Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 26, 1955 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 26, 1955
Page 9
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f&fr wflt& « & pound of potato chips. Experienced Meehenlci New i U*«d JARfS ftfA SNECIAL! SAVE Gal 26.9 . Extra .29.9 Glass & Salvage Co. 7 t)AV8 A WfeEK HOPE SfAft, MOM, ARKANSAS Boyle St.-LOU IS LIVESTOCK ,„ NATIONAL STOCKYARfcS 1 111 * 2 :W>-ft.O&, I •<- Hogs 5,500; actiye, higher- . S "^V I'.000; prime spring lambs (choice No. 1 and 2 200 Ib up * ito "S at 24 - 25 : choice 23.00; No. 1 18.85-19.00; 180-220 Ib lfJ.25-75; 240- ; :*2? d 2 clipped lambs steady. 260 Ib 17.50-18.35; 140-170 lb ; 1? 2j.-f - • the£e mostly choice; slaugh- Contfnued from Page Oh* and replying, "not until 1 polish up, that last chapter, I'm afraid." But, by and large, people are solicitous toward ah ex- (18.25; 100-130 Ib IS.'ZS-I&.TS; sows !<00 Ib down 13.00-14.50; over 400 jib 11.50-13.00; boars 8.50-12.50. | Cattle 1,300, calves 600; few good and choice steers 19.00' ?2.00, steady; good and choice heifers and mfsfed yoatlihfs i8.?3- 21.00,-' ;cows canners and cutter" 8.50-12.00; utility and commercial let ewes steady, WiTlsbw. are NfeW YORK STOCKS ^ NEW YORK Un— The Scok Mar-.'he 1 expectant mothers. He usually gets'nothing but sympathy. Thursday, May 26, 195S "Don't know quite what to call my little opu?." you say, offhand. "I rather lean to 'The Hill of Ecstasy,' but I suppose it will probably end up as "The Swamp." But conversation at a literary tea can sometimes get you in Dutch. During one such gathering someone asked me what I was working on, and on the spur of the |-~ you have to make up your The Laborites, however, exhibit! There are about 117,000 units of" I mind firmly to take the credit— less suspicion of the Soviet Union i government in- the United States. JGt tile PSsVl f?n PtlhllSh Zi hnnt- nnH *Krs T»-,:,-. J,-.« TD«,I« J u ii_ '„„,.*!-.•,- n-f *itMt t»1 i.-»« nl f Joli-I a m ft let the cash go. Publish and you merely become One of the herd. 201 near the North y. Since word has got around that< rnornenl ' * answered airly: " has a book uncler nis skin." "Oh. I'm toying around with Conservative in Continued from Page One a book|and the Peiping Reds than th Dearth's gravitational field, a man another j Conservatives. And Attlce and hisjwho weighs 200 pounds at the equa ifollowers are sharply critical oi lor. weighs |U. S. support of Chiang Kai-shek. Pole, while Eden generally preserves' public silence on the touchy Formosa issue. Ket „_..._ B ... with selective strength some stocks up sharply in the" early afternoon, top gains ran to between 3 and . . " — .a-t^,* i»ij orijii, [ v_/Ji. j. j 11 ivy nig ill UUJ1CI Wltll 3 , is invited to the literary teas!Wile Volume on self-improvemcn' n,,S?nI| end , COC ,u tail partjes and meet « ;i fhink ni ca!1 il 'How To Be a pushing| real ^ authors _nnd publishers onjMan in a Woman's World." i.OO; 11.00-13.00; " -J «IIM. V.L/JIU1IC1 U1U1 ~ "*** 6««na i an n/ UCtWCcII O (iJlQ ,'2.00-13.50; few high comrnerciar 5 points in steels and aluminums, 14 rm- miii,,, „«,, _,_, bul]g |ahd through the rest of the list •"•"-'-•thg rise carried up major fractions to around 2 points frequently. Steels and aircraft? along with promintnt and canners and cutters good and choice veal ers 17.00-21.00; high ffod choice Don't Scratch Thot Itch! (n Just 15 Minutes, If not pleased, your 40c back at at &ny tlmfc , £ ILl - oerm and CONTACT. Fine for etztrna, rlnflworm, .foot Itch and other *ur' face Itches. Today at John ' son Drug Co. 'Glb. •><!., I. 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Elm Phone 7-2629 GRAIN AND PROVISION CHICAGO M — Soybean sheld firm while the rest of the grain market declined on the board of trade today. Losses in wheat and corn were quite severe at one time. The firmness fh soybeans came despite reports of fairly large mar- ketings of cash beans in the country. "Wheat, closed. l'/ 2 -2'/4 lower, July $2,01%.Vi, corn 1 '/ z -2i/ 4 lower, July $1.44-'/ 2 , pats- 14-1/2 lower, July 69, rye 1 cent lower to y 4 higher,' July $1.061/8-1.06 and soybean? "z'lVz higher, July S2.r5i/ 4 -i/ 2 . Wheat: None. Corn: No. 1 yellow,'and No. 2 1.51 i/4-i/2; No. 5 1.42^; sample grade 1.43'/ 2 . Oats: No.' 1 heavy white 80; No. 1 white "8; '•' ; Soybean oil: 12%-i/ z ; soybean me~al: 52.00. Barley nominal: Malting choice 1.34-53; feed 98-1.15. - - - ei — - ••••« uuvi viyiiii; nj JJC* lieve you have written a number of books and arc a successful author. They even become a little ^ _.t_n wt_^i./jjnj a j 11 u e jealous of you. I never try to correct this impression. The safest subject to talk about ^ hen y° u are merely a potential "Sounds good." said a publisher. "Let me have first look at it, will ~~DU?'' Well, believe it or not, I had the very dcvilof a time getting rid of that publisher. He kept hounding me for months to deliver the book That's the biggest danger an expectant author meets — a publisher who actually wants him to sit down and really write a .book. This is a temptation it is necessary to fight down manfully, or your whole way of life will be ruined. If you want to stay cheerful, proposed Bis Four conference "at ,,£ modern power plant uses obout the summit- will end East-Wes ,'1,° fa <?°T °°? ,° prodllce A „„„,:...._, kilowatt hour of electricity, but tensions. Both are for continued lecognition of Communiist China fT 6 ^ _____ _________ ' veioped fficicnt planls are being dc- THE BEAUTY BOX Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who worki Phone 7-5S50 112 S. MAIft INVITATION To come in and get acquainted with' the new owners . . . Leonard & Charlotte Blood WHITE'S DRIVE-IN thursdoy, May 26, 1I5S NO re STAR* MOM, ARKANSAS 1 HH^P May 27 Edwin Stewart will pfPSenf Hieh School pupils in piano Friday Evening May 27, at m Jn the High School Auditorium. HELP WANTED-MEN Specialty salesman wanted for this area, • Age no barrier • Must be bondable • Car necessary • Above average earnings Send Replies to Box N, Hope Star tlURRY! LAST DAY 2:oo - 3:44 - 5:17 -7:20 - 9:23 [fere's M-G-M's greatest ispense drama in years ,,.£.-.. . Just the way it hap\. |pened — when th strang- Jjir came to town — and :,tne girl and the killer and fthe sheriff hid the guilt •jbnd the shame in a reign ;6f terror. ceipts 29. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK W- Cotton future, moved in a narrow range in 'dull trading today. Near months showed mild rallying tendencies at time out the demand was not sustain- Late afternon prices were un- th.K d t0 25 ° ents a baj e-lower wian the previous close. July 34.09 October 34.18 and December 34.23! Legal Notice •• POULTRY AND PRODUCE •fBujtter steady; (receipts 1,418,713; wholesale buying prices unchanged to Y 2 lower, 93 score AA 56.75;. 92 A 56.75; 90 B 54.5; 89 C 52.5; cars ! 90 B 55; 89 C 53. Eggs irregular; receipts 19,678; \vhoies'ele buying prices .1 lower to l /2 higher; U. S. large whites up per Cent and over A's 34.5; 60-69.9 NOTICE PR ° B ATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, — No. 991 ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE ESTATE OF' W. J. Arnold, deceased per cent A's 34; diums .30,. U. -S. mixed 34; me- standards 30.5; . dirties :28; checks 25; current re- •1 w LQQK - The Prices Al-e Low - But it is Cool at Your B&B Store Air Conditioned for Your Comfort-ShopToday "•^ r-mj*—*^ • ' " ' ,. _-"'". • ...'.'. _ . . • ' . * ' •WHITE GOOSE FLOUR 10rrB& a ' 79c '*CliA. ' Lb. . ;S W*:rfB&g WILSON PURE LARD 'Lb. Cartoon trt : O7C • • -• • ' i »•. Mellqrihe Fre-Zert CREAM 49c Gallon ^ C ^jt??^J??NLDOWN JFRIPAY, MAY [ Washing Powder AMERICAN BEAUTY WINY ttS&^J&v^MvJ: 4- J,, ».. APPLE SAUCE COMSTOCK TISSUE NORTHERN COLORED Kleenex 400 SIZE address °f decedent: East Second Street, Hope, Arkansas. Date of death: March 14, 1955 The undersigned was appointed administratrix of the estate of the above-named decedent on the 19 day of April, 1955. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them duly verified, to the undersigned within six months from the date of .the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred and precluded from any benefit in the estate. This notice first published 5th day of April, 1955. Ellen E. Arnold fAdministratrix) 808 East Second St., i, Hope, Arkansas May 5, 12. 19, 26 Legal Notice FROSTY ACRfS FROZEN Sliced in Syrup ^ - • •..••. - . • • ^_ * _^ 10 ox. 7 J r •o* /4C SEALED SWEET FROZEN ORANGt JUICE PRODUCE DEPARTMENT NICf AND f INK JOMAIOfS 2 NICE URGE EARS mm - NOTICE OF SALE NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN THAT THE UNDERSIGNED AS MORTGAGEE IN THAT CERTAIN MORTGAGE EXECUTED MAY 27, 1954, BY A. E. SLUSSER TO AND IN FAVOR OF A G MARTIN, WILL AT 10:00 O'CLOCK, A. M., JUNE 10, 11155 AT THE EAST ENTRANCE TO THE COURT HOUSE IN THE C-ITY OF -HOPE,- HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS, AND PURSUANT TO THE TERMS OF SAID MORTGAGE, SELL AT PUBLIC AUCTION, TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER, FOR CASH, THE FOLLOWING DESCRIBED PERSONAL PROPERTY, TO-WIT: 1—1947-Model Chevrolet^ 1% ton, Truck, Motor Number AF 231340, 1—1953-Model Ford, % ton, Trunk, Motor Number F 25D3U-10585, 1—4-Drawer, Steel, Filing Cabinet, 1—Pair — Howe Scales, 1—Wood, Seed Cabinet, 2—UAR Company Ticket Machines, 1—Iron safe 3—Examolites, Type C (cotton examining lights) 4—Desks , 7—Chairs, 1—"Underwood" Typewriter, 1—"R. C. Allen" Cash Drawer, 1—Electric National Adding Machine, 1—Portable "National" Adding Machine, 1—"Monroe" Calculating Machine, 2—2'x8' Cotton Sample Racks, 1—14 foot Cotton Sample Table, 1—8'x3V4' Cotton Sample Table 'on •casters, 2—S'xS'/V Cotton Sample Tables, 1—30"xl8M>" Gas Heater, 1—6'x8Vj' Wood Folding pen, 1—National Tape Machine, 1—Pair -T Small Seed Scales. • 1—10-Gallon, Lowell Sprayer # 6908, 3—Large Warehouse Trucks, 1—Small Iron Warehouse Truck, 1—Pair — Platform scales, 18—50* capacity, Feed Barrels, 1—Postal Telegraph Electric Clock, 1—Automatic Calf Feeder, 3—5-Deck, Gas, Brooders, 1—Water Cooler (electric), 2—Stools w'padded tops, 1—Check Protector, 1—Model 202 Microsol Fog Generator, 2—Desk Lamps, 6—Venetian Blinds, 1—2'x23" Wood Cabinet, 1—Neon "Baby Chick" sign, 1—5 hole, Sack Hangar for paper bags, 1—m2-hole, Hog feeder, 1—5-hen, size, Cage layer, I— Tarpaulin Rack for Ford, % ton, Truck, 3—Tarpaulins 4—Large Cardboard Barrels, 1—Wheel and Tire for Chevrolet Truck, 2—6-foot, benches with pads,\ 1— Electric Fan on stand, 1—Small, Gas Stove, 2—Larro lights. 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The Public is invited. meeting was opened with the group unison. The Friday Music Club will attend (he piano recital of Mrs. Edwin Stewart pupils at the High School Mrs. C. B. Riley read the minutes Auditorium at 7:30 p. m. Following'of the last meeting and called the Mrs. .Orace Jones; Bobby Stew art, George Frazier, Sue Taliaferro Mrs L. B. Tooley, Jack Coop, !Ray Turner, Ronnie Smith, Miss Pat Me- Gill, Susie Dean, Mrs. Wm. Wra?, Carolyn Hall, Mrs. E. J. McCabe David Waddle, Jeanie Linakef, Mr. and Mrs. Clifton Ellis, Bill Johnson, Harry Hawthorne, Dan Jones, George Jones, Carl Rogers, Mary Arlene Rogers, Miss Mable Ethridge, Graydon Anthony, Jr., repeating the "Lord's Prayer" in M F . anc j Mrs o A Graves. the recital members will meet in, roll. A letter of resignation was the home of Mrs. Jewell Moore, Jr., for a business session. Sunday May 29 Mrs. R. L. Gosnell will present her Elementary and Junior High Piano Pupils in Recital at the Junior High Auditorium Sunday afternoon at 3 o'clock. The public is invited.- read from Mrs. J. O. Luck. Mrs. Troy Greenlee gave the Mothers on the Kitchen committee were; Mrs. Buster Gilbert, Chairman, Mrs. Wm. Renihardt, Mrs. J. W. Franks, Mrs. L. B. Tooley and Mrs. Claude Tillery. Carolyn Maxwell and Bill Rhine- treasurer report, and Mrs. Joe ,hardt were invited guests. Reese presented the club with a Monday May 30 Mrs. Bess Evans will present her pupils in recital at the High School Auditorium May 30, at 7:30 p. The public is invited . m Dahlia' Garden Club Elected Mrs. Floyd Fuller As 'President for New Year The Cahlia Garden club met in the lovely home of Mrs. Ira Turner at the T & E Ranch May 20, with Mrs. A. D. Middlebrooks Jr. and Mrs. Dick Irwin as co-hostesses. Mrs. A.. C. Ball presided and the DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 * FINAL NITE* BOB HOPE Dorothy Lamour "THEY GOT ME COVERED" • SHORTS • 1. "Rhythm of the Rhumbs" 2. "Cooking With Gags" Bumper Club Nite • FRI. & SAT. • • MAUREEN O'HARA • ALEX NICOL • TECHNICOLOR • "THE REDHEAD FROM WYOMING" PILLOWS PILLOW CASES BIG SIZE 19x26 Genuine Curled Chicken Feathers Beautiful floral Linen finish "' THE HOME OF GOOD VALUES Type 140 Size 42x36 nniversary Specials SO TABLE CLOTHS GOOD VAtUM Bright Plaid Designs 00 ^^!^^ i ALWAYS THE BE|T QUALITY „ MIRACLE FABRICS trail ALWAYf m MIT QVAUTV C YD. key ° r , ^ e * m uswooi«8 ^^ Ch Sc^^ e »«?£* V* &*"l^J!ffl^^^^ s^ y *rr^v i «^ i-i 7 k^^M^^Lrf/; 9«c VALUES PrinU and Solids Beautiful New Summer Pattern. 57 ' COOK BOOK Offilf 0®$ check from the Hope Federation of Garden Clubs. The Dahlia club won the sweepsteake prize for having the most blue ribbons in the recent Hat Show. A group discussion followed on how each hat was made and how it could be improved for next year. The nominating committee chairman, Mrs. Carl Greenlee submitted the following slate of officers: President, Mrs. Floyd Fuller, 1st. vice- pres., Mrs. A. C. Ball, 2nd. vice- pres.; Mrs. Wayne iLafferty, 3rd. vice-pres.; Mrs. Guy Downing, secretary, Mrs. C. B. Hiley, treasurer, Mrs. Dewey Baber and Historian, Mrs. Carl Greenlee. An interesting program was given by Mrs. Carl Greenlee on peonies, Iris and Hemenocallis. Mrs. Ira Turner won the gift package and Mrs. Carl Greenlee's mass arrangement won first place. The hostesses served a delightful dessert plate to one guest, Mrs. J. C. Carlton and the following members; Mesdames, C B.'(Riley, Dai- ton Dragoo, A. D. Middlebrooks Jr., Floyd Fuller, Carl Greenlee, Edwin Powell, Troy Greenlee, Ross Bright, Joe Reese and A. C. Ball. Wesley Club Has Hamburger Supper The Wesley Club of the First Methodist Church entertained with a hamburger supper Wednesday evening in the recreation rooms of the church, honoring the twenty- one boys and girls ;who joined the church Palm Sunday. The boys and girls of the club earned the money for the supper themselves by washing dishes, mowing lawns, having rummage sales and selling cupcakes. Jan iReinhardt, president, of the club acted as mistress of ceremonies and Cherry Meyers read a litany written by Jan and Barbara Reese. A puppet show "The Good Samaritan" was presented by Redgie Turner, Roy Wray, Janice Bailey, Pam Aslin and Nancy Tooley with Mrs. Roy Foster directing. Tony McLarty, David Guerin, Jim Bill Caudle, Jan Reinhardt, Committee's Appointed Chapter AE of PEO Chapter AE of PEO met in the home of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal Tuesday May 24,'With Mrs. Carl Kinton as associate hostess. During the business meeting committee reports were hea"rd after which the president, Mrs. Jim McKenzie appointed the following committees for the new year; Year book; Edith Haynes, Margaret Harris, Lillian Stewart and Elizabeth Stuart, Finance; Florence Tooley, Virginia Crow, Sara York, Hazel McNeill, Sue Purkins, Mary Compton and Helen Springer. Courtesy committee; Thelma Nunn, Mary Foster and Anne Haynes. Cottey College committee; Mary Virginia Horton, Miriam O'Neal, Joyce Monts and Alma Kyler. Educational Fund; Nell Hinton, Mable Ethridge and Elenor Bensburg, Auditing and bylaws; Jess Stephens and Neva Baker. Mrs. Clyde Monts had charge of the program and discussed PEO custom and traditions. The hostess served ice cream and cake to 16 members and Mrs. Kenneth Powell of Tuscon, Arizona. Joan Sundstrom Bride-Elect Of Jimmy Wilson Complimented Mrs. Louis Button, Jr.. Mrs. Hinton Davis and Miss Susan Davis were hostess 'Monday evening in the for First Christian Church parlor a rehearsal party honoring those in the Sundstrom-Wilson wedding party. Members of the wedding party were invited to serve themselves from an attractive table centered with an arrangement of pink roses. At this time Joan and Jimmy presented gifts to their attendants. The honoree was presented a gift of china in her chosen pattern by the hostess. Miss Sundstrom Reveals Wedding Plans •Mrs. Louis Sutton Jr. cousin of the bride will be matron of honor, Betty Bryant, Charlotte McQueen Miss Judy Franks cousin of the bride will be brides maid. Jerry and Barbara Reese dramatized the story of the Talents. IMiss Nannie Purkins. Church Treasurer made a short talk explaining how important the young members, contributions were to the on going of the church program. Mr. George Frazier and Mrs. B. C. Hyatt directed group singing. Penny Franks, Denny Hefner were in charge of the guest book. Church officers attending were: Rev. V. D. Keeley, Pastor, Mrs. >B. C. Hyatt, Choir Director, Miss Nannie Purkins, Church secretary. Children of the Palm Sunday Class and their 'adult sponsors were: Phala Brown, Claude Tillery, Lora Ann Walden, Jo Ann Jones, Wilson, brother, of the groom will be best man and ushers are: Lee Lane, Frankie Williams, and Johnnie Burke. Miss Susan Davis, cousin of the bride will be soloist accompanied by Luther Hollamon at the Organ, Rev. Edmond Pendleton will officiate. Personal Mention Mr. and Mrs. Orville Brakebill of Stamps announce the arrival of a daughter, Bonnie Dianne, May 27. The Maternal Grandparents are, Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Avery of Prescott and the Paternal Grand DEFINITE ENCOURAGEMENT for a little girl's curves xrr^EI^v (---• «>*-" -VV ^^-VvV\J padded MERRY WIDOW And it's not just the little girls who call for a bit more support and encouragement In a bra! "A" 's and "B" 's alike adore the lasting lift and flattering contours of Warner's padded Merry Widow. The four sectioned, circular-stitched cups are lined with soft, perforated foam rubber to fill out the smaller figure or just to give firmer support and a rounded natural bustline. It's marvelous comfortable, too . . • the soft elastic band stretches easily with every breath. ff10-84 In white $5.95 » T. M. Reg. U. S. Pat. Off. BROS, Blackwell, Okla. Continued from Bage One flight shift escaped before the Structure collapsed. Bread trucks and other commercial vehicles were pressed into service to speed the injured to hospitals. In Texas, severe thunderstorm activity may have caused the crash of an Air Force B36 with 14 reported aboard. A surface convoy from Goodfellow Air Force Base pushed through ugged West Texas range country toward the burned-out hulk of the six-engine plane. It was believed from Walker Air Force Base at Roswell, N. M. ; A passing aircraft sighted the flaming wreckage and said no survivors were visible. Even brick and stone buildings in Udall were leveled. The twister hit with unexpected suddenness. Johnny Walker,, 37, and his wife were in their frame home just north of the main street when the vicious winds' hit. "The lights went out,"" he said. 'I was lying on the bed. I wasn't undressed, just lying there. My wife called lo me. I jumped up and the door blew open. I forced it shut and then my wife put her arms around my waist and we crawled on the floor to the stairway. "Then it sounded like a freight train coming through the house. "There was an explosion, it seemed like, and all the windows shattered." Their house, however, remained standing. Walker said he and his wife finally got outdoors. "The man living just north of us was blown out of his house. He staggered over to my place and Three Vaccine Continued from Page On« ton last night that he had Pan-Am Drops Out of Gas Dispute LITTLE ROCK (M — The second i of a group of big companies fight- no ing a proposed rate increase for knowledge of a Hobby-Luce Cabinet the Arkansas-Louisiana Gas Co., shift as reportedly toy the Daily dropped out of the dispute yester- News. jday. The acting secretary of health) Pan-Am Southern Corp's presi- education and welfare. Roswell B. ident, Bruce K. Brown, said his Crease costs. in Perkins said in Washington: "So far as I know, three Is absolutely |no substance to such a report."' Word came from Rome that Mrs. Luce plans to fly to the United States and that she has the trip to friends as described variation She told friends in Rome earlier this week: "Thee will be the usual rumor that I am coming home to take another job. I definitely will be coming back to Rome." parents are Mr. 'and Mrs. Elmer Brakebill of McCaskill. Coming and Going Mr. George Sundstrom of Phoenix, Arizona will arrive today to attend the wedding of his daughter Joan. Mr. and Mrs. H. O. Kyler Sr., returned from Jonesboro after attending the funeral of an aunt, Mrs. A. L. Malone. They also visited a sister, Mrs. Dan Whelchel in Helena enroute home. Mrs. Ched Hall and Mrs. C. C. McNeill have returned from Dallas Market. Mrs. H. L. .Petty of Marianna is the guest of her sister. Miss Olive Jackson. we stayed together. "It was raining during the wind. We finally made our way across the street into a basement" Approximately 90 per cent of the community was demolished. Fragments of buildings were left standing here and there. Debris from brick walls smashed cars parked in the streets. The wind stripped trees Of limbs and leaves. Telephone poles, broken at ground level, lay across the street." Residents said a shower was given last night for Miss Eileen Holtj in the Community building. A few guests were still in the structure when the twister -hit, but they crowded into a small kitchen. All reportedly escaped injury. The grade school at nearby Mulvane was turned into a temporary hospital for the injured. Other injured were taken to Mulvane homes. Two hospitals at Winfield reported at lerist 10 of the injured were in critical condition and approximately 30 in serious condition. Charles Rollins, a photographer for the Wichita Eagle, gave this picture of the wrecked ••community: "The downtown section was''vir- tually wiped out. There wasn't a structure that hand't collapsed been blown away or severely damaged. "Many persons were walking around in a dazed condition. Others were moaning as they awaited removal to hospitals-Countless automobiles were smashed, and tossed on their sides. ; • "At one house I saw three persons removed as rescue crews held up the shattered rqot "'of their home." ' ' Rollins said he saw at,least 20 or 25 injuVed persons \ placed . in ambulances and other vehicles for movement to hospitals. The town does not have a hospital of its own, • company is withdrawing from the Arkansas Public Service Commission the objections it had filed to the rate boost. In a statement. Brown, In effect, said his company now favored the $4,300,000 annual rate income sought by the Arkansas-Louisiana, even though it would mean an in. BIG DISCOUNT on FLOOR MODELS and one REPOSSESSED TREADLE SINGER SEWING CENTER 108 South Elm Phone 7-5840 Duke's B«dufy Sftflri 1019 w.m Featuring tiuke'i \ ' Variation Cut > . , Ploy Harfsfield ^-° Etfitl Miflfl, Nagging Sleepless Ni Often Du« to Kidnty 5l< When kidney Imict&Jui&fd folks complain of hantihl fcdek seliM, ditxittea* fchd loss 6f pip iftd MMift$ Don't suffer restless nl»htt With tMt*/*.* comforts It reduced kldne? fhntUoft fe | ting you down-dtie to 8U«h critnAiM.tl' ta stress fcnd strain, nvef-wtrtloB MJ stfre to cold. 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Glycerin &1NEET Hair I Rose water I Remover Three Sizes Pack 10 Tampax CLimit two) 5-oz. Modern sanitary protection. Regular 29e PACK 8 COMBS 23 C Many styles. OF SODA 1-roiM f ACM6E (Limjt i) 12-ounc* bottle r \ (Limit 3) . Serutan 9-ounce 1 OQ at only \**m7 ^ Large Size 65 e Alka Seltzer Tube 25 tablets CURAD 39 C Bandages and 39 6 Plastic Tape 69* JOHN P. COX DRUG (0. DIAL 7-4616 or 7-4617 We Give Eagle Stamps Your Extra Savings ON SALE THURSDAY, FRIDAY fc SATURDAY TABLETS i Itf uteri* SACCHARIN DRUG STORE G TABLETS v, GR«IN IOTTLE 100 (limit 1) PAPER TOWELS CHEFLIKE PACK OF 10 (Limit 2} T! * : TAKING A TRIP. .! NEEDLE BOOK 78c duo. BOTH Pack of 85 Evershorp SCHICK BLADES Injector Pack 20 Afen'a & Lodiet' Polaroid i Sunglasses IH 1,395 • • • "* _i.;'. Showerproof TRAIN Utility CASE Travel Hit ^m^- w w»iPf»»_y vpnfmpp> -fs ^C 'K BAYTOI ^^^ Vitiate ~- m 15-30 Amp, FUSE PLUGS jl *SN"VV"S^V. *. ^>— -- ' ' Spring 'n Sutame: BEAUTIFUL COMPACTS Wide » v»« v«w *t**MY4* A. < . Scrlpto .Ball' Q/q/*efl QiigJily ' 0e , Oee4ora«t \.UJ>£r.f::,-,;l^ T^VTS /W

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