Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 23, 1955 · Page 13
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 13

Hope, Arkansas
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Monday, May 23, 1955
Page 13
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^••184- <f m m*f'vy-p 4f " * • K " usJt'-f V L !*W|S POOP- i ' KfFMGMATlON Monday, May 23, 19S3 HO MT it A*, NO Pi, ARKANSAS CLASSIFIED AM MttM •« Iff Otff*. &«* ttltft WM* it ••irm Wittf itfrtfi r«t MM WAMt AO RATH All W«Mf AtiT eNt &u» «« win *. *! '«*!?"* '„*"* ««***«* aettufitt altered wiffi tft* »&«.«««*« fl . .,-A*roii from Pott Office Gifts select tches & Jewelry From ". ... Jewelry Star* CLASSIFI6D DISPLAY * "•«••••»».•» ttm«» ,.„ ..... ...„„.„„„, coc C ,,..,.„ ....... 504 frf (nth <«»v« ott for nMfftertt. Itftfiutaf of , win tok* th« on«^dy All Jiitty elflS!lfl«d odv«rtl$lhfl Cofiy ill. b« «tfe«6tM until S p. m. Ut biieatten tft» faiidwinfi day. Tfl« publisher* re«erve the rlflht W vlM of «dlf till advtrtltcmentt of' f«r« fdf ftubllwtlwi and to r*)Wt ony ^ obJ*eflondW# edvtrtltlnfl »ub- * ? TUBELESS TIRES j, : : TUB - e 1 you wait .: ilKtAHOMA TIRE & SUPPLY : COMPANY/' ' '•• . ' • Per Low C6st ^|^l¥MliM: : M'UTUAL § ~'1^^'''." : '.•''•'• Contact •"• '"-' HORACE HUBBARD PKM«7-ltli , IhltloU of ert* of Mflf« l«t**r», OrpOps df flgurei «uch as KOUM* or telaphOn* fiOmMrl tOUftt oi on* Wd; . Th* H6p«i star will not M r«*pofv - tlbld, for. «tton In Want Ad* unl«H •rrdrt aMr called to out 0««rttlo« oft*i- FIRST insertion of od and tK*n for ONLY th« ONE Incorrect InMrtlon. PHdNE; PROSRECT -.7-3431 For Rent SIX'room: unfurnished house. 812 West 4th. $35 a month. Dial . 72247. JO-tf Politkal The Stif 1« authofl2ed to ««• tamu-oM-ttus forfdwiflf if* U«fldida(e» fof public office subject te the rctld« of the DeaoCfatlC pfirrttfy «l«eU6fti: ». L. «- M. TALfiOf JTEILD. /E SEljL — we rent ~* we buy Real Estate. FRANKLIN COMPANY ' May 9-1 Mo. Matt Heto Wan fed w 23 11 22 12 201 3 Id 14 18 15 21 14 21 , Mdy 23, 19S5 ovToreoo** It Aft. fJOM, Alt A Ml Al BLONDft SALARY, car allowance, comfnis- Jons and renewals to sell and train others to sell lifetime coverage hospital plan. Write A. T. Thompson, 212 Center,.Little Rock. 18-61 New York Cleveland Chicago Detroit Washington Boston Kansas City flttlllmore Yesterday's Result* New York S-7, Baltimore 0-3 Kansas City 7-6, Chicago 2-10 Cleveland 4, Detroit 0 Boston at Washington (ppd, rain). today's Garnet (Mo games scheduled) NATIONAL LEAGUE W L Pet. 66 OVERSEAS JOBS., High payi Men, women, skilled, unskilled.: Write for details. TJept. 2Q-A, EASTLAND CO., Box 1400, Hollywood 28, Business For Lease ..WESTERN SHARES "dlvertlfled liitfonit Fimt «_—.—^'^':U£*-_. •_'_.'•:._•• _t •_• *__ •roni ... iire a« hftaras^ouf phona" ^^AIL.7-2767 ; v , . ,.; Termite Control Co. .-^vj.-__.;'V..S'/> •?{•*'(.:'*,'<.' •'"??„'. ••* • '• ^ci!iSiiife-'-''' ; ^^;-^ilnspe|«bn-:--".- is^,:::;:'r;' : '"-;call :,••;:•:'•; •• D. MWItbrooki Jr. 7-3791 FURiNISHED two room apartmen newly decorated. • Garage. Ti children. • Mrs. Judso'h, 220 r Elm. , , .19- lAtPARTMENT .for reptJ Thre rooms : and',fcath, rtear'Garlan School. Vacant'now. Unfurnishet Call FOSTER REALTY CO. 21 So. Main St.. Hope, Arkansas PR "7-4691. 20-3 TH'REE.ROOM house across from courthouse, 710 W. 4th. Mrs. Pau '"" -."• '.:-, '. ' ' . 23-3 For Sole SAND, Gravel, tdpsdn, (ill dirt Phone 7-4393r A, L. Park. ••':•••••••••••''• • • • • May 15-1 Mo FERTILIZER, »mrnonia, and nl trate soda. Cheap for cash. J. W .Strickiana,,.' ' ' Apr 1 !! 21-1 Mo BEDROOM home Vh block fropi Bropitwood School at 819 East ; ;.5tfc: (Call 7-5574. 28-tf , 2* sWry house 2^ baths. l IdSal,for rooming .'hoUSe, 2-blocks from town. Priced right. 521 South Trfain. W. H. Fincher, 'PKbne 7^2201 May 10-1 Mo. TWt> FRAMfi hOhle's, with acreage, close-ift, low down payment. SAMUELS' REAL' E"STATE -ph- bne:7-3766l ' 'May 17-1 Mo. il20 FEET wail fixtures — fountain and back bar, • cash register, booths for sale at Byers Drug. Will'be open Monday and Tuesday May 23-24. J. V. Rogers. 18-4t 20;,0EESfe.,fof sale. $2 each. W. .. Berlin-."Jones, 3 rhiles East Pat- m6's, ; Ark.- . • ' 18-fit TOMATO'plants, also artificial bouquets and wreaths for decoration. ibelPs, J'lbrist, 1804 South Pnon« 7-4420* 23-3t GOOD .MILCH cow with second calf. 7 mfles South on Lewisville Highway 1 . .Inquire. '. at Middle^ brooks Grocery at Evening Shade, Vernor McMurtrey. • . . 23-3t StJP'Ert SSRVtCE Station. 3rd and Laurel. Reasonably priced. See S. L. Murphy for details. flrooklyn New York Chicago Milwaukee St. Louis Cincinnati Pittsburgh Philadelphia 27 B 27 14 0 16 18 18 16 16 15 19 11: 24 10 23 .771 .600 .556 .500 .500 9</ 2 .441 lli/ 2 .314 16 .303 16 • Yesterday's Results Cincinnati 4-2, St. Louis 3-5 Cincinnati, 4-2,: St. '.Louis '5 • Brooklyn.:8, 'Philadelphia 3' Milwaukee 5, •Chicago 1 Todays Carries (No games scheduled) . Awnings Canvas Awnings and metal awnings. Manufacture Venetian blinds. Renovating old blinds. Rug Cleaning. ' COOPER-BLANRENSHlP Formerly Riley Cooper 1615 Texas Ave. Phone 32-1841 Texarkana, Tex. May 14-1 Mo. Female Help Wonted HOUSEWIVES, WOMEN - International concern; will train a few sincere women to do re-weaving at home (pleasant handwork). If qualified can earn $3 to $4 -an hour in spare tirrie. We can furnish everything. No selling/Write only: Box D, Care of Hope Star. 23-3t SOUTHERN Atlanta . Chattanooga . New Orleans Birmingham Memphis Nashville > Mobile Little Rock AS^bcJAf ION W L' Pet. GB 27 15 .643 2817 .622 .23'16 .590 2317 .575 22 20 .524 202 .476 12 28 .300 14 11 31 .262 1G ™,;™'.r 'X3 INVENTORY — This shaggy fellow got into a . Columbus, Ohio, ^dime store before the employes and surprised them as they arrived. The opossum entered mysteriously during tne night and browsed around the counters. Only damages he caused were a broken fish bowl and a few weakened hearts be- *~!-*-*3ffir-~-_ lon Sing to the caged birds. • ' Yesterday's Results Atlanta 7-0, New Orleans . 6-8 / ((First 11 jinnirjgs ; second su's pended after 8 and will be completed later). * Chattanooga 3-1, Little Rock 2-0 Mobile 6-0, Birmingham 5-4 Memphis . 13-3, Nashville 2-8 Today's Games Mobile at Atlanta Birmingham at Memphis Little Rock at Nassville (Only games scheduled) , The Negro Community By Helen Turner Phone 7-5830 Or bring items to M!M Turn*r at Hicks Funeral Horn* COTTON STAE LEAGUE W L Pet. GB 14 9 .609 13 10 .565 .560 .542 .500 Mrs. Birdie Harris of Hope -. t » t her home FViday, May 2d. Furi- ral.arrangements are incomplete. Th'e Silver S'wan Singers o'f.'kan- as City, Kansas, will give, a musical rogram .at the. Antioch .flaptist hurch Sunday, May 29, sponsored y the missionary society. The ublic ii" invited. ' El Dorado CreehVille Hot Springs Pine Bluff •Monroe Vicksburg 14 11 13 11 ' 12 12 6 19 .240 §y AL McfiLANB Fishing Editor It's a go<ja iflea to have, a few spittnefs Irt your kit this sum* ,mer, as they ^an be used for every fifid of freshwater fish, H' A spinner is at its best in big streams arid, heavy water a/id is usually fished across ana down stream. Any spinner generally Is mo§t effective when the Wade is ttifn* ine slowing. There afg ex'cep'tlbfis' to this, of. course. A fridh who fishes has spinnex 1 dlotvly ahd deep however,, nearly alWays will take more fish thafi the man Who casts downstream and thert draws tha spiflhei- rapidly bdSk against the current. In order to achieve the' proper depth, cast quartering Upstfeahl and allow the spitlhei- t(> dHft Oft a slack line until you think it hag sunk deep enough. Then 1 tighten • the line and allow it io swing 1 around below J>6U ih an a.rc. If the current is very fast, .It may be necessary to feed Jfiore line to prevent the 1 spinner from working to the surface, and if the •D current is very slow you may ffSF.K TV— -° ,1" UV " have to draw in line_as th* spinner *£*»5* MJf 8 ,?'^ 11 ' 1110 " colision .yesterday near Jcters- ville. . Three small children burned to death in a fire yesterday near Charlottcsville. Three men, one a Marine pilot and the others two is swinging around to keep . it| from hanging.up on the bottom. The majority of strikes on a spinner will come as the'lure,' is mal^ ing this arc across the current below the angler.. .-- . -• •' : -..At the conclusion of the .downstream arc it often is successful to feed slack and let the, current carry the spinner downstream for 30 or 40 feet. You should manipulate your rod so-that the spin* Yesterday'* Retults El Dorado 4, Vicksburg 0 Pine Bluff 10, Greenville tf Monroe 5, H>t Springs 4 (11 innings' : "•• -—wwvwi uimiiiinuiiim i •• tf^sMvc. n • ir i nnnniniwiiimiroi.LiiTsg PETITE MISS—Twenty-t\vo-inch-tall Miss Anita is greeted in Glasgow, Scotland, by the city's lord provosti Tom Kerr. As might _ be expected, she's called "the smallest woman in the world " • nef is alternately '.revolving ' ahd fluttering back, • Allowing the spinner : to drop back between periods of reeling will keep it much deeper than .if it were pulled directly in, and many fish will strike either as the spinner is falling after doing it is starting forward after doing so, (Distributed by NEA Service) , There were two fatal shootings, one : a homicide, the other a su cide. ji. •> THIS IS REASON ,'..'WEIW YORK tip -Former middleweight boxing champion Rocky Graziano said last night he will not play himself in a movie about his life, because "my TV director raid, 'Rocky, if you ever learrt to act you lose your job.' " Legal Notice No. 7740 Mae'Dcll Taylor In the Chancery Court of Hempstead County, Ark. Baseball By The Associated Press AMERICAN ASSOCIATION Louisville at Indianapolis postponed Minneapolis 6; Omaha 3 Toledo 3-11; Charleston 2-0 Denver 9-7, St. Paul 8-8 first game 10 innings) 2, TEXAS LEAGUE 2-2 San Antonio 4-10; Oklahoma City vs. . Plaintiff Taylor ...................... Defendant The defendant, Earl Taylor, is warned to appear in this court within- thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Mae Dell Taylor. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 14 day of May 2955 Garrett Willis, , Clerk. O (SEAU) Weisenberger & Wilson /Attorneys for Plaintiff Pat Casey Attorney . ad litem May 16, 23, 30 June 6 Legal Notice Ifot Spring's at Monroe Greenville at Pifie Bluff El D6raad! at VicKsbiirg. Yogi Bock on 1U1£.1 • **: ' .: : , i SPORTS ROUNDUP .By GAYLE TALBOT, NEW YORK -WJ-^Vhatever be-|Cockell what Happened to Joe Wai came of all those four- minute'cott, Ezzard Charles and Roland Sgyvleei OHert J UATTHBBA ren»v*tioD ud •prlnj wort. Cobb Mittrton Co, , Ut South Wuhlnfton. Phone T-am. iiu. 4-tr Mrs. Doris Yerger and Mrs. He* n Pickett and their cousin of Fort Vayne, Ind., are visiting their father, Faliegh McPhersoh, and bt her relatives. RALPH Montgomery Market, ^ u «. torn ilaughteriug. Phooc 7-3361. 16-1 Mo. -...- --- »»« »«IWIn9 IIIrM kuth Walnut 5iVfl.*' t- 1 --'.-,, .flW!** .. Atkfn»ai MOVING? Lofig Distance Moving. All Moving Rates are not the same. Call collect 592 Prescott Transfer ahd storage Inc. Prescott, Ark. Free Estimate. ~ May 14-tf PIANOS TUNED, repaired; rebuilt' •workmanship guaranteed. Write H. D. Woosley, Prescott, Ark. , 19-6t 'Mrs. Thelrrta Hightowei 1 and son of Detroit)'Mich., are visiting their parents, Mr. and Mrs. Shep Jackson, and other relatives. Friends of. Curtis Jamison will rgret to know that he is ill in a local hospital. Mrs, Ruth Royal of Detroit, Michigan, is visiting relatives arid friends. Major Leagues Leaders in the HOUSE moving, reasonable rates, .Mack . Hillery, Prescott, Phone 842.K11. May 23-lMo JeSs Mprrfe. for custorft slaughters tog and cold storage at Community Ice Co* Phone 7-2244 or 7-3478. April 2J-1 Mo. By United Pre*t LEADING BATTERS (Based on 76 Official at Bats) AMERICAN LEAGUE G AB R H Pet. Power, K.C. 28 108 26 42 .389 Mueller. N,Y. 33 136 19 54 .397 Virdon, St.L. 27 105 22 40" ,381 2 $5 15 31 .365 bpiwN i> -.-*,.-. : r?y Sparfc Walter . Yogi Berra's ;back pn top of the •wqfld today —i' ; and it's no coinci- <J'eftBff. .tttat- ; the :New York Vahfeees |re back on top. of the American League. ' Off to a dismal start which saw his average sink to .239 and his Spirits to .000, Befra Has provided the- "big punch" as the Yah ke'es reeled Off seven Straight vic- tofles arid took' a one-game lead over the Cleveiahd Indians in the American League ' face. In those seven games, Yogi has hit a blazing .407 hit five home furis and driven iri 13 runs. The 30-yeaf-old catcher, who the Yankees still insist 'is better than Brooklyn's Roy Campanella," Staged a one-man batting show yesterday When he clouted three home runs iri leading the Yankees to 5-0 and 7-5 victories over the Baltimore Orioles, He's lifted lis average to .286 and is challenging the circuit's leaders with miles .which, were, going to be run snce Roger Bannister and Jdhn Landy had opened the flood gates by proving what a simple feat it 'was, really? It was over a year ago, on May 6, 1954, that Bannister electrified the track world by racing the clas- LaStarza the second time they climbed into the ring with Rocky Marciano? Tulsa .1-3; Houston,0-6 Shreveport 4; Dallas 2 Fort Worth 8; Beaumont' WESTERN LEAGUE Colorado Springs 8; -Lincoln 5 Pueblo 9-7; Sioux City 6-2 Des Moines 10-9; Wichita 8-3 sic distance in University. On 3:59.4 at June' 21, Oxfor in Fin land, Landy lowered the figure to 3:58. On Aug. 7, in their, sensational duel at Vancouver, Bannister was timed in 3:58.8, Landy in 3:59.6. And there she stands, mates, no matter what you might have hear about our own Wes Santee and his wordy assaults on the record. Both Landy and Bannister have announced their retirement, but there remains hope they can be dragged back for next year's Olym pic games at Melbourne. Has anyone thought to tell Don After the St. Louis Cards golfed two home runs into their now unscreened right field pavilion to nose out the Dodgers the other day, an anguished Brooklyn reporter led off his account of the contest thusly: "They're turned Gussie Busch's nice ball park' into a chop suey joint, with Chinese homers the new house specialty.' 66-Year-Old King to Wed V/oman of 38 CAIRO, Egypt f/P) — Libyan circles in Cairo.sayed their king, 66- year-old Idriss I, win arrive in Egypt tomorrow to marry :Alifi Abdel Moneim Larhloun, The state boxing commission which doesn't have at least one probe of crookedness going on at the moment simply ain't living. old daughter of a rich 'Egyptian landowner. Miss Moneim Lamlotin, Whose fariiily is of Libyan : origirij will be the second of the four -wiVes his Moslem religion allows the King. His first wife of many yearS, fdrty- ish Queen Fatima; • has given hirn no sons. Under Moslem.. law" only a male cart succeed to: the throne! Libyan sources said the ,king has | never seen h is bride-to-be • but made arrangements for the marriage during a recent visit tb Egypt. IN THE CHANCERY. COURT OF HEMPSTEAD COUNTY ARKANSAS. FAY SHELL PLAINTIF.t > VS. No. 7745 WALTER SHELL .... DEFENDANT WARNING ORDER The defendant, Walter Shell,, is hereby warned to appear in this Court--within thirty days and answer the complaint of the plaintiff, Fay Shell. WITNESS my hand as Clerk, and the seal of said Court, this 30 day of April, 1955. Garrett Willis 'SEAL) Clerk f-. Weisenberger & Wilson, Attorneys for Plaintiff Talbot Feild, Jr., . Attorney ad Litem May 2, 9, 16, 23 Legal Notice . NOTICE OF SALE Notice is hereby given' that the undersigned, as Mortgagee in that certain mortgage executed May 27, 1954j by A. E. Slusser to and !*• favor. 6f A. G. Martin, will at 10:00 J O'clock, A, M., May 30, 1955, at the Eaut entrance to the Court , .. Ashbu'fn, Pa Schoondienst, St. Louis Campanella, Brooklyn 32 125 22 44 .352 Funeral Direcftm OAKCBEStf funeral Home. Insur- int4 . . . Ambulance. 2nd Si Ha- *ej.. , Phone 7-2123. 19-1 M6. Home »n4 Burial Aliociatloa, FMmPt AniVwiance Servic*. rbdnl T-857* « T-woj, Help Want* ^,»,, . „ .„-,„„. , w ac's Restayl 1 !. «nt, 409 E. Third or house neft JJ5 129 26 45 .34 HOME RUNS ]—. Kluszewski Redlegs U; .Snider, Dodgers If Mantle,' Yankees' 11 j (Janipanella Dodger? lp; ^ern}aj|. Athletics Id ftU'jNs 0'ATT8tp-JN — Campan ella, 'Dodgers 3fj : Snider, J>bdg'ers 37; JSIantle,' YaixH'gjg'? 30; Klusze"w ski, Redlegs 29; Furillo, Dodgers 28; Zernial, Athletios 29; VernOn Senators 29. RONS — Mantle, Yankees 40; Bauer, Yankees 35; Sith, Indians 34; ShidcSr, t)6dger,s 34; Dark, Giahts 30; •|S — Kuenh;. . Tigers 5«; ...>,v.4r, Giants 54; Kalirie, Tigers 49; Campanella, p 6 d g e r s 45; '''arkj Giants 45.. PITCHING (Based on 4 decl sions) -* Newcprhb^, 15d.dger«. 8-0) l.OQO; /efifcoat, Ct»k<s (6-0 t.000; Arroyo, O srdlinals «KOJ J.OQfti TurWy, Vankee* (f-^) .W5i Eipfskine, 6dgers (^1) .857; Con ley. Braves eight homers and 27 runs batted n. Berra blasted his first homer of the day in the first inning of the opening game to give the Yankees a 2-0 lead and Ed Lopat all the runs he required to gain his first victory f the season. He hit his second in the sixth inning of the nightp'ap to out Baltimore's lead to 3-2 and' his third with one aboard in the seventh inning to put the Yankees in front, 4-3. I'he Indians snapped a two-game losing streak when Early Wynn tossed a 6rie-hltter to beat the De troit Tigers, 4-0. Wynn yielded only a fourth inning single to Fred Hat field and then faced only 15 batters in the last five innings. It was his fourth win of this season and his itfStli of his career. The Chicago White Sox out-slug [e'dt the 1 Kansas City Athletics, ,04, in * 30rHit debacle after Alex tfellne'r beat them, 7-2, with a neat eight-hittei' in the Other A.L. g£m'4s. Kellner won his fourth |a;rn« with the aid 01 a six-ruri second inning while JWinny Groth go Cubs, 5-1, and Cincinnati an St. Louis split a doubleheader. The Redlegs won the opener, 4-3, for their sixth straight victory but the Cardinals took the nightcap, 5-2. The Giants stretched their winning streak to six games thanks to the pitching heroics of Ruben Gomez and the batting heroics of DOGS By FARLEY MANNING POISONING Nothing is more important than speed in saving a dog that has been poisoned, according to Dr. J. W. Cunkelman of the veteri- Vircjinia Has 24 Violent Deaths RICHMOND, Va. (ffl ~ Twenty- four persons died by violent means in Virginia Saturday arid yesterday. It was one of the bloodiest two-day periods irt the states history. Sixteen persons perished in- automobile accidents — five^ in a head-on crash Saturday near Fredericksburg, three more in anothei of milk is helpful if the pet has taken one of the mercuric torn- wt..t.wt. Ml.Lt HI*- fettling lil^lUJUa Ui' nnr J> t > f n • t • L --- *M...W,1 U..W W* fc.4*. i»*u*WMliU WUJ11- Don Mueller. Gomez tossed a six- \ J y aivlslon , or owift Company 'pounds. For food poisoning, giva Wh ° ao ' ivull JVIUCJICI. VJUlllC^ lU&KfcJU a SIX- ,.,u il 1 Jt '..^Mlljf hitter for his second victory in the,^ „ ^"^T ,.J!? e -. Valu , a . ble ] L Ulp first game while Mueller drove in all five New York runs in the nightcap with a two-run single and a three-run double. The Pirates' losing streak mounted to 11 games. Campanella hit his 10th homer of the season for the big blow Heathy!" 6 '' " Ke6Ping YOUi ' He recommends contacting your veterinarian immediately but if he can't be reached, gives the following^ steps that may be helpful. Fjrs .t.. empty the do;g's stomach m ' XJng h y dl- °|ien fleroxide reg- ' the season for the big blow . in "f ">»»ng nyarogen peroxide reg- Brooklyn's attack that handed the' ulai ' drug s ' ore strength; of 3 per Dhiiiiac. fu«:., 10*1, !„„„ .-„ • ,o cent and water (half anri:Vn,if\ —i Phillies games. their Carl 16th loss in ' 1! Erskine receiver Ind Ron Jackson struck big blows or the White Sox in the nightcap. Sostofl at Washington was rained out. In the tatiotial Lea^e. th* New X^^^'A*' *>?»! .«*, F*«?burgh credit for his sixth victory al though he needed help from rook ie Ed Roebuck in the ninth. Horn ers by Glen Gorbous, Del Ennis and Roy Smalley accounted for al the Phillies' runs.,, Gene Conley's three-hit pitching and four Chicago errors enablec the Braves to snap a four-game losing streak and return to the •500-mark. Conley struck out eight ih recording his sixth win while the Cubs' defensive lapses paved the way for three unearned runs arid Sam Jones' fourth loss. In a wild .doubleheader that ended at 10:15 p. m. (EOT), rookie Luis Arroyo won his fourth game for St. Louis after the Redlegs ral lied for two runs in the ninth to win the opener. Wally Post drove {n three runs for the Redlegs in the opener while Red Schoendienst and Ken Boyer homered for the Cardinal* in the second game. Ted ilso homered in , tying-'Wm for " }W3 With U. cent and water (half an^j half) and pouring it down .the {log's throat'. Use a ta'blespoo'nful of : the mixture to each ten pounds of body weight. This should, cause vomiting in about two minutes. Warm salt water or mustard water can also be used for this purpose, and large forced draughts of milk or beaten white of egg are also effective After vomiting has stopped, give the dog about a teaspoonful of Epsom salts in a little water to empty the intestines. Dogs are peculiarly senstive to the strychnine which is present in many laxa- ives for human use, so never administer any human cathartics unless you are positive they contain no strychnine. Peroxide will act as an antidote 'or the phosphorus frequently used n rat ppisons, and Epsom salti help eombst le»d poisoning, it arsenic iJojioning ie Buipected, ad- mlnilter one f|bleipoijn of -" T • an enema of wate/ before administering Epsom salts. In all cases of poisoning, get your dog to the veterinarian without delay. House irtjthe City of Hope, Hempstead County, Arkansas, and- pursuant to the terms of said mortgage, sell at public auction, to the highest bidder, for cash, the following described personal property, to-wit: : 1 — 1951 Model, Buick Super 4- dfaor-Sedfm (Motor Nuhiber 62552025.' g,. 1 —1947 Model, Chevrolet, Wz toV Truck (Motor Number AF 231340. DATED this 16th day of May, 1955. A. G. MARTIN, Mortgagee. .May 16, 23 DO YOU NEED LUMBER? Dimension, Siding, S4S, flooring, 10"-12" Rough boxing. C. B. WADDLE LBR. CO. Highway 4 East . Phones 7-3250 or 7-4974 *!*.*» 4 »uj- - LEO'S GARAGE - $ub-Dedler for TRACTOR & PARTS .^OMC rtpair ihop is ai liedr «l your telephone 1 ' • nUCKS V TRACTORS • EQUIPMENT Leo Harrifield — Owntr cnrf Operator 413$. WALNUT PHONE 7-4314 PLAN NOW FOR A COOL SUMMER The newest in fans dnd air conditipning Solve" ql.l your sw comfprf problems these ver$atil£ nfw i ALLEN ELECT! IfAi ca AN HONORABLE T PROFESSION IM STARTING AN EGG ROUTE •f CMek WOULDN'T VOU LIKE A NICE, FRESH EGG FOR BREAKFAST EVERY MORNING? Fish, Flesh, Fowl Answer to Previous Ptmle ACROSS DOWN > 1 Hibernating 1 Enjoy warmth ' animal I 5 Wild hog 9 Canine anirr 12 Italian river ' 13 Diminutive suffix • 14 Night before an event 15 Location '•' 17 Number 10 Boy's name J . 19 Choices ; 21 Indefinite : periods 23 Male child 24Poem '27 Reduce sail .29 Ointment 32 Edit 34 Newspaper executive 36 Ran together 37 Ebb \ 38 Vend 39 Cicatrix 41 Stitch 42 Lair 44 Landed 46 Tales 49 Australian ; Wild dOg , 53 Anger : 54 Standard 56 Paving substance 87 Astringent gum 88 Unbleached 99 Measures of type 60 Winter precipitation «1 Watches CARNIVAL ammam\a&m&mmisi& 2 Indian •> rtnnnco/4 . . i r ' 1 1 i ^ A *4 N sg & Tl. o E Pt *T PI KWfeWWttB^H HkiJUUJL3^EJIijlL^G!C3mra 1 8 Wager ^ 6 Indolent -l.r 7 Upon '•'• 8 Hires 9 Explodes 10 Baking chamber 11 Clan 16 Riding 20 Architectura style 22 Requires 24 Mineral roel< 1 \'L Ib IB a u to M W ib W 2 /i 17 3 /fa Ii 1 /I ^ A .. { .!, * 9 E L. R T £ S r R 5 G e ; T L 0 C N 6 >u s T •- E ) P S. & o & y '•-.R A T f-. h. ' E 1 PS R 1 u. O '• R * A 1 G E & R §1 AN] ^T| E «» 25Remove • -45-Wearies 26 Sinners 46 Place 28 Untamed 47 British 30 Was borne •• streetcar 31 Depicted 48 Ireland ' I 33 Loafer - 50 Pleasant .• 35 Ridicule 51 Blood 40 Gambling hall 52 Burden s 43 Dents 55 Haul . Ib ^ 'fif- i # 5 Ii H & * ^ IB . b IV Hi il W V 7 W IB 'iH SI. 0, i 8 /4 W, £ Iff 20 '&' 0, y >B 9 N- 17 i . X)- 10 sr a II . J i 21 i i . • 52 n •y Dick Tiimcr I C»P'. IMS t)[.NEA S«r»k». Inc. T M. R« E . u. S. Ptl OH. 'You're not out of the woods yet, friend! I'm lost, top!" SIDE GLANCES By GalbrdHi "We're all out of Bibles, but hareTr«9methine 'mt as good!!" I'LL GOME BACK AMD GET THE CHICKEN IN'TWELVE ^-r DAYS OUT OUR WAY •y J. k. ._ WITH JIST TH' THEfJE'S WOBI<3 ENOUGH WALL. SF*At6 INJ MY ROOM ?11. . PER-TH'HULL SAV.WOULPYOU y &OOP GC&H1 BE SO KIND A*. TO 1 CAM'T HAVE BURY OR. BURM THESfe MASTER- / ALL WE fiOT INSTEAP \ IN OUR HOUSE OFGIVIM.GTHEM I IS PITCHERS' TO KIDS? 1 DOM'T / OP MILL CARE FOR THIS / STREAMS AW LITTLE WHEW 1 GO IM A \ WHITE R.OOMTOMAKE A BED/7 AN' 6RAMPAS BORN THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON . IWfi tw NCA *»•*&. Inc. T. M. ft*. U. S. fit Off. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopfe IW ONLY A RETIRED-' I CAW -DEDUCE OF SCOTLAND YARD? \-p IT TEOE THAT YOU FAME BY COMICS UP TKE IDEA OF $O THS/. WO JLOM'T \MAK:E i OTHER, UP? BUSINESS By Herihbergnr T. M. I<9 Ccpr. 195S br HEASlflc*, In < v 'l gue$s we'll have to come back tomorrow night to see : • the other side of the picture!" ;.....,„ ""Pll By Nodin* S«lz«r ^ Cop- 1«S» »» »W *•<*«• *•«• $33 ^ ^' « 0£ARR mi BUT YOU .KNOW T MAKBESO.fcUT AH MIND'S A-BUZEIN*-Wrra WHERE ARE WE \ MINPS A-BUZElWWrW RUSHIM* to f I *$ IDEAUF HOW f GIT WHAT'S WRONG f / LEp?LS95N W .WWf •Lf HE HATES V MI-ID c- I IMTUHtttSTED IN BASE* nn r. 7 VIC FLINT y « "<-*-.-^ w , •£fe^-$fQV^ sgps '#5p lF$7l §T MkhMl O'Mclky .ltd kef* „.« WA9 A PHoroeVigft IN WHH tMt R.A*H AT TM§ SVW41LOW *m0 UP APT WMfSuS CLUB UNTIL SHt \PLAC6. PUT W^-OCUUftO 0LACKlMAILfiP THM )VOU?ii ill WASHTUiBS THBORY.A MI55ILE PI5APPBAR5D MK.TAITON? 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