The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 6, 1930 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, August 6, 1930
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Served by the United Press BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS THE DOMINANT NEWSPAPER OP NORTHKAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHBAST MISSOURI HOME EDITION VOL. MXVII—No. 121 Blytlievllle Courier, Blythevllle Dally News, Blythevllle Herald. Mississippi Valley Leader. 151.YT11EVILLK, ARKANSAS, WRDNttSUAY, AUGUST 0, 19:10 SINGLE COPIES FIVE HIDE WIFE SLAYER FROM TEXAS M Beats Two Opponents for Prosecutor; Ernest Long Is Choice for Clerk. Editor, Author lo Be Wed Although final figures on the Pemlicot county primary elections held yesterday were not available today, James P. Fulbrlght of Doniphan. Mo., candidate for congress from the Nth district on the democratic ticket, is reported to be leading his opponent. Orville Zimmerman of Keimclt by a small majority. Thirty out of the 30 votipg precincts In PemLscot county gave Fulbright 1,035 and Zimmerman 985 votes.Fulbriglit ran strong in most of the rural districts and the remaining six boxes were not expected lo materially change Ihe j present standing. In the county race, Ernest Long .won Democratic re-nominalio'i > the circuit clerkship over Frank Baird by a heavy majority. A three cornered contest was furnished between Robert Hawkins and Sharon J. Pate, both of Carulhersville, and Houston H. Buckley of Hayti, Democratic candidates for prosecuting attorney, with Hawkins winning the nomin- | atlon by a decisive vote. j Republicans PIek Braswell i On the RepubHran ticket ron-' testants were entered in two races. John E. Braswell was nominated for associate judge for the first district over U. J. Haines and Oscar Wilkerson by a large vote. For Prcbate Judge, Charles E. Travis of Steele wen the nomination over W. B. O'Conner of Hayti.. - In thp Little Prairie township.! Jack King, Incumbent, was re- ndrn inated over four opponents for constable. , No congests were pro- vhHd-*for any oP'tHe three magis- Irales offices. I ^tnVken" will abandon Tn Hayll township J. A. John-' Officer Answers Knsli Call When Snake Pa & Call A huge chicken snake ol adv<-n- lurous temperament Invaded the home of Policeman Raymond Domm lotc yesterday and caused o | ••riot, cair to \x tinned in to the ' big six-foot li-nmc cop. OIHcc-r Bomnr was on duly ai police, headquarters when th" phone rang sharply and a friirhl- cncd voice Insisted that he hurry I _ , .. . „ ,, Lorn Is Heaviest jutterei", M i . 11 i Vpl 1"O Let up 1!> 1 (-1 "Miss United States" WASHINGTON. Aug. 0. (UP)-lo his own house, \\hcn the o- . Slimmnr | 7 j nE t | lc effects of tlic se- ficcr jumped oil Ins motorcycle o,- ; vero (Irol||ll _.___,,__ Is ,_„__. KClieia | ler a spirited dasli to Ins residence. ; pr;lc t ica iiy everywhere east ol the a bis chicken snake, coiled beneath j^j. Mou ntmns. the United States a bed in the officer's home, dis- Went her Bureau today said the puled ariesl for disturbing the I _ crop has sutterei marked de! peace and the cop was forced 10 i ter!oVal | 0n while damage to other kill the snake with a garden hoc. Tl-.e policeman can't decide i whether the snake entered ills home crops has been extensive. Weather conditions during the week ending yesterday intensified to devour a mouse, which was found (ne droulh mat has prevailed for to be in the snake's body, or to Its- [ more , han a monlh _ ten lo '.he radio, beneath which was firsl discovered by children. IlltS 10 MEMPHIS, Tenn.. Aug. 6. (UP) — I While other regions of the coun- ! iry looked to clouded skies for heat j relief Memphis today .entered the [80th day of droulh. | A burning sun and cloudless skies ' gave promise that the mercury I would rise to near 90 degrees, yes- I terday's high temperature. Weath| er bureau forecasts indicated no let up in the hot weather spel which has settled over Dixie, nor in the drout hwhich has broken al previous dry weather records. Official estimates have placed tin loss lo farmers living within 1CK miles of Memphis to consumers a S50.00a.000. $25,000,000 being th( loss to farmers whose fields an parched and dried and anothe S25.000.000 to housewives who ar -. paying higher prices for perlshabli . last night to. every county candi- g0(X j s . [oate involved In a contest in next, T __ e Mississippi river has neare Many Announce Intention of Participating in Meeting at Courthouse. With assurances already in hand from a number of candidates that they will attend the joint speaking I arranged for Friday night al th? courthouse, invitations were mailed If ill Boy Conies Home, a Picture and Radio Slar LITTLE ROCK. Aug. 0. 'UP>A six weeks' dream for Hubert ] Walton, H years old. i : '•<( today iiind what a dream ll ! .11. Six weeks ngo a Irl-umorcd airplane swce'ped down Into Arkansas. U contained the owner of a radio station. a movie dlreclor, and t|ie manager »r the radio station. They weie In search of a youth to M in tlic hills otf the traveled paths. Secretary Implicates Former Employer in'Amarillo Bomb Death Mystery.-' AMARILLO, Tex., Aug 6, (UP) —A. D. Payne, prominent Amarillo attorney, was hidden from a moti today after his pretty secretary Im. ,, i rt i «r ti,,Kn>.i ' ll-ullY unui "la jjicn-y acLiciuij mi- Inhere ilv?y heard of Hubert. ' fl th ,. hl After much persuasion they were i ulc P , vne W as wncd when permitted to fly back with Hubert: "?• .*!"•„, rp j"™ .*£**" ?,!,*«£ permitted lo fly jtu llollywoiHl. For six weeks llu- heri sang old fashioned songs j dully over the radio slation. He then made a talking picture. He , u bomb wrecked her automobile und Injured her young son In a downtown section tore last June. Payne's arrest, coming as a coiii- , , „ - , (V , ,-H i P'ele surprise tfter five weeks, lii- bccame popular. Crowds gathered, (, cM _ WM accom|)an | ed by pain the studio to watch him perform. I , |cc 5latemen fc tntt Mrs. Verona For the first tJme Hubert was dressed In the best of clothes. Startled by his first trip out of Scarcy county, Hubert could not riali/e jlis success. Today he came home In the big trl-motored airplane. He was landed here as the big plane could not find' n landing spot near Leslie. Crowds greeted him. He smiled In appreciation. Then he left for Les- "Oosli," he said, "but I'll be ghul !c yet my shots off again.' h. ^ »* T "* •* s * J t (fS) ' LUUIIIO their claims for the lavor of th.; I | and (above), a frequent contribulor his magazine, .the American Mercury, (and. to 'oilier journals, has tcen'.^yPVrt.'jn'yid-' .'They are to be bachel- voters. The meeting. which even- sen, n. b. Dortch and James T. | merous writings candidate will be given ail opportunity to speak, will be held at Ihe court house al 7:30 Friday ni'ht, ! with M?* n. Reid presiding. Can' ! didates will be allotted a definite Haynie were nominated for jus- 1 tices of the peace on the Repiibfi- can ticket. Robert W. Brooks for constable. L. K. Van Ausdall for committeeman and Mrs. C. H. . Trainer for eomniltte.'jwcniaii. j The Democratic nominees were ! F. M. Owin and D. A. Hedge for j justices of the peace. W. E. Golcher for constable. George Merell. i commiU.eman, and Mrs. J. W. | Rhodes, committeewoman Twenty-Seven Hurt in Race ! Fo»1er._ nit of time, and the order ol | wn[er . the old course ran along the river bank which now throws swimmers into Ireacherous river currents. Barge transportation is demoralize^., tugs and barges being tied up here, at up-river points, and between here and New Orleans, unable to navigate because of extreme . tow Prctly ns a picture, without doubt, Is Beatrice LE«. For youll a«rcc | th tbe She will sail soon from New York to reprc.'^nt Ihls country In an In- j ternatlcnal beauty contest at Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, lA September, he picture is pretty, and this Salt Lake City young woman has won ! Hitch-Hiker Confesses SlaV- be title of "Miss United Slates" in a nallon-widc beauty competition | . ._., A ...' . ._., mt> Man WnO L>aVC in Car. The title of "Miss Universe" and $10,000 award go to her . It ,sjw wins. — : — iheir speaking will be determined ty drawing. Any who do not de=ire to sneak will simply be introduced to the crowd. W. Paul Mar^h. candidate for representative, has announced that he will be presenl to deliver an address, ns have T. W. Potter, candidate for circuil clerk. Joe I'. Pride. i candidate for treasurer, and Jim i • . Jii(Ig& GcorBe w . Barnam ann Clash Within New Yorklzm B. Harrison, candidates fcr p- r> • .- ' county iudge. have both made oth- Uty t emlentiary. j cr arrangements for Friday night. •ere endeavoring today to ar- Only one contest was waged in | Cooler township. W. O. Kearney | for constable won over three op- i p:nents by a large majority lor the Audi Clui were unopposed for juslic__ _. , _.. the peace. Isaac McKay of Oak ] groups of white and negro prison- ] Charles Brough, former governor. Ridge was named ccniinitteeman I ers over the use nf their bnsclull. who is touring ihe state in behalf and Mrs Sallie Travis of Cooler! diamond which resulted in injury of Gov. Harvry Parnell. Mr. Brou»h, commitleewoman. I to 27. ' ! who was scheduled to talk at Ms- On th.3 Democratic ticket. Al- Pour hundred of the jail's 1,700 inila this morning nnd al, bsarn- bert Woodward for constable. Max I prisoners tODk part in the fight.! vllle this afternoon. v:lll speak here Kelley for justice of the peace.! Most of the injured suffered slab j ar. 8 o'clock tonight. Abie Rushing for comniittceman j wounds. The ten minutes cf riot-1 and Mrs. L. D. Payne for commit-i ing in the intense heal was not.1 teewoman, were all unopposed. i directed against guards and there' Light voting was reported til I v, as no atlempt to escape. ; practically all of tho countys 30 • Bad feeling between negro and i Leacliville Crop Short LEAOHVfLLE. Ark.-The drouth and hot weather has passed its 79th day at Leachville and no indications for rain. The record breaking drouth has cut the crops far short, of the expectations of the farmers of this section. It has been estimated that the crops here will be cut one half. Predictions are that cotton picking will start, here some time In August and that ihe price will start at about fifty cents per hundred. Boys Capture 75-Pound Turtle at Country Club An encounter with a 75 pound loggerhead turtle left Alvin Hood, 1G year old caddy of (he Blytheville country club. With a torn and swollen finger yesterday but also deprived the monster hardshell of his reign along Ihe hanks of Ihe bayou Ital winds Ihrottgh t,he golf course, .situated a short distance nrrth of this cily. | OUI.FPORT, Mt*L A'!?*;*. —Marriage as 4.cHWiii.-)->-^ ^ was admilted tcWay' by Leonard Thompson, 19-yca'r-old hllch-hlker. Thompson lold police lhal "> | hours after he had hit Frank Webb I Fifteen Hours Is Flyer's Goal for Atlantic to Pacific Flight. WICHITA, Kans. AllJ. G- (OP)— Crowding his tiny monoplane In a dash across the continent against time, Captain Frank Hawks arrived 3H. New Orleans, over the heat! with a pop boltle and left him dying in a thicket, he had married a girl at Perdido. Ala. Thompson, attractive young widow and his former private secretary, had declared the lawyer promised (a marry her after "taking cfire" of hU wife and three children. Pnync was held secretly in jaiV today. He had been taken under extra guard to Pampa, 60 miles distant, when oniccrs feared mob"ac- tlon would be laken against him. A crowd of men mobilized here, early loday and started for PnmpR hi molor cars. The mob first storjijr ed the Amarillo Jail and departed only after officials had let them llirough Hie cells to prove Payne was not held there. Officers spirited the attorney away from Pampa before the mob arrived. He was taken through Wichita Fulls. It was reported. -It '.}• < NT.jvcd h_-:.?.:• Vi^^r - tn '• Forl Worth or the state pehlt'enr tlary *t Hunts*I1I«. .W'< - .' ' Mrs. Payne WM killed and her H-year-oW son, A."O£J*., verely injured wh»n~»>iUUo-2lycer T Ine blast destroyed/the. fwriUy *uto-. mobile as they.die'.through the:. downtown distflcl/|< 'AjfMrlllp'June . '.'Murder. pared-»t( filed today. Uncovered bjr Reporter AMAHILLO, Tex., 'Aug. 5. (UP) —All investigation by newspapermen was responsible for the. arrest ,of A..D. Payne/prpminent Amorll- ' lo lawyer on charges of perr-lraling Hcod along wHii sevunii uuiei > •" *caddies] was exploring the bank of I ,''° the bayou that passes back of the j L .™° several other at the ai n «rt here at 11:33 todav. from thin mornins and mnde thn l)\e.\ Eskrideje On Rum Cherge Tuesday precincts, with the tolal number cf j white prisoners, who are given aj Wiley Eskridge was fined £50 votes cast estimated at. approxi-. two-hour recreation period after; on a char?.? of illegal possession K i V V,r> rt wnvered h °l> to Wichita from St. Lou's, )e- house when he discovered! ".. .__,. „ . , „. „.,„ tr . caddy the tracks of a big turlle in Ihe mud along the bank. The boys .raded Ihe tracks to a half sunken log and uncovered Ihe huge log- zerhead. While attempting to extract tlic turtle from his retreat, under the log young Hood became ing the latter noini at 9:30 today. His cruising speed was about 180 miles an hour from New York but he expects to better this time from . _ , , here to Lcs Angeles a s he has been j Texas for three years, meeting head winds. Hawks was Webb picked him up. the youth a bomb explosion which killed his j ..... j,' - _,.,, . I ' ., t' -_.] *,nt***nA hir SITIHU *On. • said, and during Iboir ride toward i Mobile they quarreled over some liquor they had toughl. I hit him over the head with a pop bottle," Thompson confess?:! "but I dldn'i know he was dead until I read of it In the papers." Afler leaving Webb to die Thomoson said he had stolen his car and wife and maimed his small son. 11 was through the efforts of Gene Howe, Amarillo publisher and A. B. McDonald; Kansas Cits- reporter, that a confession was gained from Mrs. Vernon Thompson that Thei attorney had made love lo her for many 'months ~tft- fcre Mrs. Paynes death. McDonald and Howe laid Ihe and olher !!eyl- dislricl attorney ! and the arrest followed. i Payne himself had asked Howe Thompson said he had been dis- | [0 ma ke t ne investigation, profess- driven to Perdido where he mar- vied Miss Lucy Belle McKinley, 21.! nee. Okla.. his birthplace. - [0 ac tne nvesgao, charged from the ntivy in Febru- j ing (j es p a ir at the fruitless efforts ary after being on the battleship i c( ln( , p 0 ii ce to solve Ihe mystery. Contained in Letter to Operation |—- tiir[lesmmghL , mately 4,500. Support of the Blytheville cham-! , bm'r.ol until UK ithe evening meal, had existed forjnf ,i ql ,or in Justice R. L. Me- oer ol ^^"^^^ £* ' Pried open the turtle'. The whites accuse,! Knot's c'.urt Tuerdav afternoon, j of a « a W» r " (> " ra ™| e °^,'!.™,^« ! "« youngster succeed in slipping arrested when a I er ?' assembly to gne more ambitious than his fellow cad- _______ _________ ___ dies and lugged at one of the mon-, Tcxas comi __, n y_ of v .|, ic i, |, c is sll . jster's legs. _ pcrintendcnt of the aviation division. His plane is a low-wing mon- designed and constructed by the Trnvel-Air company of Wi- i-hita. It, Is powered bv a soerial S<">- horsepowcr Wright J-9 radical air- cooled motor, and was planned to develop a speed nf 250 miles an meeting neati winas. iiawits was low u/ V* i." • conrident, of making the westward p. N . . i . u i j bays NcglO Vra$ Victim continental lournev in Ib hours. K1CC nominateO 10 nCEU j , _ . «__' _ c il continenlal journey in 15 hours. Hawks' flight is sponsored by the head nroimtl sharply and clamped one of the youngster's fingers in his _. . , „ one of te youngsers l.hambev ot Lommerce. ] inoulh young Hood struggled ' frantically to break the turtle's Ihe other boys jrtle's mouth did hour. Fun day Mrs. Monday ; San In . Ridge cemetery. The Cobb Under-, taking company was in charge of j funeral arrangements. co-mtie s „„ nngcr rroe . Young „,_«, sub- in pro j m m C( j )0 omcryency treatment^ at Hold Services Today for From Roumanian Home e nominaieu 10 neau \ in- r ' c i H« American Legion Post j of Pnson Camp Sweat BOX i RALEIGH, N. C., Aug. 6. (UP) — E. A. Rtee will be Ihe next com-', William Bellamy, Wake counly mandcr of Dud Cason post. Amer- i negro convict who died July .28, ican Legion, it, was indicated last | n -as placed In a sweat box at'a night, when isvo committees, au- prison camp after he had suffered pointed to submit slates of candi iheal proslration, according to slat? dates tor post offices lo be voted , pcn al inspector. L. G. Whitle. who on August 13. both chofe him for 11 5 investigating the death, the coinmandersbip. ' County road and prison officials The full list of nominees follows: ihave denied the charge the-negro Coccander. 'E. A. Rice: first vice- | was abused ,«»„_.commander. Jesse Taylor and R « ™ »" theKn « r .f (cl1 fro1 " B. Slout; adjutant. Howard Proc- j truck as U_reached m- Marij Found in New Orleans CLUJ. Rumania. NEW ORLEANS. Aug. C. <UP>- ."'.' ^™*T?^**Z£%< i P'-pl. "I Union CO, Church Dress Prescribed On Bulletin ; For the second time within a week i police here discovered ti Marijuana : farm growing within the city limits of New Orleans. to quiet the inmates of the war or- chanase here when Ihe orohans "revolted" against the disciplinary chamber of commerce and _||je|p a JJ s to J) eal }, After | ^'.' 496 Hours in Tree Top ecutive committiemen uhree to be.where he died. He was serving ft elected), J. J. D*]y Ro<coc Craf-| ninety day sentence for whiskey Ion, R. N. Ware, U. L. Leech. F. A. i selling. White and A .M\"wasliburn; 2nd; . They arrested two men, Georgp i measures of the institution's dircc- BREGENZ, Austria. (TJP)— Here i Bonona. 2!. and Arthur Santiago.l"r. and In the neighboring town of [ negro, and confi.ic.iled a larp Feldkirch notices have been posted I amount of the plant, estimated to on the doors of all Catholic church-! be worth $10.000. A week ago a firsl farm valued at S50.COO was discovered and de- es thai every woman desiring tc attend services must wear a dress which extends from not mere than i stroycd. an inch below the neck lo a point: Heretofore nil Marijuana sold toinge. al least half-way bslween the knee I Addicts for cigarrts was importer ' r.nd the ankle and which ha<; '• (rom Mexico, police said. j fleeves thai reach Ihe elbow. In a body thev marched oul inlo the street to hold a public demonstration. A number of minor casualties were suffered by each side before the orphans admitted de- in accord with this | movement, especially in view o! t the fact that Union your i AS n LA ND. Ky.. Aug. 6. (UP)— own county, is not receiving the Ashland's tree silting endurance representation to which U is en- co]1 test ended in tragedy today titled." I w heii Nelson Mclntosh, the last "I b«g to assure you," Mr. Crump- remaining ycuthful contestant fell ler writes, "that I personally and 40 feet from his lofty perch and the other members of the commit-[wos vine^ Th» r^iv's n^ck was tee. together with tho El Dorado; 6 TO ken. He had been aloft 496 chamber of commerce, will be gl«fl!:i;urs and had announced he was Ipelin's round-the-world flight rec- V i ce . comman( i cr _ ^ Rhodes. Wil-|M' rs f p BlakemOre's 1 ""* i .'Oiv. 3rd vice-comikjuder. James O. i "* * ' '. _ . Icostcn, osceoin, Vd Jim Bray 1 rather Dies at Lovington Will Protect Americans j Leachville; 4th_ Jlce-commander. | in Bandits Attack Hankow . . _ l.ikul»ul;l ul luLlmlvl vu, »»»l, wt [>"•'•: .IblUb UUU II,HI nuiivnnvvv* lit .»«o .feat and retreated lo the orphan- (Q work an[) COO|]i , rate [n thjs move -l com | ng down at 4 p. m. when he r 'Tire Blow Out Wrecks V iL 1 VII J ' Kimysa ueanciie Barney, bevun, portionmcnt, and states tnat me r.i ; lOUtn !S Killed! months old daughter of Mr. andjo-rado chamber will be ' glad lo STONE SWALLOWING FATAl KAVADAR. Jugoslavia. IUP)-| Nine-year-old Ferdinand Nikolics: of this village died of blood-no:- MERIDIAN. Miss., Aug. 6. (UP) theme, 905 -Lillv street. Tuesday soning that "followed an operallon !—Wcodrow Donnls. IQ. was instant imrrniiiK of colitis, lo remove 96 small stonss he had | ly killed and Rollin Douglas. 22. | Funeral services were held Tues- } swallowed In an effort to win a bet | was seriously injured loday when • dnv afterncxm and interment was from an elder companion on "who can swallow more stones." the older boy having made the brt as a joke, and havinp, himself only prt tended to swallow each lime Ferdinand actually swallowed n stono, ! ment, anrt will appreciate your ! would have completed 500 hours ] keeping us advised in this matter." i "in Ihe air." IV ( P IV i Hc BOCS on to 5U 88 cst tne ad ' ; Young Mclntcsh was waiting for UlCS 0, V.OIII1S visibility of an organization of ! hls mo t ner [ 0 brin? hU lunch those interested in the reap- i w | le!1 | lc i^t his balance and fell. Eimysa Jeanette Carney, seven ! portionmcnt, and states that the F.I ; Roth. Manlh • j rrs c F Blakemore's father. In recognition of\lij s services to'Mr. Long, who had teen in ill ; Ihe post during the Wl year, par-'liealth since January, died at his WASHINGTON. Aug. 0 (UP)— i ticiilarly in niemberhip work, th; i home near Covington. Tenn.. early American oHicials iudicaled here pos i. vo t e d to send E. A. Rice to j Tdeiday morning. Mrs. Blakemore. today th- United States Is prepared port Smith to head ftic local dele- . who had been with him for the lo land forces at Hankow Is ncces- --— .... Eary lo protect nationals there froi attacks by Chinese bandits. It was said, however, the United States does not anticipate an i s- gallon to Ihe dcpirlm«nt conven- imost of five weeks, was at his bed™'lion. to be held early in September. |side and Mr. Blakemore left Tues- eleven iw vi- Does Not Believe >1 Witnesses day to attend the funeral at ; Covington. I The deceased Is survived by scv- eral children. • mom us OLCI oaugm.-r ul ""• allu j u ratio cnamoer win oe giaa lu ijjfci ! Mrs. Joe Carnev. died at Ihe family send a representalive ton meeting [ AuuS NCW called for forming such an organization. at Buffalo Island Gin attack on Hankow, for American gunboats are in chilly. LiHle Atlanta Child ________ ^ _ Drowns in Shallow Water i Edwin V. McKenzb, attorney ""for. K,ire In" su'c'h"poo"«mdilion That uiuniio ui • Warren Billings, told tho Cturorn- ; they could not continue. Police Of- ATT «NTA r-.i AISB. 6. (UP)—ha supreme court today Iha; he'ii.-cr Nick Schlupp secured dona- WASHINGTON, Ind. IUP> — a lire blew out on their automo j mnde at Maple Grov.2 cemetery. I charlton Harbstrelt, 22, llvtne bile, sending it hurtling over a Funeral plans were in charae of. north of Washington, is the first bridge. Ihe Cobb Undertaking company. The accident occurred near New- The deceased is survived by her ten. Miss.. l!> which the boys were porcntf. three sisters returning from Meridian I brothers. arid four county resident to own an LEACHVILLE, Ark.— S. R. Gibbons manager of the Buffalo Island Ginnine Co., is installing new machinery at his gins here. When here , ; HELPING HAND i SAN FRANCISCO. Aug. 6.(OT) , LONGMOMT, Coio. (UP)—Fifteen j —Although Insisting that l»i se t P5 -; p erEOns arrived here from Mls- ! timony played an important part' 501 r j in an old truck. The tires uavies', toumy resiuciil. lu uwn .111 , , . ., i airplane. He has purchased an 8- t™s is completed this will be one cylindcrcd Curllss. two passenger | of the largest and most complete ship which he is learning to pilot. Igins In ihe country. ATLANTA. Ga. Aug. G. <UP)In sieht of nurr.ero'.is spectators and swimmers Harry Biggers, 5 vear old. was drowned in three feet of water at a bathing park !re, A swimmer walkinc. in the shallow accidentally stumbled ovc r the childs body. did net believe the witness*, i ia d i _i Mls O f been coached in the murder tires and the party of Billings and Thomas J. Mooney.! The attorney outlined his posi-1 lion to the court, shortly aff*t lo .! _ r W as helped on its way. WEATHER day's session of a hearing^pardon application for opened s" ARKANSAS-Fair tonight j llmrsnay partly cloudy. and

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