The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on July 1, 1939 · Page 4
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 4

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 1, 1939
Page 4
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(OOJJRIEB NEWS WWB do. _ 'GRAHAM SUD'BURY, Editor - Er«T Afteroooo Except Sund»y BLYTIIEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEWS SATURDAY, JULY 1, 1939 '"firtewd «• «cdn<l elia m»lt«r «t the post- WTteT.1 MytblvUl*, /runii, under «t of COMTOM, Ortobw », «•»• ^.V" Served by tiM United Pres» ^ J ~*" ! SUBSCRIPTION RATES ..'. By' arrler irt Uie City ot Biythevlllfi, I5o per "innficeiit" negro who was IU6 victim of a "legal lynching" in the hies of those gioups which aie so quick lo intervene in behalf of others and so frequently, ub in the cabes of these Bly- thevillc negioes, without benefit of, or desiic for, evidential facts. Theie is little wonder that a liu«e pait of the Amoncmi public views with suspicion the actual motives of such groups. 11 within B raaius of 60 miles, 1300 per ' ^S. tin for six months, 766 Or «>«»»«* ' 5 j taT*iiU in porful tones two to six l" 01 ^ $6M per ye»r; In wncs seven »nd eight, ««"w per year, ptygble In advance. • —~~™~~~~~ Do They Want .Justice? '" The dramatic last minute confession i f by Jim X. Cmuthcis that lie was guill-i' 'of th6 crime for which he had sought for more than four yciui, to avoid paying* the penalty should seivc lo cuib somewhat in the fntuic tho hue mid ciy of the "sob sislcis" and the 'liberty" and ''equal justice" gioups. But if piobably won't because such "sympathi/ers", knowing little or nothing about the cases in which they seek to mtcivenb, are always eager to LUSC the cry of "persecution", "this is Am- ciica,'not Germany", or "legal lyntli- "Aie you guilty oC Hie ciime with which *yoii wcie chaigccU" Caiutheis was asked as the clecttic chair's shapb were adjusted (( ( "Yes, sir," Cnruthcrs icplied 1m guilty of the ciime, G.ip'n. I just \\.mts to pray foigivcncss foi all niy s.ins. I ain't got no condemnation foi no one." , , Despite the crimes peipeliatcd hv ,,. Caiutiiers and his companion, Bubbles '_'ayt<m, Mississippi county kept close rein on its sentiments and Clayton and Carutheis weie accoitled a lair and 0*1(101 ly trial. Counsel of their o\ui face took up their cause as then cases were appealed to the state supicme court and various "libeity" and "«|iml iigh(b Tl gioups financed a couit light that postponed for an almobt inloim- -inable time", but did not pi event, theii execution. " Jlississippi county has ICHS.OII to^ believe that a veiy full mcabiuo ofliustiLC has been acconled Clayton and Cauith- ers. At no stage was the pan who . cVimfnally attacked a white gul neai here m Detembei, 1934, denied legal or moral lights We have boeri exceedingly pafienl But we have no patience with lh6bC who besieged high officials when all legal recourse had'been exhausted, pio testing that the negioes \\eic to be the victims of a "legal lynching ' Wfe find lio fault with conscientious objectors to the death penalty but no such objection was the basis of the plea of those \slio uiged leniccncy. ln- plea of those who uigcd leniency In' stead, bia/seulv, fiom then head<|iiai- teis in New York, Chicago, I'ltlbbuigh "justice be done" and the death s-en- tenceb of l\\o "innocent ncgiocs" be nullified. "Yes, sir ... I'm gniltv of the ciime, Cap ii", came vohiiitanlv fionl the lips of Cauilhqrs when he icalu- ed fhat no power on eaith \\oulcl save him. But he will piobably still icmain an Rich Dog's Day The Roman ompcior niiulc his la- vonlc hoi be consul, the sloiy goes, and demanded full. civic honoit, for the beast. .. \Ve icad the old btoiy with an audible smll, and say, "What quaint ideas those ancients must have had!" Bui is it any moie fantastic than this' In Opehka, Ala., live two dogs, Minnie and Willie. They are ncli dogs, as dOics go, for their late owner lelt §500 in tiust foi them, moviding that $15 a month should be spent foi dog delicacies. But Minnie and Wilho weie not sat- islicd with the delicacies. They bit Sal- hc Santoid. And Sally sued lo get the $500 as balm foi lier injmic.s We may vet see Minnie and Willie in (in Alabama dock, ils rats and wolves ^eie once .solemnly tiled in medieval com t.s lor awaultb on human beings It has long been known that cveiy dog has "his (lay. But not until now 1ms it been a day in coin t. SIDE GLANCES by Cajbralth COPR 1939 BVHi>BCflVICE-INC. T. M. JlEC-'U."S.'PAT, 6f f, • SERIAL STORY 0 , " PAR IS ,HEA SEBltlSf. INC "I tlon'l mind you Inuring poUilncs in UIP mud .nul Ilicn g them in Ihfc luC—bill foi heaven's saKc piomisc me jou Vion'l cal lliciul" THIS CURIOUS WORLD By William ^•Ferguson Oiltatnui tad The Old Kiiglisli pcdigiee ol the \\oul "outsmailed"' nwy be ,i little blinicd, and pciliaps vou won't even hud the wonl in your dictionaiy. But it is a hne, c\picssivc coinage of the mint of modem Ameucan hte, blight •ind' luie-iingmg This Americanism was given added blandiiiK by its use in a decision by New Yoik Supiomc Couit .lustice William T Collins, who uilcd in so manv words that "obviously the dotondant outsmarted the plainlill." The sense of the"" usage was not to suggest AhttlMhti defendant had done anything, disci editable, lather the 10- vcibe, that he had simply thought fttstei and faithei ahead on the deal n which suit had been hi ought, a pio- iceding undci New Yoik slalc'.s Fcld- Ciawfoid fan liade att. And bebidcb the happj u,e ot a giand word, the iiuslice also showed that fan hade laws aifc not always and ncccssaiilv the death ol competition Within the act, he i tiled, thcie is still loom foi that elicit to outsmait the olhci fellow which is at the base ol any competitive system ot economy rrdiiri HoyMlon tenrh« the .™ jininc lit IlrirlKirti (.unplug. ..j ilecliK-K lo wlnj 1 , |ir>Nlh£ nil (Tic L'lirmfffii'r'K »'ou',shi. TJie cluuiffcnr « ino l.i niiJilii'rvllIr. XojiiKoi. ...IJIK llnrliimi over the \vall, in io mt'CI lifr lit G V. in. 'CHAPTER Tit INASMUCH, as the hedge that surrounded the swimming pool was fairly high, Roy, did not perceive ail elderly gentleman who fat in Hie. shelter of it on the -side furthest from the gin-age. Lookhu down fiom his window on the firs morning after his installation as a relative of Baskervillc's, lie say only n tiled t.i'nk full of limpic green w,ilei lie hesii lied He did not know whether it was permis slble for a cousin ot the Cannings cliiiufl'cur to disport himself I liieso waters. On the other hand the prolnbihlics \ieio tint no on would know, about it. The hour vtiis early and the pool a considei- able distance from the house. I)o> niton Augustus decided to take a chance. While donning bathing suit he reviewed events Tiue to hoi \void, MFS Babs Ginning had appeared at (he o'clock the previous afieinoon bunging the intelligence that one Baskervillc would be deligMcd to icceivo an impromptu lelf.tivc Mi Basket ville, it appeared, knew which side ot his bread carried the butler. Mr. Baskervillc \vo\ild keep Ins inonlh shiit save wheii rtc- knov 'edging, if piessed, that Mr Roy Herring was a son of his mother's' sister, now deceased After,this things had slowed down. Miss Dabs Canning, with the twins, Konald arid Wilfrid had gone io a dance m the e\c rung Mr Itoj Hei ring Ind Iherc fore been at a' loose end. Mr Baskervillc, however, a salurriin individual addicted to cards, had suggested a small game of two- hnnded poker. And, in.tlie privacy of Hie gaiage, Mi llcmng had laken Mr Baskeiville o\er lo the ] Pemberlon n/jpcarcJ above llic bristling, tlic blanket clinging (o Ms sJioiiMt" From behind tlie hedge came a Illustration by Scarbo . ""= ™<Is of Ins imistac/ia tune ot 75 cents TOADS WILL LJVE FDR CENTURIES SEALED UP IN .WAULS/ , NINETY-FIVE PER. iCENIT OF AUU KWO'WN SPECIES spl.ish J Pembeifon \\as bu 1 dimly awaie of it He supposed vaguely that his daughter or one of those idiotic twins was disporting in the pool. The iiext instant a stream of water cascaded suddenly ovei the hedge, deluging himself, the gray blanket and "Invertebrates of the Tertiary Period." Its all jours now, tail— Rlthnrcl W Lcche, hnndms the go\cinoiship ot Loui^ian.i lo iSul Long, biothci of Ihc liUc Huej COfR. 193? DVIJCASCRVICE. I T. M. REG.U.S. PAT. Off. Capitalism Is nn iiUci mediate singe-It could exist nclllwr inulei conditions of complete sc.n- clty or complete abundance -Walter B PilKin jo\irrialisin professor at Coliimblii Untvcvslly. ANSWER Fxperimenls base shown llial'n load m.iy live a vcr.r without food, but stones ot their having lucd loi ccnUiues icjlccl in masoniy ma> be discounted ^ ,,.^ ^ ( , rf < NEXT ^\hy atidtnl Indhn women bobbed Hicir hair. ^, Di lottii'-enrt leuling the people of this d-ij and age out of i lund •J^JLANWHILE, J Pemberton he hedge that enclosed Hie swim- mng^ pool He was not in one of n- hghfet humors and Ins seamed face, bent over a* book, Wore an ;<nno\ed fio\\n An indifferent slcepei, J Pcmbciton could re- mcmbpi no night when ho had been deeper in the black books of Moiphcus than the one ]ust j\as r cd And the worst ot it wns that he had gone to sleep upon lulling the pillow, .1 delightful and laic phenomenon Toi pcrhap- an houi he hart lam wrapped in ilumbci Tlicn, things had liap- pciicd. A <ort ot twanging, tweaking noise had crept under the curhm of sleep. Relentlessly it had caused Ins eyes lo open, his ears (o quuei and his body io assume .ivsilting position Then he had listened The sound Ind been one- that J Pemherton, connoisseur o: night noises though he \\as, hac difhcnUy in placing But, after some minulcs, he had made a diagnosis It derived its ougm, ir his opinion, fiom a banjo plajet wilh jerky tunclcssness beneath l'i<; \\mdow With this banjo, J Pemherton Canning had dealt summanlv Lcipm? from hi? bed he hat i nslied to the window and caire the night lo echo vilh his \iew on banjos and all who placed them He had been rewarded with a scuftlc- of unseen feet and si And J T • PEMBERTON hoiinccd up a'n- •*" gnly He appealed above the hedge, the ends of ins mustache bustling and his giajirg loi-Kb matted by the thing water 'Vilh. the blanket clinging to Ins shoul- leis ho wis not unlike in eldeily mill w.ilrus with n chill "Hi!" he shouted ihdig'nantly. "Stop fl at 1 ' He hjd spoken befoie looking He now peiccived that the cause of the commotion wis a joung nan m a blue bathing'suit \vhos" ,mds Hailed tho sunlit surface o f he pool in a supe'iabundance o f ood tpiutb "Hi 1 " he exclaimed again What the devil are jou doing'" The young man looked up. He vas not sure about the apparition on the other side of the hedge It night be a walrus But waliuses, ic knew, were uncommon in tne \icmily Accordingly, lie ceased nailing in order to study lha problem J Pemberlon Canning delivered liimself ovei the gaiage"' 'You do, eh' Who g,i\e jou peimission''" "Whj, I Hunk B.isUei \ille got it fiom !\ joung ladj A \er£ pretty joung lady v,ith \iolet eyes." 'Hump 1 Tint would be my daughter " "Oh, is she your d-uighler'" ''She is," said J Pembcitor, In a whal-about-it toiie. "Well, joure very lucky," said Vine young man. "How's IhdP" "You'ic Iucl>.y to hive such a delightful daughter" , If jou," said J Pembeilon, pui suing <i favonte theme, ' had a daufililei who filled the hoube wit'i imhcLileb who look exactly nhke, who play golf all o\ei the lawn in the daylime and banjo, all night, jou wouldn't talk about Oh. I loved it when 1 rend that lliey look away his power to devalue Ihe dollar.—Representative Charles L. ditTorrt (Rep.),.Mass., nt :i Hireling of the Scnntc Banking ,<nd Cunen(,y Committee. , • LETTERS TO THE EDITOR TO Hit Editor Ton it* end 'New Slows ' Almost foiir score years ago. Divine Providence sent Into this world a iicw life destined to. save. la nation. No star, iio notcil 'sign I proclnimctl his coming As Moses of i old led the clukhen 6f out n lnul of bondage lence But Morpheus, insulted, had lefuscd to icturn of "bondage Hot only physical bondage but mental tun! siiiriliml bomhBC as well Tlit man 01 womin who is iwt ttilllng to \uilt until a lieieaflcr lo acliievc "iucccvs bill looks for re light now are the people who from just so is> are re'ccttinf; spiviliml B>'tdance within. from a In later Pembcilon Canning, after n night of "beep lotahng, had crept forth lo enjoy the cirly nioining sun, dclcrmincd lo hold nh intiiiisilidn .is soon as the joungci members o£ Ins household v,cic nbroad He sal now in a steamer chair cn 7 vclopcd in an old gray blanket; The hook he rend was entitled 'invertebrates of the Tertiary "If jou'ie going to swim," he spid irritably, "swim But don't sit llieie (mowing waler around" He slopped, struck by a thought "Hey, who are you, anyhow?" Ihe joung rmn cnmt out of the waters. J. Pemberlon noted that he had gray eyes and a magnifi- . "Oh, I_I'm — er — I'm Baskerville's msm." "I uiiil lo know," said J Pern berfon, "how iou como to be cent torso. "I?" said this young mail. Sptl HUill ^J\>I>L;I \"™ ...... years, meji wlii 'look into his me Period." here." * it's * like this," the young man put on a blue ahd-whitc striped dressing gown. "I happened to be passing so I thought I'd drop in on Baskci- ville, he being my cousin. Arid he suggested that I stay a night or two with him. So I did. I sleep luck A suspicion stiucV T Pemberlon 'You don't play a banjo, do jou 1 " he .isked ddngeiouslj ''Me' Well—er-that is,,no" Mi Canning looked relieved What do jou do, then'" "I_ C i—well . ,' Roy topped confused; then saw light. "I'm an evolutionist." "What'" He was unprepaied foi tne ioar which escaped J Pcmberlon Canning. "An evolutionist," he continued doubtfully "You know, Darwin anc l—and—those fello\ s I am n subscriber to the .theory that man came upon this eaith through a long senes ot—of, shall we ^ay, incarnnlnn 1 -, beginning with what is called an amoeba and ending, perhaps, wilh the anthropoid ape Just how life lisclt got stirt"d I am unprepared to say " He ceased, partly because he was out of ideas and pirllv because of J Pembertnn Canning's face Be- limd ils musHcnes that face was positively beaming. "My deir -;ir," said J Prniber- lon enthusiastically "My dear su, do jou icihze that you ha\e just made the only intelligent remarks Ihal have been made on those premises since—since the summer of 1927'" He paused, then came tluough with a'n amendment ' Except, of course those which I have made myself." (To Be Continued)' , with wonder Hy wisdom great, but in Iniman- rentci In justice strong, but OUT OUR WAY By J. K. Williams OUB BOAHDING HOUSE with Major IIooplo I DUKJMO, PUNHCV, I &^*SS V^S GOIU'UP TO TH' LAWE A6IW" VEAH, TH 1 sAste PUcfe VWERE ^^ow COT THKT WNFOL SUMBURtJ-UH-HOl -- SWAKES? GOSH, VES' WHV, SIS VtoULW'T SET FOOT OUTSIDt TH' COTTAGE ~ fcUT ,-THEY WASW'T A=. BAD As TH' BUGS AM' ^v^s<^u^Des --VWHASDA VODM/? OH, SURE, I WAS HAVlW A SWELL TIME UMTIL I FELL OFF TH 1 PIER AN' BUSTED rtV APM! , \f/E'LL BE TWO WEEKS.' 1Z22- IHW WAS THE t\HaOP.'S , AS MY UVllFOR'A IM HCR ADMIRALTY, i.6t^.0f WHILE IM SERVICE CM THE GOLD CO/VST, IT S\'-^S MV PO^TLJ-JE TO COVS/M, ACROSS 7O LEASDES Ol- OCEAM, KU^ES WMO STOLE A GOLDEM -POOTSTOOL USED B/ "WE KUVVXSI "tWBEN COR- OMATlOM EXERCIS65, TUdS EABIJlM<3 THE UkJDMUG QBKf 0= CMIEP CUE^VS-H' A F?ED?UBTABL6 OLP SAVAGE VWO OMCE A SH06S SOU^JC?S LIKE AU OLD Mi.(WARO GOLD- F&WSVVALLOV^"' GET k MASTER'S IP PS COULD PWP 'X PAIR OF HIP BOOTS.' LIGHT APRCP\= ' . 7-1 mny vanish, but bis plan with the increasing iii compassion stronger. He has become a leader of. riin'n by being a follower of truth. He will overcome evil wilh gocd and break the inisht of oppression and restore a lalion to Its biflHrlehl. His presence fills our nation. Ills nioflal Ii'amc wilk live on years. The tidiest, legacy of inc greatest century nnrl trying limes which our America has ex- So let all vote for Hie Towr.schd plan and when that becomes the law of the lond we will only have to pay n t«o percent transaction lax That is the snnest, safest and most judicious insurance you can net. So let's all do all we can that we miglit have the Townsend plan. This is the chance to maKc llils a better world to live in and it will be sacl U -vc do not see the light Chat is beckoning to us now. Signed: namond Klniicl. li\ years of age.) tHEI FAMILY DOCtOR Fig res Write "Wadiing* OH - Foiif lli' Fircorks Aceideiils • Rabbit-Chafing Feline Brings 'Em Back Alive NEW LONDON, Conn. (UPP — Henry L. Ferguson's 16-pound cat, "Brins-'cm-back-nllvc" Hibiscus, ilias caplnred 150 coltmitall rao- blts. and every one ot them alive. Hibiscus suirlrrt rabbit. ImnUns nficr a comrade,, a pet bwmy Icwiied by tiie Fergusons, died. UV ni;.'MORRIS FISHBKIN ' i doctor when he ire'aU .the wcuhd. Kdilor, .liurnal of Ihe American', In • 1033. nearly Ihrcft times as illcdlcril Assnciaticn, anil nf ilSBcia, IKc. Uc^llh Magazine In 1938, according lo statistic! especially assembled by the American Medical 'Asscdalloii, i'.isre were 13 deaths due to celebration of fiurth of July with lUC'wo'rks and other explosives, and seven a'ddl-, tional deaths indirectly dufe to the same causes. Two m'tilri causes cf death v:er6 burns suflered by little girls. when their flliiisy dresses caujh't on fire trcni sparklers or firecrackers, and the animations of b:ys and men resulting from experiments with home-made explosives. Eight little girls 'Were.burned to death last year, three ct them In South Bend. Ind. Five boys and men died as a result of stuffing lead pipes with firecrackers and gunpowder. Only two cases ol lockjav; were reported in 1938. and one in 1931, resulting from fireworks, so that this ic not ns great a menace as many people lost the sight of one or bolh eyes or suEferetl destruction cf visicn as dirt ill 1937. In 193B there were twice as many ampula- llons ol a in 1937. In 1935 the total number of injuries Irpm Foiirth ol July fireworks was 7933 ns compared with 7205 .in 1937. Thetc ftjiifes do ntt take i.iib consideration the injuries, treate'd in hospitals which failed to repdrl or injuries treated by doctors in ihcir offices, s; that probably th6 number is tar greater. There are now In Amcrhan schools tor the blind nearly 590 children who lost their ei'csight from Fourth of July accidents. We pay tea great a price, tor our celebration. • Fortunately more and more states arc passing stringent slate laws to control this hazard. Th& it in a previous generation, Couner News want ads. 111 \\iti "' '* |M1.*IU1>.1 O""- , but Icikjaw still Is a threat alter Lockjaw antiloxm every Injury. f-J:uW to .by real burden and responsibility rest on Ihe parents who,must sec (.-. it t'iia't their children nrc ,prc- tcolcd. ... Research discloses that no, new sin has developed in 5600' years. But. we're still having a lot ot iun with tlif old ones.

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