The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 10, 1946 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 10, 1946
Page 6
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PAU* StX. (ArtK.) COURIER WEDNESDAY, APRIL 10, 1946 Wakott Fourth Heavy Rating Victory Over Biviris •rings Advfericement .To Jersey Battler i WASHINGTON. April 10. (UP)— Jersey Joe Wolcott, the -boxer who supports a family of five children v$tt\ l»s ring earnings, was listed Tuesday as the lourfh 'ranking hp*yyvreisht in the quarterly vat- Ings issued by the National Boxing Association. • Walcolt, Cnnjden, N. J., battler, moved up because of his surprising victory last month over Jimmy iivins. who had been the top ranked civilian heavyweight during the war when champion Joe Louis arid' Billy Conn were In the Army, fouls and Conn retained Iho two toii ratings with Taml Mtuniello o; New York in third place. 'Abe J. Greene. N. B. A. president said championship defenses of all titles were in the offing for Hie next few ninths. He listed seven championship fight.s headed by the Louis-Conn bout at New York's • Yankee stadium on June 19- The others are: Flyweight—champion Jackie .Patterson vs Joe Curran in London In June. Fenlhcrweight—N. B: A. champion Sal''Bsrtolo vs New York arid Affiliated states champion Willie Pep in June. . Lightweight—N. B. A, champion Ike Williams vs Enrique SJelanes on April 30. Welterweight — champion Marty Servo vs Rav Robinson in May. Middleweight — champion Tony Zale vs Rocky Gimirino in July. Light heavyweight—champion Oils Leshcvich vs Freddie Mills ill London -in May. The chiiinliions and leading challengers in each division as listed by ihe N. B. A. Heavyweight—Joe Loiils. Contenders' Billv Conn. Tami Maiiriello. Joe, walcott. Jimmy Bivins, Le« Omn. Light heavyweight—Ous Lesnevich. Contenders Archie Moore. Freddiq Mills, Billy Fox, Billj; Smith. Middleweight—Tony Zalc. Con- tenciers- Rocky Gniziano; George, Abrnms. Jake Lnmotta. Wclte'rwci'gfit—iirarty Servo. Call- lenders' Ray Robinson, Tippy LaV-' kin. Beau Jnck ,and Jolinny Groco: Lightweight—Ike Williams. Contenders Bob Montgomery, Enrique Bclanes. Feather weight—Sal Barlplo. Contenders Willie Pep and Phil Tcr- Owen Nat-Likely To Be Traded; Massa Rickey Must 'Save Face' SrOHf FA'A A DK By OSCArt Fft'A'LEY i Frts» Sports Writer SEW YORK, April 10. (U.I'.) — How' that If no longer is necessary to \Hitstle' ptst a' Klcxidan graveyard, seiibr Branch Rickey of the Brooklyn Dodgers apparently Is concentrating on saving face today as lit' reiterates that catcher Mickey owen will be sold or traded'. The good Sciior fi'ojli Flotbush; who a'lvtays pays off. 100 words to the dollar, insists tliat' by tryiilg t'O' make a few extra bucks the villainous Mickey didn't do right by our Nell. It presents a soni- swelliiig tabuleau, as Massa Rickey stands sternly of the Doctgei' in the '0|>en door nuthouse with tin eiiiphr.tlc forefinger pointing a righteous "out" Into the cold, cold night for rascally Owen: Truth, Justice and Dodger autocracy 'are upheld! The beatific smile returns lo the kindly face of Massa Rickey and again nil Is peace nnd contentment. But you'll notice there's a catch In the "sold 1 or traded" announcement. The ihile president of the Flocli ndds: "If n good' deal can be made:" It probably won't be. The gen ernl opinion is tlirtl Owen simply is getting a verbal Mickey ns chastisement. Becnuse when he first signed with the Mexican ,e, Rickey announced In several thousand venomous -words llinl He never will play with Brooklvn again." Leo Durocher turned In one of his best Thespian offerings when he Charley McCartheyed the boss 'mii'iV in the bow tie nnd added: "Mr. Rickciy is the one to decide what happens to OWen. My catching Is not too bad." . - Not too bad fol 1 the Eiiworth League, tllat IS: The Deacon' mny !t)e hi a righteously indignant ; mood but it Is reported that Lipuy Leo kissed- the rhaivwho brought the ne*s that Mickey Was coming r'aliova. Bantamweight— Manuel Orlls, No logical contenders listed. Flyweight—Jackie Patterson. Contenders Dado Marino, Joe Cut-ran, nnd Terry Allen. lome. For an old member of the 3ns House Gang, that's really being overwhelmed with Joy. The reasons, however, are simple. As his top reccivei', the Llppy One 1 whose catching "Is not too bad" has a ! rookie whom the Yankees oast off live years ago. This is 27-year-old FerreM Anderson, a University _of Kansas graduate picked- up from the Montreal farm club; Hack of Anderson Is MikeSniul- lock, now out with a split Ungti-. This is the same Sandloek who, when Dixie Howell looked good earlier In tile spring, was adjudged by Rickey as having • chance to make tills catching Dad's Footsteps Former Texas League Immortal Is Example For Young Manager BY STAN OPOTOSVSKY United Pre;:s S|loi-ts Writer NATCHIM. Miss.. April 10. (UP) lls record, son?' It's quite a record. lie wns mahager of Fort Woith i« the Texas League for 15 consecutive years, a mark equalled only by Jack Dunn at Baltimore. Atz tennis at Port Worth won six straight Texas League pennants. and five out of six Dixie series against Southern Association' teams. From 191-1 to 1929 his tennis never The next day Natciiez nad a i Pronghorn antelopes ire found ball club—nnd a contender, nt that, I only in a few isolated spo'.s in So today young Jakle decided 11 Montana, Wyoming, Colorado. New was time to try on dad's baseball spikes. And they fit like a Klove. The North Dukotu Department of. Agriculture advises cooks not to put water in the pan when roasl- hiK ;( bird. Steaming breaks [lie finished out of the first division, '.skin nnd forces juices out of thu Alz died '.ist year in New Orleans, ."lean nnd is not necessary when emliiH! :i baseball cnrecV which be- the bird is young and tender, tjiin in 1879. A ;m>i>;h ai!0 Jake Alz, Jr., was appointed malinger of the Natchez League entry. He found Mexico, Idaho and Utah. Food experts class raw cabbage as a top Vitamin C lood. along with citrus fruits and tomatoes. Jake brated Atx, Jr., u'icd on -,iis ce:c- things i" " sad state. Not only father's, hard-to-fill base- bull shoes today. And Ihey fit like a glove. The son' of a Texas League iirt- mortui, young Jakle is out of ihe army and aijaiil working at, hln life's career—keeping the name of At/, emblazoned on baseball's rolls. Jake Is doing the Job the hard no ball players after years — there was Radio Sales & Service Felix A. Carney 138 East Main • Phone 3616 Su!« - Phillips Robiruwn Berrtce - FeUz Carat) Diirocher fip'eed. apparently or the principles of the law of supply and demand and the di'i'ftin of OWPII'S return. It all t'o Ihe fact thai In his organiza- day"' banner 1 , lion Rickey Is a saint on a pedestal which lias n loud .speaker attachment. The public address system has only one microphone— Rickey's. Willie at Sit. Louis", where darned- the apt title of of Sportsman's Park," ami in the last few year;; since he has wrapped' Brooklyn up as his personal 'little" package, Rickey never has brooked iiUerferen'dc and very little suggestion: The watchwords were: Obedience and Economy. Owen yot a little out of line on the former nnd frankly is 1 out of order in the latter because ho make/ $ia,. r >00 n yer.r. Thai monetary Hem will be his walking tlck- were thriT sfi'uxji nothing. The ball park was a collection of rotten timber. The shower pipes weiv ['listed beyond use. And what' three •* inters didn't do to the play- in;; field, grazing cattle did. Whut's more, Natchez had no higher rating RHEUMATIC PAIN Hird nl (poll your Ctj—ttt ifler It How po:i't put off getting C-2223 to relieve pain of museular rheumatism mid oilier rheumatic pains. Caution: Use only us directed. Viral bottle purchase price back if not .satisfied. (JOe and $1.00. Today, buy C-2223. Slnfr ' way—'rcsTiiwct'rnV a' war-sYnovliei'cd'' eoimcellon with class' D team from the dceencra- clul> lion which followed Pearl Harbor. Thai's when Jake rummaged Hut he Is not Just another minor , Ihroimh t»c closet nnd got out 'league malinger will) a -weed-swept ,J«kc, Sr.'s spikes. H L . looked them simmers down, of course.'bull pnik nnd a t uttered "game lo- over.. .ibcy were a little large... | but lie was determined eventually lie's KOt a real baseball back- <° '"' kn S e(1 dowll . workmen ground. The nam n of At* may not, ',„„.,,,,„ ,,„. ,...,, ,„,.? r^e ~J^£SP*S£3E°£ Oiere he ( . rcxns League old timers—Jake Mv.. i Ihe Fox ^ s r _ Wfus cjnc o f baseball's greatest •up players. managers. Kl, if nnd when, tit'causc the Do neon'l like to purt with so innhy dollars—oven foi' a j>cn- mnt. Temporary reltefjfor symptoms of Srorrthial STHMA and HAY FEVtR Phone 2611 When You're in a Hurry for T'nat • CAR • TRUCK OR • TRACTOR I '(FLAT) :3 Service Trucks and y£ 4 Tire Men --. at Your Service Hours-6 to 6-7 Days I MARR'S -- AUTO SERVICE '- 'Ash at Second Street ATTENTION LADIES Cash Paid for Men's, Women's and' Children's Used Clothing and Shoes. 415 W. Ash St. CHICK THEATRE "Where Happiness Costs So Little" Week Dayi: SUrii at 7 p. m ' Wednendav & Thursday DOUBLE FEATURE END OF THE ROAD" \vilh John Abbott ninl .Time Storey insurance of every kind Phone 3545 W.J. Pollard ? Agency - Gkncoe Hotel Bldg. * DON'T WAIT!!! We Will Pay You The TOP CASH PRICE FOR YOUR CAR Jrireln Today —Get the Cash.' We Are Approved Rlythevillc Dealers DESOTO — PLYMOUTH and PACKARD CARS and carry a complete slock of Genuine Chrysler and Packard Parts SEYMORE MOTOR SALES H. SEYMORE—Owner For Prompt Service On Repairs Bring Your Car to Our New Location Corner Franklin and Walnut Phone 886 or 3524 New Theater Manila's Finest Saturday & Sunday, Mat. 1 o'clock (Sunday & Tuesday NIthU, S:3t o'clock All other nights, 6 o'clock. Wednesday & Thursday "Murder in Music Hall" with Verix K:ilslcm NEWS AND COMEOY KAIS/NG A CROP! Producing new tractors and farm machines U like raising a crop ... it takes montlis before they're ready. Perhaps there will be plenty of new tractors next season and you'll b6 able to get one. But if you want to play it safe, let us put your old tractor in good repair not*. Then, come what may, you'll be ready for work. McCORMICK-DEEDING MACHINES PARTS AND SERVICE DELTA IMPLEMENT COMPANY BIyHievill*, Ark. McCORMICK-DEERIHG MACHINES, PARTS AND SERVICE Wednesday & Thursday 'Patrick the Great 7 with Hotl.ltll O'Connor anil I'CSK.V Kyan News of the I> Ako Sliuils RITZ THEATRE Manila, Ark. N F. W STARTING T I M i; Resinning Monday. April 1, (lip hnx office uill open at 7:00. Picture vlnrts nt 7:1.1. Refrigerator Service OF ALL KINDS—CALL W. O. BLUE Phone 2918 or 2642 Radio Service -Mr" Angel Refrigerator Service Fred Lavler Washer, Ironcr and Gas Engine Service Phtlip Frel Vacuum Cleaners, Fans, Irons and Small Appliances Repaired! ADAMS APPLIANCE COMPANY, Inc. J. W. Adams, l\T};r. Phone 2071 ZOC-08 W. Main A NATURAL AID FOR Hyper-Acidity OF THE STOMACH Mountain Valley Water l.i a natural aid In helping eliminate wastes Irom the system. Not laxative, It works gently through the kidneys. Ask your doctor about this famous health water from Hot Springs; Ark. It 'las been prescribed for more than 5 years, free booklet on request. ORDER A CASE. CROSSTOWN WHISKEY SHOP Main and Division Blytheville, Ark. '• ' WANTED CATTLE, CALVES & HOGS Top Ceiling Prices Paid BUYER AT PLANT DAILY MONDAYS THRU FRIDAYS NO commission, no yardage or other expense to you. Come to BURING PACKING CO. Inc. PHONE 44, WILSON, ARK. PLANTERS Save Time - Expense We have Portable Machines to CLEAN and TREAT all kinds of PLAN TING SEED at YOUR SEED HOUSE POULTRY WANTED! Mr. Davis is connected wilh (he country's largest poultry buyers and offers highest prices at all times. TODAY and TOMORROW'S PRICES— Hens — 25c Cox — 16c imiNfJ YOUR POULTRY TO US. 1711 West Vine St. Blytheville Prices Sulijcct to Cliutige Without Notice A Guaranteed Seed Recleaning and TVeatiha; Service We have bceri operating successfully in Mississippi County since' ISt.'i!) and in order to heller serve you we haV£ moved' our offices lo Hlvllievillc from Sikeston : , arid 1 •tociitcd' here 1 . our equipment will be permanently The Delia Seed Servicing Co. HAROLf) DOOIJN, Manager Thoric 20a9 . . . Call us nt our c\iicns« for details Offices: Goff Hotel BIythevillc, Ark. Farm loans made to fit your individual needs. Our rij-paymcnt privilege granted all borrowers. Lot us explain our Pro-Payment Reserve Plan. NO EXTRA CHARGES - NO APPLICATION, APPRAISAL, ATTORNEY'S or CLOSING FEES and NO COMMISSION If we arrange a loan with you it is good business for us to make it fit your needs because farm loans are a good investment only when they are good for the farm owner. NOBLE GILL AGENCY Glencoe Bldg. Phone 3131 Open for Business!. TAYLOR SAND AND GRAVEL CO. Specializing in River-Washed Sand and Grave 1 Plant and Office Located On River at North End of Bushy Ave. CARUTHERSVILLE, MO. Kf'.t) ftYDER Boxedjn _ __ RY FRED HARMAN Wednesday & Thursday "Sonsation Hunters" with Robert I.owcry ami D.jivis Merrick Paramount Shorts and I'arumount News WE F1W THEEE WAS A RUtt-EUKNEe NiXMED D0AK. LIVING WHERE- DOW15 SATOi WR.SAS5O... HE WAS KIL'.EO WM1LE EESISTIVG ABBESTi EAClV IM "33. SEVERAL RECAUEO SEEING CX3AKS HEiJ>£CS ACOUWD, BUT COULDN'T EH W3W...THO A STOREKEEPER THOUGHT

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