Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 24, 1955 · Page 12
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 12

Hope, Arkansas
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Tuesday, May 24, 1955
Page 12
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MBBHtHM* CLASSIFIED *«• Mutt •* in Offlee D.y P U bll<*tl*« WANT AD RAtlS «oyabl» , M*iy Air W«sn» -Acti birt ant WANTED TO «UY len't Used Shoes HOUSE ofm* • Graduation Gifts f tilrfd Tirrje select qjches & Jewelry from -Jewelry Store TUBELCSS TIRES .-pt,popular prices WHEEL BALANCING Awhile you wait TIRE & SUPPLY 4PANY. Cost 'ATE FARM MUTUAL Contact >RACEHUBBARD * * MottNta C*. «m •tr«»t Phone 7-K1I 2.00 2.50 3.TJQ 3.50 •4.00 4.50 5.00 Potol Vern Stephens in Rare Botting Form CLEVELAND (fft — Vern fJurt lor) Stephens, who was considered rwashed up by the Baltimore o-- 'ioles last month, is showing the Chicago White Sox and trie rest of the America^ League sortie of his •old'tirrte batting form. Legionnaires Play Nashville Here Tonight Hope Legionnaires will open thfe in ui i t m , u 4 baseball season tonight at 8 o'clock .l n ^L S jL St ^ al bats, Stephens!at Fair park unless rain is actually Up to IS if to BO 21 to 25 2« to 30 Stftf ,1s authorised to thai -the CLASSIFIED DISPLAY * flm *» ......................... SOe per Inch ftatei i^uottrf.obovt ore tor con. Candidates lor public cfaoe •Wbjwt ^ the^/tftlbn ofthl Detnocfatlc iftrftnatjr cledtloftl: ^or Mayor ^. L. KETTIO H. M. (OLIE) -OLSON JR. , , ..(All dolly clotslHed 'advertising Wfll-«* 6cc«pt*d until 5 p. m. publlcotton •tn* 'folWwhifl jfey. Th« • publishers r«trve the right to bf Idlt on;«Jv«rtl«emtnt T for ptAHctftlen and to ' 0( & <*i««l«ndbl. advtrtltlng fDlTTM Jritfiali of on* or mar* letWri. flroup. or floures iuih o» h6u» £ wwrtiori* number* eourtt as an* Wd. ..("•^ Hope Star will not be retpon- ilble for errors In 'Wont Ad» .union ' " .. FIRST Insertion of ad >ona 'th*n for ONLY the ONE Incorrect insertion. PHONE: PROSPECT 7-3431 WE SELL — we. rent — we bu* Real Estate. : PRANKDIN-COMPANY ,_ ;_ May 94 Mo. Business for Lease •signfed him as a free agent. .Baltimore handed the veteran in-jdon Beasiey," lielder his unconditional release in 'April. White j hound By Joe Stetson Dog Editor from childhood we have -~ al- assbciated the/ blood- with ONE SUPER SERVICE Station, 3rd and Laurel. Reasonably priced. 'See S. L. Murphy for details. j e-tf Help Wanted For Rent SIX room unfurnished house. 812 West 4th. ,$35 a "month. -Dial 72247. , I0;tf WANTED — -Experienced waitress Apply in Person. Mac's Restaurant, 409 E. Third or house neirt door. ifi COTTON El Dordo Greenville Hot Springs Pine Bluff Monroe Vicksburg STATES LEAGUE W L Pel. GB 14 9 .009 J310 .503 1 14 11 .560 1 13 11 .542 12 12 G 19 .500 .240 the story" "Uncle Tom's Cabin" and Eliza crossing Others in the lineup will be Gor-' th e toe in desperation to escape Johnson, Bill being torn -to ribbons. But one of the outstanding characteristics of hound breeds in Gunter, Bruce Duke, W. H. Gunter Jr., Marty Filagamo, Reeder Hudrlleston, Joe Barrentine. Charles Gough, kee Lane. Huddleston or Barrentine will start on the mound. Giants, Yanks Have First Spot in Mind By ED WILKS Of The Associated Press It's the rumi end of May and 2,;- most folks, are getting serious ' *• n Iwii if vi i j~i!»I*-. ^ „ i i general is their .gentleness. is 611 the It more ' regrettable, Yesterday's Results Hot Springs at Monroe (pp. , therefore, that the name bloodhound' sounds as though the dogs were bloodthirsty or,' as has often been said, follow trails of blood The fact of. the matter is that bloodhound merely means blooded hound or pureblbod hound, thus differentiating between the lounds that were purebred and the mixed breeds and outcrosses. Hounds that would follow the r «< 'trail of an animal — even a ~ trail ' — and bay' while cold so doing,, either, singly or in a pack were'tan, and. read 'frequent references Used for hunting centuries before to the Talbots or-tricolors. Christ. . Through the summer. So are the New Giants and the New York kees. York Yan- FURNISHEJD two room apartment, newly decorated. Garage. No children. Mrs. Judspn, .220.N. Elm. •...." ,' i9-t£ W« WESTERN SHARES f Dlv«r*lfl«d Income Fund •v«IUbl*.frem AOCNT fh<m«744M Hop* Hy«7 WELDING \nywhere. l tail ui, i ,^ ri v>'. 0 ! J F^Car, Ti;ttclc. Tratfor repair*. TtlfeEE BOOM house across from courthouse, 710 Wi 4th. Mrs/ Paul c °bb. 23-3t For Sal* WOULD LIKE to hear from, man with rear .for Rawleigh Business in S. Hempstcad Co. or Mope. Write for. details to Sales Manager, P. O. .Box 2467, .DoSota Station, Memphis, Tenn,, Dept. AKE-641216. 23-21 SAND, Gravel, topsoi], fill 'dirt. Phone 7-4392. A. L. Park. May 15-1 Mo. FERTILIZER, ammonia, and nitrate s.oda. Cheap .fo* cash. J. W. Strickland. April 21-1 Mo. TWO riERlOOM .hbme 1%. block trom Brookwood School, at 819 East 5fh. Call .^-5574. 28-tf SIX SEDROOM, *,2i story hous'e with -2% -baths. -Ideal lor rooming house, 2'blocks-from town. Priced right. 521 South Main. W. H. Fiii- cher, Phone '7-22te. iWiy 3,0-1 Mo. JTWO FRAME homes, with acreage, close-in, low down payment SAMUEfcS IREAJC, ESTATE .Ph* •one 7-3786. ' ,<? May 17-1 Mo, • rrt ' 14« JTermitv Control Service ,J|ree'Jn»pecHon Operated by GRIGG Service policy ~^1<& South Main .St. Phonei 7 -3445 or 7-2772 URRY'S Control Co. e BONDED MINSUR6D UARANTEED |pr Free Inspection ,coii 0. Middlebrookg Jr. t, 7-,2822 or 7-3791 20 GEESE tor sale. $2 each. W. Berlin Johe's, 3 miles East Pat- -mos, Ark. . ia-6t TOMATO plants, also artificial bouquets and wreaths foij-deicoration.. Campbell's Florist.: 1804 ;• South Kim. Phone 7-4426. ' ' 23-3t GOOD MILOH cow -with secori calf. 7 miles South,on Le\yisvill «ighway. Inquire ;•' at Middle brooks Grocery at Evenin Shade, Verner McMurtrey. 23-3 RELIABLE MAN WANTED I will be in Hope soon'to'-In- terview applicants "for a permanent and extremely profitable connection, with a reliable company, operating nationally. • Business .experience not required, as you 1 Will do rid selling. To qualify for this opening you .must: 1. Reside in Hope 'or ^nearby. 2. -Be-honest and ambitious. S.-Supply.good .references. 4. Be prepared to -act immediately. 5. Have a't least'Sl,250.00 to J2J650.00 working capital to start with. 6. Be in good health, al,though your age is not important. ' • If;you can- qualify on -all of : the ;above six points write at once ;giving address end phone nurriber to- Divisional Manager Post Office. Box >57 Oklahoma iCity, Oklahoma . . 24-3t rain) G'reenville rain El rain) at Pine Bluff ppd Dorado at Vicksburg ( pp d Today's Games Greenville at Hot Springs Mpnroe at Vicksburg Pine Bluff- at El Dorado SOUTMERN ASSOCIATION Atlanta Chattanooga New -Orleans Birmingham Memphis Nashville Mobile Little 'Rock W L Pet. GB 27 16 28 17 23 16 24 17 22 21 20 23 13 28 12 31 .628 .622 .590 2 .585 2 .512 5 .465 7 .317 13 .279 15 Yesterday's Results Mobile 5. Atlanta 2 •Birmingham 9, Memphis G Little Rock 5, Nashville 3 (Only games schheduled) Today's Games ' Birmingham at Memphis Little Rock at Nashville Mobile a't Atlanta New Orleans at Chattanoogk New York Cleveland Chicago Detroit Washington Boston Kansas City Baltimore • AMERICAN LEAGUE • W L Pet. 'GB 23 11 .676 •'• 22 12 .647 20 13 19 16: 14 18 15 21 14 21 10 25 1 ,606, ; 2'/ a , . — o — ---• "to >Jk,iAW4D ""• t*»»*w*.« o «» nit CilOUlIjy about picking a spot to spend the'2,500 years there have been many *,, m ™ 0 , «!„ „__ ,u. „.. .. . references-to'them in literature and many examples of type depicted in art. . .The Greeks- used trail hounds fnu v , , • •. ' for the hunt and later there were ine yanks have come up with hound packs bred and for many a six-game winning streak for a!generations maintained by Both of 'em have first place in mind. ensuing trodu'ction of these hounds made in England following In- was Deaths Over The United States , by the -Associated Press LEWISTOWN, Mont. — Roy E. Ayers, 72, former Democratic governor 'of Montana, onetime reprqjw sehtive in Congress and lawyer and cattleman. Born in Montana. Died yesterday. SANTA BARBARA, Calif. —Rny •npnd B. Eldred, 66, composer of Jopular and classical music, for- tner 'doncert violinist and founder •of symphony orchestra in Hart- 'ord, Conn., and Jamestown, N.Y. Died Sunday. : SEL1NSGROVE, Pa. — Henry Mowles, about 00, chief federrik bation officer of 'the' TJi S. Mirt* die District of Pennsylvania for yedrs a 'former football'coach at Susquehanna University, Vermont ind Washington University, St. join's. Born in Boston. Died yes- erday. down payment on the No. 1 spot in the American League. And right now, that's the best offer anybody's made. It's all come about in the past seven days. New York has overhauled a 2y 2 -game Cleveland lead m that time while the Indians were fumbling along losing thre of five. In the National, the Giant haven't tried on the lead for size vet, -but they've won six of seven over the past week. That's chop ped three games off Brooklyn'., nine game lead. The Brooks have ^een playing no better than .400 :all — and they haven't been able o widen their bulge in 10 days. Cleveland ran a foul of Detroit's Vigors, a bunch of reluctant fourth Jlacors, and Chicago had its trou- iles with the Yanks and seventh- 'lace Kansas City. After taking ivo from Chicago, New York com- leted its move from third place iy. swatting ames. Baltimore in four .438'"8 .417 9 .400 9' .286 18'/o Female Help Wonted TWO BLACK.& .TAN,«hunting dogs fi month.-? old, Roiite ,3, Box 23H Cleo Graham. -v, 24-3 MATTRESS renovation and tamer•print work C6bb;,Mattreu Co South Waahlnfton. Phone M|r. RALPH Montgomery Market, Cue torn •l&ughterinf. Phone 7-3361 10-1 Mo, MOVING? Long Distance Moving. All Moving Rates are hot the same. Call collect 592 Prescotf Transfer and storage Inc. Pres cott, Ark. Free Estimate. May 14-tf PIANOS TUNED, repaired; rebuilt, workmanship guaranteed. Write H. D. Woosley, Prescott, Ark. 19-6t ELRY STORE. HOUSE moving, reasonable rates, Mack Hlllery, Prescott, Phone W2-K11, May 23-lMo' WATCH and Jewelry Repair. Let Keith's time your watch electrically |or accuracy" KEITH JEW- *IPT T3V Crux-Main ." -. _. HOUSEWIVES, WOMEN;- Interna- tiorial concern will train -a few ' siriqere women to; do re-weaving at home (pleasant Handwork). If qualified can earn $3 to $4 an hour in spare time. We can furnish everything. No Selling. Write .only: Box D, Care,.of,Hope Star. , ;'• 23-3t Yesterday's Results .(No games played) Found ' MARE mule, wearing U. S. Bridle. H. O. G'risham! 901 West 6th or phone 7-4334. 24-3t Today's Games Chicago at Cleveland (night) Detroit at Kansas City night- Boston at Baltimore (night) Washington at New York night NATIONAL The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring Item* to Mise Turner at Hick* Funeral Home Brooklyn New York Chicago Milwaukee St.' Louis Cincinnati Pittsburgh Philadelphia LEAGUE W L Pet. GB 27 8 .771 21 14 .GOO 6 •20 16 18 18 16 16 15 19 .556 7'/o .500 9 V-, In the National the Giants fa't- ened up on the slumping Pitts- ur'gh Pirates, who .have lost 11 traight, and Milwaukee, suffering •om a pitching slump and Ed tfathews' appendectomy. The Cubs ot their licks in against Phila- elphia and Milwaukee. St. Louis barely kept the pace, losing three of four at Cincinnati after winning five straight. Just a year ago —-'over the same May 16-23 week — 'it was Cleveland that won six straight to grab the AL 'lead from Chicago And in the National, Milwaukee zoomed from sixth to a first place tie with Brooklyn by winning eight of nine. /• The schedule favors continued success for the Yanks at present. The New Yorkers, still at home, have four games ahead against fifth-place Washington, then shift for three at Baltimore and two at Washington. The Yanks get started some 'of the monasteries thoroughout Europe, each with its own strain. The great white hounds of Europe were developed whatever infusions of mastiff were necessary 'to attain size. We have 'record of the hounds of St. Hubert, often black and Court Attacks Life Sentence LITTLE ROCK w enlence of a Miller County rapist the'-wiis attacked ycsterlay by an Ar. - l^ansas Supreme Court justice, who Once m England, the dogs thatiSaid the man Was convicted on were used to seek by use of . their | r'we'ak and unsatisfactory cvi- • The Norman Conquest in '1066. sense of smell, or sleuthhounds as they were called, were developed independently of the sight hounds of which the Scottish deerhound and the Irish wolfhound or their forebears were undoubtedly existent at the time. Those most carefully bred for purity -o' type and ability to trial were callei blooded and from them arose oui bloodhounds of today. (Distributed by NEA Service) PRESCOTTNEWS Wednesday May 25 Mrs. J. V. McMahen will pre- from the day circles was Mrs. sent her voices, piano and violin Charlie Tompkins. pupils in a recital on Wednesday evening at 8 p. m. in the .Education- .and cookies. al Building of the First Methodist Church. hostess served iced .drinks Thursday May 26 Mrs. Art Regnier will present her lunior and senior high school pu- Jils in a piano recital on Thursday evening at 8 o'clock at the First Baptist Church. .500 .441 11 24 .314 18 10 23 .303 16 . . Yesterday's Results (No games played) Today's Games St. Louis at Chicago Brooklyn at Pittsburgh (night) Cincinnati at Milwaukee nieh ATmir Vrt«l. _ j —. .. _ -d" New (night York at Philadelphj 24-et Notic* Jess Morris for custom slaughtering and cold storage at Community Ice Co, Phone 7-2244 or 7-3478, April 22-1 Mo, Nelson-Hill Post No. 427 will meet Tuesday night, May 24. Ask- ng the Ladies Auxiliary to meet Iso, A report will be given on the 'istrict meeting that was held on unday., May 22. All visitors are in- ited, Refreshments will be served. Meeting place at the hut. Time 8 o'clock,. By The Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Louisville 8; Charleston 1 Indianapolis 9; Toledo 3 St. Paul 3; Omaha 2 Minneapolis 6; Denver 5 (10 in Mr. .and Mrs.' James Ford of Kansas City, Mo., were the weekr end guest of Mr. and Mrs, Bernice Hughey, TEXAS LEAGUE San Antonio 5; Oklahoma City Beaumont 5; Fort Worth 2 Dallas 1; Shreveport 0 Only games played rol DirccCort Funeral Home. Insur- •a.Cf ; , , Ambulance. 2nd & Haicl. , , Phone 7-2123. 13-1 Mo. HJ5RNDON-CORNEUUS Funeral ~ ..... - T ... Burial Association. Prompt Ambulance Service. Phooe 7-5W0 or 7-5508, . 13-1 Mo. June Walker of Bluff City died in a Little Rock hospital Saturday, May 21. Funeral arrangements are ineoniplete. , Awnings Funeral'services for Mrs. Birdie Harrie of Hope will be held Thursday, May 26, at Mt. Zion CME Church at 2 o'clock. »nd me'tal awn- Venetian old blinds. Cabvas ln*s. blinds, Renovating Hug pjeaning. ; . COOPJCR-Bl.ANKENSHIP Formerly RJIey Cooper jtas Ave. Phone 32-184J Tejjarjcana, Te?c.. _ May 14-1 Mo, Mrs. Barbara I). Coppage and children of Jackson, Mich., are visiting their mother, Mrs. Lanie Thomas-also her sisters, Mrs. Gertrude Douglas and Mrs. Dorothy Powell -of Hope. Her jn-laws Mr. and Mrs, F. S. Coppage, Sr., in Pine Blutt, WESTERN LEAGUE Wichita ' 9; Lincoln 5 Des Moines 4; Pueblo 2 Sioux City 8; Colorado Springs 4. Williams Homers in First Game BOSTON (ffl -Ted Williams, *gmg but still as determined as a rookie, served notice on American League pitchers today he has lost none of the tremendous powe- which places him among baseball' all-time hitting greats. The 36-year-old Boston slugger making his first competitive a »' PQe - a l' an(ceu of the season, belted a .595-foot home run deep into the rjght field seats last night as the .., ,. =-- T—• -— against Washington tonight while Chicago plays -at Cleveland. Detroit's at Kansas City and the Boston Red Sox, with Ted Williams still not ready for competition, are at Baltimore. In the National, Now York's at Philadelphia with the Phils' 10-23 record the only thing that's keeping Pittsburgh out of the cellar. The Bucs, who never have lo'sl more than. 11, are home to Brooklyn. St. Louis is at Chicago and Cincinnati at Milwaukee. Sports in Brief HOLLYWOOD, Calif., (UP) — Mel Queen, former 'major league pitcher, today was given his conditional Mr. and tyrs. Boles Entertain With ' ' ''• Fish Supper Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Boles were hosts at a fish supper at heir home on Wednesday cven- ng. • ' •. Covers were laid for Mr. and Mrs'. Mack Osbprne and Bill McBride of Gurdon) Mr. and Mrs. Tom White, Dennis White and Mr. and Mrs. Boles. • D. -A. R. Presents Awards Benjamin Culp Chapter Daughters of the American Revolution met on Thursday in the home of Kiwanians Attend Inter Club Meeting Twelve members of the Prescott Kiwanis Club met on Thursday evening at the Lawson Hotel for the weekly supper meeting. ; • Members N. R. Nelson, Jack,:R6- bey, Mark Justiss, Lester Steed, Floyd Hubbard, Ellis. Stewart) Bill Ward, Milton Stokes, D. L. Mo'se- :ey, Vuel Chamberlain and Tilman Worthington, motored to Arkadelphia for a inter-club meeting. dence.' Associate Justice Sam Robinson said he doubted that "ever before . . . has a human being been imprisoned for life on such weak and unsatisfactory evidence"-as th;»( against 36 year-old J. W. McDoiv aid. tOT OF LOOT GALVESTON, Tex. (UP) —Attorney .Percy Foreman today offered a $250 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of the burglars who broke into his lavcsh Galvcston summer home and tsok: Thirty bottles of whiskey and gin, 60 pounds of special cut steaks a 550-foot seine, .two automatic 22 rifles, one .30 caliber rifles, a .356 magnum pistol, two deep-sea :isning rods and reels; a portable .ypewriter and a .22 caliber air pis- ;„„'„' alt °g eth ei' valued at about >800. Legal Noh'ce No. 7747 In the Chancery Court of Tt'ta-Axrr, Hem P s tead County, Ark. LERONE C. BRONSON ... PlninHfC Mrs. J. H. Bemis, Jim -Bemis and Mrs. ; Bobby Duke of Brownffeld, Texas are the guests . of Mr. and Mrs. Bob Pedger and daughters in Millbrae, Calif. Mrs. Etta Gulley of Harveyville has been the guest of Mrs. Mettie Robinson. . . •', '.. Mrs. Frank McLarty and Mack of Hope visited her parents; Mr. BRONSON vs.. , ... MARTHA BRbNSON^' Defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, MARTHA BRONSON warned to appear in this court within thirty days arid answer the-complaint of the Plaintiff, LERONE C. BRONSON. ! Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 9 day of May 1955 / Garrett Willis; Clerk - /SEAM ' , Weisenberger & Wilson, ; , Att'y for Plaintiff : PafOsey, Attorney ad Litem May 10, 17, 24, 31 -._•• •- - >-» »«wj-. %- >*4j«vv.v-t in-i jyu-L^iit^t ITAI Mrs. T, C. McRae for a covered' and Mrs. Berry Hesterly, Friday. dish luncheon. The-dining table was covered wi- Brozie Haynie was ;the guest -of gnolia on Friday. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Hulsey Of Washington were the guests Thursday of Mr. and Mrs. R. H. Hamilton and their new little grandson, Howard Stanfield. th with a lace cloth and centered'Mr. and Mrs.'Calvin Cassidy in Ma.- with a bouquet of pink roses and larkspur. 'Following the luncheon the meeting was opened with the D. A. R. ritual, the pledge of Allegiance to the .flag and the singing of the Star Spangled Banner. Miss Jane. Kitchens, winner of the -D. A. R. history contest in the Junior High school, .and Miss Judy Gilbert, winner of the contest in the Senior High School, read their respective papers on "The Civil War" and "Citizenship" and were presented D. A. R. history medals by the regent, Mrs. C. H. Moore. Mrs. Moore also presented Miss Margaret Hunter Scott the D. A. R. Good Citzienship medal. All three young ladies graciously accepted their awards. During the business .session it was voted to write a letter to the Legal Notice Mr. and Mrs. Case Chapp'elle l«ft last week for a visit with Mrs. Luke' Steele in Lamesa, Texas, with Miv and Mrs.' F. C. Chappelle in El Paso and Artesia, New Mexico; where they will be the .guests of Mr. and Mrs. Clyde Guy and Mrs.- Talma Lockbridge. conditional release bv thp Hnliv .-—.— •-"" —aw ^vicssmg tne and wood Stars. The Pacific Coast lea appre f atlon of the chapter for their I ton. i- , *«"""»• <-UdSl lea- rpnpnt r-amnaian in ;u« __ii. Mr. and Mrs. Rodney Harrell, Hamilton announce the birth o'f a' son, Howard Stanfield on May 18th- at the Cora Donnell Hospital. Grandparents'are Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Hamilton of Presoott and Mr. and Mrs. W. D. gue team also announced the pur chase of southpaw Fred Waters from Waco of the Big State league. .NEW ORLEANS, (UP) —Last night's scheduled 10-round fight be- ween Canadian Armand Savoie nd Rocky Randell of Rome Ga., .was cancelled because of q light cut on Savoie's left eyelid 'he cut was discovered durin» veighing-in ceremonies. ° PITTSBURGH, (UP) - Rookie Fullback Lemuel Harkey of Emna Kan. College, one of th" ation's leading ground gainers ast season, today signed his 1955 ontract with the Pittsburgh teelers of the National Football League. recent campaign in the selling of the United States flag to be displayed on the correct days Mrs. Charlie Scott. Miss McClennahan Hostess To B. W. C. "Up and Down City Streets" the topic of discussion for the BWC of the First Baptist Church when was WAY SHE DID IT CHICAGO (UP) — Ada Ash, a wrestler, had two obstacles in pursuing her profession — the: Illinois Supreme Court and h'er family.. She overcame one of them when the Supreme Court ruled she had the right to become a professional wrestler. As for her family, she said: "I mom i other* to |eU JJfetime coverage «T?Thorop Jeffcoot Already Equals 1954 Record CHICAGO W — Relief pitcher .flfl Jeiffcoat ot the Cubs can take it easy. He's already eflHaUed J»js viotpry oujpuj, of Red Sox defeated the New York fi"!? 4 ; 3 *u in an exhibition game called at the end of 6'/ a innings _ It s good to get started again " said a weary Williams after retiring from the game following his circuit 'clout as leadoff man in the last of ;the third .inning. -; "My legs still feel like lead and I want to work on them for about another week, but I guess my iv't- ting is okay," he added. WOODEN KINO BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (UP) irr'Chicago'8 ballpen, has ^oh five games without a defeat ..,...,.,.this year. Jn l?5i the convert- a horse. With a W- The horse Aaron Kimbie, 23, was recupera- Jng taflay from minor injures he received in a weekend fall from \ » .«* e of the wood- «rtwsel« .. • NEW YORK, (UP) —C V Whitney's Fisherman, one of the na- tioft s leading thoroughbred racers will undergo more treatment today to determine the cause of stiffness in his right front foot The four-year-old son of Phalanx limped noticeably after last Saturday's Dixie Handicap at Pimlico X-rays taken yesterday showed no traces of broken or cripped bones. INGLEWOOD, Calif., (UP)— Sqaps, the hero of this year's Kentucky Derby, -today headed -a list of 14 nominees for the $25 OM added Will Rogers takes to 'be staged at Hollywood Park o n Memorial Day. hey met last Thursday night in I had a father and three brothers he home of Mrs. Roy Duke with lwh ° thought I was too frail so I Miss Loretta McClennahan as hos- be at 'em all up and then turned pro." tess Miss Bertha Gray, chairman conducted the business meeting Those taking part in the program discussion were Mmes. Brad Bright Howard Graham, Hardin Bradley, and Misses Gray han, and McClenha- Also present as a representative NOTICE IN THE PROBATE COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY, ARKANSAS IN THE MATTER OF THE -ESTATE OF _ ' No. 994 C. F, Routon, deceased Last known address of decedent' S 70Q East Second Street, Hope, Arkansas. Date of death: April 21, 1955 An .instrument dated Noember 1. 1944, wd> on the 23rd day of May, 1B55, admittedf to probate as the last will of the above .named decedent, and the undersigned ha* has been .appointed executrix there- under. A 'contest of the probate of ;the will.can be effected only by filing a petition within the time provided by law. All persons having claims against the estate must exhibit them, duly verified, to the undersigned within six months ' from the date of the first publication of this notice, or they shall be forever barred 'and precluded from any benefit in the estate. 'This notice first published 24 d; of May, 1955. MAUDE H. ROUTON '(Executrix) Hope, Arkansas, May 24, 31 DO YOU NEED LUMBER? Pimenslon, Siding, S4S, flooring, 10-M2" Rough boxing. C. B. WADDLE LBR, CO. Highway,4 East'i • Phones 7-3250 or 7-4974 States Chess team, headed by Samuel Reshevsky of Spring'Val ey, N. Y., will meet Russia in a 'our-round match at Moscow starting June 28, it was nnounced today-. WASHINGTON, (UP) ^Utility Outfielder Jesse Levan of the Washington Senators today was optioned to Charlotte (N.C.) in the Sally League on a 24-hour recall basis. CHICAGO, (UP) —Jockey Johnny Adams' career record today stood at 3,002 winners, the 41- year-old reinsman, who reached the 3,000-mark last Saturday, rode two more winners yesterday at Washington Park-. Fights Last Night iy Thi A«*o<clated Pr««t New York ^Virgil Akins, 145, ui«. »V»Rps4 Joe Miceli, New YW*, I. Con nprs, 154, Shiran, Maiss., stopped k •» f* LEO'S GARAGE . FORD TRACTOR & PAftTS "Our repair {hop ii 01 1 n*nr ai your telephone" '• • CARS • TRUCKS •' TRACTORS • EQUIPMENT Leo HarMield -» Own«r and Operator 413 S. WALNUT V PHOrJlM3l4 Repair Service—All Types ^ ; lndM5triQl Wiring H llation^-Fixtures & Outlets Qny ALLIN- fLlCTRIC CO. ' i, '»*? K* Tuesday, Mdy 24, M6M, AfttANIAI fffttff It Aft, IT Cfcfefc Y«mt OZA»K IKf * I HEARI* THAT) 6tM<S AND ( 1 WANT TO CONGRATULATE YOUONVOUR I WANT YOU TO TO COOKIE THE HIGH- MINDED MOTIVE THAT PROMPTED YOU TO TAKE THE SMALLER PIECF. ELMO. I HAVE A BIG PIECE OF MOLASSES CANDY AND A LITTLE PIECE-TAKE ONE 1 JUST DONT LIKE MOLASSES CANDY BUT.OZARK..,WriO'S, v . WILLY SHAK£Stt£** " AN 1 HOW'S HE GONN* LEROV ' ' TAKE THE LITTLE PIECE n 2J LIKE BA5EBAU.?:.., ™ WHICH HE HATES/ /,.. OUT OUR WAY HOUV SMOKES..' SOU SEEM TO EWJOV WITH iTME LITTLfe IN) THE NEIGHBORHOOD.' THE GOOD TIMES I HAVE WITH 'E|v\ WHEM A-MQHT SAVE ME A LOT OF BAP TIMES WITH 'EM WHEN THEV'RE-' &IXTEEM I HOPE.' Answer to Previout Pun)*! Comedienne . .*•>*. . WELL/ INSPECTORS/ROSE TREVOR WILL PIMP IS TO SBf A CRSW CUT ANP SROWA 06ARP/ PASTl) OKI EV§RyTHiN6 BUT CAMERA cune ) INI -•""- T y ACROSS 1 Comedienne, Marjorie 5 Movies are forte « She is a motion' . picture 12 One time 13 Exist n Prong 16 Wharf 16Mover?s Uuck 9 Hue 17 Grafted (her.) 10 Poker stake •16 Hebrew 11 Bamboolike ascetic grass 20 Puffed up 19 Numbers 22 Charged atom (ab.) 23 Jewel 21 Not as much 24 Orchestras 24 Hairless 27 Dance step 28 Food fish 31 Greek god 32 Vulgar • fellows 33 Fruit drink ^4 Southern ; general 35 Challenge 38 Preposition 37 Father 38 Native metal 3fl Cubic meter 40 Individual 41 Also 42 Lessens 45 Payless 49 Endure 50 Salt 52 To the inside 53 Toward the. . . sheltered side 54 Cloth measure S3 The dill DOWN 1 Be dull and spiritless 2 Blackbirds of cuckoo family 3 Frosts 4 Sea nymphs 6 Asylum 6 Age Turncoat 8-Invisible vapor J?fe^P^~l ^9(£f I THAT ^JA^l_ ILLIM' ME, BUT I HADNOTHIN 1 TO FIX IT WITH/ 25 Range 26 Require 27 Peel 28 Sleeveless garment 29 Smell 40 Musteline mammal 41Ve'liiic(t 42 Exclamation 43 Cotton bundje 1 44On the oc,ean'.':' ,-gC»pf, 1955 b> NEA 8«r.lc» Inc T. 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OUR BOARDING HOUSf With Major Hoople Iff WELL, Y0LJ I^NOVM MOEE ABOUT ^ 'A VESETA6LE5 THAhJ 1 DO-^V<3U'v& » DUCKED PLENTY OF 'EM CoJ THE iJff&u^ ^-TA/ECL/W^ T (Jrr A QT-I Ti_lr^.\V £ 'nf^JfT^^f, 6TASE/-* X HEARD TriEV UACTL/AP/ )1 ARR56TED 50ME6DVATV^U a5eTOLoS) LAST 6 *°^ fOR L AUSMirJ<3 ID A^OTATo) ^ ASi ? ^'4 ^ TILL lfvi ™ 5 r*\l(—'/ Jy^. £t 1 [sJ|X r^T-^'ALiSE ' ME ., . • SLJT ALL VtoU ^/ JL (\ ... —.. . . . i jftxifM CKUI, i pcc-*«-HM<-MM^.- i~\ , AfeT xunvvl FOR 6M> TH5 ^A3oe.TOLO^\f LiVriic-^vl, 1 yOO CC055EDA PoTAToJ^^,7^ H |/,.?^ ri-AM-.OMIOM BUT ML^Z^^'giJ^^- PUD 5 ^^ ^T^^V WWAcr He £Hi P <®/» •' ^ rt %*?*'«)• WAS LAUSH-> </>OTS AND HER BUDDIES $7 Scottish river •58 Promontory CARNIVAL . , -a.^£'ffl»i*isBfoJs 0UG5 f UNNY ^LOCK UP WHILST J SET MV CAT? AN' I'LL SIVE YAARIDE HOME.' '-4^. .«-.-.i» By Herthbergcr lit K W'TH YOU IN A MOMENT, .SUV'NQir,, c: ALLEY OOP HAVE TAILS UKE HERE SAY HE'S I YOU SAV MONKEYS OR TIGERS OK. 5-3* Copr. 1955 by NEA S«rvl», die, T. M. fl«J. U. S. P«t 0(1. My electric alarm didn't go off -this morning, chief! ,..Y v ? re not .getting the good electricity we used PC GLANCES «y Gofbrdth *This replica of the wife should get results!" fWEETIF PIE By Nodine Selnr IT'S SO BAP, SQN, THAT I EACH ONE OP US, AN& THAT INCLUDES OWES ABOUT THIITPRV Of MARTHA \\, QSzK ' "Okay, Marge! If that's the way you want it, wf'H ntvfr -- each other again--at least net before hUtory '•'TIMBgRJ"

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