The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 1, 1942 · Page 2
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 2

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 1, 1942
Page 2
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PAGE TWO BLYTHEVILLE (ARK.) COURIER NEWS MONDAY, JUNE 1, 1942 | Social Calendar ; TUESDAY'S EVENTS }•••' Miss Virginia Martin entertain£&'< Double G Bridge Club. -. Chatterbox Club meeting with j. T. Hickman. ; Mrs, Riley B. Jones having Tues- : cliiy .Club. , ; ' WEDNESDAY'S EVENTS f Mrs. Elberi Huffman entertaining 'ADC Bridge Club. • Mrs. A. G. Hall having Wednesday Contract Club. t ' THURSDAY'S EVENTS 'i Club 28 having dance at Wo- jrisn's Club, 9 o'clock. Frespeiity ' Club iiv: r "r '.c'dc^li- wJrh'Y" " FRIDAY'S EYE:-: : . Mi;-:; Jane McAda s t....-."..•. •; Otv-Que Bridge Club. FlniA'ood Cemetery Associsu .niti-iiug 2:30 o'clock with Mrs. C I',;. Johnson. . -, Mr*. Ecss Moore entertaining C. ? B. c. Club. • Ladies' Bible Class,'First Meth- 'oclj,i Church, meeting 7:30 o'clock v.-iii; Mn-. V. M. Brister. Seniors Win Honors Club 28 to Dance lUr. rtIK! Mrs. Edgar Borum, Mr. ttr.--.' Mrs. Earl Buckley and Mr. and Mrs. Chester Caldwell will entertain members of Club 28 for a cL-iiice at Woman's Club Thursday Viiv'iit. The monthly affair, which is a .f.ipijor dance, will begin at 9 o'clcjfc. + » ROYAL NEIGHBORS POSTPONE MEETING. The ine&ting of the Royal Nei-V bci- vhich was held toriigl si Mrs. Arch Lind'sey's has be< " postponed until next Monday. It will meet at 8 o'clock. C. :n ftfiss Mae McGee Weds Dell Man Friday Night DELL, June 1.—Miss Mae Mc- Gvc, daughter of G. C. McGee of Home, Miss., and Clinton Smith Jr.. .son of Mrs. Bertha Smith and A. Smith of Deli, were united marriage Friday night at 9 oVlccl: at "the home of Justice of itv3 Peace T. L. Cassidy of Blythe- vilifi. Mrs. Smith' who has made her .hcirifc with her sister, Mrs. Elvin Pvulett, and Mr. Pruiett, of Dell .Ic- the past three years, was vale- uiotor-ian of the senior class this Mr.'Smith is an employe of the Deli dehydrator plant. The couple will make their home with Mr. Smith's mother for the present. Bits of News Personal Mr.s. A. G. Billings, ol Jonesboro, I he 1'onac-r Miss Laura Flatt of LliLs city, .spent yesterday and last niyhl here with friends. Miss Betty Jean Hill, who attends Mississippi State College for Women, Columbus, came this mommy to i-penti the Summer vacation here with her parents, Dr. and Mrs. E. V. Kill. . ATHENS, Tex. (UP—There'll be big doin's in this town of 5,000 persons come Friday iJune 5). The reason? Piddling. That's the day of the colorful and corny East Texas Fiddlers' Contest, a date which about 35,000 persons circle on their calendars and make certain they keep. It's the day when they toss the hoes into fence corners, wrap the reins around plow handles and call ma and the kids for the trip to Athens. But the farmer folk of the piney woods regions are not the only Mrs. Delia Ozee will go to Mem- "customers" who congregate on the i:hi;-: Wednesday to spend a few days. From there, she will go to Hot Springs for a Ihree weeks' .vacation. Two nieces from Mem-' phis will accompany her to Hot Springs. Miss Katherine Waipole of Lake City, Mo., came yesterday to spend icr two weeks' vacation with her B, 1 U. Workers to Bfeet The";-monthly conference of Baptist Training- Union workers of Pivft "Baptist Church will be con- cucrocl tonight at 7:30 o'clock at v- ciiurrh. A special surprise program is Five high school leaders, lour medal winners and the Senior president, completed their local school careers here Friday night when the commencement exercises were held at the high school stadium. Top row: Miss Margie Perry, first honor student and winner of the English medal and $25 bond offered by the Woman's Club to the highest ranking senior; George Hubbard, winner of second scholastic honors and-one of the mathematics medals. Below, from left to right: Bill Morse, fourth ranking student and winner of the social science award; Billy Jontz, fifth ranking student and winner cf the other math medal; and David Boone, who as president, has directed the activities of the senior group this year. Other medal winners were Miss Lanelle Smart, who was selected Good Citizenship Girl several months ago, and Miss Gwendolyn Orr, winner of the history medal, who is a junior student. cornmeal-strewn streets for the day-long battle of the "git-fid- New Type Of "War Jar" WtikDouble In Canning Barents, Mr. and Mrs. Herman Waipole. Mr. and Mrs. Harold Smith spent :he week end in Jonesboro with heir parents. Thnd Nicol has returned from Little Reck where he motored Mrs. Nicol and daughter, Jane Annis, Billy Nicol and Mrs. Bernard Allen. Mrs. Nicol and daughter will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. G. W. Hendricks; Billy will spend the Summer with his sister; and Mrs. Allen will be with her parents. Miss Lavonne Redman has returned from Independence, Mo., where she attended school this year at St. Mary's College. Mrs. H. B. Oakes is seriously ill at Walls Hospital. She became ill while she and Mr. Oakes were \isiting their daughter, Mrs. George Repp, and family in Chicago. She apparently improved so Mrs. Ropp and son, George Jr., motored her and Mr. Oakes home Tuesday, but almost immediately her condition became worse and she was removed to the hospital. Miss Carolyn Haley, who is attending Arkansas State College, Jonesboro, spent the week end here with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Haley. Mrs. Mary Phillips Robinson, who has been at Memphis Baptist Hospital for the past six weeks, returned home Saturday, but will be confined to her bed for several more weeks. Mrs. Phillips Robinson, who has been in Memphis with her, accompanied her home. Mr. and Mrs. William Wyatt spent yesterday in Memphis. Mrs. Eunice Young, Miss Mable Hcgan, Miss Era Wright and Miss Mable Jo Wilson spent yesterday was recently held i ; distributed to 175 people, and fun period will by the workers of and Primary ..department with Mrs. Russell Baugh and H. R. Schmuck in charge. At The Hospitals Walls Hospital [Admitted: ?tK. Cecil Wingfield of Steele. Lnnar Ashley of Steele. Bobbie Ashley of Steele. Mr*. C. W. Hughes of Steele Herman Moore of Holland. Pin-vis Jones cf Burdette. [Dismissed; ?.Irr.- Marvin Lane, city. Ani^uan McArthur of Lepanto Mr£ Charles ^"^in and babv, tciiy. ., Coleman Threr. Mr"' Kelly Manaa „... icity. ^ Mr.C. C. M. Oliver, city. I Carl- McGhee, city. |! ?-lr-::-L. R. Matthews, city. Memphis Baptist Hospital Alber Lee of Luxora. I,-, rer.a Waldron of Blytheville. A daughter bom to Mr. and Mrs. 'COM Lusk of Reiser. ?.!'vmr.his Methodist Hospital Mrs." George Erice of Kennett Mri. R. N. Foster of Portage- By NBA Service The wartime home-front has a new weapon — a glass coffee container that does double duty as a preserve jar, thanks to a tricky, new-type auxiliary lid. Printed on the original screw cap are instructions for re-use of the jar and how to use the extra thrift-lid, which is being made available at grocery stores. When Mrs. Housewife has emp- in Memphis where Miss underwent treatment. Broadcloth and Blue Denim Millionaires mark the date on their calendars, too. There's quite a number of men who left the piney woods and Trinity river bottomlands to climb the heights o: finance and politics. But on June 5 they'll be back to listen to the plaintive strains o: the fiddles, rubbing the elbows of their costly coatsleeves against th blue denim workshirts of the farm folk. E. N. Robinson, one of the originators of the gathering idea, say it is always a thirsty crowd whooping it up for favorite bands, favorites known by such names as th Cocn Creek Ramblers and McGUl' One Man Family, for example. Business Houses Close "We put four of the biggest bar reis of ice water we can get on the square at dawn," he said, "anc by 11 o'clock they have to be re filled every hour." Candy stores, hamburger stand and soft drink peddlers do a lan< office . business but other busines houses in Athens just give up th business ghost for the day. No entry fee is charged but large cash praes are given by the merchants and former citizens of Athens. Any attempt to commercialize the gathering brings down the fire of angry fiddlers. Cotton-Picking Music A prominent Texas politician was ejected forcibly from the town a few years ago when he attempted, to speak. /'We like him all right," one Athenian said, "but we don't want bur party ruined with politics." Polks here agree the music is corny but sweet to their ears. "The boys around here kinda go for this cotton-picking music,! they say. "it does a lot of good, isterday ."Why, folks in East Texas ain't Wilson ready to make a crop, war or no Synthetic Rubber Begins to Roll First batch of 'synthetic 'rubber rools from intricate machinery at Goodyear's Akron plant, which doesn't mean you can buy a new set of tires. Synthetic -product will go to armed forces. Turn Deaf Ear To Your Friends —And Be Happy BY RUTH M1LLETT If a woman gets pleasure out of life's big moments it's not the fault of her women friends. When she geis herself a diamond and is looking forward Lo living happily ever after, they tell her: "Make the most of Jim's attentiveness. II won't be thai \vay alter you're married." Then when she u>- a bricze and loving it they say: "By the limp you've been married five years he won't even 'remember your wedding anniversary, i have Lo remind my husband every year." Then when she and Jim by planning, saving, and budgeting manage to make the down payment, on a house, her friends start telling her what a headache home ownership is. They'll be kind enough to remind her that when a water faucet starts to drip she can't just call the janitor and forget abouc it. Then when r>he has produced her first baby and is feeling proud and happy, her friends come in and say, "You had better make the most of all the attention and rest and waiting on you're getting now. Because its going to be.tqugh going when" you get that baby home and have complete charge of him yourself." Tlien, when she struggles along and gets the boy through school and he picks out a girl who is nice, pretty and crazy about him and who—wonder of wonders- even Mama thinks is all right, and the big day of his wedding arrives the women gather around o say "Well how does it fee! to be losing your son?" And so it goes. If a woman wants to enjoy life's high spots she has to learn early to turn a deaf ear to hi?r women friends. For they will always find some reason to console her when she coffee out of the jar, scrapes off the corn- tied the she first position sealing on the inside of the original screw-on cap. Next, the jar is filled with the home preserves and the "thrifty lid" is placed over the mouth of the jar. By screwing on the outside cap which came with the jar, enough pressure is supplied to make an airtight closure. VACUUM FORMS WHEN JAR COOLS When the jar cools an internal vacuum will have been formed and the outer cap is removed. The "thrifty lid" which remains on the jar will seal the contents indefinitely. No rubber rings are necessary. A housewife is shown, left, placing the new-type lid on a jar she has filled with cherries. Designed to conserve vital war materials, the new lids are in line with the government's suggestion that commercial glass containers be made to have a definite reuse value, thus conserving both materials and labor. Lloyd Ward, who has been attending Washington and Lee University, Lexington, Va., came Friday morning for a brief visit with j his mother. Mrs. L. L. Ward. He will return 10 Lexington, on the 12th to attend Summer school. The Rev. and Mrs. H. Lynn Wade, formerly of this city and now of Pamgould, visited friends here Thursday afternoon. Mrs. Bert Lamb and daughter, Jean, and con. Bert Jr., have gone to Eupora. Miss., for a visit with Mrs. Lamb's parents. Mr. Lamb, who mciorecl them down, returned yesterday. war, until they've been to ft good fiddlin' contest." Miss Chisin has gone to Baton RCUKC, La., to spend the Summer with her aunt, Mrs. W. J. Hiunh'U, und her grandparents, Mi-, and Mrs. T. F. Fletcher, and other relatives. She accompanied Miss Lois Chisin of Steele. Mo,, who went down to nake her home with her mother, Mrs. Hamlfclt. Mrs. H. H. Houchins and Mrs. M. O. Usrey returned Saturday rom Memphis where Mrs. Houchins underwent a check-up at Methodist Hospital. Mothers of Girl Scouts Plan Meeting Tonight Mothers of Girl Scouts and all who are interested in Scouting are invited to attend a meeting tonight at 7:30 o'clock at the Little House, Walker Park. Mrs. Jerry Hearn will lead tonight's program. It is planned to have a meeting of mothers each first Monday in the month in order that plans may be worked out for the Scouting activities of the city. Fort Pulaski Shrine Closed For Duration George McDonald of Caruthers- "D•,./>+«.„. P« ^ vine. *- letry v^eorgia Miss Comes Here To Wed Soldier "Daughters Paid Farm Wages PLAINFIELD, N. H. (UP) — Unpbit: to obtain male help in these jdavi of farm labor shortage, Clar:e W. King was forced to hire his ^liters, Flora, 14, and Doris, 1? r-a:. standard wages—to help him ilil! his 850-a.cre farm. It takes the work of 18 men back to keep a si Citing front. Ihcruf.- to keep a single soldier on al here on the train she and I he fighti— *—-- 1 _. . If you suffer MONTHLY «s MALE PAIN which makes yon [AK,CRAIIKY Nervous- If at such times you're annoyed by cramps, headaches, bacfeache, distress of "irregularities," a btoated feel- ingv periods of. the blues -.due to functional monthly disturbances— try Lydia E* Pinkham's Vegetable Compound. This famous liquid not only helps relieve mmtmy paM hut also tired, nervous feelings of ;aich days when due to this cause. Lydia Pirikham's Compound is one medicine you-can buy today made especially for toomcn-taken regularly it helps build up resistance against such symptoms. Fbl- L low label directions. Worth fr The soldier took a wife in the ee hours of Sunday morning— the former Miss "Ella Mobley, i Savannah, Ga., uecame the first -ride on the local Air Corps post. Immediately following her arri- al " First Class Private Edsar Morgan formerly of Ellabelle, Ga., 28, were married bv Magistrate T. L. Cassidy, at his home. _ Members of the detachment sta- MIND YOUR MANNERS •. •••. r »AT. Eight From Here Those To Attend Boys' State Eight Blytheville boys will be included in the 150 from over the state who will attend Boys' State June 6-13 on the campus of the Arkansas School for the Deaf at Little Rock sponosred each year by the st;\te department of the American Legion. The Dud Cason Post of the American Legicn is sending three beys, the local Rotary Club, one. the Lions Club two, and Kiwanis Club. two. Gregory Atkins, Bill Tcm Stewart and Philip Reed are the Legion sponsored boys. Billy Eldredge and Kenneth Richardson arf? being sent by Klwanians, Elmer Stone and Chris Tompkins by Lions and Mason Day by Rotarians. Before the boys leave, they will receive copies of the textbook, on Arkansas government which will .be used during the six day period, you have finished 'The school offers a practical esperi- SAVANNAH, Ga. (UP)— The Fort Pulaski national monument, historic shrine visited by 60,000 per- Don't Go Too Far In Giving Up Your 'Glamor BY RUTH MILLETT You, as a woman, are all excited over the job some other woman is doing. She has 'gone into a field that, until the war, was closed to women. Not only is ihe doing a hard and somewhat dangerous job—she is doing it well. You're proud of her. So you start telling a man about her. He's interested right off the bat. But before you've finished dc- cribing this ''new woman" who is doing a man's job, the man lo whom you are talking will ask you. one question about her "What does she look like?" he'll ask with interest. And if you answer, "Oh, she's nice enough looking—but she doesn't care much about clothes and doesn't wear make-up," the man will lose interest immediately in your heroine. He has heard all he wants to hear. "What does she look -like?" is the question all men want 10 know about all women — even though the man asking is happily married and the father of a houseful of children or, so old you would think he would have stopped wondering about women's looks long ago. That makes it tough on women. For all the while that they are trying to do men's jobs as well as men they are expected by all men to look both attractive and feminine. BE CAREFUL ABOUT DROPPING GLAMOR getting critical. Just the other day I heard a young man, walking behind a couple of women who shouldn't have worn slacks in the first place, say, "A lot of women are just using the war as an excuse for going around looking like hoboes." So watch your step, ladies, and don't carry your deglamorizin_ too far. No matter what kind oi a job you urc holding down 01 how much volunteer war w you are doing, the question men want answered about you "What does she look like?' 1 Read Courier News want ads. SKIN BLEMISHES of Cbeck Itching—Burning —the antiseptic—soothing way withBlack and White Ointment. Promotes healing. Use only aa directed. Cleanse with Black and White Skin Soap daily. BUCK and WHITE OINTMENT has in h'er ignorance thought congratulations were in order. Don't over-or under-inflate your tires: Proper air pressure means economical consumption. I 117 Bargain Matinees Every Day Except Saturday and Sunday. Show Every Night 7:00 Box Office opens 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat. and Sun. LISTEN TO KLCN 9:00 a.m. 12:45 p.m. 4:30 p.m. Last Times Today TETTER ECZEMA (Externally sons each year, has been closed to Right now women are giving the public for the duration. !up one glamor prop after another The strategic location of Fort' and loving it. Pulaski, fortification used during the Civil War and engineered by Robert E. Lee shortly after his graduation from West Point, caused officials to close it. Built during the 1820's, Fort Pulaski had been under improvement for seven years. It wa$ dedicated as a national park in the fall of 1938. Naval officials said the fort and grounds would be maintained and turned back to the Department of Interior following the war. But as individuals they had better not go too far. The men are Phone 42 Box Office Opens 7:30 p.m.— Show Starts 7:45 p.m. Admission Always llc-23c Tax Inc. Trade Monkey for Dishes Test your knowledge of correct social usage by answering the following questions, then checking against the authoritative answers below: 1- Is it good manners to lean one elbow on the table while eat- in?. 2. ALAMEDA. Cal. (UP)—When the Alameda County Zoological Society needed a new and complete set of 50 dishes, it resorted to barter. Harry Berger, operator cf a restaurant equipment store, wanted a pet monkey. So that's "what became of the monk." MMOROLIN curLX PETROLEUM JELLY.g * {or all occasions Personalized Service THE FLOWER SHOP Phone 491 Glencoe Hotel BWg. Last Times Today Box Office Opens 1:30 p.m. Bud Abbott, Lou Costello in 'Keep 'em Flying' with Martha Rave. Carol Bruce, William Gargan, Dick Foran with BARRYMORE LUPE VELEZ GINNY SIMMS MAY ftOISett • MUr KEUI KTEt UNO HAYES 'KTStH'S SAND ftaiurinn Harry Babbit! Ish Kibifable, Sully Mason • Product* **d Dincitd by DAVID 1UTIES. . flcrMA Pby toj Ian* V. K*m. Paramount News & Comedy Tuesday ALEXANDER KORDA. present* Shorts ami News. CHIGKASAW West Main Xear 21st St. Prices always lie and 22c Sat. starts 12:45; Sun. starts 1:45 Night sho^vs 6:45 Continuous shows Sat. und Sun. with a dish should you push it ioned here paid proper tribute to! out of your Vv " ay? anu >his, the first bride of their post. 3he was met at the train by nine •tf Pvt. Morgan's buddies as well as Capt. and Mrs, McKee -ieut. and Mrs. biczei, Mr Mrs. Earl E. Parker and Eddie B David. This group accompanied them to Magistrate Cassidy's home for the ceremony, which was followed with a proper celebration complimenting the first post bride and her soldier husbanu. The Marine Corps detachment aboard the Powhatan in 1855 helped capture 17 pirate junks which were operating along the coast of China. "CHAFE-GUARD" , Get ^cooling protection against chafe byJ _* ^._ i <• ., , goothinerut Costs htti* 3. When offered a dish you don't like, is It better to say, "I don't eat asparagus- or "No, thank you"? •L Should one talk about his past illnesses at the dinner table 0 5. Is It good manners to play with one's silver between courses? What would you do if— You are answering a formal invitation— (a) Repeat the hour mentioned In the invitation? (b) Don't repeat the hour? Answers 1. No. 2. No. 3. "No, thank you." 4. No. 5. No. Better "What Would You Do' treating your tender feet to a soothing rut' 1 with Mexican Heat Powder. Costs littks I ence insert-government. E:ich boy attending is asked to bring t\vo sheets, two pillow cases, •\s many bath and hand towels as \vill nrrd, toilet articles, baseball, softball. tennis and any other athle'dc equipment and any musical muniments he may desire. r A Cordial Welcome Awaits You at The Beauty Bar One of the finest, most modem shops in Northeast Arkansas. Phone 3202 Read Courier Newi vmnt tds. Gtencoe Bids, Why Sue! It's just like a new dress! Of course! I had it] cleaned at Nu-wa! To make clothes last they must be cleaned right! Our new plant— plus years of experience—assures you of the finest cleaning service obtainable. Call IKS today! Nl WA PHONE 474 ~- BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. —220 N. 2nd Street- Last Times Today 'Escape to Glory" —with— Pat O'Brien, Constance Bennett and Alan Baxter. Comedy—"The Home Guard" Also Selected Shorts. Also—March of Time, and Universal News. Tuesday & Wednesday BUDDY NIGHT 2 for the price of 1 'THE OREAT PLANE ROBBERY' —with— Jack Holt and Vicki Lester. ROXY Bargain Night Every Night Excep* Saturday. Show Every Night 7:W Box Office Opera 6:45 Continuous Shows Sat. and Sun. Last Times Tonight BUCK PRIVATES' with and Abbott & Coslelto ndrews Sisters. Also Fox News & Comedy. Continuous Show Sunday. Comedy—The 3 Stooges in CENSUS—NO FEELING' "NO Also—"R. K. O. NEWS." Tuesday & Wednesday Also Selected Short*.

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