The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1930 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 6, 1930
Page 2
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PAGE TWO HLYTIIKVILLK, (AUK.) CX)UKIK1{ NKWS Items of Personal Interest SOCIETY-CLUBS Activities and News of Women Lone Oak Items You Went Away fpcRUM'c you went away— so far, . •.'••' so -,tir' .. Beyond ' ne radiance ot the twl: -lljtht sUr TlUrt": lights the sapphire zones, I have not made the other newer bed ' planned, to- be star-shape, oi Bits of News Mostly Personal HEARD 9* " : red, , with • cobblestones. The S)ue. wc'timdir-a slar of pure white flowers^-' Now Kblds my heart, ro r through tlie' lonely ilfcurs. . OJ evening' 1 can sec New .:mblcms of your ' spirit, '"symbols true' o} all the loveliness 1 saw in you. T!»e.grace,.the purity. • Because you went away. I've been } too sad • • '. Ti finish any of the plans we nad Yft, if Miss Ficilla Crawford and moth- ;r visited Mr. and Mrs. Turlton li\ Caruthcrsvllle today, Mlssfs Mnry Saiterfleld and Carolyn Pearce returned to their home In Memphis yesterday after stverol days visit wilh Mr. nnd Mrs. C. W AflllcX. Mis. Allan Walton Is spemllnij Hie week In Memphis as Hie ui"-'3l of her daughter, Mrs. Berry B. Brooks jr., and Mr. BrookH. Mr. and Mrs. H. K. .Smith aiul Luxora Society—Personal Jiiratl. Miss Mavorlcnc Da- I vis was ll::lr supper gucSt Sunday Mi 1 . and Mrs. Revo Mr. ana MIS. uen Ayccck visited a; I Mr. and Mrs. Ji'Kie Easley Sun• homo'clear "Lake Suiidiu" Trie liev. Mr. | day. morning i Hughes of Rip'.cy. Teiin., and inn \ Mr. and Mrs. VICK ol Memphis I Hcv. Mr. Joiner of Memphis will I vlsilcd Mr. and Mrs. li. II. Crook ' conduct UK' services. i last Week. Henry Holmes visited rclaivlcs In ' Ilullman las'. week. Rev. P. B. Langley, ol Blylheviiic. j J is conducting tlie services. Every- V. ^] is Invited. defeated llu Demon, Mo., team and Mrs. Smith Whittle visited Mr. : Mif.-, Frances Jordan Monday. Saturday uflenioon. 'llic s;orj was I and Mrs Marshall Aytotk Sunday A two wr-e.;i icvival begun at ,13100. i afternoon '• New Liberty Sunday night.. m I .MKS KaueilM Hod 3 c an-J sister] Mlss Nlna E | lis iva5 the guest of I . . . L an Mooci ,. o! - Rev. P. B. Langley, ol Anna Belle returned to their home MiE3 Joyce sapplngwn Sunday. i oSLii s^m ihe vveek end with in Hr>IK 1/Ml'i Hatlll'div ninrnhv./ i u i i t i ' uOSliCll iUPlll lilL VICLIV mu uim I Jll J3L.iOi K.IE.I., lOttiuiUiiy IllUHlHl£ 1 ^It's R^TUbu JS tilt GUCI)L 0* ll&l" 'niter visiting their relative*. Mr. | {ia ', 1gh 'i el ." Mrs . 1![M ,iia Cluik of and Mis. B. C. HodfjL 1 and family i v crres t Qjty I i'-- 1 ' 0 ' ! A revival meeting will start I Hals Titer returned lo '' ' ~ j in Mississippi Thursduy |;ilici' vislling friends llcrc. i 'flic Misses Jewel and Miidro;! j Maxwell had as their guests Saiur- • U:iy night the Misses Eunice ami , Mr. and Mrs. Tom Dallcw were! I vltllcrs in Wilson Monday. ' you can daughter Mactelli:-. iif Whcalley.| now got -.vide rolls or dainty, color- '; on, In l.uxora Monday. Ark., are arriving loday for a visit I In], absoibcnl tissue paper. i Cwochlldrden onw is Ihc timcfo with Mr, and Mrs. Jack Homer.; They are especially, nice for guest A | ;U -,. L , n()W (| accompanied the Unc O jl: Ijusi'lull team u rial will Lucas ana Walter \Vou:l 1 Luke Sunday nficrncon. I-oue Oal: liamaclcd businrss in Marlon Mon- I won, 1C to \'l. ,l av . ! Mr. and Mis. J. A. Lloyd and 1 Mrs. Alviu and Mlss | family and Mrs. R. L. Maxwell ,Chnillc Seen were visitors In Mem- , and daughters Bettlc Sue and Doi' phis Monday. «'.hy Lynn spent Suitlay alier- '• Mesaames William Wunderllch ! notu vllli Mr. and Mrs. Charles ' and Cltuence Vollincr of Blyllicvllle , Temple and family <jl \arDro. I were visitors In Luxora Monday. ! Wn'"" Ma:< ;' 01 , was a . , sup f ' ! MI-L. S. V, Frazlcr and chldrcn, | euest of Bultord Jurat t Monday Jcsephlne and BouUie, were visit- | '"8ht. _ _____ Miss Demetrii Garrctt visited . . Mr. Calvtrt's brother from Illi- ncis was a vlsiloi in Clear Lake | last week. , Mr. Renfrew's flaiii;H'<r from | llulTman was a visitor here las: . •.vccli. ! Mrs. Odys bapiiington is the ; guest of her aunt ;uul uncle, Mr. : and Mr?. ISigham ol Half Moon, j tor the week. Mr. air! Mrs. Colhnni are visi: - ; ing in Tennessee this week. Mr. and Mrs. B. W. Thweatt Clear Lake Atirt open I:'art and mind and j phis under Ihc cnie ol p. physician. "\ sicady hand I Mr. Thomas took her down Monday. 1 'bear it all. perhaps I'll under-' Mrs. Robert Fnlir of Jonesboro ; stand ' will be at the Motel Noble for u few At last God's gift of grief. : days In the Interest of Jonesboro •i —James Courtney Challiss. colegc. ' ' Mrs. Kr.te Kyland of JllCt* JWJIICI. " um} U1L t!>1JLI;IIIIIJI| lljtt lul b lll ' J ' ' nil. null in,... i'. ... *»> Homer Is Ihe dnugliter al Mr. I rooms, as they can Is used lo re- I Osccola visitors Monday, aiid Mrs Smllh ' move cold cream, lipstick and o'.lier j MIS. Herman Splcer nnd son Mrs. Sam Thomas Is In Mem-1 beamy aids that aie apt to ruin i woe visitors hi Blylheville at. your gcod In the kitchen, they save your lea towels and UK front of your apron lor you can wipe your hands off on them. You can eel them wlilic for the 1 kitchen and colored for bedrooms and the bathroom. siane-McMlllaii ('arrived yesterday for an extended j •<A 'marriage license was Issued V J S H. W |[ n h cf aniighlei 1 . Mrs. Frank yfctfcrday to Mlss Elizabeth Me- Hcn , cy I MJton, of Oilman. III., and Kkiwr J. Shane, cl Wilson, i Mr. jfcl/er-Khktiidall. iThc marriage of Mlss Grace Klr- . Mr. and Mrs. Charles Attelsmi have returned from St. Louis where they attended- the wedding i of their niece. Mlss Rose Ada Wollf I and Mr. J. n. Miller, both of fcrmorel. took place here last etfefjiiiE with Justice E. D. Walker performing Ihe marriage service, Tb Have Watermelon Supptr. lo Mr. Men-Is Llpshultz. Mr. and Mrs. J. H. Mostly ars returning lo their home In Little Rock tomorrow afler n visit wltii Mr. and Mrs. Joe Scruggs and Mr. nnd Mrs. Frank Webb. . ,,v ..- - -- . MI- and Mrs. Emit Schroeder and ibcrs of the First Presbyter-: cllll(U . cn 0 ; 34. Loins have return- church congregation nnd Sun- iA nume a { tcr n week's stay at the Hold Noble while will) Mrs. Henderson Hall. Mrs. Schroeder will '")! Tb Hav ^Icmb eUy school will" be gucsls of tho J\*cn's Bible class Thursday cvc- dcrson nail. Mrs. scuvueuei «n illig, August 14, on the lawn of j t * rcm cmbcrcd as formerly Mis MR-tmd' Mi's. T. J. MahmVs home Tlwllutt ,inll. for'a watermelon slipper. George L Mrs. CcorKO I.. Mm: and son. .„.. .. - - i uccompnntod by Mrs. Mulr's brolh-i This mid-summer affair, lo ^'ler-in-law, H. II. Houchlns. urc visiting relatives in Fiillon. Mo. Mlss Vcia IJIlMbElh Ooodrlth, diiUKhlcr of Mr. mill Mrs. K A. avc ricnic . csuodrlcli. who has been ill lor a The Senior nnd Intcimcdlalc u.! wcek wllll mK ]nrlii. Is now belter. Mr. md Mrs. E. C. Welborn have gone lo Liberty mid Blloxl, Muir is Hie general chalrninn. s ,ii at C:30 o'clock, promises >i de- lighlful enlcrlalnmenl. Have ricnic Y. P. U.'s of the Second Baptist church had a moonlight i "Isn't 11 hul?" "I'm Just burning i up." "Do yon think I'- will over rain?" Aiiil SD runs laik among Blythevillc sotiely. nut there's very little society these days. A table or bridge here and there bill thcr? liasn'l ksrn a party In so long lunoiiB Ihc older scls Ihat llm or- Bnncllc diesscs arc still crisp. Soni.i brave thr sun encufih for golf an:l the miniature tuurtcs at niyhl ars all the rage, but since Ibis gam" Is so mlrinuin:4 there Isn't much i-liuiicc tor Monday. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Kress were visitor.; ill Oscc-ola Sunday. Mrs. Walter Wood left Monday for FaycUevilk 1 . wlicre she will spend the week at Ihe farmer' meeting. Mrs. Alvin Wunderllch spent Friday and Saturday in Picklns, Ark. Eugene Thorn and children. Eu- 1 genu and E^u'oc Luxcra Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Hliss Ynnccy and daughter Mnry Bliss of Hughes. Ark., spent the week end with Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Spanii. Betfn Cooper of UlythevIHe spent a few hours in Luxora Sunday, i Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Ashmore of Osccola were visitors In Luxora Saturday. : Richard Revlere and E. A. Mot- j flit transuded business in Yarbro Monday. . ' Miss Eva Ccoke, assisted by Mil- : drccl Richards, entertained her Sunday school class In the park ! Monday afternoon, dames were played, afler which' refreshments were served. Those were Josephine am \V. O. Powers and family have u-iurneil from Tennesr-e where they visited relatives. Marvin Murchtanks and family arc viiUinx in Lake coumy. Ton- i.essec. Mr. nncl Mrs. Ben Hall of Ulue . McuiHiin, Miss., are Hie !iuej.;s of R. E. SupplDGton for the veck. Mr.-,. Hal! is Mr- Sappniglon's 1110- llifr. Mr. and Mrs. I'. E. Eubaiikn and u v.n.u,,,,. c,,.-' Mr--- 0- t- Enbanks of no 8 wo» were visitors in • ««lge ™d Mrs. Gladys aawysrs of niylluvlllc were tr.e gnesls of R. E. Sapplnglon Sunday. Miss Joyce Sappinglon was the Kirs. 1 , of Miss NliiB Ellis Saturday " i!!hl - , ,' t -11 The Clear Lake school bussoall ir-nm was defeated by the Clear ].:ikc I-'.irm school team Friday afternoon. Clear Lake Farm baseball team New Liberty - : Miss Ora Lee Hawkins cl Half ! Mcon siicnt Saturday iiislil and Sunday with Miss Mildred Jarrctt. Mr. and Mrs. J. V. I'iercc visited Mr. and Mrs., Bud Pierce of Luxora Sunday. Mr. and Mis. B. T Medley nnd Mrs. B. B. Medley siieni Hie week end with relatives a, .yronia. MistCi. Ora and D^ra Davis of Promised Land lo:>k supper with Miss Cecil Davis S'.n-.diiy niglit. Mrs. Add Richards and dauglif.'iH of Blj-thtvillo visited Mr;. B'.'ll Clark Sunday aftcrnuou. Miss Gladys Prifhard visit'.-d Mis. Holt n-iday afterncDii. ^^r. and Mrs. W. H. Lloyd, Mr. Dr. loey'z VIGOR-AID The Great Alterative Medicine WILL IIL'LI' YOU OLT W1CI.L AND STAV WEl.lj A Ni:\V MKOICAL BOOKLL'l tliseiises, Ailmolits and Dis ordered C'onililions and tlicir Nciv Treatment. One of these Ucukk'ls sliouhl lie in every liumc. SKN'T I-'KKK lu any ad- drc;s. Ivey Medical Co. Moth Mt ^*_L1>^ O'C LOCK IT TO .0 HER UP evening when n paily of •J3, Iticlucllni; several visitors and Mr. ciud Mrs. W. M. Blftylock, Mrs. E. Z. Ncvvsom and Mrs. W; M. McFarland as chapcrones, inotorcrt to Liixora. Games, played on the banks of ll)s: iplsslssippi, a lunch mid cold drinks'.T¥W.«S J 'were features ol the evening'? laltnnent. Miss., and Ncsv Orleans for a week';; vacation. and Mrs. Hili'V Duoiu- Jones and Ihc new ley, Helen Louise Victory, „ rfi-s '''ones ,ue liuncymoonlns li' Rlclmrds, ristcll and Ruby lloagg.; ihc'lnml of the .sky, as the aclvoi 1 - Louise Malthcws, nillii! Bertl, Hulh la cull Ashevllle, N. C., uiuL Ccrkrtin, Doroliiy May wlio nllc'nded, SlrcngUic:ied by Lydia E Evelyn Shlii- fa tisemcn will suon i)r at home on Easl Kentucky In U:c stucco uaiiKnlow Hilcy froin J. A. U«li. .The lor- Forrest and Dorothy Shanks. H. W. Spniin. Charley Thomas I km Unrchi'll and .lnc I'owcll en LAIll^llL Ituin "- ••• -"•- .- ; ------ mcr Wcyimilh Munreeii Carrl will ] joyed a few days lishing trip accompanied by Ihuir gucsls, Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Lansslou of Holl- vlllc C«l., liavc gone lo Windsor | and Montreal nnd other points i<r Cannrta and will rcluni home via Wnshinglon Ihfough Virginia. ^ Mrs G^cll> vXroten, v.'ho was w.- i fo>6" hci-'n-Kcnl'-ntarilnsc Mlss no,, • ., n .' , 1* I' ncela Langstoriclms gone to Mem- Manila Baptist LadlCS "^ whcrcb 5he ls attending a bus, Entertain on , Lawn 1 , mess college. M,. wroten ius Uc a clc'liglitlul addition mairlctl but. lo Hi" I lloifcshou Inkc and oilier lake • near Huglies. Ark., as Ihc guests ol There's lols of romance in llmir i Bliss Yiuiccy. innrrlagi;. Dixie Crawford nnd DM 'I'he Itanlisl. Woman's Mifsionai\ Icy. who have been the liesl of|uu!nn mcl in the B;iplisl clunxh friends [or ycar.s. never fell lu love very olten. but when Dixie met his wife they Introduced Hilcy to Wey Tuesday ufli'inoon fur the monthly MANIbA, Ark!— One of the mosL intfrestirig and attractive of the inahy entertainments tha t have been given by the ladies of the Manila Baptist church was given cvenlnu on the church ' V, wlrcr. Incss college. none to Schncctndy, N Mrs WroLcn will Join him Mrs. H. R. Brandon and daugh- Icr. Isabel, accompanied by Mrs. J. lawnTwhen' circle No. 'i entertained cjrcle'No. 1 of thai church and a nuinber ot friends. The lawn was gaily lighted with Japanese lan- icrns and the colors of the society ivjre used in decoration. An interesting program was rendered bcfoi: the social. Musical numbers were lurnished by Misses Loretle and Lorene Alston, Mrs. Orin Green, },Jrs.' Edith Homer, Alberta Kconcc. and t-he men's quartette composed of Dr. W. P. Hutchlns, Burley Slaylon, Albert White and Bob Lane. Tills was followed by a short playlet by ladies of the circle. At the conclusion ot the program i feast of watermelon was served. A vote' of thanks 'was given the society for their cnjc-yable eiitertain- rnent by Mrs. O. W. Sellers president ol circle No. I. j A Orindell and Mrs, Lou Echols, now of Memphis, lefl ycslcrday tor a I wo wcks motor trip <o Windsor and olher points of Canada where Ihey will visit relatives. C C- Adams, rulhcrsville and formerly ot late of the So "best" friends. busincos mcdlua and royal service | li'sson. '•friends married I Mrs. Ruby betn visitin •.. . Campbell, who , lias her brother, F. M. . , . B. B. Wesl and his "Salnl's Res!' Bonds, and Mrs. Ilomls. rclunu-d home ill MuEgravc Uiir arc becotn- tho last iif Ihe week to her home in Ing quite iiopiilar for week-civ' Memphis. Jaunts. It's a hll cooler out there Mesdamcs Slewart nncl Clarence nnd Ills kitchen Is always well | Qrlgsby of Osucola were visitor. 1 , In Pinhliam's Vegetable Com-1 pound ' I.a .hlllla. fnln.—''Afti-r niy Huh 1 iliiujlil[-r«;u!ljiini,oiii!(if my nriglilinr.-; ll-|^llll'l''[l HIT! Ed i 1 Mlu I .I'ink- o tn po u nil t o mitil mo n]i. Tlie irpl holtlc made quid? :i i-linii|;u in 11:1-. l|;nl.aiKi|i|ii<.- lil< ir.'l c:m si' 1 ' 1 lllllL'll llrllcr, 1 111 not so urrvous I! I \V;T:. t huve rtix cliililii'ji uud <lt> ill my o^ n woik. T nun houli! ruuiciavmi- t>uvi .,i.^ —• — Pharmacy, has acccplcrt n psl- lloti with Borum's Drug store as pharmacist. Mr. lind Mrs. Ross D. H.ig.ies and children went to Memphis yesterday whrre Mrs. mights and children continued llieir journiy to Sommervllle. Tcnn.. for several days' slay with Mr. anil Mi». John Mcsby. i!r. Hughes retuiTed last, night. Mrs. Thomas Uiney and son are cxpccled to arrive home Saturday from Marlatn'.a where Ui:y bsen guests ol Mrs. Ln:iey's parents, f.ic Rev- and Mrs. J. M Hughcy. for two weeks. Miss Mamie Ulyihe o In Ken- nctl today as the guesl of Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Mo^is. Mrs. John H. Long ulurned last slocked. Kiilhlren and rurnsworlh Black, who have been in Okbtunim City for the Mimmcr. will protably return home soL-n. Tliuy'rc a bil homesick for Ihc old drag. Snooks King Miller and her new husband. Tom. who live at Ilotlle-sburg. Miss., ore now on a second licnuynuxm for a motor trip through Florida and Georgia where llic-y will vlsll Atlan- lovely Ltixoru Suutlay. Uu L! j MM i It i ,»m,, 1 h' mui fr^ ~ • - C!uiu]iuiin:Uiul 1 shall ri'i tuin'y rcvom- inoiid yimr flialicinf, whnnrvr-r 1 liuvc nnojiixirluirily."—- Mi'.-.J Jl. •'-', IJcjV Ji 1 .'. l.:i .!n:i'». Mr. and Mrs. Odell Argo went I: Joncstoro Tuesday where they wll'. ...... .. spend a few days as guesls of Mrs. j ,,| g m from Memphis where Argo's sister. Mrs. Chas. Trout, be-! M-ns with her son. John r. wno foregoing on to Forrest City where [underwent an operalicn at the Bap- lore going on 10 rorrcsi i^uy wncit : intaeruiMu tin UIJL-I.H^.I n^ *"^ — r they expect to spend a month with | n s t hospital. He also returned and *r-T- f A^nrt'c ^Tr«,i»< Mr nr.d Mrs. ' ic rt^llv Tninrnvine re Inrn home by the uay < la. Hatti&sburg is such place, ilie four-months bride isn' 1 . at all liouieEick but says she's coin- ins home Chrislmas. Anne Stevens Potter couldn't stand it so Ions and she is home for a month from New York. Bill ca:ue Sunday and they will bolh go back in about tw.i weeks. , , The Dlylhevllie people abroad Ihis summer write glowing accounts of wonderful vacations In Paris. London, on the Rhine and alllho3= hundreds ol other hilrcstliig place, in Europe. Mrs. William Lang is visiting relatives. Mrs. H. L. Reynolds is on a parly with busmcsi and professional women and the \wo high school graduates. Bert Let's All Vote For WALTER G. BRASHER For State Treasurer Clean, Competent and a Winner Mrs' Argo's parents, Mr. and Mrs. C R. Izard. . ' Dr. and Mrs. Marion A. Word lias been received from the i an(l j 011 . Marion, c; Hot Springs. Lynch jr.. and Billy Lawshe. ! \vltli a party of young men. Boggs j Er ,, ca i,, c zadcck of St. I-ouls,' • • - visit Fraiicise Rosen- ; they except to some home soon ! church. ; ia'l which will surely Interest ev- much Improved in health and ready i MUs Marv E;|,;I Taylor left la- i el -y 011c . At lensl iwo lovely g>fis|. lor work. "' ' ! day tor a month's visit in Memphis I ,. RVC iairt -yes' 1 to cq\:al!y nlceij The foilowlr.g ladies were enlcr-I Ullloll cllv nn( | orecnneld. Tenn.. | ymmg mcn 50 thai moans a mini- ,1 laincd with a picnic 'supper al thi j w h cr e shc'wlll to the guest of rcl- : ^^ 0[ panics to make up tor lh!:; jl . .,._ i j ... n -n(i-<r<- \llccnc Pin. ac lac Wednesday evening: Misses Cls rice Kennedy. Orine Hulcbins. Ha- zcl Flecman. Martha Matthews. Clo- atlvi!Si Mr aml MIS. L. U. Chaniblm and . wo sous _ Jnci Bu d son. left tins la McCormick. Lorette and Lorens ;a[lcrl , oon [ O r ;evcral days visll in Alston, Mrs. Roy Ensor, Mrs. C. B. | Sari | 1 , Ji Mi j Sp Chlldrcss, and Mrs. Herbert Grit- len., ..^ .•• Mr. and -Mrs. -Howard Hunch o! T-Iarrlsburg. 'Ark.. Verc the <veck- end gncsls pi Mr. and Mrs. George MalUiews. ' •' : Friends 'Of Dr. and Mrs Franklin : of - Providence u , n Sandy Ridge Seeks Home for Boy Mrs F.thel Wilson, executive scc- i c'ary of the local Hcd Cror.s chap- tr.r seeking .a -good hmue for ,i ; I i Milln dark-eyed boy of nine yours. 11 his I who iias neither father nor mollir;.; Indeed glad to welcome them bac to MBnila to make their ' s Gcorgi Earl lUniins rclurncd to his I W i 10 has neither fallicr nor moliir;.; .. '• jhornc in Ttnncsscc last TlwrJday. I The child.-whose name is tueciie j •s. A..L.' ijocck Gray and'Ucn Lamb aio ;5 now being cared for by Mrs. \\i,- i Ky.. arc Upcuriing ttcir -vacalion in Mississ- son. ' I Will InipectJIavy Oflice McCluen; of Llllle tiocX, wc. .ncctioii or 'ftic local rccrailliig S!B- to oTtlir United Slates imy. "™ ^Hospital Notes ~' l ~ ' : Hiiain a:irl Hubbaid liauly me' visiting in Mississippi this week. * ; Mrs.. E<ra» apd daughter and : Eloylc Wilttlc are visilmg in: fcnnrutt this week. | i Mr. led Mrs. O. H. Hcvill plan • 1 lo Icavt [or Mississippi Ihis week. I . Mr. Siaiinclrt Is holding K revival I •. ii.ccllivj here. All are invited to • come. Goes to Training Station Ma;tin D. Ro:lgei>. fun o! Mrs. : ! Laura Rodders of OscenU. has l:-.'r:i ' , ^ciil lo the United Stales Naval • , TraluliiE Slalioh "I iluinpt=n | Heads. Va.. following the passh^ 'iif rxamlnaUons al . BlyUirvii;:.!! ! \ilin-R he enlisted, and al tlllic , Hungary. lUD-i .. John Brock, city, was ail- j saints "of llic locnl univcrslly | nilltcd to the Dlytheville liosnltal j recently adopted a resolution ins- i tojday and Sam Parks, city, was (iis- ' i|., ? the national govcinmcnl to I ujlssed. .... iprairte-more severe iiunlfhmcnts ' i '. .' — * - — ; to: covernmcut offlclnls of all ca'.»- | "Fi-ancls Sco'tt Key, ahthor ol "The I g t ~t s w ho accept bribes or \vl-.o i sjar Spangled Banner," is buried i dtlraud the governmenl i;i an> : »t Frederick, M«ryl»ni i ~,t/. . - ~ «*rhiacl« oftan 01 LS VANISH LIKE MA91C Cuboil, a tpecUliil'tu!Tf. - ., \nd he»U we til Hil int(h!. Get CiiboU «ia *t<Ja like uific. 1. BECAUSK he is the only can clidate running who made the race four years ago, in which contest he was a very clorie second—losing by the narrow margin of only 6,781 vot e.s. \- •L BECAUSK his indorsement for this office is the majority of 4,01.o votes over his nearest opponent (•!,- ;M3 to 328) which was given him by his old-home county of Yell in his race for State Treasurer four years ago. This indorsement came from people who know his public and everyday life and whom.he has served as County Clerk and Railroad Commissioner, and it came without his having to canvass ttiat county. JUST A FEW VEAUS AGO WAS POUNDING- A STUDIO TYPB- WR/TER. TODAY, SHE MILLIONS WHEN SHE STABS |M A HO. 3 T E A kecn-eycU dircclor spoiled Alice pouiiil- the keys of'a studio lypewriler. In :i few short years a new White sUr in Hollywood's heavens. Alice \Vhitc KHS endowed by future with a special charm lo thrill the millions. OLD CDi.i'i too, is one of iVrtfi/rc'j favoi- Endowed vvilh uicllnwer, swi-eii-r lohaccos. H ga\c lo millions a brand IM-.V laslc-llirill, wiihout a trace of thrall- trrilaiion. Thai's why oi.n (;oi.u bmk.- i.nlo llic "Big-!" in less ilia" a year, that's why loday it's Ihe coimlry's f;:si- csl growing cigarette from coast lo ouisi. "NOT-A . . BETTEP COUGH IN A TOBACCOS CARLOAD"

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