The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1942 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1942
Page 3
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MONDAY, JUNE 1, 1942 JM.YTIIEVILLE (ARK.)' COURIER NEWS EDSON IN WASHINGTON BY PETER EDSON Courier News Washington Correspondent If ever there was a guy born to trouble, it is the Hon. Rexford Guy Tug well—yer, the one who was an original brain mister, the one who wa.s going to remake the world—or wa.s it just America? Anyway. Tugwell has branched out since he was exiled from the New Deal into the vice presidency of n molasses company, and is now governor of Puerto Rico, which job he got through the yraccs of his old pal Harold Ickes. boss of Puerto Rico by virtue of being Secretary of the Interior, administering U. S. territorial government. Current^/, however,, Governor Tugwell has been sitting it out in a Washington hotel, trying to quiet a cat fight within his official staff. It really isn't Tug well's fault. The trouble began in a row over civilian defense in Puerto Rico. CCD had its fan dancers, apparently, even there. At first it was just a personal matter betwen Mrs. Tugwell and the wife of the governor's naval aide, a typical comic opera fued. But the thing grew to such a point that newspapers in San Juan, the capital, began to print dispatches from Washington that the aide really h;tci been sent to understudy Tugwell, who was reported on the way out. THEN THE DIRT The aide was Licut.-Comm. Tom C. Hennings of St. Louis, Mo., who had been elected to Congress three time.s and had resigned to take a position as district attorney. About a year ago. however, he was called into active service and assigned to the staff of Governor Tugwell as it was important that the Navy be well represented in as strategic a position as this island possession unquestionably is. The dirt in Washington is that when this story about Commander Hennings' rumored appointment to the governship appeared, it was too much. A request was made to the Navy that Commander Hennings be transferred to some nice, quiet .spot, say like Pearl Harbor. in turn reply to questions on his subjtect is, "No comment!" At the Department of the Interior he reply is, "No comment!" * * * WASHINGTON SIIOKTCAKK Foreign embassy attaches Washington were requested to in the X gasoline cards . . . Army has launched a house organ for 7'.000 civilian employes working in government ordnance plants Films used to train U. S. soldiers will be made available to Latin American countries by dub- oing in Spanish and Portuguese sound tracks The "Victory Razor" will be made of /,inc with a plastic handle, in place of brass, though the blade will still be steel. A new medal is being struck for World War I soldiers who served with the Army of Occupation in Germany or Austria-Hungary Correspondence between soldiers and civilians unknown to them is being discouraged by the War Department . . . Fifty thousand "spare bedrooms" in Washing- ten homes are being eyed as possible billets for war workers. Dell Society—Personal Mrs. Hennings went into M f ss Helen Cuss Has Final Meeting Seven members finished the Red Cross course on "Nutrition" at Uie home economics cottage unrie*' the supervision of Miss Christian Doyle Thursday night '.it 8 p.m. * -jf * Club Entertains Guest Five guests, Mrs. I. D. McDermott. Mrs. L. A. Cutcliff of Amory. Miss.. 'Mrs. W. D. Howard, Mrs. W. E. Potter and Miss Christina Doyle, played with the Dell Bridge Ciub at the home of Mrs. Earl Brownlee Wednesday afternoon. At the conclusion of the games high score prix? was awarded to PAGE THREE i UP. To liuu'tion at CHICAGO lop efficiency, snldier.s must re- we-n reive (he proper foods. To maintain morals, they must, enjoy their mcal.s. In achieving these ciency and morale, tlu Quortermastcr Corps Depot is constantly on vee that UK the «or reel- n? J' Tea i' Stafter "* 1? y ln M ?V 917 ' lhAat Gc »- Joh » J- "Black Jack" Pcrshing sailed with a nn f * V troops for the war m buropc, American fighting men are arriving in increasing num- on fronts from Northern Ireland to Australia. The pictures show General Perching coming down th» .gangplank at a European port and U, S. soldiers o£ 1942 .disembarking in Australia way will be hostess next Wednesday. Here action. She had been married tojt 0 Mrs Brownle<\ the commander only last August. i to M rs ' potter"" The assignment to Puerto Rico was The ' hoste ,. s SPrvcd a in the nature of a belated honey- d j d t M R moon on a lovley island paradise. Mrs. Hennings. before her marriage, had been Josephine Halpin. a. radio personality in St. Louis who knew what she wanted and how to go about getting it. When Mrs. Hennings learned her husband was to be given the bum's rush to another station, she started writing letters. At least three congressmnen, two newspapermen, one lobbyist and the Puerto. ; /.Rican ---resident..- .commissioner in Washington, the Hon. Bolivcr Pagcn. got letters on the subject. JUST PLAIN POISON 1 Now Rex Tugwell i.s still about as popular with seme congressmen as poison gas, and that goes double Armstrong, second high and guest high Dyess News Memorial Services were held Sunday at the Methodist church for Clyde Williams, 2t>, son of Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Williams, who was killed in action while on Naval duty at Pearl Harbor on Dec. 8. Services were conducted by the local pastor, the Rev. Chas. M. Lewis. Wednesday night was stunt night at Dyess theatre when different organizations under the direction of Paul Wayland, presented stunts in behalf of the U.S.O. fundi Around $40 was raised, helping to fulfill the quota, which is $150. The Eastern S^ar Chapter. Home Economic club, Boy Scouts, The Community Library and the Churches were represented, song festival ground was building last McKENNEY ON BRIDGE uuals. effi- U, .s. Army .Subsistence, the alert to army menu;, contain amounts of essential within limits, varied. A third type of ration is the emergency ration "D," designed for in times of extreme when extra energy is needed in a hurry. PAIR HELD— (Continued rrom pace 1} that some people were creating a di.sturbimcc there. He snid that he went to the dunce hall and, on his way picked up two women who running. He averted that they both bore .scratches. , The proprietor of the dance hall met him outside, said and identified the two members of the party caused ihi» disturbance. About that time, asserted the chief, women us which had Win i Loses wo T ' I I nek "lore 15V WILLIAM K. America's Curd On our way back this vear. we made McKKNNEY Authority from Florida it a rule to salad plate A. Green- to the Club Honor I\!iss Flood Miss Wanda Hance entertained with a farewell party honoring Miss Gail Flood who will soon move to Conway, Friday night at her home. During the evening the group played numerous games, a ^ ~ Miss Christina Doyle. Home economics instructor at the high school, left Saturday for her home in Pangburn, where she will spend the .summer with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Doyle. Mrs. Wallace Iglehart, who has been in Baptist Hospital in Mem- for Commissioner Pagan. When- Phis for the past two months re- ever anything unfavorable to Tug- turned to her home last week, well has appeared in Puerto Rican Mrs. Iglehart's newspapers. Pagan has seen to it that the document, was reprinted in the Congressional Record. And several congressmen have vied with each other and with Pagan in having reprinted any unfavorable comments on the subject of Tugwell. Consequently, when the Hennings case broke in Puerto Rican newspaper El Mundo. bang, it went into the Congressional Record and the cat was thereby let out of the bacr. All this storm broke when Governor. Tugwell was in Jamaica, attending an important. Carribbean, conference. Leaving the confer-I aunt - cncc cold, and also leaving his island legislature to stew in its own sweat, the governor hopped a plane for Washington. Result: The Hennings have been sent to the west coast. There will be no belated honeymoon in Puerto Rico. At the Navy Department, the Mrs. Iglehart's condition is considered improving but she will return l.o the hospital for a check up with in two weeks. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Homes of the Panama Canal Zone, J. L. Berrv of Little Rock, and Mr. An all day dinner on the at the County day. The Rev. the hurch of McCann were with held Sun- or C. 'pick up service men in uniform whenever possible. A young Coast Guard boy whom we picked up at Norfolk and took to Philadelphia, raif.ed an interesting point in bridge. He said he riiclnl play bridge but his mother does, an she is always talking about "two and a C. E. McCord Christ and H. in charge. A party honoring Bill Baume/,, of the Air Corps, and Erwin Ramsey, of the Army was held at the A. L. Holland home on Wednesday j night May 20. j Mr. and Mrs.- Leonard Williams and Margaret Street will spend next week, end in Dyersburg. Tcnn. with Mr. and Mrs. Lum Street. Mr. and Mrs. Edgar Joiner of Memphis were week end guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Easley. Mrs. Myrtle Fletcher and child- j ren of Hermitage.-are guests-this week with her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Jacobs. Mrs. M, L. Plen.ske recently returned from Fore Smith where she had visited her parents Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Campbell. The Women's Society of Christian Service of the Methodist church met Monday afternoon at the home of Mrs. J. L. Jacobs, for their regular monthly meeting. Miss Hazel Cross of Keiser. spent the week with her aunt, Mrs. Ted Fox. Miss Opal Fox will return with her to Keiser to spend the following week. The Rev. and Mrs. Earl Humble and Mrs. M. T. Homes, of Jones- | Sunday guests of Mr. of Arkadelphia arc here visiting his KILL MOSQUITOES boro. were Sunday guests and Mrs. C. A. Smith Jr. Mrs. H. N. Gili and son, Noble Jr.. returned Saturday from a two weeks' visit with her parents. Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Stevenson of .Junction City. Her brother J. E. Stevenson, and Mrs. Stevenson of Shreveport, La., her uncle and Dr. and Mrs. O. A. Hill of c. La., and friends in Huston. La. Mrs. Earl Boren and Mrs. Howard Brewsaugh returned Saturday from a two weeks' visit to Phoenix. Ariz., where they visited with Mrs. Brewsaugh's brother, Charley Bradford, and Mrs. Borcn's father. Elick Mills. The Rev. M. R, Griffin, who .attends Seminary in Fort Worth. Texas visited with Mrs. Griffin IhLs week end. Mrs. Griffin returned to Texas with him to stay three weeks. Tom Hardin will go to Little Rock Friday for examination prior to entering !hc Army. Miss Irene Mayers is ill at, her home. parents Mr. and Mrs. H. H. Humble. The Rev. Mr. Humble just graduaU ed from the Oachita Baptist College and Ls ing his call momentarily expect- to active service. 4 i 7 -1 3 VQ84 < y r i o r *J *4 * K Q J 7 G A A96 V A K J 7 3 + Q *A852 N W E s Dealer 482 V 9652 • KJ 108 4 AKQ J 105 V 10 • A9 7 63 i * 103 Rubber — None vul. South West North East 1 * Double 2 A Pass 2 • 2 V . Pass 3 * 3 A 4V Double Pass 4 4t Double Pass Pass Opening — V K. 1 food elements carbohydrates, proteins, fa Is. minerals and bulk-— and that these are served in a variety of tasly loods. This i.s sometime:, dilfieult since menus must be prepared (o meet different physical conditions. The food served to men in a .stationary bn;;e might, not be practical for men on the move. The Quartermaster Corps has developed three distinct, types of rations to meet conditions In Harrison, in the tield and In emergencies. The n unison Is iiM-d mostly in peacetime! it is based < m the normal amount of loo<J required by soldier as caleululcd by the Quartermaster Corps, and its components tor the most purl, are pur- vluised near the sit.' of the Harrison. IMcniis 'Hy Mxpwls In the present emergency, Army Field Ration generally replaced the uarrl.Min rut inn cepllons beinn certain small installations. Field rations fall into two Hories--those used when I he is seml-pennnnent. and those when soldiers a're moving loo last for the field kitchen lo keep puce with them. The tirst type contains iresh meal ;uul bread while the second class contains canned meat ;ind hard bread. The "fresh" ration i.s planned from IK) to DO days in advnnce and contains in proper ration, meals, (.MiK.s,, cureul. bread, sugar, NOTICK OF FILING OF AI'lM.l- mills and vc^Mables In .some CATION FOR LIQUOR I'KKMlTjcases it i.s impossible lo obtain fresh Notice is hereby given that the foods and canned or dehydrated undersigned •---•-•- • up by to tho the chief, someone „, came running up and told him that around his right -some nmii was beating another man Funeral services for McNeill to death clown by the cotton Kin. be held at 10 o'clock NOTICK OF FILING OF API'Ll CATION FOIt LIQUOR PliKMlT Notice is hereby given that the undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of tin- State of Arkansas an application for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail (or wholesale) on the premises described as 2l!l) East Main Street. Blythcville, Ark. -Application is for permit to be i issued for operation beginning on the first day of July, 194'2, and to expire on the 30th day of June, 19.4'j, us prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7, 1938 nnd Supplemental Regulation No. 19 effective July 10, 1037. Slcwnrt-Robinson Drug Co. Harvey Stewart, Applicant. M25-JI the has . ex- troop eate- etunp Mr. Lovelace .said that he fold. the dance hull proprietor to hold the two women and that lie went to the uin. When he j-ot to the Bin, the chief told the jury, the fight was over nnd he saw Mrs. Cross, who wns bleeding. She told him not l<> let her Imsbahd pet in his truck a.s she wa.s afraid he would home for his gun. Then, said Mr. Lovelace, h» wont around the (-'.in looktnu lor McNeill but did not find him. He did Und. however two unidentified men who hud come lo titeele with McNeill. They were Ilxinn a flat on their car arid neJ.-, Urn: ready to return to Blythcville In the meantime-, said the officer he learned that the proprietor of the dance hull had released the two yirls, so he looked for them discovered that they hnd a ride and hud apparently returned !o Blythcvlllc. Heard Shot Fired chief said h e returned to wa.s superintending ef- the car in which the McNeill's companion. Cross said that he finally broke loose from McNeill, got his gun from the office; chased the fleeing boy and fired five or six shots while running He said that the last shot was tried to prevent the woman Irom feet after McHeill entered a yard. He identified the body of McNeill as being that of the man with, whom he had fought and identified the 45 calitocr automatic used in the slaying as his gun. Mrs. Cross affairmed her husband's testimony regarding the fight, but said that she did not sec the shooting as she was receiving treatment from a doctor for facial injuries received during- the fight. Cross also wa.s injured during the fray, He suffered several cuts eye. will tomorrow Th the uin and lorus to have Medical Board May Question Citizenship HOPE. Ark. CUP)—Medical boards may refuse to grant licenses for practice in Arkansas if the applicants are not American citizens, according to a ruling by the attorney general's office. The opinion went to Dr. Charles A. Champlin of Hope, secretary of the Arkansas State Board of Ostc- j onathic Examiners, who did not | reveal his reason for asking the ruling. The attorney general added that. half tricks." He diiin'L like fractions, and wouldn't learn how to play bridge bectmse lie didn't want to deal in half-tricks. ' Maybe our expression about a "half-trick" i,s erroneous. However, not long ago I kibitzed a hand in which the declarer won a trick but wished ho hadn't, because it cost aim two more. .South feared that West might make four heart?.. : :o decided to save by overbidding, us his honors would weigh aiiainst the loss. | After holding the first trick West. (shifted 1,0 a low trump. South won and led a !ow diamond. West now cashed the ace of trumps and led the other *,runip. South won and led tho clr.b ten. which was passed but West won the next club and lp C l Ui« ace of hearts. South trumped but now he had to three more diamonds going down four. Had he iet the ace of hearts win he would have gone down only two. Notes Lack of Trained Laboratory Technicians LAWRENCE.- Kan. • UP't — A short ace of t mined bacteriologists -..v- ^LWIU^V ^uuirti rtuuuu uicM, , anci technicians has become evi- boards may revoke present licenses ! ciont in tnc short, time this country on the .same grounds. has bccn " " ~ ~ par f men f. University Chicka.sha, Okla.. citizens pay no city taxes. Municipal water plant profits pay all city expenses. <U war. Dr. Noble P. chairman of (he Dc- of Bacteriology at the oi" Kansas, .said recent- Ask Your Dealer for SPECIAL SERVICE WRAPPER With men in the Army, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard, the favorite cigarette is Camel. (Based on actual sales records in Post Exchanges, Sales Commissaries, Ship's Stores, and Canteen He tho noutlined the opportunities a f lorded younn women to be of .service to their country. . Letters from nil parts of the 1 country asking for competent technicians, both for government and private service, have flooded the University of Kansas offices. "We just, don't, havo enough girls to fill these important positions," Dr. Sherwood said. frickrt Poison Is Effective: RENO. Nov. < UP i —The Battle of , tiie Crickris is won. according to I Gcor?o Shoirren. s!;ite agricultural , supervisor. Tn years Mormon '-rickets occasionally ruined com- piotoly si.rjtr crop.-. Perfected poi- sc'.ninq methods, he .-rates, have rc- duced damnue dan^'v 03 per cent. ___ 1'.. ..... WARM xr- OKDJ;R has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of t.he State of Arkansas nn application Jur permit lo sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail (or wholesale) on the premises described ns 315 Main St.. Blythcville, Ark. Application is for permit Lo issued for operation beginning the first day of July, 1942. and to expire on the 30lh day of June, 1943, as prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7. 1938 and Supplemental Regulation No. 19 effective" July 10, 1937. PHIL HASSELL, applicant. M25-J1 foods i\re substituted. These menus are drawn food experts and arc .sent nine army corps ureas. Thcv are w. be on NOTICE OF FILING OF APPLICATION FOR LIQUOR PERMIT Notice is hereby yiven that the undersigned lias filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas nn application for permit lo sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail (or wholesale) on the premises described as 310 East Main St., Blythcville, Ark. Application is for permit to be issued for operation beginning on the first clay of July, 1942, and to expire on the 30th day of June, 1943, as prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7. 1938 and Supplemental Regulation No. 19 effective July 10, 1937. Robinson East End M25-J1 Phcy. M. H. Robinson, owner. OF FILING OF API'LI- FOR LIQUOIl PERMIT i.s hereby given that the NOTICE CATION No.ticc i.s hereby given that undersigned has filed with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas an application for permit to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail for wholesale) on the premises described as 109 So. Division St.. Blythcville. Ark. Application i.s for permit to be Issued for operation beginning on the first day of July, 1942 and to expire on the 30th clay of June, 1943, as prescribed by Bulletin dated January 7. 1938 and Supplemental Regulation No. 19 effective July 10. 1937. B. S. Simmons, applicant. M25-JI not identical since isome allowance is made for geographic climatic and agricultural conditions In tho different areas. Herald Ration "K" The "cnnned" ration is subdivided into two kinds—Field ration "C" nnd Field ration "K." "C" is ma do up of previously cookerl or prepared food packed in scaled cun.s. l.o be eaten hoi or cold as conditions alloy.'., jt. comes in six. 12-ouiicc runs—l/hree meat; units and three "B" units. "M-r* contains meat and beans. "M-2" moat, and vegetable hush and "M-3" meat ' and vegetable stew. Wit.ii each ol these comes the "0 mill,." Its contents are hard biscuits, candy, .sugar and soluble coffee. Ration "K" is a distinct achievement of I he Chicago Subsistence Depot and is probably the most widely publici/.cd of the army rations. II. was developed by Col. Rohhind Lsker of the Depot,, and Dr. Ancel Koyes, University of Minnesota physiologist. Withstands Heal, Cold Tt wns firs!, developed for parachute troops but many of its features met wilh army approval and il, was finally accepted for use by all the armed forces. "K" comes in liiree compact six- by-fuur-by-iwo inch boxes, one for each meal. It. weighs only :r2.HG ounces, yet. contains 3.72(5 caloriees, and supplies the .soldier with nil necessary food elements. The cartons nre treated to withstand temperatures fro 20 degrees below zero lo Hf> degrees Fahrenheit,. Each unit i.s made up of biscuil.s. some kind of meat or protein food, sweets, beverage and a stick of of chewing gum. the hitter to aid digr.slion and depress thirst. The contents are i.a.sty. wholesome, and Blythevillc men had come to SI cole removed to a garage when he heard si lots fired, When he Investigated he found that Cross had killed McNeill. .so he took the former to the Cross home llicn to tho doctor. In his testimony. Cross asserted Mini McNeill attacked him In front ol I hi; coul company when he Cross, objected to McNeill and his companion cursing In r roiU of Mrs Cross. Willis Ray said that McNelll slashed him several Limes wuh a knife and thai, the woman w th the Blytheville boy hit him with a piece of coal. Mrs. Cross [I'K'd to prevent te woman from •y<ing n hand in the fight, was 'lit by another lump of coal and morning at Cobb Funeral Home with the Rev. H. E. Simms, pastor of the Assembly of God Church, officiating. Burial will be in Elmwood Cemetery. Survivors include the parents; and three brothers, J, W., Gene nnd Murray, nil of Blythevilie. Forty per cent of all the motor vehicles in the United States are owned by farmers and residents of towns having a population of 2500 or less. FITTED BY Doctors J. L. and J. C. GUARD OPTOMETRISTS BLYTIIEVILLE SINCE UZZ tPTICRL STORE 209 W. Main St. Phone 2912 JOE CAMP TALKS DRAFTEES All Draftees to a Hcfore you mitfht Some Branch of Service (M, inclusive, he alled into Death Certificate Premature SAN DIEGO. Cal. (UP.)—Gordon A. Scott. 31. contractor, wrote to Oakland for a birth certificate and was supplied promptly not, only with his birth certificate but a certified copy of his death certificate. "Fine Imported and Domestic Liquors 99 Your I'alron.'iRc Appreciated Russell Marr's Liquor Store ior> N. Next Kro;t(iu;t y Door South Phono 28fiH Tost Office -bintiff Defendant. ou ?:iia Stan- mrd to appear in the court, Herman vs. NO. TSOG Lou Ella Stanfieid. The defciKirm! i field, is hereby w;i within thirty 'days named in the rapt ion hereof and answer the complaint of the plaintiff. Herman Stanfirld. Dated this 25 day of May. 1042. HARVEY MORRIS. Clerk By Eldora Ncal. D. C. Neil Reed, a try for pltf. Ed Cook, att'y ad I item. M25-J1-8-15 StJoseph WORLD'S LARGEST SlUER M 10' Storage COM PLKTIO iirnlrclifin for your furs, \vooh v n dnis.SL's and suits. Call Us Today! Save on— Dry Cleaning! Main Dresses 90c Suits 90c Peerless Cleaners Cherry & Franklin — — Phone 2433 GATHER Ul» YOUR UFE POLICIES And Call in your A^ent and see If Kaeli Policy i.s arranged for your ^mmm^mmuf^mmm^m^mm i Beneficiaries (Like you want it). TEN REASONS FOR CHANGES AND IMPROVEMENTS Hfivr your Agent sec that your Wife or Family arc named Beneficiaries, <Not your Estate). It will save Red Tape and Expense. Have your Agent sec that the Automatic .Premium Loan Provision ha.s been made effective. Have him get letter of confirmation from Company and (Give it to your Wife). No Cost, u may save the lapse of your policy if you arc away or temporarily busted. Have your Agent see that each Policy is arranged to pay Your (Family Monthly with Interest).— uot a lump sum. This will increase thn amount they receive and lessen or eliminate the hazard of Investments, (with Markets changing). Have your Agent sec how long the Extended Insurance Feature would carry your Policy, or if borrowed on, see how I •••••••^^^••(••••KHMI long the additional money, if any. would carry your premiums. (Make record on policy for your wife). Have, your Agent state the total borrowing value of Policy or Policies in event of extreme emergencies while you are away, and recommend that enough cash be left on policy to maintain premiums for a time. Have your Agent find out the Discounted Value of two or three premiums <to be paid at. one time) and then pay them if you arc called into Service. Have your A^ent explain the Installment Privilege on one of your Policies and .show you how to make sure your boy or girl will get to finish College. Have your Agent fill out the Family Record Sheet in your Family Bible, you and your wife sign it—have your Mother. Father. Aunt or Uncle sign with you, then you will have an authentic record that .sometimes i.s costly, expensive, and embarrassing. Have your Attorney make you ('A Will). H may save your Family Expensive embarrassment, bond fees & other expense. If your Agent is not available OUR SERVICES TO YOU ARE FREE For the asking. INS. JOE NOSE, JOE CAMP & COMPANY STATE AGENCY MANAGERS FOR RESERVE LOAN LIFE INSURANCE CO. Dalton Building Poplar Bluff, Missouri Established in 1897. 7. 3. 10.

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