Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 26, 1955 · Page 24
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 24

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1955
Page 24
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fifttie todafr said .,..„ ^—ht to ft Continuation of bugmw M the next few fehths. ft Aldr'dul tMadler, professor of Bfc, sit New ¥6fk University. clhg to th6 Arkansas fiank- i AtSoeialloh, also said that re- llnU , rtiuit,b4 pfeed on cer- area^' of finance to prevent ^s^Ioils dco)in6 in business in future. ieVfdfrgness 6f any decline .feS? 1 ta ^l,^ acc !p ' he futllre TUSKS Targbly on now these ffM; curbed'," he said, Ho fthe problems that need- cUlar Watching were high Itlction of nd\v hornes, high pro- Jtidh 6t autbmoDiles and rapidly mt ..publhJ inWebtedness. .-•', N'adler said that there were io^ on i tn'§, other side which ihiltVale any fears that there will i' ti a depression. is -quite 'likely that next year : sbnal ^atid corporate taxes will lowered dnd this is bound to jVfe a favofab!6 effect on dispos- income," he said. population Is growing at a .rate, ,the standard of living ,_,- „—ng and the economy is dyna- Jttic» A free economy like ours will "° :V.e its ups and downs, and jctualions will continue to lake '. Nadler added that the most ^ttftanl development "is the fact Hat," in spite of all the dire pra- £|lcnons a major depression has •.avoided. Unemployment has njaintained at a realatively level, wages have increased [no 'the standard of living of the people is rising; SH^red P. Florence, vice president ""t 4 the Americn Bankers Associa- loh and president of the Republic »«—,1 Bank of Dallas. Tex., ^ to the gioup on selecting rfe leaders in banking. Goy. Orval Faubus and Winthrop l$gK£fell.er t chairman of the state's idustrial commission, yesterday id^that the financial development .Arkansas depends to a large [tent on the state's bankers. s Oil Demand to >uble in 20 Years J2N, N. J. Ml — The head ,.4r ei ^f rl «*' s %gest oii company $Mo.* J . tSday that demqnd for oil iflifflLflPWWe in' the next 20 years; te competition from the atom. i s 'a> talk to Standard Oil Co. ew jJtersey) stockholders, Eu'- Holman, chairman and chief $tive officer, declared: atom undoubtedly will cbn- r»ga>vrA importantly to the world's eCVerall energy pattern. But we be- |lieye oil will provide the largest Share of energy growth for at least next-20 yeaijj. said company forecasts that "even 20 years from the atom' will still account onjy a small part of the great- expanded amount of total e'ner- ?|X consumed." And by 1975, he add- IB free world probably will ig double the amount of oil ts that it does today." v me ^f' n X ~ one ot tne Iar 6- it i stockholder, gatherings in his- rv -i was held in th'e huge boiler , _ sho^p of Standard's Es'so re- ty here. Seating accorrirho- tiqns and box t lunches for n fpwd of 2,500 were provided. I^.Jfe Take pvcr tssissippi B ridge MEMPHIS W — The statcl . .isas and Tennessee take 3l possessipn of the highway '- across the Mississippi hen ijneeting of the Memphis and sas Bridge Commission was for the final ceremony. The r bridge was openec 19, 1940. Ige J. C, Johnston, chairman i? pomtnission, said consider"" would be given to chang. ie t name of the bridge to H Crump Memorial Bridge lor of the late Memphis po- leader who was commission >^n until hi? death last year, commission was cieated by •-" of Congress in 1938 and ... accountable to Congress Regards tp the bridge until the sjatfs^are in forma} possession. he Arkansas Highway Depart- ht's latent figures show that *t ?2,OPO vehicles cross the |?l<%e each day. Tornado orgia , pa. W) — A small i did considerable damage , automobiles and elec- J" suburban area last rfo casualties were re- V vs. n[ent6 told of seeing a black cloud approaching thff teriffjc wind struck ntja} and community section, against a mile /o* Marietta, rage and a barn were de"• of the garage later a mi}e away. Tne h,a4 been blown directly |t red barns , ,||rp}W painted their "~ h«uses white and. h,ed a pat- «l*U, fifn t j» i» ^ I " £,•«•* ^fflHF HOM STAK, H8Pe, ARKANSAS MOM IT A R^ , MO M, . A R.KAN S A S Coming Up... And It'll Be Time For You Back Yard Chefs to Shine,lop By Piggly Wiggly, Stock Up... And -•a . . . &:*j.m-j!:llii-'* — •'.-..vl tf...'^>.-ji.-.j.l... .1 '-....A - i>-.- " v- -'-^liil^t l.cA-;<JmY in^-jj. -.-,-;. jil •>. 1 i j. .:. .......: ......^.ui .1 ii..* >.-.* 1. t.. ^ -, f:.^K * . J »» ** / ^ «* A * » "^ ft ! ' i •v.' 1 H- r:ii'-7^- LEWIS - McLARTY - $5.00 Gift Certificate PENNEY'S - -:-,--• - Beach Towell here's How You Can Win the Hawaiian Holiday: Simply register every tlrrie you, visit your neighborhood Piggly .Wiggly store. A drawing will be held ur neighborhood Piggly Wiggly Saturday, May 28th, and winner wilj be notified. The winner in each Let this be a Memorial Day the whole family will enjoyl Whether it's a delicious backyard barbecue or a picnic in the country, you'll find everything you need at Piggly Wiggly. € REMEMBER . ,, . save more with low weekend prices and famous money-saving S&H Green Stamps! Prices Effective Through Saturday May 23th FOR THAT HOLIDAY OUTING Swift's Premium. Skinless Lb. } v expense trip for two ei'ahf fiffbrioiis days •m, \ ^M\ <^\ igg the at your , , . store will then be eligible for' the grand drawing for the Hawaiian Holiday For Two to be held in Texarkana on the Piggly Wiggly "HOSPITALITY HOUSE" television show over Television station KCMC Wednesday, June 1. The'winners fn the- preliminary drawing held Saturday, May 28th in our four Texarkana and our Hope and DeQueen Piggiy Wiggly Super Markets will participate in the grand drawing to be held in Texarkana Wednesday,' June 1. An alternate will be drawn at that time so that in the event the winner is "."f^? !£,J ake the Hawaiian Holiday, the alternate winner may go. Trip to Hawaii must be made before July-1, 1955. ......... ,..-.. r*ILLSBURY y S WHITE YELLOW DEVIL'S FOOD ORANGE 3 17 Or. Pkgs. PILLSBURY'S ANGEL FOOD * ^ PILLSBURY FLOUR DRAWING TO BE HELD SATURDAY, MAY 28 REGISTER EVERY TIME YOU VISIT PIGGLY WIGGLY. IRESH DRESSED ENS JP^JESH GROUND LEAN EEF SH BOSTON BUl OAST For Roasting or j. • : : . ; Bar-B-Guing [ 3to5Lb. Lb. RESH BOSTON Butr PORK Fine to Bar-B-Cue Lb. 25 c 39 c FROSTY SEAS r- Lb. HEAT AND EAT 35< Fish Sticks KRAFT'S — EASY SPREADING UGKYSTRIKE . ? ;f ^[-; 'I ;!f ^ 'KOBY SHOE STRING POTATOES Can ',< ...;.:, O 2^0z. COz. 1601 33c 59c Here's wkf your frip iMMisf —e' ^tf AlJJSSi ?'«.-: J.^.T'"'*?'/ Caw' BLUE CIRCLE CREAM STYLE ~ V' GOLDEN CORN : 2 N can 3s03 APRIL SHOWERS •- y ? £$ —* '•••-' . ' "^fc. * v -* - * i* ' .. fto. 303 Can 19- N i We have spared , _, / no expense to moke this ; your finest vacation, i • Deluxe Northwest Douglas DC-6B . Deluxe Moana Hotel • Fines? Food • Guided Tours All expense paid . • will be our '' Port closest to your nomeyrhere.you...™ ': '"Thrilling sights and activities abound in i V ^ v/ Beacn ... i Mauna Loa and Kilauea : Falls, where the WSOJlava , 5Lb. Bag lOLb. Bag of cinders tower more than f>> y °The magical names of HJSg*^^,? j Snt^uua^PaU 1 " withes majestic', vi Eight tropical volcanic peaks comprise the chain of islands known officially aa Territory of Hawaii, U.S.A. These islands ,,. Sfffl Niihau, Oahu Moloka, Lana,. : , Maui Kahoolawe, and Hawaii, fcach is famous in its own right for scenic beauty f, whe?e the unusual is the commonplace. .. Each should be vfaited if one is to experi- enct L wiU Salad Makins' For Outdoor Eating U. S. NO. 1 RIPE Tomatoes Lb. SUNKIST HOME CENTER VALUES B CUE GRILL i PICNIC FIXINS' k - p f •- » 28 Oz. Ol- ZIC KOSHER DILL PIGKLES COLGIN l ? v'P LIQUID SMOKE ^ WOODY'S BARBECUE SAUCE ro ° z KRAFT SALAD MUSTARD LUNCHlON MEAf ;_ 12c f nz 37c MRS. PARKER'S 31c MARGARINE i" 1 Lb. On. 17c Hl-C .. «i£ •. V 2. 6 jS'l9c ^1 f •I ;| fcpT'S SANDWICH AMERICAN ' '' DILL PICKLES TOWIE SALAD ni IVFQ With VXUil V t.J> Pimientos TOWIE STUFFED THROWN OLIVES : , AMERICAN SOUR PICKLES 22 Oz. Jar lOOz. Jar I 1 Va Oz. ; Jar 22 Oz. Jar 25c 39c lOc 25c ORANGEADE 46 Oz. Con MRS. TUCKERS 3 Lb Con VAN CAMP • Folding Legs i • 14 Inch Bowl 'Reg. $5.95 Value 3.95 EAD INS FAMILY 'KINS 2 314 Oz. OT^ Jars Z/C *\ Pkgs. 50's Lb. INSECT REPELLENT Liquid or Stick 49c ICEBURG Lb. PASCAL Celery Lb. SEA & SKI SUNTAN LQTION If 49c 4 B? 1.00 PLASTIC Wading •«-' lAllN SANDWICH IS IVORITE WEI'NERS 2 Pkgs. 19C 2 Cans 15C u. s, NO, i fa/oupes Lb. CALIFORNIA For PICNIC JUGS • Porcelain Lined to Keep Liquid Hot or Cold. • Plain spout or spigot 1 Gal Size fl» Q QQ with spout ' 4> o.yo 1 Gal. Size &A with spigot ^p'ft* 1 Gal fc*) ftrt PICNIC JUG Zt>4*7Q ^^S^SS^^B^^ IlCE ..40" Size.. 52" Size.. 72" Size .^i'Aki PHKIFQ Ctn 1O^ $3.95 $4.95 $9.95*I AM CONES I2s 19c > lOAK PLASTIC GARDEN HOSE 5 YEAR GUARANTEE .RCOAL HOT DRINK PS 5Lb. Bag 35c PORK & BEANS - FROZEN FOODS;-V No 300 Can 10( LIGHT CRUST I - ^ FROZEN CAKES 10 c?n 2 39c STA-WHIP FROZEN TOPPING 6 Oz, Can Cook Book No. 13 Now on Sale TITLED " ' "250 WAYS OF SERVING POTATOES" PICTSWEET FROZEN PEAS j / .10 Oz. ' Ctn. 19c 9 Oz. Size WIZZARD CHARCOAL LIGHTER FLUID"°' 39e WE HIVE "S&H" GREEN STAMPS Reg. $3.99 Value 50 Ft. Length 3.49 DRINK 115 BRWARr. WHITE IXris BOWL SALAD :ESSING 9 Oz. 97- Size */* 2 Ctns. *>T.^» io- 8 4/C 29c Can BUG-AWAY LIGHT GLOBES Wat r Ea 33c PICNIC PACK SPOONS AND FORKS eox 10c .»' 4 Pts. MORTON'S MINIATURE SALT SHAKERS 6'9 19c We Reserve i y.- b.kw/-',V T ,« ., UWM^&M.'ufa . -^ •> ' ^^^^^Sf^^^l^^^ ^ * J^.^ Z»",t fc4L,f ! -s!sf Canodo . Canada and fiehmsife fist* «hilflt-t?tl said «(Jt a "sfh|il eaM'. ease attributable tO tHI tufrtfed up, •;'">"":£, Canada ha b ihodlilaHofi das? 6bbrte*d, tiut ".. ..__ . ayfe beett infected, with *foi% ^luht its'ft 1 -" ' a Pddferal fi eaftfi spokesrhaii In Otlaw*4 „„„ In OchmaVk" 486,OflB' Have tieen IridCulaft'd. A In Copenhagen ^dfd MS' be"en reported in th'fe c6t the p'rogram began five ,„„,.., Canada and Denrhark w only countries outsiSe thl States ca % rryfng on rtiasa Inoculation's. Pentagon Still Air Superioril By ELTON C. FAY' MB chiefs « at thb Pentagon" sayl United StaJ,es still, holds, airi pcriority over Russia,' but ,'j. Jdckson (D-Wash) contends^ Soviets are making ^ progress." The newest chapter of whatJl evolved into a "great debate?civ' the status-of Russian-and Am' can air strength unfolded Jr*g day whert: v »'.< ",M Secretary of Defense- VWisoaii a news conference, "It'-Is'our al to maintain a miUtary'^e&pabUl! superior to that of any ^qte'iSf enemy; wo can' and «re dolri this." •' ' -W Asst. Seeretaiy of th'e' !/fir' F^ Roger Lewis,, at the sani'4 seasj with ne\ysmen, said, "We have^S perlorify in terms of plalies :'fl»fi catt uo the Job; we H^ve"* quallU ive as well as quantitative, suj" ority" in such aircraft, tewis/i the Russians 'have ( _jdispjaj "more bombers than"we" •possible a year ago" but saidr.tl were "not large numbers -r| or 50." ' {$ * ^ Sen. Jackson, chairman of, a,*-^ a"te-H*6use Atomic Energy ,subcpn! mlttee on military applicant presided at a closed*- sessio-**^ Secretary of the Air, Force Talbott and Gen. Nathan,P.^ ing, Air FOitee chief of »tat~' HSTC Students Get Alcoa Scholarships AR'KADELPHIA (UP) —" Bittinger of Grady and ' L™ Holder, Des Arc, were named-}.; clplents of the first two $250 gel arships offered by the Alcoa fo dation, an Aluminum Compar America, affiliate, , & v Alcoa will grant two such «cL» arships at Henderson. State Te|^ ers college here each year forfit* next five years. They wUl>li awarded by the college's school ship committee to needy Arkar " students with high scholastic ' ing? In their' high school or;c work. ; * - - j Holder and Miss.'Bettlnger'^ will be seniors at H§TC next;y^ El Dorado Man Gets 21 Years EL DORADO W) „_ ,,„ iver wa? convicted last nighty the pistol slaying of an eW merchant, and the all-male/, fixed his punishment at 21 yea.t the state penitentiary, 1( .~) i fl Oliver's attorney, Floyd'';8te said he will appeal the. verdict the- Union ,Circui$ Court the Arkansas Supreme *"" See us now for iour , * • ' » i Homrn Tire ft Appjione* i 8, Walnut «. , ;•,. V i s i^l:/l?MJJtf 1 -—'- »'l»f»t»»^%l^( fPn LUNCH Pick it up o

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