Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 6, 1955 · Page 8
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 8

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 6, 1955
Page 8
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MOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Monday, June Four AII Agree on , Place lot a Pour conference starting July I, at Geneva, Switzerland, n. -[Slned subject today to Russian ;*f>|#dval of the lime and place. . t .-.She Russians already have r, -itreed m fcHneifcie to a meeting \ Jills Miftthifc? of President fiiseh- -*•<•-•-•• JHM the PWme Ministers tjf Britain, France and Russia. tfhe United* States announced &turd&y It had agreed With Us ^Western- alilfeg to hold the meeting $t Geneva. Officials said t h e tfotmal proposal will be forearded flils Week to Russia, which had Suggested Vienna as the site. • <, This country originally had \|" Opposed the choice .of Geneva-, the £ite ol a conference last year at ;iyjiich Frfthpe afereed to turn the PRESCOTTNEWS Mrs. Esther E. Huskey present! her piano pupils in & recital W nesday evening al First BapUs Church, Ire folljwin^ pv:-c:?.rn \val pre sei-Ud: Opening Remarks: Herlosis Mil ler. Tickj Tock, northern' part of Viet Jtthe ComhiunisW. Nm over Carter; My Firs The U.S. announcement did not CHARLOTTI'S \ DRIVMN (Formerly White's Drive-In) NOW OPEN on fit MONDAYS COMFORT CONVENIENCE SAFETY ECONOMY via your • travel 4Mb* ob * MO-PAC 'bib. &tfoy toft, ndininf -...•eat** air-conditioning, ^ bargain fluta everyday and a- mod«ra air-cushioned rid*. Bi«t £f all... you wha»lfii>Iiperienced t oper- Jnquirt abeut cur tconomQ at/ ALWAYS ASK , FOi A MISSOORI-f ACIFIC •US TICKCTI JICKiTS.IIIfOtlldATIOII Missouri Pajelffc* Passenger Station ' Phone PRoipect 7-2651 Dancing Lesson, JOhhsot); By San dra Hubbard. ;•.••• •I. Love To Dance, Grogdbn} by Lyrida James. The Fine Pickaninnies, Bobble Taylbr; Maft Gregbr. Silver Slippers, Ste&dmdn, Wanda Ruth Taylor. A Summer Moi-hihg, Light, Old Black Joe, (Foster), Fletcher, " Bobby Rawiirts. Tommy's New Drum, trestoh by Kay Co*> In a Forest Tall, Bui-nam, Judy Boyett. In the Cottohfields, Mac Laehlen Robert Allen Erskine. Song of the Banjo, Wright, Bet ty Lou Arnbld. Vocal Solo, ' Open U]E> Vour Heart" .by Bobby RaWlins. Dreaming, Rolfe, by Mary Faye Wicker. Dance of the Wooden Shoes^ Schul dt, by Bennie Arnold. Heart's Desire, Grey, by Susanne Jones. Schmetterling's, Lege, by Mary Nell Barham. A Brave Knight, Ketterer, by Ja'- rhes Ellis Stewart. 'Rocky Brooklet, Mary Beth Thompson. Wettack,,by Cotton Fluff. Edwards. Smith, by Paula Vocal Solo. "Put On Your Old Grey Bonnet",by Bennie Arnold. >. The Choristers, Groton,.Jeanette Blevins. , : Melody of Love, (Classical a-r- rangement(, Engelman, by Evelyn Barhem. • 'Love Dreams, Brown, by Margie Kirk. Narcissus (original arrangement). Nevin, by Phenea Jones. Accordian -Solo, "Mansions Over the Hill Top", by Paula, Edwards. Midnight Fire Alarm, March, Lincoln, Marilyn O'Steen.' In Schubert's Day, Leminda McDoueald. Krentzlin, Pluie D'Etoiles, Wachsy <by .Barbara Nell Stewart . iPoupee Valsante, Poldini, Sarah DeWoody. ; : Ushers: Janice Lowe. Merilyn specify a closing date, but thjS country has sought to limit the top-level conference Jo a genera! discussion- lasting only a feW days. The dates July 18-21 have been suggested. Actual .efforts to settle the^problems of East-West tensioiis would be carried on later by the Big-Four foreign, ministers , or lesser diplomats. ' TONIGHT ON RADIO WOODMEN OF THE WCMtLD LIFE INSURANCE SOCIETT preienti in 65th Ant|!ver(*ry prpirain '"' '•' ' 7 FOR VALOR a gripping drama. ,ol,: itarriag HARRY ELDEBB KXAR-9P. M. (1490 KC) ,1 & DRINKS AT OUR . . the most modern in Soda Fountain and equipment. FORTUNES Ice Gream servea 1 , only the best in Fruits and Syrups used. ; Hae your friends meet you at our fountain. Our fountain has A 1 Rating. ;-.• 102 W.2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST . 722t2 GET ACQUAINTED OFFER Get Service, quality ond satisfaction guaranteed. *» AH -kind of welding General repair work. All children toys welded free. iltrfWfcAr *" - t «• . . KING'S GARAGE & WELDING SHOP 3rd A Ferguion Phone 7-9922. '* • ' ^ "^ ' m ' - - -" " "- 1 '" 11 IW •!«WW^"*™™*«P*»i»»*«»**H*«B* WANTED TO BOY ;>:.; M 4/4 & 5/4 Green Soft Hardwood Lumber (AH Types) Ash, Mgple, Sycamore, Hackberry, Cottonwood for >ric*i A Specifications Writt McCoy-Couch Furniture Mfg, Co, Jv> : fMe, * Cafblifte Dil* ' Pfe-School Clinic Held May 20 was the date trf the Pre- Sfeh&l tfllhlc held IB the Education- Court Upholds Power of Game, Fish Group LITTLE ROCK Broad powers of the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission — and specifically its authority to fix license fees for dogs used in chasing foxes Mrs. Tillman 'Mcflrayer and Mrs Dan Pittmafc, >Jr. • Ma'Mtfl Jane Bemis, Anna and Ellfeh Gordon were presented in iance recital by the Dorothy R& hiey School of Dance Wednesday evening at College Hall at Henderson^ SXatfe Teachers College. Arkad edphia. Those attending from Pres cdtt were Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Gor don, -Mrs, Dudley Gordon, Mrs Watson White Jr., Mr. and Mrs Charlie Scott arjd Linda, Mr/ ant Mrs;. J. -R. Bemis, Andy, Harolc ahd>;TedHy and their guest Mrs Harold • Simpson of Cincinnati Ohio. Mrs. Ted "Smiley and Jimmy o: Aurora, • Mo., are the guests o ierlparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. A Yanceyv Mrs.: Harold-Simpson of Cincinnati Ohio; is visiting her grand children Marittr Jane, Harold, Teddy aric Andy Bemis, While their parents Mr. and Mrs. J. R. Bemis accom panted' by Mrs. Bill Dates, are spending - three weeks in Sweden and Switzerland where they wil ;ouf various lumber mills. They eft Via plane from New York City oti -Saturday. 'Mrs. Roy Loorriis and Mrs. Jack hooper-of Texarkana have recent y. returned from Miami, Florida where'they attended the Southern Baptist _ Convention and the Southerly',Vf omens Missionary Union They also 'toured Ihe Baptist Mission .-. Fields' in Cuba. Mr., and Mrs. Fred florrie of San Diego, Call?., are the guests of Mr. and MrS,'Andrew Davis and other relatives. , . . . • Mr. -and; Mrs. Allan Johnston lave returned to Shreveport, La., after,having been called'here due o.-.th'e death of their nephew, John M. Pittman. Friends of, Mr. and Mrs. C. R 3r«y will regret .-• that their son, fohnj.fell-from a tree and broke lis.'-artti.in several places. eek's Violent Continued from Page One Mrs. pene-V-insett, 47, and her two . yinsett,. of the -nearby Oak community, Vj'as the wife of 'VJn'se'tt, a stock farmer. The en, Kenneth V. Owen, 4, and i -Lee" Owen, .3, were the only ' hlldren of Mr.' and Mrs. Kenneth Owen, A Saturday night argument at ,'orth-Little, Rock ended in the atal shooting of a young Negro woman, identified .as Effie B. Wilon, a,bout 23. Tornrny Wilson, 23-year-old Nero who police said was not re- ateed to-the shooting victim, was leing held oh an open- charge. Of; the violent deaths reported arlier in the week, three resulted rorn .traffic accidents, two were rownings, two were; due to indus- rial accidents, one 'to d farm bc- ident, and one person was killed n a plane crash; Who Quit Smoking Add to ay AF Science Rtborter AtXANTrc CITY, N. J. UP)-Men who quit, smoking cigarettes prob- bly cut their risk of dying of unff cancer compared with men yho keep on smoking, thfe Ameri- eair Cahceb Society reported to- W. Its study finds the cancer death 9te among a group of ex-smokers was only half that of smokers. But JlP'friety ottfcials said that MO Jo the small number of smokers fn4''extsmokers involved, it Jingt'be "proven beyond season-, e doubt" that quitting reduces IP risk ot liing cancer. They de. tared more evidence is needed, is Q maijjj finding jn ths of ' * continuing so ' study ,*>f nearly 190.WKJ men. ged 50 to W. !»n d their smoking •bits <md what they die of. Criticizing the statistics. Timo by V. rtartnett, chairman of ths Industry Research Comm»U»e, «aW the study "does not any cause and effect re- iMpnahin." Ju»t a year 9|0 the first report, ndicating cigarettes play a role Ivjhg c*.nc«r, Was announced by 9. Cuyler Hammond and Horn, director and assist- director of the society's statia- c*l research, at the annual g of th« Aftierican Medical AHA. Tkat first report covered 20 «*aths of ntarlj W>Hiljtioi <* Tokyo tilts rea- al tiuildbg of the Methodist Church = „„...., iUAV , from IT to 11 a; hi* At this time 57 j— were upheld by the Arkansas children Were e*amlhed and given ~ - •—<*•—•-*-- — M^f.kitchen cX^.^ifb'ldr," Jr.rt)n.& J£,Turney ahd pfi CKarielj JttjStef$| The tbl '•"M-l vKsjistijd alSihe cUffiJci ' %ki _ tfftrvey,' "-'"' a "' : '-* i ' JJ th^fty^ A., Gdlfdo.nV MrSi; Affejbfe^k&I^Sft^; ;Mrs Supreme Court Chester Casy of Carroll County contended he could not be tried before a justice of the peace for n6t having a $1.5t) license gel by the commission for each fox hound. Th Supreme Court cited con- MARKETS >t. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. 111. i — ttogs 10,000; active, higher; choice No. 1 190-215 Ib 20.25; 180' 220 Ib 19.50-20.00; 220-240 Ib 19.0075; 240-260 Ib 18.50-19.25; 260-280 Ib 18.00-75; ; 140-170 Ib 18.50-19.50; 100130 Ib 16.50-18.00; sows 400 Ib down 13.75-15.25; over 400 Ib 12.2513.75; boars 9.50-12.50. Cattle 6,000, calves 1,000; 'Sirring to higher; good and choice steers 20.00-22.75; some high cOrrimereial to low good steers 19.00;heifers land mixed yearlings, choice or bet- cents to $1.50 a bale lower than the previolisclose. July 33.88, October 34.01 and December 34.05. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO Wheat and soy- bfe tried and sent th'e case back !"^00; c^" good and choice; to Carroll Circuit Court which had upheld Casey. The Supreme wCollrt cited constitutional amendment No. 35 which gave the Game and Fish Commission authority to make its. own regulations and to fix fees and penalties. The commission acted legally when it upped the fee for fox hounds from .50 cents to $1.50, the Supreme Court' said. The opinion was written by As 'sociate Justice J. F. Holt. Chief Justice Lee Seamsfrer and Associate Justice Minor Millwea dissented. heifers and mixed yearlings 20.00 22.00; cows utility and commercial 12.00-14.00; cannel-s and cutters : 9.5011.50; bulls utility and commercial 13.50-15.00; vealers, good "and choice 18.00-22.00; prime 24:00. : Sheep 2,000; higher; Choice and prime spring lams 22.00-23.50; utility and good 20.00-21.00 ewes steady, 3.50-5.00. Democrats Not Yet Booming About Election By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press Analyst WASHINGTON (ffl — The Dem ocrats are mousy quiet for -a po litical party onlya year away from the 1956 presidential election. If they have found one stirring issue to use against the Republicans next year.they haven't disclosed it. Yet at the same time in 1951 the Republicans were cl out ing the Democrats with two issues which remained major through the next '11 months up to election day in 1952: the Korean War and alleged Communists in government. There is no war now. The Democrats can't accuse the Republicans of not trying to get Reds out of government. Long agq President Eisenhower predicted his Re publicans would work so,hard on this problem it would riot be an issue in 1956. He seems v to have been right. With few exceptions, coRgres- sional Democrats, the real', party spokesmen when they have S,no chief in the White House, have been extremely placid. This migh' be. interpreted as meaning the Democrats think they have a cinch in 1956. They probably think nothing of the kind. If Eisenhower runs again, the Democrats' chances of losing lok as good as in 1952. His popularity remains astonishingly high after almost 28 months in the White iouse. The Democrats, instead of trying to manufacture issues day by day, have given him extraordinary cooperation , pa rticularly in for eign affairs. The question has been asked: How long will this go on? The Democrats may change their attitude. They haven't shown much sign of it yet. They have bucked Eisenhower from time to time on •taxes, boosting postal lowering workers' pay, 'pn restoring inflexible price supports; on road building. The Democrats could have ripped into the administrationfor it's confusing handling of the anti- polio v'acclhe. Most didn't. Criticism on that delicate subject might have bomeranged. The one thing they have harped on, in one way or another, is that ;hat have saved Eisenhower from is own Republicans, .These factors, more than any others, are probably responsible 'for the Democrats' strange quietness so late in the- political season: 1. Eisenhower's personal popu- arity. They know that if they find sbrriething to hit him with, it had setter be big, real and earnest. Petty attacks on him will look jetty and may have, a reverse ef- 'ect. • •• 2. The two parties' programs} are not basically far apart anyway. And, since this is a time of great prosperity, the Democra t s will lave a time pointing up any great differences unless they can find .ssues of deep and stirring inter' est. Those issues, have not appeared. 3. The Democrats, except for their party label, lack a central 'allying point. Adlai Stevenson, re- (arded by some as the party chief, can hardly lay full claim to the title. He has said to little to provide leadership or direction. At this time in )6>51 the Repub- loans could rally around the late Sen. Robert A. Taft of Ohio, the acknowledged Republican leader in Congress. He gave the Republicans a sense of direction ami dif- 'erence from 'the Democrats, even ;hough his party deserted him at election. The Democrats in Congress have no comparable figure now. Texarkana Ordinance Upheld by Court LITTLE ROCK (*) — A Texar- cana city ordinance regulating icavy traffic on certain streets was ipheld by the Arkansas Supreme NEW YORKSTOCKS NEW YORK (M—Quiet progress was made today by the Stock Mar- kiat as it pushed upwardai^ound record high levels. The return to the old peaks of late April follows a moderate six- week consolidating reaction. The rise carried nprices up around 2 points in a few cases. Most gainsand losses were fractional with many leading issues holding unchanged. Motors maintained a steady front today throughout crucial stages of negotiations between Ford and the United Auto Workers over a contract. Steels were firm withU. S. Steel strong. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO iffl — USDA —Live poultry about steady; receipts in coopsl,027 Ib f.o.b. paying prices unchanged; heavy hens 22.528; light hens 16.5-17 broilers or fryers 30-32; old roosters 12-12.5; caponettes 35-35. NEW YORKCOTTON NEW YORK '(#)—Cotton futures were lower today under light but persistent pressure of hedging and liquidation. Distant months were weak, with the October 1956 delivery off $1.70 a bale at one time. Late afternoon prices were 34 beans led most of the market lower on the Board of Trade today. Substantial receipts at terminal markets over the weekend were a strong contributing factor in the decline. Corn h'eld fairly steady. At the close wheat was • lyj cents'lower, July $1.96%; corn >/ 2 % Higher, July 1.41->/ 4 ; oats %l'/ 8 lesS, July 65-'/ 2 , and rye was Vi lowerto Vi higher, July $1.0G. Soybeans Were two cents lower to Va higher, July $2.42-2.42i/ 4 . Wheat: none. Corn: No. 2 yellow- 1.461/2-; NO. 5 1.33>/ 2 -34. Oats: No, 1 'heavy white 77'/ 2 -;79; No. 1 white 74'/ 2 i - Soybean oil: 12%-Vi; soybeans meal: 50.00. Barley nominal: malting choice 1.35-52; feed 95-1.16. The ancient Greeks called Sicily •Trinacria." Prison Riot in Michigan Is Quelled IONIA, Mich. (#)—A riot broke out at the State Reformatory to day when four inmates -seized two see the warden. The other guards were injurec and were taken to the reformatory hospital. The riot, confined to one building of the prison which has 6,000 inmates was quickly brought under control. Warden Garrett Heyns told the inmates he would not talk with them until they released the hos tages. They did so and weretaken to Heyns' office. The inmates reportedly wanted to see the warden regarding a corn- plaint about a guard. Four squads oj state police, were rushed to the prison to stand by in case the guards needed assistance. One of the .guards was reported injured when an inmate struck f| * him, down with a chair. Names of • Expert Repair Service—All Types • Home and Industrial Wiring • Installation—Fixtures & Outlets • 24-Hour Service—'-Call any time. ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 114 S. Elm Phone 7-2629 - LEO'S GARAGE - Sub-Dealer for FORD TRACTOR & PARTS "Our repair shop is as near as your telephone" For All... • CARS • TRUCKS • TRACTORS • EQUIPMENT Leo Harrsfield — Owner and Operator 413 S. WALNUT PHONE 7-4314 ~ the nijurecl were not available im-j mediately. Police reported the disorders,;! no time spread to other buildings.! the feformatdfy is a mediutnl Security prison with more thah>-:ja thousand inmates. Monday, June $, 1955 ~* 'ms Although there are more plai and animals in temperate than |;l tropic seas, there are a grea' number of species iii the tr&pict. : !<• A" i ' , '-.— '-•• irr-' ir.'-A*.::--^. •• Calendar HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS WORt HOT WATER HEATER HEADQUARTERS • Day & Night • Rheem * >v • Crane • General One - Three - Five - Ten Year Warranty HARRY W. SHIVER Plumbing - Heating : today. The ruling affirmed Miller Chan- ery Court which had refused an application of Joe House for an rijunction against enforcement of h* ordinance. The ordinance frrtscribts * max* nurn weight, with certain *xcep- ion*, tor trucks operating on l?th treet, 24th street and Jetterson FINANCIAL CONDITION of THIRD DISTRICT LIVESTOCK SHOW A two-year audit of the records of the Livestock Show has just been made by ,R. A. Lile and Company, Certified Public Accountants of Little Rock. The following statement of assets and liabilities is reflected in that audit: • . * ASSETS Cash in Bank .:....... ' 5.82 Lease on Ground — 50 Years 50.00 Buildings (Appraised Value) 124,063.04 Building Improvements Furniture and Fixtures .'....... Equipment Meter Deposit Cash in Bank - Premium Fund 27.15' Less Reserve for Premium 27.15 2,411,96 886.03 340.00 10.00 Total Assets 127,766.85 LIABILITIES AND EQUITY Bank Overdraft Accounts Payable Notes Payable - Banks Payroll Taxes Due 98.13 ..................................................... 20,786.00 .................................... -..., ............. 78.00 Total Liabilities ............................................... ............ 24,783.02 Equity of Third District Livestock Show Association ........ 102,983.83 Total Liabilities and Net Worth ................... ............. 127,766.85 The complete certified audit is on file in the Association office in Hope and subject to the inspection of all interested parties. The Board of Directors, at its May meeting, inspected the audit and the reqorcjs pf receipts and disbqrsments for the two-year period ending-Jan. 1, 1955 and found the same to be in satisfactory condition. The Board further directed that the president cause the foregoing information to be published, . By Authority of th^ Board Jimmie Allen, President, Third District Livestock Show tuesday June 7 SS Class of the First Bap: tistChurch will meet in trie home of Mrs. Cecil O'Steen Tuesday evening June 7 at 7:30 with Mrs. Oras. co-hostess. . - . Can't Get Rid of PILES' Pain? then Vou'd Better Send For this Ointments fail you? "home" remedtes tan't givfe real relief? You've "tried 'em., 611" and piles, or fistula, or other rectal pain still tortures" you? Then you do need this book frdm ' America's leading pile and general rectal clinic.- Tells you what to do—and why. Write fpf Your Free Copy of . "RECTAL AND COLON , DISEASES" • . Thornton Minor Hospital, Suite 619, 911 E. Liawood Kansas City 9, "' ' Thursday June 9 Hope B&PW Club will meet Thursday June 9, at 7 p. m. at the H6te"l Barlow. Program will be presented by the out going officers. Don't Expect Too Much, Ike Warns By JAME SMARLOW WASHINGTON M — The Eisen- j t Pat Cleburne Chapter of UDC jjfoill.Jiave annual picnic Thursday noon at Old State Capitol in Wash| tvgtcm. '• y • Notice intermediate MYF Party origin- ally'Scheduled lo meet Tuesday ni- ght'June 7'has been postponed until Wednesday night June 8, at 7:30 in Fair Park. Game night nt the Hope Country Club has-been, postponed until June 14th. It was '.scheduled to meet [.Tuesday nigH.1 June 7th, PFormer Hope Girl To Wed Gerald Nafe Mr. and ; Mrs. L. C. Russell an- |;nounce the engagement and ap- I. preaching marriage.of their daugh- titcr, Donna," formerly of Hope, now I-residing in .Dallas to Gerald Nafe I; of $funcie, Indiana also residing Ijin Dallas. l< The wedding will be an event in I: July. Miss Russell is -a graduate ol ('Hope High School and Mr. Nafe a of Muncie Central- High sident; Tom Wardlow, secretary .._ _ and treasurer; Mrs. Mabel Ward, jhowcr administration's view of the reporter; Myra Grisham. I Big Four meeting has moved from The meeting date has been chan-'negative (not wanting it) to some- ged from Thursday to Tuesday ni- where between negative and posi- ghls. The 1st. regular meeting will live agreeing to it but cautioning be held Tuesday June 14, and all | not to expect to much of it. Secretary of State Dulles cannot be said to have played up the importance of this meetin— perhaps in Geneva July 8 — among President Eisenhower and his opposite visitors are welcome and bring your horses. Emma Louise Downs And Patrick Loop Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. Allen Downs of Col- 'Russia. numbers in Britain, France and Death[Has <?)Lives by Brett Hatliday - - <opnt«!» 195S b| Irttf Main* fctt *«•*«. ht. THE STORY: Unaittingly Private Detectvie Michael Shayne helped Jack Bristow escape arrest for murder. Later TKIM "Sorry to bother you, but we hopec you could identify him. Look again Miss, he urged: "Look at him tow's body under the bed in the Hamilton, week-long on "normalization of re- carefully now you know he isn'1 Rourke, a reporter, finds Bris- y° llr husband. Will you swear you never saw him before? She wet his lips 'and forced her gaze t orest on Brlstow's features. She began shaking her head decidedly, then slowy a puzzled look . crept into her eyes. She regarded . Shayne heard a car pass below him more intently, breathing, "He m the alley, and carried the bodies does look sort of familiar at that. apartment of Lucy Shayne's .secretary. . Chapter XIII 5 to the fre escape to wait on the I don't know. I'd swear I never umbus announce the 'approaching! Even a mild and. perhaps truej lan ding until Rourke returned will knew him in my life but marriage of their daughter, Emma 1 statement by Vice President Nixon,l no lights. ' I .•>. don't . . . just know it's Louise to Patrick Loop of Bird | pointing out how important the con- City, Kansas. jfcrence may. be, did not draw en- The wedding will be an event of, ciorsement from the State Depart- June 18, at the Columbus Baptist !monl. whose views are Dulles' Church. A reception will be at the,views. home of Mrs. E. L. Cox following I Las t week Nixon said the meet- the ceremony. ling may be 'avoid war. \ man's la-it chance to After a short wedding trip the avoid war. When Dulles' press of- couple will reside in Sandance. j ficer Henry Suydam was asked Wyoming. No cards will be sent. just know it's funny Then he carried his burden down'M^ybe Ive seen his picture some- swiftlys, thrust it in the back scat where. and got in beside the reporter. "Where we taking him, Mike?" Rourke asked as he drove. "There's a girl in a motel out He's from New Orleans, Hhayne helped her. "Does the I name, of Jack Bristow mean any' thing to you? that way who was disappointed', For ^ us( an in stant, he thought tonieht whon imr hiici->«,iri Hi^r,-ii nc ! ' aw a flash of recognition, of Personal Mention for comment, he said: "I'll make no comment." The administration's attitude seems to be getting under the tonight when her husband didn't] meet here in front of a house on flash of recognition, of comprehension, on her face. If it had been there at all, she had to. If Jack is the man, She may"as sw ' ft |- v well know the worst now at later." and hc knew ' 18th Street as he had arranged /•-., "" ""' """ ••*•" swiftly gained control of herself he would get no He settled back and lit a Miss Mary Ida Adams ot Hope Democrat who urged the meeting attended Girls State at Little Rock 'before Eisenhower agreed to it. last year was called back to serve Yesterday George said: "We ought to approach this with a possitive attitude." Dulles has taken pains to say: Don't get your hopes too high skin of Sen. Geor ge r the Georgia ane rspe ,. e , ac nnd , lil a .^ct Democrat who urend the meeting |and related his meetmgwith the as a counselor this year. hungry girl who called herself Mrs. Peter Smith. Timothy Rourke divested himself of a non-committal "U-m-m," drove on out the boulevard at a moderate speed until Shayne ges- Coming and Going & _ JUU1 1JUi , ca IUM - _ Mrs. Cora Hutchens of Hope and.^ouf; this conference. Then if KlS^ 8 ^ Mrs. Lula Ballard of Texarkana fails you won't be disillusioned. i^,?™ ottM °? n » ,„ more from her. ,She shook her head definitely and said, "No. I guess now I -was mistaken about ever seeing even his picture. He told her, "I think you rely- about him being your hus- , ; -I-accept that. But I do he- you know w o he is I" School. It Hope Round Up Club Elect Officers The Hope Round UP Club met Friday June 3rd. and elected new II officers. They are as follows: Pres- Mrs. Scrub Mosier, vice-pre Duke's Beauty Salon j 1019 W. 7th Phone 7-4389 Featuring Duke's Variation Cut " Operators Francis Gillian — Ethel Moran HURRY! LAST DAY AT: 2:42 - 5:39 - 8:36 The Most Bizzore Groups of People Ever Thrown Together By Fate — On The Most Exciting Ad-, venture that Ever Spanned the 2400 Miles Between Honolulu and. San Francisco Bay! • ADDED DELIGHTS • 1. News of the Day 2. Daffy Duck Color Cartoon spent Sunday in Washington with Eisenhower describes his role at relatives and friends, and attend- , lhe conference this way: he and ed Methodist church service SiroM ll ? e . othel : J°P men won't make de day morning. After a ten day visit with Mrs- i lo tackling specific problems, th ! Cabin No. 6," he 'directed ' somclhin K about him. And youd "You stay back and bring him iri' bet1er te . 1 . 1 . me " His voice became Mrs. Eiseman " '• Mrs. Gertrude W. EJseman of: Boston, Mass., today was named President of The Mother Church, The F.irst Church of Christ, Scientist,, in Boston, Mass., at the Annual Meeting of the Mother Church attended by church members from many parts of the world. J. E. Schooley and Mrs. Tholma Moore, Mrs. Mary Belle Hausmann j cisions: They'll just discuss prob- .. 'lems-in general. When it comes se(; He got when I tell you to. Pull llio blanket down from his face so she sees , " ds> d cnanc <5 -io get foreign ministers will do that. There is also some political use- and sons Paul and Bob, have ro., fulness in the administration's ap- turned to their home in Nicholson,!' )roach to the conference: Pa. Mr. and Mrs. F. B. Kirk and ple harse with anger: "Two people have! "been murder- st'ill on the town. I think you can British TV Plans Complete Revision BYy WAYBE OLIVER NEW YORK iff} — Great Brl- ain's new commercial television ;ervice may not be as lively as he American version but it won't be dull says Haary Towers, who will boss much of the programming. In fact, the short, ynamic DOROTHY DIX Are Wedding GiftsRequired? Dear Miss Dix: What is one supposed to do regarding wedding Invitations? We all receive so many of them this time of year. Many are sent to me people I don't even know. I may belong to an organi zation with the mother of the bride or groom. She may not even be an intimate friend of mine and sometimes I have never seen the young people. Am I under obligation to buy a, gift? I arn quite active in church and civic work so have a wide circle if acquaintances. It seems to me Lhis wedding business is getting to be a racket. MRS. J. P. out and went to the door rnc sometnin g about him. You|y° un g British TV-radio magnate a bin and raooed 1'iehtlv are invitin S dea t h yourself if you says the new service, to start lieht, hPh nH him B nnfl don>t - Give " to me now. I'll see this fall, will include some Amer- of the cabin The headlights behind him out lined his figure clearly, and he you ' re Protected, but no one can lc '™ f'^rams. saw the uirls faro nnnrirm a t hi™ 'Protect you if youdont. I think the American If the. Republicans got'the peo- "l^jlrls face peering at him up about the meeting from b f hi " d l , he windows after snd it failed, the Democrats could ™™ nt ; He - knoc < c d again heard Frank, Jr., of Albany, Georgia have arirved for a week's visiti 1 '^ to blame them for it and the, She shook her head f, compressing her viewer stubborn- would find it very good," Towers Like I.said while here on one of his fra- * he - turnln S with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Whitworth and other relatives. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. J. W. Hopei Wanda Peoples, Hope, Ha- least they've zel Giles, Lewisville. voters in the 1956 elections might show their disappointment. By promising he would not fall into the trap of appeasement at the meetingj Eisenhower seems to have pleased those among his Republicans who sounded afraid to Patterson,' seo - n j m mee t the Russians. At d ° r °P ened been fairyquiet inside crack. and the just got here tonight. ThP oirl-i 1 dont know anything about any fc killings in Miami. I "swear I doni. ;thin voice, expressing utter dc feat, floated out to him through the crack: "Give me a chance to get back ,,.,,„. , , in bed before you turn on the . c i la S 1 Shavn e.and the numbers light. Bare fee tsped across the ln the book. He wenut out and got quent ocean-hopping business trips.. He has just closed a deal with Evangelist Billy Graham for 26 floor and the bodsprings creaked. Shayne pushed the door open and Shayne shrueged and turned lilrr > e d .programs. He's 'dickering away. "All right. If you decided for x Love Lucy, the • Roy Rogers ... call me. The name is show and others, and' hopes to have frequent American guest stars such as Bob Hope and Johnny Ray. • "We may put LiberaCe" on," he under the steering wheel. "Where to now, master-mind? flipped the light switch. She asked'Hourkc mockingly. cringed away from him inthe- bedL, Not a smgle brl S h t idea, said adds. Meanwhile, London Dischared: Narcissus Olden and: But, by indicating beforehand he tI . 1 " BC " awi ^ "'um ium mine U ea> gh n _ sava '°T v ""ExvpnT^'n "*£ will include a big Sunday evening daughter. Saratoga, Jimmy Bri- w ill make no final decisions E-'- |wlth the covers P ulled U P u e htl y!rW «f th-ft nniJ m« ^ Cept to get -—=—- u..._,...._? .?. un ? ay , evc »'"S oht- Hnno i _.. ,_ _ __.i. . ., about her rhin. "Whnlll vnn rtr, iju - UJ - mai-tuia meal 1 Answer: Receiving an invitation !o a church wedding, which I presume is your complaint, involves no obligation of a gift. Most people, including myself, consider it an lonor to be asked to attend a wedd- ng. The young people ask friends of their parents in the sincere be- ief that older people will be interested. If,they omitted these cour- ,esy invitations, I-assure you there would be many hurt feelings. You'd Be Offended As a matter of fact, I think if you squarely faced the issue, yow'd admit that your own feelings would quite injured if your fellow club members omitted you from all their invitation lists. On a joyous )ccasion we all like everyone we enow to share our happiness; this s the only reason why Invitations are -sent for such celebrations as weddings, 'Dear Miss'Dix: I'm 29 and have been going with Lester for seven years. He's a year younger than I. He seldom mentions marriage; when he does he promises to marry me on a certain date, then that's the last I hear of it. 'Lately he's had the excuse that I'm not working. I was laid off several weeks ago and have just gotten another job. He says we should wait to"see if it is steady work. Les has a nice personality and we've been well suited to each other but lately I've been having 'doubts whether or not we'd t>e happy. What do you think? - ' H. P. Answer: Nurse those doubts along until they've grown enougji to become postive objections, A man whose primary interest is your pay j check won't make "a reliable hus- programVband. better off with someotte es my own high standards? - ''Ml ANONYMOUS?: Answer: Pot shattifil 1 dtfutbi _ you'd find anyone who would gaffill^ to the "high standards" ydti tain, friendship" is mote matter of, clothes or social your friend is an ideal cottlpift in all other ways, the djtfent for you to do Is to help He? "VI her problem.. Encourage he 1 * to udy sewing so she can make thlnjt' for herself, or . even, tnake dresses from your own oVerstook*(|J Wardrobe. People whose, respect is laving don't look down ort because they can't afford expefi'sfvi! clothes. If it becomes knowh thM- you have dropped your best friend," you'll find very lew willing to stetf into her shoes. > ,~F • : t "if Dear Miss Dbc: I am a girl df 1 and have been corresponding-wl'. a boy in service who is"" 1& 1 kn« him slightly before he went but now I am becoming iorid>. him with every letter. Oo yoii tti there's a possibility of anything" •; ions developing from thW pondence? - - PJJ Answer:'The outcome at*t respondence can rarely be . ed. The boy may have several 'cd respondence, all on the same endly" basis,", There's no wty J$f can force the issue without J* dizing it,_so I suggest linue you?" friendly" r . up with outside 'interests, and -HAZEL'S ght, Hope. 600 Get Degrees at University FAYETTEVILLE, (m— More than. 600 seniors received their degrees' ticularly to Britain and at the University of Arkansas' spring commencement. The degrees were awarded Saturday. Honorary law degrees were given to -four men," including ; K. Mahony of El Dorado; Rep. Brooks Hays (D-Ark), the commencement speaker; Dr. Charles E. Palm, head of the Department of Entomology at Cornell University, and the Rev. C. M. Reves of Conway, vice president of Hendrix College, were cited as distinguished alumni. TUESDAY Just a Room ... and a Kiss . . . and a gun between them! Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 FINAL NIGHT Adventure! Excitement! Spectacle! JOHN WAYNE MONTGOMERY CLIFT WALTER BRENNAN JOANNE DRU "RED RIVER" • JR. HITS • 1. Warner Bros. News 2. Leon Enrol Comedy 3. Sylvester The Cat Cartoon 4. Blackfeet Round Up & Rodeo Starts TUESDAY This is Western Week at the Drive-In senhower may be setting another kind of trap for himself. What will he do if the Russians at the meeting suddenly confront him with proposals' which have some air to Britain and France, France, but require a decision by Eisenhower if the conference is not to fail? "Whalll you do sense . into you, Asks to End Segregation Dispute By EDWIN B. HAAKINSON _ WASHINGTON Iff) —Senate Majority Leader Lyndon B. Johnson (D-Tex) today made an unusual appeal to the House to end a dispute over racial segregation provisions and pass a military reserve about her chin, if I scream? "Slap some said Shayne flatly. "Ive got your husband outside. You want to see him— She flung the covers back and started to leap out of bed, showing her body clothprl only in a white silkslip, and tured her back, "waitrigh t to you. He -turned in the seat as fast as we can. (To Be Continued) back Pair Quits Try for Mississppi Record r., - LITTLE ROCK Iff} —A Little Shayne ges- Eock fa ther-and-son team ran into ack, saying gruffly, too - ™ any , ogs earl yesterday and ' U bnng him m were"forced to quit their efforts' at door way and-, nodded to Timothy Rourke, study the girl's fierce intensity stepped aside to expression with when the reporter entered carrying the blanket-wrapped body with pallid face exposed to the bright overhead light. bill. Normally Senate and House loaders avoid .giving advice to what they politely call "the other body" but Johnson voiced a hope that the House will pass the reserve measure, which is strongly backed by the Eisenhower administration. , "The military reserve is vita! to our national existence," Johnson told newsmen. Chairman Russell (D-Ga) of the Senate Armed Services Committee has served notice that his group will not take up the reserve pro posal until the House completes action. The bill is signed to bring a fourfold increase in the active reserve by 1960. Chairman Vinson (D-Ga) of the House Armed Services Committee moved to shelve the reserve bill after the House had voted to at tach an amendment to ban racia! segregation in reserve and Nation al Guard units. He has said he hopes to revive it later. Johnson said: "The issue that is now holding up passage of this crucial measure is one that has been settled in a number of different forms by the courts and the executive agencies, "Congress is no longer a meaningful forum for such debate, sincerely hope that this issue can now • be worked out and that we will not imperil the existence of our nation by raising issues which can have no meaning in terms of results." At the first rnonent, Shayne knew he had guessed wrong, and he had it in him I glad -that the corpse breaking the speedboat record on the Mississippi River between New Orleans and St. Louis. William Tedford, a sporting goods dealer, and William Jr. were back home today trying to decide whether to take another crack ' at?'the 56 hour mark for the l,093;-niile run. They had hoped to make it in 40 hours. At 2 a.m. yesterday, however, their 17-foot craft powered by two to be almost125-horsepower motors smashed into i hasn't heivjogs and other debris at a point man even though it dashed his | on the river called Mile 487 be- hopes for a fast conclusion to- the case. The look of eager expectation on tween Vicksburg, Miss., and Green ville, Miss. The up-river fight left variety hour'from the London Palladium with' such stars as Gracia Fields. • ,' Also on the Sunday evening Schedule ' -will be show featuring - t -Dear Miss iDix: During most; of my grammarrschoo] years I chum- 1 med with a girl who'is one of - a large family.' Her father is, just ' ts ? n t n °l°Sy|j| moderate wage-earner, so she never had very nice clothes. Now ; that we'.re. in .high school, thjs fact is ' dramatic, stars such as Sir Ralph Richardson. The SundaV afternon lineup'. will"' rnuch,'more" noticeable. "l T m "sure if include a 98-mmute program along " the lines of Omnibus. A major Saturday evening attraction will be a one-hour dra matic show telecast from high quality film recording.. • •- , Closing put the Saturday schedule will be a 45-minute program presided over by Jack Jackson, popular British entertainment personality. •'.."•: •' "It will be a sort of 'Steve Allen show," Towers explained. There also will be sports telecasts kiddie shows, quizzes, news-' reels and other features of types familiar to American viewers. • One noticeable difference will be the way the commercials are handled. They cannot be tied to the program in any way and the advertiser has nothing to say about her face changed to curiosity and j tedfords decided to give up their terror as she sank back on the attempt. pillow stifling a moan and shak- The men said they were running ing her head wildly. "No that's on schedule at the time, and were Not Him. I never haw him before due in Greenville at 10 a. m. They four propellers smashed, and the j the content of the program. The Beef tallow was the cornmoni lubricant 'in early industrial plants." TRAIL WAYS DALLAS • LOS ANGELES TEXARKANA ,,.;.. 85c DALLAS $5.30 iL PASO $19,85 SAN DIECO , , , . . $34.65 »/1SE W A /«/H N It NT Is he Shayne dead? shrugged and told her, had covered about 400 miles, they said. performer also may not deliver the commercial that precedes or, follows the program. The average life of a U. S. motor has increased from 7 years in 1930 •^•i^m^mml I had a different friend I'd have more dates, since she doesn't- at-1 tract boys. Don't you 'think I'd' ;be Now is the time to Get SCREENS From GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO. Glass &Solva Where are you going wi ^^•- - »:' ' ^T -:' .,;. '.n. He's like any normal husband with a new Chrysler 'in the family. He's learning why more wives ' "borrow" it than any other car!'' It seems that once a wife or husband gets to know the ease and control of Chrysler's Full-time, Power steering, any semi-power steering feels clumsy and heavy-handed. They both prefer Chrysler's smoother- acting Power Brakes . . . and the alive feeling of unlimited power in Chrysler's great new V8 engines! They like the utter smoothness and silence of PowerFlite Automatic Drive;,.v. and mtie^of alt they enjoy being seen and admired in Americas nwst smartly different car/ • No\v two Chryslers would really keep a family like this happy. Nevertheless, they'd be the first ;to tell you that one is a thousand times better tK4o none at all. That's why we urge you to come iu for a personal loo|(-see, and 9 drive. ' ' ( It's a truly wonderful experience. And < . > Sir or Madam . . . we suggest you bring your .spouse! COMI TAKE THE 100-Million. Dollar i. GOOD DRIVERS DRIVE SAFELY 1 NUNN-MCDOWELL MOTOR CO, • lii! !H| *I$T IN TV^ iff "IT'

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