The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 11, 1938 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, March 11, 1938
Page 1
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PAGE TWO (ARK.) SpURUjR - TJUs ItfPWS ' TICKE? Wfft —to Well ITZ THEATER — to sec — ' Hopalon; B[des Apam ' FLAPPER FANNY By Sylvia COM. <»l IIMA tIJVIK, «(c; r. M. ««6 V. 5. «T. -f' : Book Renew Approxirnately 40 numbers and, guests of the Ltttie Theater heard Mr# Harry W Hafnes reUev, Victoria He^lna' at a meeting of this group In the courtroom of the cits JiaH,fast night "file review which dealt- more flltortljp character jind personality of*the Queen than ihe political cctjjropersies that Involved her ^as of spesia} rrrjeresf to those who arc planning to attend Helen Hajcs* performance in this play \\hen it tomes to the Memphis auditorium March 28 and 29. During the brief business session Jha^ preceded the i>rpgraii| it was cjecidjji that the grovjp s first plaj "A^Full House" v,ill be presented in the auditcriwn of trie city hall Ja^s Edwartis. presided over the business meeting- ip f)i°'absence of tlieipresident Ralph Pnrrar ' *•- ""• -f it Surprised With hhowcr ^s J if! BaUer who is movipg <p jifjlden, Mo , next ^seeK, was sur- prisjd ajtji a handkorphlef shoper «i\g\ at hei horae U)sl night by 14 >, r n,t~m .. . - -— > —. 1 members of the Ladies' Bible studv ^ ""IK its awfully brave of you'to'Stick'to a diet; Fanny, of *e church of ohrist , ,Would it help any if I flte youi- lieasefts' so you won't be Dnrjng tj)E evening tjip group saijlt Mrs Betels favorite sorjgs The handkerchiefs >vcre * presented "" Mrs c t p praies, ' Bits of News Mostly Personal Mis, 13. P. Klgcr, Mrs. W. H, Glover, Mrs. J. a clune ajid Mrs. Gr(|hsin Sudbury spen£ T5mrsgay Miss Jcanelle Uchcnsleln, pf.,% Louis, who is returning' home after having spent the past six week's )» FlPClda, \ylji be Ijie week end guesV cf Mr.,«i)cj tyrs.' g. A. pynctfand I IfJO'ly. B«Tt W'!c)i, Jr., frill meet Her In Memphis'tonight. • '''••'' ' Mrs. r!M ssel ! Phillips and daughter. Botty, and sop, HjM,-'f/ r ;. P'P'l 'P 8« t? Memphis: tomorrow 10 sec tha Walt Disney feature "S»fnj' ^ White apd • ih.e eeyeii Mrs. S. A. r}ege|io|d, of Wilson was' Ihc fjiiest' of Mr. and Mrs Eddie Regctiokl, of Annorcl. Tues- Mrs. M. O. Usrcy'aiid Mrs, Rlris wjicre they aHprjdcd Ihc per-! form a nee of Fred Waring and'his PfPI^VSHlnns a(, tjie prpheum theater and also the njotlon pit- lure, "Snow Wiiite and (he Seven psvarfs." 'Sam" II. Williams will allend 1 tlic meeting of group one of Hie stale tankers' association lit Jcmesborp tonight. He wjl| go on tp 1 Lake Village for the goMeii ifcddliig anniversary • of Mr. atuj .Mrs. Jjime.5 Hammond, Up plans' $• return the latter part of'ihc week. 'Mr. and Mrs. Jack Applcpaum and Mil, Jack, were iir'Mpmphi.s Tuesday to sec Hie motion'picture "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs." I N. F. Moore underwent a minor' ODcralion at tlie Veteran's lios pitnl in Menjpjiis Monday mor|i I'uxico News . Mvs. Kale Wilson and Mr, 1 !. Adie Jell ores of Oakrldge, Mi.', were the guests of Mrs.' 13. p. Hhonds Tuesday. . ' : . Mrs. Ofqrgp PHi'iiP I)US rq(iiruccl lo her iipme al.'^]y|hcyi|lc after spciidliij ji week \v|(|) liev itijuglitcr, Mrs. Hoy IJenry. : Mr. iinij Mi-s. W. g. flhoasls rc- turpcc| 'li(cs(l3y frpni f(!|)|ey,' Tpfin., where IJicy a}(ej)de(|' t|ici : f'l(HPr«| <?f Morgiip' ilp!|cf|pld. : ' ' Mrs. a|en' 'Gentry l»iii jjpcu ill ll)is ivcck. ' ' of RJi's. John Sullivan, Mrs. Merrill! Polk and Mrs.' K. w. p'lgj. Hi?h ; (t°,(f> PfJ« WHS won by Mrs. W. W. WaUon jr., and guest prize by M|'S r Merrill p'pjk.. Mjss Margarpf Nell Koehlcr of Bell Epent several days with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. H. P, UL)iiavant. M. and Mrs. a. a. Johnson of CoHlery|llc, Ten))., v)sited Air. and Mrs. W. C. Walls Sunday. Mf. and Mrs. Spe|icc Williams spenl. fiundaj' M'JtJi Mr. and Mrs. Walter Allciy ui rorrpst cit.v. Mr. Auen js very m(icl| ii'nprpved. Mr. and-Mrs.'blck 1 Watson will move into the house formerly ojcti- KiPfl )>y Mr. and MJS. Anchlin. Mr. and Mrs. Bob Robertson jr., will ive )n the Watson house. Mrs. welter Kcltnev rctui'iicd ic|n Kcrt Smi(h Tuesday after s'ev- "rnl days visit. Miss charlinc prat I. is spending ;hc week with tilt, and Mrs. Homer Pratt. The P. T. A. held its monthly cwcutive mcetin» in the Home Economics bu!ldln» Wednesday af- tcriiocn with. 'Mi-s/J. T. Polk, pres- Itlcijt-, • 1 ))rps}dJng; Tlje prpgraiii'for the regiilar H!SfUl)g was' pltinned ami much business c))scvissed.' : ' ' at ° a sandwich'platp vvis served llos " ""• tllc n °i» c of Ihe'Addisot: • » • f mitlis on Kentucky avenue, lias £lal>, . Jonquils promled n sfirini; „„„*AU \}\e rjiembefs of t)ie ilicl-Wcek ground for the midije. gnines which Ijpgge cli|b attended tf) c (uncheon \\eie pla\ed ^ivep yfsierdas by Mrs, B A M,^ Sinjlli held hlsli score for Lynch al her liome Jonqiuls were (|, e afternoon Mis n G Pnrtlowp Ipwed, lijncheon Mrs Cedl Shane ^as high and Mrs parry W Halncs, second higr] t ' • * Club Has Guests Mrs Matf Monaghan Mis Ohcs- tei Caldnell Mrs T W Jeffries and. Mrs C R r Allen weie the gxiests of Mr- A'T Cloai \\hen r __ r _ , she entertained the members of cd when Mrs G G^ 'ca^llli enter- Ihe Thursday Aftcrpoon chib yes 'tallied members of the' Thursday terday ' "--'—• ...... .. , / " •:-'.• si A. spring • ••• •- • -•- - of lllc " fuends ycsjerday after- (or, IVlr.s. J. |J. Liljjeifplncr, qf Co' ' ' iCjited the cut A cjessert course was served by the hotesses at the 'cfjiicliis.ioii of the bridge games. Entertains Club Simnp tpllies nn;i jon(iu!|s and othci spring flowers >yere' ijie n'p- piopriatc seasonal decoratioiis ns' ' ConlrncJ- chib and twd'Buests/'Mrs. scheme s\os used, Russell Parr and Mvs. Walker "'H throughout the parti 1 with season Baker at hei ho,ne yesteruay' at ter- al tallies and spring flowers dec noon ' V / :•"•'" ' • >^ oratmg tlig" hvfng roorh where Bath ^H^ were presented Mrs bridge' was plajed Mrs* Eoscoe 5ra|ton receiyed a piece of pottery for the club prize Tlie guest prize, handkerchiefs went to Mrs Monagten A ! salad plate tvas served at the conclusion^ of the bridge games * + » Enkrtains Club' » Mrs James H Bell and Mrs. Thomas K Mahan were hosfe^ses to members of ' Ine ' Tnuiotuy Lunche6n"club for s party jes tehtey at the Mahan home Jonquils formed the centerpiece of the large cable wheie lunch \\ns sened and were also used to dec orate the rooms for Ihe bridge games Tallies iri the St Patrick inolff npre used Mrs A 1 G Little 1113 Mrs G W Afflick tied, for high score m tlie card games hha lilgli score "' F B Jo>nei in (he biidgc cames. pla>ed during tlje ijftbrijooi)'.- The hostess seivcd ' . w«rc '"''' ' lumbl[i', Mo.,' wns ijie only cjut of tcwii guest. «W • 'I'jlC 'V l>rly (1st.. cliljrch ivei'c eiitei'lninecl witli n '"Spanish 'delight." supper' last nlgjil at the eliuvch. Spring; flower's'and Easier deep- Vi|l}otis were' usftl''ol) ; 'tlic -(able. J.' p! Friend, teacher 'of 'UVe class, hivji Clmrlcs Riiy 'Newcomb \verc : '" '" •<•:••••.••••>• -•-• Miss Winni^ Virgi}. Turner CcCEOl,A, Ark.— "Wiiat can . be cloiie with over-aged ' children in sclibql" wis the lop',c of fllseusslon nl the superintendents aiid -principals 1 meeting in Wllspii.Th'ursday night. • Miss 'Winnie 'Virgil Turner of Blytlicvlllc inlroduccM the discussion with statistics aiid figures oil 'Ihe large inimb'er/of these' nil- fprtiinalc cases In thus' county." W. t>. McClui-kiii of Blythovllle, ' lip the weekend guests of Mr^.'Rpb- inson's mcther, Mrs. A. M. Butt and family. ' *•• A. ,G. elifbley, jr.. wlio has been flti.te ill jrojh Infjucmn, |s mijclv jinprpyeU. : : jV.;. 'Air.'and Mrs. Dixie Cravyfprd *iir go lo Mcrnjihl. 1 ; tc|iig!i(, tp'see Mr. Crnwfprd'B broljier, ij. R. Crawford, who is 111 al4|ie Baptist hpspjUl there. ' : ' toni»W \yajl, son of Ur, JUKI Mrs. j. M. \yalj, who lias been ill ' fF°H* nicaslc^ for two \vecks at- hlsl proved. '' . " iVIVS. Busscll Gaskin, \vho lias ljcp(i ill frotri inflifciiza, is iinprpv- M>'s. J..R, Litelfplner and son, Joe, jr., of Cplmnbia', Nfp., arc the BMpsts pf Mrs. Lilzelfejiier's parents, Dr. and Mrs. s. p'." Martin'.'Mrs. Arthur McDnnicl, of Sen- iii||, WHS Ilic (jiiest of her : brptlicr, Dr. Paul L. Tipton, nnd Mrs. T(p- IP».t yesterday nnd night. ' J\tfir. a. E. Keck has returned f|-om p,iragoi|ltl \vlicrc he preslde'd at the rcgHlnr term pi the civil'41> v[s!on:pf. circuit court which opon- «l.Mpnd(iy. '• Airs. \Vi-D. McClurkln, Mrs. a -L. -.Wyliejftnd Mr. and Mrs/;Loy ""jjit ? sgcijt Tiicsitiiy in:-Mcm- ' ? ' n , , , Rl » oacls . fPlWPV y 9f and now 'of Oos- qllUc '»' * s »" ' IVflss Kpnp -Sterling a)i<| .\Iiss Macksen Ijpinar, of pcprl|ig MO, '•-- •'- - of Mrs.gaiiVa Whjttlp. Mr. and Mrs. Charles JUcDjiiijeis aiHl:tlieii«;twJB'c|iil(jrci) 'sjiint S] ' day with Mr.' aiid Mrs. j'."c. Mc- Mclbanicls. ''-'.? V ; . • Mrs. J. T. Polk entertained tlie .Tuesday ' Bridge Club' with three '.giicsjs'present.- The' guest)! «cic HEAD COLDS A few drops brine .corrirpriini' relief. Clears dogging mucus, reduces" swollcri mcmbraii.cs-^iclps keep s • flHirl'^li l^ssrlrS Fhlllips who recently moved iLi, 0 . EC °h 0n i.""M^W n,,,.'Ti,w Fhlllips away " * ' tntcrlains (\Mh Budge Ljipchcon Mrs Jesse Wljjte high'school. Most 'of the larger schools'of ihe caunty were represented. " .-' • entertained ' ' I! D (I A motion to entertain the Uiul"d Daughters of the Confederacy members -y^ho will be present at t(ie Drstnpt. reaeration of \ypmans ciubs which meets here in early- April was pz<sea. by* the Elh tt Fletcrjer chapter of that organiza tion at a meeting yesterday afternoon af the Jipme of Mrs u s Branson when Mrs AMR. Branson and Mrs James B Clark were hostesses TJurrrg- Ihe business se^ion which •ifas^presided o\er b\ Mrs Charles Aiford it was decided (o telegraph 3 prote>t to Kepre^nlatUe l\-\ w Craftford hi fegard lo Ihe an ncuncement that'Governor carl K. BaBej was negotiating a deal in' which the Old Soldier's'llome would be sold Yesteirday was Missouri and Kentucky Dav Mrs Henderson Hail leader pi llje prpKrarn. told several Interesting items about these two slates. Mrs. Hall was assisted on "ie program by Mr Aiford who reai a pape> on Rerrunl -cnw of tbp War Bctnecn thg Stale and Ulrj B ij. AL^n ijho gave a rcadtnj The Crape Veil The Miswuri \¥?Jtz was plajcd on the pccprdion bj Mrs L. Johnson \\iio also played and can* My old Kentucky Home' Refreshments were served at Iho conclusion ot the proiram el^ht of (ier fnendf af'n 'bridge luncheop We3nesday . afternoon nl her hpme ' / • ' ; Jonquils provided the motif fov the par}\ rijes cjccoratpd the ^onse and \\cri. also used on the tallies. ' In the VF 1(| Se games whicli i followed lunch, Mrs. 'A. T. Clc-ay was presented hosien for Ijlglj scorj and "Mrs. Rivei Alien received handkcchtefs for second high. ?~ « • ' : Knlerlaiu for Mis. Roy Nelson Mrs Roj b Nelson was of hcnor a] a linen shoH'er and an afternoon Indgc party given by Mrs A M Butt and daughter, Miss Ruth, at the Butt home Wednesday afternoon. Bridal tail let were used and jonquils and other spring flowers provided the fjorai ac;oralions for the parfj Mrs. \,. K. pl<i receive,! loilel water for high score and Miss. W. A. Alfiick. cards for second high. The traveling prize, bath powder. went (o Mrs.'c. B. Wood. jr. A salad and sandwich plate vvn.\ served to the 20. friends of Mrs. kelson who were present. Her sis- At the Hospitals Billy Joe FlcemUu. of Manihi. ha.s bceji !i<l)iii(led to the BlytM- i'jllc l!p£J)it"4') for'trenliiient. ''"" 1 H. L:' Charjibers. who' hns been iindcrgping. freaijiieijt 'at" the Mem- phis''flaplisj, )iosp.i(ai,' wns brqiieiit hbme'ihdny' inn pbbb iinbiiiaiice. Mrs. Eulala Ltiyre'ncc wus admitted to" the VlenVph\s Baptist hpspllal. . ' ' ' - Elli^ Brown, of. Liixqra. is a patient at the Memphis Bapllsl hospital. Or Edwin N. Barren " Liltlc Rack t'llj he in our blf.rc Tnrsilny, i\l;ir. j. Fhonr ' US) for iippolntmtnl. Floyd A. White Sfiiji's & Hosier^' ' O L O K I Have Bpdje Part) Mrs Tom Bredsher rtlid MLv.,, - . UUha Smith were hostesses lo lzl to r <: tl ««> CliU pmchase price — . Ho imv lerson \\lip Is not. Ualislled. Within 'twclvc homs Old Kickhto will'drive 1 poisons Irom your syslem. H causes a inore natural action iliai) any other medicine iknou of it is i good treat incut for rheumatic and neuritis pains in"" arms, neck, <ik nn «.J ««„" U«» back hlltt ^" rt legs;' giving OnOp anq O3?e nCrC rencf in nearly every case. ""' Five 01 six doses, jnke away tired fcclmg aiifi "^induce hciillij stctp EVcrj- .person needs a thorough' cleahsiiii? out of hi^ syslem foil r" 'or five times-a year. Old Kick- Meats and Groceries and Save Here We pay Highest Prices 6A1IBMIT. »U W. M*in fet. Mow 93 To inlrocluce Old Kickatn medicine and prove its won- dprful value . (or reliey-ing s'orrach -uid liver troubles, we will 'ell Iwelvc ounces. (|.wo weeks" trcalmcnO for 49 cents We also guarantee a!d'"Toiiic licl|) -,( sick slomnch, sas. tloatlng anil .\ia.iisen in ten iniu.utes. . ! gftlil. i|i ptytftqville Iiy QR VOUFT 4 * V'' rvv VA-TRO-NOL s Frances Campbell. Mrs. A. P. Barham,' r Mrs, W, J. Driver Jr., and Mrs. G. B. .Sograves' were named a nqrnfrmliiig co|nmfUee to report at Hie 4j?ri| meeting. Attendance prize? were ^p'n by the first and eleventh grades. • « * Mrs. Val Campbell aiidson, James Wallace, of McClcansboro, Jl)., arrived yesterday for the ''week end witli Mrs. Campbell's mollicr, Mrs. W. B. Flaimlgaii, anc! sister, Mrs. John W. Edmgton. Jariies Wallace f§ a student- in the University of Illinois and is rjiakiiig l|lc \isit during the spring holidays. \?rs. Charles Blaiiton was taken to the Baptist hospital'In Memphis Tuesday afternoon in a swift ambulance tor an emergency operation for i||)peinlicitLs, following an acute attack at her home here: Her condition Is satisfactory. Dv. and Mrs. George Cone were Memphis visitors Thursdiiy. M l?s Madeline Ellen Edrington, who is attending the King-Smith Etudiq school hi tyashijiglort, D. C., lias been confined to her home for (he ppsl Iciv djiys siiffc|i)ig from a FRIDAY.JJARCIMI, 1938:' sprained ankle, according to her mother, Mrs. John Edringto::. Miss' Edrlijjton sustained the sprain dii"r4 Ing a dancing class. VKIQ' QN AU, QJJBKRS AT. ALL T|i\JIiS APVT.ES ' fancy Sap-. Itcz 12eC \JI^^!V^ifc'S "f p NKT .Iniiy. i)»/ iDC CKyNC'KtUb i f\ i ut j»j.i 19c BROOMS on JSc'Vajnc aOC MOI-S pr sec iijtjp r«t' **«/ v tobs, Biuich ...'.'....'. v C 5c (hewn. Ui I)OCJ 7k VANIt |,,\ WAFKl^S -I r Fflui'Ki :.......:..•. lac TOIf-ET PAfpR r Roll' .'.. JC W. 2' (;.<n ....... CUEESr) Wisc'O! Full ^,'ica<|i. l.fe.. ItciJ, l'«tk BABV FOOD «- Hrjii?, 3 C'i^w ......... 40C FWNL'T BUTTKIt O J PliAS iV'o. 'i Can 'i pars Gold BiiM, Can 1VAS1IINO rcHYDKIl JTAKC'U ' IQc Faujljcss, ;: lii>irs lUC il p?-,,!;ir, J-.fV Tcund - : *pv .'OTATOEH rtj.i fTP 10 Ll>: Sack 4>i.fp -qiR|i *. "BEANS r I'^rj' •;•;.'...'.:'....' i»V i AMB" FRIES » c . _ QUALITY MEAT 25c roitK snoui.i)i;n OA Sa^'lA 4UC 15c ?Ffft '* SOAST round- Cqniponiid 19'/ '•;':....::.': Iffii Chink. . 1 ' CASK 322 West Main Phone 789 Spciely — Personal Ktfrlcvfs Wallet LOKA1N, O. (UP)—Walter Wilker's dog, "Butl^y," retrieved for; lite waster a'b)|lfold lie had los|,. The lialfrSpitz, half-wire-haired terrier ,found Wilker's wallet and returned it wi(S> $11 Intact,. LUXORA ASSEMBLY CHURCH Will Sell ;i( AUCTION to uie highest bidder, ;t beautiful liniul niiule Saturday, ;| p. pi. in Ltixora (j |,u\«ra I'. 'I', A. Gives Mrs'. B. O. Wljkiiis aii^ .\irs. J. T. .gn'djili of Ltixpj-a were (lie principal speakers a(, the monthly mee[- 1115 of the'bsccqlji P. T.'A. at'tfie jijgj] school wciiicscjay afternoon. Jrffs. Wjjkilis spoice oil 'the physical hea|t|i of Die 'adolescent- chljd \vhile M^s. Randa)! discussed t')je ineiitai health of the adolescent. Five mcmpersi'qt : the Junior Dra- malip Gliib of tlie Liixpra sc|iooi RVPsenfed a l)iay|et. entitjcd "Sixty Mjjes fro|ii Jlpiije." Those taking KJrt' \« the p|ajj Xvere Netf'F^rdissV. B.' O.' WJlKins, Bijlje 'Langstoii. Dj{sy fijjllrji^n aiid pa.ul Young. PW'lHE t|i'f' 'piislness session conducted/by Mrs. \V. W.' Pi ; ewiit, prcsi- ilent,'p|ai)s \vprf' iinnouriccd for the annual study course, to lie held March 23-25 under the direction of j First Year D & PL114 Planting Seed Privately Ginned from Pedigreed Seed Our Germination test 90 to 97 Ask for Prices $ PEWEV FARMS COMPANY Mtirjvcd Tree, Save on Shoes for the entire family at Roland's Bootery of 3000 pairs Ladies, Merc's, Qhilfen's mCg.O'NEILL; SHOES I'umuf, JS.50-S9.SI) Values tyfW* A]l Heels Tics AH Styles & Colors FOOTSAVERS $6.85 LADIES' am! MISSUS sa'.iVsj-sro'irr SH.QKS • ?vl.l)5-S5.95 Values $2.95 I.AOJKS' Sl'OHT OXFORDS 0(ld l.ol Ladies' SHOES liniken Sj?.i'.s . $1 ladies' Silk HOSIERY SI.0(1 Hose «9c 1.25, S|.:i5, Sl.aO'Ilpsc ' Children's 2 Pair i'or Ihe 1'ricc of J I'ajr MKIS'H !'L.ORSIfKji\J SHOES cKulsir-. 'S!».5(NS10-. Values S6.85 S||iN'S HKCiULAK $5 Shoes • $2.95 BOYSVSHOES •AH Siib/Cush ?;!.!).")-? 1.95 Values $345 No Approvals

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