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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, May 27, 1955
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£'?*' VfP'Vl fK ' rf "I "t" " * "• r { "*,*' ~i 3 , ^ * MOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, May 2«, ' TVA Counter Wan It Calltd Unworkable . l*l!Ml?ttIS ll) *= The Commercial Ajtfell said today the federal Bud- far More Arrested in Gas Lne Topping ion County men have been atrest- ed Jn the large-scale tapping of __. Bureau's counter-proposal to gasoline from a pipe line near < IW tenhessee Valley Authority's here. flrbposed Self-financing plan is re- ftrded as "unworkable." The tsotinter-tji-oposal was sent to TVA, last .week, it has been under rttidy by ffiVA officials, but any fcbnclusiotis drawn have not been Made public. 1ft a dispatch from its Washington Bureati, the newspaper quoted ill Unidentified source as saying BUdget Bureau's plan is — when Considered as a whole — unworkable. *he dispatch did not detail the differences In"the TVA and Budget Bureau proposals but said TVA Officials will be called to spell their reactions before a House appropaiations subcommittee soon. TVA's plan, submitted to the ;, Bureau several weeks ago, propos' «d that TVA be authorized to issue revenue bonds, enter into lease' purchase agreements and spend from power receipts to acquire additional generating plants. *;, S'V ! IV Sheriff O. E. Bishop said that O. L. Smith and David Griffith of the nearby Turkey Creek community were arrested yesterday. E.J. Smith of Junction City, Ark., was arrested Sunday artd has been charged with grand larfieny in con nection with the thefts. Prosecutor Bruce Bennett sait last night that a similar charge will be,placed against O.L. Smith and Griffith. Police have said that hundreds of barrels of refined gasoline were siphoned from the Triangle Pipe Line Co.'s near here over a period of 18 months. ABA Would Equalize Taxes on Banks HOT SPRINGS (ffl — The Arkansas Bankers Association adopted a resolution today demanding that the federal government equal- Visiting Around Arkansas BY JOE MARSH \ ^Doctor Byssey Started Something [ T« 1091 Ttf Snmnol TOiiocnv KpnrVinrnnirli'fl T.nndincr at famed In 1921, Dr. Samuel Bussey •truck oil in Union County — •hitting its' economy to petro- eum instead of agriculture. Three major oil refineries and .' tone of the largest chemical operations in the South, plus a score of "other petroleum and petroleum products plants, form the backbone of Union County enterprise. In addition to this* more than ! a half million acres in the County produce famed Arkansas soft pine timber.... . / El Dorado is the third county, •eat since 1829. In 1843, the county seat was moved.from,/ Scarborough's Landing at famed Champagnolle — one-time busy Ouachita River port. Union County has kept pace with the times. American brewers have kept pace with the times, too; constantly improving their fine, products and seeing that they are sold in clean, wholesome establishments under the industry's self-regulation ' ' x.. Copyright, J9JJ, United Stalls Brtwen foundation, Inc., Arltaitiiu Divitloi Ize taxes levied 6ft fcankS along with other financial organizations. The resolution, claimed that mutual banks, saving and loan asso- citions and credit unions were favored in the present tax computing system. The bankers also endorsed a bill backed by Sen. McClellan which would transfer certain industires, now operated by the government, to private business. H. A. Lewis of Fayetteville was elected president of the associa tion, H. C. Adams of DeWitt vice president and Eric Wave of Jones boro treasurer. If man stopped tending corn, scientists believe it would vanish from the earth. Seek Men Overdue From Fishing Trip MALVERN Wl — Police searched today for two men who disappeared while on a fishing trip on Lake Catherine yesterday and the wife of one said her husband "probably had gotten lost." The missing men, Al Osbornc, 55-year-old Malvern antique dealer and 68-year-old Hosea Parks of Bcnton, had not been sighted since they loft their homes yesterday. Saline Deputy Sheriff Parker Johnson quoted Mrs. Parks as say- iing she found her husband's car .'parked on Stewart's Landing and 'that he "probably had gotten lost." A LITTLE CREAM MAKES A BIG DIFFERENCE IN SOUP TASTE THE DIFFERENCE CREAM MAKES IN CREAMO A finer Creomo quality salad dressing—with a lively, zesty •tang that coaxes Aose delicate flavors from your salads and adds the "gourmet" touch to: sandwiches. Ask for it the next; time you shop. Mad* frofi choic* v»g«taM« •ih bltt»U4 wMi htifrW mrichtd wilk »,OM MJM •( Vitamto A. Thl* 'S6 Bulck must haw somethtng thai \ folks Just wont €/o without j T WO months ago, in the public print, we said that this looks like Buick's biggest year—and %ve weren't fooling. But what has happened —and continues to happen *- is almost beyond belief. •People buy up these stunning new Buicks practically as fast as we get them from the factory. Buick production—already revised upward several times »-keeps forging ahead to new highs every month to meet the mounting demand. I • t. • ••• • 'j And Buick sales keefi soaring higher and higher and ', higher—outstripping by far the phenomenal success of last year—the success that moved Buick into the "Big i Three" of America's best sellers, What is it about the '55 Buicks that folks by the Local Delivered Price of the 1955 Buick SPECIAL V J 2-Poor, 6-Pais»nger Sedon, Mpdel 43 (illu«tral«d) If Oplionqt equipment, occsMorltti, »fal« and local lax«», j{ any. additional. Priest nigy vary lliphlly In adjoining communities. EVQH the foclpry-inuoiled extra) ypu roqy we'll or« batjaln!, such Of, H«ol«r 4 Dolioil.r-Wl.70j Radio 4 Antenna -$9?.50. $2515.00 hundreds of thousands just won't do without? It's many things. It's styling that's boldly distinctive and fresh as tomorrow. It's beauty of line and beauty of interior decor. It's a ride that's level, firm and steady. It's a new sweetness of handling. It's great power—, walloping new V8 power of record might. But above all, it's a new kind of performance, fronT a new kind of automatic transmission that was born of flight thinking. It's Variable Pitch Dynaflow* — engineered from the principle, of the modern plane's switch-pitch propeller—and what it brings you in the way of pure thrill, mere words can't describe. Just you drop in on us this very week and fry itl That way you can see what a terrific automobile — and a terrific buy-the hottest-selling Buick of all time really is. "Dynafloui Drift is standard on Roatimaster, optional at extra cost on other Series* . - -. •:*"< CAN YOU SEE • STEER • STOP SAFELY? CHECK YOUR CAJ? - CHECK ACCIDENTS if/'' >t f> Thrill of the yestr/s Bulclc • WHIN IfTHI AUTOMOIILH Ml IUHT IU1CK Will MIU0 WW filtered air SID ROGERS BUICK CO. Hope, Arkamai PREMIUM QUALITY COFFEES EIGHT O'CLOCK, RED CIRCLE and BOKAR South American green coffee bean prices have dropped again... so down come prices on Custom Ground A&P premium-quality coffeesl Take advantage of these new low prices... (and note that you save an extra 6$ on the thrifty 3 pound bag!) ...THE LOWEST REGULAR PRICES IN FIVE YEARS I A&P VACUUM PACKED COFFEE :..Ub.Tin 85< IRESH COFfEE... Freshly Ground, Freshly Made ' Rfch I Futl.lodlfd RED CIRCLE Vlgorout t Winejr 79 3-Lb.Bag $2.3 T * Wine?) BOKAR * 81' 3-lb. Bag $2.37 ARERICAN WHOLE DILL OR SOUR PICKLES ARMOURS STAR CHOPPED BEEF A&P *£' 45c TOMATO JUICE 12 Oz. 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'*£ 1 54 COOKBOOKS i CHARCOAL BRIQUETS •-*.«,.„ 39< BROWNIE MIX >rm CROCK*. 2 i-t, 0 . 1 . 594 TllllJt CHICKEN O 1 THI SEA I HUH CHUNK JIYU ?rleit •ffacl/vV(/iWu9/i May 28 ood gtores DETERGENT VEL "sue:. 69' .DETERGENT FAB Giant Size., CLEANSER AJAX 14-01. Pkg ANGELUS •"" Marshmallows 10-oz, Pkgs.... JUNE w6man£ day Th« AC Magoxi (NOW ON SAM To City Subscribers! If you fail to get your Staf please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. re..and a special carrier will deliver your paper. f, Hope Star . afternoon, tonight ifld •wfth widely scattered thundcrshowers mostly Irt easi portion. •M-* Slatiffl* 24-hours fending at d a. tti. High 87, Low 78, PredpiUttott I 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 192 Star of Hops 1699, Pratt 1927 Consolidated Jon. 18, 1929 Graduate Makes Own Music ill Salk Makers [Agree to Re vise [Safety Standard WASHINGTON UP) — Surgeon Jeneral Leonird A. Scheele said Ijoday acceptance of new safely standards by all Salk polio vaccine manufacturers is a "real wonderful step forward" but actual mass inoculations still will ('J; delayed. Scheele, reviewing the vaccine picture for the House Commerce Committee, said he wanted to emphasize "we will go ahead only as safety permits." "Regrettable as it may be, infections will not go ahead as rapidly as we all had hoped," he Isaid. "Plans for mass inoculations fby this summer will not be reached." Jpfficials had announced previ- lously they expected to vaccinate Kail children in the age groups Bmost susceptible to polio by the Bpeak of the disease season in Au- Kgust or September. | A Health Department spokesman | told reporters the surgeon gen : eal was not referring to any pros- -_ . .-. ,. r hnr>r marched I As Jim has womea several yea pective. new delays but ^to the in- Hope ^"'J^^Sgg'for Paul Klipsch master of hi By Bobbie Hansen | The feet operated pedals were When the '55 graduating class of replaced with a vacuum cleaner, lope Senior High school marched I As Jim has worked several years down the aisle to receive their high J?r Paul Klipsch master of high school diplomas, the music that fidelity equipment his ear is weU marked their pace was being trained to catch the slightest flaw played upon an organ of one of,'" sound production. He worked their classmates own handiwork. tirelessly to attain perfection in About a year ago, Jim Hayncsjhis organ, found an old organ in the Patmos ^ A Klipschorn area that had long ago seen its the instrument to reproduce the better days as a - Q6U D _ ..... . musical instru- 1 sound lauder, more sustained and ment. Underneath the old, chi^pc ; less wheezy, paint and scratches lay a br fully carved cabinet of oak. The instrument was of reed -.-,, v struction with pedals that had Jim is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Henry Haynes, 518 South Pine. His plans for the future — to build a bigger, much better elec Maria. Itcrruptions of the past few weeks land some slow down because of 5the more rigid vaccine safety I i^jindards. Committee chairman Priest (D- iTenn) also hailed the agreement on safety standards reached in the early morning hours today between vaccine manufacturers and j the Public Health Service, headed by Scheele. Priest said he thought the Heatlh Department should be praised because "you are not willing to sacrifice safety for speed." -Schcclc told the committee that Were is "far smaller risk" of getting polio after a child has been vaccinated than before. He said indications are that one out of every 6,000 vaccinated children may get polio, but that one out of every 1,700 unvaccinated children may get polio. The risk, he concluded, is more than two-thirds greater tmong the unvaccinated. The surgeon general, in an- .jouncing the new standards, also 'fhdicated reclearance was on the way for vaccine supplies made by jPitman-Mctore, Ziionsville, Ind., and Wyeth, Inc., Marietta. Pa.jMountains was shattered last night'States and Russia arc squaring „ , , , ... , „ majorities Those plants were visited some- by a tornado which destroyed 10 off- for what may be one of the «--tu.i.u.u wiu > e time ago by Public Health Service , !or 12 of the settlement's GO homes'decisive battles of the cold war— teams, but no formal clearance anc j the village c'ommissary. la struggle over who is going to followed as government official^ M j racu i O usly, there was only one|pull back.. aH Ul.kAl'Il WH." jjs-uuiw v..w. - ~~ - > be pumped with the feet to keep tronic organ. This was only a be- the music pouring forth. Jim took ' ginning. _ the entire organ apart and his proj-1 For Commencement Mrs. B. C. ect was underway. He cleaned Hyatt played the opening marches, each part thoroughly and refinished Mis Billye Williams, ••^-•>—<i-' the cabinet to its original wood. ' and John Taylor, "*"' U. S., Russia to Renew Cold WarBattle By JOHN M. HIGHTOWER ging camp deep in the 'Ouachitaj WASHINGTON (/PI — The United Logging Camp Shattered by HighWnds HOT SPRINGS (/P) — A tiny log- HOEE, : /RKANSAS, MAY 27, 1955 M»wb«r: «i« *aotlttt4 f*tt ft Audit IntM »l ClrMtatMM Av. Nw NM CM. I MM. lMto« M*rtfc fl, 1*11 —»,J*I Conservatives Take British Elections By The Associated Prew '^ LONDON '(/P) — Britain has aiven Prime Minister Eden a sma.filng vole of confidence in an elc.t Jon hat shook the opposition Lal>»r party to its foundations, strenfc •' ening leftist hopes to take over eadership from Clement Attlce. Nearly complete returns from yesterday's e 1 e c t-i o 11 promised Eden's Conservatives a majority of 50 to 60 in the 630-seat House of Commons. That guaranteed; Eden's government a five-year term of office with a working mar* gin triple the 17-vote majority the Conservatives had .when the last Parliament adjourned. Returns from 611 of the 630.di.fr tricts gave: Conservative and allied partles,r- 335 (net gain 14). Labor — 271 (not loss 13). Liberals — 4. v Others, net loss 1. • The result was a tremendous boost in prestige for Eden, tiad stood for so long in the shadow of his predecessor, Sir Churchill. By TOM OCHILTREE LONDON (ffl — Assured .a smashing victory in Britain's national election, Prime Minis te r Eden's jubilant Conservatives today, topi a new and firmer five-year.; hole on Britain's government. ' Forecasters predicted f i nalre turns from yesterday's • voting would give the Tories a majority in the House of Commons of from 40 to 10.0 seats. They had a slitt 17-seat margin in the last House' Clement, Attlec's Labor party conceded defeat early this morn ing. When the vote counting stopped for the night, 357 of;,the 630 seats had been decided; -By then the Conservatives and their allies had gained 10 seats, j;he Laborites had lost 9, and .Eden's men were leading in the popular FANTASTIC FORCE — National Guardsmen look at evidence of fantastic force of tornado which killed 54 persons In Udall, Kans., 'and slammed this automobile Into tree which was stripped of all -foliage. — NEA Telephoto ^^ •"* Marlie? returns' ".&e.rK most; Britain's major political back to Parliament. Eden, Attlee; Sir Winston Churchill, Deputy Labor Chief Herbert Morrison and La- Bevan all were Charges Are Hurled at AP&L Firm ByiLEON HATCH [LITTLE ROCK Iff) — A spokesman: for Arkansas rural electric •cooperative charged today that Arkansas Power and Light Co. is attempting to violate valid con- ii^cts:. through a,n ••increa'se- in r'ates"' to the cooperatives. Leland Leaghermah, Little Rock lawyer, made the statement in a hearing before the Public Service Commission on whether AP&L [would be allowed to increase its 7,25 Inches of Rainfall at Little Rock LITTLE ROCK Wl— The hardcs rainfall in Arkansas' recordec weather history — 7.25 inches within five and a : half hours — poured down ort this city last night, flooding stceets,, homes. :&pd. . ' ' ' ' : ' : : ' ' ' • paused for another look at vaccine situation. the Eden's were scoring easy wins. The popular vote indicated ' a swing of about 2 per cent from _ „ , „ ^ f a w Aiigj wx t»www* « t'~* •"*— injury as the twister cut its path New evidence of this developing Labor to the Conservatives Since of destruction through the hamlet power struggle was found by the j ast g enera i election in 1951. Scheele said his new advisory , of Blakelyi 16i mi i es northwest ofi Washington authorities today in The Tory assurance of victory committee had told him that in here _ The' sole victim, 1-year-old'Russia's notes to the Western rested on t ne f ac t that the rriajor- <&? T^ u'!-^ ereF *f n ° Question| Leo Turneri esca p ed wit h no more Powers yesterday. While accepting ... f th rema i n ing districts — \about the ability of these two man- , than Q sup |e r f\c(ial head wound. | a bid to a Big Four conference ' t f . thcm rural _ traditionally ufacturers to produce an excellent vaccine." He said the advisers had made "substantial progress" in reviewing data on lots of vaccine now ........ , - '°ur conferencc most of-them rural — traditionally Garland County Sheriff Leonard this summer, Moscow denounced aro areas of Conservative strength. nrfnr ea raisal and that they destroyed. However, torrential rain undei icappra sal and that tney orvr ,4 in ,, n ri i.ito intn (ho niaht. Ellis said the tornado damagedlAmerican leaders for talking about every house in Blakely to some j freedom for the^ Communist na extent, and that "10 or 12 were "-~- " •"--*-— ^ hoped to be able to make recommendations on their release "within the next few days." Scheele also disclosed that the Cutter Laboratories, of Berkeley, ,^£alif., was coming back into ths program on an active basis under the revised standards. Cutter vaccine has been kept out of use for the past month because a number of youngsters who had been injected with it later developed polio. • Scheele — stating the new testing would "make a good vaccine better" — said: "I am very gratified that the c o m panies have unanimously agreed that it is possible for them (Tjo adopt the revised standards with 'the minimum slowdown in the which continued late into the night, and darkness prevented officers from making an accurate assessment of the damage. tions of Eastern Europe. Says ASC Should Stock to Sol LITTLE ROCK (ffl— The chairman of the State Agriiultural Stabilization and Conservation Committee' said, today that the ASC should concentrate on the program _____ _^_ ___________ it was organized to darry out: soilj ence may afford to promote peace The Conservatives were within reach of breaking a 90-year rec- .ord in British politics, Not. since The State Department did not 1865 has a majority party in- respond in kind to the critical tone creased its number of House seats of the Soviet message. It said it j n a national election. is "glad" that Premier Nikolai A.' Bulganin is willing .to meet with President Eisenhower and the British and French premiers. ' While ignoring Russia's criticism, ISecretary of State Dulles reiterated in his wording of the U. S. commend his and Eisenhower's intentions of pressing the satellite issue at the meeting. The statement said, "The United States will constructively explore all opportunities which the confer- conservation. W. L. Jameson Jr. of Magnolia said that ASC offices on the state freedom and justice." Freedom and justice are Dulles has been publicly, demand- Senate Probe Recessed Due Illness of Two WASHINGTON Wl. — A Senate investigation of alleged bribing and blackmail on government con | tracts hit a temporary halt today what with two key witnesses in hospitals and county levels have strayed ( j ng f or t) le Soviet satellites bility . „ ,, . ,, , | turn UULUILJ icvcia uavw U..*...., production of the vaccine that- is from the soil conserv ation work, consistent with the added safety inherent in the new standards,." Scheele said details of the revised standards would be made public later today. Vaccine maker interviewed be- . , fore' Scheele made his announce-|"°il, . Ja™ eson sa , ld '. „ ment said application of the new ce ^ alnl y ls "nportant..' "andards may add from one -to The committee H, holdm. several weeks to the time required monthly meeting here t\o get -fresh supplies into the program for immunizing .schoolchildren. Dr. Jonas E. Salk, developer of the vaccine, commented that "the picture is most hopeful." But he gave no estimate of how soon the vacci.ne will again be available for U. S. officials though the Soviet ah accused an an accuser. ly be ordered. Willis Holmes of Little Rock, attorney for AP&L, said in reply to* Leatherman that "most of the arguments made against but company" were actually arguments against Arkansas Louisiana Gas Co. •Arkansas Louisiana is collecting approximately $4,300,000 additional on a temporary basis from AP&L and other large consumers. AP&L contends this increase makes ' it necessary 'to boost it; own rates. Otherwise, it stands to lose around $750,000 a year more,, the company says. AP&L is seeking its increase by to related methods. ' First is to change the procedure for computing a charge under which customers using as much as:$8 worth of electricity a month help pay for the cost of natural gas the company buys from Arkansas Louisiana to generate electricity. Farmer Found Shot, Hanqed MARSHALL, (/PI— A 39-year farmer was Tornado Death Toll in 4 State Climbs to 115 New Fear of Flood Subsides atBlackwell Auto Damaged in Accident Here An auto driven 'by Denver Hornaday of Hope was badly smashed yesterday when hit from behind by another auto driven by Leon Home of Star City. The Incident occurred on West Third Street. Investlgat- ng City Officers charged Home with following too close. 8 Killed in a Weird Wreck in California SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — A Cully loaded furniture van, careening wildly out of control at 100 miles per hour down Nob Hill, into nine cars today and exploded into a rolling ball of flame, killing at least eight persons. Police reported that as of 11:15 a. m. PDT bodies of seven women and one man had been recovered. The man was believed to have of the moving been the driver van. The accident took place at Clay and Kearney streets, near the entrance- to the famed San Francisco International settlement. The big truck rolled wildly down the steep hill and careened across busy Grant Ave,, the main thoroughfare*of San Francisco's Chinatown. It then smashed into the nine nouses. At least one factory Was put out of business temporarily by water damage. The U. S. Weather Bureau said the rain started falling at 6:30 p. m. and finally quit at midnight. By that time the fall had eclipsed the previous record of 5!& inches within a six-hour period, registered in 1913, Streets in both Little Rock and its sister city, North Little Rock, cars along the .south side of Clay street, . overturning several o them like tenpins and; caromed across the street to sideswipe half dozen other ^uto'si''-' ,•; i All "available < police'; and Werner gency ambulances were- rushied to workers"^ rom' • nearby.: building milled around the street, hamper ing the .work of rescuers;' Police said that most of th dead were pedestrians, who wen walking along busy Clay street a the moment the fully loaded furni ture van came roaring down th' hill. • At least three of the cars, in eluding a new German Volkswa gon, were folded like accordions caught them at •" TJDALL, Kon. Wl — Di"rtor r>] icf workers moved awMy todi o bring aid and comfort to siirvK: •ors of a series of tornado** thai kilted at least 119 perions , to, f nur-statc area. President Elsenhower use of such federal funds^'M •«£ necessary" for relief in^KMiwtr 5 The chief executives action effect gave th* CiviU«noD( Administration • blank- - ti cover disaster relief. The Red Cross set 'up disaster hcadquartrs at. Cityq, Kan., and sent teams ,int both Oklahoma and. Kansas i nado areas. Its problem will be care for human needs" W*-"^ 14 ' Lakes over restoration of ment service « such.^aSVscI^ streets,' sewers, bridges and o facilities. , ', ( '" " This littlo south centraLl community was the focal the relief work.' Here' 7*; , died and more than 200 wcrej jured. The remainder ,ot the;./ .residents evacuated* UM town yesterday because"* file building suitable for.occup remained. Five other persons <*» killed in the nearb; ford but property da not severe, * v Blackwell, Okla were summoned to remove The resulting explosion of gas 'tanks-of the crumpled cars shot were summoned to remove manyr - white 'flame along the families from their homes by boat,)- » .. wh u. nnssCB sald . the cv. , L CP «« ° street Boy Recovering From Snake Bite LITTLE ROCK (ffl — Eight-year- old Worth Gardner chasecl a lizard across the school playground. The lizard darted into a pile of out store fronts. The .cars, truck, and sheered off the tumbling three • store ?£ r=mi=s.^cc radio op Pj-ion Cocked _the area.- blasting orators said they had so many distress calls that they were unable to log all of them. The rain covered streets in low- lying areas of both cities within an hour after it began falling, but the water drained away quickly, and at midnight none of the streets were still submerged. fronts, knocked over telephone poles and fire hydrants. Bible School at Spring Hill Church Spring Hill Baptist Church started its vacation Bible School been enrolled school is from 9 a. m. to 11:30 p. m. daily, through Wednesday, June 1. Mrs. Hugh Garner is principal of the school arid Carlton Robers is the pastor. Commencement will bp held at 7:30 p. m. on June 1 and and to 129 date. have The , n-n rocks, Worth stuck his hand into'during the day a picnic will be '' -. Sen. McClellan (D-Ark) recessing hanged from a tree and shot with public • hearings of the Senate In-la .22 caliber rifle in what was We have of necessity, devoted'notes to Washington, Paris and ve|tig^tions subcommittee until t erme d suicide much time to handling allot-,London had a defensive tone. They, Wednesday, said he hoped Air Leonard Coffman. that interpreted this to mean that Force Capt.''Raymond Wool will studc . Continued on Page Tvo "Kid Stuff" drivers /or0ef...it's MEMORIAI Day! It's surprising how many adult driveri enter their second childhood at the start of a holiday weekend. Like kids on a spree, they drive dangerously, never giving a thought to the sorrow they can cause. Just as a reminder, (heir had driving last Memorial Day weekend snuffed the lives of 362 people, maimed and injured 12,500 wore! Let's all remember that , . . "(Wl«s$ Driving Is DEADLY Ki< Stuff" Published as a public service in co- Operation with The Advertising Council. to help farmers conserve the Reds in a sensitive spot when, That work in a television broadcast 10 days I ago, Dulles put forth as a proper its conference issue the problem of I satellite freedom. Suggests Something May Have to Be Done - the Working Girl Has Become Too Attractive^ NEW YORK I/PI — Has the Amer- 1 Take an ordinary small office. ican working girl become too tractive? Is her eye appeal so irresistible ly wood starlet. that her male coworkers in office, I Every time Tillie $50,000 payoff from Chicago manufacturer Harry Lev, who also is scheduled to testify next week. Meanwhile, the Air Force announced it also is investigating the testimony against Wool, who is now assigned to duty at Shelby, Ohio. Wool formerly headed the clothing section of the Armed Services at- Tillie the typist is dressed as chic, Textile and Procurement Agency land made up as pretty, as a Hoi- (ASTAPA) in New York City. sufficiently by then to appear. Wool is now'under- going treatment for a stomach ailment in an Air Force hospital at Dayton, Ohio., Wool was summoned to , A * T yC i th'the pile-and got bit by a poiso-iheld at Fair park, Hope, found today both no|]q * poonerhead snake . _, ; , Cemetery Working Set for Monday Huukabee Cemetery by Coronar 'Frank Schlitz, who lived about three miles north of here off Highway 65, was found about a quarter miles from his home after a search that started yesterday. Sheriff Billy Joe Holder said answer | Sqhilitz apparently had climbed in- an accusation that he collected a to the tree, tied the rope around Leon M. Levy, a New York gar- steps out of ment manufacturer who accuses his neck and then pulled the trigger on his gun. The gun was found lodged in the tree. Schilitz is survived by his wife. They have no children. ' nous cooperhead snake. The boy ran to the principal, sucking on the wound all the time. He was rushed to a doctor and took anti-venom injections within 15 minutes of the bite. will bo cleaned Monday, May 30. The The incident occurred Wednes.] cemetery is at Evening Shade day. The danger period should be, Church. All interested persons are over by tomorrow, doctors said. ' asked to come and help. All Around the Town The Mar M*ff said no request had been rec< , from Oklahoma for; Civilian'!«1 fense funds; ;',,;'„,' "L^'^^l Fears that Blackwell' Would |l further tortured! by flood tub '" somewhat^ wa»y*'.The*pr«inTL en Chikaskia .River continued. ,vt rise and some flood .water cr Into the devastated area' Jr* was not causing any.roijorf. ,^ lem. Police .\s'ald indications' «r that the , strea> ' wty contain f self except'-for minor . overflow The tornadoes brought'death $ 20 in Oklahoma, 1£, to;Tex4i'"~ J 2 in Missouri,, and they were ; hopping around 'late ^ast _ striking in eastern Kansas, souri, Arkansas and loWa, , .^.v,-; The new,.storms tooK>no llvfj An isolated^rhpunUin .loggingfca near Hot Springs, Ark. rwas ;' Aboqt a dozen, homes,were,! stroyed. A '^ear-old, boy t jured. ,/',," v f , , - i Another twister dlpoed v southwestern 'Iowa, near Ca ' damaging homea and outb on four farms. 'No* jured. , .^ As darkness crept over t batjt$f Udall last night, the -,Nat" Guard ordered the town ;'" : uated. , * , ,^, Many of the dead were still; identified as relatives,' ~" loved .ones. ,JJmmy,.Cp?tlov , elated to find- his son alive- ii Wichita hospital. Hti later fq the body of. his wife in a mortua Some people driving into,' once-thriving' farming comi were unable to find homes relatives lived. In her roofless house; Mrs,'; ra Wagner, a widow,' " remaining household goods truck, "I've got relatives fti and Ohio," she said ain't going to stay here." MAKES LOW BID LITTLE ROCK (UP) — Teconi^* uc ^r d "" n " e 7e" it should be pointed Corp. of Dallas, Tex., was ap- out tnat ev ery one of the 66 sug- parent low of three bidders for ] gesl i ons were ma de by local indivi- community center development; duals attending the clinic and work at Little Rock Air Force not , by the chamber of Commerce. Mrs. E. P. O'Neal reports the Legion Auxiliary's Poppy sale as . Clinic recently con- warns if they are not returned with- base here. The U.S. District Engineers of- store or factory have difficulty the boss' office to go to the water Wool-of accepting the money, also fice said Tecon's bid was $152,781. keeping their minds on their jobs? cooler she passes the desk of Wal-.is in a hospital here for treatment The second low bid of 177,463 very"" su Vcessiui' and "cre'dits Mrs. Wouldn't it make for more effi- ter Beaver, the junior executiv.'of a heart attack which reportedly came from Ben M. Wn 0; ,n and _£._.. .. , _ , _-., ciency in the business world if the Waltr glances up. His eyesfol- left him with a partly paralyzed Co. of glamorous working girl were turn- 1 Walter glances up. His eyes fol- left arm. ed back again into a Plain Jane, low her film figure to the water' Levy has testified he was told perhaps by making standard uniform? her wear a cool. They stay with her all the^hat Lev gave Wool $50,000 to get of excavar tion and construction of an em- way until" she trips back and dis-'a two million dollar contract to t bankment for a general building r .... _ . c. P. Tolleson, Mrs. Joe Jones and Little Rock Government , T to witn doing the work along with the _young ladies To many of us thoughtful stu- appears into the boss' office. So procure /seven million white hats dents of the industrial scene the do the eyes of two young male for the Navy. He said he did not answer to all these questions is a clerks and the old bookkeeper, stern and simple "Yes!" In the in Whst are these four men think- terest of a greater productive out- ing of? One cannot be sure, of put, it is high time we did some- course, 'but it is reasonable to as- thing to make working girls look sume they aren't brooding about nondescript, if not downright re- how to make more money for their j employer. Their minds have been see any such payment made. Extended Forecast 'Friday-Wednesday — Temperatures will average two to six de-'.A and M. area. FHA CONFERENCE MONTICELLO, (UP>- -Some 375 Future Homemakers of America and 75 teachers are expected here May 30-June 3 for the state FHA who sold them. Cookie Jones, Margie Herndon, Kay Gresham, Elaine Thompson Sue Moore Ann Cole Brenda Hamm, Sue Ann Smith, Sherry Hankins, Sharon Foster, Georgeanne Lowe, JoJo Owens, Diane Helms and Charlotte Brown. The Civil Air Patrol reports a Pl GHri e watching has become a ma-'distracted from their tasks. And grees above normal with no im-| A program of worships, craft jor disrupting factor in the aver-this doesn't happen once a day. portant changes. Normal maximum activities and committee meetings leadership conference of Arkansas number of insignas have toeeo taken from their supply room at . . and reminds . . ... . age firm — so girl watching must It happens a dozen times— every 84, normal minimum 63. Precipi- go. Let me explain: time Tillie wimples by. How of ten t tation generally moderate in scat- Continued on Page Two tered thundershqwera. of to the Hope Squadron the matter will be turned over to government authorities. The Local Draft Board. Revenue Office, and several other places will be closed iMonday io, observance of 'Memorial Pay,. While many places in Arkansas •were reporting up tp tevyn inches of rainfall only 1.49 was the official reading at the Experiment Station. Three Oth grade 'English students, Steve Crape, Jr., CarpJyn and Jimmy Jpnes, have *>een $2.50 awards as vyinners of a local ess-ay contest spons«re4 ifay the W' ted Daughters, of the Confederacy the papers will be entered-|r» the state contest honorable and' scholarships "from I Stitutes a" federal offense mention, went to Oliver Adams. Jr., MartK a Chambless and J. EUen state colleges will be awarded and (spokesman for the CAP said clues Irtrs. W- A- WttJiarns }§ the officers elected, have been found as to the identity ( er-sponaor, the storm approached. Since lived near the Sant» Fe Rail tracks, she; believed at fiff a freight train was arriving,';.! "Then it sounded like a IT" freight trains," she recalled,* throat was so dry I cs>u| scream, My ears were popp Her neighboj: Qvis sucked out of his house, end. ,k through the window of i bor's home< . t Gaylord Qann snatched month-old 4aHgb.ter, fam' when the wind" began to j started from the &e<lrPQ«i i L-ITTL.iI L.I' A. * ji.fr '••

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