Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 2, 1955 · Page 14
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 14

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1955
Page 14
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s^&p^t' -. /•,{{'• ' 5 * * ' HOM STAR, H5M, ARKANSAS V, .„ lit* of the 1950 CanasU entertained on Friday i by Mrs. J. V. Fore at hfej- beautiful!/ rise* Jifek eyed susans. Cress and Jimmy of fhayer, Mo., Mr. and Mrs. Jack Langley end son of Sterling, 11L, Mrs. W. it. Dixon, tstaicne, Shirley and Kellwyn of Dallas, Texas, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Purlene of Gurdon, Mr. s>nd Mrs. Carol Ferguson of Emmet. a miniature cowboy on & horse in- cir&led w;ith four candies in cow- boy'holders from the dining table 'covered with a linch cloth with a Mr. and Mrs. Jada McGuire and &CJT of May flowers. fatti Nell of Little Rdck were week- pfesent Included: Ellen and end guests of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Anna, pordoft, Al Martjndale, Mar- McGuire and relatives in Blevins: Brenda and Gil- T T ^.IW wccfuvtAun^ UBV- vaiivhwuiiiiiiiguaiii, DEeiiua ana v>n- arrangements of liu%|pi''f1Sy 1 Mlne(|,"VicWc, CSibrla Jean Sd susans. and Diana Rapp, Kay and Ann Van- honbrs were won by diver, Jimmy and Roscoe Franks, V i. Wiis6h. i; 'i „ jKathy Bratlbn, Nita Beth Lambert, Actable AalSfv coufftf wa/Martih Foster, Helen Tarina Murry. ' i members Mrs, C. G. Oar- Mike Smith and Jinny Gray. jXtttlitt "Ofcev Mrs, Homer? Favors were.balloons, party hats |TOb< J. fi.Hesterly, Mrs. E. and whistles. Mrs, Jim Yaftcey -and „ Mrs. Ray Bllllngily Honored Mrs. Woodrow Eastcrling, Mrs. 'Daniel ,., ' .... Sill Boltert and Mrs. Jimmy .Allen br»te« Birthday " , I honored Mrs. Rny Blllingsly with a j&aniel celebrated his four- 3 P'fl* and blue shower on Friday hiday -with a party given bv evening. ' " ' "" The. Easterllng homo was beau- Mr. and Mrs. Tilman Rhodes and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Floyd motored to Malvem Sunday and were accompanied home by Miss ' Dorothy, Floyd who had been the guest of friends. Mrs. Ira Ward of Little Rock is the guest of Mr. and Mrs. Karl King, Jr. Deaths Around the Nation By The Associated Press Northficld, Minn. — Dr. F. Me lius Christiansen, 84, founder an retired director of the world-fame St. Olaf Lutheran Choir and mu sic director at St. Olaf College fo 41 years before retiring in 1644 Born near Eidsvold, Norway. D Wednesday. Shreveport, La. — R. W. (Dick Burnett, 57, owner of the Dalla Baseball Club of the Texas Leagu and owner of extensive oil , hole ings in Arkansas and Louisiana Died Wednesday. and Mrs. Virgil Daniel, Jr. rents, Mr. 'and M.-s Virgil Thc Easterllng homo was beau- *' a • J£, at their home on Friday Hfully decorated with bouquets ofj cou> •f .-, |»>'|f afternoon spent play- i, various toys the guests, Miss Helen Scott has returned to her home in Houston, Texas aftdr a visit with her mother, Mrs. H. V. Dili ^ uSerVcd ice cream . the 1 . btfthday cake centered with verbena and roses for the occasion. The 'honoroe received a corsage Mr. and Mrs Scott Smith of Litof snapdragons. |" c Hock were the weekend guests Appropriate games were played °f Mrs. Robbie Wilson and Mr. and $TOP THAT ITCHf , *•' JUST 15 MINUTES, L, your 40o "ore., T-4-L thlf1 4. Kllls with the prize being won. by Mrs. Ellis Ledbcttcr. Mrs. Blllingsly was presented her gifts In a basket decorated In white with large blue bows. A dainty dessert course was sor- ed to 21 guests. tunoiloN • cONtArT 8 Mr - and Mrs - Gcnc Loc had as , IniUnitlrylna. Today thclr guests Sunday Mr. and Mrs. '. Glbton Drug Co. Kelly Simpson. Mr. and Mrs. Eric Mrs. John W. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. J. T. McRac and Mrs. T. C. McRae spent Sunday in Bossier City, La., with Mr. and •Mrs. .Don Sallce. Mrs. Sallcc and children accompanied them, home for a visit. Mr.. and Mrs. Elsa Reedy of Ohio were guests Saturday of Mr. Miss Winnifrcd Duke of El Dor ado was the weekend guest of Mrs J. M. Duke and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Norman Whitakcr Jr., and Whit of Smackovcr visit ed relatives during the weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Jack -Robcy have had as their guests Ale Ross Robey of Kcsslcr Air Force Base, Mr. anc Mrs. G. C. May of Little Rock and Mrs. E. E. Russell of Okolona. Alfred E. Smith III of Baton Rouge, La., has returned to his home after a visit with Mr. and Mrs. R. P. Hamby. 'His son, Randolph -Hamby Smith remained for longer visit with his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Hamby. J. A. WEST CO. BRINGS YOUR THEIR STARTING FRIDAY MORNING-LAY-AWAY NOW!!! if." Cannon White Muslin SHEETS „ , These are type, .128 sheets. Size-81*88 Jnches, Each Assorted Colors Cannon These are Cannon Seconds. They are 8.1x1.08 inches. Extra Special 2-oo 4HV c,.~i. Each Extra Special Values CANNON TOWELS These Gannon towels are in assorted colors. Extra large 20x40 size. Special now 3 - |.oo Spring Knight SHEETS These are type 128 and in solid white. They dre. 81x99 inches. Extra special now only 159 * Each s« •ss Extra Special Values MATERIAL Dan River'Tissue Gingham and linen in beautiful- assorted colors. 36 and 42 inches wide. Extra special now only. Yd. Extra Special Values LOOP RUGS Another real value buy in these loop rugs. Solid colors to choose from. Size 3 feet by 5 feet. 2 .99 Each FEATHER PILLOWS '', Large feather pillows that are size 18x26 inches with flprgl ticking. Special $1.00 Each CHENILLE BEDSPREADS These are double bedsize spreads with fringe edges and in assorted solid colors. Extra special $2.99 Each A WEST GO ^[^ * *^^^ ^^ ^^^^^^ ^^n^T ^^P ^^|^ r ^^^^^ ^BP Shop Now - Use Our Lay-Away Plan SLICED FREESTONE PEACHES A«P FANCY GRAPEFRUIT SECTIONS : T«-0. fl>|4 con, Or A*P UNSWEETENED Kedutedl A&P FANCY GRAPE JUICE 31 APPLESAUCE UBBY'S FROZEN Specie)! LIBBY'S FROZEN : .:. CAULIFLOWER 2 ^ 39 FANCY SPINACH 2 2 LIBBY'S FROZEN BROCCOLI . dexo SHORTENING TEA NAPKINS M «c AL PASTEL NAPKINS Speetall LIBBY'S FROZEN IjMttof f it- 10-oz. Pkgi. 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GOLDEN SUNSHINE CAKE WHOLE WHEAT BREAD & 2 tts 254 ORANGE CHIFFON CAKE& ,.594 Ann Page Creamy-Smooth PEANUT BUTTER 35* Very Special I 12-oz. Glass GARDEN RELISH ttft MUSTARD RELISH ;-; E MAYONNAISE ANN PAGE.. ORfO CRENEL 2!ft VANILLA WAFERS ,o *M Price* effective through Saturday, Jon» 4. RINSO Giant Sli«., SURF Ol«nt lit* DITIROINT SILVER DUST bi«tt : «••.•;. .;„;;.;,..;;.;.'..£.' &f PimOINT BREEZE tHOITININa SPRY IWANION'f IPNit K>UMir ; CNKklH '<- 954 W»HLul38 31+ f tmrtdter, June 2, MOM fTAt, HOM, ARKANSAS THE STORY: Private Detee-, live Michael Shayhe, through his frightened secretary Lucy .. Hani* llton, has unwittingly aided Jack' Brlstovv, wanted for murder, e«. tape arrest Investigating, Shayne meets a young;' woman who says she is Mrs. Pete Smith, obylou.siy '.not her real name, who 'may know : ' : Some- A thing. He finds. -''Mrs.- "Smith" ^lodgings at a motel. Chapter IX Lucy Hamilton was blinking and rubbing sleefr but, of hefUeyes when She met .Shnyne at .the'tiopr. She looked worried and nervous, and caught-him by the arm to demand beseechingly, "Did you find out anything, Michael" -'.'Not much." He closed the door with a frown. "I didn't want to make myself too conspicuous asking questions about him. Ay they, actually seem to have is that S,,t.axi picked him up outside wUh a\ gunshot wound just a-bout the time the' girl must have been strangled. I'll get all the dope from Tim Rourke as soon as I can ilocate him. In the meantime, .I*ucy. . Was Jack .Bristow mar knew him, I'm sure." He told her swiftly about the girl who had ac6osted him at the scene. "So I've got her stashed there for the night;* he concluded. "Might be one of Jack's girls, huh" "He was the sort to have one in every port," she conceded. "What do we do now" He was saved from having to answer by the ring of her buzzor from downstairs. Shayne motioned her back and hurried to the speak- The Negro Community Or bring items to Ml** Turner at Hick* Funeral Horn* Mr. and Mrs. Fezell White of Yuma, Ariz., are visiting Mrs. . '""l" don't think so. Not when I VACATION TIME IS HERE SUPPLIES YOU WILL NEED* Kodak, Films, Thermos Bottle, Sun Tan Lotion, First Aid ^Supplies, -Tooth Brush,.. Dentifrices, Toilet Ar- ticlejs, Flashlight, Snake Bite Kits, Chigger Lotion, Heat Powders, Bath Powders and many other needs. ;.••..<• .1 LET US SUPPLY THEM. 102 W.lnd WARD & SON DRUGGIST Phone 7-2292 79c fe! .Try- JONES CITIES SERVICE STATION & GARAGE .:/ 3r4 & Walnut Phone 7-5542 Announces Their Official Opening •,.-•;'." ; ^ v-;.' : ' Saturday, June 4th. Ge}. Acquainted Specials: l.«V/ash & Grease Job. All for <h-| «j|- ; 7«fe price of one. . . ... . . A0I.ZD / 4 2. One can of Cisco Pep Valve Oil Free with t « every tank of gas. 1 *. Candy for the Kiddies. We invite all former cutomers and friends as well as the new to come in and visit us. Shop equipped to dp any kind of repair work. All Work Guaranteed We're as near as your telephone ing tube to ask who "it "was"""" l^^'s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Hai He said, "Sure. Come up," and Green> and other relatives. pressed the button. He opened the door wide and turned to warn Lucy: "Chief Gentry and Tim Rourke. Let me do the talking until we find out what it's all about." She nodded her head. Will Gentry, Chief of the Miami police force,, was a big stolid man with a 'beefy face and curiously rumpled eyelids which habitually drooped low over wearied and cynical eyes, 'He wheezed as he pulled himself up the last step to Lucy's landing, and nodded briefly to Shayne who lounged in the doorway. Shayne shrugged and moved aside to let Gentry enter. He raised, bushy red eyebrows enquiringly at Timothy Rourke, his second oldest friend in Miami and long - time reporter. 'Rourke was Mrs. Laura Collins has returned to her home in Kansas City, Mo., after a brief visit with her sisters, Mrs. Rosie Huntley arid Mrs. J. L. Swift. lean and hard greyhound, and muscled as a carried himself with the same springy ease. He shook his head and put a finge to his lips in response to Shayne's unspoken question, indicating that lie had tagged along on sufferance and his promise not to talk out of turn. Chief Will Gentry stood Hat-footed in the center of the • rug with an unlit black cigar in his blunt Angers. Moving in from the door, Shayne saw him put the cigar carefully in his mouth and then fumble inside his right vest pocket. Instead of producing a match, le drew out a small slip of pa- jor, folded once, and held it out o Lucy: : "Is that your handwriting?" Lucy took the paper timidly, D lancing up imploringly at Shayne nit getting no response from him. icr fingers shook as she Unfolded he paper and saw her name and street address written on it in ink. She shok her head and frowned Dr. J. M. Mitchell and Mr. and Mrs. M. J. Wilson attended the funeral of their brother and uncle, John Mitchell in Abilene, Texas. Mrs. Corine Evans has returned home after spending two weeks in Fort Worth, Tex., visiting friends Lonoke Baptist Church will have a bus leaving the Raveens at 10:00 a. m. and Okolona at 10:15 a. m . Mrs. Robbie Moore has returned to her home in Chicago, 111., after spending a few days visiting her mother, Mrs. Lizzie Moore daughters, Mrs. Helen Davis Barbara Ann. and and Miss Glimmistine Frierson left Tuesday where she will attend the summer session at Philander Smith College in Little Rock. The hope Civic Improvement Association will meet tonight at 7:30 at the regular place. Asking all members and Civic minded people to be present. n perplexity, it." "No. I didn't write She held the paper out to Shayne for confirmation. He glanced at the slip and shook his head at once. "Of course not. What is this hocus - pocus, Will?" "Do you have any idea who might have written it, Lucy?" persisted the chief. "If you mean do I recognize the St. Andrews Lodge No. 10, will meet Friday night June, 3, at 7:30. The Junior Anna M. P. Strong club is sponsoring an after school square dance and social in Yerger lunch room Thursday night, June 2, at 8 o'clock Come out learn to square dance and jitterbug to your satisfaction. Adm 15c single 25c per couple. » r l t 2 Shop Barry's and Save The Evangelist Spiritual singers of Hot Springs will give a musical program at Harmony CM'E Church, Saratoga Sunday, June 12, at 2:30 p. m. sponsored by the missionary club. Rev. J. W. Hutchinson .pastor. The public is invited. SWANSDOWN — ALL FLAVORS CAKE MIX 3 — 99c GODCHAUX SUGAR 10 - 9 89c FOLGERS COFFEE 1 Lb. Can 87c EXTRA SPECIAL . 8CE CREAM 1 Gal. Pkg. 49c •PRODUCE DEPARTMENT M EXTRA SPECIAL BANANAS 2 : ibs.; 25c FRESH HOME GROWN STRING BEANS lOc Lb. IN OUR MARKET FRESH 0RJSSJP FRYERS U* SHANKLESS PICNIC HAMS 35c Lb. EXTRA SPECIAL WEINERS 3 u 89c EXTRA SPECIAL BISCUITS 3 Cans 29C Committee Named to Make Probe HOT SPRINGS, Ark. UP) — A Little Rock doctor will head a seven- man committee of the Arkansas Medical Society to "look into the full relationship of the University of Arkansas and its school of med'- icine." Dr. Joe Shuffield of Little Rock and six other doctors were named to the committee yesterday by the Council of the Ar kansas Medical Society, which is meeting here in convention.. The decision to look into the relationship followed reports that Dr. Hayden Nicholson resigned as dean because of difficulty in getting the medical school's problems before the university's Board of Trustees. Dr. Nicholson said it was "gross over simplification" to say that the difficulties were the only — or main reason for his resignation. He will become an official in the Hospital Council of New York this month. Others named to the Medical Society committee include Dr. H. W. Thomas of Dermott, Dr. H. King Wade of Hot Springs, Dr. H. F. Smith of McGehee, Dr. Wayne Workma n of Blytheville, Dr. Jim Kolb of Clarksville and Eugene Warren of Little Rock, a legal counsel. ARRY'S GROCERY and MARKET flln ' W«D«liv»r Phont 7-4404 V writing ... no. Any one of lots of people might have written down my name and address." Will Gentry shruffed burly shoulders and looked around for comfortable chair. He lowered iiimself into one carefully and began to search his pockets for a match. Timothy Rourke moved past Shayne toward a seat on the divan beside Lucy, tilting a hand | toward his mouth exnressively and lifting black eyebrows. Shsivno nnrlHprl and started toward the kitchenette, asking Gentry, "Want a drink Jwhile you're being mysterious, Will?" "Beer," sighed Gentry. He was pi a c idly emitting clouds of noxious cigar smoke when Shayne returned with an uncapped bottle for him, bourbon and water for Rourke. The ve'porter was sitting upright beside Lucy, his gaze fixed on tha trailing end of the lose telephone cord behind the chief's back. "Been trying to date some gal right here in front of Lucy?' Shayne glared at him for silence and disregarded the question. "Ready to tell us what it's all about, Will?" . Gentry approvingly drank hall his bottle of beer. "That slip of paper with Lucy's name and address on it- was found on the floor beside a Mia .mi te lephone bok open at the H's." "I had ,her change to an un listed phone six months ago," explained Shayne. "To many cranks know she works for me. So you found this on the floor. -Where?" 'In a rooming house on 18th Street." Chief Gentry drank more beer from the bottle. "That's inter e- s t i n g," said Shayne in exasperation. "The most interesting thing of all," said Gentry placidly, "was on the floor, to. She'd been thai the body of a dead gid Jay Strangled." 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