Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 3, 1955 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 3, 1955
Page 12
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y f JuneJ, If SS HOPI STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS GARRETT MEMORIAL 800 North Perouson ttrsst Eltf. Elbsrt O'SUen, Pastor Sunday 6am. Rock of Atei Broadcast over KXAR. 0:50 a. n\. Sunday Sch6ol. PAu) Church'. Supt. '11 a. m. Morning Worship 1 pi m. Baplist Training Service 8 p. m. Evening Worship MondaV 2 p. m. : Senior W. M. A. Wednesday 7 p. m. .Teachers' mcetnig and O. M. A.'s 7:30 Mid-week services and •prayer meeting. Thursday 7:30 p. m. Junior W. M. A. i Monday • 2:30 p. ni. womens Missionary Council. •*, 'j T*K; ^ x<jr '®&, t FIRST CHRISTIAN , Edmond Pehd|eton, pastor Sunday . P 9:45 a. m. Bible School Malcolm Porferflcld, Supt. 4 ,10:50 jB^rnvj Morning Worship Sermon by th«« ^Mlitfstcr. * 2:304:00 p. in. Communion Service to shut-ins -by The Elders. 6:00-7:30 p. m. Christian Youth Fellowship. 5 p m. Vospcr Service Serm'oh' by 'the Minister Monday. The first Monday after the first Sunday of each month is Board Meeting,;Nlght."The,'C. W. F. Circles meet in* the homes the .first Monday afternoon of each month. Tne general Missionary Meeting is the Second Monday in the Church •Parlor; •> ' • Wednesday The Church-Cabinet meets the first and third Wednesday nights of each Monlh."-The second Wed- | nesda*- night of each month is Chrislan Men's Fellowship dinner night, fae Fourth Wednesday night Is Famlly'nlght In out Church. ' Thursday C ** *& <?, ' ! The Chancel. Chpfc,, Reels'each Thursday^ nigtit; M&: 30; under, /the direction 6t Luther 'jjollamon. CHURCH OF CHRIST 6th and Grady Street F. L. Jennings,- Minister Sunday p ^ B:45 Bible' Study 10:37 Preaching' ' - ' • S;30 p. m. Biblt Study, Oajiei for all ages. Tuesday * t < •:80 a.m. Ladlei Biblt Wednesday 7:80 p : m. Bible Study /J CHURCH OF CHRIST, _ Walnut. Street •J Elton Hughes, Minister Sunday -, 8:45 a, m. Biblt School '^Sk-^-'"" ' F S^ p, m. Bible itudy • , 4*1 Tuesday , ,, f , £;30 M. m.', tidies Bible Study 7:14 p. o?. -r 'Tta<jher§ Meetinj 7:W p. L m. Bible Study AMERICANISM and CHRISTIANITY or COMMUNISM arid ATHEISM... which do you want? The inescapable challenge facing the Christian world today is COMMUNISM. COMMUNISM is OFFICIALLY ATHEIST. To destroy the American principle of FREEDOM of WORSHIP is the declared intention of this ANTI-AMERICANISM. Several years ago the Comintern declared: •'* "The ultimate.aim of the Communist International is to replace world capitalist economy by a world system of Communism... It would bury forever all mysticism, religion, and superstition." That anti-God declaration has never .been challenged. In fact, it has strengthened its atheistic principles to a point that has rarely been seen before in history. The Truth is, Communism cannot live with Christianity, because it is a religion unto itself, as much so as it is a systerii of politics and economics. COMMUNISTS declare theirs is simply the "scientific" ' ,^ S5 ^ application of the teachings of history. They also say theirs islt^V not only a "scientific" system but is the ONLY SYSTEM. , J;|J- ' - •' Communis«';,say Christianity is .superstition. They, refer^to /3 Christianity as something especially'designed to capture the r '-^ masses for exploitation by capitalist masters. Communists say "DOWN WITH THE CROSS WHICH IS THE SYMBOL OF FAITH FOR THE CHRISTIAN WORLD."...Therefore,}; Communism and Christianity become the two great rival Fajths of the Twentieth Century. CHRISTIANITY believes one thing about the nature of man and his destiny^ the nature of morality, the basis of ethics, and the nature of the : Universe. COMMUNISM believes the exact opposite, CHRISTIANITY believes in the INDIVIDUAL f arid in the RIGHTS OF MAN. COMMUNISM believes : |he Jj, .individual is the wholly owned SLAVE OF,THE STATE. Y^J THIS atheistic, materialistic, conspiracy threatens to engulf the whole world. Unless it is stopped our liberties, political, civil and religious rights, will go the way of the unfortunate nations which have already been crushed to earth behind the iron curtain of Moscow. If you believe in God and the Bible of the Lord God Almighty, won't you help - - -' hold high the CROSS. It is being chopped down with the sickle by „ ' « * ' -,*, Communist enemies. Fpr the ! \ \^ '- **? sake of all that is dear to you— ; V,'' attend your church and . ; ' ;, >',;,,• support her good work, u !„/ ^ v IK .'j^S The Men's Bible Clasp .win met* In the Fellowship Hall »? t:3Q ,4. ai ,for doughnuts and cottee; the lesson ftt, 10: Op, Dr. J.iW. Branch pianisti V ', , 10:00- a. in. — Sunday School, ' t, >*. * ">.<' 10; 55 a. m. Morntnu Worship ' Sermon subject: ''When \\as God at His Best?" 'Anthem: "Guide Thee Dear Savior" 5:30 p m. P. Y. F. Hal Branch will have'charge of the program. 7 p. m. Evening Worship Subject: "The Son of. Man" Special music: "pon't Forget to Pray" , Monday ;,7 p. m. Choir practice * > % ^ , TJie. P, '-y. F. Council .will -meet Wcdnesdayi morning at 11 o'clock at tl?e Chur.ch. No .midweek, service. . The Vacation Church Scho61 ftar^vMonday June .6, at $:00 a. in. Session's wi!4 be held da)|y from nine to eleven o'clocH from Moij' day through Friday this week and next. ' ','„'• This Church Page is Being Published With the Hope of Getting More People to Go to Church It is Sponsored By the Following Business Firms Who Are 100% Interested in This Community: CHURCH Of THf NAXAKf HI Fifth and flit* it Garland Johnson, 8:10 a. m. "Showers of Bless- inns" over K>£AR. • MS a. m. «iM4ay Icbool, J, O, }1 ». rrt. Mornlrf etmon by pastor. 7 p- m."H. V. F. fif. r ° , . , p."m. Evening Service, with germpn by pastpr. 7? 8ft f- m. Prayer Meeting. . . 'i p. m. .|fissianary Society meet v indicate •ranch General Hospital & • Julia-Chester Hospifal Owen'i Pcpartment Store e 8eh Owen 0Mtan« Got Company •.Chester May . r • . • Cox Iro*. Foundry & Machine Co, o Chas, Cox Theatres, Inc. • Eldon Qoffman, Mgr. Southwest Wood Products • Homer Beyerly and Frank King Oakcrest Chapel, Inc. • Pon Wcetbrook •• Qraydon Anthony Lumber Co, • • • Graydon Anthony Fint National Bank • Sltf McMath Tarpley'» Mof 9 | & Gift Shop f Mrs, F. R, Johnson Irunenlvory Handle Co. i 'W, C. IrMner Gunter Retail Lumber Co. • W. H. Gunter Hotel Barlow • Gene Smith Ideal Cleaners & Hatters • Mr. and Mrs. U. B. Hall Anthony Manufacturing Co. • Horace Anthony Young Chevrolet Co. • E. P. Youna Feeders Supply Company • Purina Feed & Supplies Hope Transfer & Storage Co, t Leo Compton Duckett Scrap Iron & Metal » William M. Duckett Midwest Dairy Products • Grade A Dairy Products Crescent Drug Store • Frank Douglas Hope Auto Company Inc » Fra,nk McLarty Citizens Notional Bank • R, M. LaGrone Hope Gin Company ( • R. E. and U. G, Garrett Union Compress & Warehouse Co. • H. O. Kyler, Supt. .. Hope Furniture Co. • T. S. Cornelius and R. V. Herndon Montgomery Grocery & Market • Ralph Montgomery Collier Tire & Battery Service » Harold H. (Bud) Collier Southwestern Packing Co. • Donald Moore Hope Federal Savings & Loan Assn. • Fred Ellis ' • : Hempstead County Sheriff t Jimmy Cook W. Shanhouse Sons Inc, » Ron W. Duvall (,, I, Poteet, >f ai Hope Basket Company • Walter Verhalen Porter Garage & Glass Shop • T. 0. Porter Stephens Grocer Co. • Herbert Stephens Hosey Down Town Texaco • Service Station — Julian Hosey Hope Body Shop • Bill Hinklc and Ray Turner Byers Swap Shop • H. C. and T. D. Byers Coleman Garage • Y. C. Coleman J. L. Green Cleaners » Mrs. J. L. Green Rephan's Department Store • Jess Pendergraft Yellow Cob Taxi Co. t Jessie Brown & J. D. Turner Hope Nursery & Floral Co. f Mr. and Mrs. R;vy §tephenspn Meyer's Bakery t J. W, FIRST METHODIST CHURCH West end at P»!n« V. D; Keeley. Pastor 9:45 a. m. Church School 10:95 a. m. Morning Worship Anthem: "O Rest In The Lord" Mendelssohn, Sermon: "Teach Us to Pray" Minister. 5:30 p m. Intermediate MYF 5:30 p. m. Senior MYF . 5:30 p. m. Wesley Club 7 p. m. Evening Worship Sermon: "Experience The Greatest Teacher" Minister. Monday 4:00 p. m. Circle 1 Mrs. C. V. Nunn, Sr., Chairman will meet in the home of Mrs. R. T. White. Circle 2 Mrs. Ross.Moore, Chairman will meet in the home of Mi's. T. S. MoDavitt co-hostesses:' Mrs. Bessie D. Green and Mrs. Ralph Routon. Circle 3 Mrs. Floyd Fuller, Chairman will meet in the home of Mrs. J. B. Koonce co-hostesses: Mrs. "John Hartsfield and Mrs. Cecil Weaver. , , '2';p:''m'.. Circle 4 Mrs. John B. •' Gardner,' Chairman will meet in the home of Mrs. Gardner at Oakhaven. . . 7 p, m. Meeting of the Finance Commission at the-church'. : ' 7:30 p .m. The Official Board will meet at the chupch. There will be no Choir Practice this week. The Little Rock Annual Conference will open Wednesday, June 8, at 10:00 a. m. in the First Methodist Church ,in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, closing Sunday, June 12 when Bishop Paul E. Martin will read the appointment for. the new I Conference year. . j By BRETT THE STORY: (Jhwittlnily .-.,• vale Detective Michael Shayne aids his frightened secretary Lucy Hamilton, hide a fugitive from police. She Insists Jack Brlstow, the fugitive, Is not a .murderer and Shayne Investigates, learning that a girl has . bteh strangled and that Brlstow •IS deeply Involved. Returning to Lucy's apartment, Shayne Is jn time for a visit, of Police Chief Will Gentry and Reporter Tim Ttourke, both friends of Shayne. Chapter X Sound was , wrenched f r o m Lucy's throat. She started forward, her fac c wo rkcd convulsively, but Shayne put in sharply: "Some friend of Lucy's? Is that it?" "I don't think so." Gentry's ygiled eyes hadnt missed Lucy's involuntary start, but he disregarded it and answered Shayne matter - of - factly. "We dont know to much about the dead girl yet, but off-hand I wouldn't pick Trixie for anyone Lucy'd give Mer address to. Handwriting doesn't jibe, either, with samples )-we found in her room. What I dfri guessing is that the man who killed her had the address In his- pocket and dropped it accidentally." „' "That sounds like a reasonable deduction," said, Shayne scornfully. "You don't suspect Lucy of being intimate with a.murder vie-' tim, bill with the murderer. Any particular reason for thinking that? 11 "Why, yes." said Gentry fortable. "We know from a taxi driver that a young fellow flagged him half a block from the 18th Street address soon after we figure the 'girl was killed, and had hirn drive to this building. He acted nervous and funny in j cab," Gentry went on slowly, got out the driver no- smear where he'd Jacksonville Seek Hosptal Fundi JACKSONVELUE OP) — The Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce has asked the federal government to build a two million dollar hospital here to serve the Little Rock Air •Force Base and Civilian residents of the area. Kenneth P. Wilson, president of .the Chamber of Commerce, said !the proposed hospital would be by local officials. Usually military personnel get medical care at a base dispens- , ary, which also cares f.or dependents of military personnel! Wilson said Rep. Hays (D-Ark) .money to finance the project. S. j. Johnson, Supt. 11 a. m. Mornihg Worship I p. ni. Epworth League f $. m. Eventaf Worship LONOke BAPTIST CHURCH Rev. J. C. Ceby, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Mrs. Ella Rice, Supt. 11 a. in. Mornihg Worship 6 p. m. B. T. U. ? p. m. Evening Worship Mrs. Ada Gogglns of Columbus died at her home Wednesday, June 1. Funeral arrangements are" incomplete. Sunday School Lesson ' 6y WILLIAM E. GILROY 0. D. Bible is a great book of .oioie is a great DOOK oitwinvn «* ucci^ii oucei uapiisi V*JIUL- concerning God. That' ch ln Gurdon and the First Bap* • list Church closed a contest be- *The truth is its^supreme value for man. But-:the Bible is also a great book of truth concerning man» The Bible's truth concerning God is, all good; for God is all good,'and "God is love," as the Bible in its highest message declares. But the Bible could not PRESCOTTNEWS B. T. U. Cdnelude* Contest -. Members of the feaptist training Union of Beech Street Baptist Chur- '- ojtf-'f- -. the two 6ttt»fchtt~ftt a at OTft Chu* be a book of truth concerning IShayne sat back and nodded. 'The .man Sergeant Loftus was looking for. iDid he fnid him?" "The trail was an hour old. He searched every apartment in the building," Gentry went on heavily, "except this one. Claims you objected." "Did he tell you why I objected?" -sShaj-ne • demanded hotly. "When your storm troopers learn some manners they'll get along better in police work." "Loftus told me about it," grunted Gentry- "Don't blame you much. Mike but things would look a: lot better if you hadn't interfered.' To bad Loftus didn't know about this name and address when he was here." "If he had," said Shayne, "I'd ha've ' invited him in to look for himself." "Its going to look bad if Hip papers got hold of it." ' IShayhe grinned and glanced a'side at Rourke. "So you^brough The Negro By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring It'ems to Miss Turner at Hicks Funeral Home •"- « wuvrv ui vi uvii uuiiucl JUllg The Evangelist Spiritual Singers man. if it did not depict him for of Hot Springs will give a musical "' v " lt u ~ '- — J '" —«--« *-- •--program at Harmony CME Church, Saratoga Sunday, June 12. at 2:30 p. m. Sponsored by the missionary club. Rev. J. W. Hutchinson, pastor. The-public is invited. R. A. Hicks is attending the Arkansas State Embalmers and Funeral Directors meeting in Pine Bluff. RISING STAR BAPTI8T Rev. W M. Erby, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Ambers Dunlap, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. B. T. U. "...... 8 p. m. Evening Worship •* GOOD FOOD AT EVERY DAY PRICES 25c 15c SLIM'S BAR-B-QUE Highway 67 West Phone Orders 7-2748 Homemade Pies — Coffee and Cold Drinks 35c BARBECUE SANDWICHES Every day price 20c HAMBURGER — Made with pure Ground Beef — Everyday price UNITY BAPTIST CHURCH South Elm Str»et ? Pastor, Howard White 1 , ?,:25-8;55 a. in. Unity Gospel Hour KXAR. 10 a. m. Sunday School "Jessie McAdams, Supt. • Morning wr-rs^m ii a. tri. • V-p.-m, .Baptist Training : Service J. E. Powers, President. « Mpnday .. ', • -;..'• 7 p. m. Willing Workers Auxiliary,, Mrs. i Sidney, Ward, President. Tuesday 1st & 3rd 7:30 p. m.. Brotherhood Meeting Howard White, President. Wednesday '' 2>p. m. W, M. A. •'•••' Mrs., Barney Gaines, President. 7 p. m. Teacher's Meeting , 7 p. m. Girls Missionary Auxiliary, Mrs. Howard White. 8 p. m. Prayer Service ^Deacons Meeting - Subject to call i of Pastor. ' ' CATHOLIC CHURCH Father A. G. Dunleavy, . Paiter 10:30 "' HOPE GOSPEL TABERNACLE Rev. C. S. Walker, Pastor Rev, G. E, Hicks. Music-Youth DJ rector. • •' ,^:45 a. m. ,~ Sunday School T. C. Cranford Supt. 10:00 a. m. — Rad|6 Bible Class. Broadcast over KXAR, Rev. C. S. .Walker., Teacher. lljQO a, m. ^ Motnlng Worsnlp Sermon'by the'Pastor. 6:30 p. m. Senior C. A. Junior Ct A, 7:30. p. m. 'Evangelis.tic service Sermon by the Pastor. Wednesday 7:15 p. m. Teachers' Training Course. fi" p. m. Mid-Week Service. Friday 7:30 p. m. Choir Rehearsal •The public is cordially invited to attend all services. JONES CITIES SERVICE STATION & GARAGE 3rd & Walnut Phone 7-5542 Announces Their Official Opening Saturday, June 4th. Get Acquainted Specials: 1. Wash & Grease Job. All for <hl| f\ f- the price of one. ....... 4>|.^J) 2. One can of Ciico Pep Valve Oil Free with every tank of gas. Candy for the Kiddies. We invite all former cutorriers and friends as well as the new to come in and visit us. Shop equipped to do any kind of repair work. All Work Guaranteed Wa're as near as your telephone BAPTIST CHURCH 8. A. Whitlow, Patter Sunday •:30;a. ni. '-i Sunday Scaool w, H. Munn, Supt, . lOj.50 a. m. Morning Worship with Sermon by the Pastor. 5 p. m. Chapel Choir Rehearsal. 6:30 p. m. Baptist Training Un-' ion, Hubert Thrash, Director.. 7:45 p. m. Evening Worship with Sermon by the Pastor. Monday , , 8 '3° - U:30 a. m.' Vacation Bible School. 7 p. m. Deacons Meeting Tuesday ' 8:30 - 11:3Q a, m. Vacation Bibio School. . Wednesday 8:3.0 :'11:30 a. m. Vacation Bible School. 7 p. m. Sunday School Officers and Teachers meeting. 7:45 p. m. Fellowship pour — The Midweek Worship 'for the Whole Family. Thursday Visitation Day 8:30 -''11:30 a. ble School. 7 p. m. Chancel Choir Rehearsal. Friday .. 8:30 -11:30 a. m. Vacation Bible. USED MACHINE CLEARANCE Portables..... $49.50 Treadles..... .$20.00 Only 2 Cabinet Floor Avtadels. Tremendgus Discount. Singer Sewing Machine Co. 106 So. Elm Phone 7-5840 m. Vacation Bi- IT BROKE DOWN WACO, Tex., (UP) -Baylor University students promised cool conditions when they registered for summer courses were dis^y. pointed yesterday when (he air ¥'/ x \^ Larro Feeds ANNOUNCING LARRO OPEN HOUSE Saturday, June 18th McWilliams Seed & Feed Store REGISTER NOW FOR PRIZES We handle all kinds of garden and field seed, Fertilizer, complete line of insecticides and that , good Larro Feed, made by General Mills, the makers of; Gold Mpdol Flour. All our feed is uncpndittopglly guaranteed. GARRETT CHAPEL BAPTIST Rev. F. R. Williams, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School L. C. Wyatt, Supt. . . 11 a. m. Morning ; Worship 6 p. m. B. T. U. • 9:30 p m. Baptist Hour over Station KXAR. . '. Mrs. Reece Cannon, Mrs. Craton Epps and William Walker motored to Fort Smith Monday to attend the funeral of Mrs. J. L. Councle. Mrs. Helen Davis and children left Wednesday where they will spend several weeks with their hus- ,,. .- —- ^^^^ tand and father, T. C. Davis who is is,the great marvel of integrity and what he is, and for what he has shown himself to be in all the long history of man since time began. Sin was in the beginning as well as creation, and urtbrother- liness and murder soon began the role of violence and tradegy that has continued unbroken until today. Even the righteous and noble Abraham (Genesis* 18:21-33) once lapsed into duplicity and the great hero and psalm-singing David is not spared in the matter of his adultery and the virtual of the man he had is truth and realism concerning man with nothing with- see Him as He Is," ch.T. The contest hag 1rten*i%mmg fdf ,13 weeks and was*..gra'diea «s " attendance and new meniberl'wi the Prescott chufffi wiffflinif :e jnuu as ne is.-- «i= X-ICSCOH cnurcn winning witn The Bible portrays inan as thef 81 P° ints ' Mrs. A. S. Bufihanan Is subject of salvatlort through the dircttor grace of God, no matter, how much! T* 16 Beech St. Church served ice , , he iftay have fallerirfrom his bfest estate. That is the ihissagelof. its Gospel climax. '.'' But since in Its realism Bible sets forth evil and sin the In murder .wronged ' All that held. The Bible is this respect , . . employed with the L. and A. Railroad Company in Minden, Louisiana. CHURCH OF GOD IN CHRIST Eld. O. N. Dennis; • Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Mrs. Myrtle Richardson, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship 6 p. m. Y. P. W. W., 8 p. m. Evening Worship . BETHEL AME CHURCH Rev. Willard Leake, Pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School Mrs. E. M. Nelson, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship Subject "A Timely Warning' 6 p. m. A. C. E. L. League 8 p. m. Evening Worship •Mrs. Lurlean Philiips and daughter, Linda is visiting their husband and father, Dossie Phillips in Minden, Louisiana. Mrs. Willie Smith, Jr., of Omaha, Nebraska and Mrs. Leon Taylor of'East Saint Louis, 111. lor of East Saint Louis. 111., are visiting their sister and father Mrs. Hantwell Ferguson and Mr. George Calvin and other relatives Fulton : and Hope. in BEEBEE MEMORIAL C. M. E. Rev. T. J. Rhone, Pastor 9:45 a. m Sunday School Mrs A. B. Rerg'er, Supt. 11 a. m. Morning Worship Special Mothers Day iby the pastor. - ; • •'.. 6 p. m. Epworth .League 8p.m. Evening Worship. MT. ZION CME CHURCH Rev. I. M. Manning,., .pastor 9:45 a. m. Sunday School, a reporter along with Rourke yawned arid unwound his can body from the couch; strolled casually toward the "open-bedroom door htat sagged inward, on lose hinges behind Gentry. '"'••' Lucy started involuntarily and put her knuckles to her mouth, but Shayne's eyes follo'weoV'the reporter with only casual '.interest. Light footsteps came i running up the stairs at that" instant,""and a trim young officer paused in the open outer doo rway panting excitedly: • "Thought you'd want to hear this, Chief. Just got a flash over the radio from headquarters. An anonymous telephone . call" 1 about half an hour ago identifies the 18th St. killer as Jack".Bristow from New Orleans.-With a description and a report." that he was; shot in the stomach! confirming the taxi (Jrlver .'•'"about His- "coming here." , . • ' "Shot in the stomach,'eh?" muttered Gentry. "There wasn't any gun or blood in the room." He was turned in his chair to listen to the man in the doorway and didn't see Lucy stiffen and turn fear - drenched eyes on Shayne, cr note Shayne form the words with his lips: "Recognize the name, but take it slow." Gentry said, "Thanks." "I know that name, Chief Gentry." she began faintly. " : New Orleans made me think of it. Arlene Bristow's brother. She worked with me before I met. Slichael. I met Jack once. Years ago." Chief Gentry was all atten on "That must explain it. Does she know your present address?" "Arlene? Oh yes. We correspond every few months. I suppose she might have given it to Jack if he was coming to Miami." "Describe him," ordered Gcn- try, getting out a pad and pencil. Hesitantly, Lucy described Jack Bristow, and at Gentry's in. sistence gave him Airlene (Bristow's New Orleans address. Rourke came lounging in from the bedroom with his hands thrust deep in his pockets and a peculiar glitter in his deepset eyes, just as Gnetry finished getting all the information he could from Lucy, and got to his feet, saying: "The man mus thave come here hoping you'd hide him out and help him on account of his sis-' ter. You being here must have scared him away, Mike. Too bad i you couldn't have been a little I later and walked in on him. I'll phone this in to headquarters and have them check with Miss Bristow in New Orleans." He turned toward the telephone with pad and pencil in his hands, but Timothy Rourke forestalled him swiftly by leaping forward and grabbing the useless handset, putting one foot on the trailing cord' to hide it from Gentry's eyes, and beginning to dial feverishly: He said "Qimme rewrite," into the dead phone, and • Gentry nodded sourly and lumbered to the door, rr« e Mrs. Jewel G. Wright had as dinner guest Sunday Mrs. Willie Smith, Jr., and Mrs. Leon Taylor. iMrs. Maggie Green had as dinner guest Wednesday Mrs. Leon Taylor, Mrs.. Willie Smith, Jr., Mrs. Hartwell Ferguson, Miss Bet- honest reporting in all literature. The marvel is no . aess because the Bible's report concerning evil in man is no muckraking or pessimistic exploitation, as Is :so much, of the other writing concerning sin and evil, including that of our own time. Tf the Bible in its truthful realism often depicts man at his lowest, it .also reveals him at his highest,, not only in what he has achieved in moral greatness and spiritual aspiration, but even more in the revelation of his greater possibilities and in all that he may become. The wonderful words of John (I John -3:2) apply as much to the saints of the Old Testament as to those of the New, and they apply likewise to the saints of today. 1 It'is man at his highest: "Beloved, now are we the sons of : ; God, and it doth not appear what; we shall be; but we know all the grimness, crudeness, degradation, and cruelty that man's sin has accomplished, it means that many pages of the Bible cannot be pleasurable reading, however much they may foe valuable for instruction and warning. It is good to know that the Bible relates things as they were, holding nothing back, tout it is not pleasant to read that so many kings of Israel were idolatprs am rascals betraying their Gbd anc misruling their people. For this reason I believe that in the pages depicting evil and vi the pages deplctin gevil and vi olence ought to be tempered with much reading of its noblest pas sages. That to immense one's cream .during-the evening. self in Kings and Chronicles, even with the story of evil'kings interspersed with the record- oi a few good kings and reformers, is not good unless one turni ''aJSc to uplifting Psalms, to the • vision of prophets as in Isiah : 62, /ind to all that glorifies toe jOld Testament, . .; , ' ' i-i "(•'• : '•"' •;•'.: Paul said that the chief advantage of the Jews was that "uh to them; were committed .'the' or acles of God" (Romans 3:1); and that verdict still stands In literature arid history. ' Beyond all in human history, the Hebrew saints sought. God and found Him. All our study, of the Old Testament avails us nothing unless we find : Him too. For that reason we must study much more than the history of kings and the record of'events. '. tye J. Ferguson and Mrs. Uggie that'-when He shall appear we Johnson and children. Shall be like Him , for we shall!day. In colonial times, 40 per cent of the people in what 'became the United States were under 15 years old compared with 27 per cent to- At recent try-outs' ^, Mi , wc Prescott High School Betty Aiitt Erskine, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Erskine, was chosen drum- major .for 1955-56 She will be a senior next year. Majorettes selected were Patsy Wilson and Mary Buchanan,' who will be seniors next year and Shirley Parks, Mary Yancey and Rita Warren who will be junior?, Jerita Wicker will be assistant Majorette and Judy Gilbert will be assistant drum major. ... ;, ," Judging was by Jerry Loveall, band director of the Texarkana, Arkansas High School senior band. Mrs. Worthlngton «... », Entertains SS Clais ' ' ' ' Mrs.. J. T. Worthington entertained members of her Sunday School Class of the First Methodist Church with a picnic supper on Monday night at Suckles Lake. ' : Games were also played toy, the 24 plresent. , • .•;.•• ''.'•";..•'•"-•:':•. Mrs. .Worthington was assisted by Mrs. Paul Koslosky, Mrs. iFred Boles and Mrs. E. A,da'ihs. • Mr. and Mrs. R. -M. Mr. and Mrs. Bill Billy, Mrav flfn returned to their Texas on Monday ^ jthdrMfs; Mr. and ___ . _._»_^ nell and Edipar, who havi the guests of Mr. and Mrte Hale, Tcturtted to ' AU "'' "* Bentoh on Mftnday. Mr. and Mrs. Wren Scdit turned from' i sight, IfeiM, u -is •^•'sajfC.trirtc-ftik, \cm *»!_ ~_L\i - *'»i!j- ? W-L'"^. 1; "^4J.^iu . Mr. and' Mr*. Roy «-,*•«. tended commencement. eMf .Oklahoma A«cM "i ter, Okla iVi at^hl( Jame's 'Moy, recei> in. Dairying. P. Glenwoqd after « Visit and Mrs; WaU»;««».fij|e|^ Mr7: and: m^B^f^ «••*• , HI*U 4.T*«>«^*.<,' mf^f^mmtf .^JV^MIMH Lubbook, Texas ^r)i >*)}i3ij parents;;MrV", MAIWjMm Whitaker.,;.. ::^ : '^^imim Kodak, Aid Supplies; Tooth Brush,tides, Flashlight, Shqke^ Bi^ Heat Powders,. Bath Powders and .-•,;::,.•: : '-., LET ~- v::-u.-,> :-?y,4::'^t,^ !r ^.>»^;.j4i>u4ii;; : o;J,^M<Sf|| - • :••'-•'>''•*< H-r *&!>mm$i$&$m$ ~* ,'^r,^^,,-^,^^^^ R' ; fe$ilpi ^mt*m&f& w?$4-?'.<M <#'*^s^m& w*w*&$m. All Chevrolet's competitors and most of-the tried it recently in official NASCAR* trials-rand took ajikmii •i.:MFt^v§Pii '^^f^iiii^ W.#iiV.&3®f.f--i8@ffiffi .":--^~.:^4^ t '^^wm ''.'• ••• j.^^v^V^^-y'^f-^'/^^^M^S^iS^i^ a^ltS^liili^S M eet the champ! The new Chevrolet "Turbo-Fire V8" - the most modern V8 on the road today. Here's what happened— Daytona Beach. NASCAR Acceleration Tests Over Measured Mile From Standing Start. Chevrolet captured the 4 top positions hi its class! 8 of the first 11! And on a time basis Chevrolet beat every high-priced car, too—but one! But wait!—this is just the beginning! Way, way ahead! Daytona Beach, NASCAR Straightaway Running. Open to cars delivered in Florida for $2,500 or less. Chevrolet captured the first two places, 7 out of the first 11 places! Daytona B«ach. NASCAR 2-Way Straightaway Running Over Measured Mile. Open to cars from 250 to 299 cu, in, displacement. Chevrolet captured 3 of the first 5 places! Columbia, S. C. NASCAR 100- Mile Race on half-mile track. Very tight turns. Chevrolet finished first! Foytffevllle, N. C. NASCAR Late Model Event. Chevrolet again finished first, Because of even tighter turns trie driver chose to run the entire 150 laps in second gear! Yet np overheatini or pit stops! These facts you can't laugh off, Sales leader.'jRoad^eader. 'A crown* ing achievement of Chevrolet and Genera! Motors. T*y a Chevrolet,,» and live in a land of going-away whore you win;,aU the arguownts! Soon, maybe? YOUNG CHEVROLET 300 Eait Stcond St. HOPE. ARK. ' ' ^ ' . lifc ^*ww m^mf ^wwwtfw w*9 .' • ^ jfmyf^ ^^ yM||»;i^ _•/-, J'l lt f45^ 1 ^i'^ i «t^^t' > a|ffl "I'-H'-J,) i?*.

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