Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 25, 1955 · Page 3
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 3

Hope, Arkansas
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Wednesday, May 25, 1955
Page 3
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ft* Randolph Scott "Iliows No Sign •f Quitting TMOMA* out He bfb "8ht the outlaw eoitvlftced the Iocs take * has beeri thi •>*' '"Fighting Mat 'Man in the Sad _rid the Gurt,' VNe "Frontier Marshal.' out "Abilene —,- _ i .Territory,' Wain • SlreeV' ' 'A 1 buquerque,' oroher's C,reeiA" "Wdlktng "Santa Pe," '".port Worth' M .!Carson,CityA , «With his "Colt .45" or while "Rld- Shortgtin," Scott has combai i of the Bad Men," Olins of Oklahoma" and "The adoes.' — .'s more, he shows no signs ytahdolph Scott is the perfect eftern hero. He is tall and lean, l%.a leather-faced handsomeness id«an ability to command respect i\fc his tight-mouthed orders. '» w$IJs. in „ fact, just about the j t «»my Western hero who can make fjffcliving — and a -mighty handsome B *— frdrft making movies ; <for saters. iWpokes like Roy Rogers, Gene itry and Bill Boyd have loped !',,< to hun.t the television gold.. r -, ily; Scott remains on the movie &*&' " ' f Legends have related that he is sparse of words, but actually the ;.'Virginia-born actor can wax lo- lacjous on matters that Interest One such Is "the movie" bus !8S, -..''• ' ;"Tnere's»no doubt that television T S cut into oiir business," he fid. "We used" to count on a 2>£ 3 million gross domestically and Ulion or more worldwide. But can't expect that-nowadays. MOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Tuesday, May 24, by Brett Halliday close that door and get smart." Lucy went to the kitchen and Jack's liquor The bedroom carefully rinsed out glass and dried it. lene olt vicious or unlawful tendencies. Of course,, she told herself drearily, a sister is likely to be the last person to suspect a brother of such things, and it was perfectly possible that Arlene had Boyle Continued from Page One been unaware of his real charac- majesty that make up the real ter. Also, it had been many years lure of Manhattan. They have a door stood open, but she noted that Jack had turned out the bedside lamp. Biting her lip in indecision, she. , __________________ „ ____ slowly went to the door and drew since Lucy had seen Arlene, and vague dislike of Manhattan, and if it. But they about Manhat- either to hate it or love it. nave to marry Manhattan to it shut, then turned back to drop all sorts of things might have hap- an active distruct 1 into a deep chair and wrestle 'penen to Jack in the interim. He don>t know enough ; with her problem. j might well be a noted criminal, tan wanted by the police of a dozen '(In (the beginning, immediately states > and. Lucy would not after Jack made his absurd threat, j aware ot be there had been no question in But, somehow, she couldn't do that. You have to live here. Manhattan is a mighty melange of money, mystery and melo- her mind. M ic hae 1 Shayne was mak . e hersel * believ ,f that - Not of drama made up of many smells" certainly best qualified to decide a boy whom whether or not to turn Bristow dreamed about. she had once| an d sights and sounds and an in- Lucky studied the small wound, the bullet hole. No more blood came .from THE STORY: suffering from a Jack Bristow, bullet wound, over to the police after questioning him. Shayne had his own peculiar code of ethics which she sometimes did not wholly understand, but which she respected Often enough, she had seen him set himself squarely against the police in their efforts to jail a man whom Shayne believed innocent, and many times she had seen him go outside the. law. to gain an end which he believed right. If Jack Bristow could convince Shayne that he was innocent in whatever sort of mess he'd gotten himself mixed into, she knew positively that the big redhead 1 would hold the man's confidence No, Lucy told herself desperately. He can't be really bad. Certainly I would know subconscious ly if he were, and would be repelled rather than attracted by him. Whatever trouble he's in, must be the result of a prank or .. ,, , some sort of mistake, and I would "*? ",°J ou * "'""'P finite number of voices. Manhat tan isn't America, but it is Amer ica sqeezed up like an accordian —where the mountains are /manmade and the prairies have a. "keep off the grass" sign. man, the artist, the businessman, ..he chef, the boxer, the schola and the con man. Whatever you can do, here is your market and your audience. Manhattan is less lovely than Paris, less livable than London, less casually friendly than any major American metropolis. But it holds more grandeur than ancient Riome, and is gradually lattain- ihg some of the glory of old Greece. Small Tornado His Louisiana SHREVEPORT, La. tfl — Heavy rainstorms and a small tornado battered north Louisiana yesterday. Trec=i in a 40-foot path wer^ uprooted and streets in a halt» dozen communities were flooded. No injuries were reported. Water hi fe City Subscribers: If you foil to get your Star please telephone 7-3^31 by 6 p. m.,arid a special carrier will deliver your paper. *•*• Star WfeATHftH ARKANSAS — f» a« ei< .afternoon, tonight Ifta 1. ______ f 'with scattered thMder*ftdHril|l , Thursday mostly in nor'th**si}.-lp.',, r . important tempefatui'e chili<*l»-r y.fs „ 24-hours 6hdtt day, High 90, ran two feet deep in the downtown §f 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 190 business section of Plain Dealing, Ittt »f H*M !•»», Pnn C<mtolM*t«4 Jan. 11, If a* HOPE, ARKANSAS, WEDNfSDAY, MAV 25, 1955 A*. MM CM, t MM. *«**• » M*tth fl, tl>) — M«I about 30 miles north of Shreve- There are a thousand accents in''port. Manhattan, but the main accent) Residents of the Liberty commu- Manhattan is the true is on' youth. Youth isn't servec here, but it has a chance to sell here anything it can dish, tip that has a new quality or a fresh excitement. That is the real magic in Man hattan, a city that eternally renews itself by feeding on young be disloyal to Arlene if I refused to protect him for the short time he asked. travel here to make their dreams to any other "dreamjdreams: Anything is possible here people whatever you look for you have a f on ^ true in the world. On the otherhand, his to smear her reputation in of Michael Shayne if shi threat This is the talent capital of the 20th Century, the market place for every type of genius, whether .your skill lies in training fleas, feeling you may find it. Nobody owns M an hat tan. I gives you a feeling of belonging to something greater than yourself But anyone who lives here and then goes away knows in his heart that part of him will always be hs S seeks refuge In the apartment of Lucy Hamilton, secretary and girl friend "of Private Detective Michael Shayne. He tells her not to call a doctor. on the coverlet beside him and mut- ."^hifloiTl .tered: "I didn't mean anything * rt ^Tre-tJc 0 ^! ?$?'£££$ in °^ w °f ^ I know all about Mike Shayne. adm ° tted Whe fact openiy ~ io Lucy was her- tn she° heart that it was not the act of an innocent lad. Still, it was a threat that had been born of desperation-' and of his lack of knowledge of Shayne's real character. There I go, she muttered to herself despairingly, pretending I Chapter II Jack Bjrlsttw was lying back ls? " ith his head on the pillow and is- eyes • lightly closed, ropped black hair clung Short- "°"What S kind of °dick!" asked u?" 1 3 J? d m ° re ° r less openly let know Michael's real chartcter Lucy faintly, "do' you- think he '?™: ,f° r years , now she had lot when the fac tis that I'm not at I herself _ dream of marriage, and , all sure how he might react if Jack were to tell him a 'lot of lies about me. I should be sure that he'd disregard them, but I'm not. I simply don't know. And I'm afraid to put it to the test. On the wolves:," said Jack flatly. He to his Paused before adding, "particular- ell - shaped head in waves, and. 1 *' if he found me With, his girl." is mobile lips were slightly parted. "Michael isn't like that," she Lucy lifted the loose tail of shirt I declared vehemently. , "As .for you -,'VThe little monster (TV) has a lot of changes in the that's.. Utter non- nd undershirt to study the small i bcin S w 't h me, wound. No more blood came from' sense - After all « I', .only saw you the bullet - hole, and the red fluid i once before in my., life." that had previously oozed out 1 " But now<11 y° u make him be- .was beginning to clot. She drew his clothing back over not to disturb him, and debating 10 Believe the worst. .Why'll anew whether she should call a think l came to you if I weren't >M0cture business. A friend of mine, •„•£•£ big theater chahi operator,' told \ me. that the chains aren't Inter- j f'to -run-of-the-mill pictures «iore. They want attractions al will bring people away from TV sets." has" managed to continue ymaker because his films ,., ire ..several cuts above what used *f* „»* ..-,* •-- "• - m% called the program West- does -them, with ample feoodV'casts 'and color. He pro„ .., .process, with Harry Joe Brown. "Why hasn't Randy gone on'TV? I'm tied up with film five that for ^-"commitments for the next Ljtjjfews," he answered. "By |;l|me, I'll be too broken down *|TV'o l r anything else." * 4* *. • iPresbyterians May '2.^u.-. t . «»-r»A* . Iain Women ANGELES Wl— Presbyte- rTans voted today on proposals to women as ministers and to ,__s what the church terms a [sessive'trend by Roman Cath- to exalt the Virgin Mother; two issues come before the pGeneral' Assembly of 'the J J^jjibyterian Church in the Unit- J,\«»Tf States pi America as it re- I'jnuMtr business sessions continuing •' **"""'»h Wednesday. lengthy, statement on "the Jklarian-cult in relation to the lord- sure you'd take me in?" "What's all this getting us?' de manded Lucy wearily. "Tell me about it, Jack. Who shot you in andi the side? Why a r e.-you afraid to ,< ls be examined by a doctor?" the bare flesh, thinking it best out of his S irl>s P ast - Always ready _* • -f _ if i , < . , , , j, 'to h**li*it»rt tV»« ii»/s*«ot . 1I7l«<tr*11 lirt should call a think doctor at once or hope Shayne would come soon and make the decision for her. When she turned her head she saw Jack's eyes wide open fixed upon her unblinkingly. Mike Shayne coming here . . . tonight?" "I think so if he doesn't come soon : I can call him and . , ." "Don't." Jack's teeth were se together hard and his voice was hrirsh. "From- what you've tolc Arlene in letters, she guesses you're in love with the guy. That right?" "I don't think . that concerns you. '.'I wouldn't be here if there was another soul in Miami I could have gone to." .1 Lucy said, "That's flattering.' She went into the kitchen and brought a glass of straight brandy. "You wanted a drink?" He took it from her and lifted the glass to his lips swiftly without lifting his head, spilling a few drops but coming as close to "tossing off a drink" as Lucy had ever, seen accomplished. H'e dropped the empty glass on "He'd love to throw me to the h^J ell luT2 Uraged ° f late tby , th f beliefe that he was coming to look at Lucy more and more as a woman instead of merely an attrac tive and competent secretary. She moodily thought about the wounded man in her bedroom. What sort of jam could he have got into in Miami to bring him to her apartment seeking refuge with a gunshot wound? In the past, when she had known his sister well, she had sensed that Jack was weak and probably lazy, but she could recall no hint from Ar- lieve that? You know how a guy is when another fellow pops up ship • of Christ and the unity of .he church" was offered by the Presbyterians' Permanent Commission on Interchurch Relations. The commission asked the assembly's 880 lay and clerical delegates representing 2,658,903 church members to approve the statement. "A DEAD man, believe It or not And I told you why not 'to call a doctor," Jack snarjed. "Because I can't afford to start explaining things to the police. Not yet; Nor to your Mike Shayne either. Get that straight, sister. If he does come and you say a word about me being here, I'll fix you with him so you'll wish you'd kept shut." ' . "You're hardly in a position to threaten anyone." Lucy told him coldly. She retrieved' the empty cognac glass and placed .it on the tray, stood up. "Do you want some water?" "No. More of that brandy would be okay." You've had enough,* she told him with 'decision, and started toward the door. His voice stopped her on the threshold. It was hard and level, yet with an underlying note of desperation which warned her that he was dangerous! Just don't do it, Lucy girl. All I'm asking is a couple of hours, and I swear that you'll be doing nothing wrong. But I'm also-warning you that Shayne wouldn't see it that way, and if you give me to him I'll smear you so you'll lot only be looking for another man but for another job, loo. Now other hand, I'll hate myself forever if I lie to. Michael and let Jack stay hidden in the bedroom without telling him. Lucy still hadn't made up her mind when the buzzer rang and she got up to push the button that would admit Michael Shayne to the apartment building. (To Be Continued) • dlrecli "g a symphony orchestra or | long to Manhattan, and that he ha b uilding skyscrapers " Tt Is the mod ' left something behind - usually nity, about 45 miles southeast of Shreveport, said the twister cut a path through three miles of heavy timber. Quick Relief that Lasts! PILE PAIN Thornton-Minor Ointment is • complete formula with special ingredients to relieve itching, burning, pain and reduce swelling. Goes to work instantly; lasts for hours. Proved clinic formula — ointment or suppositories, $1.00. Insist on Thornton-Minor Pile Ointment — at all drug stores. 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Hyatt, Mendelssohn. Invocation — The Rev. L. T. Lawrence Pastor of First Presbyterian Church. Organ Solo: — "Theme From •Finlandio" Billye Alyce Williams. * IQuoi! tu n'as pas d'etolle.l et tu jvas sur la merl Au combat sans irriisique En Voyage sans liore |j,Quoi! tu n'as pas d'amour, jet- tu paries en vivre! — Al- jftjfd de Musset . • prelude — Margaret Louise Fa ;gan. i iWhatt you have not a star anc 'you are going to the seal —Alice Marie. Gentry. Organ solo — "Ave Maria" — John Taylor, Bach-Gounod. Into battle without 'music! — Emogene Fuller. . ' .On a journey without a book!, — James Henry Haynes. . -What! you have not love and you trfk of living! — Patsy Ann Clahoun. "I Love Life" — Senior Girls' Ensemble, Mana Zucca, Class Address — Silas D. Snow, President of Aarkansas State Teachers College . ' , . . Awarding .of Diplomas — Albert Graves, President of Board of Education. • Special Awards — James H, Jones, Superintendent of. Schools. .Recessional "'Pomp and Circumstance" Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, Elgar. Election in England Like j Horse Race By .COLIN FROST LONDON I/R — Britain today spent the eve of the national elections, trying : to pick the winner: — of-., a- horse race. • subdued . NO -NEUTRALITY — Seo. of State John Foster. Dulles shown . a.t'."bli news .conference In Washington Tuesday said that he has informed the West German government. through Amb. Krekeler k that the through U. S. Is not prepared to accept a role of neutrality .fpr Germany.— NEA Telephoto ' • New Move in Senate for 8% Postal Raise WASHINGTON WV—The Senate Post Office and Civil Service Committee today approved a new postal pay bill carrying average raises Swimming Pool to Open Here Thursday ^*Hope's municipal swimming pool ctfftcially opens for the season Thur-< stlay, in time to permit use of the pool by families of employes of Suihray Oil Company which is holding its annual party at Fair park. Mrs Foy Hammons, manager, .„_. „„„ „ said, the pool will be open from 9 a: ing the campaign designed to de- Woman Tells of Petition'Raid' at Little Rock LITTLE ROCK m— A Little Rock woman who is helping m. to 5 p. m. on Thursday. Regular Weekdays — 9 a. m. to 10 p. m. Saturdays — 10 a. m. to 10 p. m. Sundays — 2 p. m. to 6 p. m. .*v». *y&' ""••'' I t Seriate Moves to Highway Bill" 11 Burglaries Here Admitted by Youth Working swiftly, Hope C.jty Po- an of about 8 per cent for the 500,000, sch .? dule for tne summer is: postal workers. 'Members said they believed it would be acceptable to President Eisenhower who vetoed a bill providing an average 8.6 per cent pay boost. The Senate upheld the veto yesterday. The new bill received the endorsement of the Post Office Committee in a h?.lf hour session. Chairman Olin D. Johnston (D- SC) said the bill, which he spon- iored, was approved unanimously, but only after the committee had oted down a measure proposed by Sen. Carlson (R-Kan), admin- stration spokesman on the pay is- ue. The Carlson proposal was re- ected on a straight party line vote Johnston reported. The new measure' would cost an estimated 162 million dollars a car, or 17 million dollars less han the bill vetoed by the President. It would give each postal work- By JOHN HALL feat the feed tax exemption bill today repeated for newsman her story of how a man annoyed her while she was collecting signatures on a petition. Mrs. William S. Norman's statements were made at a news conference in answer to charges made by the Arkansas Poultry Federation yesterday that the report of the incident was "planted" to gain sympathy. Alex Washburn, Hope publisher, is leading the fight to got enough signatures on petitions to get the act referred to a vote. If he obtains enough signatures the act will Hints Pressure Broil to Get Cutter Licet* to Produce Polio Vaccin Blame Laid to Top Politician in California Mundt Declares Falsehoods Cloud Probe By G. MILTON KELLY WASHINGTON V W1 —Sen. Mundt pay er at least a 6 per cetit raise, the floor which the administration has been willing to accept. The vetoed bill had a per cent minimum. Committee aides said the new bill also contains most of the job reclassification authority asked by ••<« rm.- C -__,- — ""> <=""u el i signatures me act will begins votineStod-iV^n t£ I J i be sus P e nded until a vote is taken. ^3^-?^^TUnS!Cr- a However thcysaid fh • 1 docs not raise some of the Oliver Mills burglary et salaries as much as Eisenhow- Monday night and when the day or wanted. was done had' the 'answer to. eleven burglaries here, within the past eight months. . . ' A 15-year-old Negro youth, Recce Junior Nelson, already under - ; a suspended sentence; for ' acts ; of vandalism at Yerger . • school" Vadniit- cd . to the following burglaries, -City Officers reported:. "•;' . r .:•': • : Yerger Schbopj-City^xilea'ne'rs, Monts Seed Store, ATkansas-Loui- -ia'na; Gas Company office, Ja'm'es leaners, Beat's ^ tml- battle between Prime Minister Eden's Conservatives . and former Prime Minister Attlee's Laborites drew peacefully toward its culmination at the polls tojjnorrcfw. '.(Jrhc voters will elect a ni House of Commons. The party winning the most scats will name Britain's new government, headed by Eden or Attlce as the voting goes. ;The average man seemed more concerned with picking a horse for this afternoon's Epsom Derby, the, object of an annual betting splurge by. Britons of all classes. Rarely has Britain seen an election campaign so short on sensa- tan. Herbert-Morrison, deputy Laborite chief who heads the party machinery, said the hustings have been so quiet that "it has, baffled politicians." ' With just one day's campaigning ift, Conservatives still showed as tandout favorites in opinion polls ~ J betting handbooks. Both the ' Express and Gallup polls gave the Tories more than 50 per cent of the voters who had made que Cafe, Star Barber Shop, Genry. Hard ware, Mills shop and Otto Rodden'-s cpld drink, box,:;.T.h'e;..lar- gest-, sum netted -in- one/.place was $10 'arid sometimes nothing' ; was missing..- .- . ,•;".... :'.-_•. : Four, of the nine'^'silver- dollars stolen at Mills' shop^.were' recovered; iThe. boy was pick up at Yerger school by Officer. Anderson. Patrolmen Pedron and Comptpri and oth- Burke Named Chief of Naval Operations WASHINGTON IB-President Eisenhower today nominated Rear AdrrL 1 Arleigh A. Burke to be chief of naval operations succeeding Adm. Robert B. Carney. Carney crats confident^, tHey can defeat Republican efforts to substitute President Eisenhower's plan. • Sponsors of the Democratic bil predicted it would win final passage by late todajt- or tonight. Republican leaders? were ready to offer the President's road-building proposal in place of the Democratic bill sponsored by Sen Gore (D-Tenn). But they conceded privately this move had little chance of success. Rather, they were pinning hopes on a plan to send the. Gore bill back to the Public Works Committee and thus shelve it for the time being. The administration is counting on getting much more support in the House. As the test neared, Sen. Byrd (D-Va) fired a heavy salvo aimed particularly at financing features of the Eisenhower road plan. In a prepared speech, he criticized propomsals to set up what he termed a "dummy operation" to and state's two per cent sales tax. Washburn reported Saturday ihat two women workers had been annoyed by a man as they tried to Collect signatures. The poultry organization, in a statement signed by two of its officers, said that Washburn had "planted" the report in an effort to gain sympathy for the drive. Mrs. Norman said that a man grabbed a petition from the booth where she was working and that she chased him down the street. Sh'e said that she retrieved the (R-SD) said today a fabric of falsehoods" "mystifying is clouding the record of a Senate search for graft in buying of uniforms for the armed forces. Noting that two witnesses before the Senate Investigations subcommittee on which ho serves have admitted lying under oath, he said conflicts in the testimony of others shows some of them also "are trying to deceive us." "Tills is awful," he said. "It's a terrible spectacle." He said any government worker caught trying to deceive the subcommittee "ought to be fired." One witness was fired late yesterday. The'Army announced the paper and that a Little Rock pol- j mmedlate dismissal of David.Pol- at l' w ^u Goodwi11 - witnessed i ac k as a contract analyst 'for the act. Washburn said that Mrs. * Betty iMoore, of Little Rock, also was working in the booth at the tinfe. Godwin was not available comment. for was the center of a recent controversy ever th clikelihood of a Communist attack in the Formosa area. • The president also nominated: 1. Adm. Arthur W. Radford for a new two-year term as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. 2. Gen. Nathan F. Twining for er mqmbers -of -the 'force : carried a I ? ew two-year term as Air Force out. the investigation -that, led to ^their minds. Who Express put Labor's per. Chief of Staff. the youth admitting the burglaries Earlier this month Eisenhower jnominated.Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor 'to succeed Gen. Matthew Ridgway to Nevada Co. Boy Jack Henry Davis/aged 15,' son ° and rS JB ' D .' avis Sr issue a 30-year bonds and to earmark gasoline tax revenues to pay off those bonds. . "Nothing has been proposed during my 22 years in the United', States Senate that would,' dp.;,moreiv. to • >wi-ev* '• our ' fiscat" budget; than the adoption of the measures embodied in thU (administration) substitute," he declared. '.". said that he had hop- he would not have to reveal the,names of the two women; but had changed his position "since Continued on Page TWO as Army Chief of Staff. Ridgway, who has been critical of administrations plans to cut Army manpower, is to be replaced by Taylor July 1. : Burke's nomination to succeed'tauter"'BovTeouT T^nf' Carney will be effective Aug. ie;'Sj Cha£m a n * when Carney's two-year term ex- ™* t chalrman pires. The controversy over Carney Scout Leaders Training in Progress The second session of the Boy Scout Leaders Training Course was held Tuesday May 24, at Garland School. This session was "Program Planning" and "Patrol and Troop Meetings." Clyde Coffee and Art Hughes l were instructors in charge. Jimmy r f . of Emmet Route One, died last 'centered on the question whether night m a Hope hospital. Death was he did or did not tell a group of attributed to Leukemia. He had newsmen a Red attack in the been ill only a short time. Besides his parents he is survived by a" brother, I. B. Davis, Jr., Formosa Strait was likely by mid- April. Carney discussed the subject at two sisters, Mrs. Mildred Aslin and! an off-the-record dinner and some Mrs. Mary Jane Lambert of Baton'of the participants later reported Rouge, La. I the mid-April date as a time when . Funeral service? will 'be held at the administration expected the reports that the session, "Helping the Boy Grow" dealing with the recruiting and advancement of the Scouts, will be held Tuesday May 31, at First Presbyterian Church at 7:30 who attended last night p. m. Those session were: P. C. Stephens, Bailey Carman, Warnke, Fowler 3 p. m. Wednesday at New Liberty Reds to hit. Carney subsequent. centage at 47.2 and Gallup, 47 Apparently fearful that overconfidence and the lack of excitement might keep his party's backers at home, Eden issued a last-minute appeal for all his supporters to Church by the Rev. W. E. Thomason. Burial, in charge of Herndon- 2ornelius Mortuary of Hope, will be in Baldwin Cemetery. votes "even . if it means 'convenience or sacrifice." I Ho told newsrnen in Birmingham: "I think we shall win, but I dijf$t know by how many, Spme Conservative predictions have gone as high as a smashing 100-seat majority in the 630-member • House. . . the Laborites apparently* pinned their hopes on prospects for a fine day and a big turnout. Such circumstances usually favor Labor. Party Secretary Morgan Phillips said he believed Labor might get the support- of more than 14 mil- QUITE NOTICEABLE SAN FRANCISCO (UP) — Police figured they shouldn't have identified as the speaker. Later the admiral denied he had spoken of expectations. He said he only discussed capabilities and said the Communists could make an attack by that time il they chose. Some of the newsmen who tok much trouble finding Mrs. chatze^art in the dinner briefing differ- A. Weicker's stolen car. She said the car .was ed among themselves as to just _-- —.- — — a white what Carney had said or meant. 1955 Cadillac hardtop 1 convertible,'Some agreed with Carney's ver- Ornamented $6500. in gold and worth ( sion, others with the previously published accounts of the dinner. Some People Will Swallow Just About Anything But It Seems Digestion Is More Difficult By HAL BOYUE NEW YORK -(ft . — Little broad- v»ers. This would be an all-time record for any 'party. v iil^ .million- registered jumps to big conclusions—or snap judgments a guy couldn't prove in .court; If a man can't be taught by experience, he can't be taught. Some people will swallow anything; digestion is the more difficult art. ...'..If anima Is ha d pockc ts like people, they'd haye as many worries; loo.' . A fellow who is always borrowing' spmeone else's pocket comb rarely makes lasting friendships. It i? better to have, itwp holes showing in your shocks than one r . - — —-.in you;- head. '.-•'."•" . ! |hen showed the Kixvanians a mo-| Pour out of five times it is lion, picture film on army ROTC more .'expensive 'to buy a dinner '"aining and its importance to na- for-'a small woman than a large more secret eaters than there are se- ROTC Praised by HSTC Instructor Lt.-Col. Choice Rucker, director of ROTC at Henderson State Teachers college and one-time University of Arkansas star halfback, brought the program to Hope Kiwanis clu'b at its noon luncheon yes- teftay. I He praised Hope youths now en- polled in ROTC at Henderson, and but an ostrich. There are in American cret drinkers. Some of the most religious people I know also regularly read astrology magazines. In heaven's name, why? Maturity begins the moment you discover something you want that money won't buy. People often feel sorry for a poor devil; they rarely express sympathy for a rich saint. A cynic is a guy who can crit icize food even on an empty stomach. Small Hike New Strategy in Postal Pay WASHINGTON W) — Senate action in upholding President Eisenhower's veto of a posal pay raise averaging more than 8>/a per cent Was followed today by moves to vote a slightly smaller boost. Igijoring the advice of Sen. Neely (D-WVa) they were following Eisenhower "into a political grave- yesterday upheld veto of a bill which would have given 500,000 postal workers a pay increase averaging 8.6 per cent and fringe benefits bringing the total to 8.8 per cent. The President called this ioo high. The 54-39 Senate vote —8 votes short of the two-thirds margin needed to override a veto — gave the President a m/ajor political victory in the first congressional challenge of his veto power. Voting to override wore 46 Democrats and 8 Republicans; voting to sustain were 37 Republicans and 2 Democrats... Leading anunsuccessful fight to override the veto, Sen. Olin D. Johnson (D-SC) called Eisenhow- Quartermaster Corps in Philadel- phi—a job paying between $5,940 and $6,940 a year. The announced reason was tha Pollack's testimony yester day "differed from testimony he gave in a previous closed session' of the subcommittee. Pollack had conceded testimony that, from but he disputec another witness that he had taken money from a private firm dealing with the Army. . The subcommittee, sailed., more Ayitnssses today to explore . mpi-e fully.into-testimony by-a Brooklyn manufacturer, Leon M. Levy, that he provided $6,699.94 to finance cash payoffs and gifts to uniformed and civilian Army personnel with! whom he was doing business on government contracts in 1952 and 1953. Levy, a native of Lebanon, consulted a diary in Arabic script in which ,he said he kept a record the President's of such disbursements from his firm, Bbnita .Originals, Inc., of New • York. The su bcommittee seeks r — —.....v*., u wamuvria v A^-U\-// ualJLvTU f flat ItllUVv* Imon Brown, Joe Harris, Charles er "that poor, misguided and con- Jones, Lmdon Smith, Paul Step- i' hens and Gerald Morton of Blevins; to establish whether any of all of that sum reached the government people Levy said he . expected would get it from Marvin Rubin* whom he had hired to get business for him. Pollack swore yesterday he never received $500 of Bonita funds which Levy had just testified he believed Pollack accepted from Rubin at Bonita's plant. Levy said the man Who got it was introduced by Rubin as Pollack and looked like the witness. Pollack confessed ho had lied under oath when questioned previously about his association? with Rubin. But he insisted he was telling the truth in saying he had never been at Bonita's office, had never before seen Levy and never SOLO TRIO — The Dinning Sisters, radio and recording stars of a decade ago, are cutting platters again, but when the -"trio" shows up at record- Ing studio, there's only one of them, Jean. She has revived the trio by means of multiple recording In which -she ilnga her sisters' parts as well as her own. Jean says her four recordings marketed so far have turned out se well they have even fooled her mother. — NEA Telephoto ; C'*i : ; f. D* Site of Big Four Meeting Is Discussed From Our Wire Services WASHINGTON House . said today — The White that the Big Finis Walden and Lynn Harrell of Fulton; Walter Balch of Nashville; Don Mitchell, Mark Justis, Don C. Hays and O. W. Watkins of Pres- fused man in the White House.' He urged the Senate to resist "complete domination" by the Republican administration. After the Senate sustained the veto and they killed the bill, GOOD CLEANING FLUID MIAMI (UP) — Deputy U. eott; Clifford Franks, Art Hughes, | both Senate and House for a pay Clyde Coffee and Jimmy Miller of raise which Sen. Carlson (R-Kan) H °P e - said he knew wpuld be acceptable to the President. Companion bills were offered by Carlson, Rep. . . S. Rees (R-Kan) and Rep. Murray Marshal Guy Hixon keeps a five- D-Tenn calling for an average gallon jug of moonshine whiskey increase of around 7.9 per cent in his offics. and a minimum raise of 6 per He said the moonshine, seized in cent. Sen. Johnston, chairman of a raid, is "the best cleaning fluid .the Post Office Committee, offered we have ever had around this of- another, which he said would av- fice." 'erage 8 per cent. received money from Levy, Ru bin or any agent for them. He acknowledged he gave Rubin some advance information government contracts for about which Rubin was angling for various clients. But he insisted -Rubin could have gotten 1 it readily in other ways. Pollack said that as an Army employe jn New York, he had determined that Bonila was the low bidder for contracts to produce 1,050,000 Amry garrison caps at its Puerto Rico plant. Fpur .heads of government meel- ng may be held at Lausanne, Switzerland, July. 18-21. But it emphasized that the tlm and place have not yet. been 'off daily proposed and that sever other ^alternatives, are under coi sideratibn.' The Allies are not expected i any case to make a formal time place proposal to Russia until sbm time after tomorrow's, election -lr Great Britain. It is quite possible, official said, 'that the East and West wl not get together on the issue unt the .Big .Four foreign minister confer on it at San Francisco du ing the June 20-26 ceremonies co! ebrating the 10th anniversary of th United Nations. French .Foreign Minister Antoin Pinay said in Paris .today tha President Eisenhower has agree' to July 18-21 as the dates for the chiefs of government meeting vyith Russia. Pinay also said the Wes wants the talks to be held at Lau sannc but that the Russians are holding out for Vienn. This country does not want Vi enna because it is doubted East West occupation forces will have withdrawn entirely by the time o the meeting which the. Uniltec States wants held in an atmos phere of strict neutrality. The State Department is await ing an official note from Moscow before deciding what is Russia's real approach to arranging a top" By MICHAEL J..O'NtU.L WASHINGTON (UP) -" thur G. Klein D-NY'ttL,. he had information frott^/ij utable source that a^"vet prominent i>olit!claw*fr<ftft'j nla" brought pressure bri Secretary Oveta Culp'-Hobb garding licensing .of *<»'""" Laboratories to produce' vaccine. <• i ^ Assistant Welfare Secr«tar1|l well B. Perkins, denied' 1'categ cally" that this On the basis 'of '< available to me, that, li> L_ T _^. y false." Perkins said. K^$i The exchange took pU'ce\"a{" ft < hearing by the Housa Interstate^ Commerce committee oti' blils r jl authorize a gover ' ""^ $28,QOflf,Ooff~^ """"• children unable .toL,p.ay n andxto« ip. new:- standl^[<^irols;fb^'eltft ributiohf:^d^^rj|la|i^irje^w^ '•Mrs; Hobby, ; 'fi pproyed the free &\— which had orlj cpartment., (*-- *'~ own orij the 1 | vvv » u . ,«{-•..« was not atfthe .hearwgiVSws jr home,in T.«ai.J; '**«.•*#$! Cutter was one,of i urers ^Icensed to^S--^-—., alk vaccine.. Sixty 1 *'cases of> ave developed ' "* r ~ -. roduced vaccine. , , The Public • Health; S«rv cfcterday % that ^ther.ej wa« umptive evidence" .tojr.is the CMttrf vlccinc 4uf n the cases. In all, Cutter ased iiine -loin The s the nation nwaitedj evel Big Four conference. iphal defense. iThe program was arranged by one. When a girl cozily mwrmurs "I >ype,Weisenberger, but due to the don't really eat, ..r just peck a,t 4tJi of a relative, tho speaker food," you can bet on it that Ihe s introduced by IlarrelJ Hall. bird she pecks like isn't a wren A waiter's observation: "In the mpst Interesting understandiiags reached at a restaurant table the knees do all the real talking." Any red-haired girl who ends up a spinster simply doesn't like men. You're only old once. Social climbers always remind Continued on Page Three All Around Hie Town •y Hit Mar Staff Nearly 1,000 Hempstead residents school term, are now! receiving surplus food commodities, under a new state eligible applicants Luther Gordon Brewer, of Columbia, Tenn., grandson of Mr. program . receive six commodities, butter,.) and Mrs. Luther Higgason of Hope, cheese, shortening, dry milk, dried will graduate from Ouachita Col. beans arid rice — with the amount lege this week . . . he was a 4' varying according to the number in year-letterman in football, presi- a family , . . the program now in- dent of his class and comnilssion urgeon General cheele on when n ine will be released fokdist on. .The Put'' " — — £j&id mi 9nu£)U made this afternpon. T- T The committee:dealt range dJrtrl ,., the immediate ques 1 tion of , the tr~ ^~ gram, of'the, for Infahtile The convn, ing the adminlstifa; to provide a ;"..; inoculate needy" >hi Mrs. Hobby ,.t " 350,000 children free Salk, sh gram oi " L Klein the Cutter Laboratory'' * f *r^rtr»4l**>«*J •£•* ** — _u Won't AcftptiNaje for NeutralZont 5»», NEW YORK F George <D<U.) _„_ , T tions of the tree world'wiy accept any Russian a neutral ' asfcnW. _...., George Js clmlrijnsintof the* Foreign Relations qc^itti Interview^ in tivwwt®* zine on possibles Russian* at the proposed Pig Four ' ng, he said he believes,'the', sians want to create «v$tv«v o Germany will not- be "They have w*<i«, *"'$ he Neutralisation ot*>^ Gorge said, "They "are!,. maKe Italy and YMgo'sli»vivi nd now they,'are/turnlna' ttentions north." To a question- whether* he fiee worW av off." i 7 ay off. WtH, RRTMHN IT,' ill ! »4« eludes person on public welfare jn' the ROTC man Marilyn Shiver rolls, as well as other needy in-[of Hope has be.cn nominated for dividuals all applicants must membership in Alpha Chi sorority go through the local welfare office at Ouachita Polly Compton of Three senior honor graduates have perfect grade point of 6.00 and have been named co-valedictorians, left to right, F.mogene Fuller, Jimmy Ha Co-salutatorlang aiv, seated left to right, Louiee Faonn and Alice Gentry. Commencement I* icheduled Thirjday nlghi, hey are, back standing, nes. and Patsy Calhoun and when approved get food dis-|Hope was awarded a band letter tributed at the Courthouse under i at Ouachita this week, direction of Judge Garrett . . . Mrs. Alma Atkins indicated the number eventually to receive surplus food in the county will go over 2,000 it was impossible tor the welfare office to take care ol all the applicants this week ... if 2,000 get on the list, and it looks like it will run more, this means eight per cent of the residents of this county will get surplus food. Mjss Sarah Payton, teacher of some 30 years, 21 in the local sy- Stem retired at the ewi ol th.is Robert Walker, Jr., who former* ly lived in Hope, grandson ol Mrs. J. H. Wafter, has bfen selected. regimental sergeant-major for ilia coming Junior year at Te*«s A.&W ... other honors, awarded him include best drlHed sc.phpm.ore, o.u,tr standing sophomore in his regt< men*, Ricked b y the jjjittary as we ol the top ten in the Corps — based on grades, ciency, outsjaj^imf giejaAd and received a Key 991 tor

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