Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 28, 1955 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, May 28, 1955
Page 10
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• rsl W>t * V* Says Vaccine jt A*«°elated Press News Analyst - Mtgeon genernl of r. *L ublic Hcallh Service. fls l 1)nce explain publicly 'lh the antlMlo of the confusion be removed. Seheele and' the health servic* Utt«"Hi tihife have issued fwfemenls as confusion piled Upon ? 2!i oft - ' ^ n ° layman could -What; 'If anything, was rong, with Vie vaccine or wliy program has ground to a vir- stop. ' r slncc tne govern" cnt first Okayed use of the vac- e, this has happened: - The government stopped use the Vaccine, then cleared some but not enough to keep the a Ho n p rogram going vevy 2. At least 92 vaccinated Chil- ,dren have cdme dowi with polio. 60 of them after receiving vaccine Jrtdde by the Cutter Laboratories f .6f Berkeley, Calif. 3. Scheele has met repeatedly Kftith groups of advisers— his own Specialists, outside polio exports, representatives of the six licensed A'aeelne manufacturers —'and so ar,-as )s the, public can see the; pro- (rSfrvis still up 1 in the air. i A -Although the government in April withdrew all Cutter vaccine It hds* not yet -s.aid what if any connection there is between ^he V v Cutter vaccine and the polio which ^'dcveloped .in 60 children who red It. . A* "split occurred last night fen one manufacturer -7 ar** "••Jtprliaps all six of them — , and the health service after it laid down „ new, testing standards. Some dates tell the story: t, Apr1 ' , 12 ~ The government li, censed the distribution of the vac""'" " ' ' HOPE STAR, HOP*, ARKANSAS Saturday, May 28,1935 expressionless mask and his voice was toneless when he re-entered the rocvn. -.» "So, you really pulled a fast&he, Lucy. He's gone. The wiiridow screen opening onto the fire escape is ripped open" and t heard running footsteps in the alley below, hut it was too dark lo see anything. So we've sent a miir^ deror out on the streets of Miami lo kill ngain if he wants to just because I was fool enough to trust you." Young Actress Will Not Muff Second Chance By BOB tH6MAS HOLLYWOOD (® — -r see now that r was temperamental. I didn't cooperate with publicity. I didn't want to do cheesecake. If I had Lucy Hamilton sat frbie.n. to the l ?..?° 't ( over again, I Would do it Saturday, May 28,1f 3* HOPE SfAft, HOPE, ARKANSAS divan for a long mom'eliit*: while Shayne waited to be . connected with the police. His baclf WaS toward her, shoulders squared..and iliffly uncompromising. "Hello," he barked into the CONVERTING IN MID-AIR—The Bel) XV-3 converliplane demonstrates how it changes from a helicopter,'bottom, to an airplane, top. Combination rotor-propellers mounted near the wing tips tilt forward 90 degrees after the take-off for high-speed flight. Conversion is completed in 10 to 15 seconds without losing sp^ccl and while gaining altitude, Tfa hybrid craft is being developed by Bell for, the U.S. Army Has bf Brett Halliday " Lives Olltrltulti! t7 MCA Smite, I.e. ApVil 27 — After several children with the Cutter product wlth govci-n- '. . - f «itot \vlttfdrew all Gutter vaccine. 5 "*Mfy ' — After more vaccinated %xshildfen developed pdlio, Scheele ' a 'ho(H to r all vaccinations ,, (experts coujd.check the laboratories 6f the manufacturers. 13 — Scheele approved re- «f««m.e, batches — after A his ' had checked the plant — of made-fcy Parke, DaVis ft imila Chapter IV THE STORY; Frightened by £h »iv*..'a> lay'15 gave s |? J approval*to some batches made b> sJEjll Lilly » Co, Indianapolis. |;'> May 18 — Ttfe health sea-Vice de layed the release of vaccine by al otner, manufacturers for "some M.W» wEu.* 6ri ^ ha i fceen re yii~ $"'*-fi,j i , " ...', v May 24 — The health service said ^vaccine "already used 01 re 'ed" for use-'had'been found with the possible exception of ;#p out of the nine batches made &y, gutter, < . '- ts * Spheele ' Said 'there was "strong pj t presumptive" evidence of a conne'c "' ,tion» between the Cutter vaccine the polio which developed in ? children who received it. • ?hort of saying posi- _„ —,—, was a direct connec- 1 , ii%r -.» When would the government release more vaccine^ Scheele was SfeSd thai question ; May 24. He i(d he couldn't answet when he'd aye information on that. M, >„ May, jft.-^.. The health seivice laid |> oowq..ijnew testing standards ifor ripanufacturers., At least one te of the standards as presently ' ' ' 11 Arkansans to ( Finish Academy ^ANNAPOLIS, Md, W — Eleven nsans are to graduate from IU. S. Naval Academy hero . j cadets, 'and the bianch of they'll v epter fqUowing grad- the threats of Jack Bristow, ,a wounded man hiding iri her apartment, Lucy Hamilton, secretary and glrf frfend of Private, Detective Michael Shayne, does not tell her boss about the intruder when he calls. Then a policeman knocks at the door and wants to search the apartment for a fugitive. '. The policeman jerked to ant astonished halt 'when he? was suddenly confronted by ithe blazing eyes and jutted jaw of Shayne: instead of a 'shrinking female, and heard a harsh voice .'demanding':;-! n * '"' "What. do you mean- by: pushing into- -ai private place • and vl'psullinp ''' ' ' )hohe. "M ike Shayne talking! Who's handling . . .?" " That, was as far as he got. strength and courage born of. her iesperate need, Lucy droppeid to k .er haunches and seized the,Ueie- phone cord with both Hands ynnkcd back with all her weigh! ind jerked it lose from the box She went sprawling on her bac ns the cord came free, arid lay here looking up into Michae'l "hayne's face with an expression f horror - at her own temerity, mingled with grim determination "You have to listen to me, Michael," she gasped. Shayne looked down at her for a moment with an expression .61 -icy detachment. He slowly•. reJjlaWf 1 the disconnected receiver -.- on; Vi{S prongs and said wonderingiy, "You're being stupid, '.Lucjr. A--little delay won't help him much.M' "You're the one whq'st;.ppin^ stupid, Michael Shayne.." "Tea'rs/Qf rage and mortification ran vdowri (iheeks. "Just; because you're angry at me, you're acting like a college boy. -T^ou ''just differently, 1 * That was what Jody Lawrence ago. She was a little delay won't, help Her voice . rose sharply, heavens, Michael, . .they'd said much.' "Good get your license. Drive you but o? business in Miami.-" •. , ,. "Is my license more important than letting a -killer escap!e?'!"His. voice was remote and cold; "'It's not fonly you, IMichaiel/' she; wailed. '"They'll nail .'Chief Gentry to the cross also, because you used his name to send'those men away.' She reached one hand up-to him imploringly. "Jack Bristow-is"'shdj . . She 24-yearf-old beauty who had slipped from film stardom to being a waitress in an ice cream shbp. NoW she hag that Hollywood rarity *_ th6 Second break, she has signed at Pafamouhd for a leading role in "To6 Late, My Love." instead of the $3 a day (including tips) she earned as a waitress, she'll be getting $300 a week under a term contract. True to her word, she is doing things differently this time. She was happily posing for cheesecake this week. And the results proved that she had nothing to hide Far from it. At 19, Jody was starring with Hurt Lancaster in "10 Tall Men. or emerging from tho other apartments empty-handed, and Shayne stepped back to slam the door shut violently. , Lucy was huddled back on the divan and she watched Shayne with frightened eyes as he stalked back to pick up his drink. .. "Who are they looking for, Michael?" "Some punk they were tipped off was hiding h er c.' ' Shayne's voice . grated unnaturally. He shook, his head and lowered tnej to P ick U P his drink.Wearily, Lucy in the stomach and certainly can't get far from here. They hadltraced him here and must be-' sea'rchiri'k nearby." : '-•'•'•• ••••• : -° 'Shayne disregarded -..l^er ' put : stretched hand. He turned, on his heel without a word and! went back . "Gari ; :it;,;friena." \ . . : aback and .on the defensive,.*'. they policeman adopted 'a blustering tone and made the mistake of rea'ojiing for his stick. "Keep your yap shut before I run you in for . , ." Balanced •lightly on the balls of his feet, Shayne' hii 'him full in the mouth. Lucy moaned faintly and covered her face with her hands as she saw Shayne's fist drive forward • and upward with the weight, of his body behind it. The officious cop staggered back and caught his heel on tho threshold and went over backward in the hall with flailing arms. Shayne Stalked grimly into the doorway and confronted a sergeant who came running from another room nt the sound of the affray. The sergeant stopped with mouth agape ' Shayne. He said sharply. "What's his? Get up from the floor and start; talking, Morrison." Morrison got to his feet slowly his beefy face ,as scarlet with rage as the ' blood trickling from his mouth. ' 'T ha t must be him Sarge." His hand went to his hoi ster. "Jumped mo from behind cognac in his glass before setting it dpwn. "My temper," he muttered disgustedly. "Going to get me 'in trouble so me time." He grinned down at Lucy with an uf- tort and touched tho tendrils of brown hair at the nape of her neck with his finger tips. "I guess .maybe I do like you a lot, Angel. Something went all over me when that lout said what he did. I'm sorry." "I'm not," Lucy told him sturdily. : "l'm glad. But," she added faintly, "I have to tell you something, Michael.' "Okay. Tell it." He waited quizzically. "It it all happened so fast," n June 3. v .ipn and their rank are: ' Hplder, 22, son of Mr. ^es~W. Hol^ei of Fay- tteville, ensign, Naval Supply |',James #., ^tewart, 22, son of Charles W. Stewart „„..,. „,,„,..„—,'j>nd lieutenant; ,V.B.- /Air Fono, •«• •** - >•-• JOonaJd R, *Briggs, 25, son of and Mrs. Ora L. Briggs of Gen- ensign-,'U. S, Navy. Si Causbfe, 2S, son of Mr. .Mrs.., Edgar A. Causbie of . fensign, Naval Supply Corps. Jame? T. ^Baldwin, 23, son of . -,-_,. ... r —-"Springs, i*n, U. S, NaVy. _ Fi'Hjyiter 23, son of Mrs. » L. Martin of Little Rock. 2nd (gplBUUM- Mr Force, oel p, Patterson, 23, son of Mr Mrs, O. S. Patterson of Litti • u t s. he door and slugged me with brass knucks or something." The sergeant snorted contemptuously and lunged forward to grab" the half-drawn gun while Shayne lounged against the door •frame • and watched the tableau, his^ features stony and controlled. "Get back, . you fool," ordered the sergeant. "That's Mike Shayne. If, he' had used knue.kg . ycy wouldn't haye any,;teeth left. Get. down the hall -with- L^ngley and '1*11 handle this," ; Mention of Shayne's.-' n am e changed the patrolman's 1 surly attitude to one of.:abas|)-ed defer- snce, for it was commonly known in Miami that the private detective and 1 Chief of Police Gentry were Lucy 'said faintly. "I hadn't time to think, I didn't really menn to tell a lie, Michael." "What are you talking about?" His .grin changed to a frown of pernlexity. "The man. He is in my bedroom, Michael." It. took -the space of 20 seconds !or her words fully'to penetr into 'Shayne's consciousness ;pt. .to his feet slowly and Lucy could .not meet his gaze. ' "Do you mean that, Lucy? You let me lie to the sergeant? Use my Imputation and friendship with Gentry, to refuse them entry while you were hiding their man all tho time?" Lucy nodded without looking up. Tears were streaming from hei eyes. She winced as though from a blow with each ' word Shayne spoke. There was a brief silence Dragged herself to her .feet-, and stood watching him, wo'ndering! what to say next, : how 'to'r make: him. understand that she^hacjn't really meant to harbor -a) 'fugitive; that she had believed J.ack--''when.' he protested his innocen^pi -.Vtha t', if she'd had the slightest .Idea. ; was involved in fehe was considered one of the mosr.promlsing players on the Columbia lot..'But then", she was cast-.opposite Mickey Rooney in lightweight"musibiil. " . •' "I was.. bawii.dered and hurt'! she said.-;"r-had been- costarred m six; important. pictures. • Now they-.wanted'• to put "me in a ; little musical,' and I couldn't even sing r»f 'Anting »» • .' ' & .balked. The impatient studio released her. After a fruitless Contract'., with Charles 'Feldman and a.^feW, TV .parts, she' fount! >er temperamental reputation kept her frbm acting jobs. She became a waitress". - .. : Jody's story-was told in this space last January, Good things started to happen to her. She had several-offers for TV shows, which she was unable to ,make because she worked nights at the malt parlor. ' ; . Then Michael Curtiz happened to see her on a' Fireside Theater film 'she made-many months ago. After inquiring about her,- he was told *bout, the article: which reported ?.f>e was working, as a waitress. He dropped into: -'-the Westwood shoo Deaths Around United States 6y the Associated Press EASTBOURNfc, England —Maj. j (Sen. Sir Jbhn Capper, 93, airship pioneer nicknamed "Admiral... of}*-, the Air," who held Britain's Nf|| 1 airship license and who was tra! first Briton to fly over London. Died Tuesday. ELYRIA, Ohio —Dr. Howard K. | Hilberry, 80, a retired Methodist minister, former superintendent .of the church's SteUbenville. Ohio, district and father of four SOCIETY Phon* M4S1 tttwMfl • A, M. intf 4 l». M. lendar unday May 29 . trs. R. L. Gosnell will present Elementary and Junior High o Pupils in Recital at :the sons, including Clarence, presidentJfnlor High Auditorium Sunday af- of Wayne University, Detroit. DiedHrlmon at 3 o'clock. The public Is yesterday. ivlted. MILWAUKEE — Mrs. .Theresa $1 • B. Muench, 86, mother of ArcB §Mlonday May 30 jishop Aloysius J. Muench, Calha- ^J rs . Bess Evans will present, her lir papal nucio to Germany since iij8 i]s in recita i at the High School 951 and head of the Fargo, N.D., iuaitorium May 30, at T:30 p. n) iiocese. Died Tuesday. - (j£ pU ibu c is invited . ftope Band Auxiliary will meet Icjhday May 30, at 7:30 p. m. in 'aiinon Hall. The executive meet- l^'. will be held at 7 o'clock. - When the tides reverse in Chesa- ake Bay, they often produce un- def Water storms much like hur- icatles in the air, says tne Na- ional Geographic Society. • Notice Ho BUGGY DAZE—The past' met the present in LaPorte, Ind., this week when a horse and buggy driven by Frank Hitesman, 75, of nearby Pinola, Ind., came to town on a visit. Both Hitesman, bewhiskered but spry, and the stallion, Golden Dawn, seem' puzzled by a parking meter which hardly resembles-the. old hitching rack. Hitesman used it anyway when told how the contraption worked. Ho admitted it has been some time "sirice his 1 last visit. PRESCOTT NEWS pver ::ra;d'io', ' Th : ere found ground,' told '.the police any ,. - ---- gun ; "on ,the Eirl :; nor any blood was -nothing about . he adde : d, ; '"no ous wouldn ., as • murde r s h'e : c'er'ttfinly In't haye . .-..' '". -'V^".-,'"'.: Murder! For the first., 1 tirrie- : iri the hectic series of events, th^wprd actually impinged on ' h'fjr cpiv sciousness. "He isn't, of course," 'sh;e crjed; out happily. "There's.. sbnVe>,'-lih'fir take. Not Jack. A pui-se.'Sn'atchihg or burglary, ma'ybe.: But. ,r)0t '' murder." • '•-.-• .- : ''• -,•'• ,.,' "This Jack," he "Bristow, was it? How Idhg. was he with you, 'Lucy?" • •• ' '"'' "Not long. Not more- tha'n :half an hour before you'came'."' ; . v'.!:' "What did he tell you to 'get you to take him in?" ./ -- ;..'-v "That he was in trouble and, needed time to ' stay 'free Q?-.tijiei snetrats? Police to avoid being /frajned' ; f 6r ss . He something • he; .'•hVdri'll/^ne-'^'l d Lucv wasn't sure about his innocence ; at , : 'T know therefs some mistake, Michael. I just know he woiildn'l strangle /;a. girl."- Shayrie ' shook his red head an- rily;; v "It; "isn't, that easy, Lucy. And ,now, -just -between the two of Hs,.;why did you'; hold -.out ion me? I icart. iTiayBer-unders'tand' you're hot calling-.av ; doctor after the story ho told . ybu/; • But why not me? I'd :haye,;listened to him; If he was: in •'trouble and :inn6cerit, I might even have helped Him.."- : WShe" drew in -a long' breath and .lifted- round,"- luminous eyes to Shayne's. 'intent •ga?e. "I .guess- it doesn't : m'atter ; now,", she; said- sim- riliif. .'' ' *1"»1 lf\ . V\fi!- i.Vi'**.Kn <f-AnArl '4-n-4~.11 _• ____ M YF Honors Seniors Following the Baccalaureate Services on Sunday night the Methodist Youth Fellowship entertained for the pleasure of the Seniors in the Educational Building of the church. The guests were greeted by Miss Mary Nell Boles. Miss Freddie Moberg, Mrs. Wayne Eley and Rev. and Mrs. W. D. Golden after which they registered in the guest book. Balloons were hung in the windows and a silver horse shoe inscribed "Good Luck" framed the door. Group singing and games were enjoyed . Pink carnations in a green violin container flanked by white candles in crystal holders centered the refreshment tables spread with a lace cloth. Mrs. P. A. Escarre and Mrs. Golden alternated at the punch bowl. Mrs. T. R. Moberg, Mrs. Harry Keeley, Mrs. E. Adam and Mr. Bill Oates assisted in other courtesies. The buffet was topped with M. Y. F. blue and bold emblems and a lovely arrangement of blue larkspur in a gold vase flanked by white candles. W. M. U. Circle 2 Entertained By Mrs. Julius Adams. Seven members of Circle 2 of the W. M. U. of the First Baptist Church met on Monday afternoon in the home of the chairman, Mrs. Julius Adams. Mrs. Adams called the meeting to order with prayer and conducted the business. •» Mrs. Harrell Hines led the study on "All the World in All the Word." The hostess served a salad course with punch at the close of the meeting. ad as their guests, Mr. and Mrs. Tlope Chapter of DCCI will not Summcrfield Nelson of Commerce, fleet Monday night, but on . first a 3rd. Monday in June.. An .Ic'e |am supper will be held the 3rd. nday in Texas. day night -at 9 o'clock in the home 'of .her parents. 1 The bride was becomingly attired Jri a white linen dress and wore a Corsage of pink carnations. \ The couple will make their home in Chicago, 111., where the groom is employed. Miss Helen Scott was the guest Thursday and Friday and Mr. and Mrs. Brad Scott in Little Rock'and !'attended the graduation exercises iss Mary Dudney John W. Couch for her nieces' Misses Mary and l^ re Mar ried Helen Ruth Scott. ' '-Miss Mary Dudney daughter < Mrs. C. F. Pittman and Mrs. To- Bemis spent Tuesday in Hot Spring: |i and Mrs. Oscar Dudney of 623 t 3rd., street Hope became- th'ei e of John W. Couch, -son pll flrs. J. A. Couch of Chicago,-111.,; Lt. Col. S. B. Scott, accompanied n a double ring ceremony -Wednejs* by Major S. B. Scott Jr. of El Dorado left Tuesday for San Antonio, Texas, where Col. Scott well enter Brooks General Hospital. Clubs Baker A Very interestnig demonstration on cutting, sewing and fitting a garment was given by Mrs. T. B. Fenwlck, Sr. at the May meeting of the Baker Home Demonstration Club ;.in the home of Mrs. Merlin Cox on Pond Street. 'Mrs. Orville Steadman, presdient opened the meeting by leading the 'group in repeating the home demonstration creed. The song, "America" was sung and after the de( v6tional.I John 1:1-3, was read by jihe hostess, the prayer was given by Mrs. A. A. Andrews. A-report-was given on the recent HD Council Tour of Texarkana. , June 22 will be the date for the Baker's Club to participate in the radio programs. THE BEAUTY BOX : ;- Open 6 Days a Wetk Appointments after 9 „ ! for those who work. turned to their home Tuesday after f'»"_. _ ...„ , ,.„ _ ... . ' a visit with Mr. and Mrs. Archie ll Phone 7-68pO 112 S. Malnj Johnson and Mrs. Gil Buchanan. Mr. and Mrs. D,on Buchanan and son, Donnie, of Tulsa, Okla. re- Mr, and Mrs. C. O. Wahlquisf'had as their Monday guests Mr. and Mrs. Wesley Hoover and children of Fort Worth, Texas. MIJS. Roy Stainton Hostess To W. M. U. Circle 1 Mrs. Roy Stainton was hostess ;o Circle 1 of the W. M. U. of the Tirst Baptist Church at her home on • Monday afternoon with nine members attending. 'Mrs.. Lewis Garrett voiced the if.' 1 -', "What sort of heel dp you 'take me 'for? If/you'cVn't trust' me arty further-than 'that'-'V . ." ''."What'?"'she asked faintly. I'.^'Thehfit's, time-,you started look- "'ri^,'-.'fOr anpther job.",. :. . % VI .will,", isjie ".'agreed. , "Tomor- . first when I thought it w!as ; som'br thin " 4 '' - thing minor, hurried ' genuously, "but I know he'|' i nev ! er kill type." anybody. He just isn't 'the and still she did not dare look up. Then the sound of Shayne's heels striking hard on the floor as he strode to the outer door and "jerked it open. She sat with bowed hear! and listened drearily to the sound of him taking the stairs to the bottom three at a time. Chapter 1 V Lucy didn't lift her head until ie returned, There were deep renches in his gaunt cheeks, and lis eyes were cold. He jerked his head in negation and said, "Too ate. Sergeant Loftus and his crew D. Poland. 82, son of Mr Mrfc, 0, B.Poland of Mui reesboro, ensign, U. S.~Navy, JWiW8m E. Arnold Jr., 22, son o r, apd Mrs. William E.Arnok 31uff, second lieutenant H. Freeman, 22, son o an4 Wjps, John L, Freeman 01 PJuff, second lieutenant, U.S ojjpf „ B,.< Smith, 33, son of M L. Smith of Ste- s - kt • 2nd Victim . — An.unr disease killed lit- njght, a lister's life. SOCreatic .— — -T —— «.UA« V k. Vrl^ll t* JT >V C J t? 1 •m . —_-_.. qlose friends. After he slunk away ! ave al ' -ead y gone." He 'strode the sergeant asked Shayne, "What """' '""' '" ^~ '" J J " did the big-mouthed ape do to ask for what he got?" "Barged apartment into and my secretary's — insulted her," Shayne told coldly. "What's this all about?" "We're hunting a killer. Slightly built young fellow. I ^didn't know that was Miss Hamilton's apartment," the sergeant went :on defensively. "You know how it is when you're trying to work fast Don't mind if I take a look around do you?" you?' "I rnind plenty," Shayne told turn coldly. "Miss Hamilton tried to tell your man there was no one tere. Now, ?;m telling you that she isn't hiding anyone in her bedroom. That good enough or dp I have to call Will Gentry?" "That's plenty good for me," the past her to the bedroom door and turned the knob. The door did not budge. Shayne turned angrily and demanded, "Did you lock him in?' "No," faltered Lucy. "There's a bolt on the inside. He must have closed it.' Shayne turned and thundered his fist against the door. When this brought no response, he shouted hoarsely, "Unlock the door before I break it down." He paused and there was complete silence in the apartment. Shayne waited for no more than 10 seconds, then took one step Chapter VI Shayne shook his head in sudden irritatin while three deep' creases formed between his eyes. He muttered, "I think I'd like' to hear a lot more about this Jack Bristow." He looked at his watch 'as h6 •settled himself, said quietly, A"! admit you've got me in ,'a' spcttj and that I pulled will Gentry jftio it with me when I chsed (he sergeant and his men away, if I (ie T cide it will really accomplish anything to tell the exact truth, abbut your pulling the wool over fny eyes, I'll do so. But if an anonymous phone call will bring the same results, I'll try to keep you out of it. And myself and Gentry, incidentally. So don't waste time with any explanations. Give me lis description and what you know about him." r 'but'-he'threatehed.to'tell you I opening prayer and Mrs. Wilburn -we:• were- •lovers* if : 'I brought you Willis 'gave the devotional talk. ih-»A ;*"••;.. ••"•-. - ••' . • In the absence of the chairman, Mrs. Buddy -Barrett, Mrs. Willis conducted >the business at which time Mrs. J. T. McRae read the minutes and gave the treasurers report. Mrs. A. R. Underwood conducted the "study on "All the World in All the Word." Mrs. Loyce Anderson closed the meeting with prayer. Sandwiches and cold drinks were enjoyed during the pocial hour. j, stQpped. abruptly, in his pac- tp',.gl.?reJat,.'h:er. :"Nqt without Xg.;me. if wo; weeks' notice, you won't. >-You • listen to, me, Lucy." .- v ''It'lL not - listen, 'to you,"' she in; terrupted defiantly. He .hesitated a further moment, but'Lucy 1 did not look up or reply. He turned and jammed his hat down on bristly red h'air, stalked out of the' room. Michael Shayne's car was parkeij • in front of Lucy's apartment house -and he gunned it iaround in a U-turn with wholly Unnecessary, violence to head toward the 18th Street address he had been given when he made the £n.onyrnous caU /to police head- guarters. He was. seething inwardly, and his big hands gripped the Wheel ' ' ' - car' Mrs. Clifton Yancey Hostess To W. M. U. Circle 3 • Mrs. Clii'ton Yancey was hostess to Circle 3 of the W. M. U. of the First Baptist Church at her :home nn Monday afternoon. Mrs. Watson White, Jr., voiced ;he ooening prayer followed with he business -session conducted by the chairman, Mrs. J. H. Langlfiy The study on "All the World in All the Word" was led by Mrs. W. A. LJndsey. During the 'social hour the hostess served a sandwich' course and cold drinks to 8 members.. Mrs. Foy Box ' Entertains Needlecraft Club A variety of flowers in. colorful hues decorated the home, of ,Mrs. Foy Box on Tuesday evening when she entertained the Needlecraft Mr. and Mrs. Doug Burley - of Houston, Texas are the parents of a daughter, Stephanie Ann, who, arrived May 23rd. Grand parents- are Mr. and Mrs. Morrison McLelland and Mr. and Mrs. B. J. Buley. .. Mr. and Mrs. Cam McGuire and Mr. and Mrs. Obert Henderson ^and son. Cam, have returned from, a visit ,with Mr. and Mrs. Lee- -McGuire in Corpus Christi, Texas. SPECIAL FROM THE QUEEN'S PANTRY FISHERMAN'S LUNCH Pick it up on ypgr way out. Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gee spent Monday in Hot Springs. Senior Class Returns From New Orleans After an enjoyable evening spent serving and visiting , the hostess served a dessert course - and cold drinks. There out of town members Mrs. Hazel Pntchard, Mrs. Lee McCain and Miss Opal Daniel of Hope, Joe Dlldy Meets With . Civic Development Committee •Joe Oildy of the 'Arkansas Industrial Commission .was .guest speaker at the Civic Improvement Committee meeting at the Chamber of Ed Hubbard, who has been teaching in tfie school in Star City, has arrived to spend the, summaft with his .parents, Mr. and Mrv; John-Hubbard.- . -- - Mr. and Mrs. 'Ned Duncan !and children of Little Rock have been tHe.lguests of Mr. and Mrs. Jewell White and were accompanied, home by Michael Duncan who has been visiting-his grandparents.;:_. . Miss Lillie Butcher is the guest of..friends in Dallas, Texas. 'Mrs. Electa Wells has re-turned' from Shreveport, La., where she has been the guest of relatives. Commerce Monday, May 23. Ver- Members of the senior class of non Fol 'e, chairman, presided and the Prescott High School and their Introduced Mr. Dildy who discuss- sponsors returned Thursday from ed the Sixth Annual Community NTew Orleans where they enjoyed the annual class day trip. The group left Monday at 4 a. m. on two 29 passenger Arkansas Trail- ways Buses. Enroute to New Orleans they visited the State Capitol aril Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge. Upon arrival in New Orleans they checkod in at the Senator Hotel and then toured the famous French Keeping her voice as flatly unemotional as she could, Lucy com- Ipiled. .She heard a disbelieving grunt from Shayne when she explained that she hadn't seen Jack for years — and then only once briefly in New Orleans, and had no idea where he might -go to in Miami. She did explain that ho claimed to have been shot by a dead man and had come to her for help because he knew no one else, and knew her address from her sister. Shayne nodded curtly when she finished. "I'll go downstairs to call all' mixed up and in a turmoil about his feelings toward Lucy. The Northwest 'section where the murder had occurred was one of the older sections of the, city, one a tour of the city and visited Lake Ponchartrain. On Wednesday a bus trip to Gulf Port, Miss., and a boat trip to Ship Island were enjoyed. Mr. and Mrs. Boyd Arnold and Accomplishment Contest and explained to the committee the things they should do in carrying out the various projects which they selected i'or the contest. Prescott being in the 1,000 to 4.000 population 'bracket, the committee could have a minimum of four -projects. The four chosen were: Education, Or. Jack Harrell chairman, Paul Hiett and William Curtis Ward; Industrial Development, Fred White, chairman; Civic improvement, C. O. . Wahlquist, chairman; Religion, Dr. N. -R. Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Durham have returned from a weeks visit in Houston and Harlingeri,'~Texas. • Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Willis and Susie, Mr, and Mrs. Wilburn Willis and children: •• attended the open house -at Red River Arsenal, Texar- ,. kana on' 'Sunday celebrating Arr&» t i ed forces Day. '* * Mr. and Mrs, Edward Sullivan of Ft. Worth. Texas'were the guests Sunday of Mrs. Roy Duke. Jack Gordon of Little Rock was the weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs Archie Johnson. m L Highway 67 East HURRY-Lost Day! Triple Program AT: 10:32 - 1:46 -5:00 • 8fi4 KAREN BOOTH. JOHN KELLOGG, • PLUS • Chapter 8 of Serial/ "The Black Arrow" > & Popeyc Color Cartoon: Miss Virginia Johnson of 'Little Rock visited he rparents, Mr. land Mrs. Cliffcrd Johnson over-tHf weekend. has of the better residential sections '. Mrs ' Charlie Scot t accom- may years previously ,consistin«i pa " led the S rou P- mostly of old two and three-story , Comme ncement exercises will • • j _ .. ._ i>i... *i/ ->\Q Vinl/4 fnvurcVit ivi +U,i V.: _l_ _ i -. lis :he door. against the edge of bock and crouched a trifle, drove!that information in Don't KO in w. iho,,^^ „„„:„„. ., ,_. .. tj?e bedroom Jf thcy dQn . t6 pjck him up fast, I'll try to lift hi? prints from in there for the police to work on." His set face told her nothing Flimsy wood splintered under :he impact and the woor flew open. Uicy sat moionless on the divan, _ , , _ r -~. rw ^ QWWV* *v/* 4ltV<, WIIT ^u U I * U U J »*'*** »**•* *4V»l*««tK sergeant assured him hastily. He , her • and P'' essed tight- when he returned, ; but he sat down urned back to the others who were ly a ,8 ain ® t her mouth wh en Shayne [and took a sip of cognac and told implacably stalked inside the dark her matter-of-factly, "It's pretty bedroom. She realized, now, that bad. There's a city-wide alarm out she didn't know whether Jack was for him, and your description mav he victims succumb to some In- ection wtich is the immediate ause of death. Susan, 23 months old, and Mary Ann 3, had infections of the lungs. ~- CarrpJl Witten said the dis- is unusual in one member of but rare" in armed or not. She heard Shayne's heavy footfalls inside the bedroom. There w^s nothing for the space .. r „ „ of at least half a minute. Then the girl, and brought him directly the sound of Shayne's measured j to this address. He remembered tread returning across the bed .him and how ofldjy hi *ct«d, and room. His features wrtm cnt in nrtl\i,Via,t K^ v>ao»^ n t^^..«' *u- _i..i i_j._.. your description may help. A girl," he went on moodily, "strangled in a roming-house on Eighteenth Street. A ta*i driver picked the fool up a HIS features were set in an 'when he heard , $ie girl later iesidences .which had been converted into rooming houses to meet the servant problem and the high cost of upkeep. The block that Shayne sought was quiet and tree-shaded, inadequately lighted with street lamps two blocks apart. Half a dozen police cars and an ambulance we re p ark ed at the curb in front of a big house near the center of the block. Little groups of curious onlookers were gathered on the sidewalk, and two uniformed men were in the street impatiently waving traffic onward. As Shayne slid past slowly, he noted Chief Will Gentry's private between two radio car wedged cars. He got out and sauntered back, wondering how best to explain his own interest in the case without revealing the truth about Jack Bristow. A policeman stood at the head of the walk leading in to the house, waving back those morbidly curious who were intent on getting closer, and he recognized the readhead with » grin when Shsyoe came up. "<Shidr Gentry's J n s J d e, Mr. Shayne. You mined up in this?" (T9 ft C»nt!nu«d) be held tonight in the high school auditorium at 7:45. to see her. "He ordered a dish of vanilla ice cream," she recalled. What about the tip? . . . Nelson, chairman, George J E Wylie, manager of the Chamber of was named contest Commerce chairman. Any one having pictures of any new or remodeled business or resi dence since the first of January are asked to donate them to one o the committees as they are need ed for the contest. calling her. Sure enough, she got a call the next morning. She read for the part in the Gurtiz film three times and won the/role, "I had to go back to work that night," she said. "Needless to say, I was on cloud 89. I spilled a parfait right in a man's lap. Oh, it was terrible. I could see it leaning, but there was nothing I could do to stop it. "The man was very nice about it, but his wife, who got only a few specks on her, was very indignant. So much so that a man next to them stepped in and said it wasn't my fault. I started to cry and he felt so sorry for me that he left a dollar tip." She added this observation from her d»ys 'as a waitress "Men are far easier to wait on. They're not as picky and small about things as women are. Even waiters will tell you that." Mrs. Gist Hostess To B 4 P W Club Mrs. Bess Gist was hostess" t< slonal Women's Club Tuesday; ew enmg at her cabin on Suckle Lake with Mrs. .Thelma Kizer -and Mrs. Wyra Hamby co-hostesses. A DPI luck supper was enjoyed by . 2J members and two guests Mrs. Nancy Green and Miss Grace Dowina, Mrs, Vuel Chamberlain, presl. dent, presided during the business session and the various committee chairmen reported on their work. The State Convention was discussed and plans were made for several members to attend. It will he held June 10, 11, 12 at Little Koek. The next meeting will be at the Lawson Hotel and there will be an election of officers. All members are urged to be present Mrs. E. L. Markham of Dallas, Texas is the house guest of her sister, Mrs. C. H. Moore, and Mr. Moore. ; Mr. and Mrs. Jfeyptf hjiye Jerry Daniel of Magnolia ;en the guest of his <Tr. and (Mrs, N. N. Daniel. Mr. -and Mrs. Jerry Bensberg no daughter, Laurie of Tfninn Grove Wis., were the Sunday gu- esU of-Rev. and Mrs. W.G. Bens- Laurie was christened at tiifr Morning service at the Presbyte* ian church by R ev . Bensberg. Other guests in the r «.*s._^ui were Mr. and Mrs. u . „. Densl Mr and Mrs. T. E. Bensberg and Mrs. Dale Sessonw den, • SUN. - MON. • • FEATURE TIMES. • SUN - 1:00 - 3:10 - 5:09 - 7:17 9:16 MON - 2:17 - 4:34 - 6:51 - 9:08 • M-G-M-'s Laugh-Flooded Love-Loaded, Song- Splashed Musical! MIT THE ^* -^^^.^^B .^•^^_'_^ < Miss ,, - Ruth Moore of the weekend guest of ClNlMASCOPE Mr. an^ Mrs. C. G. Gordon were Gordon Sunday and other relatives Mr and Mrs. Pat Combs of El 1 accompanied home who spent th n and Mr. and Mrs. E, E. Davis had 2? 1 guests MeHenry of Ed In Mexico, the death rate of in- jnts vmder l,y w . 0 w has dro -| f « i population u TONY - f / POWELL- MARTIN $ DEBBIC WMTM f REYNOLDS • PIDGEON I VIC , ei.Hi DAMONE- RAYMOND ANN «U5S MILLER •TAMBLYN KayARMEN-J.CjrrolNA|$H Richard ANDERSON <Jon«DAIWtU to 10Q « • EXTRA • 1. News of the Pay 2. Goofy Color Cartp»n Refreshments were served to 13 ••; members, two visitors. Mrs. Curtis Moore and Mrs. Grace Russell, and one OMPGreasbn The club adjourned to meet in 'June .with Mrs. J. B. Harfiis with H. H. Tippitt as co-hostess. ; Sweet Home S>veet'Home Home Demonstration Club met May 20 in the home of Mrs. Harold Ingram. The devotional, I John 1: ..The in unison. Mrs. Doris Carmen, The lightfooted look extends, this year, to all footwear. Play- shoes are soft, light on the foot, equally wearable in and out of doors. Poplin pump (left) in Rio red with white print has smooth outsole vulcanized to upper to stay. Braid shoe (upper inset) has lastex straps to hold shoe firmly in place. Braid vamp Is done in multi-color combinations. Pump in soft nubby cotton mesh weave (upper right) has lastex backing to make shoe conform to shape of foot. Mule (lower right) has arched look,: wide lastex gore to hold U securely—By GAILE DUGAS, NBA Women's Editor. Sunday School Lesson ' * By WILLIAM E. GILROY, D. D. DOROTHY DIX Possessive Mother Dear Miss Dix: June and I have As one reads the stories of the I been married almost three years, kings of Judah and Israel, in given -by the Books o£ Kings and Chronicles, s prayer was he sees the interweaving of good and evil, righteousness and devotion, violence, cruelty, idolatrous president, « .. . ^, ~ ' UUll, VlUlCllUt:, ClUliAl.J', .IUWAWHVJH.J ^J™™^ 1 ':,*™ 1 ! immorality and vicious betrayal of trust and corruption. Often there is no apparents determining cause why a most evil t -, thanking the club for the donation to the Cancer fund. . Mrs. ,C; A. Phillips, clothing leader, was ;in .charge of the demonstration.. She emphasised stay-stit- king should be succeeded by a ching in garments, to make them' "^ <: '"""'« nr nr n £tnod and no " re.tain their shape. . Recreation leader was in charge of games. Refreshments were served;,. 1 ble king by a monster of iniquity. The contrast is emphasized at various places in the record, but an outstanding example is in the The- June meeting will be with "? oun !;. of Mrs. M: H. Montgomery. • three Kings of-Ju- Shover .Springs The Shover Springs 4-H Club met in May at the home of Janette Fincher.' The meeting was called to order by Jack Ruggles. . "The • Arkansas Traveler" was led by. Gene Rogers and Phillip Gilliarn. "SW girls, eleven boys, three leaders/ and- four visitors were pre- se'qt. ', , . Linda Aaron read a Psalm for the. .deyptional. led in prayer'. Jimmy England . Peggy Rogers and Jimmy Beckworth will- give demonstrations DRIVE IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • FINAL NITE* •« REDHEAD« WYOMING lUWUHO'HAlU iiUXNKOl 1; Edgar" Kennedy Comedy 2. "TV of Tomorrow" 3. Herman & Katnip 4. Chap. 10,"Adv. of Capt. Kidd" TREASURE HUNT TONIGHT? MIDNIGHT GHOST SHOW Tonight-11:30 P.M. "NIGHT MONSTER" SUN. - MON. MEMORIAL DAY Shock-Pocked With Racing Thrills! HOWARD DUFF "ROAR OF THE CROWD" • ALSO • Motorcycle Thrills! • KEENAN WYNN • SALLY FORREST • JAMES CRAIG "COPE TWO" . • EXTRA • 1. Warner Bros. News ?. Cartoon, "No If's, And's, • But's" FREE CANDY FOR THE KIPS-r SUNDAY dah. Ahaz, Hezekiah and Manasseh, who ruled in the seventh century, B. C. Ahaz, who was twenty years old when he became king, -reigned in the Southern Kingdom for sixteen years (II Chronicles 28). He was evil and corrupt as a man, and as king he brought frightful disaster upon- his peoj pie (See Chronicles 28:6-8, and 24, 25). In his ruthlessness and betrayal of the religion of Israel he closed the doors of the Temple and "cut in pieces" its sacred vessels. What could -have 1 ' been worse? ' And then comes Hezekiah '. his son, restoring what had been overthrown. In his twenty : nine years on the throne he gave Jerusalem and the Southern Kingdom honorable and efficient rule, perhaps as fine a record as to be found in all the history of kings. How can one explain this young man of twenty-five, son of such a father growing up in such an environment of idolatry corruption and misrule, yet sincere and .unsullied in his religious reforms and so wise and efficient in maintaining and defending the kingdom. Nor is the mystery less when the wise and noble Hezekiah's son. Manasseh, revel-ted to the ways of his grandfather, Ahaz, undoing much of the good that his father had done. Beginning to reign when 12 years old, and reigning for 55 years, it is recorded of him that he "made Judah and the inhabitants of Jerusalem to err, and to do worse than the heathen" (II Chronicles 33:9). Manasseh's evil course soon brought military Babylon, disaster upon defeat and him exile bound in fetters. But there .he experienced sincere repentance, and, restored to Jerusalem, he sought to undo the evil he -had done. But the pattern of evil and good continued. Amon, Manasseh's son, followed his father's early course of evil. He reigned for only two years, when he was slain in his own house by his servants. When the people in turn slew the conspirators, they made Amon's son, Jos- have one little boy and another baby expected. We knew each other only eight months when we were married. I am now 23 and she is 21. We love each other deeply and would be very happy except for my family. My folks objected to June from the beginning saying she kept me away from home and rushed me into marriage — none of which is true. The first months of our marriage, which should have been so happy, were made miserable toy Morn's dislike of June. Naturally my wife doesn't care much for my mother now. June was never given a warm welcome by my family, so she visits them rarely. This is all right with them; they never ask for her but do want to see the baby. June doesn't care how often I visit my folks, but -she says the baby doesn't go without her. • ,. . ' .My, mother is a. nervous woman and she clairns I am making her worse by putting my wife first, my mother second. Mom feels she should be first in everything. How can I resolve this tension? My mother will not be'pleasant unless she has her own way. 15 years older, who is a widower with three children. My mother and all of us are most distressed about it but' nothing we say can dissuade her. Can you suggest anything? ; ; MONA F. Answer: Don't feel so hopeless about the situation. Whle your sister does seem to be facing a lot responsibility for her age, nevertheless there's a big chance that she wilL be happy. At 24 she should have a mind of her own. Since you can't talk her out o£ the marriage, hope and pray that it will be a success. Fonda Relates Why He Shuns F-an Publicity Ely. "THOMAS HOLLYWOOD UP) — Most of the Hollywood press corps would agree that Henry Fonda i* an excellent actor, a fine fallow ana a lousy interview. Fonda himsoif would b» the first One of 'Our Gang 7 Comedy Team Missing By WAYNE OLIVER NEW YORK CW-One of Our Gang is missing. He's George Spanky .;.' MacFarland, who was a child st.ar of the ancient Our Gang comedies, which have been revived to become one of the hottest kiddie attractions on television. Allied Artists has accounted for virtually all the other key members of the cast of the. comedies filmed a quarter century ago bul has had no luck yet' locating Spanky, who was the. • chubby, wide-eyed cherub of the ' gang. " The mushrooming popularity of the old movie series, now shown en TV in 56 cities as the Little Rascals, has brought floods of requests from viewers to know what members of Our Gang are doing now. Allied, through its : subsidiary Interstate Television, came up with the answers on the other former kid stars without too much difficultly. •••-.It was easy, for instance, in t'nc case of Nanette Fabray who plays opposite Sid Caesar on. ' Monday nights. Also for Ex-El Dorado Publisher Dies at 89 EL DORADO, Ml — George W. Mason Sr., who first published the El Doreado Evening Times as a daily newspaper, died late last night at his home here. The 89- year old newspaperman and educator has been itr^for some time. Mason was born in Louisiana, tight miles south of Junction City, Ark., but spent most of his life in this state. He had lived here since 1904. , Before entering the newspaper business, Mason was a teacher and administrator of both public and private schools. He won his bachelor and master's degrees from Mount Lebannon La. College, graduating in 1894. During .he next 20 years, he taught school in Union County, Ark.; founded a private high school at Hillsboro, Ark.; headed Everett Baptist Institute at Spearsvllle, La.; and Was superintendent of schools at Junction City. In 1904, Mason purchased the El Dorado Times, 'a weekly and converted it into ;a;n; afternon daily. He published the paper until his retirement in 1922. j An ac tl ve Baptist, Mason organized and helped build the Second Baptist Church here, and founded 63 Sunday School classes in Union County. .Survivors include his widow, the former Catherine Pendlelon; two daughters, Mrs. Mary Etta Pendleton of Fullerton, Calif., and Miss Idelle Mason of El Dorado, and a son, George Mason, Jr., of El Dorado. ,'..'' " ' : Funeral arrangements are in complete. : . .' . NBC-TV Jackie Cooper, who has frequent TV, PERRY B. to admit the latter Like many]stage and film roles, and Eddie Answer: Since, according to your.Broadway-trained actors he does Bracken, currently playing thfi letter which I have condensed, your mother is a religious woman, she, should believe the teachings' of her church and the Bible regarding marriage. These are that a husband and wife belong first to each other, secondly to others. Mother Must Give In It is not easy for a mother to relinquish a son, but -any woman knows that' the essence' of motherhood is sacrifice. When the .time comes to give up her boy she is expected, to do so iri the knowledge that marriage will make him a happier person. She must also realize that in your new state there are responsibilities which transcend any you have had before. Her job now' is to help you carry this new role to the very best of your ability. Hindering you, bringing unhappiness into your life, is the very worst way of expressing so-called love. Things would be so much nicer if your mother would learn to welcome you, embrace her daughter-in-law, cuddle the little grandson and look forward to the new baby. You should visit her as a family unit, not as individual in not go along with Hollywoods cond.lead in Seven Year'Itch on Broad- iah, king and the pattern returned mission. members, Your wife is right feeling that if she isn't welcome, her son isn't either. Try to talk some of this sense to your mother. If she'd face life more realistically she'd get over her "nerves," too. After all, that's the trademark of a possessive mother. It makes an effective tool for bludgeoning everyone into sub- ception of publicity. Unlike other actp,r.s ' he resists conforming to •the : system. He expressed his ideas with unusual frankness during a break in rehearsals for "Petrified Forest," which he is performing with Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall next Monday over NBC. The play has been done before on TV, but the cast obviously places it in the ''spectacular" classification. "When I first started on Broad way," he related, Ml turned down the offers to go to Hollywood. They wanted me to come 1 . Out at $75 a week or so, "They offered me "big money to do the film version of 'Farmer Takes a Wife,' so I came out. I was fascinated. On the stage, we were pretty proud of the set, which showed the blacksmith's shop, the canal over a hill and so forth. "But at the studio, the blacksmith's shop had a real forge and the canal had water 1 in it. I spent more time talking to technicians behind the scenes than I did acting before the camera. "Because I was so fascinated by it all, I went along with the publicity routine. But one interview changed all that. "I came into the publicity department and met a fan magazine writer, a large woman who set her notebooks on a table and said 'Now my story is called The Love Life at the next meeting, which will be June 14 at the Beckworth home. Victory Berlie Allen, president, presided 'at the May meeting of the Victory 4-H Club, held in the club house. The song, "Arkansas Traveler," was led by Sandra Burke and the devotional was given by Joseph Rowe from Luke 10:29-37. During the business session, it was decided that Saturday be set aside for clean-up at the club house. Mr. Oliver L. Adams, county agent, gave an interesting talk about opportunities in Arkansas in the field of agriculture. Mrs. William Sfhooley told about the 4-H Camp to be held for girls at the Experiment Station June 1 and 2. A 4-H Conservation Camp will be held for 4-H Club boys on June 1 and 2 at the Gunter furm near Columbus. Berlie Allen gave a demonstration on how to make a wrist pin cushion. Cold drinks and cookies were served to the '41 present. The June meeting will bo at the club house. Dear Miss Dix: Several years ago' my sister Ida and I bought a Henry Fonda.' "I was taken aback, but I tried to answer her questions. Finally, I was so appalled that I said, I'm sorry. I can't go on with the interview,' and I fled. "Tis made the writer so angry house together. A few years later that she made up her own story she married, and her husband and printed it under my by-line!" moved in with us. The 'financial arrangement was 50-50 on all bills such as food, taxes, electricity, repairs, etc. Everything was fine until a year ago, when Ida and Mac just about took over the house. I will pay my share but they' decide everything without discussing it with me, When I try to talk lo Ida about this situation she gets .sick, which in turn upsets me. I feel my security is slipping and I am very worried. C. T. Answer: Take your problem to a Fonda was under contract to Walter Wanger at the' time, and the producer agreed with his views about fan publicity. The actor has not done any since. Missing Boy Only Q Runaway EL DORADO, (UP) —A 50-man searching party was disbanded late 'last night after the object of the search, a 10-year-old boy who was good lawyer. In the first place, this > "evidently ju st running away 50-50 arrangement has been very was found in Smackover, 15 miles unfair to you. A three-way split would be more equitable. Why. should you pay part of your brother-in-law's expenses? The best thing you can do is sell your share of the house and reinvest the money in a smaller place. But make a readjustment in living expenses immediately. Dear Miss Dix: My 24-year-old to a good son, and good king, whose reign for 31 years stands in honor beside thnt of Hezekiah. way. : ' .; ; Carl Alfalfa Sw.itzer had dropped out of pictures'.and b3- come a hunting guide 'in'California but now is getting .movie roles again. Scotty Beckett is, a regular in the TV film Space.Ranger. , Others still in entertainment include Darla Hood, now'with Edgar Bergen, and "Baby 'Jean" Darling, a regular in the ,CBS radio serial Hill -top House. Allen Farina Hoskins/and Matthew Stymie Beard no longer are in show business. .Neither are Joe Cobb, now an aircraft worker in Ingle wood, C.alif, and Mary Kornman, married to a Van Nuys, Calif., rancher. Meanwhile, Allied has inquired all over in an effort to locate Spanky MacFarland. It had a lead he was working as a cigarette salesman and ran an advertisement in Dallas newspapers trying to reach him. Then it received word he had returned to Hollywood to try to get back into pictures. Inquiries there have failed to locate him. 231 Graduated From Negro College PINE BLUFF M>) — Arkansas AM&N College, the only Negro college in the state which is supported by tax money, yesterday granted degrees to 231 seniors. Honorary degrees were awarded to Mrs. Anna M. P. Strong, a teach e r at Marianna, and Dr. Hugh A. Browne, superintendent of the McRae Tuberculosis Sani- torium for Negroes. from here. Jimmy McWilliams, son of Mr. and Mrs. James McWilliams, Sr., reported him missing last night and city police immediately organized a search party of volunteers, guardsmen, Boy Scouts and sheriff's deputies. The searched about DO minutes before a Smackover city policeman reported that Jimmy had been found. He had ridden his red English bicycle the 15 miles, leav r ing here about 4 p.m. , The braved threatening' clouds inches of rain on ports of cpptral that- later dumped more then $ix| A,rk. a O s aj. _ , __, .-j^. Will Ignore-State Attorney's Ruling LITTLE ROCK Wl — The Arkansas Highway Commission probably will ignore an attorney general's opinion that its policy of giving priority to road work, for which free right-of-way is furnished is illegal. Hghway D ie ctor Herbert Eldridge said yesterday that he sees nothing in the opinion to prevent the commission from retaining the policy. Instead, said Eldridge, the opinion merely states that the practice could be stopped if it is carried too far. Atty. Gen. Tom Gentry's opinion said the policy' is a technical violation of laws which require the commission to build roads without icgard for county lines. However, Gentry qualified the opinion by saying that he thought the laws would apply only when there was sufficient money on hand to do all necessary road worH without icgard to right-of-way costs. By LMftOY A. toLACKWfc LL, Okfi.t , was graduation night Iff 'i shattered Black#ell ttit fllgfiU. , This city of IS.OW - KMHMM1 ruins and threatened tef - fwtf Waters. The twister h*d - ftilfttfU 17 persons, injured 600. wrecked 72 blocks. -BUt •, didn't stop the gradua"ttert •' cises, or Blackwell's tion to come back,. f v , ' The seniors receiving th*if-vt.p-, lomas tried to look hSfipyV evefl« though many of theitt Hidld*^ 1 ! f home or, perhaps, a ifiehd of'te»* is lative in the furiou* twU'tef eohe'tf! that hit Wednesday nl|ht» J, V Their determination "Id v going was symbolic Of the ^1 in the devastated towhs bt well and Udall, Kan., jllst the state line. The townspeople—those aren't in the crpwded are coming out of their They're talking about their towns and their liven. Scarcely 12 hours afte* the,t6f«$ nado struck, the work of n ' "" * ing was getting started In well. ,WORK ORDER ISSUED LITTLE ROCK (UP) — The Statq Highway department has issued a work order for paving of 8.8 miles of the Oak Grove-South, Oak Grove-Urbanette road, state Route i\, in Carroll County. Southeast Construction Co. Inc., of Pine Bluff is the contractor, on a low bid of $281,450. The work includes a bridge. See us now for your .. . "GE" AIR-CONDITIONER Homm Tire & Appliance Co. 8. Walnut St. Now is the time to Get SCREENS From GUNTER RETAIL LUMBER CO. f 422 E. DIVISION Bloekwtll Start* Rebuilding Horn*! Ducks have a transparent ^ brane which can be Iowferod their eyes, much like goggle*,; ; , .<^_t ..i* — * -\. I... Duke's Beauty $*fon 1019 W. 7th Phone 7-4Jlt,' Featuring Dukf't ^ Variation Cut' \'^ • Operators * " V?, Floy HarUfleld — Eth«l M*r lemember th« Doti Beginning MoriJoV June 6, White's Drive-In will b« open every Mondoyr j<J Charlotte Blood i. . t i V-ji e m m Friday's and Satu Open until 11:30 ijbfr*** i" iVsrlr Mtch|i i*ife PAR! EXTRA SPECIAL! $A Esso Regular Gal. Esso Extra Gal. : 'J i . it fr Glass & Solv< OPEN 7 PAVt HELP WANTED- 'I'.-j^YiS.Sjj *r^t Specialty salesman wanted for this are*. • Age no barrier • Must be bondable • Gar necessary • Above average earnings Send Replies to Box N, Hope Star «• J5S ' ' ' * us > ^ 'f& • Expert Repair Service-—All Tyoi • Home and Industrial Wiriha V• Installation—Fixtures & Qvitll" • 24-Hour Service—-Call any IU^ ALLEN ELECTRIC 114$. Elm Phone 7-2629 - LEO'S GARAGE Sub'Pealer for FORD TRACTQR & P< "0«r repair shop U ai near as yoMr ltlipl|dM\ For All... ' ..^'S^as • CARS • TRUCKS t TRACTORS * Lea Hortsfield — Owner and 413$, WALNUT Gifts for the Graduate SHEAFFgR SNORKEL PiNSv '$| KODAKS AND AUUM§-, - 1 ixtfm JUSTIN B1UFCW QUO SPICI, WAB " kl ""'^ W ^^Wfr":? 1 ^ Snl?ifti£{ feK**,^ 1 ^ \ :^i '- >«* Wt» -i f»*a 4 S > '

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