The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1946 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1946
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10. 1946 CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION ie'l'lon™'* ''" U "° '"' C °* M ™>-™* I"' T FOR SAL! J lime p«i lina ~1.~~~ 160 * lime. |,or Una per day " 12o 8 times jiur lino i, or Js, Co ?2 ll»: "" ii"" "" •"•' ------ " 1.' time, per l|,, e ,, cr dn 6o J Montk per lino _ ego toujil five average wordl lo llm line. Au« orderi'd for Itreo or nli times and lloppod before oiiiiration will bo ch»rgeJ ./or the ntiinler ot llmfi Ilio ad emiearea tat •dJiiBiuietit of bill>. All ClnssifitJ AilivillsliiK copy , uu milled by rn-nona ns iJi, K oulsido of tLe city must be- Bcroiii|.»iii«a by ess!, Hnlea may bo ca.silj cuiuinilorj (rum H,B uWvn t«l»!e. Advertising order lor Irregular insertions tiikus ilie one lijne rule No ri-HJjoutlbllily it il! bj labo't, fur mora tl»u DUO ii U 'orru.-t iiiserliun of »nv cliis- iified mj. For Sole Typewriter in good condition. I Phone 3G3.H. 4-9-cl<-4-12 Royal Portable Typewriter, like new. David' Keal Ivs- la(e Co. 4-0-ck-<l-l2 5 rooms and Imlh, has '! room house on rear of .lot. :! blocks from Main St. S'l,- 000.00. David Ueal Hslato and Inv. Co. Phone .'}(>!).'!. 4-n-ck-4-L'.i . 10 >vni'< t,U Wl • liny kll.'i ..ll.l inn,-r I i I..-: ii. 1,1,1.,,!,., ll .vill MW ,a,,, ,if L ;i« . Upk-UJ ^n GA ^i^ mnnm ^,^^r^~~^ One liirjri 1 riiuli 1 11- or ir>0() inm-..-. Mr,.' .U.IHI 'ii,,'i!"n,;,n." .",'•:" His. Nice small :, year old mare. So. 2l.-i| SI., Pride Add n. at Alill. O. S. Rollison . llis. Nice small ,~> year old _<' l! " k _;_ mare. So. 2l.-i| SI., Pride - ''"iv "'•"""' ( t- -'"->. •' '<>"i<' "-n-f . Add,,, at Aim i'".!.v;:i ;:;::!;'': f'r"^::;; 1 ";'^,; KibuiU Kviririulo LVJ III': j Ul . ,,„,,„. , ..... „ ..... ,, .. " .. . , ---- j^ate...!:v\ixr i ;!';i..^i^ ii; ' ^""s-. 1 ^:: 11 .^^ Picture (''ranics made to or- '•""" der. O'STICKN'S STI'DTO. ' SKl^alk l.i,-y..|... I-l 577]. 6.,,1. 11 ),,.„„,,. S ),,,, o room residence. Near' high v-";"'";!.^,, school. Price $5,0(11). One side now vacant. <""«i 1^1:17 i'iym,,imi. •• ,i TT f 1 f'AMPPFiM T i '" vv lllil '-''M''. -N-'^ iii>--. (J^ fl. l_. L,Al>il IjlVl.J, I „,,„. ,..,,| .,, „„., | .; fcc Phone 'M(j or 2930 <"" , , r . . , .-, M>-'|ITH cnf.' tl(M^I>• (iniipiM il 'l-5-|)k-'l-!2 laljlcs. Mouls. IHHUII,. ,,„», CO.VCIIKTK Itl'Il.DlXCi lll.CMTKS any i vill!""ri,oiit° -IS'' ''" ^ ' l ' '• .I<0|, M,,.,,li,.,. I'riml I'hl, I ^ Mi.lllhl in .|,k-!7 3O |--:il. k.-ritse In, jrill fi, nil.].-. :l-|.k ;, :; l.'iil>b«B(! nnil Tiiuinlo Plants. EBB 1'lanls. ,.,-: ,.!..,- . Home o! t'lowcn. Davis nl l-'mnkllll. ! .-.•s r.;i- t ' 111 Jiis. (ill livii - - .KvcrKreens of different kinds Mflgiiiilin .1 iTfi'ivi-il lart-c sliiimirnt ul rprinp- 'l'ri'.-s, Oalip Myrtle. Red l>oi;wouil. I".-' 1 llvi '»: ' furnihi,,. J ,,!.',„ Iliioriyraus Kveri;ri-«,i«. H.-d K o I'Linls. iving room suil.-s. $l.'i^.yri 11, 5^f'.l,r)0. ! l'lo« i.,iii(f slmilis \\'<ini-L \'ines mid COIK-JI Mill,.,. - |,Li.e... Sim.!!!! lo . I'ansi,' F ilai,ls. ilcnn'lnii'.i" lluiu'c ul £ ^I'JO.oO. r.,.,,-1, nuly ,*:,'<. or, 1,1 SSrt M>. ; KICM.-vr.s. lltu-is at Franklin. ^-ck.JjlO > r<j,-k»-rs I., Ml,.,t fr -M\ in" !l:ir,ly Kilo twin, fi ],.[, $50 Ki',1 1V,I! HnrbT Kurniiur,-. ::oi K. Main. J' 2:'.n-l. I .HJmp. i!!|.pV-l[^9 l'i:lno, Call 2IHJO. :re farms, \vfll linprov,',). s, nmiiiiiK ivalcr, bull,. One. IV~ *j ~ 1 mi. = south of Klyllu'viHi: 4,11 yr.ivcl. I *e,l rnitios. fl,-,tr> nml battery. Oinir- I One, on concrete lifylu.'fly, II mi. from . alit,',-d I.i, Sl-rvi,-.. \ A| ,la>- !<:,.! . .1:1,!. If on IIi|;liM- n y 01.' Slri! jilarp til Iniil-l! C news nl nlf.ilfH. nil fenced J.ulluT (Irny. llc-al Kslalo llruhor. I'" iilintiily 2 IUTI'S ,if I:,.,,!. !', „ Ihvy lil. i.u I' L ]li-ll Id.-nl 1,,,'nlinn for liulusirv S.-e liii.'l.aiian's (Sorcery. \. llvvy. "til. For Rent 4-1.1.-1 I If, Arm ,if biml ivill, Fix ri-ulal l,r,n-i'K. 't :nili. m,rlli ,.f ()-,•, oh' ,,n l!-.vv. ill. ('ilv lU'ln-. nml u-atiT .1 Kied Kintlli ilox o'lii. l>s,,„!:,. '- ' .l.,,k-ll Adding- machine. Blv Rules Co. l.-SS E.Main.' PliDue 'J-jik-ll '1 room fiir,,U]i,.il ;i],rn Inipnt Clii^,' in '»,- -i»:i:. !i,,l-i^ Altii- [an. B-pk-:>iH N. Fifil,. IVivnt.- Kiili- •I0-fi<> r>r | (111 ,r,rr(-s nf s o::,\ land l,> r.-nl. Cat, furnish trnctnr or innlr-^ if tlcsir,Ml. ,1. C. KHis. i-hohw Oil. :i(J-r-k I"', Nirely fnraislii'it front lipjrooin. sripain lient. hot wnlt'r, L'liono :t2G4. lll-pk-1: I'l S«rvic«f Oniri'ry Slim' nn.] fivtnri'.' Soc P M. Davis. 1 107 S. t,.-,kv. : ~ Now is the lime to Store (hat Mar, , nr.,1 ^^ ^.^ K WKC & Storage Co., phone 2801. / 4-4-pk-5-'l -Ufalfa hay nnc! n.ul,, drawn fnrm im- kins. SlW-l.', '.M,,. ' ""' 'l-pk-r,''l For fine portmits its O'STKKM'S STUDIO nOI'KKTY OWSKIIS: I will brin s you 'n rnsl, buy if ynu nre rrn.iy lo Fell your t,oi,,.-, furio. nr li,,-in,'-s i-roiii-r- 4y. I rail s,'!l am! finiincr: lo\vn |Onp- f i-rly ami farm lat,,l al lou- rate of int.T»M will, lo:i^ l.'T:., |.ro-l,.1yinrnts. "V'nil are invii,.,! t,i r:,Il aiivflmr T.titli- cf' dray. Heal K-lalu Itn'ikrr. I'h.iiio 513. 3i!7-i>k-l'S7 .'veral il.'firaljl,- irsiilcni-e Inl-i rrnsrtn- ablv prici-.l. J. M Jontz. phnur. :il':i:l. Several ynoil KliTtric A'acnum Tloanera. KCL> at 1015 Asfi. ;t-21-[ik-1-i; 1 ti.l,'r-]:t,no: rork vrrvant lo,n = o an,l ^•araL-e. ollirr ,,ntl.,iil.liii^s. Al;n one and .ill.' frame- Mrre bnil.lins 'JI ^ 10. ,\ll <.„ ll,vy. .In. ID nul.'S west of O.-r,-ola on rriail r,n,r.. an.l srN.iol bus -T VreJ Smith. !l',x 2-lfi. (Kce- Ula. Ark. LAKEDOS, sucked and cleaned at :i.7. r ) per lni. F. O. H. Charkstoii. A. S. lirown, Phone 222 Charleston, Mo. moweil. Tall Marvin. '2!!:|o.. House JTovin^ am! (Vill 402. Trunk Crockett. twil, an,! Vino SI. 2:V|k-i;i!." Mnlliur "ill care for rliililrr-n in hl'r fioini- .lay nr riijrht, llcferenre,. Hi Biinaldu rates. 1 19 Kasf Clirrrj M .lanii'B BcMilwi-ll. 2^.rk.j; Save oh repairs, Sperialize in the re- piiir of vacuum cleaners, llrinp il 1-, H'lT, Ash. Any make clcflnrr. '21 Inmr For expert oil stove repairing call 2f,22. William R. Overlon. aclinr; Connly .Surveyor. I.anil Sni-veya and dran Hi," /arm liitches. line nml levi-K yrrveil tins area, for 3i> years. IG-pk 4|10 Tractor repairs and service. KIcclric and acetylene welding. Rlacksmith work. Delta Implement Co. Phone _8^________a-15-cj^ Wonted to Rent Fnrni<hr.t nr unfurnished linn Wanted Tt> Buy (11.1 Camrra< nml ko.lal.8 l,,r parl«. O'Sli-en's Sluilio. 0 ,*--, •• •i-'t-pk-4-n % y — a rrr.i~f:»;"nT;r ^•„»„ i.T7i^rr T ^^r-,H. ,10- timo. ;:|;;-^;;^ k;::LH"<-,r- : ''"H'ckV f . . ll.-nvy brenta. -Mrs. lluck Mi'linrir. 3 K. Main. |ih,jno IU8. 3-pk-l'll Don't worry ahniil hard water in your farm home. Let Planltrs Hardware install and guarantee a water softener. 2-21-ok-tf • We will pay ]0c for each copy of (he April 3 issue of the Courier 'brough'f (o our office. Courier News BLYTHEVTLLi? SELL NOW To Phillips Motor Go. Can you afford to take chances when used cars will definitely go down? Come in while PRICES ARE STILL HIGH We will pay you for your extra equipment. DoiVfr take a cHANCE Come in fro Phillips Toddy! FHiL L i p s MOTOR COMPANY FORD and MERCURY DEALER Walnut at Fifth—iJlythevillc, Ark. Tel. 453 454 Wanted to Trade Political Announcements •ni« Oovirl«t Newi iuj been »uJ»n«d to announce lh» follow- li>* c^nUdat*., wbiwt to the Deuiocrntlri iirlmarj' SntRir* AN* dOLLKOTOK JACK PIN1JKY ROBINHON V/ILLTAM HEHRYMAN COUNTY JUDGE GENE E. BRADLEY ROLAND OR KEN FOR TAX ASSESSOR DOYLE HENDERSON W. W. "V/INIC" WATSON CIRCUIT CLEHK HAHVEY MOaniB COUNTY COURT Cl.KKK ElilZAnETH DLY1HK COUNTY TREASURE* DELL A PUHTIJS STATK UKPRESCNTATIVK Al.ENB \VORO K. C. PL K KM AN LESLIE "DtlKlK" 8I'12CK L. !1. AUTHY STATE SENATOR J. LEE BF:AUUEN 1*AGZ 3BVEN • Male Help Wanted , . . 1(1 |ik lill Will trade '11--12 model cars for ;!S or HO models. Good deals. Phillips Motor Co., 5th and Walnut, a-27-ck-lf Taken Up whitp face li,-if,r Owner may ImVe Mime liy harms; il.i. ail ami f.-.-ii l.ill. Call y la. ko pt. ]:; Strayed MILITARY OCCUPATIONAL SPECIALISTS (MO.S) JOH T.IOS (;r«nes 0:19 r,. 4, oor.__r,. .1 Oahle Siillccr. Telc'iihonc and In^laller-llciialrnian, Teleijhone. Telcgranli OUT r,, ^ Automatic Telephone System Maintenance Man 115 r, .| Kepcnterinan. Tolo|,!iono 1K7 &' ^ Lineman, Tele|ilione and ' ' Wire Technician. Telephone "and '"' ^ Telcgraiili .. c , ., ., Telcuhonc Oiieralor :]0|) li' ' Icleplionc anil Telegranh Kifillii- meiit Itcinlninii U||i r, 4 Trleiihoue Swltclitioard . . Opcralor 05CI 0 4 ill mid many ntlier s!.i||< M,. found Si,,- liar,,! p,i,,,.y n. Hefp Wanted ! liny I'J. i'l'i'i', aii'i'l heij" I I-' Hie mililaiy unal -. -|. ,; .l,..ii.-,l i; i i; •. Stiilr I'l, 71". I Sir;, r. I-;, i' '.l-i-k-lf "II-: MOS s.-ivi,.,.. provi.le,! re July 1.;. f.-,,,,, ]„ Ibe s| B r»,l c . j oil nlll • Un< n,.«- War Denirl- Aplily 1,1 tin. II. s A rm V rich! Port Pi-nncis E. Wnrrcn. Wyo- s^.k.ii Imiiif;. bore thr. name of Fort D ' A ^,77~^;] H " ss . rtl - n Civil war here, iinlii •ni-k Ooo,i t. prcsl <lciit Kcrbcrl IFoovci 1 chnngod ay for-t'" 1 name by proclumnlion Jan 1 IT. Oltlrnii. 1830. GALL TULLOS for Refrigcrotion CITY ELECTRIC CO. "At 1f6UK HKRVICK" 2241 FOR SALE Concrete Culvert Tile Sizes 12 in. to 36 in. A.H.Webb 3wy. f.l at Sfute Line Phone: Hlytheville 714 Attention Tractor Owners! We have the latest equipment to Inflate Your Tractor Tires. Let Us Install and Repair Your Tractor Tires. Work Guaranteed. WE GIVE PROMPT ROAD SERVICE Blan Heath Auto & Home Supply Phone 828 419 West Main Street Perfect repiilrhiK for totluy'.s nx- [|iiLsiU' ftmtWuiir assured wlicii rebuilt In our modern sln-p. Get Ready Now For SUMMER DRIVING FOR NEW PERFORMANCE Drive in for a complete motor tune-up. Your cor will start easier , . . Run faster Use loss gasoline. FOR SAFER DRYING CHECK STEERING SYSTEM CHECK WHEEL ALIGNMENT CHECK CONDITION OF BRAKES FOR NEW APPEMNCE Inside! Outside! New Floor Mais—Se«< Covers —Cloiiu Upholstery. Polish and Wax . . . or a Complete New Paint .Job. Loy Eich Chevrolet Company Texaco Gas and Gil- 301 West Walnut Phone 578 Exporlincnl-i linvi' Ijcen cnrrli-d <>n by (li« Ilrillsli I'nllwiiy.s in con- j fclniellnc loctinioLlvOK bascti on jcl- l)ro|ntlsloii |)i-in<:l|ik's. which will tui'iitly fncllltule iiiilroud Inivcl. PRESCRIPTIONS Stock Gunruiteed IJtat PrieM Kirfay Drug. Stores I Clinic 514 Main, Bljiheville, Ark., Phone 2S2I Bahy Chicks Custom Halchinjr. Blaj'lock Hatfliery, Hijrhway 01 N. 2-2B-pk--l-2(5 I'hotosfats — Lot (VSlecn make a pliolostatic copy of your discharge, marriage license and other important papers. Quick service. O'STKKN'S STUDIO Phone 320S. 115 W. Main 3-27-Ck-tf Ii,-:,llor. I'll,,' Personal rlllrn , rn r^i-- inc Ihc tlryri. 'fnmjlj- |o rnnliniic llicir r-|'lti[Hin« hroiKlruM tli-fll- linnrd. Onf tiMcncr vr<il<" "My hoy wjj killed in Ihp recent w»r un'l if you aw forte. I of! II,,. nir I fed like he ,lioH in v»ln." For frdc In- formiillon tvritt Thf nrreo F«ral!r. llav Ifil, 10-rk 17 Your Studebaker Dealer Says THE LID IS OFF .. With Gasoline Worries n tiling of the past . . . With tires off the rationed lisl . . . ami with millions of Motorists looking forward to llieir first vncntion since the war this Spring will see more tvnvel on American highways and byways tlnin has been seen for several years. The only catch Is ... "CAN THE OLD CAR TAKE IT?" Mfiny of you motorists are our customers and you look to us for trouble-free performance from your car. I.ct our Padtory-Trntncd Mechanics keep your car on the road until yon nre fortunate enough [ 0 {jet, a new one. DR?VK HV TODAY— Palnt-iin . . . Touch-tip . . . sivaiglHrn-iin . . . Keep the appearance of your car up to nnr. Our Body Shop is fully equipped to handle all your needs. C.'nmpk-tc Line of filucloliaker Parts and Accessories WK IHJY AND RKM, GOOD USKD C CHAMBLIN SALES CO. lex ChuablU , • *• *• * Art HU. Cash Buyers for Property! Did yon evur nntlrr that In my nils I not only give you Ihc DOWN PAVAIKNT on (In; |ir«i|»rly, but nbio Ilic exact atiiuunt ytiii are lo ]iay. Vou know the price before yon consult me. A gund way to adver- tlsr. List your property wllh me. My commls-Hlun ll 5%. H. C. CAMPBELL Oflficc: 120 S. 2nd St. Phones 440 or 2930 FOR RALE CONCUKTE STOHM SKWEH ALL SIKG8 Ch«per Th»n Brjiige I.nmber OSCEOLA TILE & CULVERT CO. rhorts OTV ' ' p ' Osccola, Arlt. . J. L. Guard Opfomefrrs* f GUARD'S JEWELRY 209 W. Main ftOT/U, _' 11* N. Sec us nhouf, your mechanical fronhlc. Our expert mechanics worhini; willi modern and cquipincnl ran put your csir hi lop condition. We rslsd hiivc n iiuint and liody shop rupuir service. We fix your'car or buy your car KOK CASH. DON EDWARDS •**>• Tjrf«>wrtt« Man" T. I. SEAY MOTOR CO. Complete Slocks of Parts For Chrysler IVodacts El Maln Phon. 21Z2 CX3RONA, AND REM7NQTOB .-OBTABU TYPEWRXTSK* BOOTS AND HKR TJUDDIKS BY IODGAR JIARTJN ^ I '."SOT MWCS. V I ROO " CRK>-\XtVV v . Vi XOVi SVttXV. COOVO Stt WE. W U VthVCK TOMORROW FRECKLKS AND HIS FRIENDS BY MERRILL BLOSSEF.'- I'M HILCW CRuCBLr, AND THIS 19 JUNE WAVMAM .' I'M GLAO YOU CAME—-I WFAU I REALLY AM ! J.VC BEEM FC-ELIMO LI^C A SAD SAU/ L ' FRECSi, I THAT NtW GAL IS STRICTLY BARBECUED/ \VfeLL, GIVE HER THE OE6P- FREEZff OR. /CAN'T SEfJM TO LATCH OM To A MALE/ ITS v POSITIVELY TRAGIC / , Whnl's Cooking?

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