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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, June 8, 1955
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...Br "V MOM STAR, MOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, Jutte 7, IMS •* Mike ahayftt * WtiNlei- suspect, ack Mt*t>« arKSifc Late* 11 Shayne said, "I never have kept a ¥ ri«w« reporter anv secrets from Tim * ihayife'4,' find. BM.. Keep tallfing.' Rourke. Court Docket . Court ot Hop* Arkansas June t, 1955. City Docket James Lindsey, Fictitious License, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Chester Stuurt, J. D. Jones, Sam Stuart, Willie Carl Whitt, Drunken ness, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. Roy Williams, Aggravated as- PRESCOTT NEWS Jim Nelson Klwafils Speaker Dr. and Mrs. N. R. Nelson have mings. Martin Guthrie attended the dance recital at muny-Hall, Camden at whinh his granddaughter, Ann Guthrie, was presented on Thursday evening. jand Mrs. Ralph Gordon, Alec and Doug motored to Camden Thursday night and attended the dance recital at Muny Hall. Their grand Mrs. Grace Wilson on Thursday. Mr. and Mrs. Claud Price and Claudia have returned to Monticel- On Thursday at the regular meet- as tneir guests Mr. and Mrs. Max ing of Prescott Kiwanis Club held F - Rix of San Diego, California, at the Lawson Hotel. -Mrs. N. B. -Nelson of Searcy and Jim Nelson of the soil conserva-'Leonard Nelson of St. Louis, Mo., itl rl on a ftmot^f cf a \ra an inf n»__ ' "' ' ••• '•"- ~~* ! Mrs. George the Haynie • of Little daughter and niece, Pamela Par-jlo after having been called here ham was presented. Mr. and Mrs. Coy DeWoody. tion department gave an inform- the bed In the , Hamilton, ,. ~, ... . -••... -~ .nun department gave an iniorm- jsault, Plea guilty, fined $50.00. | ative talk on .. The Grasses of This Mrs - w - p - Cummings has re-1. I ijtnnttrn Knee Aebati14 nn»4 HA*. A. . .. *....«*>*j f» n ^« T nnnn u n .. n ...u~.. n -t._' Mr. and Mrs. C.. G. Gordon, Mr. due to the serious illness and death of her mother, Mrs. Grace Wilson. Mrs. Ruth Cantley, Mrs. Olive Mrs. Teresa Freeman and A. The South American species of B. Cannon o£ Little Rock, Mr. and the praying matis are so large that Mrs. J. C. Buckner of Crossett at- they attack small frogs, lizards and | tended the financial services for birds. '•WHS you listen, ShamuJ '^ SSKl M^A^ ** A *?'" Youte caught, in a wringer te p,ea guilty f nedo . right Thnrras Ros "' Shayite went past him to a wa * m ' ^°°' c down a bottle f, ,b*urbon and one of cognac. Mi a six - ounce wine glass the cognac on the table, the kitchen and returned T !u_, , glasses of ice water and ;, t*i«li 3Jass filled with ice cubes. The reporter splashed whiskey on ""the ice cubes, carefully add- a 'minute portion of water. „,,. 6»irke grinned on him lazily [ifod said, "One of the most un- arious wakes I ever attended now.Or your secretary is. Did T , drii . Can] " she used the knife on Bristow, or p ' Slid you do that job?" "You haven't told me who you are." right, I havent. Can't nch one of tonight's *dflnfcing to?" stiffs are . JYqurfe the detective. Start de 1 lyne swore mildly and took it sip of cognac. "You were Gentry in the dead girl's 5H.-.VJ- Giv e the whole picture." M'There wasn't imich. Seems this ir^ Stoio called" herself Trixie anc ^registered as Gladys Smith iNew Orleans, moved into the .*a few weeks ago. Why we »>«. Trixie never seemed to ive^many ,dates. Stayed in most thp time, away from the other 'la, sNone of them ever actually ^W'his.face, but a couple of times ~j* man going in or out, whom ^thought had come or was go*" her room. There were some clothes in the bureau, and :a suit in tne closet.so that to be that." •What about tonight?" 'A little before 9 a girl across yhall had two male friends drop ••and she went across to see if SV If Uke to them. She " the door and.got no Ifff. but saw light inside and the door. Trixie lay on the ™ , uU y dressed, and strangled. ; 9} » mans hands, the doc said. 1^ also been slapped around lie,' two of her fingers broken, nb room had been rather thor- searched. That's everything /the slip ot paper on the ssiTft^neath hcr ^dy with Lucy's pddress on it." ''telephone rang as he spoke, I-' Tomothy Rourke reached . out «Uy 'to lift it and say, "Hello." s *He said, "right here," and held ? to Shayne. redhead took the phone and "Shayne speaking " groan's voice answered him, jrvoice he did not recognize. It |d a harsh quality, with the! intonation of a southerner, reporter friend yotf maybe guess, Shamus?" "keVii&'ls.aidt "I dont like guess- games. "Let's get together and this whole thing over." Oh, no, we don't. And don't bother tracing this call either. I'm. at a roadside pay station miles away from anywhere and I'll be gone from here before you could do. any good." "What's your angle?" "The dough, chum. The moole The cash you lifted off Jack Bristow after cutting his throat so neat.' "I don't know what you're talking about." , "Dont give me that. I know he had it on him when he went to your girls place. I know it wasn't on him when you dumped him in the street awhile ago.It's simple like that.I want it,"the voice went on unemotionally. "You want I should ring up your pal the Chief and tell him just the kind of games you played tonight?" ; "Go ahead," growled Shayne. putting note of disgust 'in his voice "What do you think you can prove?" 'Plenty. chum.Puhlenty. Listen to me so you'll know just where you stand on this deal. I've got the girl too, see?" '"What girl? Shaynes voice was suddenly harsh and there were deep trenches in is cheeks. "Mrs. Allerdice. Thats who. The little number you've been playing louse with tonight. She's crazy to get to the cops after I told her you bumped Hugh off too. How's t going to sound when she tells low you dragged Bristow out to her with his throat cut? You and your side-kick, Rourke," said his caller happily. "She can -identify Forfeited $10.00 fash bonl R. L. Laudi/rr.j.k, Bobbie Row, No driver's license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. Bobbie Row, Hazardous driving, Forfeited $10.00 rash bond. Jesse Atkins, Driving whil> info- >lraua. Plea gu.Hy; fine! $30.00 and 1 day in jail, Driver s license revol-.eri for 30 clays. peace, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. John H. Monk, Disturbing peace, Forfeited $10.00 cash bond. turned from Jonesboro where she There were 22 Kiwanians present was the guesl of her daughter, Mrs. .Bob Fincher and family. Baptist Vacation Bible School Being Held Mr. and Mrs. J. V. McMahen, Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Bryson, Mrs. A. The 1955 session of Daily Vaca- V. Babb of Hope, and Sammy tion Bible School at First Baptist Cruse attended the Sue Kimbrough Church began on Monday, June 6. School of the Dance recital at Muny Commencement exercises will be Hall in Camderi on Thursday even- jing in which Betsy Jane McMahen and Sarah Janet Bryson took part. Mrs. Tom Ross Young and child-' Arkansan Killed in Louisiana BATON ROUGE, La. (UP) — A 23-year-old construction worker from Arkansas was killed yester day in a construction acciden here. Police identified the victim as Carl C. DeSalvo of Center Ridge He was killed when a rivet shoi out of his stud driver, bounced ofl a concrete wall and ripped through his head. He was working on new additions to a Louisiana State University dormitory. The body was shipped to Center Ridge last night the victims parents, Mr. and Mrs. Frank DeSalvo, who live there. lim too, you know. So ... do we make a deal?" "What kind of deal?" "I told you all I wanted.The dough. Then I'll hand-over the only witness against you except nyself, and .you can take care of her any way you want. "Jack Bristow had about two bucks on him," stated Shayne flatly. "Tim Rourke will back me up on that. If you want those two bucks you can have them." (To Be Continued) ing new economic enterprises on the vast reservation. * ,' "Where there is insecurity, there is always a tendency for a people to disintegrate," he said., "but the Apaches can take on the culture of the white man and still retain their tribal integrity and their identity as Indians. "Those who criticize us' don't realize the progress we have made They forget that -the Apaches were the last tribe to lay down their war weapons, and that some who were led by Gcronimo are still alive." held on Sunday night, June 19. Leaders of the school include: Wesley A. Lindsey, pastor, Principal; Miss Margaret Candiver, In-, termediate Supt.; Mrs. Roy Loom- ren of Malvern were the guests is; Junior Dept; Mrs. Billy Wil- Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. J. V. son, Primary Supt.; Mrs. Lewis Fore and Mr. and Mrs. W. P. Cum- Garrett, Beginner Supt; and Mrs. Lindsey, Nursery Supt. the Faculty and Staff includes 25 other workers. BARRY'S "RED-HOT" WEDNESDAY SPECIALS BISCUITS 2 Rainbow Garden Club Has Picnic The .Rainbow Garden Club closed the year activities with a Family Night supper at Stewarts picnic ground on Friday evening. The invocation was given by Loyce Anderson. Folowing the chicken barbecue supper with all the trimmings the 18 members and their families enjoyed visiting. lasting Relief for PILE PAIN: CLINIC-TESTED Thornton - Minor Ointment You feol soothing comfort so fast, too That a because Thornton-Minor Ointment M a complete formula with fast- acting, long-lasting special ingredients to check itching, burning, pain and help reduce swelling. Ointment or suppository form, only JI.OO. Ask for it at any drug store but insist on genuine Thornton-Minor Ointment. ARE YOU PROPERLY COVERED? ... be prepared for a "rainy day" Don't let trouble catch you unprepared! Fire, accident, burglary, embezzlement —any one of a number of hazards can bring disastrous consequences financially. Consult us today. No obligation. ^ Play Safe . .. INSURE NOW! Consult your Insurance Agent as you would your Doctor or Lawyer ROY ANDERSON INSURANCE AGENCY PR 7-3481 210 S. Main St. Boyle want to talk important bus- front of him?" sort of business?" to ou gave the cops.,., to... HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP £'*M" Completely 'AIR CONDITIONED , < for your comfort , 104 8. Elm Phone 7-2878 Haul Virginia Aullne Delicious Thick MALTS and SHAKES Any flavors. Highwoy 67 Eoif Continued from Page One in near 4-room cottages built by the tribe with funds borrowed from the government. Many have become ranchers or cowboys.The cattle herd has grown to 10,000 The- 1 tirbe also receives about $150,000 a year from the sale of timber. "We have come a long way in only 20 years," said Chino proudly. "But our average cash income is only about $800. We are still in the lower income bracket, in terms of the ' general American standard of living. Our big problem is unemployment. We have about 150 without jobs." The Apache people, numbering some 7,500, dwell on four reservations—two in New Mexico, two in Arizona. The Mescalero tribe here feels it is the most progressive. "The reservation population fell ', to about 600 or 700 after the flu I epidemic in the First World War," said Chino. "But now it is up to 1,200, and increasing at the rate of about 2 per cent a year." Some 85 per cent of the Mcs- caleros now speak English, about the same number are Christian. Al though Chino wants to preserve some of the dying customs and arts of his people, he feels that only , through more education can they acquire the knowledge and civilized skills they need to survive in the future. "Most of our children now attend school Ihrough the 8th grade,' he said, "but that is not enough," Geronimo led the Apaches off the reservaton on the warpath. It is Chino's dream to free the Apach es from grinding poverty by creat- CHEESE Lb BOX FRYERS GRADE A Lb. 49c To City Subtcribtrt! If you fail to get your Star please t«lephone 7-3431 by 6 p. m.,ohd a special carrier will deliver your paper. Hope Star Utt. ' ' M WtATMtB ARKANSAS: afternoon, tonight 'and widely scattered thu extreme west poftiofl ffctt~aftef' noon. No important temper aturt' ; , chages. *,'•« ^ 5 i. Experiment Station report (Vt-4-hours ending at »ju m. WedlWl- day High 84, LOW 58. 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 202 1lt», Pw,. J*n. II, HOPE, ARKANSAS, WtDNISDAY, JUNE 8, 1955 Av. Nw .f mi .*) CANTALOUPES Fresh Vine Ripened Lb. WASHING POWDER Large Size 29C TUNA Royal Hiwaiian 3 Cans 1.00 RY'S GROCERY and MARKET 111 South Main We Deliver Phone 7-4404 Ford Asked for ' Another 5c Per Hour Increase By REY W. BRUNE DETROIT (UP) — Local leaders of the CIO United Auto Workers asked Ford Motoj Company for an extra five-cent hour- Sunshine Forecast for Arkansas LITTLE ROCKItf) — Sunshine and mile weather the past week helped the Arkansas farmer, the Federal-State Crop Reporting Service says, but the farmer needs another week or 10 days of the same. The sunny weather allowed farmers to get a good start ,on chopping cotton and cultivating crops. Fire Departments of Nine Cities in This Area Engaged in Training Classes hfe;;«j are below the yield of last Walter Reuther said the demand for the nxtra five-cent increase had been throw back as a "local matter." General Motors workers ex. pressed resentment over union ac- >tion in extending the contract '"•with General Motors until midnight Sunday to give GM a chance to study the Ford pay plan. President Carl StellatO and other officers of the big Ford local whose 48,000 members man the Igiant Rougcplant asked for the extra pay boost to calm down the skilled workers in the plant. Stellato, Reuther's bitterest foe in the auto workers union, was hooted and heckled ut of a meet- Hing of the skilled workers a night when he tried to get workers back on the job. But after he made the request for more pay for them, he convinced workers today to return to their jobs. — »--- *-•• ••** Airt-^-Will. '1UU1 " » . . pay hike for some skilled work-. 30 ?,-. .. .„ ,_, ers to calm down a rebellion by * le lds vary considerably, tna some workers over the new union service sai d, but in most areas contract with Ford. | thev The new demand, by leaders ofi year> the big Ford Local 600 at the giant Rouge plant in suburban Dear ; born, threatened for a while to , snag final signing of the new three-year contract giving workers a guaranteed wage plan. . But after a delay of nearly four * fhours, in which some contract language had to be reworded also, the new agreement was signed by Union 'President Walter Reuther . and Ford vice president John Bu, gas. Ike Certain Adenauer Will Stay by West By RUDY WECHMAR says! Arkansas farmer7"need Ti^'itondYy ^ighV Tnl wiU^Un^ ><« NetUeU.n, Ark. ^^•^^oVemmTnfspTesmln^saW other week or two to finish the through Thursday nieht of next J ? hnn '. e ??">«._ drowned today •»«". f° f ?" n ™ c "* fS* 6 ""?" . s ?' d Fire departments of Hope and [eight neighboring cities are engaged in an intensive two-week long training session here. Classes for the 125 fire fighters ' Mon Drowns Near Marked Tree Now, the crop reporting service/started at the local fire station • MA ? KED TREE W) — A 32- Council Orders Crackdown on Motor Scooters through Thursday night of next week. In addition to Hope, other cities sending men to the Regional Fire School include Texarkana, De- Queen, Mineral Springs, Nashville, ouiniuit! opeaKs, arowriea voaay .,,._. = .;."•— -«: -• . r, when he fell 30 feet from the to P > nlght that Chancellor Konrad Ad- ofa floodway lock and dam here.' cntta " er , of .., W " t Germany hopes to accept the Kremlin invitation to f m . a _-f°"! ? conference with Soviet officials Moscow, but will not act un- His wife and two the time of the accident. Mrs. Murfreesboro, ' Delight, Gurdon! s P eak s said her husband appar- and Prescott. . ently was enroute to check a trot Fire Chief A. S. Willis said that' line - The fam 'ly was on a fishing the purpose of the school "is to, p< enable several fire departmnts in , Dorthia Scott, 17, .whose father this area to meet training require- * s an employe of the dam, said he has consulted his Western ments of fire insurance rate-making organizations." According to Chief Willis the school is being conducted' by the vocational education division of the State Department of Education with the assistance of local firemen ji j i _ . . _ ' , •In regular session last night Hope '*? e Arkan sas Inspection and Rating City Council took up several complaints which officials had been receiving and decided to take action on some. For instance kids on motor scooters and bikes have the group considerably alarmed. The council instructed the Chief of Police to crack Bureau, The Arkansas Civil Defense Agency, the National Board of Fire Underwriters, and the fire prevention division of the State Police Department. Course contents include; Hose she saw Speaks go under. Nevada Co. Highway J<ob to Be Let : LITTLE ROCK (m— The Arkansas Highway Commission today ad- d°^' n arresting all^yputhsj/iolating Service, Investigation Responsibi- ^o«,r. >o m ,i^* /« 'lilies of Firemen, The Firemen and Automatic Sprinkler Systems, Fire Department Inspection of Buildings, and Fire Prevention to Save Lives and Property. Instructors at the school are Chief W. A. Turner, .-, , ,. ----—..— -..-.-_-, ..^^ ~-u i^.t,..,, njr v,uiiuiiiaaiuii luaay au- Evolutions and Hose Line Equip- ivortlsed for bids on more than 20 men. Civil Defense and the Fire road project costing an estimated • allies. The spokesman, Press Chief Edmund Forschblach, said it is "highly improbable" that anything will be done on the matter until after the Big Four "sum- at Geneva next mlt" meeting month, _ The government, in its first official comment on the Moscow note "welcomed" the Kremlin offer of recognition and said it hopes enaucr with Soviet leaders in Moscow.- To Launch Atomic Sub on July 21 GROTON, Conn. (UP) — The atomic-powered submarine Sea Wolf, the second nuclear undersea warship of the Navy, will be christened and launched here July 1 21, it was announced today. The Sea Wolf, larger anc nverful than the TJSS Ni wou!d lead to a conference on Ad- ^A^i^oJT aL^l Dynamics Corp., where the Nautilus was commissioned last Septem- hni- ' School Funds Same B Ford Sees $IOO Per Un! ^_ ' ' B •';. "* * -vt_ ^ «$• * Slash for Next Year Admits Referral By- RUDY WECHMAR BONN, Germany (UP ) — The 4 Judge Miller to Carry Out Court Ruling By WILLIAM W. HUGHES LITTLE ROCK CUP) One of ttyn,.* J»V' bw jpr • Expert Repair Service—All Types • Hpme and Industrial Wiring f, Installation—Fixtures & Outlets *:, 24-Hpur Service—-Coll any time. ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 114$.llm Phono 7-2629 •xolu»iv* styling, new IBS- and 198-hp SUPER-TORQUE V-8 engines are the big news in this year's Mercurys. You've got 10 models in 3 series to choose from. Shown is the 188-hp Custom 2-door 6-pasaenger Sedan. This big super-powered Mercury costs less ' f . . • • than 13 models in the "low the three federal judges in Arkansas strongly indicated today he will carry out the racial desegre- ation mandate of the national Supreme Court in casesthat come before him. | Judge John E. Miller Foi Smith, said that while he did no believe the high tribunal had th right to "impose its sociologica beliefs on others," the recent in tegration ruling still must be con sidered to be the law. "There is no attitude to tak other than to enforce the law a it was declared by the high court, Miller said. Miller probably will be the firs of the three judges in Arkansa will be called upon to rule or a segregation case. He now ha pending before him a case ir which the Negroes in Beardei scihool District 53 |in Ouachita county are seeking integration in the school. Miller aid he would rule on thi Bearden case in the October term of court at El Dorado, and added »£ajed on cpmpgriion of manuffpc/urea' led Hit or factory rtloil grioi I?" LEO'S GARAGE for iRD TRACTOR & PARTS it «i net r ai your teNpbont" *' TRACTORS * IQUIPMINT Sfeix^, And Mercury's price tag is just one reason it pays to,own a Mercury. Our high-volume sales permit us to give you the top allowance for your present car. You save as you drive with Mercury's famous economy and low upkeep. And you get a car with a 3-year record for the highest resale value in its class, Start saving at our showroom today, Don't ml|| the big television hit, Ed Sullivan 1 * "TOAST OF THE TOWN. 11 Sunday evening, 6 to 7, Station KCMC-TV, Channel 6 IT PAYS TO OWN A ERCURY FOR FUTURE STYLING/SUPER POWER "1 don't intend to drag it ou with a long trial. I'll just cal Tthe lawyers of both sides in for a pre-trial conference, point out the Supreme Court decision to them and say 'that's it boys, what are you going to do about it?' " The colorful, plain-spoken juris added that "we'll get along al right without too much {uss abou' it. 1 Miller said that each separate integration case should be considered on its merits. A "But the fact has now been es -tablished that segregation is dis criminatory," Miller said. "When you accept that edict — that seg regation is illegal — then you musl parry it out by such means as will ultimately put it in force with the least inconvenien,ce and disturbance as possible. We may not like what the court did, but it is the law and there is nothing anyone can do about it." Judge Miller's district is not as aj^ieavily-populated with Negroes as ^those presided over by Judges Harry J. Lemley and ThomasC. Trimble. Miller's bailiwick, however, does include such cities as Ei Dorado and Hot Springs that have large Negro populations. . Judge Lemley told United Press that he will consider each case as it comes before him. traffic regulations (the same as applied to automobiles); rnjike them buy city and state license and to put mufflers on the vehicles. Various complaints have also been made about high grass and weeds on vacant lots. The situation las been made worse by heavy rains recently. The City will serve notice through the newspaper the requirements, after which action ihrough courts will result. The ;roup also assured the public that .he same pest and mosquito control program will be carried out i as in the past. There was some discussion of placing parking meter fine boxes at convenient place downtown so violators could pay without having .to' go to the police station. A trial period for fine boxes will be made. A boundary line situation concerning land which -the city owns and adjoins land which A. W. Bior.seth owns was discussed. Seems the biggest item involved',is about ah "acre 'of cotton which is planted on the land. Actually the land is under lease to M. S. Bates who in turn has sub-leased it. The council didn't seem too concerned about the matter but did instruct the City Attorney to look into the situation and advise the group what action it should take. A $30 increase in membership payment to the Arkansas Municipal League was okayed: The Street Department was given permission to hire an extra man during the blacktopping season; An insurance contract award was he]d up due to difference in the number of units which two companies bid on; Mrs. Mary Bright brought a claim before the council for damages she said .she received in a fall on a board walk which the city had built on 7th Street. No action was taken on this matter. total of more dollars. Mrs. W. Sterling Cole, wife of the New York Republican con- l ° aa ^Eressman, will christen the vessel. noie ;Cole is former chairman and still unth n,,« • upl ° mau ?. re :,a member of the joint congres- with Russia and said it| sltnal comrnittee on atomic -—- : -„„„ ..... ,"«i^u thc Soviet move will lead' «™»M«. three million jto a confcrence bctween West Ger . I man Chancellor Konrad Adenauer West 1 German government „„_ _ i normal 22. Contracts will be awarded June and Soviet statesmen. Included in the jobs si the conditioning of seven miles of U.S. Highway 67 from the Missouri line The first official reaction of the re- West German government was Chief, Fire Prevention Department, Wn _,, ., . .. . . „. . Arkansas Inspection and Rating 1 ,,^!*, a J 0s ° " h f tccd °? Highway Bureau, Richard Holt. Chief Deputy Director, Arkansas Civil Defense Agency; Walter T. Evans, Special Agent, Arson Department, National Board of Fire Underwriters; and, Lt. Ben Kent and Sgt. Mack Thompson, Fire Prevention Division, Arkansas State Police^ The same instruction is being ; 22 from near Fort- Smith to Dard- 'anelle preliminary to resurfacing thc 67-mile stretch. Other jobs: Crittenden County—2.9 miles of grading, drainage, gravel base and surfacing on Hughes-Bruins road, Highway 50. ._ Monroe—13.7 miles given for two straight nights so that'°ase and surfacing one-half of each department alternately attend classes. of on gravel Holly ^ riities to render fire protection. Baptist Films Are Viewed by Kiwanians Motion picture films of the recent Southern Baptist Convention held at Miami, Fla., plus additional films of Southern Baptist mission work in Cuba highlighted the Tuesday noon program of the local Kiwanis club at Hotel Barlow. The films were shown by the Rev. S, A. Whitlow, pastor of the First Baptist church, and an ama> ,eur photographer. He was accompanied to Miami and to Cuba «by Mrs. Whitlow, and Mr. and Mrs. Basil York. The program was arranged by Hendrix Spraggins. LOAN APPROVED Chamber to Sponsor Miss Shirley Miss Syble Shirley freshman at Southern State College was one of 11 Southern State Coeds invited to participate in the "Miss Universe" Beauty Pageant at Jonesboro June 10th and llth. The Hope Chamber of Commerce will sponsor Miss Shirley, Harrell C. Hall, President announced today. Miss Shirley leaves Thursday i Highway 91. may i Grove-Crossroads road, and ^'-^^—••--••••-• '' "- '•""'* • ''" * ; "NevaSa—Reconstruction of decks on two Little Missouri bridges on the Whelen Springs-Prescott road 1 Highway 53. Pulaski County—Remodeling of Main Street Bridge.' Dallas— Construction of three bridges on Dalark-Princeton road. Highway 8. • Van Buren — 10.1 miles of crushed stone base and surfacing on the Clinton-Scotland road. Highway 95. . Washington—Widening of two bridges on Highway 71 south of Fayetteville. Lawrence— Grading of three sections on Powhatan-Black Rock road, Highway 25. Craighead and Lawrence— 14.2 miles of gravel base and surf ae- on Hoxio-Jonesboro road, 'made public in a three paragraph statement. It said. "The federal government welcomes,: the proposals to establish diplomatic, trade and cultural relations): between the Soviet Union and the federal republic made by the U7S.S.R. in its note of June 7, 1955;'. The note took up different questions which make a preliminary examination necessary. "It ig to be hoped that this (examination of the note) leads to the ''results that a conference between '|he federal chancellor and Ihc staternen of the- Soviet Union is necessiary." Meanwhile, the three .biggest d on Page Two The Sea Wolf will be commanded by Cmdr. Richard, B. Laning, whose home is at Amherst, Va. The Defense Department said that the Sea Wolf will provide the Navy with a vehicle for evaluating thc relative merits of a different type of propulsion plant from that which was installed in thp Nautii lus. The true evaluation will b4 known during the sea operations of the two submarines. .-•'"' ' : .-'.; The Nautilus power plant ; is called a "submarine thermal' reactor."U is cooled by high pressure water and was built for th,e Atomic Tr ""-"" Commission by "•--•• ' Six New Polio Coses in State LITTLE ROCK UB — Six new cases of polio were reported in Arkansas last week, the State Health Department said, the largest weekly toll this year. The 1055 total now Is 32. It was 55 at the ; corresponding time last year. ' " Two ,of last week's cases were reported in Pulaskl County; There was one each in Chlcot, Garland, Jackson and Newton counties. • This - reactor. .& U? r F&*9«:id,,that% tiy^c»r>;oontali!tea feneral'Electric. M 10 marijuana; ,He*;said that the for the contest, he said. While there she will be guest of Hotel Noble and her expenses will be paid while there by pageant officials. Registration is 9 a. m. Friday, parade 11:30 a. m.; luncheon at noon with press and judges; rehearsal at Arkansas State College 1:30 p. m.; banquet 6:10; pageant 8:15 and party at 10:30. Winner of this contest will go to Long Beach for two weeks in a contest for Miss United States. The winner will then compete for the Miss Universe title and a movie contract. Her mother, Mrs. H. D Shirley, will accompany her. Petitions for Referral Under Eye of Police LITTLE ROCK Wl—Hope Publisher Alex Washburn today filed a petition asking for the referral of the 1955 feed tax exemption bill to a. popular vote. .In filing the petition in the secretary, of state's office at 1:15 today, Washburn. said that the petition contained 34,620 names. He said that there "may be a few more stragglers" lhat will come in later. The petition asks that the 1955 act which exempts livestock and The power plant to be Installed in the Sea Wolf will be/; )tno>yt as a "submarines intermediate reactor." This will be cooled by liquid sodium. This - reactor, being built'by OeneraltEJectric. The keel of the Sea Wolf wa laid here Sept. 15, 1953. i The electric boat division alsc will build at least two other atoni ic-powered submarines. Under the Navy's 1955 budgfiti one will bi construced here and another . a the Portsmouth, N. H,, Nayy yard Others are in the planning stage Laning is a graduate of 'U. • S Navy Academy in 1B40, the' »pn' pf Rear Admiral Richard H^nry\Laii ing, Medical Corps, USN. retired His world war two service in eluded duty aboard the s.ubs Sal mon and Stickleback in the Pacific and earlier as ' gunnery -officer aboard Carrier Hornet.-' • ' Since World War II, Caning his completed specialized training ir nuclear engineering arid' physics' al the' naval post' griadiia'te ' schoo: Monterey, Calif., Univ. of CalifoVr nia at Berkeley and at Oakridgc, Randolph County-4.6 miles of ^cL^sTax'be^Sd^nj^" 7 ^ ." Albu <™°surfacing the 1956 ballot. crushed stone base and on Lorine-Ravenden road, Highway 90. Dallas and Cleveland-11.6 miles of grading, drainage, gravel base Today is the deadline for filing such petitions. More than 20,000 signatures —six per cent of the total vote for gov- j *. " • •=» tfv,*. uwiik UJL tuc lUtal V and surfacing, widening of five temor last November bridges on Ivan-Farindale road. Highway 167. Lonoke and White—1.7 miles of -are required for referral. The controversial law was sup- i ported by Gov. Orval Faubus. Widening of Bridge to B Started LITTLE ROCK I/PI Widening of the • narrow Palarm Creek Bridge on Highway 65 between Lit- WASHINGTON UP) — Craighead tie Rock and Conway, scene of a Slectric Cooperative Corp. Tonesboro, Ark. has been approv- d by the Rural Electrification Administration for a loan of $637,000 number of fatal accidents, will begin within 10 days. The Arkansas Highway Depart ment issued a work order for the o finance construction of 11 miles (job yesterday to J. H. Leveck and f distribution line and other,Son of Little Rock. The job will vork. 'cost $46,779.95. A Father Paying for Debutante Ball Would Howl at Bills for a Similar Event Apache Style By HAU BOYLE MESCALERO, N. M. Wl—Leaves from a touring notebook: close friends of the family. The „„„,.. _ , . - - -- "-.i^uivcu uy urov. urvai raUDUS. Siree 8 hrif Blnagei f 3 ^ 1 J^"' 1 Washl >urn has contended that the road H£W»V si™ Lonoke - Beebe .law would deprive the schools of rr' a ^ g *, y ni 3 , ., ,„„ „ I badj y ^eded revenue. He started of BravPi £ cleve . land -16.9 miles collecting names on the petition r ro «™V « surfacing on shortly after the 1955 Legislature Crossroads-Staves road. Highway adjourned and set his goal at 35 ""• . ... 000 names. Mississippi County—3.6 miles of. Washburn wau oivnn a cfr,t« ™ :^' ^» » ™'^ $ 2Sf t^ =4 '*.? ft son Corner road, acounty road. Pulaski—Construction of bridge and approaches across Little Fourche Creek, a county road, Jefferson— Painting Arkansas River Bridge near Pine Bluff. Highway 79. Yell—Painting Arkansas River Bridge at Dardanelle, Highway 7. brought part of the long list of names from Hope to Little Rock. The secretary of state's office has 15 days in which to cither certify or reject the petition after a check of the names. If the peti- Mex., under sponsorship ; of N. the armed forcais isjlccial weapons project. He has been on duty.sijice April 1954, at the Schenectadjr, N. Y. operations office of :the ' AEG, where the prototype reactor for the Sea Wolf has been under construction. Steelworkers State Wage Demands is certifie d the law will be suspended until a vote is taken. LITTLE ROCK (UP)—Arkansas state police kept a protective eye on petitions brought here today by Hope newspaper publisher Alex Washburn to refer the 1955 feed tax exemption bill to a vote of the people in next year's general election. A state police escort to bring the petitions from Hope was furnished at Washburn's request, after Gov. PITTSBURGH (ffi— The CIO Unit- °* - vale Faubus said he "needs the cd Steelworkers Union carriedits' escort like he would need a side- demands for a sizeable wage :rease to two more of the nation's largest basic steel producers to- whole tribe shows up. And the day. feasting and celebrating goes on; Union President David J. Me- THE TRADING POST 321 S. Laurel Your Lincoln-Mercury Dealer Hope/ Ark* and only then saddle on a hog," Washburn said all the petitions contained more than 34,000 signatures, with 20,111 required to place the proposal on the ballot. State troopers stayed in or near Fulright Votes WASHINGTON W —Sen. Fulbright voted for an omnibus housing bill passed by thc Senate and sent to the House yesterday. Earlier Fulbright voted with the majority which defeated an, amendment to replace a public housing program approved by the Senate Banking Committee, with President Eisenhower's smaller public housing program. Large Amount of Marijuana Is Seized LITTLE- ROCK UP) — About 190 pounds ol. marijuana, valued at from f 19.000 to $75,000 has been seized and three men have been arrested by state, local and federal officers. Federal narcotics agent Harley Anderson said that the;Haul, found in a car that was stopped by a state trooper near Beebe last night, was the largest ever impounded in Arkansas. : ". rln Pulaski County jail awaiting if hearing before a U. S. Commis- 4ioner are Raoul Martinez. 37, Manuel Hcrrera, 39,and Juan Cam- P|os, 28, all of Eagle Pass. Tex. i State-Trooper Gerald Harris said that the > three-, men.: were riding in a car:.hev'st6pped on a 'tip from the federal .;.; narcotics 'bureau. Helpful, Full Terms By WILLIAM W. HUGHE* " LITTLE ROCK' (UP) *2^ State Education Department^', deduct about $100 fronvthe curt annual expenditures ot eachr'cl room unit In the nefct'ictibolfyi in place of .the orig&Yai 'Ibreci of $21;8. -' /•-.* '-' ' ' ,* X This is the best eitlmaVebi today on new atate uros which' reveal that __,,„ collections still are increasing,'^ spite forecasts during ttfe 1855 1( islaturc that they would decline? Records in budget.director;Jt Hogan's, office* reveal' thai at' 1 as much money, will" be avail for the Education Department-? thn next fiscal <ycar as •- ' scent during "theTf •fiH*i«*. >'»i year< • ' The department, however, hasf make'some back payments/tb^tl teachers' retirement (System'j':, at probably will have to pay salarli to a larger .numberlot-U .next year. For .these v ctill may oH "a' > cult' it. _ _^_. room unit amburiUng lo' f 100. While th,e legislature; was * Ip slon, school fprcefi predicted i reduction-would. "" total w «f?'"*•'" $218 per unit- <*-.•» .'»*}. ,.,.„ Thc brighter outlook today due to,thr5e'f>cto>l:i',.'' " V VM IncreaW (1) The continued , tax collections' uv pl|ce of tlif ticipated decline. •• dope was packed in brown paper, bags, which had been sealed with wax, paper. and were packed inside feed sacks, cotton sacks and boxes;" "" .'"• ."•""" ' ; :". Harris said that the bundles filled the trunk and part pf the rear seat of the car. State police said that marijuana was worth; about $100 a pound on the black market, making; the carload worth $19,000. However, they said that the same amount rolled into cigarettes would be valued at about $75,000. the 1955 Although Australia is 200 tjmcs Gas Producers Exempt From U, S. Control WASHINGTON (*)— The House Commerce Committee voted 16-15 oday to exempt natural gas producers from federal regulation. The vote was on a motion to report favorably to the house a bill by Rep. Harris (D-Ark) to remove Federal Power Commission controls over producers' prices lor gas spld to interstate pipelines. • Before the final tally, the committee first voted 17-14 to reqoh- 'Whiclwould have / shelved the measure. Backers contend the Harri? bill, vhile relieving producers of "red ape" controls, at the same time )rovides an indirect method for he FPC to keep wellhead. go* prices within a "reasonable" limit and thus protect consumers. But opponents protest that passage almost certainly would result in higher consumer gas bills. Battle Jines are drawn generally between congressmen from the gas producing Southwest and those sales tax'. Petition*, required ~numb>r *<f the retary This means the legislativi which would'cut the imoL,_ TS , school revenue, cannot'go ih'tof feet at least until after the election. ; ' tl ,\' , •, , J , T . (3) Reductions, In program r« penditures"recently put fajto eff' by the state board of educat v/hich abolished such special at ices as adult' education coUrsesS During the currenUtiscal^,f * ending une 80, • the ^departn was, ,slven$29,4IW,00011~~ -~-~* education, in AW "^ Gov.-Orval-&." ing the amount "of" money t .would available I in- thft 1 -f)M6-&9; year, and that tl>e 4 'sta,te*< ment faced. $4.Q«,Mj) ,*#,„ _ partly to anticipated i declines ^ revenues. f * <, 'i\ i -.'•'.• as large as Formosa, eaph h4» from the large gas consuming about 8'/£ million people. i^Uics of the East and Midwes-t. only have held their, own-b\»t prisingly have shown several') nificant increases, ^hd the ' cation* Department'may Have much as $29,700,000 to spend fiscal 1955-56. ' Education Commissioner Ford helped lead r tlj)e ing the legislature for a $12,000,000 boost in' the 's tax to expand the school He recently said that'"»Ul the money was not provided], schools are "not near 0$ collapse." <^ The commission said'there-^ no emergency 'that' could"npt met. Hint? also have c.orne-fi Ford and other school leaders full nine-month terms will Pft Videdl in »U ^rkansa,s the next school year, • , Meanwhile - StaV^'Sen, • Clark, Te^arkana., 'hoi) " he has requested the staff of thfe All Around the Town •y Th. M«r Malf mum $240Q yearly toaehw?' ary m would required, fir of all eduction: mp teachers, and cUssrom fore any other money is In connection, v w»th , Counil Guess everyone saw the Borden the department head) one"council-'Hajbroolf has j Milk Company's better foods train man told this writer, "I'll bet you educational pro "I'm makine official statements',, Many a F ^ Avenue father four days and nights. When the Donald" continued in personal . _ ... ,lm making official statements.heaves a sigh at the cost of Apaches have themselves a ball.Charge of negotiations as theUSWlWashburn's hotel room until 1 tax « a debutante ball for his they like to bounce some real brought its wage requests before'p. m., when they were scheduled which toured Hope this morning. Sheriff Jimmy Cook suggests that now is a good time to pay your ta# while thc slow season is, on. . , also be a good time to jtfaigh- ;en out any problems pertaining t9 cqmpleted," Lemley said. the trials are -daughter. But he'd break down in tears if The ailing Judge Trimble has he had to foot the bills for in been under treatment at the Mayo| troducing her to society on an Clinic in Rochester, Minn., and Apache Indian reservation, was not available for comment pnj A debutante ball lasts only a echoes off the mountain. V i officials of Bethlehem Steel Corp. The "Coming pf Age Ceremony".and the Republic Steel Corp. of an Apache maiden, usually held| Bethlehem and Republic are the Wnf^n Rno ic 19 trt 1A isaat'C nlH nr. tir»n'e« e-art/^»i*4 n .*,J ^U:.. J Inxrvanf. to escort Washburn and the docu- The City Police arc already ments to the office of Secretary cracking down on drivers ijj of State C. G. Hall for formal fil- since Monday nine she is 12 to 14 years old, n&tion's second and third largestiing. Washburn had complained in, and one hazardous driver nlft Have urn c? a i imo U/Hpn ctnal m a1rat*e **ac»nnst4-iim1 ir ^Via nac?i i-K o * til» i>.«_!,«..« U „ J i__^ I Ke»on o t*i*ac<t-orl It'e o o /I t\l i ._.._... _______ _ _______ ____ ..... _ in the old days was a time when. steel makers respectively. the nomadic tribes fulfilled their demands being made of embraces large Negro populations East and Central Arkansas. • , sm S e «r. en Sf u " de «: the . white ""«»«"! as well as social obliga- them are the same as those Me- Judge Miller has a long, spec- him which 1 includes terms in both House and .~- .-,. -- . .._. ....... — „., „ — — mans wan idea of what makes a tions. The rites drew the wan- Donald presented yesterday in the bill and is believed to be opposed the past that his workers had been I been arrested . . . it's sad but, true harrassed by foes of the referral.{that many of the arreste4 were Faubus supported the legislative 'teenagers' In a special session on May 25, inH H io * judicial district. >->? i-i- j "m£ 1 * S'j.' i-A'f good party. The Apaches have a dering groups together, gave them opening of steel wage talks with;to a referendum. tabular career behind him u,hinh more m . uscula1 ' and red ' blooded an occasion to swap tall tales of U. S. Steel Corp., the nation's Washburn said today that more the council bought a house for $!,. :?5".^. "If 1 . ,ft!- n ? !V m wni c« approach. the hunt, exchange gossip and re-,others of the "big six," who em- than 19,000 signatures were on pe-|750 which it plan? to move to Fair When an Indian father an- new their ancient beliefs by the largest producer. Sessions with titions brought here from Hope.! park for a caretakers horned . * he has a daughter who mutual performance of rituals. |ploye about two-thirds of the ftO.O-'Of the overall totaj, of 34,000, he ter }ast Rights session in '"'"" , ..^0 .set up tepee-keepjng,| Jn the simple past when buffalo 000 basip Steelworkers, are slated said 10,500 were secured in LUUe other main was hired by isnt jysf a shuidig for « few ^OAttPUe^ PQ P.age TWQ jfof vomorrow and Friday. J£ock. ijnd PulasW cewty, (the " " ,<ri*^"L,; **> |5 we hired another 'ball player." other ,„• . ^ *~«* "" ?outhl T&e Wintred S, Huckabee, Metropoli- spends « J, .„,._, tan Life Insurance Co. represents-1 both its totil and tive here, is in Houston today for a come fqr pusjness Conference with company officials at the famoujs SJiarn.ro.ck, Hotel . . . Winfred had an exceptional sales and service record year and is among the top, ig members of the company's staf| of 33,000 fiej^ representatives . he was accompanied' by Mrs. Mrs. J. C. Henry ol Hope was chosen a winner Jn the Hospitality How?e program {or other spates,/. LITTL.C: L.J «-4 if Of 9 two 4lsb form a pair of paoties ,

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