite "Sdindara 1 ' Tcuifnf Scr^ fee, and aS.w* where jw* u-iA Co go. ' Mafj iinti /off it TcaJ in/omvittow will b* wnt >on frcs of chart*. MOTOR OIL RFTTER STICK TO ^STANDARD" WK SEU, "STANDARD" PRODUCTS 777 Tire & Battery Station COItNKU WALNUT AND FIFTH SHEETS

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