Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 27, 1955 · Page 7
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 7

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 27, 1955
Page 7
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r Tt ">.y *- itfl STAR, HdM, ARKANSAS PriJoy, May 2?, ••*--— WT.«» BCb**:i« »U« Hi LCI fUl Jlft iS fclfliafc, te&. Jtih&l hajSp-efiS In this one small d "Pj|S.oted In every other ca. Now girl watching, while it is undoubtedly habitforming, Isti'i a bad fhing in itself. Many men report theyilhd it 'quite relaxing. But a fhhh "'should do it in his free hours. tie has no right to do it on compa- «s ny time. It is basically unfair to '- his '' ' MARKETS j^^^i^t^aaA.^^.. , Just how important a problem is'^" oic 5 ,.-• this? Well, from a random sam- £' ,| 00 . 7g . St. L6UIS LlV6§f6Ck 21.500; choice heirers 20.00-21 oti; NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 bulk utility and commercial coWa B — Hogs 4,500; higher 12.00-13.50; canners ahd cutters choice No. 1 ahd 20 19.00-00 largely 9.00-11.50; few top cutters New Fear of .! • Continued from J>age kitchen. "The wind was so strong i couldn't get through the door, said Gann, who suffered an in- of evidence, we have reach- Nfttit* .jJT^^*"*"*'****'* N6. 7744 'fefejfw VS r hlte Court <S| y, Ark. Plaintiff „• >mmiA' tto *, I'", within thit flalttjr W\ White nek to this court .ays and answer the ihc Plaintiff, Jim a, Witn7sS*tn>lhAhii Ind the seal ol Paid court this 4 da> of May 1951. Oarrett Willi^, Clerk ' •' *w. "^ Charlene Burke, D C * >C8EAL) , Way 0, 13 t 20. Zi • in Amen ed the conclusion that 40~ million 1 ^ ul ^ 1 ^ l7 - ao '' American men spend a half hc-' aown 13 - 5 °- 15 - 0 °: over on the job each day staring at, ai «.,,„,. nnn , pretty working girl. This rneans^^ 6 600 ' calves 40 °: • — - -. - r-, ^ — . .., uuf *.*,.-. v\JJJ fcr WILCi 3 j >J " *V( . ^ICtlJU, W (III Oil 11 18.75-19.25; 240-200112.00; utility and commercial bulls jured leg. He added: irtn ;»^",r i ,/,"» J V 70 lb 18 -°0- 19 -0":i :1 3.r)0-15.00; canners and cutters i "The wind took the door off a 100-130 lb 16.00-17.50; sows 400 lb! 11.00-13.00; god and choice veal- closet in the bedraom and blew eiown 13.50.1 A.00; r\\/nr d-fin IK 10 nn_ «ve n nn.oi nrv- u;«u ~u«;__ _.. -, :t ..1-1.1 _._i ,. , ~. 12M ' high choice and jit right out the door. The door hal 20 mnioh llarger' markers may not be affect-[Philadelphia, ed that way. Under the new sys- The move gc K.Ic.1. laajgeijjieiin.ci.Diiici.yilut. rje clIIUU I- Today Scheele said that "as a ed that way. Under the new sys- J-Ssult of the discussions with the- tern, he said, "producers of small committee" Cutter is "undertaking lots will be doing additional test- production of the vaccine accord- ing, while producers making lares Friday, May 27, 1955 HO PI IT At, MOM. AKKANSAS trig to the standards." PHman-'Moore was the last of additional tests." the drug firms to agree to the re-1 E. N. Beesley, president of Eli vised standards. [Lilly & Co., Indianapolis, has said Its president, Kenneth F. Vale;i- his firm has enough vaccine for ; na c? 1'1/-I a •* vlnr i f^rt r*\r 4 lim* ...,*...!_) 11/i. rvi i 11 inn c)in4 a alr'ttnrltr »-n n «n_ The move toward ren'ewed vaJ cine production tended to ovej shadow developments on Capita Hill, where both House ahd Senat committees continued work .c standby, vaccine control bills. - 228 years •— are frittered away every single working day in this pleas JDrime 21.00-23.0.0; commercial to bounced around the dining room steady: ;good 13.00-16.00; culls and tttility'off the walls, and then the wiild' said > 18.00- 8.00-12.00. " blew it back into the bedroom tine, said early today they would require "some retesting" of nearly two million shots Which the c e •«"• wucim firm had ready for shipment. Hi>| De retcsted. -- million shots already manufactured. He said he was not certain whether this would have lo Won't work. NEW YORK STOCKS ^•••tyf^, »f «vi i»i i j£, i_t n^ 4i j bi no |.MCCT.I~ *••-"• kwv/*rv, ant but-nonprofit making pastlime. Girl watching, once a fellow falls NEW YORK W—Heavy demand Think how the great American ' nto thc habit (and most fellows *° r . aircr ^ sent the Stock Mai- j*. r i,,»4*tMl *»*.«u: M ~ .. iu i. . * no). npfntnnc »w tin*/-.*....*:.-.,.., 4ui~- Ket alicaci today in the earlv nfl. again.". Johnny Walker said, "We industrial machine would leap forward if all these wasted hours could be put to a productive iise: We'd all live better. What can be done about it? There s no point in employers pasting signs on a bulletin board saying: \uiiu must iciiows . , ..•*«. an unconscious thine ket ahead loday ln the earlv aft- do), _ _., A follow can't help it. The real answer is to make the crnoon. The Air Force order to speed bodies lying along the street and them that was gone We. just left ly ing. We kept looking for, lh« others." 'It will be 30 to 40 days before ;we'll be shipping any var- cine." 'But he indicated some of the •*••!<•. * \.ui cuiowci 15 tU JJItf K(j IflG — «-n^v-*-.v* American working girl so unat- up P rocluetion nf Boeing's B52 jet tractive that Watching her is rto | bom bers sent Booing bounding up- longer fun. Girls never in history ward and carned thc rest of thc . in history looked more unattractive than they did in an old-fashioned gym class 'Male employes will cease and de-ja couple of generations Tgo.' list from looking at the female There's your clue American P help during working hours." That ployers simply should band togeth Litfol NMiet "'"•'-I T- f- '• -f • -' - ' • wlv / Mv, _ ' NO WILLIAMS, ET AL DEFENDANTS Stead eales n Downers ^NOTICE OF SALE GIVEN, That in accordance With the' decree -/as- «::r--r-L.' y <-?"" in Cause no. 7732, entered on the 17th -,, i«98, the unaersigned will, as Commissioner of said Court. i 6 A* iT 1 * fron t or casl door of the Court House in Hemp- ^"t ^ JAl uH? s A, betwcen thc hours /ixed by law for Judicial l IsU l 5Sr 9 net elhbfelore described, snid lands being sold for the «£ l -SS^L^lJ™»n6Stpad. Levee District No. 1. for the years .J5Z aneTTBBa, &r set forth in the above mentioned decree, there sfet opposfte^each of said tracts of land, the name of the supposed st i» * , i , . • market with it. POULTRY AND PRODUCE All Salk Makers Continued from Page One the mass inoculation program or for use by private physicians. -. u..u lanut- u nut ruie inai all i '-"- i "j' *»" I-^UIJB, oi,im 10; i.o.o. t \, n , , .. . °uncement at workini girls, no matter what their! Pay'nK P^ces unchanged; heavy T . ,°: , tw °-day meeting job, should remove all makeup, hens 22.5-28; light hens 16.5-17 ° f sclcntlsts an d drug makers. 'wear their hair in a bun on top,'! broilors or fryers 30-32; old roost CHICAGO — Live poulty . .. ™ e ^v..- steady; receipts in coops 245 yes- and issue a flat rule that a ll, t( -' rc ' a y 1(il coops, 61,157 lb; f.o.b _ ... u Ukll* <J1| \.\J\J t nnd don a uniform consisting of flat| ors shoes, black cotton stockings, blac'c Buttei bloomers, and a dark blue middy The girls might rebel at caponetlos 38-39. steady; receipts 1,952, 375; wholesale buying prices un .-..v. s.i.o uiigiu reoei ai first changed; 93 score AA 56.75 92 A but in time they'd probably learn 1 5G ' 75; 90 B 54 - 5; 8S c 52.5; cars In «r>f/t*» ..._^l u * « . On "D .TC . nn /~i rrn ^ , DESCRIPTION FUWON; ARKANSAS .•?„ 1951 1D52 1953 IH. Jonea , 'Cinda, Beard (|Cinda BeSrfl "^Florence EBis ' s j 'K. Jones %* '.Nancy Btu-totf , . .; v 5 Henderson Jones i-Australia AUbrey , . jHervfcy Adams, X. ',Chat{ty Thornas "- i Andfetiv, Riven i ! "jJ. C. Pate . ,, . MParalee Wilson Tones-, „.„ _ Brfawn i'j' )Mw. J. Ki Hirrell fBettylMitsthcli SV £ Lot. 1, Block 2 % Lot 2, Block 2 3/5 Lot 3, Block 3 ... LOt 5. Block 2 Lots 6,& 7, Block 2 ... Lot 8, Block 2 , LoU 9 to 13, Block 2 Lots IS & 16, Block 2 N% Lot 16. Block 3 Lots 6 & 7, Block 26 . Lot 13, Block 29 Lots 14. 15 & 18, 'Block 30 Lot 4, Block 2 Lots 3*4, Block 3 , I^t 2, Block 18 Lot 10, Block 30 . Lot 9, Block 36 Lot 16, Block 25 2.50 .25 ..50 .50 50 2.50 1.25 1.00 2.50 3.00 .50 7.50 2.50 .25 .50 .50 .50 2.50 1.25 1.00 2.50 .50, 7.50 1.50 .50 .25 .50 .25 2.50 .25 No .50 .50 2.50 1.20 1.00 2.50 .50 7.50 1.50 . .25' I • . **" .|x»wiv«* MIJ Jwet i II to enjoy working in such a uniform. They say bloomers are reai- ly quite cool and comfortable. But they aren't much to look at In a week girl watching on company time would become ished art. Anybody against this whole idea? Legal Notice COMMISSIONER'S SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN -im? A " p " rsuance of the authority and directions contained in the de- -rder of the Chancery Court County, made and entered .50 .60 .25 .25 .2f 5.00 3.75 3.00 .25 .25 TO THE TOWN OF FULTON, ARKANSAS Lota 1, 2, .and 3, Block 6 .50 Lots 7, Block 6 .25 .25 Lot 12 & 13, Block 6 .25 .25 t Lot 16, Block 6 .25 .25 < > Lots 2, 3 & 4, Block 7 -.75 •••••-• t Lot 34, Block 7 5.00 5.00 N% Lot 8, All 5, Block 7 . 3.75 3.75 ' » Lot 11. Block . 8 3.00 3:00 Lot 13, Block 8 .25 .25 , .Lot 16 Block 8 .25 .25 Lot 10 & 11, Block 9 12.50 .Lot 4,-Block 16' 1.00 1.25 1.25 N. 25x100' Lot 11, Block 18 125 «>«*)> . -, .Lot 12. Block 16 ,.35 „ , .Loft Block 17'~;25 ', .,25' '.25 Lots 2, 3 & 4. Block 17 5.00 Lot 8, Block 17 1.00 Lots 3 & 4, Block 18 10.75 Lots 8 & 9, Block 5 , 1?00 'WU4 var^cr ,.^ , Lot 1, Block 6 ,50 Southwestern Gas <c Eloc. Co, „'••'.. w "" of,the £V4 ol Jot 8, tc W% of-=L6t 5, Block: 10 rrOBt«e — ~ • ~ — ' " -...„. — ^,'Mrs. Schweizerhof . ^Geo. McOUl, '. Mittie Bell AUbrfey .„ 4 IV. E While, Trust , WM: Lots 8 & 9, Block 10 1.25 23.00 ,.1.00 1.25 P|ON TO THE TOWN OF Fllr,TON. ARKANSAS .,. /, , Lots 7, 8 &,9. ..Block 1,0 ,.,7.50.., 7.5 i Lot 10 & 11, Block 10 « n = Lot 5, Bfock 10 Co. „ ,,..,,.... 0.407 Miles. !«.* ». /..J:...,;..;.:,;,..., „.. /; i 8 . 8 - s »«2pf°n i Belcher •Aejlus • .50 .50 «,30 3.20 1.00 ,50 .50 .50 6.00 Pt. Pt Pt 'A,/. ' Aretha" Mularow ,J. L. Rankln Pt, Pt 1.00 SECTION Sec.'Twp, Rge.' (571) 17 13 26 3.50 350 (-,29)'17 13 26 2.50 12,50 (5;iO):,' ; 17- 13 20 3.00 ' 3,QO 35' 13i 26 40 ' Ci40 35 13 26 • 4.50 4.50 27 13 26 4.00 4.00 3 14 26 12.00 15 14 26 1.20 (4.20) (5.10) tt NW% (36.00) Pt NMi NEV4 (ll'.OO) Fil. SEV 4 (6.00) ,,7.50 .50 .50 :6.30 3.20 1.00 3.50 2.50 3.00 4.50 4.00 1,20 fl tiS$3^^ «GL/ <* iiejiBlty *• eduufed hv lAtu n^ 11^11 «,. ««j'ii"i..ji_" lr A. ve '.. r . ceni..wo./»> amount 27 ,'. 7 *,'. **V At vc i^v* ueiji. VAO/OJ and including the costs of advertis- ^^ *u six - per c £ nt ( ? %) interest on the *v""*iu l « ft S y^.saroe.became;delinquent. jQ,the,Jiighe?t,and best bidder for cash in '•^. 4uy of June, .19.55. ••' •- ••!- -« . • ••• i as %uch Commissioner on this the 17tH day oi GARRETT WILLIS Commissioner Hempgtead Chancery « 0 ' ere the 9th day of May A. D 1955 a certain cause (No. 3038) then Pending therein between Frank Slatton Complainant, and Arthur Erwin, etal defendants, the undersigned, as Commissioner of said Court, will offer for sale at public vendim to the highest bidder, at the front door or entrance of the County Courthouse, in which said Court is held, in the counties of £Jke and Hempstead within the hours prescribed by law for judicial sales, on Saturday the llth day of Jurte A. D, 1955, the following Described. real estate, in the County of Hempstead and State of Arkansas, tc^wit: — The Fractional Southwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter, and the Fractional South part of the Northwest Quarter, all m Section Twenty-three (23), Township Nine (9) South, Range Twenty- lour (24» West, containing 39.49 acres, more or less. This real estate will be sold at the front door or entrance of the . Hempstead County Court House between the hours of 9:00 o'clock A. M. and 12:00 o'clock noon. •,,ALSO the following lands situated in the County of Pike and State of Arkansas, to-wit: — Four acres 'of land situated in the'South- east corner of the Northwest Quarter of the Northeast Quarter of Section Fourteen (14) Township Nine (9) South, Range Twenty-four (24) - West.;. This, lartd will be sold at the front door or entrance to the Pike, County" Court House between the : hours'oM2:OQ o'clock noon and 3:00 .o'clock P. M. in Pike County, Arkansas'. .-'.'TERMS OF SALE: On a credit of.three months, the purchaser being required to execute a bond as required by law and the order and decree of. spiel .Court in said cause, with approved security, bearing interest at the rate of 6 per cent per annum from date of sale until aaid, and a lien being retained on the -prernises sold to secure the payment of -tho purchase money. Given under my hand this 10th day of "May, A. D, 1955 Doyle Jones Commissioner in Chancery. (SEAL) May 13, 20, 27 • 90 B 55; 89 C 53. Eggs unsettled; receipts 28.838; wholesale buying prices unchangcc to 1 lower; U. S. large whites 70 per cent and over A'b 34; 00-69.J per cent A's 33.5; mixed 34; mediums 30; U. S. standards 29.5; dirties 27.5; checks 24.5;'current receipts 28.5. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YOR Km—Cotton futures were irregular in slow pre-hoHday dealings today. Most of ' tfie activity involved switching from nearby July to new crop months. Late afternoon prices were 15 cents a bale higher to 10 cents lower than the previous close. July 34.07, October 34.22 and December 34.24. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS CHICAG Cm— Grains sagged slightly in very quiet dealings on the Board of Trade today. For most of the day prices remained very close to the previous finish with no definite trend shown A slight expansjon of selling ap- — drug makers. Scheele reiterated that "with the exception of two lots, the vaccine already produced and used has been safe." But he added this cautionary note: "We must always keep in mind, however, that the vaccine is 60-90 per cent — not 100 per cent effective. Although the vaccine is a potent weapon against poliomyelitis, we must recognize that it is not perfect. "Some—but many fewer— children will continue to contract poliomyelitis."- The two lots he referred to as exceptions presumably are those Cutter products mentioned earlier this week as being suspect. Scheele said then there have been 56 cases of paralytic polio among children who had received the Cutt»r product and he said there was "presumptive evidence" of a connection. Seven other Cutter .lots were declared safe by the surgeon Remember the Date June 6, 1955 White's Drive-In will be open for Business. Charlotte Blood Other firms accepting the new standards were Parke, Davis ft Co., Detroit, and Sharp & Dohme., THE BEAUTYBO)f| Open 6 Dayi • Wetk Appointments after I for those who work, Phone 7-5850 112 S. Mitft • TODAY AND SATURDAY • Big Triple Program! 3:08 - 6:20 - 9:32 ROARING ADVMTURI IN AN UNTAMID WILDIRNISS! :eared late in the day, showing tself initially in wheat. Wheat closed 3 x 8-l'/4 lower, July 12.001/4-1/8,corn %to 1 cent lower, July 1.43'/ 2 -%, oats 1/8- lower, July 68%-69, rye '/a lower to % higher, July $1.05-'/ 2 , and soybeans 14 to 1 cent lower, July 2.441/2-1/4. Ritofli«icU • Experienced • Mechanics New & Used PARTS EXTRA SPECIAL! SAVE Gal. 26.9 Esso Regular Esso Extra Gal. 29.9 WYLIE Glass & Salvage Co. West 3rd Street OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK x - LEO'S GARAGE Sub-Dedlelr for auo-ueaier ror FORD TRACTOR & PARTS ' "Our repair shop Is as near as your telephone" For All ... • CARS • TRUCKS • TRACTORS • EQUIPMENT Leo Hartsfield — Owner and Operator 413 S. WALNUT PHONE 7-4314 TRUCoiPR,// STEKUHC VEM DAVID HAYDEN-RALSTON-BRIAN f ALSO AT: 2:00 -. 5:12 - 8:24. KILLER SEARCH IN .FbRBIDDEN A JUNGLE! A REPU1LIC MESENTAIION ( AFRICA' MANHUNT MYRON HEAitr • KAREN Bo PLUS Chapter 8 of Serial "THE BLACK ARROW" & POPEYE COLOR CARTOON • Expert Repair Service—All'.Types I • Home and Industrial W.ijji'ng ' : '"" • Installation—Fixtures ';&'"',Outlets • 24-Hour Service—Call'ahy. : time..f]'1 ALLEN ELECTRIC CO; 114S. Elm Phone 7-2629 Sunday & Monday HELP WANTED-MEN Specialty salesman wanted for this area. 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Calendar Friday May 27 Mrs. Edwin Stewart will present her High School pupils in' piano recital Friday Evening May 27, at 7:30 in the High School Auditorium. The Public is invited. Hart. Red roses were used to decorate the serving tables and a delicious lunch was served to 21 members and the sponsor, Mrs. B. C. Jtyatt. ' Ginanne was presented a gift from the club The Friday Music Club will attend the piano recital of Mrs. Edwin at the High School 7:30 p. m. Following the recital members will meet in the home of Mrs. Jewell Moore, Jr., for a business session. Sunday May 29 Mrs. R. L. Gosnell will present Kathleen Mallory Circle Met in Home of Mrs. Cecil O'Steen The Kathleen Mallory Circle of aptist Church met Tues- g, May 24, in the home of Mrs. Cecil O'Steen. The meeting was opened with prayer toy Mrs. McDowell Turner. A short business session followed, with Mrs. C. M. Rogers, circle Notice Hope Chapter of DCCI will not meet Monday night, but on first and 3rd. Monday in June. An Ice Cream supper will be held the 3rd. Monday in June. Coming and Going Bob Hyatt of Union Theological Seminary Richmond, Va., will arrive Saturday for a visit before go- Ing to Fayetteville for summer work at the University of Arkansas. PLUS: LATE NEWS & GOOFY COLOR CARTOON HWY. 29 SOUTH • OPEN 6:30 * TONIGHT & SATURDAY * HEAD WYOMING Melody Maids Entertain Honoring Ginanne Graves, the only Senior in the club, the Melody Maids entertained at a beautifully apponited luncheon Saturday in the home of Jo Beth Rettig. Assistant hostesses were Carolyn Lewallen, Bobby Kay Turner, Alice Coffee, Loretta Munn and Jo Ann Piano Pupils in Recital at the Junior High Auditorium Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The public is invited. Monday May 30 Mrs. Bess Evans will present her pupils in recital at the High School Auditorium May 30, at 7:30 p. m The public is invited . Hope Band Auxiliary will meet Monday May 30, at 7:30 p. m. in Cannon Hall. The executive meeting will be held at 7 o'clock. . ._ filled in . each member, and the various chairman gave their rpports. The circle expressed its regret at losing one of its faithful members, Mrs. Henry Callett, who is moving to Arkadelphia. The program "Up and Down the City. Streets" was then presented, with Mrs. J. V. Moore, Jr., Mrs. Rogers, Mrs. Horace Hubbard, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. O'Steen, Mrs. John Crosby and Mrs. Catlett participating. Mrs. Rogers closed this portion of the meeting with prayer. The social hour followed and Mrs. O'Steen served a lovely dessert plate to the eight members present and to one guest, Mrs. Orval Taylor. Legal Notice NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF No. 983 Lizzie Hayden, deceased Last known address of decedent: Rt. 3; Box 266, Hope, Ark. Date of death: January 15, 1955. The undersigned was appointed administratrix of the estate of the above-named decedent on the 19th day of April, 1955. All persons having claims against the estate must .exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit ^in- the- estate. Ths notice first published 20th day of May, 1955. Odessie Turner (Administratrix) Rt. 3; Box 268, Hope, Ark. May 20, 27, June 3 Mr. and Mrs. Charles Hyatt and daughter, Alice Lynn, of Jonesboro will be the weekend guests of Mrs. B. C. Hyatt and Mr. C. C. Spragins. Hope. Practical Nurses Meet The Hope Division of Practical •Nurses met in the home of Miss Hartsfield Tuesday evening May 21. i -I**! The president, presented valuable information concerning cm- phase of work. She also read some letters received from Mrs. Russell about the plans that are being worked out to better qualify practical nurses for their work, and what their work consists of and how we will team up with other practical nurses of both State and National Associations; according to the Kellog plan of vocational education. After a brief round table discussion the hostess served cookies and iced drinks -to those present. Miss Jean Nash is Bride Of James D. White Mr. and Mrs. Wood Nash of Nacogdoches, Texas, formerly of Hope announce, the marriage oi' -th.eis; daughter! Dorothy Jeani to James" Dean White, son of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. White of 'Angleton. Texas. The ceremony was performed Saturday, May 21 at 2 p. m. in the Methodist Church in Almeda, Texas, with the Rev. James T. Gar^ rett officiating. The bride was becomingly attired in * navy true linen sheath dress with matching cut away jacket. Her accessories were navy and white and she pinned a white orchid at her shoulder. After a wedding trip the couple will be at home in Ft. Worth, Texas where the groom in employed. PRESCOTT NEWS Wettilde HD Club Ha* May Meeting The West Side Home Demonstration Club held its May meeting in the home of Mrs, Joe Moore, .with Mrs. Ernest Adam as co-hos- jtess. The meeting was opened with the group singing "America, 1 ; and Mrs. Joe Moore led the devotional with the reading of Psalrn 24, followed by prayer. Club President, Mrs. A. E. McGuire, conducted the business session, and the club voted to contribute an additional $20.00 to be applied against the indebtedness on the 4-H house at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville. Mrs. Fred White presented the secretary-treasurer's report. Mrs. Woodrow Easterling was welcomed as >a new member to the club, and was apponited repor- eous quiz pfograrrt quite entertaining. Bill CWtes re*icr netted in the *nfi<jd fcrive that was Club. — Waller Nelson. The Merry-Go-Round." Directed by — Phoebe Johnson. "The Bicycle Song," Directed by — George Clay. "The Little Bear Sohg," Directed by — Kenneth Formby. "The Candy Shop," Directed by — Susan Ward, "The A, B, C, Song," Directed by — Larry Jameson. "Dickory, Dickory, Dock," Directed by — Anna Gordon. "Old Mother Hubbard," Directed by — Bob Rouse. "Jack And Jill," Directed by John Reynolds. Special Numbers presented by Mrs. Mary D. White's pupils, BiH Virden Jackie Lowe, Nina Abbott, Joe Escarre, "Let The Sunshine In" and "Davey Crocket." "Indian Dance" —• The Class. The Scarecrow" — The Class. Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. Glen Winchester, Mineral Springs, Ark., Mrs. J. K. Schooley, Hope, Margaret Bennett, •Elmora Walker, Hope. Discharged.' 1 Fulton. i Mr. and Mrs. Wm. P. Petit, Hope announce the arrival of, a son, May 25. Mr. and Mrs. Glen Winchester, Mineral Springs, announce the arrival of a daughter, May 25. FVed 'and • Margaret Bennett, Hope, announce the arrival of a son May 26. Branch Discharged: Don . Byers, Washington, Ark., Mrs. FoyHammons, Camden, Mrs, W. T. Baber, Hope, Ark., Carl Lauterback, Hope, 'Ark. Branch Admitted: Don Byers, Hope, Mrs. Netse Henderson, iMrs. (Bryan Clark Mrs. Ernest Fagan,. Hope, Carl Lauterback, Hope. Discharged: Mrs. Mattie Haynie, Hope, Mr. Eldridge Cassidy, Hope, Mrs. M. J. Copeland ,'Nashville. Julia Chester Admitted: Mr. Elmpre Walkdr, Fulton, Isadroe Smith, Fulton, W. C. Johnson, Hope, Mrs. Wm. P. Petit, Hope, Mrs. Jimmy Walters, Hope. Discharged: Winston Duke, Hope. tor, filling the vacancy created by] Awarding Diplomas — Mrs. Esthe resignation of Mrs. Westmoreland. A demonstration the Gilbert carre. I Accompanist proper Gordon. Mrs. A. Dudley methods for hanging'clothes on the line and folding of articles to be Ellen Gordon. ironed was conducted by Miss Loretta McClennahan, County Home Ushers, Betsy Jane McMahen — Demonstration Agent. Miss McClen- nahan also gave instructions in the selection and use of color in our wearing apparel, Mrs. T. F. Carrington demonst- Lions Have Quiz Program At the weekly luncheon meeting of the Prescott Lions Club held on Thursday noon at the rated how to make String belt Hotel Clyde Hesterly Broadway _ = program loops, and suggested other"pract- chairman, conducted a miscellan- ical uses for the string loop. Dainty refreshments were served 'by the hostesses to the nineteen members present, to Miss Mc- Clennahan and to a visitor, • Mrs. A. B. Bonds. ' The June meeting will be held in the home of Mrs. W. S. Black. Celebrate* BIHhd*y -/ Gail -Willis was hoho'fea'*ftti' party given by Her pireftti r and Mrs. Wilburn Wiflli it home ofi ThUfSd to celebrate her SeeYWd W Upon arrival the |<ieM*y Ann Daniel, Cathy.. L*h|' Willis, Dickey Moseleyi-, psoh. Randy Averjr. <ftfld j mar. were given balloon*, s' -,, . During the afternoon, *l«,' v Ji W. Davis took picture* - • • - ty. The dining table wai ,.. a white cloth and cent* the white birthday cake f ( in green and topped -with. candles that was placed 6rt slcal cake stand thai py Birthday." After sang Happy Birthday served ice cream and cakfc? H 1 Mr. and Mrs. Ed I. Rephi Hot Springs were Monday In Prescott and M6p8. Halley's Comet has appeared 27 times since 240 B. 'C. at intervals veraging 76 ye^rs and 9 months ays the National Geographic Solet/. "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE IN TOWN' E. O. M. SPECIALS 17 Pairs White Terry Cloth Crepe Sole HOUSE SHOES Sizes 5 - 9 $1 OXFORDS 18 Pairs Boys Tan Mesh Blucher Sizes 8± - 3 $3.50 OXFORDS 14 Pairs Big Boys Brown & Tan Mesh Sizes 3i - 6 $4 20 Pairs Women's White Linen PUMPS 18/8 heel — Sizes 6 - 9 $1 Work Shoes 10 Pairs Men's Plain Toe Cork Sole Sizes 8 and 8i EE $3 OXFORDS 1 1 Pairs Men's Brown Mesh Blucher Sizes 7-11 $4.75 28 Pairs Children's White One Strap FLATS AND SANDALS Sizes 9 - 3 $1 38 Pairs Women's Patent & Mesh Trim PUMPS AND STRAPS Sizes 5 - 9 $2 FOSTER'S FAMILY SHOE STORE "Wh.r. Good Shoei «rt Fitted Corrtctly" 111 I, 2nd- Corbin Fo»t*r Phonf 74709 Kindergarten Graduation Exercise Mrs. P. A. Escarre presented her Kindergarten pupils in the following graduataion exercises on Thursday evening in the Educational Building of the First Methodist Church. Processional March John Reynolds, Bob Rouse, Anna Gordon, Larry Jameson, Susan Ward, Kenneth Formby, George Clay, Phoebe Johnson, Walter Nelson, Mike Smith, Marita Jane Bemis. Welcome — The Class. "The Laughing Moon" — Rhythm Band. Flag Salute And Song — The Class. "I Had A Little Nut Tree," Directed by — Merita Jane Bemis. "Little Jack Horner," Directed Mike Smith. by "Little Boy .Blue," Directed by Duke's Beauty S«l*fl W ^*L Bi*A«hdi T^JttlM • r in r nvffiv **^wv • FeltUrliia DUk*'i'.'f'; Gifts for the Graduate SHEAFFER SNORKEL PENS KODAKS AND ALBUMS, JUSTI'N BILLFOLDS MONOGP.AMMED STATIONER' OLD SPICE, YARDLEY MEN'S PERFUMES, PANGBURN CAf WARD & SON DRUGGIST '\ *« 102 W. 2nd GOOD FOOD AT EVERY DAY PRI£ 35c BARBECUE SANDWICHES Every day. price ,.A.Y 20c HAMBURGER — Made with pure ; | Ground Beef — Everyday price ' I SUM'S BAR-B-Q Highway 67 West Phone OrdVt 7-27- Homemade Piei — ' Coffee and " Here's why PONTIM WINS BUYER FROM EVERY OTHER •>ir. \> , n It's a king-size luxury car-; Biggest at its price! Pontiac is a big, roomy car. Here it is: A car with 122" or 124* wheelbase—longest in its price field, even longer than some models in the top price range—and with true big-car stability to match. Luxury is in key. For quality of fabrics, conveniences and appointments, Pomtiac compares with the costliest cam. /' Ifs a 200-horsepower perforniBr-^" Most powerful at its price! ' As the only car with the Strato- Streak V-8, Pontiac has a big performance advantage. This newest and most efficient V-8 enabled Pontiac to provide more power than any car has ever delivered at Pontiac's price—a full 200 horsepower with the four-barrel carburetor, an extra cost option; 180 H.P. is standard,. It's a future-fashlontd bniit^ MflStdJst|ijis.Uvi^inyBrtw!^ Style-conscious motorist* Pontiac lor true mode-of-t ' design, beautifully different • any other car on the road. I Vogue Two-Tone styling, , Streakedlhood and low, n '' ' give you a car that you _^^ r ^ f ' remain a pridcfulpoaaeMion for minf years to come., • • • It's America's topmost Greatest buy of any year! x Pontiac is selling at fthe fastest rate of all time for this simple reason; America agrees—when you can get the size, power, beauty ahd luxury. you want at Pontiac's easy price, that's the place to put your money/' Come in and get all the facts. * Yewc«n ttrato-ftft* V"§ MM m** for much UM Mw« MrlpM «f^«iiy ***$* •f Mgtor-prUtd m«k«f« ft sift f) <\ t »!* !*«> /p. • 41 V CAN YOU) SEE, STEEK, STOP SAFELY? CHECK YOU* CAR-CHECK 4.CCtDBHT£ >. , k i^ |S,HEMPSTEAD MOTOR 319 S, Walnut Hi '^ ,-i

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