Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 4, 1955 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Saturday, June 4, 1955
Page 3
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SOCIETY I A. M. ifld 4 P. M. i lender Juhft I »o, a. WSCS». fars, Ros8 ed the meeting to order and presided during a short business session, During this time the club voted to leader, will meet Monday at | ive , flve dollars '" the Cancer : in the home o£ Mrs. T. S. " Births M i AI * Fund. _Mrs. E. H. Byers, food preservation leader, gave some new points on freex.ing foods. Mrs. Jewel Shields, in the absence of secretary Jfcie WSCS No. 1 of the First Me- M r, s> Clyde Huckabee, called the Hflftm with Mrs. flalph-fiouton Bessie D. Green as co- Church will meet with Mrs. - WMite Monday June 6, at 4 Mrs. C. V. tfunn will have «iarge of the program. 3 ' of ' J, - ' j|-Meth&tlfst Church will meet with *' ' B - Kooftee, Monda June TT • " • *-*• •"•wwuwcj iM.uuuaj' U Ullw 1f. at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Cecil Weaver, ^""•s..John Hartsfield and Mrs. J. •- . Harbin will be associate hos- •» Circle 6 of the WSCS of the First ^Meth&dist CWufeh will meet in the VA Bottle of Mrs. Jack Gardner, in Oakhaven Monday June C at 2 o'- 1 Clock. Coming and Going 1 ' Mr. and Mrs Henry Taylor have housc their daughter, Mrs". Wirtfred Hastings of Dallas. fcciubs *'** Liberty Hill • Thfe May meeting of the Liberty Hill Home .Demonstration Club was " in the home of Mrs. Lester roll. A demonstration on clothing construction, with special emphasis on new methods of hemming and stitching a pleat, was given by Mrs. F'irst Kfent and Mrs - Li eht. Mrs. Jewel Shields, family life leader, told how the family should get together as a group more often. Mrs. Kent used for the devotional "The Wonders of God's Love", I John 1:1-3, and followed with prayer. The hostess served refreshments to .the above mentioned and to the following: Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie, home demonstration agent, Mrs ,Lola Tate, Mrs. L. E. Huckabee Mrs. J. L. Light and Mrs. H. E Patterson. Mrs. Patterson, who is State International Relations Chairman and County Council President was a guest. The June meeting will be with Mrs. Jewel Shields. feirths last month in tternpstead: White Billy aftf Mary itdtfers-, Laneburg, girt, Patricia Mfey. , 3. B. and BStty Wttliarhs, Hope, boy, Byron Keith, ' ' Glen .and Deronda iBeavers, Ful- t6n, boy, David Wayn'^j JO. L. and Alice Arnold, Hope- Rural ,boy, Barton Huston. Lavon and Lila i>hillifos, McCaskill-Rural, boy, Martin Dtale. Raymond and Cecil Hamilton, Fulton, boy, James D'oyaLl.' Samuel and Etheline Westbrook, Hope-Rural, hoy, Williana Alexander, Cleatipus and Errrta Thomas, Hope, boy, Mark dleatiouls. Hilton and Gladys Shaple^, Mope, boy, Daniel Hilton. J. C and Cordelia Rothwell, Hope, girl, Cecelia Ann. Cariton and Carrie King, Hope girl, Rapheal Edward. Oscar and Cecil Dougan, • Prescott-Rural, girl, Anita Darlferue. DOPOTHY DIX Saturday, lofr§ 4, f tsi Party For In-Laws him up and he'll put on the generous act. What can be done with such a man? MAGC5IE ind became engaged at Easter My parents and my fiance's areh't •well acquainted. They know each Answer: I would gather ' that other enough to speak on the street, your husband always had as much and tnats about all. I should like money 'as he needed from Dad bPi»Tr n° i »v, t °V kn ? v f each other'Money to him is good for nothing better and though of inviting them but to buy what he wants - the to our home for dinner and per -lottery of sponging friends. The naps an evening of cards. A girl People he borrows from ar proba- friend says this isn't proper. She bly the same ones he Final Honor Continued from Page On* CJarrett, Barbara Guthrie. 2nd. Semester, Merit flotl Wayne Johnson, Mary Jo Kin sey, Cissy Lewallen. Jimmy Lewis Lanora Messer, William Perkins Joe Polk, Alice Anthony, Margare Archer. Don Bailey, Linda Belts Bill Bridgers, Jerry Crawford, Ir ene Thornton, Carolyn Sprague Laura Rowe, Judy Watkins, Jo Ann White. Teresa Williams. Marilyn nt goln g -jo L..ia lau i proper. She,"'y me same ones he treats: thev i™ i \, .u X ;' *™ alll J" me to wait awhile. We are- Know he can't afford it, but he's rf, hr i'l ' * GaiTclt> Barbara be marrled a goocMirne Joe _ year and a half so her advice isj cve r, is is the root of the evil.'Have" to wait until a few months before ' vou tried writing him, telling the the wedding. conditions you and the children live Non-White Sandy and Edna Bland, boy, Silvester. _. — ( *,«..— '.viuiid.ruiinjju Li 1C UllliUrCJl 11VG i nave visited his home several under, explaining how high the cost times and get along with his folks of entertainment comes? If he's at very well. The only reason I want a " J usl - he'll send the money to to invite them is so the two sets y° u « n °t your husband, of parents can know each other hettcr - JOYCE V Hope, Wilson and Narcissus R'aglland Hope-Rural, boy, Wilson Aaron Jr. , ' Quency and Helen Chehtham McNab-Rural, girl, Sharice LyUin Berlon and Martha , Washington, Hope, girl, Loretta. ' i ... R. C. and Ester Stuart, Hope f* / u . n . der s' an ding between the w Henry • , IJe> two families is advisable. get tog-ether and relax a bit before the wedding there'd be much less trouble afterwards. Your spirit of friendliness, will go a long way toward establishing a good all- around relationship that will endure. Girl Friend Wrong Your girl friends advice is wronp Anything that will promote Dear Miss Dix: A few nights ago »„„.. -. . , — •• ^^ai jttiso JJIA. si ie\v rugnis aeo Answer If future in-laws would Robbei asked me to marry him -t tOfreiner -afin rninv o u;* i._ ITJ^ ^«nr.«»* i._ ii__t T _ •Kent. W. H. Light, president, call- buke's Beauty Salon 1019 W. 7th Phone 7-4389 Featuring Duke's ^J-l Variation Cut i.' . Operators Prartcls Ollllanf - Ethel Moran DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 TOKIGHT!!? LOOK! LOOK! FRE£"FOWL NIGHT 10 - PURINA FRYERS . ^ the FEEDER'S SUPPLY thrown from our, Snack Bar ... YOU CATCH 'EM — YOU KEEP 'EM! — ON THE SREEN Columbus "~ *'• •Mrs. H. W. Van Riper 1 , a new member, entertained the Columbus home Demonstration Club at the May meeting. Mrs. L. K. Boyce, clothing leader, gave a demonstration on materials needed in sewing. Mrs.' Ernest Delaney, gardening leader,, gave a report on home ear- den*. Mrs. Lorraine B. Wylie, home demonstration agent, gave a .brief summary of the HOC Council tour of Texarkana on May 12. A committee, composed of Mrs. Ernest Delaney, : Mrs. Fred Caldwell and Mrs. L. K. Boyce, Sr., was named .to plan the radio program, "Tho History of Columbus HD'Club." Present were Mmes. R.* C. Stuart, J. C. Hipo, Ernest Delaney, Fred-t'aldwell. Frank 'Delaney, Billy Webb, L. K.. Boyce, Jr., Hugh Gilbert. L. K. Boyce, Sr. .Robert CaldwelJ. J. O. Johnson, Van Riper and Lorraine B. Wylie, home demonstration' agent. Special "gUest was Mrs.-H. E. Patterson,' Hope, who s , State Intern'Stidnaf'' 'Relations Chairman and County. Council Pre- boy, Henry. Jenk and Aretha Stuart, Hope, boy, James Charles. Pearl and'Emma Williams, Hope Rural, boy, David Lse. Thurman and Eddie Lindsey, Hope-Rural, girl, Brenda Lenell. Sherley and Ursel Johnson, Ozan, girl, ArhtaUia. Lewellyn and Dorothy Williams, Washington, boy, Andy Elmore. Eddie and Catherin Muldrow, Washington^ girl, Waliedean. ! Luther arii Mary Taylor, Ozan, boy, Floyd. Wilburn anfa Lillie ;King, Emmet- Rural, girl,'Vanessa-Dell. E. D. and porthy Thomas, Ozan- Rural, b6y, Willie Ray. Edward and! Lois: Steward, McCaskill, boy, Etarl Stanley. Thomas and Bertha Brewer, PatmosrRural, .girl, Hazel Ruth. Elvin and Vetrrra Mays, Nashville-'Rural, boy; Alonza. Fredrick and 'Versie Bealy, McCaskill, boy, Ray Charles. Londell and Christene Williamson, Hope-Rural, 'girl, Delois Jean Earl and Charleen Smith, Hope Rural, girl Linda Fae. Herman and Orilillian Ogburn Prescott-Rural, twins, girl, Marilyn girl, Marjorie. . You know, someday these two families are going to be glaring parents of trie same children. Surely you don't want them glaring at each other. Have them over and I hope everything, works out all right. He doesn't know that I am unable to have children. Should I tell him? J. I. Answer: You most certainly should tell him. If he decides he'd Guthrie. 10 th. Grade 2nd. 9 weeks, 2nd. Semester "A 1 Delmar Weliver, Bonnie Tullis Bill Tooley, Charles Tittle, Wells Nutt. Marcia Lee Bowden, Sue Cook. 2nd. Semester "A" Delmar Weliver, Bonnie Tullis Bill Tooley. Charles Tittle, Wells Nutt, Marcia Lee Bowden, Sue Tlook. 2nd Semester, 2nd 9 Weeks, Merit Roll Toni Thompson, Charles Rug«]«s Rowene Rowe, Ernest Whitten' Frankie Webb, Janell Warren, Vonra , t J|P, r "° l marry witho "t the pos- da Worthey, Billy Schooiey, Cherry sibihty of children, it's better'for ^"-- "-•«-•-•- ~- • J'<-"y you to know, it now than later. How do you know you can't have children? I hope you have gone to a very good doctor for diagnosis. Deaf Miss Dix: When I was handed the line that my married friend was going to get a divorce and marry me, I took the precaution of investigating the story (thank GoH^I did it without hurting his wife and child). I found out what church his wife attended, was SHEflGER ^Huriry - Last Day * Big Triple Program! AT: 10:00 • 1:12-4:35 - 7:58 Five deperate men ., .and a girl who didn't care! • RORY CALHOUN • JULIE ADAMS "THE LOOTERS" Also At: 11:29 - 2:41 - 6:04 - 9:27 FGOMERY Ai«*W STIVINS ! 11,"A«iv. of Capt. Kldd" f, Speaking of Animals Prunesh Politic* Scentlmental Over You • George Montgomery • Rod Cameron • Ruth Roman "BELLE STAR'S DAUGHTER" Continued from Page One said. "My jailers ! toM me they have started letting them writs home for the first • tirrie." The 11 B-29 bomber crewmen were shot down Jan. 12, 1953. Red China sentenced them to terms ranging from 4 to 10 years on spy charges. The Air Force .flew, in .Fischer's Iparertts. Cameron's parents and brother Robert, Parks' parents anc brother Richard, and Heller 1 wife, P*'*' The fliers, wno had' stood against more than two years o" Red imprisonment, broke down a the airport when they embracec their loved ones. he really gets stuck, his father „„- derwrites his debts. We have three children and I just sit here waiting for him to pay his bills. He has no particular vices, he just spends on drinks for others, things he could do wtihout, luxuries with which he can make an impression — nothing for us, though. We've lost three homes in 12 years through his spenrthrift ways. I have worked and paid off worthless checks he drew; it did no good. He drew some more. He is as tight -with the household <as he is generous with outsiders. He gripes when he has 'to pay for the crildren's clothes, yet a friend can ;er, the bliss, tout the husband. I 'wailed at the church door, and when he saw me I thought he was going to faint. I was absolutely sure his wife didn't know a thing, that the stories of the divorce were just so much hokum. I hope I scared him enough so that he'll stay home with his wife and family. Needless to say, I had my lesson. Never, never let .anyone again tell rne his wife and he don't get 'along! ONE WHO FOUND OUT Answer: Perhaps your little tale fill inspire some other gullible las ;o check on her married admire These husbands generally tur chicken-livered when they're founc out. Elter, Virginia Fincher, Donna Freeman, Bobby Rae Garrett Barbara Ann Griffin, Fernell Hartsfield, Barbara Haviess, Charlene Horton, Judy Franks. Sara Lo Key, Mary Ann Junes, Caroly Phillips, John Nix, Jack Moran Vivian Light, Jerry Brown, Jerr Byers, Betty Cox, Billy Davis, Wan da Dixon. • 2nd Semester, Merit Roll Toni Thompson, Charles Rubles Rowena Rowe, Ernest Whitten Frankie Webb, Janelle Bobby Wilson, Vonda Worthej* Calhoun, Mary Daniels, Pat Enoch Kay Gresham, Albert Hargis, Gla dys Matties, Judith Percell. Jim my Tate, Elaine Thomason, Belt Williams, Ruth Shirley, Polly Me Corkle. Sara Lou Ellis, Judy Wea ver. Betty Wheelington. Semester, Merit Roll Jimmy Lauterbach, Terrell Mar tin, Billy Sue Brown, Rulh Shir ley, Polly McCorkle. Sara Loi Ellis, Judy Weaver, Betty Wheel ington. 7th Grade 2nd Semester, "A" Shirley Allen, Marilyn Shields -ynlhia Harrison, Sherrie Hankins Sharron Foster, Georganne Lowe wancy Reece, Sue Ann Smith 2nd Semester, "A" 2nd 9 Weeks Shirley Allen, Sherrie Hankins, Sharron Foster, Georganne Lowe -ynlhia Harrison,'Sue Ann Smith, 'lanlyn Shields, Nancy Reece. Merit Roll, "B," 2nd Semester, 2nd 9 weeks Linda Allison. Max Bruce, Carole oop, Cecelia Cox, Myra Cox, Do- ott Collins, Joe Grain, Judy Davis enver Dickinson, Billy Ferguson! PRESCOTT NEWS SUN. & MON. Adventure! Excitement! Spectacle! JOHN WAYNE "RED RIVER" * IXTHA • Pr«t, N«WI J«ky||'B Hide' Chapter 9 of Serial 'THE BLACK ARROW" & Merry Melodies Cartoon • SUN. - MONi • : The American Bible Society distributed 15,391,171 Bibles and parts of Bibles in 1954. . • FEATURE TIMES • SUN - 1:00.3:36-6:12.8:48 MOM - 2:42 • 5:39 - 8:36 JOHN WAYNE BRINGS YOU SKY-HIGH EXCITEMENT! sident. Mrs. Boyce. Sr., led the group in singing; "America" and also gave the devotional, "The Wonders of God's Love.',' from I John 1-1-3, Refreshments •were served. Centervill* r-w. The highlight of the meeting was the giving away of-a quilt when the Centerville Home Demonstration Club met at the horn* of Mrs. P' F, Campbell for the May meeting Mrs, Carl Richards, Sr., Route 2 Hope, received-the quilt. Mrs. Hugh Bearden gave a de. monstraUon in clothing construction, Mrs. Vernie Coynes, president presided during, the business meeting and plans' were made for the program to be given'by the club over KXA'R June 15th. Mrs. Campbell gave the devotional from I John 1:1-3 and Mrs- Men's Club Honors '• Men of 70 Years and Older On Tuesday evening . the Prescott Lions Club entertained all men 70 years of age and over with a-fish fry at the Legion Hut. Upon arrival the 61 guests were registered by Hbdy Butler. if •Doug Bemis was master of ejere- nonies. Gene Lee led the group'in he singing of ''America" that ;was tallowed- by -the invocation 'given, by Rev. U. O. Lee. Lion Carl "Mitchell ;ave the welcome after which a eluxe catfish supper was served. After the supper the Country' Church Choir of Emmet, composed of Dave Weaver, Wirt Garland, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Hamilton, Mr. and Mrs. Horace Hamilton, Mrs. Allene Hood. T.- W. Silvey, Miss Elsie Gentry and Mrs. Dave Miller, sang several familiar songs. Miss Mildred Loomis gave a reading" Wo- Mrs. Hugh McDaniel has return ed home after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Jack Swafford and family in Wichita, Kansas. Mrs. Thome Hesterly had as her guests Tuesday, Mr. and Mrs Henry Allen of El Dorado. Looks for a Continued from Page One cine is properly made." man's Perogative" by Ida Orr. Guests were introduced and A. A. Grordan, who will be 93 in September, was the oldest present. W. T. Hart read one of his poems on "How to Live Long and Be Hap- jy". A. E. McGuire, speaking on jehalf of the guests expressed heir appreciation for a pleasant evening. The program closed with he group singing "Till We Meet Again". Clyde Hesterly was the cook and was assisted by twenty Lions. The club plans to make the fisr fry an annual event. is 2. As a researcher, his interest to move ahead with the program as fast as is practical and possible. "We are far ahead of where we have a right to be now " Asked whether he would recommend delaying the shot program as some areas have, Salk replied- 1 "You won't get wet if you stav nf J-L*_ •- t-rti ... . J .^ '•! *V/r FROM THE ©WAT NOVIU Claire IREVOR larame DAy Robert SIACK • Jan SfEHLING Phil HARRIS-Robert NEW I ON David BRIAN "• The HIGH and the MIGHTf Sid Skinner led in prayer. Mrs. Guy Unaker led in singing. "America." Refreshments were served to Mmes. J. G. Allen,. Sid'Skinner, D. M. Collier, Weeks, R. C. Snellgrove, David Waddle, GuyjLineker Bob Lineker, Mamie Sanders, Joe Harper, Hugh Bearden,. Carl Ric. hards, Jr., Carl Richards, Sr., C R. Faught, Denver Coynes, Vernie Goynes, W. C. Black, One new member, Mrs. P. W. Walker and two guests, Mrs. J. W. Goynes and Mrs. William Alton were also present. The June meeting will be in home of Mrs. W, C. Beck. the 110 Enrolled In Vacation School The Vacation Bible School spon sored by the Methodist and Pres byterian Churches opened Monday May 30, with 110. Classes are. held daily from 9 to 11 a. m. with music, Bible study, handwork and games. tRather than having a planned closing program, parents and friends are invited to visit the school at any time. The school, which is under the direction of Mrs. W. R. Hambright, will close June 10. Mr. and Mrs. J. M. McFarlane of Little Rock were the guests Tuesday of Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Tompkins and attended the funeral services for John M. Pittman, Mrs. Emmet Parkham and children of Benton were the Tuesday guests of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. C. G. Gordan, Ricky remained for a longer visit. out of the rain. The intent of the program is to reduce the disease by inoculation." Dr. Hart E. Van Riper, medical director of the National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, expressed the hope that .the shot program would continue. He said it was hoped that by the end of this month, sufficient Vaccine would be cleared by the surgeon general's office to complete the first and second shots for all first and second graders under the foundation's free shot program Dr. Van Riper noted that 'the question of giving inoculations during the summer months had been "dodged" during the discussions and emphasized that this was con- siderde purely a "local" question. We regret that some states are postponing their programs, but we liope that most of them will complete them before the summer season," he said. Only one reference was made by :he five-man panel to the recent Washington controversy over va cine controls and distribution, came from Dr. Johannes Frand zen, director of the National Healt ervices of Denmark. Dr. Frandzen said that despit newspaper articles appearing i he Danish press about the "trou •les" in the United States Den nark had been able to maintain ' 98 pe Wanda Dixon, Billy Davis, Bett Jo Cox, Billy Schooiey, Jo Ann Hart, Cherry Etter, Virginia Fin cher, Judy Franks, Bobby Rac Garrett, Fernell Hartsfield, Barb ara Harless, Jerry Byers, Jerrj Brown. Vivian Light, James Gil bert, Charlene Horton, Linda Jean Hill, Sara Lou Key, Mary Ann Jo nes, John Nix, Jack Moran. 9th Grade 2nd 9 Weeks, 2nd Semester "A> Royce Weisenberger, Max Miller Barbara Powell, Tommy Polk, Larry Martin, Jan Robinson, Marilyn Reece, Judy Arnold, Oliver Adams' Jr., Dixie Green, Linda Gilbert.' Sheiia Foster. 2nd Semester "A" Sheiia Foster, Judy Arnold, Oliver Adams, Jr., Max Miller, Larry Martin, Barbara Powell, Marilyn Reece, Jan Robinson, Carolyn Strong. 2nd Semester, 2nd 9 Weeks, Merit Roll Mary Jean Sparks, Carolyn Strong, Claudia McCorkle, JoJo Dwens, Judy Robins, Billy Rosenbaum, Lynda Rowe, Delia Barwick Alice Nell Burke, Caroline Cox, r immy Byers, Susan Davis, Jimmy Jones, Jr., Glenda Huckabee, Sue louston, Diane Helms, Lanelle Fuler, Jeanette Fincher, Mary Eppler, Lynda Enoch, Kitty Jones Webb Laseter III. • 2nd Semester, Merit Roll Mary Jean Sparks, Claudia McCorkle, JoJo Owens, Tommy Polk .ynda Rowe, Delia Barwick, Alice Nell Burke, Carolyn Cox, Jimmy ones, Jr., Glenda Huckabee, Sue Houston, Billy Hicks, Dixie Green . B. Henry, Diane Helms, Linda Gilbert, Lanelle Fuller, Mary Ep- )ler, Webb Laseter: III, William .lawrence. 8th Grade Honor Roll 2nd 9 Weeks period, 2nd Semester "A" John Graves, David Watkins Ann Cole, Brenda Hamm, Semester "A" John Graves, David Watkins. . 2nd Semester, 2nd 9 weeks. Merit Roll lary Fincher, Sue Fuller, Carolyn reene, Donald Gunter, Edward artsfield, Max Henry. Lloyd Hill flarjorie Hunt, Jo Ann Helton,' arbara Jones, Ronnie Jones, Tedy Jones, Davirl Lewis, James Mc- cvty, Sue Mclver, George McGill, ike Morris, Caryle Joy Meyers' ichard Neal .Rebecca O'Doll, Don glesby, Larry Patterson. Darlenp Roberts, Linda Rogers, John Allen Ross, Sandra Russell, Freddie Smith, Barry Spraggins. Barbara Thompson, Johnny Turner, Johnny Watkins, Edwina Whitman, Billy Jean Wilkinson, Carolyn Yarbrough. < 7th Grade Merit Roll "B," 2nd Semester Max Bruce, Carole Coop, Doyctte Collins, Myra Cox, Cecelia Cox, Denver Dickinson. Billy Ferguson. Mary Fincher, Carolyn Green, Donald Gunter, Max Henry, Jo 'Ann Helton, Lloyd Hill, Marjorie Hunt, Edward Hartsfield, Barbara Jones. Ronnie Jones, Teddy Jones, David Lewis, Mike Morris, James Me- Larly, Sue Mclver, George McGill, Richard Neal, Rebecca O'Dell. Don Oglesby, Larry Patterson, Darlane Roberts, Linda Rogers, John Allen Soss, Barry Spraggins, Barbara Thompson, Edwina Whitman, John Watkins, Carolyn Yarbrough, Sandra Russell. Judy Kay Wright, Caryl Joy Myers. Little Things on TV That Bother You By WAYNE OLIVEF* NEW YORK (M— Sometimes it he little things that bother f, most on television. It was disconcerting on the Rov| ert Montgomery Show Monda; ight. for example, to see the sup )osedly thick glass railroad coacl vindows rippling like tissue paper In the latest episode of Bi; Town, the reporter callir\<; h i • ewspaper office merely flickec t the dial of the telephone am urely would have ended up will wrong number. Also in Big Town, Mark evcral times smacked his udibly before starting a sentence —an annoying habit that seem; o be afflicting an incrasinj umber of TV performers. False clues also can be irksome as on the new Appointment With Adventures series. In night's telecast Richard Derr hac a mystery man role and acted a.< though he might be a fugitive bank robber being sought by lice. Later it developed G-man in pursuit of the real robber. Part of the same program hac (he cabin of an airliner as the setting. the plane being from New York to San Juan. P.R: The name of the airline showeC clearly. But as many readers o newspaper travel pages know, tha airline isn't among the ones tha fiy to San Juan. HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Completely AIR CONDITIONED for your comfort 104 S. Elm Phone 7-2878 Hazel Virginia Auline CHARLOTTE'S DRIVE-IN (Formerly White's Drive-ln) NOW OPEN I on MONDAYS Jimmy Lauterbach, Terrell Martin, Billye Brown, Mary Gilbert Judy Brown. Martha Gilbert, Mary oluntary vaccinations a ent. * SHORTS 1 Newi of the Doy 2, Daffy Duck Cartoon McCaitclll Mrs, John Gaines gave an interesting-'talk on food preservation by both canning and freezing when the MfcCaekill Home Demonstration Club met at the clubhouse on May 30. Mrs. Gordon Prescott gave some helpful hints on' clothing and tips' on color selection. "Work for the Night is Coming" was surig by the group and devotional' was >0ivert by Mrs. Loy Rogers from Jofcn 1'1:3, Mrs. R, G. (ShuJfleld - }ed • in prayer. , call- wa'« answered' tfy Jl Mr. and Mrs. Theo Elgin had as their Tuesday guests Mr. . J. A. Piercy, Mrs. Ruth Selfridge and Miss Mary Piercy of Little Rock who were enroute to Utah National Park, Utah to spend the summer. we** made- o* e&ch one whg participated in the' program. They will toe pxit in the club scrap- bosk; I Mrs. Qordpn prescotj, hostess, served relreshments, Miss Josephine Carrington and Ralph Carrington motored to Fay- etteyille Monday and were accompanied home by Miss Jo Car*ing(on who attended the University of Arkansas, 1 He rpnni-tnrl tVinf «, *• i n f JL < t e flrst mmd of shots for every school child in the country has been completec and that the Danish parliamen has appropriated sufficient funds to provide free shots for everyone iiv\i-ji-i.. An * "••*under 40. Mr. and Mrs. Joffre Rogers and children returned to' Warren on Monday after a visit with Mrs. Ida Martin and Miss Sue Martin. Mr. and Mrs. James R. Barnett and Jimmy have returned to Dallas after a visit with'Mr. and Mrs. F. E. Murrah. Davy Ballad Lingers After Six Months By WAYNE OLIVER YORK m _ The show is ™ t n ^ l f mebdy linsers on ~ The Sallad of Davy Crockett, that Six months have elapsed since the tune was introduced in the Davy Crockett series on AB TV's Disneyland show, yet it remains high in popularity ratings. Meanwhile, the Davy Crockett fad among the kids shows little signs of subsiding, with Crockett coonskin caps, pistol holsters and other merchandise grossing millions of dollars. The full length motion picture put together by Walt Disney from •he three Crockett TV films is dob- ing what the trade paper Variety describes as smash business at a New York theater where it made ts premiere a little over a week ago. Fess Parker, towering actor who portrayed Davy in the TV films .has been catapulated from comparative obscurity to stardom. But the song has done perhaps more thna anything else to make the nation Davy Crockett conscious. For weeks now, it has been commonplace to ear someone I and often a grownup — humming the tune on the street, on buses, on trains. Three different Davy Crockett records have been on best seller lists for weeks and remain among disc jockey favorites. The time has been on Your Hit Parade 13 weeks, including this coming Saturday, and in first place 10 weeks. The music for the Ballad -of Delicious Thick MALTS and SHAKES Any flavors. Now is the time to Get SCREENS From GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO. 422 E. DIVISION 102 W. 2nd Davy Crockett was composed for Disney by George Bruns and the words written by Tom Blackburn,, vho also did the script for the TV series and the motion picture, Oddly, a record made by Fess Parker has been running No. 2 b!e- lind one by Bill Hayes under another label. And a close contender has been a version sung toy Tennessee Ernie Ford. The .Crockett craze, like most ads, ordinarily could be expect- d to fad in six months or so. Howver, disney has a new series en- itled The Uegend of Davy Crockett in the works for his ABC now next session, possibly as our co'tnplet e programs. Unlike the original three, which stuck reasonably close to historical fact, the new Crockett shows will have move latitude in portraying Davy in feats attributed to him by leg, end but not necessarily supported by historical data. '•%*>&" '*•" bi^J!tii£te?& ^."J tthSit> /,(> ftfelr *M« HEY BEAT if-- I I WANT TO TAKE A NAP THE RE MYSELF ' ALL RI(§Ht . WHICH C>1EC5P VOU WISE GUVS'" LEFT THE FLEA PLAY ts. MAKE HIM r» OUT OUR WAY VAC FLINT Iy Mlch6el 0'Mdll»y SIMCE THEY'VE BEEW THOSE U. S. President KfefeP MM OUT 7WI IM5PECTOR HOUSES AROUND U£>, CLIMBIMG THESE STAIRS SEEMS, LIKE SCALIMe THE ALPS-TOMB ACROSS i nth u.s. President, Knox Polk 6 His Wife was 48 He did not as an expansionist 50 Meaning 51 Things to be done HAPPENS—THE PLINT. H6 V\t5Wf HSVE AKTV TPOU0LE R.OAr r N6 SAIL. VVH&M ; HI SETS OUT,-WIC HIM e BE AST Td A SWEETS 5HOP/ Childress 52 Cubic meter Polk 11 Smells 13 Bridge holding 14 Undulation 15 Ascended IGFall flower 17 He was , defeated for ! governor of '• Tennessee two 18 Chemical suflix 19 Beverage 20 Genus of maples 23 • was the first "dark horse" nominee 24 Misplaced 28 Gibbon 29 Weight of India 30 Through 31 Assam silkworm ?2 Fitter vetch Compass point SOlsstntial being 36 Language- 37 Poker stake 38" Knock 40 Oriental coin 42 Prattle 44 Musteline mammal 47 Period of the year 12 Withered .„ 13Racs . 2 Operatic solo 20 Toward the 35 Expunger -37 Horn 39 Make amends sheltered side 40 Divan 3 Cleaning tools 4 Legal buyer - 5 Bargain events 6 World s 7 Beast 8 Demolish 9 High cards 10 Fowl 21 Vehicles 22 Goddess of discord 23 Demigod 25 Unclosed 26 Dispatched 27 Large plant 29 Snake 41 Stage (Fr.) 42'Confined 43 Grade 45 Volcano 46 Communists 47 Sister (colL) 49'Scottish sailyard WASHTUBBS IT LOOK* THAT WXy RE'eP/. 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SIDE GLANCES FSo. ^S* &> ^g= i^iH^W^j? 2 <$S^?£ ***. f* f *- _^2-.^<^- «»•; By Golbrollh I hope you appreciate why I built the fancy fence!"., fWiETIEPII ByN«din«Selt«r ,_-.., Oliver Wouldn't YOL .. rancv: i THIS WAV, WTTHffie'f '*N IMPQRW* -DP«IN THOUGHT VW Wtfft "Now wait! This is a do-it-yourself proj«ct«*rt4 hiring any "He threw me!" '• ,tf 'tra 4^ f ti/i^M/ LA» ^« £&Arilm$im> ' Experienced ' Mechanics New & Used PARTS EXTRA SPECIAL! SAVE Regular Gal. 26.7 29.9 Esso Extra Gal. WYLIE Gloss & Salvage Co. Weir 3rd Str.er OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK VACATION TIME IS HERE SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED. Kodak, Films, Thermos Bottle, Sun Tan Lotion First Aid Supplies, Tooth Brush, Dentifrices, Toilet Articles, Flashlight, Snake Bite Kits, Chigger Lotion, Heat Powders, Bath Powders and many other needs LET US SUPPLY THEM. WARD & SON DRUGGIST FOR SALE Grocery Store and Market, good location for a 7 to 11 business , Located on Highway 67. PORTERFIELD GROCERY & MARKET WANTED TO BUY 4/4 & 5/4 Green Soft Hardwood Lumber Gum (All Types) Ash 7 Maple, Sycamore, Hackberry, Cottonwood For Prices & Specifications Write McCoy-Couch Furniture Mfg. Co. BENTON, ARKANSAS

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