Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 9, 1955 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 9, 1955
Page 10
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MMkttBiai^M* ^1 *. HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS lowers Among ic Earliest teMt WYORfcjft-Marge and Cowk Champion, who were among i l&nielt stats arid then danc- del* »*jr to Mm fame, will re- to home screefis soon, „ , S CharrifeldHs are adapting teflf. «l*rent Bfbaflway musical "" " ilitffi "Three for Tonight" _ the-hfifaf telecast oh CBS' Wednesday night drama hour 22, And they're considering i tfSth bath CflS and N^C for 6r fotir color Spectaculars "' the fall arid winter. le and Cower both appeared *lrf {flays 1 and fhbvies before they deeiaecf'te become n dancing and pOTtnerthip In 194 1 ? but as a team only in night until their TV debut in Max ;«",.»,Ijiebman's Broadway fteVue series ^pjltt J&48. £fi; The show, o!teri called TVs first ..Spectacular, brought instant nn- !?"tiOnal recognition to the Champions fend tw6 other 'relatively |\fi1»knowtt performers named Sid %i^Cate9ar and Imogene Coca. Wlf'Aitet <h«t it waS astounding the ^way wA -were recbghized whero- PJWM, we ftveiit." GOwer says. "It also gave a big boost to our personal appearances." /-"''After irre tV series we played "--'-Riviera; bftross the Hudson », New' Yolfk *rid weHt ftext to mb&' Jh Hbllytoo6d and v* w«li there We began to get bf- ffers for Moviel." Njjfitjbfe then the Champibns have ^wteft featured 1n seven Major ple- ; s-^-ifve for MOM and Pne each Paramount and Columbia. Cthelr latest <was "Jupiter's froirltog" fdr MOM. ft Meanwhile, ihey have made only ' tthree, TV appearances. Two were * ?n "Ed SullivaH'S. Toast of the fown, first In a telecast on their |te ; story, and then in another de- FOR ATHLETES FOOT Uinted,«ln '""' .Hard; ^. powei 't-4-L, yottr 40c back at Today at John 8. In'•lough,off leav- rtfy Jikln. If, not «£fui, Iriitant.'dl-y., any Gib- ,«*-*•," --* to>t*ih In Tew* CHICKEN . IN THf J4SKCT *,- ^ TSLT* »T^5^V™^ "*-"• ~ L mviriN I^ormtrly^Whlto'i Orlv«. Thursday/ June 9, 1955 »»,. News Briefs KANSAS CITY \m — Keo, ?d 20 miles southeast of Little Hock on Highway 30, received tnore rain than any other Arkansas point in May A U S Weather Bureau report listed total rainfall at the Loftbke County town at 137G inches Next Highest in the preliminary report war. Des Arc in Prairie C6iinty wit 1223 inches Carlisle, in Bbn- 3ke County, received 1181' inches Little Romck received 1155 .inches ALL IN A DAY'S WORK—When ft wife goes hunting tip beauties fbf her husband to make love ,to—well! But tor Mrs. Anne D6U|las, right, it's just a job» She'i a cSstlng director for her Itfodueer-actor hu-.band, Kirk feougla?. With he^ is one of her selections, Elsa MartinelH, « recent. Italian, import. Elsa is cast with Douglas in his first .independent;movie,'"The-Indian 'Chief;" J. H. Bemis and Mrs. Mary M6nt gotnery were the guests 'Sunday of vrr. ; ahd Mrs. Roger Smith in Magnolia. Miss Mary Jewell Herring and Miss June White left Sunday for Denton, Texas where- they will attend the summer session at TS- CW. Miss Claudettc Smith, Miss Patsy Ellis and Miss Betty Cook of Bodcaw' are attending Girls State at lamp 'Robinson. They were accompanied by Mr. and Mrs,- J, Ed Smith. Mrs. T..A. 'Lavender.and Mr. and Wtrs.- J. Leland Lavender and - sons if Hope are the guests of Mr. .and 's.. Thomas Lavender in Abilene. Kansas. .. •Mr.'.and Mrs, Dale Wilson, of Hope visited Mr. apd Mrs. Celaya of Houston Sunday, Who are the guests of relatives. Mrs.: J. J. Battle and 'Miss "Matle' Royston of 'Fulton .were tpe gueits ol Mr. and Mrs. JR. P. Ham- last week. •• •'• - • : ,' voted to Columbia Pictues. Their btheY' performance W_8's- in a Video (Theatre play. I ,-K)RSALE •»• - •••••?¥• •-•• . ; '•'-• -.- •••••••" '• • -«"••-•• f ^ Grocery Store and Afeiiket/ good r •"*- 1 jtecqtiprj for,a 7 tp 11 Jbusiness *if*\ L'ocdted on Highway 67. PORTtRFIELD GROCERY & MARKET GOOD USED :, SINGER TREADLE MACHINES AS LOW .A$^_i__ $9-00 $20 Others ot $25 - $37.50 $52.50 Iv USEO ELECTRIC PORTABLES « * Convtnjtrit poymt nt, to *uit Al low o$ $5.00 Down SEWING CENTER Mr. -arid Mrs.' Eddie -Larider of Dallas - spirit the. \Veekferid .\with Mr,: arid 1 )Mrs. tt.' 7D. ifiratcher and Mr. and Mrs, rtarrell Hines.' Mr. and Mrs. Granville Grifford of Dallas spent the weekend 'here to be.With his mother, Mrs. Ed Grifford who is seriously ill'at the Cora -Dortnell Hospital. •Guss - McCaskill, Fred J. White, Howard Burke, Horace Jones, Dawsoh Henry, Ralph Harris and Dr. A, W. Hudson attended the funeral services for Owen B. Hendrik at Antoine on Saturday. ' Mrs. -'JriJnnie Ndwth and Mrs. Mil- dt-ed Dawson have had as their guests', Mr', arid Mrs. Robert Newth t -Rose 'Matie attd Stdve of Ponca City, Qkla. : Mr. and Mrs. James E. Hussey and Sandra ct Hot Springs were the •Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Milburn Tippit. Lt. and Mrs. r Will Ed Davis of Carnp of Ellingtoh, Houston visited 'iilis "•. parents, Mr. and Mrs. E. ~E. Davit over' the weekend. . MisS; Catherine ; Jane 'Mitchell of TrutriVor..,Consequences, 'New Mexico is jyisiting her patents, Mr. and Mrs.'barl Mitchell-.- .Dr. Felix Cox of Gullatin, Tenn. was'the weekend guest of'Mr. and •Mrsi' Wa'tson Buchanan and • attended home.coming at'Boughton Sunday'. '••!. ; - ,;. .• .r.... , Mr. ;«nd Mrs,_ Loy. Craig of .L Uev Rock spent -the weekend with Mrs.' Bob Stewart. Mr§. McCwklll . f-ip(Bt«S»"-, TO' ' '''.'' " i . ' Pr«fbyter!an Circle 2 2 of the Wornen of the an'Chu'rch! met .on Moh- da^'afternoon in the home of Mrs. Gjig's' McCaskili. with Mrs, Charles DfeVbfa-'assistihg hostess. ... .. I •arrangements of -dal- ha'is arid, perennial sweet peas de- co'rafte'it -the .rbtihis.' • ' chairman, Mrfc Tom Bemis, called the iheeting to order with prayer, arj'd conducted the business. •-•-- —- .hbn Fore gave the Bible Jessbn ,-6n "The « Struggle of the Soul" and Mrs. AUeh Gee presented ,/the program, on "We Are .'Se- 'Mrs.' Steele 'Moore of Dallas gave an interesting talk 'on Presbyterian Mo Ranch that she has attended. .': The intensive Bible study on f'Lpve in -The. Ne'w Testament" was Jn charge bf Mrs. .Wallace . and she closed with hostessed served a delicious »^.. n ..iph course dnd lemonade tp 11 melribers aha Mrs. Moore. Jjrtyo ( n.|5 those from but of town attending funeral services for U. G. WfeStJtVor&land last Thursday, June 2 we're' Mr. S'an> Westmoreland, Mr. Afcert Westmoreland, Mr. Forrest Westmoreland, • Mr. Dallas Westmoreland, Mr. Clyde West marela'nd, Mr. and Mrs. Sherrill Westmoreland and Johnny, Mr. and Mrs. ferry Westmoreland, Mrs. Jess* I'oster, Miss Merlyn West " d, Mrs, iTop l,ee and son rl bf Houston, Mr. Lowell of Texarkaha, Mr. U. G. Jr., and Danny of Worth, Texas, Mr. Bascom "of Dallas, Texas, Cjafl TPurHoy, Mrs. Jessie Mor- tj| Chideister, Mr. and Mrs. ^artln,, Mrs. S. H. Martin, „„. jftd Mrs. PhllUps Westmore- laHfl Ind : sammy 61 Camden, Rev. fh^urrnen White of Kansas, Mr. and Mrs Coy Parker of Conway, Mr. and Mis, Andrew White of Waldo, " "fpry Westmoreland of Bran Ft. Mir, TC»0 AR ^8. (UP)-State prison newspaper editors today feared tbfclf ravin* reporter, "Bi George," may hav« decided to be cpflW M foreif n correspowJent, <Jeorke Hill, serving eight years r?|WP|wy. Mt wJttuCluard 10 wfi(« . "future ha St.. MARKETS LITTLE ROCK f/P) — A young training center for selected Red Cross members from eight states tiow is under way at Petit Jean state Park near Morrilton Malcolm Parks, an official of [he state Red Cross, said that about 90 teenagers are takin'g 'the 10-day instruction, which ends Unc 15 LITTLE ROCK I/P) — A "Milt Muldrow Recognition Day" to honor the state Extension Service husband man will be held at the State Livestock Showgrounds here July 14 Discussions on latest developments in livestock production and marketnig will toe conducted at the meeting Moldrow has helped develop many Arkansas livestock program and projects rluring the past'.30 jrars He recently helped set up the Arkansas Beef Cattlemen's Council, which deals with all problems affecting the state's livestock industry • ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK ; NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111., I/P! — Hogs 0.000; generally 25 lower; choice No. 1 208 Ib 20.00; mosty No. 1 and 2. 19.75; 180-220 Ib 19.00-50: 220-240 Ib 18.50-19.25; mostly 18.75 up; (f^V 250 ib 18.25; about 310 Ib 15.50; 140-170 Ib 18.0019.00; 100-130 Ib 10.00-17.50; sows steady to 25 lowe; 400 Ib down 13.75-15.50; ove 4000 Ib 12.25-14.00; boas 9.00-12.50. Cattle 1,800; calves 800 steady thoughout; -.good to aveage choiie strees yearlings; 21.00-23.00: good to low hoie heifers and mixed yearlings 18.00-21.00; utility and ommerial ows largely 12.50-;;; ni-o:00.ua24vidndional iosoapnDispp 24.00; bcasional individual rom- mcrcial to 14.50; most canners and cutters 9.50-11.50: top ctitters to 12.00 sparingly; utility and commercial bulls 13.50-15.00; canners and cutters 11.00-12.50: light canner buis 10.00-50: buk good and ihoiie vjeaers l!f 00<-23:.00: Ihigh shoice and prime 23.00-25.00; dom merria • to good 15.0-19.0; cul; and utility 80-14.00. Sheep 700; higher; high Ihoice and prime spring lambs 25.50; majority rhoire 24.50-25.00; good and hoie 23:00-24.00; utility 18.00-20.00; ewes largely 3.50-5.00. Blytheville to Hear Rockefeller BLYTHEVILLE Iff) — Gov. Orval Faubus and Winthrop Rockefeller will speak here June 21 at the dedicationof a 27-acre industrial site that was established by contributions from nearly GOO firms and individuals. 'Part of the mill dollar site is occupied by Central Metals Products, which employes 110 workers. Rockefeller is chairman of the Arkansas Industrial Development Commission. Files Against Clinic Operator LITTLE ROCK (UP) — Harry Giordano', district supervisor of the Federal Bureau of Narcotics, has filed a complaint against "dr" James Bockmah, an • eclectic who operates a clinic at West Helena Eugene Warren, attorney for the state medical, board, said he was investigating the eclectic license held by Bockman and that he has "evidence that indicates the license -Avas obtained by fraud 1 ' Warren said the case was "slim ilar 'to that of (Jacob Sass) Schir- rner in'; that, like Sch'irmer,''Bock- man practiced ' in Connecticut and was a graduate of.,the eclectic ciplbma mill, at Kansas City" POULTRY & PRODUCE CHICAGO W— Live poultry steady on hens and young stock, weak on caaonettcs; receipts in coops '350 yesterday 480 coops. 69,929 Ib; ;fob paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 225-28; light hens 165-17; . broilers or fryers 30-32; old roosters 12-125; caponettes 34-35 Butter steady; receipts 1,423,946: w;holesale buying prices unchanged; &3 score AA 5075 92 A 5675 90 B 545 89 C 525 cars 90 B 55; 89 C 53 Eggs firm; receipts 16,627; wholesale buying prices unchanged to ;1 higher; US large whites 606;9; 9per cent A's 375; mixed 37; mediums 33 US standards 31 dirties 275; cecks 245; ; current receipts 285 NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK UP)—Cotton futures wore quiet today Price changes Nagging Backache Sleepless Nights Nagging backache, headache, or musculag aches and pains may come on with over-exertion, emotional upsets ovday to day stress ana strain. And folk-a who eat and drink unwisely sometimes suffer mild bladder irritation .. .with that restless, uncomfortable feeling. If you are miserable and worn out because of these discomforts, Doan's Pills often help by their pain relieving action, by their soothing effect to ease bladder irritation, and by theirmilddiureticactionthrouKhthekidneya — tending to increase the output of the 15 miles of kidney tubes. So if haEsbiR backache makes you feel draKged-out.miserable...with restless, sleepless nights..vdon't wait;..try Doan's Pills... get the same happy relief millions have enjoyed forovereOyears. GetDoan'sPills today! . *9ii BOOK Off£& OH PACKAv wre narrow and dealings mixed, although the market had a steady ilnder'tone Some purchases were attributed to textile mills Late afternoon prices were un- canged to 15 cents a balehigher than the previous close July 3391, October 3408 and December 3413 NOW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK IB—The Stock Market ran into quiet profit-taking after a strong opening today and jn early afternoon the list presented a mixed appearance Selected issues held good-sized guilts, -but many othevs backed down from their earlier highs Price changes ranged from a couple of points lower to one or two points higher Chemicals and coppers kept to the upside Steels, motors and airlines were among lower groups $141-142; oats were uncanged to % higher. July 66-. and rye was unchanged to \'z lower, July $104i/ 2 Soybeans were '/ 4 lowr to 1 cent higher, July $24=42Vi Corn: No 1 yellow 147; No 2 147; No 3 146; sample grade 100-37 Oats: No 1 heavy mixed 76; No 1 heavy white 78' /4 -79V4; No 2 79'4 Soybean oil: 13%-%; soybean MEAL: 4900-4950 Barley nominal: malting choice: 135-52; food 95-116; ; ; ; nounced the appointment yester-| day, said Price was recommended| by the Arkansas Beekeepers Association. The governor reappointed Dr.| Hubert Shull of Texarkarta to the| State Veterinary Examinhg Boafrjd.j GONE AGAIN TOKYO (UP) — U. S. military police captured AWOL PFC Jack Thompson. Bucklin, Mo., yesterday after a six month search arid took him to the provost marshal's office for questioning. When the office telephone rang, the guard turned to answer it, and Thompson escaped. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO (ffl — Prices moved within extremely narrow limits through most of the session on the Board of Trade today j Items of news tended to cancel: eac other out as market, influ-! ences Wile rain and wet fields! crippled early arvsting of wint-' er weal in the southwest, the spring crop was benefited by furlh er rainfall Army purchase of. 8,500 tons of soybeans in recent days was 'balanced by reports of favorable growing conditions for the new crop At the close wheat was % cent lower to % higher, July ?197 7 / B 198; corn was y^-Vz higer, July APPOINTMENTS LITTLE ROCK W) — Gaylen B. Pride of Harrison has been named to the state Apiary Board to succeed S. J. Head of Crossett. Gov. Orval Fnubus, who an- Trwjcfey, June 9, 1955 HO PI STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Now is the time to Get SCREENS From GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO. 422 E. DIVISION -if: TRY OUR DRINKS AT OUR FOUNTAIN We have the most modern in Soda Fountain and equipment. FORTUNES Ice Cream served, only the best in Fruits and Syrups used. Hae your friends meet you at our fountain. Our fountain has A 1 Rating. 102 W. 2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST Phone 7-2292 11 DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 8:30 • LAST NIGHT • HANGMAN'S KNOT scon LOOK • EXTRA • LOOK 1. Goofy Color Cartoon 2.Our Gang Comedy 3. Barney Bear Cartoon This is Western Week at the Drive-In ~i • FRI. - SAT. • Roaring Days of Early California! CORNEL WILDE in "PASSION" Calendar Thursday June 9 Hope B&PW Club will meet Thursday June 9, at 7 p. m. at the Hotel Barlow. Program will be presented by the out going officers. Pat Cleburne Chapter of UDC will have annual picnic Thursday noon at Old State Capitol in Washington. at the Church Monday June 13, at 4 p. m. Mrs. L. B. Tooley will bring the devotional and the children's division will present the program. The Fireman's Auxiliary will meet Monday June 13, at 7 p. m. in the home of Mrs. Jim Cobb 316 S. Washington. Boyle Continued from Page One rush. Some automobile dealers are offering 1,000 free shares of, uranium stock with each car sale. All a lazy man has to do is buy a new car—and wait for his urani- mu dividends to roll in. So far it las been a long wait. Uranium has turned out to be as scarce as —well, as scarce as uranium. But even private fliers have installed special equipment in their planes so they can look for the precious metal while business flights. on routine Seek to Keep Continued from Page One 620 signatures on 1,611 separate petitions. He said the names represented 58 of Arkansas' 75 counties. The Young Adult Fellowship Group of the First Methodist. Church will have a Pot Luck Thursday June 9, at 7 p. m. at the Church. A very interesting musical prog~ ram has been arranged and everyone please be present. Friday June 10 The Blevins Home tion Club will Show June 10th Demonstra- present a Talent at 8 o'clock. • The program will include songs, piano numbers, dance numbers, one act play and a style show. It will be given for the benefit of the Community Center Bldg. The admission will be 15 and 25 cents. Everyone is invited to come. Monday June 13 Joint meeting of the WSCS of the First Methodist Church will be hold NABISCO CRACKERS 1 Lb. Box PURE 8 Lb. Bucket 1.19 LIPTOH TEA V4 Lb. Box 33c Folqers or Maxwell House COFFEE 87c Lb. Can Rowall Hiwaiian TUNA 3 CO Washing Powder SWIFT'S CHOPPED BEEF J Cans ^ | SPECIAL ICECREAM 49c Gallon • Hurry Last Day •[ vl PLEASE! DON'T REVEAL THE ENDING AT: 2:00-3:47-5:34-7:32-9:30 GINGER ROGERS VAN HEFLIN GENE TIERNEY GEORGE RAFT MURDER! MYSTERY! «BLACK WIDOW COLOR 'CINEMASCOPE » Mtb CENrUHlf-fOX PICtUIE LOOK — EXTRA — LOOK 1. A Tourist's View of the Pleasure Ship "Olympia" 2. News of the Day * FRI. & SAT. * FOR BETTER NUTRITION VEGETABLES FRESH PURPLE HULL PEAS 2- 25c HOMEGROWN String Beans EXTRA NICE BANANAS 2»< 25c Lb. VINE RIPENED Cantaloupes Lb. FRESH DRESSED MEATS FRYERS - 39c CHUCK ROAST 29c SPECIAL WIENERS 3 > Lkb , 89c SPECIAL CHEESE 2 fe 69c SPECIAL BOLOGNA 25c Lb. Lb. RIB or SIRLOIN STEAK 39c Heavy Fresho Dressed HENS 35c Lb. Lb. STEW MEAT 19c Lb. DRY SALT MEAT 19c GOOD & LEAN Pork Roast 39c Lb. Here's A GREAT TRIPLE PROGRAM That Will Please the Entire Family! I A Riff INS IAFF-RIOTI wmiuM uric 1. Chapter 10 of "THE BLACK ARROW' 2. ELMER FUDD COLOR CARTOON Theft ol± LOOK in sleeveless skirt BARRY'S GROCERY and MAfcKET MlSoMfhMain WeD»lir»r Nwn* 7-4404 shirt blouses ttyledby PETER PAN Let'i giv* • warm weatlier welcome to ttiii (leeveleii tKirt-tlouM «tyled ty faLulouu Peter Pan < tor peneotioniit you. You'll adore tkii crisp "linen - look"...» teavenly tlend of fine-yari) imported »nd dome«tic Moyana rayon. Completely »nJ wondexfully washatle. In shrimp, COI9 yellow; kelio and larkspur. Sizes 30 to36, d»^ QO HALL-MCNEILL Attend DeMolay Conclave In Little Rock T ' 1P Apache Indians, hiterto Jerry Franks, Charles (Skinny) |J eaIous of an y encouragement that - ~ Henry. Jimmie Jones lhey . have forbidden overnight {ra Actually the signatures of only 20,111 legal voters, six per cent of the vote in the 1954 general election, would have been sufficient to refer. But Washburn said he wanted a margin for error. The deadline for filing petitions to refer a 1955 act to popular vote was last midnight. Washburn asked for a State Po- ilice guard for the petitions. He Of 23 Americans Continued from Page One saying Red China's industrial progress "fills me with inspiration and great affection for the Chinese people." •DOPQTHY DIX Selfish Husband , „ 't • ...Dear Miss Dix: Would any nor-other women attractivef mal, responsible mother entrust didn't make him blind. Pefj her young baby to a sitter just so she could go out and have a good Jr., and Webb Laseter 3rd. left cam P in g on their sprawling 460,Wednesday afternoon for a four day 536 - acre reservation, opened it to meeting of DeMolay in Little Rock | urani "m prospecting last week for Emmet WSCS Met Mrs. Karl Weeks was hostess to the WSCS of the Emmet Methodist Church Monday evening June 6th. The meeting was held in the Educational Building. Mrs. Denman Wylie, newly elected president, presided over .the business meeting. "Toward a World Fellowship," topic for discussion was given by Mrs. Bob Magness assisted by Mrs. Scott 'Ross, Mrs. Shelby Jones and Mrs. 'Frank Holtom. The hostess served iced tea and cookies to 18 members and two guests, Mrs. Blanch Jones and Mrs. Melvin Jones. Barbara Anun Polk Marriage Announced Mr. and Mrs. Troy Polk announces the marriage of their daughter Barbara Ann to Staff Sgt, Kenneth R. Cornelius stationed at Air Force Base near Dallas. The double ring ceremony was performed by the Rev. Highfill of the First Baptist Church in Hugo. Oklahoma, The bride was becomingly attired in a powder blue crystalette silk dress with white accessories. Mrs. Troy Polk, mother of the bride, Mrs. W. H. Brashier,.Grandmother and Mrs. M. Saxton of Beaumont, Texas attended the wedding ceremony For travel Mrs. Cornelius wore an avacado suit with matching accessories. The couple will reside in Dallas, where the groom ib stationed after a short wedding trip. the first time. Prospectors for a fee of $200 each can search up to six months on the reservation and lease 20 acres of any area in which they discover ore. "A survey by the Atomic energy Commission showed two likely uranium deposit sites on the reservation," said Wendell Chino, president of the tribal business committee and distant kinsman of reached the Capitol safely. Hawks declined to say whether he thought poultry raisers would go ahead with a threat to get all 'sales tax exemptions removed if the feed exemption act were referred. He said he felt any comment at this time would be premature. Faubus took a firm stand on the feed exemption issue during his successful campaign against former Gov. Francis Cherry last summer. And, even .if Faubus Geronimo, the last great Apachejf. tands awa y from the general elec tion fight on the bill, it may face him if he runs for a second term. If the petitions had not been filed, the act would have become war chief. The Apaches are naturally hopeful that uranium will make them as wealthy as oil did the Indians of Oklahoma. Their reservation borders the White Sands proving grounds. But the Apaches, who have Branch Admittde: Mrs. Lendol Ellis, S Joseph, La., : -Miss Mollie Sue Wise Lewisville, Arkansas, Mr. Howar Smith, Hope. Discharged: Miss Sarah Thomp umbus announce the approaching'son, Emmet. Mrs. J. W. Butler Emma Louise Downs And Patrick Loop Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. Allen Downs of Col- graduated from the stone age to the atomic era in half a century; are content to let the white man, who put them on their reservation, carry the burden of discovery. "All we insist on are our rights," said Chino, his eyes twinkling. So the grave-faced Apaches patiently tend their cattle as the ne impatient pale j faced Coronado toil over mesa and mountain quest of the pale gold of a ne law today along with other measures passed by the Legislature which did not carry an emergency clause. Attempts to attach an emergency clause to the exemption bill failed. An emergency clause would have made the act effective immediately on signing by the governor and would have made referral impossible. Estimates of how much Arkansas would lose through the proposed exemption range from one he was (studying at Peiping Unlver- *-»«! T~.i. H n T^< •*- 11. sue uuuiu gu uui &uu aHve a guuu Cpl. .John R. Dunn, Baltimore. 1tlme? wha f more does ah womdn Pfc. Samuel David Hawkins, Oklahoma City. A letter last No vember said world politics sity. Cpl. Arlie H. Pate, Carbondale 111., whose father Howard Pate has said, "When he comes to his senses, we want him to come back like he always wanted to and Tielp me on the farm." Cpl. .Lowell D. Skinner; Akron, Ohio whose mother Mrs. Brady Skinner believes "either malaria or some terrible illness has weakened his mind," Sgt. Lawrence V. Sullivan, ha, whose father Ralph Sullivan said "he would have to be mental- Jy derenged" to make the choice to stay. Pfc. Richard R. Tenneson, Alden, Minn., whose mother Mrs. Portia M. Howe flew to Tokyo in a vain effort to try to persuade him to come home. Last December he wrote he was working in a paper factory south of Peiping. Cpl. William C. White, Plumerville, Ark., son of Mrs. Matue Gorman. Cpl. Aaron P. Wilson, Urania, La. Mrs. Mart Yocum. Mr. and Mrs. Carlton Wilson Dallas, Texas have been the gues of Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Easter ling and son this week. Hospital Notes marriage of their daughter, Emma Louise to Patrick Loop of Bird City, Kansas. • The wedding will be an event of June 18, at 1:30 p. m. at the Columbus Baptist Church. A reception will be held at the home of Mrs. E. L. Cox at 2:30 p. m. following the ceremony. After a short wedding trip the couple will reside in Sandance, Wyoming. No cards friends are invited. will be sent, ''and all Coming and Going Mr. and Mrs. Hugh Munn and children of Midland, Texas have returned home after visiting his parents Mr. and Mrs. Will Munn. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Warrendox and .son, Glenn Ray of Humble, Texas and Mr. and Mrs. Gene Crafton and children, Harry and Susie of Houston, Texas are visiting their parents and grandparents, Mr. and Washington, Ark. Admitted: Lilee Cornish, Stamps Arkansas, Wanda Ellis, St.Joseph La. ,Mrs. G. E. Berwick, Hope Jerry Kidd, Hope. Discharged: Miss Mollie Su Wise, Lewisville, Mr. Howard Sm th. Rt. 1, Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Joyce Boatner, Hope John Robert Hamilton, Jr..»Mem phis, Tenn., Nancy Hamilton, Mem phis, Tenn. Admitted: Mrs. Lee Arnold Hope, Mr. A. P. Clark, Hope, Mr Miles 'Laha, Hope. Discharged: Mr. E. L. Archei Jr., Hope, Mrs. Herbert Arnold Hope. Duke's Beauty Salon 1010 W. 7th Phone 7-4389 Air Conditioned Complete Beauty Service Operators Frances Gllliam — Ethel Moran - SPECIAL - For Friday and Saturday ROPE JEWELRY Also Includes All Summer Chokers In All Colors '/2 PRICE ALL SUMMER HANDBAGS Including White, in all styles PRICED IN TWO GROUPS $2.24 $3.36 TAX INCL, TAX INCL Be Early for Best Selections THE FASHION SHOPPE million dollars millions. a year to three A maximum of seven eclipses, visible someplace on earth, can occur in one year — either five of the sun and two of the moon or four of the sun and three of the moon. age. The Indians figure that, no matter how the uranium boom turns out, they can't lose. It's a comfortable feeling for them. They haven't enjoyed anything so much since the buffalo days. Hope Girl Officer of Girls State NORTH (LITTLE ROCK , — Lindley Williams of Newport is governor of Girls' State. She was elected last night over Eloise Carter of El Dorado. Linda. Bush of Tuckerman was elected lieutenant governor and Sally Meek of Fort Smith was named secretary of state. Girls State, an annual encampment sponsored by the American Legion Auxiliary, is designed to give high school girls practical experience in the operation of American government. Other officers: Treasurer - Mary Lewis of Hope. Attorney General — Gingia Palmer . of Pine Bluff. Auditor — Carol Tucker of Little Rock. ' -•'-.' Land Commissionei; —• Jan Akers of Harrison. Chief Justice — Susan Pfeifer of want than a husband who loves her, security and children? Now that we are parents 1 try to make my wife understand that a mother's place is With her baby. 1 work hard five days a week and I'm the one who brings home the bacon, so I feel I'm entitled to one or two nights out. My wife can go out any afternoon she pleases 'as long as«the baby is with her; What do you think about the situation? GORDON Answer: Frankly, 1 think it's ridiculous. If you are so exhausted after five days, how do you think your wife feels after seven! She puts in a day that would have your back broken in a week. Caring for a house, a baby and on top of that catering to a selfish creature who needs his recreation, but can't see anyone else having any, is work! Be Honest Come now, be honest. It isn't the thought' of your wife getting out that hurts it's the question of spending a 'buck or two on a sit ter, isn't it? Suppose you give up one of your precious nights, splurge on a baby-sitter, and give your wife a break. Your wife was grand company be fore you married her; give her a chance to prove she hasn't changed. does like id look at '4ft attl woman, but doh't Jr6i# SHir" it. Dear Miss Uix: Do .you think;. wise for a divorced father id t completely out his chil My children's mothet and for sevebal years l sters have' been pulled side to another, keeping constant- state of emotional' heaval. I thought t Was d&IHi rif..., by keeping in contact with ; iherH/i but being human. I believe I havij done more harm than good, ItJl hard to Starid 'idly; by when 1 they are not being raised pfo O.1X Answer: No, I don't think it'wis«}| for a father to walk out of Ihfe pie ture entirely. After all. th^ ren should know their, owfl II and I'm sure you want to r«hiili something more than a memory them. However, it would be r V?eU,l you not to interfere with the il| bringing they are getting froitf.ii mother. I assume she has dUst__ of the youngsters, while .you' hat Dear Miss ODlx: I am writing you to find out if 1 really have a problem. I think my husband is ' a flirt and it worries me. I'm 22 and he's 27. He treats me like a queen, gives me everything a girl could want. He is. also affectionate and considerate. That's why I can't understand his flirting. When wo go out together he sits and stares at some Woman he finds attractive, and it Is very noticeable. CORINNE Answer: If your husband is so devoted in effect, why make an issue out of the fact that he finds Little Rock. Associate Justices —, Emma Grace Bailey of Tuckerman, Del- erena Conner of Little-Rock. Mar* tha Weatherly cf Conway, Arden duadra of .Blytheyille, Beverly Banford of Little Rock and • Ann Yancey of Marlanha. ' ' DOESNT LIKE 'EM CHICAGO (UP)—Police fail Anton Zuber to check joint'! William Rill's report that'Hi' stopped them with a ShotgW'- they drove along ^ the , strrf Zuber said, "sure I stopj hot rodders, I don't like "Did one ever hit you*,'*' 1 ? asked. -, "No, but' they madfe nil auful fast* Zuber said., . f The average U. S. servic'l tion is open 100 hours a Don't Scratch That t In Jwtf 15 Mir \i not pleased, your 40c bj any drug store. Try Inatanu CH-ME-NOT at any tlm*l ITi or night to KILL oerm'am ON CONTACT.'Fine 1 for, ringworm, foot Itch and ot. face Itches. Today at John ' son Drug'Co. * HAZEL'S -AIR CONDITIONED for, your ^comfort •' ~ 1048.- Haz^l ; DOROTHY GRAY $1.00 Cream Daintiness Deodorant and 75c Nosegay Talcum Both For $1.00 JOHN P. COX DRUG CO. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 We Give Eagle Stamps Your Extra Savings ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY & SATURDAY Elizabeth Arden Blue j 1 Grass Flower Milt < l$2.00sizeandPime I Atomizer Blue Grass Perfume $2.50 size ' both for DRUG STORE ft M <S * $3.00 IT ROLLS ON! New BAN The Lotion Deodorant PALMOLIVESOAP' 3i25 9§!.SOCIETY TISSUES hi. protection. DOLPH O.D.T. INSECT BOMB C BOX 300 (Limit 2) 100 ASPIRIN tablets S-MAII (Limit I) 1 -U,* 1 98° HEINZ BABY F Instant action. ' 12 VARIETIES CAN Hair Stays Set LIQUINET Hair Spray SPECIAL Two Big Cons $1.49 Brownie 'HOLIDAY 9 Synchronized For Flask! I Telescopic viewlindei , & Kodet Lens. For a Sniodth Glowing Tan,.. TARTAN LOTION 89 4-ounce bottle . 3.2011 _ VITO »1 CREAM EODORANT 50 1 2-oe. size. Haiti-Price, Protects 111 1 Hi; !<••' f « ' P." m ,£L •ilr"«intlhP ^andfcer chkh 15' Hop?, Ark, REMINGTO DELUXE ELECTRIC RAZOR LTU*ISf« rj | Tummy ( k if,,. ^ii,. PO-PO flattie Poker Chips itt U k /L Golden Crown . '' ^^^f^^Ht. ^P^^WPW^r^i' N9* .«f

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