Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on June 2, 1955 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 2, 1955
Page 7
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HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, June 2, 1955 MARKETS . ^TOCKtYAftDS, 111. t.SOO; .higher .choice 180-210 >lb 19.35 180 19.00 up; No. Ib few S80-S20 Ib 15.50- ?i»0 440-l.TO Ib 16.00-19.00 100- i ifc,'16.bO-l*.60 sows 406 ib I|.Sb46.W; over 400 Ib boaft'Unchanged, 9.00- . Ib 18.2S-19.00 mainly 3 toeltfW lft.50 240-260 s £.6ft«to 1»%0, calves 600; ».'high%f bulk -god and strong Choice flfeer* ito$M;,'ft.ld; average choice Irouiid 1,125 Ib 23.00; low commer- ^lai 1?.00; bulk good and choice t^tesifers and m&gd, yearlings 20 00- high choice,mixed yearlings strong, spots 25*50 Now is the time to Get SCREENS ' From GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO. ,~v ' 42aE. DIVISION '; < higher; bulk utility and commer^ cial, cows 12.00-13.50; some 14.00; high commercial mature 14.5015.00; bulk canners and Cutters 9.0(1-11.50; largely 9.50 tip; bulls •unchanged; utility and cornrher- cial 13.50-15.00; vealers steady; good and choice mainly 18.00-22.00; t>rime up to: 24.00 sparingly. Sheep 400; steady choice and prime spring lambs 24.00-25! god and choice 22.00r23.75; god to prime shorn - lambs 16.00-18.p6; largely 3.50-5.00. PO.ULtFfY AND PRODUCe CHICAGO I* — trsDA —Live poulry steady on hens, barely steady on young slock, weak on caponettes; receipts in coops 273 yesterday 507 coops, 71,572 Ib; f.o^b paying prices unchanged to I lower; heavy hens 22.5-28; lighl rtens 18.5-17;-broilders or fryers 3032 old roosters 12-12.5 caponettes 35-36. ;; Butler steady; receipt's 1,952, 119; ;\v;holesale buying prices un changed; 93 score AA 56.75 92 A 66.75 60 B 90 B 54.5 .80 C 52.5 cars; 55; 89 C 53. Eggs steadier; wholesale buying receipts 26,380; pirces unchang- c;d to '/a higher ;-U. S. large whites 60-69.9 per cent A's 34; mixed 34; mediums 30 U.S. standards 29.5 dirties 27.5; checks 24.5; < current FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT GET AMAZING RESULTS! IN ONE HOUR, Your 40c back at 1 any drug store If not pleased. Try easy-to-apply ITCH'ME-NOT for the Itch of ec- zehia,: ringworm, insect bites, foot Itch or any other surface Itch. Today at John S. Gibson Drug Co. FOR SALE Grocery Store and Market, good location for a 7 to 11 business Located on Highway 67. , PORTERFIELD GROCERY & MARKET Prt NOTICE TO.... v MOTORCYCLE AND SCOOTER OPERATORS rw ^ *• '..,".', ... The Police Department is .receiving numerous pCprnplaints In'retjarcls fo the operation of some; of these motors. 'The State Law as well as City Law makes it a penalty by fine 'to opet'ate orny motor driven vehicle on the streets without Being, equipped with muffler and proper lights'. ' ' •) This practice is becoming very annoying to the residents of this City. It has also come to our at- tenjlion that some of- these motors are being driven in "a reckless manner, which you should know is 'endangering someone's life, so please try and correct this before it's too late. Yours respectfully C. E. BAKER Chief of Police • Hotel Owner Was to Back Radio Station By CLIFTON WELLS EL DORADO, (M— D. R. James Sr., an El Dorado hotel owner testified heffi today that he agreed to financially back a pending Cam den, Ark. radio station, and ha denied' that he had ever required any security for the proposed usq of his money. James' testimony was contained in a deposition taken in connection with a federal Communications Commission hearing in Wash Ington, D. C. Three case involves a dispute between radio stalions KAMD and KPLN, both at Camden. Jameg said that he told Leo Howard, former El Dorado radio man, who obtained a construction permit for KPLN, that he would transfer $15,000 to the Camden ac count on Howard's request. But James denied that he ex- peeted any security of stock "in the proposed corporation which •would operate KPLN. He said he had never discussed with Howarc how he would get his money back. According to today's teslimony, James said lhat in lale 1950 he loaned Howard' a total of $3,50C rc-cei;;p;ts 28.5. NEW YORK COTTON NEW .YORK (ffl— Cotton futures •were mostly higher today on rade nd commission house buying which found offerings limied. Distant October futures moved counter to the general trend, reflect- 1 ing talk of a possible lower sup port level for the 1956 cotlon crop. Late afternoon prices were 50 cents a bale higher to 15 cents lower than he previous close. July 33.83, Ocober 33.96 and December 34.04. . GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAGO W) — Weat futures prices fiddled "around on the Board of Trade today without going very far in either direction. Feed grains were weak, and soybeans dipped around one to two cents, a bushel at times. Wheat was eak early on good harvest weather, and the fact that winter wheat is arriving In South western markets. Wheat closed >/ 8 to '/ 2 hibher, July' '$1.98Vfe, corn 1 to 1 lower, July '1.42-42%, oats down to V/a, July- efr-66%, rye '/ 4 to '/ 2 higher, July $1.07, and soybeans unchanged to l'/ 2 lower, July $2.52i/ 4 : • • Wheat: none. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.49; ;;;No. 2 1.48-49; No. 3 1.47; No, 4 1.45. Oats: No 1 heavy mixed 76%;% No 1 heavy white 78. Soybean oil: 12>/ 8 ,-V4; soybean meaj: 50.00. . Barley nominal: malting choice 1.35-52; feed 95-1.16. NEW YORK STOCKS NEW-YORK UFI — Demand for seels and chemicals encouraged rise today in the Stock Market. The turn ahead wasn't especially vigorous but it did bend the Tiarket upward from its thoroughly mixed early patern. Gains of 1 to' around 3 points appeared in several sections of the 1st while losser almost all were "ractional, Higher today with the steels and chemicals were the rubbers, mail order issues, farm implements, ra- i dio-televisions, most coppers, and the,;mpvie issues. Don't Forget the Big Libby Sale. Three Big Days - Thursday, Friday, Saturday FRE-ZERT 1 MELLORINE CREAM Ggllpnr 49c MRS. TUCKER 3 ^ 74c RITZ Crackers 1 Lb. Box 31c MILK Pet and Carnation 4 Large Cans 49c Coffee INSTANT FOLGERS 6 Ox. Jar 1.49 SEALED SWEET ORANGE JUICE HOMEGROWN BEANS Lbs. 25c HOME GROWN SQUASH lOc Lb. > HOMEGROWN LARGE GREEN HEADS CABBAGE MEAT DEPARTMENT SMALL SIDES SLAB HAMS BEEF 4 Ibs. 1.00 BWOGNA SUPER MARKET CONDmON5D FO* YO for Which Howard signed notes. He said that it was his understanding that the money was to be used in connection with Howard's application for.the Camden station. The FCC granted Howard a construction permit for the station in 1951 without a hearing. That same year, Howard and some associates, including George Byars of Camden, constructed the station. KAMD, owned by Walter Hussman, served notice of protest. Before the station was on the air. it was sold to the elder James Son, D. R. James Jr. KAMD again pr^ested but the commission approved the transfer without a hearing. The matter th en wa s appealed to the court by KAMD and the FCC was directed to review the Pilot Killed Near Newport NEWPORT UP) —A small rice- seeding plane crashed near the Auvergnc community today killing the pilot. The pilot was Jimmy Boggs, 27, of Tuckerman, which is about 15 miles northeast of here. Auvergne is about 15 miles southeast of Newport on Highway 17. I The plane, a Piper Cub, apparently stalled about 9:30 a. m. while Boggs was attempting to make a turn at low altitude. I J. C. Lane, Charles Black and George Baker, who witnessed the crash, said that a wing touched the ground and the plane smashed to the ground. The plane was demol- ished but did not burn. The accident oecured Marvin Hare farm. the The birth rate in Japan has declined from 34.3 per 1,000 population in 1947 to 21.5 today. .„,.. . order, the FCC ordered KPLN off In complying with the court I the air pending the review hearing. Remember the Date Beginning Monday June 6, 1955 White's Drive-In will be open every Monday. Charlotte Blood Friday's and Saturday's Open until 11:30 P.M. Thursday, June 2, 1955 " WANTED TO BUY 4/4 & 5/4 Green Soft Hardwood Lumber Gum (All Types) Ash, Maple, Sycamore/: Hackberry, Cottonwood HOPE STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS For Prices & Specifications Write McCoy-Couch Furniture Mfg. Co. BENTON, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phdht ^3431 Between I A. M . t M 4 p. M , Calendar Thufstiay June 2 The Green Laseter Home Demonstration Club will meet in the home of Mrs. Earl Fincher at 7:30 p.'m. Thursday June 3rd. Hopo Chapter 238 OES will meet Thursday June 2, at 8 p. m. All members are urged to atlend. REPHAN'S SPECIAL . . Day in and Day Out, Week in and Week Out, It Pays to Shop Regular at REPHAN'S Brownie Scout Troop of Garland School, 2nd. and 3rd. grades will meet >at the little house Friday June 3rd. from 3 to 5 p. m. for a Weiner Roast with Mrs. Doyle Reaves and Mrs,'Joe Harper as leaders. The Rose Garden Club will meet SAVE HERE MEN'S NYLON CORD SLACKS Wrinkle resistant, washable, tailored for cool comfortable summer, wear. Sizes 28 to 42 waist. SALE PRICE Made to Wear i Anywhere Friday June 3rd. at 3 p. m. in the SALE HURRY? Last Day AT: 2:09 - 4:26'- 6:43 - ?:oo WHAT A DREAM TEAM! SHORTY PAJAMAS Bloomer leg,, pastel shades. All sizes. SHORTS • 1. News of the Day 2. "Just the Bear Fat home of Mrs. Cecil Bittlc at the Experiment Station. Monday June 6 Circle No. 2 WSCS, Mrs. Ross Moore leader, wiH meet Monday at 4 p. m. in the home of Mrs. T. S McDavitt wilh Mrs. Ralph Routoii and Mrs. Bessie D. Green as co- hostess. pQ.rQTHY.PIX Now Ste's Sorry Building Falls, Three Persons Are Killed By WHITEY SAWYER DALLAS (#) — At least three persons were killed and eight in- •• i A ,. , , — jurcd when a downtown building Four years ago I married a man! Answer: Your lover s remark collapsed on top of another struc-! 1 was not in love witn - He promised migm be interpreted thus: "I den' lure last night. Rescue workers dug'security and happiness. We got see why I should sacrifice my free through the rubble today search-i alon£ beautifully at first. I had dom when J have a woman to work Dear Miss Dix: When 1 was sixteen I married, had a daughter, then my husband left me. The 1 work, and we; arc planning on buy- child was brought up by my mo- ing a house i together. Would this marry me, unless he wants to. I ther who idolized her. I went work to support her. ^ble* It might m.ke.hta. ' ' . L'unlJS mg for others who might have been trapped inside in the wreck' The WSCS No. 1 of the First Methodist Church will meet with Mrs. R..T. White Monday June G. at 4 o'clock. Mrs. C. V. Nunn will have Charge of the program. Circle No. 3, WSCS of the First Methodist Church will meet with age. Early estimates said as many everything. Then it happened! Six months ago at a party 1 met me without a wedding band. You Would -be throwing good mo a man, was attracted to him and ne y after bad by buying a house went out with him. We dated, clan-, with him. If you do buy a home as 15 might have been trapped in destinely, part of last winter. His let the house be in your name no a musical store and combination ! manner was smooth, his promises his. • . ^^^ cafe and beer tavern which were smashed by the falling building The two businesses were in a story-and-a-half building. The office that first fell was a vacant three-story structure being razed. Besides the victims in the build- Mrs. J. B.. Koonce, Monday Junc, 1 '"^- Charles Morris, 33, an em- 6 at 3 o'clock. Mrs. Cecil Weavei Mrs. John Hartsfield and Mrs M. H toss. Progressive Dinner Ends Cosmopolitan Activities For Year The Cosmopolitan Club concluriec their activities of the year on Ma; 31, at 7 p. m. with a progressivi dinner. The group went to the homo o Mrs. L. B. Tooley for appetizer; which were served from a tabli attractively decorated witli wrou ght iron Candelabras and a wrou ght iron 'bowl filled' with sprint flowers. The main course was served h the home of Mrs. H. L. Ha^inegan The centerpiece for each table wai a crystal bowl of beautiful red ros es to which had been added ar assortment of spring flowers. •Mrs. .Franklin Horlon was the hostess for the dessert course. Be fore this course was served Mrs Lawrence Martin, president pre sided during a short business meet ing. She appointed committees foi the new year, and Mrs. Mack Stu art was named chairman of the summer picnic committee. Mrs. Jim Case told a story "Hubby Takes a Trip" by Elinor N Fouler. . . The hostess served home made REGULAR $5.00 VALUE * LADIES' COTTON SHEER DRESSES Sanforized, guaranteed washable. You'll love .-these for hot summer wear. Size 12 to 20— 141- to 24i. SALE PRICE 3 98 LADJES' SHADOW PANEL COTTON SLIPS • ; -i Delightfully coo!, doesn't cling. Beautiful eye- lit trimmed. Sjo'ck uf) now at REPHAN'S and $ave. Size 34 to 52. i GIRLS' 3-PIECE SUN 5 UIT S Attractive colors and styles c A I C the kiddies admire — cap. bALE shorts and halter to 'match. PRICE Sizes 2 to 12. I .49 JUST ARRIVED LADIES' COTTON DRESSES Reg. 4.00 Value Smartly styled . . .stock up now for summer wear. Regular and half-sizes. SALE PRICE 2 .98 LADIES' SHORTY GOWNS Needs no ironing, in *; blue, pjnk and yellow.' All sizes. SALE PRICE . I 59 BIG TRIPPLE PROGRAM! Five deperate men . . .arid a' girl -who didn't care! • RORY CALHOUN • JULIE ADAMS "THE LOOTERS" • ALSO • • George Montgomery • Rod Cameron • Ruth Roman "BELLE STAR'S DAUGHTER" • PLUS • Chapter 9 of Serial "THE BLACK ARROW & Merry Melodies Cartoon DRIVE-IN THEATRE; Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • FINAL NITE • BUMPER CLUB NITE » Winner of 9 Academy Awards! MARLON BRANDO 1. 3 Stooges Comedy 2. Bird Color Cartoon 3. "Hit 'Em Again" • FRIDAY & SATURDAY • McCAIl ployc of the music store, tripped and broke his collar bone while trying lo help with rescue work. Fireman C. E. Hunt, 22 was overcome by gas and exhaustion and had to bo carried out. Killed were Luther Gonzales, 32, Alvis B. Simmons 40 and William E. Kirby, 42 all of Dallas. One of the injured was a woman Miss Mary Henjy, 36 of Dallas. A priest, the Rev. Carl Vogel. entered the tunnel-like space left in the ruined building and gave last rites and conditional'last rites of the Roman Catholic Church. One victim, Lloyd Carrett of'Dal- las was trapped until nearly 1 a. m. Witnesses said that when the building fell at 6:30 p. m. CST, it sounded like a "bomb" or "explo ion." It snapped trolley wire and dumped rubble four feet dee in the street.. Bricks hit stor fronts across the street. In the cafe, a stuffed deer heai poked up from the rubble, alon ivith counter stools ahd splintere< jlass. Musical instruments wor< twisted and crumpled almost be yond recognition in the Cline. Mu sic Co. The two ruined buildings wer on Elm Street between a n^w bank 3uilding and the Fox Theater, on he fringe of. Dallas' theater dis rict. • George H.' Bell, who run 3eorge's Snack Bar ' in th c Fox Theater building, said he firs ;hought the noise was a ruhawa; street car that had hit a build ing. The Fox Theater suffered onl. superficial damage and the bani "aiilding was not damaged. Firemen said natural :bas was caking in the building, but urned off. They said some refrig erating gas was leaking. Blowers forced in fresh air anc iremen c.arriad oxygen tanks to he injured. Methodists Plan 102nd Meeting SALE PRICE VERY SPECIAL MEN'S LONG SLEEVE SPORT SHIRTS Reg. $3.00 Value Perfect for hot Summer wear. Pastel shades. S-M-L. SALE PRICE I 98 As shown' above, buckle strap divides: two at one side leather The ..... Into In white As shown above. Slender fctrap buckles about your heel sung fit. In pink leather. ' ' 2.98 As shown above, Perfect In white and pink leather. 2.98 H ^p PHP M • Hi 49^^H Hi ^B HOPE'S FRIENDLY DEPARTMENT STORE As shown at right. Pump; with scoop cut and pert bow. In white, pink and black. SPECIALS For Friday and Saturday Only Shop the Fashion Shdppe this week end for these money saving bargains. MEN'S Reg, 50c value Fine combed Yarn. ' Nylon Reinforced, v Sizes 34 to 46. One Rack of DRESSES Junior, Regular and half sizes. OFF Cottons, linens,, and rayons, Shop early and save!! LITTLE ROCK, (UP) —The 02nd session of the Little Rock nnual conference of the metho- dist church will be held in Arka- elphia June 8-12, it was announc- d here today. 'An estimated 500 Methodists rom throughout South Arkansas re expected to attend. They will nclude all Methodist ministers and one layman from each pastoral charge, serving as official conference members. Bishop Paul E. Martin of the Arkansas-Louisiana area of the church will preside and will'an- nounce appointments . involving about 185 ministers and charges in the conference. ' !:i : ' ice cream and cake members. to eighteen (persuasive. I was contemplating divorce, when my husband found out about us. He left me and was gone a week. I realized then that I didn't want a divorce so 1 promised not to see the other man again. Well, I had my chance and muffed it Like a fool, I saw him again, my husband aeain found out. a'nd this! time left me for good. He's been gone for a month, and now I lize how much I love him. I've begged for another chance but he feels he cannot trust me. He has tol'd everyone of my affair, has dona everything to hurt me. I feel he wouldn't try to hurt me if he didn't still love me. My daughter whom he treated as his own, cries for her "Daddy.", The other man means . nothing to me. What can I do? Is there such a thing as:a second chance? I have learned my lesson, and I will nev^, er. never do such a thing again. '"* DOTTY. Answer: Your long.letter, which I have condensed, is full of seUf- Boyle recrimination. Like so many mortals, you have tried the love of your husband to the breaking .point. You would never have felt self-reproacb if he hadn't caught you. . . You Would Have Continued You weren't satisfied with being caught once, you tried it again, and would have continued ad infin- Hum if you hadn't been dauaht then Now, when you feel you h ; ave reached the end. of your, husband's patience, you are repentant. That's not feeling sorry for your sins, that's having refiret for having been caught. If he took you back tomorrow, the' next day you'd be 'out doing-the same thing, most likely. You ask of there's such a thing as a second.cliance'. You had your second chance; it was the third one you> muffed. If -you really want to get your lusband back, make an absolutely final /break with the other man. •! cannot see that established, yet; You seem to ibe hanging on t? iiim in case of emergency; Let your husband see that you have repented completely, absolutely and without reservation. Your present repentance seems to be for the material possessions you forfeited, not loir- the man. Contlhued from Page One cry member of her husband's fam- Known a man who, if really pressed, wouldn't concede he was n better.,Christian than his neighbor? Found.cn ex^i'a shoe lace in his drawer when a shoelace he was wearing broke? Heard of a woman who didn't believe her husband secretly liked to Wear a ,,tux? ... Be.en offered, a seat on .a .bus by n lady shopper when his feet were really, hurting 'on ' the way homo from work? .•• •'.• Signed 'an insurance policy application without wo nder ing if it wouldn't turn out to be his death warrant? . Felt any genuine yearning to live .his life over'again? Learned to spell' etiquette — let alone; practice, it? Been able to '. live like the Joneses; try .as he will? Bought a new; car that really pleased everyone . in the family? Taken a vacation: from which he returned home actually feeling like a:new man?' ' Found a razor.: blade that would give him 10 good'close shaves? Seen a- rainbow-'on a day he really felt blue? Been asked his views in a pub Jic opinion poll? Refused to buy a set of encyclo- ; had given open support to the other in " ' » •P^Pj, News Briefs Miit UBdin ^ LITTLE HOCK MI — The clo *»»r>*rAtt» rttt« - n*.* *«*i*. today announced that it was open- MAGNOLIA, (UP) -The Jtlfttef Jy supporting AFL Teamsters in «< at «*«» • toummwnt sponsored their strike against Terry Hairy. ^ ^f^S^S «S» with 75 entrants competing fof tne title. - ' , The list of contestants includes 15 girls. Winner will represent tjit stat e at * national Jays^sp6n. The CIO office here said that it ?° rcd «"**<* in Sah Ahtohlo, was helping "morally" In the strike, and also by "putting out literature and asking Terry consumers not to use Terry milk. NEW BRUNSWICK, N*. J., Wl— Arkansas' Sen. Fulbright will be among eight prominent Amerlcns receiving honorary degrees at Rut gers University's 189th ahniversarj commencement next Wednesday. Fulbright author of the inter national scholarship plan bcarin; his name, was formerly preslden of- the University of Arkansas. later this summer, The tournament ends Saturday. A dairy cbw will'drink 12 to 15 gallons of Water a day. , Te*., f»atrolfol8i teported'May that of 2eferino Mend(J2a^ , av laco, fex., an8' h!i' futt only slightly their autbfliobile rah off 1 4 " Duke'i Beouty -1819 W, ?rti t Duti tt Cut, ott CHICAGO OR— Some Protestan. ministers who belong to Rotary Clubs deny that such membership reduces their church effectiveness They spoke up during Rotary In ternational's golden anniversary convention today. -A week ago, evangelist Harry Denmon, Nashbulle, Tenn., to Id Tiinisters at a church conference in Scranton, Pa., that "People it your community have gone to hell while you've gone to service club meetings." _ Denmon is the Methodist execu- ive secretary of evangelism. The sampling of i)rintments am >ng Rotary delegates, srought out such' comments as: ?'I do nearly as much preaching 'n community associations as ] do behind the pulpit. A minister can't lose touch with his. com munity" — The Rev. 'Everett Seale pastor of the -First Methodist Church and Rotary president in Beeville, Tex. Dear Miss Dix: I recently met a soy 18,'' two years my senior, and we like : each other very much. His mother does not care for me; in 'act, we have to date oh the sly. I can't imagine why she's so again; st me." Should I date Charlie re- ardless. of ; the situation or suffer, as I have been doing? FANNY Answer: His mother's objections probably are based on his seeing my girl steadily at his age .You hpula both be in circulation. When iis mother sees that you're not try r ng to' let Charlie down, she'll uri- oubtedly be nice to you. Sneaky dating 'is .never, never wise. His plks will be all the more down on ou — and with good reason — vhen they find out. '•'. pedias without having a guilt feeling afterward that he had ruined his children? Reached the end of a month Without borrowing lunch money from ,his Wile? ' Known a yfear in which he didn't brood over whether he wasn't missing something in existence he should be getting? M you are over 40, and all (or BLACK AND BLUE CHICAGO, <UP) —It was a )lack and blue day for daily louble bettors at Balmoral Race Track yesterday. Black Poppy won the first race and Bleu feature the second for a daily double payoff of $178.60. Columbia University has a t paper back book printed in the 1490s oy Aldus ;Manutius of Italy. most) of.these quesstions apply to you, well — don't worry. You're normal. You've just led an ordinary life in an extraordinary world. , gb-togfeiher specials ^^ '- _ Deodorant (2%,8 J , With Dorothy Gray Salon Cold Cream $100 FOR BOTH (MlMM.00) 1 Cray*. WithDoroth Waterproof 1 yougeiagifi Eye Cream (Hw.):; <• *•! JOHN P. COX DRUG CO WallfliMii AMACV , PkoM 7-4A16 «, 7.j«i7 7-4616 or 7-4617 ^ ^ JUST'.RfCliVED' Big Shipment of Summer COSTUME JEWELRY All, Ktnds JOHN P. (OX DRUG CO. DIAL 7-4616 or^-^ir!^ We Give Eagle Stamps Your Extra Savings ON SALE THURSDAY, Mafsen ViUiln DRUG STORE Styled by Gage MILLINERY All new spring merchandise !/ 2 PRICE Beautiful colors and styles in lovely Milan Straws. Mrts. Carl Thornton Honored With Pink and Blue Shower Mrs. Carl Thornton was honored with a pink and blue shower Thursday May 26, at the home of Mrs. Mary Yarberry and Mrs. Harvey Foster. The honoree was presented a corsage of tiny baby rattlers. Prizes were given to Mrs. Edgar. Gerguson, Mis. Yarberry and Mrs. Thornton. Refreshments were served to .the following; Mrs. Ferguson, Mrs. Cecil Cox, Mrs. Charles Garretti Mrs. Mable O'Steen, Mrs. Earnest Ridgdill, Mrs. Gladys Oufirey, Mrs. Jesse Brown, Mrs. C, B. Tyer, Mrsv Winfred Butler and Mrs. j Kenneth Stovall. Those sending gifts were Mrs. Paul Co'bb, Mrs. Horton, Mrs. Bat- cliff, 'Letha Spriggs, Keba O'Neal Olene Spears, Mrs. Joe Thornton, 4rs. Lonnie Tullis and Mrs. Hollis VIoses. De.ar yMiss Dix: A man and I ave been living together 12 years.' He says nobody can make hin> 'WORTHMORE' FULL PINT/ (Limn i) Tooth Poste REG. SIZE PAKE (Limit 3) HAZEL'S BEAUTY SHOP Comp!«tely AIR CONDITIONED for your comfort 104 S. Elm Phone 7-2878 Hazel Virginia Auline 1*1 ! OFffK! AND DR. WEST TOOTH BRUSH $1.06 VALUE THE FASHION SHOPPE Coming apd Caoing Miss 'Pansy Ellis and Patsy Marin of Washington left for Dallas vhere they will be employed. Both are 1955 Hope High Graduates. Mrs Sam Hartsfield left yesterday for two weeks visit with her daughter, FJossie who lives in Sydney, Nebraska. H. D. and Martha Keen of Carisle will arrive Sunday for a two weeks vacation with Mr- and Mrs. Garland Pate and family. , Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Narcissus Olden, S»r- atoga, Mr. David E. Evans, Hone. Discharged: Mrs. W. E. Slssqn, Hope, Rt. ?, Betty 'Bryant, Hope, Mrs. Jimmy Walters, Hope, Precious MarWn, Canfiejd. I3»dpre Smith, Fuitpn. Henry and JS*rci«SU6 Olden, $|f, w«a anAQ«nce fee ^rviv*! of f Delicious Thick MALTS and SHAKES Any flavors. DHIHV QyEEIM Highway 67 Eait CHEFLUE PACK OF 10 VETO •^•MmM^MMv Double Strength DEODORANT $1<98 LAWN ^ 50 C SOAKER Oillette Blue 6te DISPENSER OF 20 Sale . 2-ounc« jar. Buys for HOME! Compare 'm ^5 belocie - •'!'•• buying .' • ... BIQSScoupl'ing- A icint '*•*: • Ixperitncfd • Mechanic! New & Uitd FARTS EXTRA SOCIAL! SAVE Esso Regular Gal. Esso Extra Gal- ••A^hfMCf* - *.i-fct. •mAMtma^*"^,*rA. M^^JBE_A f 4.k~ 7 14-ot. Anocfited 69 C Aluminum TUMBLERS *••, 49 Idegl, for Summer Drinks. 4 for 1.75 ^rw . m jf~mrw Golf Balls 3.^1» DOZEN, SHAMPOO Ov*r ont third i million Prescription! '__ J ' ' ' JI "~*^^^^^^r^^!Pqi J& m * f.OO , Cpt't, ^ #f gvy Quality POCKET WIVES Plm Fed. TaxVn foiTelili»i."Euggoa«niinCMi. Clccto. Wolch«» 10 HAIR PUNS Oox ot 60 Black or Bio,,to *Kl 2il3' ^1 tmtn|. Pro"59"T*vthBr«h smiJuiTU! ggc S' SAVF" 088 * Automatic Action *1.98-*2,9( LIGHTERS Chrome QQ ^eoy^e? W9 . M super savinar. ,A

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