Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 23, 1955 · Page 10
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 10

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, May 23, 1955
Page 10
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HOM STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS * «l , May 23, 19$$ ^ ' ^fcttd there should be clarification The magazine Aviation Week,' >btiQg in ^-controversy which has Ike Jalf week, ,„. ^ fcilssfcm, air u, ,. ive shocked "even the id ttj| most kriowledgd^ > 4yjat^p lea.der$ in said ' ,"ap* deception! A-nxfcr -lr-A "ptqp" cofflM with a skeleton, left, becomes a grim symbol of actual deaths is the lobby of a Flushihg, N.Y., movie theater which was featuring a "horror fehew.T, Nea'fby ai'if.-bqdies of two;pf the three persons killed when a car ran out of control and into tbe\uieater?s v ldbbyr Killing the driver and iwo young boysi The driver, 46-year-old Louis Robitaille, »"».•>,.' .••• , .,-,"': • apparently-suffered a heart attack while at the wheel. Flood Control Unending Job, fcju «*«^-ki f*^^^*t ( *j* — In the opin , .. ,. flood con ^/*»w a ft4 BfVHtlktfpn improvemen "fMwHt tttoj'the itfoWer iMississipp -Us*. (ed wi$t bar v turbulen »yjf$sjn.g 4 .th.j»j,Yfltjt u Jtnd v turbulen •,'ff l *ffi i^^/***?! 4 ! p<sr c f" i^W the,'la**; Mef-.rf the Unlte< appropriations MI'heartags, j-ec tjllc today.* K. Hardin, pres •-'— •* -iver Com. •W-TJ^-J — iv *** ers rei fW.03t,800> for tower 'ork^in' the next year >=»*»*••- projects, him -star River ^l^ 3 ^.***"^*^ J wir *.'. \" t' 4 "v ' ^ gyr - The, Old^IUvfr. project on whicl 'S 4 onl*jV-Dl»nniM-''iiiQn*y has been J" pi-event, the Oii ,,sMftWg fts course >VfhV, OkURiver and yra" basin. "j»» ,et|gin jB^djd not do soma- f^lWWl?^?? feyonti !S but ' ' 1 wffwf^iyireiU' ^«r» * jji HOT WATER HIAPQUMTCif f PoylNJflht : 'H ,Yf 9f SAME BLOOp, SAME JOBSf-AJrman Third Class l;arry 5, JCirby proudly helrjs sister, Annie If, Kirby, en Alrrqnn Second., Class, with her epaiiJets. The Kirby^ (rom Ft.,Walton, Fla,, duplicate joLs as tactical instructors of new alrmcj «l JxMtl » * ' Air Fqrce Base, San Viiitoriio, Tex. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK •NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111 B — Hogs 9,000; higher; few choice -. No; 1 and 2> around 200- up-around a point at the best. Losses wc-re small. Other 'hi gher majo r divisions were the coppers, distillers, aircrafts, and motors. -Others wee 220 Ib 20.00; 180200 Ib largely| m i x6 d. None was depessed. 19.50-75; 220-240, Ib 19.00-50; 175 Ibdown 25-75 higher; •• good and 50. higher; under 400 Ib-"14.25-13.50; over 400 Ib -12.75-14.25; boars 9.0U- 12.00. Cattle fi,200; calves 1,000; about sieady;"load average choice around 1,000 Ib steers '23,00; other sales choice steers and yearlings spar ingly 20.00-22.00; utility and commercial cows 11.50-13.50; banners and cutters 8.50-11.00; bulls utility and commercial 13.50-15.00; canners and cutters 11.00-13.00; good heavy fat bulls 11.50-12.00; vealers good and choice largely 17.0021,00; high .choice and prime spar ingly .22.00-23.00; corhrriorcial to goocL,J3.77*17.00; - cull -and .utility Sheep i;00 0:; .'strong,' good and choice No. 1 slipped lambs 18.00; choice- and prime native clipped lambs 23.00-24.00; odd head good clipped Inmbs 16.0Q-17.00; shorn slaughter- -ewes steady, 3,50-5.00. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO — Live noultry NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK' (*)•—, Cotton f u- tui-iSs ;* : '• were irregular ' tod'ay in slow trading. T hmemarket showed mild rallying tendencies on trade buying and short covering, but the demand was not sustained. Late afternoon prices were 20 cents a bale lower to 10 cents higher than the previous close. July December 34.19. 34.04, October 34.17 and steady; receipts in coops 859 Friday 159 coops, 61,603 Ib; f.o.b. pay- $ 2 '°1. .corn ;ng prices unchanged; heavy hensjl- 46 ". oats 22.5.28; light-hens 16.5-171 broilers '" : ""'" o'r fryers 30-31.51 old roosters 1212^; ^caponettes 39-41. ~ ^ steady, re cejpts 1,970,1761 wholesale buying prices unchanged, 93 score AA 56.75; 92 A 5675;' 90 B 54.5; 89 C 52.51 cars BO B 551 8 C 53. HEggs -irregujjar; receipts 29,4.75); wholesale buying prices unchanged " lower;„U.^ S, large whites ' ' iind.'• oyejr A's 35; ; 90- . 9»<per Ms'ent' A'3-35; mixed mediums 311 U. S. standards 32; dirties. 30.5; checks 27.5; current receipts "31:5.' — iT • > MEW -VOBK NEW YORKM/W — FHces were ilightly higher today in the Stock Limited program carried prices SALE Hull 1^x32, Cabin 12^18, mgde of 2 . CauMia uh |Ho^ VVpter Tonk, Hot , aoq) drain board Shower sleeps five, ».. C«n be repaired for Hoyge Nioely fgrnish^d. GRAIN AND PROVISION CHICAGO (XI — Grains drifted lower in a slow moving market on the Board of Trade today, Much of the light selling pressure was attributed to receipt of rain over the week end in a wide part, of the major grain producing territory. Soybeans and corn, for which the crop outlook is considered favorable, lost the most ground. Purchases of cash corn from the country on a to-arrive basis were unusually large at 130,000 bushels. Wheat closed "/a % lower, July %-!>/. lower, July V* lower to higher, July 69-, rye I'/* to 2 cents higher, July ^.07-Vi, and soybeans -1% lower, jy a uly 2.45%- Wheat, none. Corn: No, 1 yel- Jow 1.52; No.t)2 1.51M>-52; No. 3 1.50-50>/ 2 ; sample grade 1.15. Oats: No. 1 heavy white 80 '/i; No 1 white 78; No. 1 mixed 76%-77. Soybean oil: 12'/ 2 B 12'/ 2 A; soybean meal: 52.50. and malting 8.1.15. nominal choice 1.34; feed . Texorkanion Heads State Elks Club new FQRT SMITH. —The president of the Arkansas Club is James T. Aaron of Texarkana. Others officers elected at the organization's convention here yesterday were James H. Webb of Hot Springs, first vice president; Harry PeWes of Eureka Springs, seeped vice president; Sam Milazzo of Te*arkana, secretary; Tom N. Hocot.t of Mountain Home, treasurer; Victor H. Wilder of North Wttle Rock, chaplain and Charles A. Bahjl of North Little •- - • experts «stUnate it would cost 10 rap^w ,4oH«r« to replace till the ru£« sad carpets now in use it) the United States. ..-t-iflV OOPS!—Meet "Mr. Fallout of 1955." Two-year-old Tommy Garvey picked up tfce title when »he dropped his bathing suit in Las Vegas, Nev. It happened as he used both hands to wave to his father in the helicopter above. It's one of many Civil Air Patrol aircraft used during atomic exercises held some 75 miles-away. NEW BOSS—John A. Bare is the new chairman of the board of directors of Montgomery Ward, Formerly vice president and secretary of the mail order Barr succeeds Sewell Avery, who resigned. Use Physically Handicapped, Ike Insists WASHINGTON (JP) — President Eisenhower said today a free society must extend opportunity to the physically handicapped ts> make use of their talents just as t must use the talents of all ifcs other citizens. Addressing his Committee on Employment of the Physically iandicapped, Eisenhower said the lallmark of a free society is that "t distributes opportunity whereas i regimented state only "distributes deficits." He spoke briefly as his committee opened a two- day meeting. Eisenhower presented a trophy to Judge Sam M. athel of Ashp- ville, N. ., chosen -by the com- ville, N. C., The Handicapped Man of the Year." Cathey who is blind, is board chairman of North Carolina's Statw Commission for the Blind. Now 6K he has been city judge at Ashe- viUe 24 years. Cathey was presented by Maj. Sen. Melvin J. Maas, chairman of the presidential committee, who praised Cathey for leadership in for the benefit of th* blind !or almost half a century. Maas, retired Marine officer, said, Cathey is an inspiration to »U other physically handicapped persons. »* i , »,!••,«' 1 <U'- - f Hl' i( * Shootings and Wrecks Push Death Toll Up By The Associated Press A rash of shootings pushed Arkansas' violent death toll to 14-for the week which ended Sunday at midnight. An apparent double murder, and suicide wiped out a family of •three' near Magazine, Ark. Dead were Marvin Penick, 41, a disabled vet> eran released two weeks ago from a veterans hospital; his 32"year-old wife and 10-year-old daughter; Marilyn. The trio was discovered in the Penick home, three miles north of Magazine, (late Saturday iby a neighbor whp had noticed the family's car sitting idle all day. sheriff Van Pennington said the Penicks had been dead since Fri day morning. The husband and wife were sprawled on the kitchen floor, both jhot in the head, A 22-caliber rifle was beneath Penick's body. The :hild, also shot in the head, was 'ound on the floor of her bedroom. Three others were killed yesterday in separate shootings. A shotgun .b,last killed Glen Meloy, 19, of- the • Sunny side comrmi- nity, 15 miles: riqiih-of':Mprrilton, Ark. Deputy-.; Sheriff 'Cecil'-'Jackson said the.;.victim's 'father,'....44-year- ild Millard-McCoy, was being held n Conway -County jail. Mrs. McCoy, 38, testified' before coroner's jury last night th'at her husband threatened their, seven >ther children, who 'then took .the hotgun away from their father. The jury recommended that the ilder McCoy be- bound over 'for iction by the- Circuit Cour.t. A 65-year-old McNeil, Ark., man was charged with, first degree mur- ler at Magnolia! Ark. by Deputy 'rosecutor : Wendell Utley, , Oble Vhile was charged with the shoot* ng of a. Negro. woman, Lorraine Divens, 32; • • James Bolton, 27, of Shrevepprt, ra. was killed by a 25-caliber pis- ol bullet as he stood in .front of he El Dorado' home of James .W. Villiams, 30. ' .Prosecutor Bruce 3enett said first degree •" murder iharges probably would be .filed igainst .Williams. Both Bolton and Williams were Negroes * Only one accidental death was eported over the weekend A 34-year-old mother died aftei •escumg her 8-year-old Maughter 'om Lake Hamilton near Hot iprings. The mother, Mrs C B.' Palm-: State Supreme Court Rulings DO-IT-YOURSELF AUTO REALLY RUNS —Neighbors on Innes Avenue in Cincinnati, Ohio, are getting used to seeing -this : handmade auto "dash" down the street at eight m.p.h. Built by ' Robert Lockwood, right, in four months, the six-foot auto is pow- ; ''• ered by a battery. It has a radio, lights, brake, horn, clutch and • stop lights, every tiling being homemade except the battery and : ! wheels. In the auto are Lockkwood's grandchildren. ' er, rushed from- her 'lakeside 'col- fage 'at. the cri^s for help frqni her daughter Jane, -'.and ! a companion Carol,- Thorna'silla, - 7, of ' 'Little Ro'ckj 'Both.h'ad' stepped 'into deep Water-.' '••' , • .' •*-, "",. '...-•,' ' .••' Mrs.. Palmer brought her .unconscious- daughter to safety, while Phillip Tomasilla ' rescued . his daughter. The Palmer .child was revived, but her mother, collapsed and died at a. Hot Springs hospital. Physicians said Mrs. Palmer died of- a combination of water, shock arid heart attack. Six traffic deaths were reported during the week. There also was a drowning and an accidental shooting. .Regiment. The, pincess is colonel lin chief of the regiment. . ..Margaret also' had ,bcen scheduled to- visit, the -3rd ! :HU.ssars, but it .is " statiofied in7 Iserlohn, near Ragen, the center - of the. typhoid epidemic. The-number of stricken in the. southern'Ruhr rose to 420 yesterday and the first'dpath, of a 60-year-old woman, : was' reported. Epidemic in Rhur Cuts Royal Visit BONN, Germany Itf) — Princess Margaret arrived here by plane :oday for a brief visit to British M'oops ,.in West Germany. Because of .a typhoid epidemic in the Ruhr, she will stay only one day instead of 'until Wednesday as originally planned. The princess landed, at nearby iVahn Airport After brief ceremo- rties at the airfield, she drove to vVuppertal to present new colors :o the 1st Battalion of the Suffolk 'Thailand's farmers compose 85 per cent of its population, compared to five per cent for the United Kingdom. When PILE PAIN Won't Let Up Send for this Free Book Then you'll know why ointments — salves — "home remedies" 'etc., so seldom give real or last• ing-help for piles, fistula, colon • and rectal troubles. Find out what you really should do, how '75,000 others have been ; helped; under clinic plan that carries an actual written guarantee. Writ*, today, for FREE Book "RECTAL AND COLON DISEASES" Thornton Minor Hospital, Suite 1713 911 E. 'Linwood Kansas City 9, Mo. LITTLE ROCK (R) — The Arkansas Supreme Court today handed down these decisions: Marvin .N. Keith vs. Arkansas Highway Commission, appeal from Pulaski Chancery Court, affirmeW L. W. Johnson vs. Lee Wert, Conway Circuit Court, affirmed, M. C. Spain vs. Grady Jean, Union Chancery Court, . affirmed. Universal C.I.T. Credit Corp. vs R. H. Stanley, Union Chancery court, affirmed. Universal C.I.T. Credit Corp vs Leon K.- Hall, Union Chancery Court, reversed and remanded. .Angela M. Chiolte vs. John E. Chiotte; Pulaski Chancery Court), affirmed. Kansas City Railway Co. vs Velva. Ruth Shane, Polk Circuit Court, reversed and remanded. Missouri Pacific Railroad Co. vs C. E, Heitman and Leo Hardwick Hot Spring Circuit Court, affirmed. Ten counties in the United States each produced more than 10 million, tons of coal in 1953. Get the BEST For LESS • Experienced • Mechanics New & Used PARTS (I EXTRA SPECIAL! SAVE Esso OA O Regular Gal. 4.\J.7 Esso *\Q Q Extra Gal. 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( your choice of 5 Monday, May 23, WI HOP! STAR, HOPt, ARKANSAS SOCIETY Phon. 74411 •ttWMH I A. M, and 4 P. M. Calendar Tuesday May 24 Mrs. R. L .Gosnell will present her Senior High Piano Pupils in recital at the Senior High Auditorium Tuesday evening at 7:45 o' O'clock. This is a very important meeting and all are urged to attend, Mrs. Curtis Moore Complimented Mrs. Curtis Moore, Shirley Ann White was complimen- Jane Withers Returns to Movie Making By BOB THOMAS HOLLYWOOD «B —After elgh years' absence from the screen and a near-fatal illness, jane Withers is malcing : an impressive return to theirKovies. .. . The onetin-teillm brat is loining ttfj°.^ er Elizabeth T?ay.ijr, fiock Hudson, """""' James Dean ' and :; : 1 others in "Giant," Edna: tuber's salute to Texaftl": Artrt - ;i.«• '-Jfinp hnnnv! The latter part of the pro- ted with a pink and blue shower in gram will be played by John Tay-|the home of Mrs. Dale Tonnemaker.Texasv' : And ,is : .' : Jane happy! lor a member of the Graduating Saturday; evening May 21 with Mrs. |: : N O W 29,'-sH6 r is' the' picture of Class. Carl Willis of Shreveport and health, having conquered the al Wednesday May 25 Members of the Wesley Club of First Methodist Church will enter- Mrs. T. IB..' F^enwick, Sr., as associate hostess, 'i' 1 ' 1 ;:i, ,,. . The Tonnemaker home'had many arrangements of early summer flo- nesday evening May 25th., at 6:30! in the Recreation Rooms of the tain with a hamburger supper Wed-|W ers Placed a points of vantage. Mrs. Ray Yocum had charge of e gift book. Several games were church. Honor guests will be the played, and the honoree was pre- ^nembers of the Palm Sunday sented a large bassinet filled with Membership Class of 1955. Also in- .many useful gifts. vited are the adults sponsors of Refreshments were served to 24 the children and a few officials, of present and 15 sent gifts. the church and church school. Friday May 27 Mrs. Edwin Stewart will present her High School pupils in piano recital Friday Evening May 27, at 7:30 in the High School Auditorium. The Public is invited. ^.Wednesday May 25 ' Mrs. Tully Henry will present'her High School Music pupils in piano 'beautifully decorated with arrange- recital at First. Christian Church rnents of red roses. ments that threatened her life. "I was in the hospital four anci a half months," she recalled. "11 was a tough experience, but ] learned a lot from it. too. 1 met some wonderful people. "The doctors finally decided 1 had rheumatoid arthritis, plu; some complicating factors such as tired blood and anemia. But I think a large part of it was. nerves. At the time, she was go ing through a splitup with her husband, Texan Bill Moss. When she married Moss eight years ago, she gave up her career 'Mrs. James LaGrossa Hostess To Daffodil Club The Daffodil Garden Club met! to b " ome a h °V s f uwi f e ?" d motvh ., 'or. She gave birth to three chil dren and lived most of the time on Thursday. May 19th, in the '«• , Sh _ e *»,™ "l 1 * 10 .,"lIT home of Mrs. James LaGrossa with Mrs. Jewell Moore, Jr., and Mrs, Ed Ogran as associate hostesses. • The entertainment rooms were at 7:45 p. m. Wednesday May 25th Tuesday May 24 Chapter AE PEO svill meet Tuesday May 24, at 3 p. m. in the home of Mrs. E. P. O'Neal with Mrs. Carl Hinton as associate hostess. This is last meeting of the year and ,.^11 are urged to attend. Friendship Class of the 'First Mrs. Crit'Stuart, Jr., president, presided over the business meeting. The minutes of the last meting were read and approved. Reports were given by the various . committee chairmen. officers were installed for the ensuing year: ' President, Mrs. E. P. Young. Jr.; Vice-President, Mrs. Wayne Rus- Baptist Church will meet in. the'sell; secretary, Mrs. Bill Tolleson; home of Myrtice Gleghorn on ,Ros- Treasurer, Mrs. Gordon Bayless; in Midland, Tex. After the divorce, she decided to try her hand at acting again. She was on the brink of signing for a TV series when fate intervened. The chain of events started when she was in the hospital. "One of the attendants was taking a camera course at USC,' she explained. "Every night I used to help him with his homework. "When I started thinking about fettine into TV. I decided I'd better know something about it. So I got permission to attend some elates at USC.' "I went for a whole year. At the end of the semester, the school had a banquet at which the man ston Road Tuesday May 24 at 7:30 Historian, Mrs. Ralph Lehman, p. m. for monthly social. Mrs. Fay| After the installation of officers, Beaty will be co-hostess anrt all Mrs. Crit Stuart presented a gift] "i who had achieved most in the mo- Leather gloves for spring blossom info pale pastels, reflect the slim and narrow look of current fashions'. Shortie 'in azure blue pigskin (upper left) has self-leather, oversize button and loop. Ladylike look is reflected (lower left) in muted pink kidskiri in new four button length that flares from the wrist. Wrist-length version of the pigskin shortie (center) is in mellow cork tone with bntenu-shaped \yrlstllne. Elegant white has self-leather half-bow, and streamer laddL Another white glove (lower right) tote cap* tothftr* hfc» flat seams for slim and narrow look. Thtrt's ft single'r»w ofjMrfwft* tions along the back and another encircling the wristi 'Jy OaUti Dugas, NBA Women's Editor. '. , . <t Yerger High Continued from Page One se, Johnson, Curtie Mae, Johnson, Glandora, Johnson, Marcus E., members are urged to attend. Sunday May 29 Mrs, R. L. Gosnell will present ohnson, Russell, Jones, James Lester, Mc-Fadden, Alonzo, McPh Oscar C. induitrv was th° honored guest. it was George Stevens. erson _ Qscar c Mack> Joseph from the club to Mrs. Ben McRae, ! mired"hfm for 20 X veIrs butnever i Franklin ' Martin . Daniel - Mercer, the first_president of the Daffodil had met him , Afte ^ the ' dinner , all Clydine Mjg^MaredlJj^Gu-J- Garden Club. the students lined up to meet him. The hostesses served a delicious When it was almost my turn, my her Elementary and Junior, High desert course to the eighteen mem- mouth was so dry I needed some -,|iano Pupils in. Recital at the j hers' presnt and two guests. Mrs. water. I came back to find he had Junior High Auditorium Sunday af- Jeff Jet'feries and Mrs. Horton Bar- tcrnoon at 3 o'clock. The public is her. invited. Monday May 30 Mrs. Bess Evans will present her pupils in recital at the High School Auditorium May 30, at 7:30 .p.- m The public is invited . Notice J All Mother's of Rainbow Girls are requested to meet at the Masonic Hall Tuesday afternoon at 4 Duke's Beauty Salon 1019 W. 7th Phone 7-4389 Featuring Duke's Variation Cut Operators Floy Hartsfield — Ethel Moran SPECIAL FROM THE QUEEN'S PANTRY FISHERMAN'S LUNCH Pick it up on your way our. Highway 67 East- Junior Wisteria Garden Club Has Meeting The Junior Westeria Garden Club of Paisley School met May 20 with Glen Calhoun, president in charge The following officers were elect- Mairner, .vice-president, Harold •Reece, secretary, Linda-Clark, reporter, Betty Rateliff, scrapbook| gone, I was crushed. But then she heard a voice say, "Aren't you Jane Withers?' She turned around and was face to face with Stevens. They talked about "Giant, which Stevens was going to make. She said she could give him some pointers that might avoid ill feel- ed for next year. President, G. W. ings in Texas. He said he would call her. He did — at nine-the next morning.. •' She thought one of the stu chairman, Peggy Hamilton and,dents was pulling a gag on her, song leader, Patsy Beard. but was finally convinced to come Patsy Beard, new song leader led to Stevens' office, the club in the singing of "America | "How would you like to play the Beautiful and "Star Spangled,Vashti? he said. Banner." Ginger Bowden read a poem about Johnnie Appleseed. Then-Mrs.'J. W. Perkins showed When she recovered from the shock, she realized she was being cast as the flamboyant Texas cat- a film about Johnnie Appleseed and tlewoman who was expected to another film on wild flowers everyone should, know. .Refreshments were then served and the meeting adjourned. Coming and Going Maxine While and Mrs. W. W. White, of the Fashion Shoppe are attending Fall Market in Dallas this week. M-Sgt. Lawrence Winfred May and family i have returned to the States from- Japan. They are visiting relatives in Hope and Mrs. May's -father, A. S. Simmons in Houston, Texas, who is ill. After a leave Sgt. May will report to Wichita Falls, Texas. PQtD th« ntw IIST SIUIR... l ••to mtr* totem** if'• wcrtli mor« I 8-Pattcrw Country Sedan Row teat lift* out, stater teat fold* into floor—giving lc*d»p»¥« |*)on FORD Station Wagons l * Can you, see, steer, stop safely ?',,'; Check your car., , check accident* HOPE AUTO CO. 7-1M1 I! Yoii'ri Intert aed In *ii YOU! rO«D PIAUft PM OVIi M YIAII vwt Una* Car ***» i« Surf to $•• Your Ford Dtcltr 1 "r ! >fc . i * ^ jf *?*\ *,.!" HURRY! Last Day AT: 2:00 - 3:45 • 5:30 • 7:28 - 9:15 The Most Uproarious Outdoor Adventure since "Seven Brides for Seven Brothers" starring. __ ROBERT TAYLOR-ELEANOR PARKER A ME1«Q.QOIOWYN-»AT» hClUit • IXTRA • 1. News pf the Day 2. Movies of the Post TUESDAY" fRflENIUSSMAJJ-HUrll DRIVE-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:3 • FINAL NITE • ALAN LADD In hit greatest thrill role! SUSAN STEPHEN "Paratrooper" in TECHNICOLOR • APDED DELIGHTS • 1. Worrier 2. Joe McDooks Coniiily 3. PonaW Puck Cartoon if Starts Tuesday • BOB HOPE • POROTHY LAMOUR 'THEY GOT MI COVERED" OUT EARLY ANP Sii OUR BIG ZOO! • SPIDER MONKEYS • FANTAIL PIGEONS JINEA PIGS » GU • MR marry Ro^k Hudson. "I don't know,' she hesitated. "I got to know a lot of friends in Texas and wouldnt want to hurt them.' She stayed up all night, read the script three times and decided Texans wouldnt be too of fended. Boyle Continued from Page Ons public the wrong impression. "Actually, civilians buy far more canned hamburgers today than the armed services." Garvin, whose firm will roll its 1(10 millionth canned hamburger off the assembly line this week, is mulling over the idea of taking it to the nation's capital and presenting it to the first statesman who will get up in Congress and defend "this fine American nrod'ict." He feels it shouldn't be too diffiiult to finH the statesman. Muldrow., John, Jr., Muldrow, Lola Beatrice,. Nelson Alice Mae. Phillips, Tommie Earl, Ross, Betty Jt>an. Scroggins, Lue Sillar, Simpson/Bobbie Ray, Smith, Eddie Deloris, Staggers, Mary Ale, Stuart Jimmie Earl, Stuart, Wadie Jean, Williams, . Robert Lee, Williamson King Solomon, Wyatt, Timothy W Jr. Palmer Denies Pressure as Ridiculous TEXARKANA Wl— C. E. Palmer, Arkansas publisher said over the weekend that any talk of power or influence of the Palmer interests in... connection with Camden radio station 'KPLN was "ridiculous." Palmer, publisher of several papers in south and West Arkansas, has been mentioned frequently in a Federal Communications Commission hearing in 'Washington involving KPLN and another Camden station, KAMD. KPLN has. been ordered off the air until : charges by KAMD can fully, -investigated. KAMD has charged .that certain financial ar- KPLN were not revealed when the rangemerits in connection with HfinG iOf station was transferred from LeO| * **'r toward to D. R. James Jr. of El Dorado. The hearing before FCC exam- ner Elizabeth C. Smith was recessed Friday until June 13 so that joth sides could obtain depositions rom witnesses in Arkansas. Principal stockholder in both KAMD and the Camden News is Walter Hussman, Palmer's son-in- law. Palmer said that he is a small , ,- . nell, 56,' editor, of, ,farjn7'maga- zlnes, writef,, associate prpfessor of journalisni a.t'lowa State Col- ege r B.orn ip Qregbn, . Mo. ' Died yesterday. > ' ' * ' .RENO, Nev,— L. Q. 1 " H^nfUton, 79, .retired Associated Press.iiraf. fie bqreau chie^.' r Died Saturday - happy Golden"' 71 WHEEL-CHAIR NEWS—An aid to the most paralyzed type of v patients, who can use only their necks'and mouths, li this electrically powered wheel chair demonstrated in Chicago,'ni. Inventor Ed Tilden Adkins holds the complicated controls. Direction cori- trdls are operated by the "patient" with a stick held In her moiith, while forward and reverse pontrols are manipulated by touching on extended stick (arrow) with her nose. The chair, being uied here. by. model TTrs. Birbara Pp!lard,'can 'carry a pbrtaVt renr^*. rator. Adkins made the chair from discarded airplane Dirut.jB' *^—• - ': * • " -----^-.-.--• .- ^....i .^.,....., ».,^...^...«*jij.^..*lr»*«^*W DOPOTHYDIX The canned hamburger ,born i n stockholder in KAMD and the the Second World War, has mushroomed into a multi-million dol lar industry. But it already had enough trouble before the Hoover Commission's task force report. "By government regulation, the canned hamburger must be a 100 per cent pure beef product, except for the seasoning," said Garvin; "You cant even put bread crumbs in it and label it hamburger. You have to label it meatballs or meat patties." But Garvin, who happens also Camden News, but he said he is organization he should hold' himself worthy of the position, may all combine to change him. If you, can persuade him to make a chur- not an officer or director and has mother's choice, and Mom did not attended a stockholders meet-'everything to persuade Cy to get ing of either company since sell- a divorce. He finally left me the ing controlling interest in them in day I brought our baby home from Dear Miss Dix: I think a good deal of. marital unhappiness might be avoided if brides realized that husbands are quite different from sweethearts. There is disillusion in most marriages and the way one accepts it' indicates how happy the future will be. I had much to .learn myself. My husband's charming personality disappeared when he decided he loved the other girl instead of me. On the whole we have been me. The other gal had been his happy, except that I can'.t' forget ch affiliation also, your hope will be Good luckl the basis for strengthened. Dear Miss Dix: This is a second marriage for both my husband and 1950. Howard and other witnesses in the FCC hearing frequently have referred to the "Palmer interests." In refuting portions of testimony, Palmer said that he had never authorized an attorney to call on Mrs. Eugene Hawley, widow of Eugene Hawley, Camden radio an- to be a big man in meatballs, said n °uncer wh ohas been mentioned the all-beef canned hamburger has to compete with 113 kinds of "sham burgers. "They include shrimpburgers, cheeseburgers, nutburgers, chick- burjgerSjvJslteerbu jCg 1 ers, ch° w burg- ejjjs. Whenv.'a man asks for a plain olc(-fashiorxed hamburger, few peo tie/,evgri t JCJIQW what he \vants." .Tljjs. 1jQpe'':-pJt the people who Sli """ l -" a '-'-'*'itipr|ie!l-;- panned Ham.-. ......,_.,.„. ,,„,,., >vas;to valert the public to tne growing desecration-of "the true hamburger," No great firework displays were planned, no boombing of guns, no parade up Fifth avenue. But it was expected that a National Canned Hamburger beauty queen would be picked — naturally. Here and there loyal friends also had arranged to meet and drink a toast to the all-beef hamburger, and maybe pass the quiet suggestion around, from outh to mouth, that the surest place for a hungry man to find one today is in a can. Have all these hopes been shattered? Is National Canned Ham hearings. Palmer also said that no newspaper with which he was connected has ever refused to accept advertising from any radio station, and that "any talk of the power or influence of the Palmer interests was ridiculous and silly." The veteran publisher said he did not believe he had ever met Howard or Hawley, The Washington hearing proh- ably after will the be completed shortly additional evidence is presented on June 13, the examiner said. DIDN'T SAVERY TAIPE, Formosa, (UP) —The mayor of Chiayi missed going to the conference of mayors in New York last week because his secretary didn't understand English, the English-language China Post reported today. When the invitation to the con- the hospital. With God's grace I refused all his requests for a divorce, kept my chin up, and hoped thinas would change. My husband has always wanted to belong to a lodge that has very high requirements. The fact that he had left me and was running around with other girls caused his rejection. After a year, he came back to us and I noticed a gradual change in him. Not that he stopped running that he once told me he still loved his first wife. We were having ' an argument and he made the statement in anger. 'Later he said it had been done just to hurt me, that U wasn't true, and he loved only me. He has apologized over and 'over. Which statement is true? I haven't had confidence in his love for me since, ' S. M. Answer: Is it at all possible that during the same argument, or others like it, you have said things you later regretted? That's the in» sidious thing about arguments and quarrels; in anger one seeks only to.hurt the other, and bitter words Deaths Around /. Untcd States . i • , < • f ,By The Associated Press . SANTA MONICA^ 'Calif. '—Richard S. (Skeets )Gallagher,' 64," retired stage' and movie comedian, Born in . Terre > 'Haute, Ind. 1 Died yesterday, ' BALTIMORE—Paul P. I Y e.s t 7T, poultry expert,' authbi 1 and, -publisher, Died §aiurday NEW YORK—E. Henry-H.. Simmons, 78, retired 1 broker andi one- tirne- president 6t ,tb,e.' New-York Stock .Exchange., Born .jn^Jersey City, N."J.*"Died Saturday-/,/!," 1 " NEJV ^ROCHEtiLE) N., Y.C'X-vVin- cent Monte-S"ano r ^6, leading ,-fanh ion desigher.'-Borii Inl'Italy.'Tbied yesteldav. .- ', f.*n'\\ .?. * rf r Dousing tains •dust bowl toditf ^^.^ land recovered froflt 1 K» *ild Weather. i i H Lsmesa, in 1 thrjh*fcrt West Texas dxlst bo^I by three inches 6i by three inch** ef ground-soakcM wir>' across the state. The rams Were! tlfluattoh of' the ,...^,. hit bone-dry field* in »fe lahoma, Colorado and last week. lt • --,. The earlier ralhs eltimed ii 1 12 lives and turned creeki flooding torrents. But fnoil^i flood waters Wel« reb< Although further ti<&L feared On OWAorfia'i Rlver ' .,; i .1 '' "i ** The new raini were s*eeo by a rash of tornadoes L. and Oklahdmis.' Twister*": ground late'last'HlghtnH" 1 ' day in Oklahoma near. Gage, and at six T" Damage was light, H The Southwell's. ' rto the Southeast, d end, touching " off Home and Mac&n 'jn' C Rome twister yesierdi along at tree-top level} away the root of «!n,,6jri from 200 to 300 childri on the floor. t •, ' Farther nbrth.jhow.e^. weather sent .the nUmbeir.iil ings zoomihg. , * r \ ' At Jeffersonvllle, Ind.it and their uncle" decided; pleasure crUiSe"on"j River, - ^ r yestel;aay. <.. v PALO AtTA,,CaJtf.^Jam«sJ ; Patrick Follnsbee, -3^ aayertising 1 ex- jecUtive ahd" former'-'c^lfdr ,pf Coro- het .Magail^e. 1 ' Bow m^Edmontpn. Alberta.'t t))edA 'feardq/'" ''' veteran „ vaudeville - trouper. -"Died yesferdayr r • '-! >" - +t EAST-AURORA, N .Y.'—Sahford Hubbard, • 6?,. well-kiibW n <'fcr afts- man x and conservationist, 'and son of the Hate author Albert.Hubbard. Died Saturday^ -, t* ST.- tOUISHHarrison 3.^. <Doc) Weaver, 88, ifor 2& ' years" trainer or .the- St. Lo^s" Cardinal's ^1 ball^club.^ Died Saturday l '* About seven' out "of ten 'American women* boi*n in- 18gQ, Ifved' to cele- irate ,thelr 65tli"ann'i*ersaries In 955, ----<' ( , or ,-•;/' if markets for'your writing^ of luck. * ' • BIG DISCOUNT on FLOOR MODELS _ and one REPOSSESSED TREADLE SINGER SEWING CENTER 1M South Elm Phons 7-MM -^ " - f Dousi Bowl Area ,V V By United *MM »-~ «v> NOVEL IDEA*, NlJM YOHX»"icU_.. Edison's Green Room announced tods t WiU'featureL Wall Street trade. The menu's ed, "rights," 1 chips," "for e Ign m ar> he, >i counte r,' ^«<and§*"« Prices are'quoted fin; About 106 million tonsV a quarter^ of U.-S-.'soft ed in opeh pits; '- Ses us new for •.W.lmili "Lorno:' I'm;'! your wedding-rj come home "fhe miss you terri can get the tomorrow.,, V'JUA:, ^ .Now j _ Get SCRE Gifts for the Qra^l^l SHEAFFEfc KpDAKS AND ALBUMS JUSTIN BILLFOLDS U OLD SPICE, YARDLEY MEN'Sr PERFUMES, " 102 W.lnd WARD & SCM* DRUGGIST around, but he seemed to have'are spoken. Then the .'quarrel .is some consideration for me and love made up, apologies said, but urjfovv turiately, "words once spoken caoi ne.ver be recalled," Hold your husband's words agajij.st .him -^ jf yow can look over'your own past' an4 see no verbal hurt if) a'nyonp > • Dear Miss Dix: Ever since I wajj a small child I have invented stor< ies. I amuse my younger brothers and sisters with them and everyon* says I should write them down t» sell. Would you please tell me how and where I can do this? I an} $?» and believe I could have a. career in writing once I get set on the right track. EDNA In Answer: Your long, detailed 'l«*' ter, which I have here condensed. wants to join this organization and I'd like to know if you think it will hr-lp our life together. If he gets his wish, do you think he'll settle down? IRMA E. Answer: Of course it's impossible to predict anyone's future conduct and especially difficult to foretell the sincerity of a philanderer's reformation. It's possible your husband is effecting a pseudo-reconciliation for the purpose of impressing his "good" moral character on his would-be lodge brothers. W so, I doubt if it will work. The group you mention does indeed have high standards and it's unlikely that they'd take a flagrant certainly gives evidence of a writ- wrongdoer into their midst. If he ; ing talent. I suggest first thaf yo\$ does make the grade, it's possible enroll, for a summer course in ference arrived in the mayor's of- that good results will follow, for short-story writing at your Iocs) lice, his secretary took it for anjyou and your boy. —"— -•• ~~ -~ '"•* ~'" J —• advertisement and tossed it on a Joining Croup May Help gloom nssho a sudden - ^ ' bright * ate for the mayor tQ makQ college or as an evening there ni the |all if circumstances do not permit fuj^me Attendance, in esteem by their fellows. Then write tp "Writer's » "The Amy has asked for bids on era." said Gamp. ' imWQ more $ew Pi h«m^uvfi- date is tomorrow." ?L»Jte^>'Vyv4^5eto€AtfjIlfe^Xs..A^V ^£aM, J HARD OF HEART $«e tht Comptet* 3-Transistor Ac Hearing Ai Thor Thot Art Tuesday, May 24,

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