Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 30, 1955 · Page 4
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 4

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, May 30, 1955
Page 4
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* v -, -< ^ 41^. ^.> '5 )' HOPE STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS Saturday, May 28,195S VANCE ANNOUNCEMENT! THE YORK FURNITURE COMPANY IN A GIGANTIC A eady Tuesday Morning At IO A.M. Everything Musi: Be Sold Im ear And Below Wholesale Prices! lately We Aint Got Time To Moke a Profit ... l We Aint Got Time To Sweep The Floor! We're Moving Over On Second Street . . . We're Leaving This Old Store III Nothing Reserved - First Come - First Served! ^l>fxl i \*^»f IT WILL PAY YOU TO BRAVE THE CROWDS DOW DELIVERS THE ITEM • OF YOUR CHOICE! Sold Before Doors Open! g " ' ' * '•', '*••'.- . ^^^^^k " * ..... ' '.•''.''• . . , . • ^H o Phone or Mail Orders Accepted! w ""* *" '-"'_". *'.' '* •' - ••"•••' • • • • • " •, .•-..*-. ^ ..-,-.... . ' . «V ,ii$ is York Furnture Company's first sale in 17 years in business. We have secured a new and more central location and when we open bur doors we want to hove a brand new store with brand new merchandise that's Why we hove decided to sacrifice our entire present $50,000.00 stock at near and below wholesale prices. It's |oiir loss and your gain . . . Now you con have the livable home you have always wanted at prices less than you Jfttpectto pay , . .It's your chance of a lifetime. Everything plainly price tagged. Because of the urgency of this event nothing will be held back . . . EVERYTHING MUST BE SOLD ... SO BE HERE WHEN THE DOORS £PEN AT 10 A. M. TUESDAY. Those who brave the crowds will get the choicest bargains! SNIAK PEEK AT A FEW BARGAINS ,EASY TERMS ON BALANCE! 7.95 9 X12 LINOLEUM RUGS . . 29.50 INNERSPRING MATTRESSES i9.95 5-PC CHROME DINETTES . , 289,95 PHILCO TELEVISION . . 29.95 BABY BED & MATTRESS . JVING ROOM TABLES LQW AS >NE $8.95 HIGH CHAIR ONLY . . INPREDS MOM FABULOUS FURNITURE & APPLIANCE BARGAINS! $3.77 $16.88 . $47 , $179 RULES OF THSS S • WE CANNOT GUARANTEE DELIVERY DATES • BUY WITH CASH/CREDIT, OR LAY-AWAY • NO PHONE OR MAIL ORDERS ACCEPTED • SALES SUBJECT TO CONFIRMATION BY OWNER • ALL SALES FINAL, NO REFUNDS OR EXCHANGES • THIS STORE IS NOT GOING OUT OF BUSINESS • ALL PRICES INCLUDE TRADE-IN ALLOWANCES STORE CLOSED MONDAY *• 25c 50c ^R .T: t ^^^^ ^^ t ^P ^^^^ ^p ^n w ^1^ IB ' BI flp ' Hi HRRR Hi HI * GETTING READY FOR YOU! ^^^w ^^^^^^^^ ^^^0 ^^ HMHH IF __ Ill W. DIVISION STREET, HOPE, ARIC To City Subscribers: If you foil to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. m. and a special carrier will deliver your paper. Hope Star 1 WWHrit i itL temp««tttW ftoon and tottiiht; fiMib»,j cloudy add \#8f8WSf {" iCB.i thundefshowers 1& ttdTOHIMit ' * Tuesday 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 194 Star »f H*pe 1«9», Pmi 1927 Consolidated Jan. 18, 192f HOPE, ARKANSAS, MONDAY, MAY 30, 1955 British Crisis as Railmen Defy Appeal by Eden By HAL COOPER Court Reverses Several Cases ^WS™^'™ CourTaf=:'' Eden's call in an Sunday broadcast got a flat turndown from Albert Hallworth, assistant general secretary of the striking union —the Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen. Hallworth defiantly declared: "We can and will hold out for at least three months. We are de- •termined to see this thing through." A member of the union's Executive Council declared: "The country will break, before we break." Eden in his broadcast asserted that his Conservative govnrnmenl, re-elected t o a n other fiv e-year term last week, will "do all we can to protect the nation from the UAW Dares Ford to Leave • If Up to Men By GLENN ENGLE DETROIT Ml — The CIO Ml— United Auto Workers today boldly challenged the Ford Motor Co. to iput it directly up to 140,000 Fot<? employes to decide whether they want the guaranteed annual wa, : or Ford's already-rejected stock purchase offer. _. .„. _. ___ In a nunprecedented move, the Hope Circuit Court, reversed" and' ur ' ion P r °P°sed that an independ- xemanded. • ent polling organization be hired LITTLE ROCK (/P) — The Arakan sas Supreme Court today handed downed these decisions: Woodruff Electric Cooperative Corp. vs. Weis Butane Gas Co., appealed from Woodruff Circuit Court, affirmed. Sam D. Althin vs. J. H. Althin, Union Chancery Court, reversed. Capitol Transit Co. vs. Mrs. affirmed in part and emergency | versed in part. American Fidelity Insurance Co. vs. Ethel Lee Winfield, St. Francis Circuit Court, affirmed. W. E. Pierce vs. Don F. Sterling worst effects of this strike.' "The government," he Arkansas Has Eight Deaths by Violence By The Associated Press Eleven persons have died violently in Arkansas over the long Memorial Day weekend — with said tne Iast dangerous hours yet ' come. to Traffic accidents were responsi- "will not hesitate to obtain any further power that may be necessary for this purpose." ~! e for el S nt deaths; , . . The men quit work Saturday ldled when th ? ir homes taught on midnight — in the first rail walk-, e; and one was drowned, out since the general strike off Elght of the de aths occurred be- ent polling organization be hired to conduct a secret ballot on the issue. The outcome would determine whether the company gives a guaranteed wage or the union accepts Ford's "partnership prosperity l^lan." Both parties would b e bound by the "democratic decision of the Ford workers." The surprise UAW proposal was handed to Ford negotiators at an emergency holiday contract bargaining session aimed-at heading off a strike which could come anytime after Wednesday midnight. The company promptly asked and was given a four-hour recess to study the proposition. Some observers interpreted the union move as an "all-or-nothing" differential over other train workers. The stoppage caused immediate the death total for last week to 18. Two college students were killed and two injured about 4 a. m. today when their convertible crashed near Mena on High- chaos throughout the nation. Yes- |On a cur ve terday only 200 of 2,600 scheduledj way 71 mainline trains le£t the sheds. . Guy er Funeral Home in Mena or so They were manned by members identified, the dead as Giovanni j za ti O n' reaching guaranteed wage , ,„ or suffer a serious lack Vraihlrt |of conj:idenc e vote by a large segment of the UAW membership. Jmt 4 Art* IMMM .» A*. Nw totf CM, I MM, (MM* M*t* fl, 1MI % VAIN SEARCH IN FACE OF FtiOOD — Beatrice Stewart, of Chartnelview, Tex., searches, in vain for the" body of her grandfather, William Clay Stewart, in wreckage of his house at tornado- devastated Blackwell, Okla., as flooded Chikaskla River, background, poses a new threat to the raVaged town. Stewart's body- was eventually found under debris a block from his home, ' "~~ Telephoto . . . : ' '' art's body e. — NEA The union suggested that the Honest Ballot Assn. of New Yorl reputable orgap conduct a vote on ; ~thf of the rival National Union of Rail-1 Pu PP°> 19 and his 16-year-old sis-j a'ubje'cY waymen, to which the bulk of ter . Maris a Puppo. The youth was) "Do you.favor achieving securi Britain rail workers in other categories belong. The NUR has stod rfronounced dead on arrival at; Pope County hospital and his sis- aloof in the current dispute. j* er died a few minutes after reach- Tens of thousands of Whitsunj in S the hospital, weekend holiday makers were! Injured were Miss Danielle Cas- stranded in seaside reports. The tell ano, 18, and John Barbanti, 17. big pinch was expected' tonight the long weekend wound up. A strike would par.'ilyze indus trial production in tim'i. A spokes- Continued on Pa;,e Two 4-HBoysto Visit Camp for Conservation s; The fourteenager s were.bound for New Orleans. All four are from Venezuela. Marisa Puppo was a student at Ursaline College of Paolo, Kan. The other three were students at Tulsa University. The body of 26-year-old Lynn Ward of DeWitt was found in the White River near St. Charles about 11:30 Sunday night. Arkansas County Deputy Sheriff Jim Stocks led the search party. Ward was discovered missing Wednesday morning at nine o'clock a large trailer truok provided by Guy E. Basye of Bruner-Ivbry Handle Company will transport more about 9 p m. in after he had been a party from a John Marshall Pittman, 47, co- of the P re scott Hardware Camp to be conducted on the Gun 1d . house of Columbus. County Judge U. G. Garrett, Cecil Bittle of the Experiment Station, and Odell Lutk of Ounter Farm will haul provisions to the Camp some 25 miles from Hope. Conservation and use of timber, while he was putting his clothes on, but he failed to escape. Cause of the fire was not determined. The first fatality of the long holiday weekend occurred Friday night when a St. Louis salesman, Joseph Raymond, crashed his car iy against unemployment and lay offs: Through the UAW-CIO guaran teed annual wage 'plan; or "Through the Ford stock parti cipation income stabilization, and separation allowance plans?" Henry Ford II, company presi dent, suggested Saturday that rank and file Ford workers might accept his offer if they had their say. He told Reuthei? ;by letter that it would be "an. unforgiveable error" if all -Ford; empldjis'wdr^noi given details of the' plan.' soil and water, fish, wild game, into a ditch near Brinkley. Police self, and the organization for sa-jsaid Raymond, about 40, suffered fety in Camp and recreation will a skull injury. feature the two camps under the) Mrs. Ellen Rea of Cotton Valley, direction of County Agent Oliver La., died yesterday in a Ixeadon L. Adams with the assistance of collison near Whel older 4-H Club youth and Odell southwest Arkansas. Luck of Gunter Farm. The Camp staff members are sp- Sixteen-year-old Joe W. Johnson of Strong, Ark., was killed early ecialists in their field well trained Saturday when the car in which in working with 4-H Club youth and he was riding crashed into two Other groups. Buster Denton of cars parked along Highway 82 Delight and Curtis Pauley of Ash- near El Dorado, down, foresters of the Arkansas An Ashdown farmer, 64-year-old Forestry Commission, will direct J- C. Orton, and his Negro em- the timber activities. Arkansas ploye, 65 -y ea r-old Emanual Ste- Game and Fish Commission repre-,wart, where killed late Saturday sontatives Gene Rush of Harrison, when their pickup truck was in- Lester Wade and Dale Bonds of.volved in a collision with two cars Blevins, have charge of fish and between Ashdown and Texarkana. DETROIT (/P) — The CIO United Auto Workers and Ford Motor scheduled a Memorial Day bargaining session today with the union indicating a willingness to modify terms of its demand for a year-round wage. Three union yesterday offered to cut by more than 10 per cent the amount the company would be required to pay a laid-off employe each week under its guaranteed annual wage proposal. But at the same time UAW President Walter Reuther accused the company of refusing to bargain in the "traditional give-and-take manner." Reuther declared the union was ready to make concessions all along to avert a strike if Ford would bargain on the guaranteed annual wage. There was no comment from the company. It was disclosed that Ford had rephrased its original severance pay proposal to assure that an employe lea vin g the company Continued on Page Two NOT TO THE PRINCIPAL, THEY DIDN'T — Girls at Grenier Junior High School, Dallas, Tex., thought that the boys looked "cute" in Bermuda shorts and Argyle socks, but Principal H. W. Munroe thought otherwise. That's why these lads are donning the less spectacular but more acceptable blue jeans on school .steps, —NEA Telephoto Super Station Going Up at Third, Main 1954Winner of Speedway Dies in Flames INDIANAPOLIS Ufl — Bill Vukovich, 1953 and 1954 winner 'of the 500-rnile auto race, burned to death today in a five-car pileup of race cars, worst accident of Accidents and Fights Probed by Officers A series of accidents and fights Record Holiday Day Death Toll Is Threatened i. By The Associated Press The homeward rush of Amcrl cans on a three-day Memorial hoi. Iday weekend brought the ominous threat of a record accident death toll today. As millions of automobiles took to overburdened highways th count of traffic falailities rose t 280 by mid-day. Ninety-four per sons were drowned .up to tha hour, and another 39 deaths in mis ceUaneous mishaps brought the nation's overall accident toll to 413 The National Safety Council es imated several.days ago that 36 persons would, be killed during the 78-hour, period,from .6 p.- m. do cal time) Friday to midnight to night. . Commenting, on the outlook as the deadly final hours of the hoi iday approached, Ned H. Dear born, council president, said tha "unless drivers apply their brakes in the mad homeward rush, the nation will establish an all-time high Memorial Day traffic toll.' The record over-all death tol for a Memorial Day weekend is 571, set in a four-day period in 1954. The record traffic death to tal is 363, set in 1952's three-day weekend. ' During a comparable nonholi- day weekend, May 13 to 16, an 'Associated Press survey showed there were 294 deaths in highway accidents, 58 drownings and 94 in miscellaneous accidents for a tola of 446. Free Vaccine to All, Smith Believes \ (UP), - iren WASHINGTON 1 „ H. Alexander^ Srnjth, rank'ing >*Re publican ^ember 1 of the Senate Labor .comjnU'&e, thinks Congress will 'provide Salk vfcccihe shots free to'all children. That would mean ditching Pres- dent Eisenhower's request for 128,000,000 to provide ffee x, cine shots only for the chilli unable to pay for them. Asked on a television program yesterday (NBC's "Meet the ress") whether children might dip of polio before they could be given a "means" test" to see If they could afford to pay for the shots, °imith replied: "We're not going to, have a means test. We're going to give t to every child of the age pre- cribed. We'll not going to determine whether they can pay or Red China Release Four U.S. Airmen * ,*, Broadcast at Pieping Lists MenbyNi REPLACING HOBBY — Marlon B. Folsom, undersecretary of the treasury, Is reportedly the choice of President Elsen- hower to succeed Oveta Gulp Hobby as secretary of health, education and welfare should she resign. Source of the Information was not divulged, and neither the White House or Mrs, Hobby would confirm or deny the statement — NEA Telephoto. No Immediate Results in Balkan Talks By HELEN FISHER BELGRADE, Yugoslavia (UP) — A Soviet spokesman said* today uture relations , between > ?. .•Russiq and Yugoslavia t-fepTjeaWJT Bright >ut he Indicated there may bVno mmediate results in. conferences letween the Kremlin's top loaders nd Marshal Tito. "Our leaders do not act only o mmediate goals, they are thinkin nto the future — and the futur is bright," the spokesman, a Ru sian embassy official, said. He issued the statement as Con munlst Party Chief Nikita Kltrush chev and Premier Nikolai Bulgan in went into retreat at. Tito's re sort villa on Brioni. They retire to the villa after almost a wee of conferences here. The .official statement was preted here as an indication* th Russians are seeking long rang goals. 'But if was . considered a admission that the Soviet leader TOKYO (A U Impending of four, tl.S^'ilrmen China since the Korean'^Wi announced' tonight by","* dlo. ', W ,. A(| A broadcast riid tne ^fsur Harold Fischer, Jr., " Iowa; 1st Lt. Lyle V Lincoln, Nclx! "Lt. /Cot _ Heller, Wynnewod. .itf.K Lt. Roland ' Vf, ^r Neb. — had been „._ tenced to "imniediite^ tion." •> • / *'t Peiping laid a nal ott May 2* convicted/ of flying their planes be'; rea over Manhcurla^TI* • cast added that sine* r "- ' acted under i * :*'orde U. S. Military authoriUeil all admitted ^their. " pressed remorse',' they 'treated with leniency* v£ There was no imniedlp on when and where ! "t^-"^ set free.' Most gueisei would.be at Hong Kong, In Washington. Department said'' welcomed but{ tu«v also should free.711 held under v' ' ' 'espionage'!,' civilians. , , v Atf V< K. -Krishna f, cently conferred ' ed at a new*. Delhi," the, .other': 1 .ot. All children probably will had thus far failed .to win TH :et it. free before we get through vith it." Sen. Lister Hill (D-Ala.), chairman of the Senate Labor corn- back' into the Communist fold. The Yugoslav adoped a cop attitude toward the overtures o the Russian leaders .• dicing mittee, has introduced a bill to Belgrade meetings indicating the; et up standby controls and to were not impressed by the bi ive the vaccine free to all chil- r«n. Hill failed twice lasf week in pf- were investigated by City and'f°rts to win committee approval S-tate police over the weekend in °f his bill when the necessary ma- and around Hope. Ijority failed to appear. Only one Edward Smith, 21, Hope, escaped Republican attended each meet- e Memorial Day race 1S30. Ike .Welch, AAA track official, confirmed the Fresno, Calif., champion's death after his car plowed |into a .pileup on the backstretch . , __ . _., .~ i^iitu u -Lineup U1J me uai^xvait cb^^i Arkansas Fuel Oil Company to- oi the 2 i /a . mile track at the In- serious injury when the auto which sincejhe was driving went off the Highway, hit -an embankment and careened back almost under the Terre Rouge creek bridge five miles east of here. Investigating State *JAV- Y mo, navc; until gc UL llall a lid «**,*»»**«*•• **uuv4ui*i,i u»u j.\-^iniin~«««v*. - - \jt. me *•/2 Hi**c nc*nv c* v t wild game activities which include Alma Charlene Kennedy, 14, of aav announced the purchase of dianapolis Motor Speedway, demonstrations in casting and fly .Houston, Ark., died Saturday of P'^Pfty at the corner of Mam and fishing, -bank fishing, and catfish' bui ' ns suffered Friday night when Tn ird for the purpose of construct- fishing in well stocked private :she P° u ' -e d oil on a wood fire. Thej in S a new super Cities Service Sta- ponds stocked, in 1948. ' ! oil can exploded and the house! tlon - Cost of the Station is expected A speedway record finally fell Officers Guy Downing said Smith stayed in the auto from about 2 a. m. until 7 a. m. Sunday with water creeping up into the car. He said charges of by 125 miles, Vuky's 136.212 dr i ving while intoxicated and driv- the 135.739 set last year lng with a fjcticious Hcense nad Rev. Edmond Pendleton, Minis ter of the First Christian Church of Hope, will dirpnt human resources or self conservation activities in- was destroyed by fire. FLIP OF COIN to run about $35,000. The corner property owned by Dr.' G. W. Tolleson of Amity and AZUSA, Calif., (UP) — Charles the adjoining land and buildings WA acii uuxiaei vauuil auilVJtlcs in-1 ^^^—' ' * , , " „,, eluding recreation features. Troop-! Kuchar and Vladimir Vaskov eaciii owned by Dr. Emmett Thompson er Everett Eason of the Safetv Di rece:ved 41 votes in a school board were in the deal. The three build- vision Arkansas State Police' willl el ^ c . tion ' .„.,„.. ,, „. i In ? s °" the Property will be torn direct safety demonstrations and I Thev decided the winner by flip- out and actual construction will show new movies featuring safety. plng a com - V ask °v won. I start about July 1. Extension specialists Woody Miley and Dean Wallace of Little Rock have charge of soil and water and i timber value determination activities. The Retail Merchants Committee of the -Hope Chamber of Commerce under the direction of Emi) Kaden will present special achievement awards in the various camp activities as determined by camp staff Best Way to Remember Dead on Memorial Day Is Around the Bonfire of Memories members. The By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK Day wait, me nrsi six been fl]ed fl , t Smitn cars were bunched within a 40- Wnile a . Wrenk8r was pulling tne secona run. Smith auto out of the ditch an auto driven by George B. Keiller, Jr., of Corpus Christi, Texas hit the rear of another driven by Ruth Hale of Detroit on the creek bridge. Damage was small. Sunday an auto driven 'by Bobby Rowe hit a culvert behind the ball park in Fair park, according to City Police and a .Prescott ; boy was Mrs. Mary Ellis aged 80, pass- j treated for a head injury. City of- ed away late yesterday at the ficers charged Rowe with reckless home of her son, Lee Ellis of Tex-, driving. Airs. Mary Ellis Dies Sunday in Texarkana lng. Final Rites for J. H. Rosenbaum Final rites for John Henry Rosenbaum, aged 74, a longtime resident of Saratoga who died in a local hospital May 24, were held at the Church of Christ of Saratoga. M. H. Peebles and Robert I<yle were in charge. Burial was in Saratoga Cemetery. names of the Soviet delegation. But at the same time the Rus siand appeared to have clearec away a trouble spot on their south ern. frontier and generated som< feeling that they, may be desirou of a "peaceful co-existence" with countries outside the Iron Curtain UNCONCERNED CHICAGO, (UP) — John Vedeck is, 72, told a gathering of friends how his wife had fallen Into a trunk the night before. "Did sne nurt herself?" one asked. "I don't know," Vcdeckis- replied 'She's still there." Vedeckis' friends found the 75- year-old woman still stuck in the He is survived by his wife amj't run k with only her arms and arkana. Survivors include, lour daughters, Mrs. C. B. Arnold, Oklahoma, Mrs. John Sparks, Nashville, Mrs. Saturday John Phillips and Walter Jackson both Negroes got into an altercation in an auto on Third Street and Phillips cut Jackson Curbstone re staff wil l select flections of a pavement Plato: jpeople he has never known —these , ^senior boys iworepresen. On Memorial Day our buried: things confuse him. He is too new p nt tatives to ^the State Forestry Camp dead come to life again in final^o the mystery of life to have rolnl< trip to the cemetery, the subdued jviitchim Ellis Bloomington' i n l with a knife. Over 30 stitches were -.conversation of the grownups about diana) two st ' s Tom .£ 1Us of required to close the neck wound iDGODle he has ni^vor known —these m i . . , ,, . _** I.T__I. .Tanksnn talH nffinnrtf Via \it^<t fuVinr and 'Luther of West J a ckson told he was taking three sons, Clyde and Bill Rosenbaum of Saratoga and Louie Rosenbaum of Dallas one sister, Mr?.. Alma Hughes.of Hope, three brothers, Claud of Magnolia, Barney of Ashdown and Zeb of McNab. legs sticking out. Vedeckis. said he wasn't stron.g enough to pull her out so he went to sleep. Mrs. Vedeekis was taken to a hospital. All Around the Town •y Th» ttaff Apparently the Huddleston boys 9 p. m. June 6. like to do things together playing football baseball and even graduating . . . last week Paul Buddy Porter has returned to work for 'Moore Bros. Grocery and graduated from Hope High, Reed,er Market starting today. f, at Petit Jean State r Park July 11 pastures that bloom w'ith Jo 16, and a delegate to the State and flowers. *4 : H Club Week at the University They live and walk and talk of Arkansas at Fayetteville July again as they did in days before, flags even a groping' realization of the J«"j £££3££™ mystery of death. ,6'm grdiiacnuaren. grandchildren 23 PMNips home when he was attack- and four great ed wi(;n ihe . kpile. Phillips was graduated from Henderson an,d Fielding got his masters at the University of Arkansas fang here . , ctauwd with aggravated assault will recall that Jast Thanksgiving . 25 to 29. [and earth is bright again with their a brief vacation from the grind ; The 4-H Club group will camp remembered pere s enc e. We see of duty. Death, if they have known about a mile off the road in a roll- them once more in our hearts as it at all, has touched them but i, ing field mostly established in an we knew them in their mortal distantly, and their memories of •| excellent pine timbered area. The prime. jit are dim and vague. Their sense * boys will do their own meal serv-i But Memorial Day differs from of loss is often small. What you ;' ing and will spread bed rolls under all our other holidays, because it don't remember well rearely stirs the pines. Adequate buildings are holds so many varying meanings, you to emotion. • available if needed- The 'boys will To a child it is only a day off To the elderly, Memorial Memorial Day 'to most young I Funeral arrangements are in- adults is only a day off from work, complete. return lo Hope around five o'clock from school, and a feeling of be•/Thursday evening. wilderment and awe, The strange lodge to Confer Degree Tuesday Whitfield Masonic Lodge 239 will confer a Masters Degree Tuesday Day night at 7:30. All members of 'and Jackson .with assault and battery, by city officers. City Officers also reported a light pole was hit by an auto driven by Jack Clanahan of Pine Bluff. The broken globe was paid for by Clanahan. Wesley and Peeder, playing FOR NEWSBOYS SPRINGFIELD, 111., (UP) — A National newsboys , newspaper From Mexjco, Missouri Military Academy conies a report tht^ Cat' det James. Vestal ol Hope reo<*iv. rlbunal which, men May > 2t.' hot down ^^ truding" tory of UiS. y«c«vAf4*^ claims, saying, downed over North: Although Chinese < diers fought in tht Red China has "voliwtee/s" «n^. bordering Korea, neutral teritoryl", 47, Prescott ' John of the pany, perished when his fire at Mrs. band while he was" es, but to a neighbor^ unable ' Mr, Pi , his bedroom, was the grandson der of the hardwart ^ a cousin of ~ ~ owners, . Besides his Nutt Pittman, he is sister, Mrs, Tom mother, T 'rescott. Funeral services,v .._,„ ^r-^-** 7 ^- rescott. arge o^ CornJsJt Summer Starts Hfipe High ootinHe ed a diploma , . . he <s the son ol Mr. and Mrs. A- O. Vesta) of J5Q7 jS, FJne Street . • . Cadet YcsW 'won varsity football and track let- baseball ters, company football and ka.sJk.et* ball for Henderson, both, broke collarbone in the same game, ..„,,,..,.,„,,„,. A St. Louis Cardinal ,. tryout camp will be held at Sow-!bay letters, was a member oj them State College in 'Magnolia on. June 20-21,. is largely just another day. Ev- degiee team are requested to be t throwing contest will be hejci at Continued on Page Two I present as well as pther Masons, 'the HJ|n.ais State Fair Aug. 1?, Celebrating Jts 65th anniversary June 6, Wgortmeni of the Wprld wjll broadcast a ' specially-prepared drama of herpjsm wer 87 glee club, M dub and color guard and held the sward rifle Play in the LiUle e^sebalj - o«i«ia,Uy ~ at 5:31) at ' *•' r

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