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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, June 3, 1955
Page 18
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"si*" A , ^fi^ST^S •ds^' • ^" s , F JttCIAL CLOsfoUT S TAR, f 0 M , A R K A N S A S AH-CONDITIONE* Ht*tm Tire A Appliance Co. 8. Walnut St. 10 SEWING MACHINES $22.50 Up L SEWING CENTER fcuth Elm ehone 7-5840 CLASSIFIED Ad* Mutt Be in Office toy Befote Publication WANT AD RATES All Wont Ads dr« payable hi •kfvoHc* but ad* will b* Ccrtpted mrtr th* telephone ond occomodo- Hon Account* allowed with the understanding the account Is bdyablt Wh*r)-«tatem*nt hindered. lumber 3f. War* p to IS « »o 20 !l to 25 24 to 30 I to 35 6 ta 40 1 to 45 « to SO 0ns Day .45 .60 .75 .90 1.05 1.20 1.35 1.50 threa Doyt .90 1.20 t.SO 1.80 2.10 2.40 2.70 3.00 Six On* Days Monjh ,1.60 4.50 2.00 6.00 2.50 7.50 3.00 9.00 3.50 10.50 4.00 12.00 4.50 13.50 5.00 15.00 CLASSIFIED DISPLAY I REFRIGERATION ifc»- '• •• and AIR CONDITIONING SERVICE • APPLIANCE REPAIR ",Ei;8r-d 7-2809 Highway «7 WMt ' , . . .... ^ 0$ID FURNITURE CO £$,ylMi« of City Limits Weit i OHplton Water Barrel! for ••!• <f>;»hoh« >43tt Hope, Ark. NEED LUMBER}' "- •;;•• :•-' •'.•'.* • • imension, Siding, 848, flooring, boxing. ................. : ...... 75c per Inch t'fnei ........................ 60c per Inch time*. .... ........ . ........ ... 50c per Inch Rates quoted obove are for con- socutlve insertions. Irregular • or skip- dote ads will take the one-ddy rate. All cfally classified advertising copy Will be ocrepted until 5 p. rn. for publication the followlhg day. The publisher* reserve the right to revise or edit all advertisements offered for publication arid to reject any objectionable advertising submitted . • . • Initials of one or more letters, groups or figures such as house or Jelephone numbers count as one Word. The Hope Star will not be respon- ilble for errors In \Vant Adj unless *£ ors ,. oro da " Bd to our attention after FIRST insertion of ad and Jhen for ONLY the ONE incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 Political Announcement The Star Is authorized to aft- nounpe that the following are candidates for public office subject to the action of the Democratic primary elections: For Mayor . B. L. RETTTO H. M. (OLIE) ,OLSON TALBOT FEILD. JR. Rotary Still Leading Big League Play In Big League play last night at Legion Field, the Rotary Club nip-1 ped the Citizens Bank 2 to 1 In a I pitchers duel between Lee Lana and Jimmy Martin to remain on top in League standings. SPORTS ROUNDUP .By QAYI.E TALBOT, NEW YORK (/n-The day when' the big leagues will sit down to- ir and draw up a hard and rule against travel of entire Business For Lease In the second game. Coca Cola downed the Hope Star 8 to 2 with Frankie Williams gaining the League Standings: W Rotary 2 Nashville Citizens Bank Coca.Cola ..'. Hope Star 1 : , b 1 1 i v- i 03 ONE StiPER SERVICE Station, 3rd and Laurel. Reasonably priced. See S. L. Murphy for details. 8-tf Awnings Canvas Awnings and metal awnings. Manufacture Venetian blinds. Renovating old blinds. Rug Cleaning. COOPER-BLANKENSHIP Formerly Riley Cooper 1815 Texas Ave. Phone 32-1841 Texarkana, Tex. May 14-1 Mo. For Rent UNFURNISHED Apartment. Four lafge rooms, South side, lots of shade. 420 South Greening Street. George W. Robison, Phorte' 7^ .1363, . l-ot CROWN WESTERN SHARES !ly«nlfl«d Income Funtf - u tctug iivdll.bl. from Phohi SERVICE ere. Call u*. , repair*. jSS&P*—" For Sole SAND, Gravel, topsoU, fill djrt Phone 7-4392. A. L. Park. '• ' ' ' May 15-1 Mo. TWO BEDROOM home block from Brookwood School at -819 East -6th, Call 7-5574. 28-tf Public Will Guide Future TV -Program By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK MPI -CBS is approaching the problem from the right end . w'ith its projcted $100,000 nationwide study of what the public wants and expects of tele- Major Leagues (Based on 100 Official at Bats) AMERICAN LEAGUE was brought measurably closer by the near miss in which the Milwaukee Braves figured two days ago above the outskirts of Montreal. No matter how safe the air lanes i have become, especially on scheduled flights in the great new liners loo much is at stake for individual teams to continue to subject their entire playing personnel to unnecessary risks. It would take only one serious accident to a contend- ng club such as the Braves to tear a league apart for years and cause inestimable financial loss. .NATIONAL LEAGUE Mrs. Perrin After Her 7th Title FORT SMITH W) - Mrs. Gordon Perrin of El Dorado today wen after her seventh Arkansas ama teur women's golf championship when she clashed here with Mrs Joe J. Miller of Hot Springs. Mrs. Perrin and Mrs. Miller medalist of the annual State Worn en's Amateur Golf Tournament, a G AB R H Pct| Har dscrabble Country Club gained Ashburn. Pa. 35 138 28 51 .3701 fhe finals yesterday. Mrs Perrin Mueller, N. Y. 44 181 24 65 .359'defeated the defending chamoion ,„..,,„„ «,, T «.,.„ „„ ^ ... Miss Betty Rushing of El Dorado and Mrs. Miller defeated Mrs Carle Robbins of Fort Smith. It required 19 holes for Mrs Perrin to overcome her fellow St. L. 35 136 23 4? .346 Kluszewski. Cin. 42 167 28 57 V341 Campanella, Bkn 45 171 33 58 339 AMERICAN LEAGUE Kaline, Detroit 44 173 34 66 .382 . In the event you missed the details, the Milwaukee club, including Manager Charlie Grimm, wad Hying to Quebec on an off'day for an exhibition game "with its farm team in that city. There is a continuing debate over details, but there is no escaping the fact that the rented transport carrying -the Braves had -Kuenn, Detroit 38 153 25 58 .3791 townsmen, 1 up. Both shot 81's on Power. K. C. 37 142 28 48 .333 the par .75 course. Miss Rushing tied the score on the 18th hole by sinking a 15-foot putt, but she lost the 19th to Mrs Pen-in when she missed a 2-footcr' Mrs. Miller had an easy time Lollar. Chicago 37 116 21 37 .319 Mantle, N. Y. 46 159 46 49 .308 Home Runs -- Snider, Dodgers 16; Kluszewski, Redlegs 15 Campanella, Dodgers H Mays, Giants 1/1 T3n«1,o l-'.tUn 10 f7J, :-i 'i . i !. New York Cleveland Chicago Detroit Boston Washington Kansas City Baltimore 24 20 .545 8 19 28 .404; 14'4 17 26 .395 14 " 2 16 28 .364 16 14 33 .298 10'/-, Yesterday's Results '< New York 12, Kansas City 6 Chicago 4, Boston 2 .-• Cleveland 9, Baltimore 3 Detroit 4, Washington 3 .vision. SIX BEDROOM, 2 stor'y house with 2'/4 baths. Ideal for rooming Iwuse, 2 blocks from town. Priced right. 521 ; South Main. W. H. Fin- Cher, Phone 7-2209. TMay 10-1 Mo; FRAME homes, with acreage, close-in, low down payment SAMUELS ,REAI, ESTATE Phone 7-3766. i May 17-1 Mo. DINING Room Suit. 5 pieces. Yell low Chrome. Phone 7-23.95. l-3t trmlte Control Servic* f ree; Inspection & Operated by SeryJe« policy ; South Main ; St. v 7-2772 rtrmite Control Co. "$§&&•;:/:' fc: : .. •••• •BONDED I* v INSURED Jr. ' or 7-3791 68 DIFFERENT Oaylily varieties. Many blpoming nowi Also 50 New Hampshire - pullets. Arthur Gray, f\rt n M fl i *. — . Ozan. 2-3t FOR'SALE My home at 1209 South £lm Street. .3 .bedrooms, .2 baths,'attic fan, floor furnace, partically floored ' storage In attic, utility room and plenty of. storage space. Kitchen full of built-in cabinets, plus disposal. Will sell very reasonable if can turn in next 10 days. Shown by appointment only. Call 7-3761 and ask for Cline Franks, Frank Stanton, CBS president, emphasizes that while the network will underwrite the cost, once the study committee has been set up CBS' connection with it will cease, The approach is a positive on.e Until now, the public could re glster approval of disapproval o a program by tuning It in or no tuning it in, with consequent ef fects on •fhe-ra'tihgs. But the viewer gets no chance to tell what he'd like that isn't on TV at all. The study projected by CBS wqould go further, however, than merely detcrming mass taste. The committee, says Stanton, also will concern itself with ways in 'which the public interest will best be served. It may b.e months before results of the stu'dy are- known. Meanwhile, an inkling of what it may include possibly is provided by a survey by the American Council Today's Games' New York at Chicago (night) Washington at Cleveland (night.) Baltimore at Detroit '(night) Boston at Kansas City (night) COTTON STATES LEAGUE 2-3 Service Offered MATTRESS renovation end inner •Drib* work Cobb Mattre»§ Co 819 South Washington, Phon Mar. 4-tf KALPH Montgomery Market, CUB torn ilaughteriBff. Phone 7-3361 10-1 Mo MOVING? Long Distance Moving All Moving Rates are not the same. Call collect 592 Prescott Transfer and storage Inc. Pres cott, Ark. Free Estimate. May 14-tf JfWl h»M 1MT hnuuri II, It2f HOUSE moying, reasonable rates, Mack , Hillery, Prescott. Phone 842-K11. May 23-lMo Funeral Directors OAKCREST Funeral Home. Insurance . . , Ambulance, 2nd & Ha«el . , . Phone 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. for Better Broadcasts. This group, in which are represented many major civic organizations, made surviey in which 5,661 person from 18 states participated. Here are some excerpts from the report: . "More good. music is the mos insistent wish unfulfilled on radio TV, By 'good' is meant classical Popular music is plentiful." "If only we could get some good children's program, as education Ml, nature and animal movies cartoons and bobby-type programs ihe children would be challenged to learn at the same time. They would not get over excited before El Dorado Monroe Greenville Hot Springs Pine Bluff Vicksburg Yesterday's Results El Dorado 8, Hot Springs G Pine Bluff 12, Vicksburg 9 Monroe 6, Greenville 5 Today's Gamps! Hot Springs at Pine Bluff Monroe at El Dorado Vicksburg at Greenville. W L Pet. GB a brush with a jet fighter flown 33 13 .717 ;, by a Canadian test pilot and that 29 15 .659 3 both craft pulled away to avoid " ™ '??5 f' /2 a co]lision - Th e fighter pilot claim 'the club plane was 15 miles off its course, in cloudy weather. So nothing happened—this time. It might never happen. The" only injury was to the nerves of a number of players who saw the fighter flash past and were scared stiff. But it still seems almost inconceivable that so' great and sober an industry as major league baseball continues to lay itself open to, a crippling disaster. It would even bo somewhat dif ferent if it were possible for club always to book passage on sched -iled flights, whose equipment i :he most modern and where every safety factor is rigidly invoked This is not possible, though, anc so they take several mission dol lars worth of athletes sloft fre quehtly in obsolescent craft which long since have been withdrawn from crack cross-country service Only the New York Yankee's, we believe, have steadfastly refused to fly although each club has a number of players who refuse and no pressure has been put on them to do so. Under the existing line-up of W L Pet. GB 20 14 .588 19 15 .559 118 15 .545 ]i/ 2 18 16 .529 2 18 16 .529 2 9 26 .257 11 '/ 2 14 Banks, Cubs 13 Zernial, Athletics 13. Runs Batted In — Snider, Dodgers 50; Campanella, Dodgers 49; Berra, Yankees 39 Kluszewski, Redlegs 3:8; Zernial, Athletics 36 Kaline, Tigers 36. ; Runs — Mantle, Yankees 46; Snider. Dodgers 44 Smith, Indians 4;2; Bauer, Yankees 41 Gilliam, Dodgers 37 Mays, Giants 37. Hits — Kaline, Tigers 66; Mueller, Giants 65 Campanella, Dodgers 58 Kuenn, Tigers 58 Kluszewski, Redlegs 57; Aaron, Braves I . . ,, •-'-'"^ L111IV7 •m disposing of Mrs. Bobbins 5 and 3. 57. Pitching (Based on 8 decisions) — Newcombe, Dodgers (8-0) 1.000: Jeffcoat, Cubs (6-0) 1.000; Arroyo, Cardinals G-0 1.000; Ford, Yan kec.s (7-1) .875; Wynn Indians (G-l) .857. SOUTHERN; ASSOCIATION Chattanooga Atlanta . Orleans supper and would do constructive Legal Notice HERNPON-CORN.ELIUS Funera] Home and Biirlal. Association. Prompt Ambulance Service. Phone 7-5570 or 7-8505. '•'•• 23-1 Mo Wff "N flea* 1 **4crlpHoo Rotes (poyobl. »n od- --;•"-•,•••, »«net): }%K'mr In Hop* ond nelphborlno •• ' •'"•• ' <••» .- M 29 •••' , 13.00 I to H«mps»ead, N»vada. Howard ond Mlil*r cpun- ANNOUNCING LAR-RO OPEN HOUSE. McWilliams Seed & Feed Store June 18th, Register now for prize*. WR handle al} kinds of garden and fields seeds, fertilizer, complete line of insect- ides and that good Lnrro Feed made by genera) mills the makers of Gold Metal Flour. All our Feed is unconditionally guaranteed. 3. 3t IN THE DISTRICT COURT OF THE UNTED STATES WESTERN DISTRICT OF ARKANSAS TEXARKANA DIVISION (In Bankruptcy) .n the matter of HOPE STEAM LAUNDRY, No.' B-119 Debtor NOTICE On May 11, 1955 the petition o Hope Steam Laundry, Inc. for re irganization under Chapter X of the Jankruptcy Act was granted and he Corporation continued in pos- ession of all its property as aurh- rized by 11 USCA #556. AH creditors, stockholders, the ecurities & Exchange Commis- ion 'and any other interested party re hereby notified that a hearing ill be held at Texarkana, Arkanas, on July 1, 1955 at 9:30 A. M. o hear and pass upon such objec- ons, if any, as may be filed to the ontinuance of the debtor in possession of its properties as provided by said order. By order of Honorable Harry J. Lemley, Judge. HOPE STEAM LAUNDRY, INC. By McMillan & McMillan Attorneys Memphis Birmingham Nashville Mobile Little Rock W L Pet. <GB 33 22 .600 » • 30 .23 .566 2 27 2S .503 2 1 A 29 23 .558 2'/J 28 23 .549. 3 28 23 .549 3 19 30 .388 11 H 39j .269 ii cities in the two leagues, it is not strictly necessary to make any hop by aire—not even to Kansas City. Many players and managers consider it more pleasant and restful, though, to spend a few hours 'on a plane, followed by a good night's sleep in a hotel bed, than to court slumber in a lower berth. English-born Censor Leeds Violence Fight HOLLYWOOD The man who is trying to put a restraining hand on movie violence, built. English born Geoffrey Shurlock. Last year, the 30-year-old Shur- Four More Decide on Arkansas U. FAYETTEVILLE, W) _ Four high school athletes, three of them from out-of-state, have announced plans to enter the University of Arkansas next fall. They are Donnie Stone of Fayetteville. Ark.. Charles Campbell of Talihina, Okla., James Gary and Tom Butler, both from Dalla-i Tex. Stone and Campbell were backs and the Texas boys placed tackle on their hish school football teams. , Slone scored 154 points and gained slightly, more than 1.800 yards for Fayetteville last year. Young and McNeece Battle Tonight NEW YORK (ffl — Paddy Youn» and Billy McNeece, two rough and ready characters who would look good in a battle royal, meet tonight at Madison Square Garden. After the clever boxing ability of Carmelo Costa and Lulu Porez last week, this 10-round nationally telo- vised match figures to satisfy the Yesterday's Results Birmingham.4, Atlanta?3 Memphis 7, Mobile 2 NEW YORK W-Watching the New York Giants flounder around these days, barely keeping their heads above the 1500 line and show ing no signs of ever cutting into Brooklyn's whopping lead, one finds it difficult to realize they are the same club which electri- _..- • — I • --•— w*hJ >IHA\,li CJCUtXJ" i^ittle Rock 4, New Orleans 2 fie d the sports world by sluggin" ATifVi«»in«c'/-ii^_jj _ 4-\ r~\i _ .1 ,_ .. _^ "•*"fa&* i *r> Nashville 5, 'Chattanooga 3 Today's Games' Birmingham at Atlanta. Memphis at Mobile the Cleveland Indians four straight | in the last World Series. One also finds it hard to believe we might add, that only two months ago he picked Durocher Little Rock at New Orleans dandies to repeat in the National Hollywood's production code administrator. He and his staff survey most scripts and all finished pictures and advise studios on censorship matters. ' If films conform to the produc- ion code,'they get a' seal certify, ng them to be shown .in Amerian theaters. .Rarely do producers ry to sell movies without a seal. The Moon Is Blue' was one of be few exceptions. As Hollywood top censor. Shurlock tries to avoid the limelight. But because movie violence chas become such • ;a .big , issue, hs granted an interview on the sul> ject. "We saw this coming last November," he said. "There was a notable increase in the amount of violence in scripts being presented Those are the pictures that arc in release now. "We cautioned the producers that too much violence would aring a reaction from the public. I think we are making some head- Young, a solid left hooker who once fought Bobo Olson for 'the "American middleweight title" in 1953, takes on one of his own kind in "Wildcat" McNeece, a red- haired youngster from Central Islip, N. Y. On his old form f48-10-3 and 24 knockouts for 61 fights) Young is a 2- to 1 favorite. However, he may be a little- rusty for he hasn't fought since Jan. 24, when he stopped Tony Johnson in five rounds." McNeece's record for only 16 pro,, .stajts is 13-2-l.H e never has been stopped and has knocked out five. Young is 26 and McNeece 23. Radio and television (NBC) will carry 'the bout, starting at 8 p m fCST). • ' "' Fi-ldoy, June 3, 1955 Giants Win But Fail to Gain on Bums By ORLO ROBERTSON Of The Associated Press Basnball didn't necessarily bop row an adage from the turf it is true there are pitchers teams just as there are horses for courses in racing. Take the likes of Sal who apparently needs only thrQtv lis glove down on the mound to beat tho Brooklyn Dodgers. And there's Don Ncwcombe. vhose favorite cousins arc the -ubs. Ellis Kinder nnrl the White •ox, Russ Meyer and the Cubs and Bob Lemon and the Athletics ncntion just a few. Now Johnny Anlonclli, the New York Giants'talentecl left bander, as joined tho group with the Cin- innati Redlegs his favorite sparring partner. *> Belted out in his last three starts, the Giants' ace southpaw got himself bnck on the beam yesterday as he went all the way to turn back Manager Birdie belts' crew 6-3. It marked tho eighth time Antonelli had beaten the Red- legs since joining the Giants lust year. But the Giants failed to gain on the Brooklyn Dodgers, for the National League leaders went 10-run scoring splurge in eighth inning and defeated Braves 13-2. The defending chain' pions, however, picked up a game on the Chicago Cubs who dropped an 8-4 night game to the resurgent Philadelphia Phillies. The Pittsburgh Pirates cut loose with a 17-hit barrage to down the St. Louis Cardinals 12-3. The New York Yankees held to their three game lead in the American League by thumping Kansas City Athletics 12-6 in ' a night game. Herb Score, Cleveland's southpaw, fanned 10 in the four innings and then cooled as the Indir.ns turned back Baltimore Orioles 9-3. Young A I- Kaline regained the American Leaue batting lead with two singles and a triple in Detroit's 4-3 victory over the Washington Sen. ators. And the Chicago White edged the Boston Red Sox 4-2 i?V Virgil Trucks' fifth victory. Stagg Reunited With His Players CHICAGO (0) — Amos Stagg was tho center of a erking hand-clasping, reminiscing eunion last night with players ho coached more than 50 years a Souchak Rated Man to Beat GREAT NECK, N. Y. (tf) — Mus- Chattanooga at Nashville NATIONAL LEA~GLIE League, after having been warned | to desist by a number of very knowing baseball figures These Brooklyn Chicago w York Milwaukee 5t. Louis Philadelphia Cincinnati Pittsburgh Yesterday's Results Brooklyn 13, Milwaukee 2 New York 6, Cincinnati 3 Philadelphia 8, Chicago-4 'Pittsburgh 12, St. Loujs 3 Today's Games Chicago at New York (night) T ~"'~ at Brooklyn Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (night By The Associateci Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Omaha 10; Charleston 4 Toledo 5; Denver 1 Only games scheduled TEXAS LEAGIJE Dallas 7; Shroveport 0 Fort Worth 6; Beaumont 4 Houston 7; Tulsa 8 San Antonio 6; Oklahoma Cit W L Pet. GB men sai <l that history showed a 3411 .756 championship team could not stand 27 19 .587 '/i/, stl11 ' and that the Giants could not 25 22 .532 10 Possibly hope to get all the breaks 21 24 .467 13 again that they got last season 19 23 .452 13'/J The y c °"ld not have been mor° 20 25 .444 14 " ri eht had they been given an ad- 19 24' .442 14 var >ce look at the script. Only now "31 .31120 (When « is all too obvious that desperate measures are needed i the Giants' front office infusing the club with fresh blood—prob ably too little and too Ipte Thp all-important breaks, instead of go ing for the champions, have gone against them consistently. Dusty Rhodes, the pinch- hitting wonder of 1954, hasn't been able to borrow a blow in the clutch As this was written the World Series hero had collected, all told seven hits in 54 attempts. None of • i , , ---- --- -~— >-i j. v JL^ * j, x 4.1 .L^VO AX, ii , i \fri —• IVILIS" cnn "1 C0 " vingl " g th ?«\ fha t vioilcle boy Mike Souchak emerged as ence should be toned down. But a strong threat for the Deepdale the results wiL not be evident in Round o the theaters for an o t h e r months. "One of the reasons I foresaw evident in, Round Robin golf championsh p Legal Notice rglSS Morris for custom slaughter- NOTICE IN THE PROBATE CQURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY. . ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No. 988 ing and processing meats Community^ Jee Co. Phone ?244 o»' "ft Lizzie Hayden, deceased Last known address of decedent' Rt. 3; Box 266, Hope, Ark. Date of death: January 15, 1955. The undersigned was appointed administratrix of the estate of the above-named decedent on the 19th day of April, 1955. AH persons having claims against the estate musj exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within WE SEljf, — "we rent — we buy six month s from the date of the Real'.JSstate flrst publication of this notice, or Juije 3-1 Mb. COMPANY May 9-; Mo. Wontt4 to Rent they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit ih the ,esta,te. Ths notice first published J!0lh day of Way, 1955. Pclessie Turner WESTERN LEAGUE Wichita 6; Lincoln J ^ Des Moines 11; Colorado Springs Pueblo G.; Sioux City 0 t ~~7" - - - i --Magnolia Boy Tops Junior Matches MAGNOLIA, (fl - A. teenage tennis ,whiz (from Magnolia looked like the man to beat in both the Junior Boys and Boys Division of the annual Arkansas Junior Chamber of Commerce Tennis Tournament today. Fifteen-year-old Alex Sheshunoff soundly thrashed three opponents yesterday to move into' the semifinals 'of the Junior Division and things," On what they didn't like, the survey report included this: "They continue to resent vociferously the low, caliber of daytime serials and westerns and other crime sljows for children. JTfley especially, reseqt the number ot them, whiehi leases them and his teammates is better. doing much It seems scarcely credible that only one man on the club, Don Mueller, boasts a .300 batting average. Willie Mays, the phenom, is second, hung up around .285 and plainly is struggling as opposing pitchers concertedly work on him ow and tight. Monte Irvin, who was an outstanding star a few years back appears to have lost his battins eye for good. Neither Hank this trend toward violence was the Academy Awards. The top winners two years in a row were two extremely violent films — 'From Here to Eternity' and 'On the Waterfront" It was inevitable that others would followm' How does the code authority gauge the public's reaction to film content, "The audience is our partner in this business," said Shurlock veteran of 23 years with the code six day because he refused to be "chewed up." "They're giving Mike the works," commented one observe when the first day pairings were announced. "They'll cut the big guy to pieces and 'eat him without salt.' Thompson nor Whitey Lockman is iittmg anywhere near last year's orrn, and there are reports that kVhitey is trade bait. The only in- ielder who has given the opposi- ion any trouble at all is shortstop Al Dark, and he's about 20 points iclow normal. Only some unexpectelly fine ntching by veterans Sal Maglk nd Jim Hearn has kept the hamps from tumbling well down nto the second division Gail Harris, the slugging young rst-baseman just brought up from Minneapolis, might help some, ps. eeially as his acquisition will en- ble Durocher to post Lockman n leftfield in place of Irvin. But scarcely figures to be enough o overhaul the Dodgers. We watch the reaction carefully' through the Legion of Decency the 13 women's groups that review pictures, the Protestant Film Conn- ciln plus the important trade and newspaper reviewers." How does the code govern vio lence? "We have no hard and fast rules. Rules would kill this indus- ry. We can only do what Joe Breen suggested. "Let's make pictures that are reasonable acceptable Amorally to reasonable peo- Souchak was matched in the opening foursome^ with defending champion Sam champion Gary Snead, Masters Middlecoff and PGA champion Chick Harbert. at the University of Chicago. The annual winners of the "C" banquet celebrated the 50th anniversary of Stagg's 1905 Big Ten championship loams in football, outdoor track, tennis and cross- country. The white-haired little coach, nearly 93, greeted nine members of his famed 1905 gridiron squad that wound up a perfect season by beating Fielding Yost's point-a- minute Michigan Giants by a sa r » ty, 2-0. The chipper oldlimor , - ing 70 or more, included Captain Mark Catlin, who tackled a Michigan player for (he winning two points; Leo Dctray, Merrill Meigs, Art Badenoch, William Boone, Ed win Parry, :Jessie Harper, Leste' Larson and Fred Walker. Stagg laughed when Pat Page, a 12-letterman in the class of ]908, bounced up to him swinging a rusty horseshoe and cow bell fro 1 1 the cheering sections of yesteryear. he quarter-finals of the Boys Pi- tbfif , children choice, on ision. In the Girls Division, the two pre-tourney favorites, Owen Me- Haney of Little Rock and Virginia Higgins of Hot Springs, advanced to the semifinals with relative ease. The 3-day tournament, being at Southern. State One thing the code does prohibit: youngsters with guns. Shurlock said he will not admit the claims of some critics that crime pictures contribute to delinquency. "Perhaps two or three kids are induced to try crime out of the 800 million children in the world that see movjes," he said. Shurlock: said lie;: and his staff are looking more closely ait scenes of violence in current scripts One of the suggestions he has made to producers is to have actual beai ings "off frame.' In', other words lead up to the violence and show the result, but leave the blows to the audience's imagination. "Another thing we have !.„. ticed .there are not enough nice people' in films," he remarked. "Audiences do not complain as much about violence if decent people are also pictured in films." Tomorrow: An actor-producer defends film violence. Americans Find British Meet Tough ST." ANNES, England (fft— Eng land's Arthur Perowne defeated young Don Bisplinghoff of Orlan d.o, Fla., 1-up at the 20th hole and Phil. Scurtton walloped Billy Joe Patton, 7 and 6 leaving Joe Conrad as the only American to reach the semifinals of the British Amateur golf championship today. Conrad, of San Antonio, Tex., trimmed England's Roger Bayliss, 5 and 3. . The fourth semifinalist was $an Slater of England, who followed up yesterday's double upset of Americans by eliminating oe Carr of Ireland, the 1953 champion, 2 and 1. Matchmaker Faces Charges Over Fight PHILADELPHIA M — Matchmaker Pete Moran faced grand jury action today on charges that hc\ gave false testimony at a Pennsylvania Athletic Commissi< ! $ f probe of the nationally telcviseci Harold Johnson-Julio Mederos fight May 6. Moran was arrested during recess in the hearings yesterday and released in $3,500 bail. -• The commission has charged hat Johnson was drugged prior to us bout with Mederos. The light- heavyweight boxer was carried rom a ring on a stretcher after he collapsed at the end of econd.*r o u n d. Mederos warded a TKO. Turkey has 800 miles of Black Sea coast. Fights Last Night By The Associated Press •Los Angeles — Art Aaron. 146M- [x>s Angeles, outpointed Don Jordan, 143 Los Angeles 10, Lauro Salas, 129'^ Monterrey, Mexico, stopped Pete A§uirre, 132, Log Angeles, 10. Santa Clara, Cuba — Rid an, IjjgV; Havana, knocked L,ui<;i Celiuntoe, 157, jtsiy, 3. 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