Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 10, 1955 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, June 10, 1955
Page 7
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; w •••Sfc fvfl tigs Hear Vo Unnamed 'ifnesses »f JW t*— The Sen at* StfbedmhWtee called v- M&nftrfied witnesses for sec- tesumon* today a half hour "- resuming ijublic hearings on *• uniform Contracts. jfnlttee aides declined ih me* of the closed'tfoor hear- to identify-ihe two witnesses, say how their testimony tie in with that of Harry , Chicago hat maker, re- for his fourth day of ques« pttofilng on the mean? by which ho 1 a fortune in the trianu* of caps for thd armed MOM, ARKANSAS Pfictay, June 16, sometimes stormy and ._ hilarious hearing yea- LeV conceded that patents s on essential parts of unl- ftotm caps for the Army and Ma- f*J$tt& Corps' give him "an advant- ? fcge" 'over business rivals. j\But he'swore thfc patents cover ^Inventions of his own; and dis- i iputed suggestions that the ideas tfefe •fed to him by mili !«feme"rit and research of- fieials on whom he allegedly lav- dished favors. says , he became a million' ,, ...Tiostly on military cap prof- |lt*7 since he fled in 1921 from IWiisk, >In Poland, with three Ijpounds sterling (then about $1$) * T • sewing .machine. ^ en. McClellan (fi-Ark), the suB- jfcommlttee chairman, said he ^jbnts to. know, why the.Army ( Air FV&fiMJfe' and. Marine Corps required |,thaf"all their men's visored unl- *6rm caps" be'equipped with grom- "i,,on which Lev holds patents. B,,grommets are rubber rings , at fit into the crown of the caps ; : to. hold them in shape. $ MoClellan said it- is usual in iWE|tJrig' specifications" for J govern';, Contracts, 'which-- cijuld re- tise of a patented part, to , . a substitute of equal worth, fe. said the three forces' specffi- 'ons on '.caps allow no substf- ,§P y >y " • •• «t«• IcClellan.said it seemed to him ~7rtbp t ,committee was finding ^ '/gross, Inefficiency" by peo- ,; teethe procurement services, fj« .finagling , against the govern- merit •• ' ~ " types. of polio viruses mixed together after they have been inactivated, or killed. But the report £aid that in some cases live virtues were found in th« final mix- tUra after tests of the three com* booent parts had shown 'none. TTiese things showed up, the report said, when the "health serv ice made an intensive study of the manufacturers' records. ,They had not been reported to the service, it said. because the manufacturers had not asked for clearance of the faulty lots. MARKETS ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCkVAHDS, 111. (A 3 ) — Hogs 7,000; generally 50 higher; choice No. 1 and 2, 190215 lb 20.10-10.35; 180-220 lb 19.7520.00: ;230-240 lb 19.25-75; few 240280 lb 18.00-18.25; 140-180 lb. 18.5019.50; 100-130 lb 16.50-18,00; sows 50-75 higher; 400 lb down 14.50"The intensive investigations of ] 6 .00; over 400 lb 12.75-14.50; boars TIBct -film \ttftetlr-o ' * 4 WM «.W*«r.«4-Mx.n.H«A the past five weeks,'' the report said, "indicate that the records required ' of manufacturers were inadequate to permit realistic assessment of consistency in the performance of each establishment." The report said no decision has 9.00-12.50. Cattle 500, calves 400; steady throughout: high commercial to low choice 18.00-22.00; low choice heifers 20.75-21.00; utility and commercial cows 12.00-14.00: occasional commercials 14.50-15.00; can PEACE IN THE ANIMALvWOftLlD-^Bltzy," the fox terrier; takes over baby sitting to giv« vMlis Fancy," the cat, a rest And Bitzy doesn't seem to mind one bit having a few kitteni crawl '. . • ";. . "' ,' '/.', -«11 over her,'..: , .' . ., •.'.•• PRESCOTT NEWS erit JMfeTCR Mr*. Hirst Ho»t«s» To ";•''•' WSCS Circle 1 ,v Mrs; Q./Gv Hirst was hostess 1 Circle 1 of WSCS Monday afternoon beginning a new church year. 'Lovely; arrangements of dahlia •were placed -at vantage points in the living room. Mrs. Hirst read the scripture from Ephesians and presented an interesting .devotional of a musica s"<rale"to"gdvim ! our lives." Mi-s. Eu gene rfa"le*read"two ' : articie's from the> Methodist Woman "iRetiremen After "40 Years," and "A Dekcoriess %liea'ks? i *Mrs; ' J. B. Hesterly told an interesting .story of a Methodis Woman in Malaya whp is principa ' piule ;Nickf breathlessly raced to brrow a coin,when -she saw*tr . _ igitenMn.- ,*ppg$Jahing her pgrked next to .,«- meter ., ". a violation.- < • dropped the jcojn in, a step -ahoad^pf }he wa,s the,wrong meter and s, Sr - »****^ii'> • I 1 • '•* i* ! i^i«J«* l «rf*M'J«'¥arf*•••*•••• ' • '.feeler, ,Pjr.geramT : chairman ggfeiit Bqirriin In Town .' CHICKEN .v« BASKET 85c CHARLOTTE'S Open Ivery Monday . r The^~meeting:' •: closed^with the D6rd*'s "prayer 'in unisph. ."" • ».Frosted..cakes : were ser'v.ed to the above mentioned and to Mrs. H... V. Scott; Miss Carol Scott; ;Mrs. Dan Pitman,;.Mrs. Maud Arnold Mrs. Jim. Yancey. SPECIAL One Week Only Brakes Relin«d Pqssenger car - and Pick Up For Chevrolet For dodge AflflE 49:95 FoV Ford £ 'Mercury*' . KINGS Gora 9 .& Welding *'SaHsfoctton Guaranteed' *j. -f«|. r gjiflii 'schdbi of 900 st\jdfhts s.^:H&f, r '' clrciel'ch'airman ap pointed' the following co-workers for % neW year.-:Mrs. J; ; :B;; ilesterly ' and Mrs Jack Harrell Hostess To • •"-."• Presbyterian Circle V '• .Circle.. 1, of the. Women of the Presbyterian Church met on Mon; day afternoon to the home of Mrs. Jack Harrell chairman, Mrs. Car Dalrymple, opened the meetir^ with prayer .and conducted the business. > >The Bible lesson on "The Struggle of .The Soul" was given by Mrs, T. E. Logan and Mrs. i .Wallace Pemberton presented the Bible study on "Love in. the new Testament." . ...... The program on "We Are Seven? was in charge 'of Mrs.: Stegar, The meeting closed with th rni- zpah benediction. During the social hour the hosr tesses 'served a to 10 members.' sandwich course Mrs. J. C. Woodul Entertains WSCS Circle Z Mrs. J. C. WoodviJ entertained circle 2 of .WSCS of .the First Methodist Church at her home on-'Monday afternoon, The chairman, Mrs. B, A. PeLa- rriar, called the meeting to order with prayer and conducted the business at which time she appointed the following chairman for tho new year: Program chairman; Mrs. J. T. Worthington, treasurer, Mrs. S, V. Scott; Youth chairman. Mrs. H. E. Dorris, telephone and calender chairman, Mrs. A. L. Turner, An inspiring devotional talk was given by Mrs, Uge Martin. Mrs, Lee Montgomery spoke on "Wh» is Your Neighbor?" "A Deaconess GOOD FOOD AT EVERY DAY PRICES 35c IARBICUE SANDWICHES OC , 5v«»y dgy price *DC' Me HAMBURGER — Mode with pure i C ^rpund 6wf r^ Everydoy price "... IOC SUM'S>BAR-B-QUE *^& w i «ft,*a i vB^ •AMMONIUM NITRATE OF SODA fWiikf G. fl i Corn, Stofk ubiwe Milo 9 n4 AtlAi "•tlww, SEED STORE Lsits Reasons Continued from Page One bright prorhisfe as a major 'advance in the prevention and control of a disease that has - shadowed the lives of children and young adults for many generations;" Arid the lessons that have 'beeri learned, he said, "offer promise of • solutions to a hiterto baffling group of disease problems." Noting that antibiotics and sulfa compounds, the "wonder drugs" of recent years, • "have-inade little impression on the problems of virus infection," Dr. Scheele added; "We can expect that potent;neyv biologies Will' be developed which Will • have- .unprecedented applic«V tion, particularly to control dt yi- rus "diseases." : ; ;.;" ' -Tme statements . were contained in a comprhensive , and ; highly: technical .review •" of. the entire polio vaccine program,, long prorri- i^ed. but released unexpectedly ea-rly, -today; Publication of. thcf document, running 163 typevVrittCfi and printed pages, 'was ordered after the New York Times printed a, portion. of it. These factors, the report said, "can operate to remove the so- called built-in factor of safety." vaccine in composed of three intensive study. The report said "This'occurrence may have been due to vdceine [which, by deficiency jn the tests themselves or by error in the- : per- iformance of the tests, passed' the (established safety procedures fand yet contained sufficiently large 'amounts of live virus to infect a Small number of recipients.,' It taay also have been due to some break ia manufacturing which, led to contamination after testing ;had toe«n completed." All of the five drug firms which have prepared the vaccine for use have had their troubles, the report said. Although some cases of polio have developed in children vacci' bated with the product of each of the makers, the report said- 1 no significance was seen except after 'use of the Cutter vaccine and:<jper- baps of one lot made'by Wyeth, (Inc., of Marietta. Pa. •-• The figures ' on Wyeth cases were said to be too small-' to be all conclusive, but they caused the Speaks" was told by 'Mrs. S. V. Scott. - >?»*> A dessert course was served to 13 members and a guest, Mrs. .jo- hnny Hooks. . ; u ^.... W. M- U. Meets The W. M. U. of the First Baptist Church met on Monday afternoon at the church for a combined business meeting and Royal Service program with 12 members pr». ' ' ' ., . -Circle '.3 with Mrs. Watson .White Jr., in charge presented the-Jr'o- gram on the topic "Stop. Look and Listen,' opening song was "We've a Story, to. Tell" followed with prayer b$r>Mrs. Roy Stainton. The devotional talk was given by Mrs. J. H. Langley, Those taking part on the program were Mrs. ,W.. A..!L'indsey, Mrs. Hoy Lo'omis. Mrs. F. J. White and Mrs. Cl#ton Yancey. . Mrs, Stainton, president, presided over the business session. Mrs. Mettle Robinson voiced the 'losing prayer Miss Nona Eagle left Monday to attend North Texas State Teachers College at Oeoton, Texas. Mr, and Mrs. C. A. Wynn spent Monday in Texarkana. yet been reached on what caused iners and cutters 9.50-12.00: utiity development of polio in children'and commercial bulls 13.50-l.iirn- inovulated with some vaccine pro- canners and cutters duced by. th» Cutter Laboratories Berkeley. Calif. That firm, with- 13.50-iaflO; 11.00-12.50; few down to 10.00; . action slow on bulls selling under 14.00 good and tirew its unused supplies on .April choice vealers 19.00-23.00 ; ;h;igh 28 as the health service started its choice and prime 23.00-25.00; corn- mercial and good 15.00-19.00 cull and utility 8.00-14.00. ; Sheep 400; steady high choice and prime spring lambs 25.50; majority choice 24.00-25.00; utility and good 20.00-22.50: prime No. 1 pelts shorn lambs 20.00; small lot fresh shorn buck lambs 10.00; ewes steady, 3.50-5.00. weather. Wheat closed %- cent higher, July $1.9S%-'/ 2 ; corn was un- charlged to higher, July $1.42%; oats . were - up. July 67%, and rye was Vi-'/z better, July $1.04. Soybeans were y 2 cent hiffher- to Vi lower, July $2.42-43. Wheat: none. Corn No 2 yellow 1.48J4-49; No 3 1.47; No 4 1.43%44; No 5 1.41. Oats: No 1% heavy mixed 78',4-7914; No 1 heavy white 80-80; No 2 80: sample grade 76; No 1 white 77'/ 2 ; No 1 mixed 76!£-78'/4. • )Soybean oil: 12'4-% soybean meal: 50.00-50.;50 Barley nominal: Malting choice 1.35-52; feed 95-1.16. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAG O (A- A slight hestilan- cy at the start was overcome and traders forged and held fractional advances during a dull exchange on the Board of Trade tdaoy. There was little of significance in current news to effect a sharp trend in any direction. THe future appeared to have been largely discounted, including effects of rainy way: r "The original concept of vac- process itself assured a wide margin of safety Safety test for the vaccine were conceived to detect both mass contamination resulting •service to delay recertification of,from accidents in manufacture, Wyeth vaccine, and that made by and residual live virus which the Pitman-Moore.-Inc., of Zionsville. process was intended to eliminate. Ind., pending the then approaching; decision on new standards. Lots by both makers have since "The total experience of the tivation process. "Greater dependence, therefore, must be placed on sensitive tests for very small quantities, of resi- cleared. The idea that ft 'built-in safety __„ .,__ _ factor failed to Work as expected | dual live virus as par t of pro'ceVs is mentioned several times in the j control than would otherwise be report. A summary ; putt-it this the case." NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK (.W-Cotton futures were generally steady today in slow dealings. Support came through mill covering and local buying. Distant October futures, which advanced slightly in early dealings, later weakened on liquidation, reflecting the possibility of lower price supports on the 1956 cotton crop. Late afternoon were 35 cents a bale higher to 20 cents lower than the previous close. July 33.90, October 34.06 and December 34.12. Arkansas Weather i By The Associated Press Central Arkansas: Considerable cloudiness with widely scattered showers and thundershowers this afternoon and tonight. Tomorrow partly cloudy with little change in temperature. Sunday partly cloudy with little change in temperature. High this afternoon low to mid 70s, low tonight mid 50s. Southwest Arkansas: Considerable cloudiness this afternoon and tonight with scattered showers and Ihundershowers this afternoon. Cloudy to partly cloudy tomorrow, little change in temperature. Sunday partly cloudy with little change in temperature. High this afternoon low to mid 70s, low tonight low to mid 50s. Southeast Arkansas: Considerable cloudiness with widely scattered showers and thundershowers this afternoon and tonight. Tomor- NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK Wl—The Stock Market turned higher today after a lower opening. In the early afternoon, prices were up 1 fo around 3 points at the outside. Losses usually were small. Railroads and steels had the biggest hand today in pushing prices upward after the faltering beginning. There were no definitely backward sections of the market in evidence. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO Wl— Live poultry bare ly steady t weak ; receipts in coops 179 yesterday 350 coops, 72,131 lb; f.o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 22.5-28; light hens 16.5-1; broilers or fryers 3032; old roosters 12-12.5; caponette? 34-35. Butter steady; receipts 1,611,996; wholesale buying prices unchanged; 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A 56.75; 90 B 54.5; 89 C 52.5; cars 90 B 55; 89 C 53. Eggs unsettled; receipts 20,753; wholesale buying prices unchanged to I'a lower; U. S. large whites 60-69.9 per ent A's 36; mixed 36; mediums 33; U. S. standards 31; dirties 27.5; checks 24.5; current receipts 28.5. row partly cloudy with little change in temperature. Sunday partly cloudy with little change in temperature. High this afternoon mid 70s, low tonight mid 50s. HOM STAR, HOM, AftRANtAt About 59 per cent of the Amerl» | can peopl ehave some type of me* dical and hospital insurance. SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 between I A. M. ftitd 4 P. M. Now is the time to Get SCREENS Prom GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO. 422 E. DIVISION ^Calendar •^Friday. June 10 • • '* the- Sieving Home! Demonstra- •H.hm Club will present a Talent jJShow June 10th at 8, o'clock. The (^program will include songs, piano idiumbe'fs, dance numbers, one act •i-'play and a style show. It will be given for the -benefit of the Com- r- muriity Center 1 Bldg. The admission will be 15 and 25 cents. Every. one is invited to come. picnic to be June 20th. Sunday School Lesson By WILLIAM E. GILROY, D. D Is there a best in the Bible? Someone may ask. Is not the Bible all good.? Yes, the Bible is all good in what it tells us concerning God. But I Wesleyan Service Guild will meet have recently written of the Bible Monday June 13, at 7:30 p. m. j n 'a s a great .book of truth and rea- the home of Mrs. James McLarty Jism concerning mart. In its great with Mrs. Rachel Edmiaston as honesty that truth and realism de- associate hostess. Miss Clarice Can-'picts man in all his evil, as well as non will have charge of the pledge in his capacity of good, service. I Anyone who has been studying • ~ | in the Books of Kings and Chron- Circle No. ] icles need not be reminded of Church will, lne pages that reek in the blood of slaughter and assassination • 'i- FOR SALE Grocery Store and Market, good location for a 7 to 11 business Located on Highway 67. PORTERFIELD GROCERY & MARKET TRY OUR DRINKS AT OUR FOUNTAIN We have the most modern in Soda Fountain • and equipment. FORTUNES Ice Cream served, only the best in Fruits and Syrups used. Hae your friends meet you at our fountain. Our fountain has A 1 Rating. 102 W. 2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST £'j Monday June 13 . Joint meeting of the WSCS of the .First Methodist Church will be held at the Church Monday June 13, at •A p. m. Mrs. L. B. Tooley will bring "the devotional and the children's division will present the program. v^s ; .The Fireman's. Auxiliary will ""-•jot Monday 'June 13, at 7 p. m. the hbroe 1 of'Mrs. Jim Cobb 316 S. Washington. Business Woman's of the First Baptist j meet Monday June 13, at 7:45 p. m. in the Educational Building with Miss Anriie Sue Andres as hostess. Best dressed car of the year Mr. and Mrs. H. It. Staggs of Duncanville, Texas are the guests ot her parents, Mr, and Mrs. H- 0. Bratcher. Mrs. H. A, Holt add Miss Hattia oji of Fort Worth, Texas are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Ha)- :6m and Dr. J. D. Cornish. Mrs. J. H. Bemis and Jhn Bemls isve returned from a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pledger it) MJUubrae, Calif. T/i« Btl Air Sporl Coup*. You'll find your fovortit morftl among Chevroltt'i compM» lint cf fithtr Body teoi/(/ti. Chevrolet,. .The only low-priced car with Beautiful Bocfy LjEsler tootoramic Mr. and Mrs. Mack Robert! ind gons, Mr. and Mrs. N. A. Peter* an4 sons have returned from » company trip on Lake Ouaehlu ^r Hot Springs. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Luck werf guests Monday of Mrs. P»lli* r, and Mrs. J. T. McRae ', c, MettM spent Monday *nd Mrs. W. L. Adams r to their home in Houston on )r alter « visit with Mr. an4 Gene |b»e. l at |fr«. tint tin fir »t 9t, Jej Cr»ln It's like a famoui designer's label on o lady's favorite party dress. It's like sterling on silver, 14 carat on gold, or like those little silk threads in an honest-to-gosh dollar bill that no counterfeiter can ever quite copy. It's the Fisher coach—wprfd-famous emblem of Body by Fisher. You'll see it on the sill of a Motor, amic Chevrolet when you open the door. You'll see it on some of America's most popular high-priced cars, too. But that's all. Not on any other low-priced car. The other cars in Chevrolet's field just don't havo that clean, fresh look that corned from beauty that's built in— not bolted on! In fact, there are very tevf cars that do have it—no matter what they cost. You can choose your own new Chevrolet with Body by Fisher from 190 different combinations of models and colors. That's like having it custom built just for you—without the custom-built price! Come on in and get all the good news on the model you like best, \ STEALING THE THUNDER FROM THE HIGH-PRICED CARS! YOUNG CHEVROLET CO. 100 fait Stcond H, HOP I, ARK. MMNitF*9W4 The three circles of the Christian Women's Fellowship of the First Christian.. Church'will meet in the Church-Parlor,at 3 o'clock Monday June 13;. with Mrs. Edmond Penclle- ( ton, and ''Mrs. Ernest Graham as hdstdss." Plans Will be made for the HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP • Completely ; / AIR CONDITIONED :., for your comfort 104 S. Elm Phone 7-2878 Hazel Virginia ., Auline Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • FRI. - SAT. • H rth.LON CHANEY J#,8 if RAYMOND-BURR V i 11 ' • PLUS* Chapter 10 of Serial "ADVENTURES OF :CAPTAIN KIDD" TWO COLOR CARTOONS SATURDAY : GRAB BAG for the KIDDIES This is Western Week >tthe Drive-ln •%U«M. GHOST SHOW • SAT. NIGHT • ONLY * SUN. - MON. * "ALL ASHORE" A Musical Comedy with: MICKEY ROONEY JUNE 14- 15-16 10 CARTQON COMEDYS t PLUS • ' . In PERSON TUIS, NIGHT klj www Ml Tuesday June 14 Mrs. A. A. Albrilfon will bo hostess at a breakfast for the Hope Iris Garden Club at her home on 'See such passages as II Chronicles 23:6-8 and II Chronicles 22: 10 and 23:15. among many). Appreciation of. the Bible's honesty in recording facts as they were cannot make the rec- of evil pleasurable, and the the Rosston Hy Tuesday morn-| Blble would not too what !t is ' if ing at 9:30. Mrs. C. P. Tollesonl" WC1 . C on] y the story of man's evil will preside, and after the bl . cak .:-ind of kingly ta.lure. So there is a fast the Albritton garden will be bcst uin the ? lblc: to be consla ntly toured. This is the last meeting un- sougnt and borne in mmd and til September. Mrs. Tom Burke Celebrated 79th Birthday heart as one reads the sadder and grimmer pages. That best in the Bible is found even near the records of iniquity, j in individuals and kings who did I righteously in evil times, in Mrs.-Tom Burke celebrated her] prophets who rebuked the sin in 79th. birthday Friday June the kings and peoples .with fearless 3rd. in the home of Mrs. -Leroy Williams in -Emmet where she has made her home. •Cake and punch was served to the following friends and relatives; Mrs. Lu'sby, Mrs. Sutton] Mrs. Little, Mrs. Mathews, Mrs. Bert Rae- Ito and Perry Smith, Mrs. Reed, Mrs. Will. Roy, Erwin and Jewell Burke. Mrs. Wells Mrs. Nanmi and Mandy Allen, Mrs. Fred Richard, Mrs. Greendon, Mrs. Ralph Hale, Mrs. Gilbert. MpsV Co/ield. Mrs. Wake, Mrs. Lotis Williams, Mrs. Prescott. Mrs. ShoDe, Mrs. Paul and Imon Hannie, Mrs. Ellis, Mrs. liVZ T ». ; Samuel, Mrs. Cumings, Mrs. Jim' White and Mrs. McFarland. proclamations of the judgement of God, and in saints Who live lives of holy contemplation an aspiration. It is my own feeling tha courses of study in the Old Testa ment, particularly of such Book as Kings and Chronicles, shoul ; Vacationer's wardrobe includes white wool beach sweater (above) and cover-up late day, dress (right) in fish net, zephyr-Weight wool, This is transparent weave with fill-in of flesh-tinted chiffon. Full skirt is cut in a complete Circle. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. George Johnson Lots of nice gifts were sent and many well wishers sent their greetings. Corning and Going Mrs. Harper Leiper and children of Houston, Texas are guests Mr. and Mrs. Finley Ward. Buckner Ark., Rt. 1, Mr. Will Smith, Blev ins, Ark., Mrs. Cowan Brown, Me Nab, Ark., Mrs. Kenneth Moody Emmet, Miss Edwina Whitman Hope. Discharged: Miss Betty Allwhite Emmet, Ark., Mrs. Berry Wright Hope, Mrs. J. W. Patterson, Hope John Robert Hamilton, Memphis of Tenn., Nancy Hamilton, Memphis, I Term. - . TODAY and SATURDAY Big Triple Program AT; 2:31 - 6:02 - 9:33 THE MOST HILARIOUS NEW "FIND" IN 20 YEARS! ...NORMAN WISDOM, <r ripping riot This t*0'plMe be«h «nJ»«» We (Above) Includes; hMtet jacket and swim suit with legs cut hlfh and eurv ends just above wa print In BUmmery , royal- blue, black BOUNCY BEAUTY—Be)ach > umbrellas and:-other things prove- no obstacle t° Mary Jane Abney whqnvghe decides to head lor the surf at Miami Beach, Fla. Mary believes exercise ke«ps her in shape, and who's going, to'argue with-her?' •'•'"'• DOPOTHYDIX Wiser Now! D,ear Miss Dix: I am now a sop- . • .• omore in college and should have commoon and he fed me a wonder- better sense, I know. Well.: here's : ful line - Needless:to. say, I,came 'my story. 'home in love. It was summer • a'n'd A year ago I met Harvey, who: we dated until he-returned to"; col- was a bit older than I. We, dated le R e - * haven't seen him sirice. Now.I hear he's engaged and my heart is-broken. I'm-popular, and it seemed like the ideal romance. On our first date he dedicated a song of his own composi-jhave lots of friends and ? am active tion to me. We had so much in socially in school, so I'm not exact? - : -- ; -- jly, sitting at home, eating niy heart be interspersed with much study '?"*•'• [ '. (1 iust like to know where ^ the ' . trouble was.- -I'd also like to know if the fact that this was my first love' h'ad' 'anything' to do with it, -• >;.'.':-.--.. MARION Answer: You'' created a dream • " starring NORMAN WISDOM Margortt lUTHWfORD AUSO: AT 4:00 & 7:31 Wv^Vp^V^vfk John Faith PAYNE • DOMERGUE Rod CAMERON • PLUS • Chiipter 10 of Seriol "THE BLACK ARROW" & ELMER FUDD CARTOON * SUN. & MON. * A GREAT AND POWERFUL STORY OF IHE OLD WEST! WORD BARBARA STANWYCK ROBINSON mm FOSTER -BRIAN KEITH * MAY WYNN t ALSO » 1, NfWSOFTHf DAY 2. COLOR CARTEEN and reference to the New Testament.' I question the wisdom of - Carrying children, and even adultfe, through long weeks of unbroken I study of records of so much evil, man. put of .a few worn-out-lines although I recall that when my | and 'ever since have been in love nephews and nieces ' Used to spend the summers with me, and I read the Bible in daily family devotions, they used to say; "Read the Old Testament, Uncle." I suspect that they enjoyed the stories of wars and adventures^ of which there are plenty. There is in most youn folk, and , perhaps in older folk, too,- an interest in books like Treasure . Continued from Page One ; •••.. -, t • •- •-. ft f •••;• •: . >^- lish-bqrn ranchfer, • met him _ on road, and, instead' of the papers served im two bullets The sec ond on. went .through his head, ed by Tunstall, ' joined the slain Billy, ' who had been befriend ed by' Tunstall, joined the slain rancher's other fired ands ; in Seeking revenge x Before te war'ended battles be tween .the two .factions left 14 men dead in this small town alone Only one man besides Billy eve'r stood trial, and he was acquittec Billy, wh had been promised a full pardon by Territorial dov Lew Wallace, did surrender. Bui he/became suspicious of the situa 1 tion. and rode away unhindered Later, brought to .trial for a sub sequent slaying and sentenced to ang, the Kid recalled: the earlier bargain with Qov Wallace and complained he., was. being given'a raw deal When Wallace pointed out tht his promise had been given a different time for a dif k ierent crime, Billy killed is > two guards in the-courthouse jail and galloped -off ,. '. ] :--••.. Exactly 77 days later at midnight : on July 14, 1881, Sheriff Pt Garrett,- who had taken •:• the deals of his two deputies as a personal insult, caught up with Billy. . . . . „ ; . .. Sitting in a blackened room, the sheriff ambushed Billy. He shot ijm above the cart as the Kid, lalf dressed and shoeless, stood uncertainly at the doorway and •ailed'in Spanish, "Who is it? Who s it?" .. , They buried Billy in a borrowed vhite shirt too big for his thin small frame, and an Indian girl nit a woden cross - above his rave inscribed. "Sleep .well, be- oved" They were some hard feelings against Sheriff Garrett Some held le could have taken the Kid alive Billy and hins friends as well as ( critics The Democrats, peVhaps HIGH FASHION-Thls i. the new uniform being' wom> py ' American Airline* kiewnrdenW' When they serve meali» M coast-to-coast flights.- .CaUed the "Flight ToppeiV'it is dad« of a combiHatlpn cotton-silk fabric. It's dark blue, and the insignia*is white. ' ' nnoyed at losing r a potential voter o young, dented Garrett ren0mi< atiori, and he moved on to other arts Some students of frontier culture De • Jl '«• »,^m ^^ *». .» -. „ ,^ ^^ ju^ Good BUSH fty ehstein is fcte*ktng a tTa hop-es of setting the feftofct abaut adwriisirii ecutives, c, f , > v The president _ „„„, .Jing,Agency .particularly, i debunk the cohc^t of Uw' ad agency *xec(itlv* ai ' stepping, ^smooth-talk who transact* hii'btu. golf cciurje\or ovc* a ", So ,he iS, ! p*fmJtUfi ' viewers Jnslae his frBtya fele"dasi of M*. "E*(_. tomorrow ,tb. see 'how ad ?aigns for newspapers, migt radio and ,TV are plantfe show Is 6na ot a series on Hei*etbf,orfe, ad » B >.^.v= carefully, kept in, the toaci and avoided puolieity' " they hahdle ijiflions; o« . worth of.lt t year. ButYat says, he thinks it's tfai agencies to , tell'their' , "The, impression ol tH«, W uai as wild and fabulous,; has' 1 '! turesvandrbad pl«y*,"^ecl " from "bad books, tad.jnot. drawn-,entirely, it • seems •: "The.people,,inladvertisini and\ large,- sare ,as. v slnccre,i working- individuals as' you'lltj in/any-other field. ."' J-V^ % g s ^Another impression'he ,h6f reverse . is ,>that 'the -publ|cg extra for advertising.' ',,'^\'~ *" Advertising, he says,;^ sales. which make IK>U| economies* of-mass* prtittu actually brings l6wer s jir Flights fcesumed MemphisStotion phis ) NaVal Air - Station first time since World • There *lli b« two^J rone. The Nairy moved H0« and, ,880 mch . htr " Christi- to'*»et"tip-* t ,,.', -., ..— ,. ^ A ;An eclipse of -the suin «l curs a|;the '••y ned on hinpptPftS t*o bf.theni toW^aifi| escape "thl 1&&'*$$** me present' resident ? '; But, m i s U n d Vr i . , .ot^everyone'agr.e^s Billy i Was t >a juvenile 'culprit iAj hprt 'iblaody career - and,}; de'atH did t much ;to~ bWng 5S nation;*,' .military 'servii (iacidlytest ^opket, pr. ar vaster'th^rt the vKjd's r ingle-, action 44-Callber CjOlt| Duk.'t Beauty . .1019 W..7ih,, Phdne Air Condition Complete Beauty.ft«r FrsncsstGUIIam —*thf j'L _ \ . _ ,*-. t . *• ^.. v u__^L t"y\ Island, in pirates, and adventurous rascals, without any intention of being rascals themselves, and perhaps with little realization of the toloody and violent backgrounds. Whether or not it is a rather harmless, or a deplorable, interest, I don't know. It may be only an infusion of something differr ent into one's normal life arjd environment. Some very good and with •••Sir'-'(Jala r ha'<E Not Th>. first , . You- were by no • means the' first girl to whbrri' he.' dedicated "his" song. ri npr the first \vho- was ..-enthralled by'.'.His 'charm. Those thin-gs take practice and these-.younjj cavaliers love ;to-try. .their techniques. You. were impressionable. he v -'was convincing. < It'.s no Ayoh.de'r you .'fell for.hirn,, • ' : ,: • '. . • Well. Mariqn, vyou're a : big girl now. • Tie .this little romance':. in a blue ribbon,' took it ;a>a.y-with the other fancies of your .childhood and adolescence, and forget about it. Your present activities should be enough for anyone. •Dear Miss pi*: I'm a girl pf 18 uthe Navy. me but hasn't ^ 8 vronmen. ome very oo an,. harmless people take a great in- w " t . t , en , since .. he>s '^ een ' terest in mystery stories about crime and murder. Byt I have a feeling that every Bible lesson, whatever its theme, ought to have injected into i{ some teaching about Jesus, and something about the teaching of Jesus. It ought to be Christian as well as Biblical. ., , .. That'e been five months. Answer: A boy who can't afford a stamp won't buy a wedding ring. Forget him, and try again. Dear Miss (Dix: My two children are a sweet and beautiful little girl of 3 and a lively, adoreable Uttle i well as Biblical. ^ boy of 2. While Kathy is «n engag-, For those who may feel as I ing chi j di g tje and obedlent j johnny is a little villain, always do There is something of interest and profit in a recent book of fighting discipline seventeen sermons, nine of them) My pr0 blem is with my parents. based on the. Beatitudes and the They have a ] wavs favore d j lr i s other eight oh sayings and experiences of Jesus. Their author ,s Pr;' Frederick M. Meek, Minster of the Old South Church, in Boston. J)r. Meek has just come ;hrough at tragic experience, which fortunately has had a happy ending. A throat infection imposed upon him a complete and un- jroken silence for six months. He ias recovered and recently re* ;urned to his pulpit. His book of sermons is aptly entitled The Life hy Live; they are essentially helps ,oward living it. This, and a former book of sermons, Monday to Friday Is Not Bnough, itre published by the Q*« ford University Press. and when we visit thern they show marked favoritism toward Kathy. I don't like it. How can I handle the situation. MBS, P. Anewer; I'll bet they not only favor Ka^iy but tpke every opportunity -to let Johnny <know he is in disfavor. The only thing you 'Can do is tel] thern *entiy. but flrnfly that unless their affection is, at least outwardly, distributed evenly the children will not be brought Average U. S- production' for each person «i the country $ar fiP.W4f, . ., acid, 40 pounds p| causUc sod# 35 povwds pf LEWIS - McLARTY'S >v» SPECIAL Men's Made by a famous manufacturer All First Quality ' 'JV, : Short Sleeves, All Washable ' This Seasons Fabrics ancj Colprs Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large ',... You'll want several of these ONE LOW PRICE

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