The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia on September 23, 1948 · Page 8
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, Australia · Page 8

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 23, 1948
Page 8
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8 The Sydney Morning Her1J, Thuriday. Sepl. 21. 1948 AMUSEMENTS "ANNIE GET YOUR GUN," ROYAL, NOW STARRING EVIE HAYES "ANNIE OAKLEY" with wroa tiltom iu superb cut. ... "h"' ' "' 'l. and 6.1. .1 a po. t Nlrhollon' M Chill . Balcony Tick.. Chill'., Children In arm, not Amlltod. FOR THREE MORE WLEKS ONLY. I IP! BANVAAO'S Production of MINERVA: "LOVE FROM A STRANGER" Starring Neva Carr-aim. Grant Taylor. Atleen Britum. and John O'Mxlley. NIOHILY at 0; MATINEES. Wednesdays and Saturdays at 2.19. Plana: Miner a. (FA8141). Palings, Nicholson 'a. Howl AustralU. TWICE DAILY, 2.11 and S pa. DAVIS N. MARTIN PRESENTS . TIVOLI 2.15 and 8 BEN BLUE Th Mouon Plctur Comedy Bur in paraon, with AXIE DUN LAP. ,N E BROADWAY EXTRAVAGANZA. "HAPPY AND OLORIOUB." VORMAN LAWRENCE. SYLVIA and LESLIE K ELLA WAY, AND BIO CAST. Plana open 6 daya ahead at PALING 3. NICHOLSON'S. TIVOU. M6633. BALLET RAMBERT RETURNS TIVOU. Comm. MON.. OCT. 4. TWO WEEKS ONLY. Application Pre. Booking now being received. Palinc'a. Send 16T each rat. plus postage. Week comm. Oct. 4: Plauanr. Judgment of Part, aisell. Ccram. llth: Planet. Concerto Burleaco, Tba Fugitive. Cass NoUeUe. LAST APPEAR ANCFS THIS FAMOUS BALLET. INDEPENDENT "Rouum't U. Robots" (North Sydney.) DIRECTION: DORIS FITTON. Doris Fit ton "a Production. "Bulletin," 13 9 48: "Admirable production; worth seeing (or a dozen reason.' EVERY THURS.. FRI., SAT., at 8. 1 5 p.m. (Uat Three Week) Plana: Theatre (XB2718). 10 am-6 pm. N.cholaon'a. Paling'. .u (1 MIKLOS GAFNI SYDNEY TOWN HALL. Monday. September 27th. Box Plans open TO-DAY at NlchoUon's and Paling's. REQUEST PRO-ORAMME ante in your request Item to Osfnl Concert. 8 Bond Street. CITY OF SYDNEY EISTEDDFOD Morning: 9. Jut. Voc., YWCA and Roy. Emp. Hall; Jut. Piano. CENEP and SKY; Verio SpkK.. Choral. Cons.: National Dancing, YMCA. Afternoon: 2, juv. ensra. songs, ywua: voeaj. ko-. emp. Haii; Piano, ctwtjr ana zky verse Spug Con, ana League Club; National Dancing, YMCA. M. OUNN. Or:anl?'lng Secretary. BWS308 and B5f M SEASON CITY OF SYDNEY EISTEDDFOD 20th SEPTEMBER TO 2nd OCTOBER. Evening: 7, "Sun" Aria, Con.; " Werner Weekly" Piano Sen' ship, Byd. Radio Th.; Voc. Ch'shlpa. 2KY; Oratorio, Roy. Emp. Ha LI; Ballad. Blind Inst.; Versa Spfcg. Ch'shtp and Duologue, Feminist Club; National Dancing, YMCA; Jun. Debates. 35 Rowe Et. 7.15 Sen. Debate. B and T Club. Official Pre gram me 2'. Inquiries. BW53C6 and B5851. Paul KLECKI Hephzibah MENUHIN SYDNEY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. TOWN HALL, THURSDAY, 30th SEPTEM- Prog. Inc.: Overture. "Leonora" No. 3 (Beethoven). "Fmperor" Concerto No. 5 (Beethoven), "Pathetique" Symphony No. 6 (Tschalkowsky). Res. prices; 12 6. 10'. 7 6. 5.'. Plans at Nlchclson'a. Paling's. Dir.: A B C. LIMITED NUMBER 3 SEATS ON SALE AT DOOR TO-NIGHT. FIRST SERIES. NINTH CONCERT OF 1948 SUBSCRIPTION SERIES. TOWN HALL. TO-NIGHT. 8 PM. SYDNEY SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA. Paul KLECKI Ernest LLEWELLYN Brahms9 .Violin Concerto at . David Jones Next Saturday, Llndley Evans presents Brahms' Academic Festival Overture, and the OINETTE NEVEU Recording of Brahms' Concerto In D Major, with the Philharmonic Orchestra, under ISSAY DROBROWEN. 5th Floor. Oeorge Street. Saturday. 25th 10.30 am. Admission Free. Hear the true story of the development of long-range projectile In . . 2GB 'THE PASSING PARADE" TO-NIGHT AT 8 WHITEHALL ACADEMY of Dramatic Art Principal: Kathleen Robinson. Directors: Kathleen Robinson. Rolsnd Walton, and Richard Parry. Producers: Yvonne Bsnvard, Irene Howell. Hamilton Howell, Ditchne Wlnslcw. Manraret Ravncr. Leah Miller. Instruction In Voice Production. Phonetics, Deportment. Mime, Acting. Make-up, Fencing. Dancing. NEXT TERM COMMENCINQ 5th OCTOBER. For appointment. 'Ph. FA8141. Minerva Theatre. SONG HITS OF AUSTRALIA'S CHOICE AND MIMI. Top Flight Overseas Song Success; STANLEY STEAMER. Hit in Quickstep Tempo; DICKEY BIRD SONO. Hit cf the Year: APPLE-BLOSSOM WEDDINO, World's Sweetest Melody; STARS WILL REMEMBER. Ballad Beautiful; TREE IN THE MEADOW. Sensational Overseas Top Hit Paradcr. Price 2 each, from J. ALBERT and BON PTY. LTD.. Syd. Few men dared to live so recklessly . . . love so violently I REGENT: "Captain From Castile," To-morrow! Darryl F. Zanuck'a mliihty Technicolor adventure dynamically starring TYRONE POWER. JEAN PETERS. CESAR ROMERO. John Sutton. Lee J. Cobb. George Zucco (A). Plans at Theatre. M2387. LAST DAY: Valll, In "Miracle of the Bells" (Q. 10.50. 1.48. 4.57. pm. AMWEMr-NT Two Bunerlailva Attraction. Show of Showal At 10.25. 1.38. 4.56. 7.50. STATE, Now: "FOR THE LOVE OF MARY" DEANNA DURBIN, EDMUND O BKILN, DON I AiLUK (U) Flu. luT tdvmtur. in DUlin, -ivrnnicMor. nlm wnn nw ytuw. Dn Duryn. Yrain. d. Culo (A). ClnMounq Rtvlwr. PUm, U2197. LYCEUM: "Another Part Of The Forest" FREDRIC MARCH. ANN BLYTH. DAN DURYEA (A) PHEDRIO 11ARCH follow. Ml Acftdrmr Avird wtnnln, succu In "Beet Year, of Our IJve)" with . leoond superb ichktemenl. Plu Ctnucuno UjneUr SEARChXIOHT Olf JAPAN. MA.H57. lu.jtt. t.JJ. .w. i-w. INTERNATIONAL DRUG RING SMASHED VICTORY: ."To the Ends of the Earth." (A) with DICK POWELL. BIONB HASSO. and Chines Beauty Star. MAYTJA. Plus Return of the wnisuer" (A). runs, maoboo. a. iu.iu. i i.w. Whan wrcnen gamble with me they elas lot . . . and I always collect!" CAPITOL, TO-MOROW at 10: John Wayne "LADV FOR, A NIGHT." Joma Blortdell (A). Flu. ' Th. Orew Tnlo Robbery (O). . .., ., Plm "D-i.1 Alibi" Va. ReKrvatlcn.. M488a. Btu.: 10. 1.24. 4 33. LYRIC, To-dayf 10.50: "EMPEROR WALTZ" PARAMOUNTS TECHNICOLOR MUSICAL HIT With Blng CROSBY. Joan FONTAINE (O). Plus "Wildcat." Richard Arleo fAl. Reaervaticns. MA4081. Sessions: 1O.S0. 12.37. 4.24 . 7.34. BOXING LEICHHARDT TO-NIGHT 12 ROUNDS KEN BAILEY v CEO. KAPEEN (N'ctU) Supported by: 10 rounds. Kev Robertson v Al Smith, and EXTRA BOUTS. Usual Price (Ladles half-price to ringside). Bookings, Dick's Shot Store 1502 Oeorge Street), and LM4rt23. DANCING. RMTAl RANTS. ETC. WILLIAM SIMMONS PRIVATE STUDIO HUNTER HOUSE. 28 HUNTER STREET. CITY. 'PHONE. B4&24. We Feature Specialised Training to Beginners. Our Service is EzclusWe and Strictly Private. APPOINTMENTS ONLY. WE DO NOT CONDUCT CLASSES FRANCES SCULLY SCHOOL OF DANCING BALLROOM BRANCH Spec 11 High SrhocI snd Younger Set Classes. Private Letsons Daily. Col lei es and Schocls Visited. Particulars. RSSltl. PHYLLIS BATES BALLROOM 210 PITT STREET Pupllfl wuhln, to frt In touch with Mil. Bate, or her atlff plMj. TU-phon. FUtaso lor lnlorm.tlon. THE 8EN8ATIONA1. NEW MOUNTBATTEN RESTAURANT LOWER GROUND FLOOR. A W A.BUILDINO. 47 YORK STREET. Specialising in Continental and Enillsh Cuiain. Dinner and Supper Dances In really Insurious suttcundingi. Buinea Men s Luncheons st Common-ten Prices are the policy cf the new ma nay mm t. RESERVATIONS. BX2H44 Junction with Beginners' Claaies. Dance niter one lesson. Boo nrw. 66 Osfcrd Slrtsrt. cltv. 'Phone. FA 394 8. THE CECIL MILES STUDIO. Prl. lessons, elassea, night B. Sat. 2.30. 175 Pitt St. nr. King St. B5354. OAN Allen, A1STD. Ballroom. 36 Cam brldr St. S'anmcre. LA3I31. SNOOKER BILLIARDS GENTLEMEN Play your games of Billiards. Bnocker. snd Pool at LINDRUM'S. 236 Pitt Street (next door Liberty Theatre). LADIES Learn to play and meet Miss Rita Dunn, NSW leading Billiards Hoeteiut. For appointment. 'Phone. MA7838. Discipline. Strict Supervision, and No Oambllni. HORACE LIN DRUM. Prop. PROFESSIONAL TENNIS STARS JACK KRAMER, BOBBY RIOOS, PANCHO SEGURA, DIN NY PAILS. Sydney Sports Ground, To-night, (To-morrow, Sat.) at "ICE VARIETIES," GLACIARIUM, To-night 8 o'clock To-night, Prl.. Sat. Nlrhta, a New Olcrloua Entertainment. "Ice Varieties of 1948," with 122 Champions in 126 Minutes of Different Entertainment. Book at Nirholson't. Unreserved scats on sale each night. 7 o'clock. GLACIARIUM ICE RINK. OEORGE ST. AT RAILWAY SQUARE. MA69Q1. Ice Skating 10 and 3 pm unul Monday, then 10, 3. 8 dally. ICE PALAIS: ICE SKATING, ICE PALAIS FA7728. Dir.: JOHN P. BETRO. FA7728. SESSIONS; Mon.-Frl., 3 and 8 pm; Sat. and Hols.. 10 am, 3 and 8 pm. Private Tuition and Floorage. 12 neon dally. Wed., 8.30 pm: 15 Mln, Display by Dlesel'powered Aircraft. 8HOWOROUND. FA7728. SHOWGROUND. SPEEDWAY Showground SPEEDWAY RE-OPENS NEXT SATURDAY NICHT Thrills and Bptlls with solos sidecars and breath-taking speed cars. RED CROSS (Chelsea) FLOWER FESTIVAL SYDNEY DOMAIN. 22nd-25th SEPTEMBER INCLUSIVE. 9 AM to 5 30 PM. Don't miss this glcnous pageant of colour. See the wlldfloweis, the massed displays, the model villages, the squarlums. the floral fountain, the decorative sections and the flowers from oveaseas. Admission 2, children 1. M. H. Kow-Isnd. J. D. Thomas, Joint Hon. Organisers. LUNA PARK TO-NIGHT LUNA PARK Oo to Luna to-nlaht for the laugh ol a lifetime. City of a Million LlrhU. Now open every night at 7. Mais. Bats and hols. New shews, new fun. FOR THE LAUGH OF A LIFETIME LUNA PARK MOTOR VEHICLES rPONIGHT. Very Select OLD TIME -a- uabli; at me PAKADANCE BALLROOM. ROCKDALE. Excellent floor and wtnoin. iu minutes irora central btn. I 11. JIM COU.AR. MC. T EARN Old-time. Jazz To-ntrht 1M -Li 1 3 lea. MAH025. Quayle. 8H5 Geo. St OTUOY "HERALD" CLASSIFIED AuyBwnhjvMiuTB. Whatever your JWJ llirm. YCUK SHOW, PAflTY. or WLDDINO. sent BEST ARTISTS. COMPERES. DANCE BANDS, by RUS GA11LINO. AAA. 8 Bend St. B3S71. JB1449 HUDSON Sedan, 193tf. Country Club B-cyl . tyre, duco, eng. excell. SSO. Take Caravan cash adjust- 77 Boulevarde. Dulwich Hill. LM3741. I 1 1LLUAN Minx 1947 Baioon. Diacs. XX bas done only 704)0. as new, complete accessories. oner recalled to England. Private sal only. Principals only. FA5967. Imr-K. u jjjm rray top. ua. cona. Rredr for work. 3A0. Terms air. JA6617. 83 Sydney St, Willcughby. INTER. KS5 Closed cab. long wheel-base, ad. cond. 550. deprait 175. or trade-in. JA6617. 88 Sydney St, Wll- ougnpy. 1w n;KWflTiurftii iyj3 MOtonsea caravan and Trailer. PUBLIC SALE. FRIDAY. CHRISTEY B MOTOR AUCTIONS. M8161. KINO'S CROSS CAR SALES. FA1424. 219 Darllnghurtt Rd. Klng'a Cross. Auctions to be held soon. '39 Nash Bed. 700. Mech. perl. '.Ifi Nuh Rrvt 425. Ueeh. oerf. '34 Ford Rcwd. 295 '36 Viux. Couds. 335 '3fi Ford Coupe. 395 -29 Austin 16 Bed. 145 '34 Olds. Tour. 235 36 0!ds.. with radio. 335 '47 Hillman Bed. 623, A new. '38 Htllman Sed. 350 -29 Nash Sed. 7-pasa. 130 29 La Salle 7-pass. 195 28 Austin 7 Tour. 95 '40 Morris Utility. 250 '37 Ford Panel Van. 360 '37 Bedford Panel Van. 300 42 Chev. Tipper. 525 Cars sold on 5 per cent. com. Terms arranged. 50 p c. FA1424. Auctions held In near future. HI" ORRIS 8 '40 1937 Panel Van. PUB lVLLIC SALE. FRIDAY. CHRISTEY'S MOTOR AUCTIONS. M6161. m V O NEW M O iVLNew Imported H Litre SALOON and th HOAilSTFR Farlv Delivery, HARn.AVS R!i William St. MA2242. TVfACK Diesel. Tabletep. 20x8. IlOOx i't 24 ouau. good order, any trial Ph FA43.S4. 27 Rennv St. Paddlnstcn MORRIS IS38 B40 Tourer, icveiy clean Uttle ear. Low mileage. Prl v. sate. DrrT. 5 Bronte Rd. Bondl Junct. MOTOR VEHICLES (Pitt Street.) NOW SHOWING NEW PALACE at 10.43, 1.53. 5 and 8 pm. BLANCHE FURY." MA6287 Hera was a passion that drive men to kill! In Technicolor, with STEWART GRANOER and VALERIE HOBSON. (Suit, only Adult. ) Plus "Australian Diary No. 16"; The British Are They Artistic? "Daddy Duck" Disney Colour Cartoon. PITT ST. NEAR PARK ST. NOW at 10.30. 1.40, 4.50. 8 pm. ESQUIRE "HUMORESQUE" MA6708 CRAWFORD S NEWEST DRAMATIC HI 1 ! JOAN With JO With JOHN GARFIELD. Oscar Levant A). Plus "The Gat Psrlslaa." In Technicolor and presented by Ballet Russc de Monte Carlo tOl. Racket-king and Homicide Ace . , , each marked for MURDER I EMPIRE: "RACE STREET" To-morrow! Hair-trigger action, stop-breath excitement, starring George RAFT. William BENDIX. Marilyn MAXWELL (A). Plus Robert Sterling. Gloria Orahume, "Roughshod" fA. MAIOOO. LAST DAY: Dennis Morgan. Cheyenne A), 10.10. 1.29. 4.47. 7.53 pm. (GOO George Street.) NOW SHOWING at 11, PLAZA "UNSUSPECTED" 2, 5, and 8 pm. MA6107 Behind a cloak of Innocence he plotted fiendish murders I Starring CLAUDE RAINS. JOAN CAULFIELD. HURD HATFIELD (A). Plus ."Minstrel Days." with Al Jolson (O). Also "Underwater Spearflsh-ing" In Technicolorj "Foxy Duckling" Colour Cartoon. 4.35. 8 (588 George Street.) Now Showing at 10.40, 1,43, CENTURY: "LIFE WITH FATHER." M2241 Clarence Day's masterpiece of fun. fllmrf in Technloolor. With WILLIAM POWELL and IRENE DUNNE. Elizabeth Taylor. Edmund Owenn (Al. Plus "Melody of Youth,' "King of the Everglades," "Harness Racing." "Hop. Look, and Listen." Casttcreagh Street. Now Showing at 10, 1.25. 4.45, 7.50 pm. MAYFAIR: "SITTING PRETTY.". MA6387 10th hilarious week of the Show that Is rocking Sydney! Starring Robert YOUNG. Maureen O'HARA, Clifton WEBB (G) Plus "Shadow of a Woman." with Helmut Dnntine. Andrea King (A). First big session TO-MORROW, at 10.25. at 1.40 PM. Sessions then at 4.55 and 8 pm. with Special GALA MATINEE Embassy : "Always Another Dawn," To-morrow Innplrlns story of rur fltrhtlng Navy! Produced by T. O. McCreadie. and starring CHARLES TINOWELL. GUY DOLEMAN. Betty McDowell, plus Officers and Mm of thf Royal Australian Navy (G). 'Phone, M6797. LaRt Day: Laurence Olivier a "Hamlet" (O). 10.25, 1.40. 4.55. 8 pm. Ordeal of terror at the mercy of a cunning killer! CIVIC: "SPIRAL STAIRCASE," To-morrow! Suspense that takes your breath, with DOROTHY McOUIRE. GEORGE BRENT. ETHEL BARRYMORE (A. Plus "Two O'clock Courage" (A). LAST DAY: "THIS IS THE ARMY" fQ. Plus: "Private Detective" (A). At 10.30. 1.4S. 4.50. 7. 53 pm. MA5316. LIBERTY, NOW: "ARCH OF TRIUMPH" MA6068. Sessions: 10.50 am, 2 pm, 5 pm. 8 pm. M.O.M. presents the Enterprise production of Erich Remaroue's famous novel of lmrv Mimed love, "ARCH OF TRIUMPH." starring Ingrld BERGMAN, Charlea BOYER. Charles LAUGHTON. with Louie Calhem. (Suitable only for Artults ) "Miracle In a Cornfield" (Pawing Parade in Technicolor), etc.. Metro News Inflation TO-MORROW, ST. JAMES: "Homecoming M.O.M. presents Clark GABLE (at his pre-Tar best). Lana TURNER, Ann BAXTER. John HODIAK. In the great drama. ' 'HOMECOMING . stirring story of a dangerous snd rcmantlc Jeurnev. LAST DAY: "BIO CITY" (O). 10.55. 1.55, 3. 8 pm. (Hear "The Oable Story" sensational broadcast 2GB, nest Sat.. 8.45 pm.) RAY MILLAND. ANN TODD, GERALDINE FITZGERALD. "So Evil My Love" (a), at PRINCE EDWARD The Stranxe Drama of a Romantic Obxeeslon . , . and the woman It destroyed I On stage: Reg. Lewis's Band, with OeofTiey Moor. At 11, 1.50. 5, 7.55. Res. at Thestre (BWA313). From 1 3 at 11 a.m. SAVOY: "WAY TO THE STARS." FRIDAY MICHAEL REDO RAVE. JOHN MILLS. R05AMUND JOHN. Tt Commences Frtdovt "THE WAY TO THE STARS" (A). Also Robert J. Flaherty's "NANOOK OF THE NOPTH" (O). R esc nation at the savoy (B43331. Last Day of "THE DFMI-PARADISE" (A), with Idurence Olivier. Cessions: 11. 2. 3. 7.55. (B4S33V , t 205 LIVERPOOL STREET. RESERVATIONS: MA1R02. TATLER: Ronald Cobnan, "LOST HORIZON" THIS FRIDAY sensational adventure In ShanTrt-La. Ronald Co'jnan, Jane Wvatt. Thomas Mitchell. In "LOST HORIZON." A. Phis Jean Dsvls In 'BF1AUTIFUL BUT BROKE. O. Last Day; "SON OF THE SHIEK. at 10 43. 1.43. 4.44. 7.52. VARIETY: Tino Rossi in "FIEVRES" NOW Thrill to the lovely voice of the fsmous Corslcan Tenor. TINO ROSSI, In the glorious Musical Romance, "FIEVRES." plus "Spotlight on Australian Ballet " Sessions: 11. 2. 5. 8. Plans at Theatre 8 days ahead. NOTE: Owing to SPECIAL PREVIEW of "OPEN CITY;' at 8.30 To-night, there will be no 8 pm SesMc-n of "FTEVRES." SimitHBAN PICTt'HE 'THEATRES ,4 NN AND ALE, OLYMPIA. 1,M4275. J 1.30. 8 pm: Crosby. Hope. Lamour. ROAD TO RIO, O; Perilous Waters, A. ANN AND ALE. Royal. LM1556. Foxes ol Hanow, A: Are You With It? O. A RTARMON, Savoy, JA3232. 7.30: Laurence Olivier, Greer Garscn; TELL NO TALES. A, Melvyn Douglas. iitiuiivi.U Y.lfftll. IAS- BROAD. J WAY RHYTHM. O; BOSTON BLACK IE AND THE LAW, a. BEVERLY HILLS, LU3178. 7.30: NORTHSIDE 777. A: Kitty O'Day, A -i-anNni JtiNrrrrnN. Renal. FW 1253 Xi 10.30. 1.45. 7.30: THE EIO CLOCK. A; PERILOUS WATERS. A. BRIGHTON. LX36H1. 7.30: HAZARD, A, THE CHALLENGE. A. Sat. extra: g"1AMPSIE, ORION, 7.43 PM. LF3434. V Vivien Leigh, WATERLOO BRlDUE, A; Nick Carter, Master Detective. A. sTBLRY, W'SOR. LF126S. 7.30: For-Vj ever Amber. A; Parts in 6l rinr. G. AimiTn-j r t.m 1.WS744. 7.30: Kj Bob Hcpe, WHERE THERE'S LIFE, it; Tern conway, ins vnnujwiwb, n. J SLLEP, MY LOVE." A; The 6'lllty, A snREMORNE. Orpheum, XM1441. All Kj My Sons. A: The Big Clock. A. rf-inrtu'tt MrRT rfsoiiT XF1I11 V 1.30, 6.15. 740 pm: MAGNIFICENT OUSEbslUH. a. jt. xay.or. i. i-iuic, MR. DYNAMITE. A. L. Nolan. Friday j-...k-. k T Martin iROVDON. De Luxe. Mine Own Exe- j cuttoner. A; Bpeed to Spare. O. tDimnvlir artHA WA200S. 7.40 XJ FOXES OF HARROW, A; CRIME DOCTOR'S GAMBLE. A. gARLWOOD, Chelsea. LLI47S. 7.80: L Ol.vler t Henry V (Teen , nprt. gJiARLWOOD. Majlalr. LL1074. 7.30: r"i diu) m ttin ("J DrMud to Kill. A. IPPINO. WM1234. 7 30: KILLER J McCOY. A; Heaven Only Knows. A. T.MVEDOCK. Victory. UA2754. Easy X Come. Easy. Oo.O: Youtn on Trial, t.i nnviuT. PALACE. Rrde 145. VJT 7.45: Sleep, Mv Love. A. Claudett Colbert: Earl Carroll Skechbrok A. GORDON, JX2177. Before 6 30 ' JX1B32 7 30- Walt Disney FUN AND FANCY FREE, O; Fun on a Week-end. O nABER FIELD. Elite., UA2473. ttW Come, fcaiv Go. O Youth on Trial. 1 HERNE BAY, ?30: Call Korthsldei 777. A; Risers ff the DetdlinejO. HURfTVILLE SOUTH. LU 23 15. THE BEST YEARS Or OUR LIVES. O. KENS TON. D'caster. FF1939. 7.43: Forever Amhrr. A: Jtwrtuaa. O. KING'S CROSS Theatre , FA413l-a. Twire Dally, I 43. 7 .30: OREEN CRASS OP WYOMING, 0, RETURN OF THE B ADMEN, A. ., T." INO'S CRCSS . . TIirTRrTTE. JV FA2HB8. 1 30. 3 .30. 5 3p . 9 30: THEY GOT ME COVERED (RKO). o Bob Hone. Dorothy Lamour; Cartoon, VlNbsOROVE; LU3132. 7 30. North- -!dl7 11 ' A: K :L9-? (A) Dtncles "For Adult Exhibition,' StTtrWBAN PlfTl'WF THEATRES ARE Victory. LW5417. 7.45 i. CRY WOLF. A: Tom tenwiy, i ns LiinLuui ui., a. T AKEMBA. MAGNET. UL1237. M.J 7.45: Joe P.iiooka In Fishtme Mad. T AKEMBA. ROYAL. UL2738. At 7.43 A-i 3 Daring Daughters, G. Jeanette Maedonaid: The Challenge. A, T. Ccnway MisnnfuuJi . MariDoro, LM1421 ruAw ur HAHHOW. A 1UU W11H 117 U. 1EICHHARDT, STRAND. LM4258. i FOXiS OF HARROW. A: ARE ' WITH IT? O. -Li AMBER, A. Unda Darnell . Cornel Wilde; THE DANGER WOMAN. A. TtfANLY. New Manly. XU2468. 1.45 Xand 7.45: MINE OWN EXECUTION' ER. A: END OF THE RIVER. A. "VT'OUBRA, Amusu. FJ1734. Pride and i.TX prejudice. A: Youth on Trial, a f AROUBRA, VofSJ 1st. FJ2201. 7.45 ix mir&um. a; Are you wun in u 74 V ORTDALE. LU1219. Walt DUtnCT'i 1VL FUN AND FANCY FREE (Tech.) TiTEWTOWN. MAJESIC.' LA 2 222. 7.30: a i Birange uoves Manna, vcii TaTORTHE RIDGE. xLl569. 7.30: CEN ll TLNNIAL SUMMER, O; Cornel Wilde; INTRIGUE. A. NORTH SYDNEY. Orpheum. XB2692 All My Sens, A: The Big Clock, A PADDINGTON, Five Ways. PURSUED, A- THE UNKNOWN. A. "UADDINGTON, OXFORD. FA2576. Her . jungle Lav, a; nemven .a w ui, i T) AMSOATB. LW3263. 7.30: Uncon . uur:cu savii., n, wtfd-u w ok'11. REDFERN. Law boo. MX2979. 7.20: Tycoon (Tech.). O; The Guilty. A. IIOSE BAY. Kings. FU8566. 7.30 IV Mine Own Executioner. A, Buri Meredith; Hone) moon Ahead, O, ROSE BAY. W garden. FTT9986. 7.30 Barry Fitlgerald, NAKED CITY, A; -a-rEVHJ.R. JAT170 7.30: FOR. IV EVER AMBER. A; THE RUSSIANS NOBODY KNOWS. RYDE. maiio, Tn. in. ini rtTxes oi Harrow, A: Nanook of the Ncrth. O. T1YDE WEPT, Royel. WLI058. Oreat -aa a,xpectTions, kj: ney wimew. a. DT. PETFRS. LA2407: D. OConnor. O ARE YOU WITH IT7 O; r, UOO riarrl Hi7.tR O A. OYDENHAM. LA1704: Color. R1DINO O HIGH. O: TORNADO. A. fflHORNLFJOH. JW2094 7.45: THE 1 BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES O. WATSON'S BAY. FB1834 7 .10 Oeorge Sanders. THE 8TRANOE WOMAN. A: MARY LOU. O. WILLOUOHBY. ROYAL. V11 Naked City. A; Oh. Whet a Night. WINDSOR. Ph. 2C8 Sat.. Mon .: sit-ting Pretty. Q: Shadow of Woman. A "aFDtnoteg "General Exhibition." iurgess Allan MOTOH HIRE AND TRANSPORT AT AHA Drive Yourseli. 250 Dowlmg1 St. 1947 models only avail. FA1523.1 AT AUBURN and CROYDON: VHs lor Hire. Moderate charges. UJ4341. A DRIVE Yturself Service, uoage Ba-ans. 50 Beach Rd. Bondi. FW1314. AUTO U-D;iIVE CO. Drive ycurself from 6d mile. TO-NIGHT. M6062; PEX Drive Ycursoll. at Duiwicn ui Htaticn, mod. rates. LL1196. LWAYS available. Luxury Cars. Reduced rates. Rent-a-Car CD. FA4259 A T 2 Bent SI. Petersham, Cars lor xx Hire, large or sman. uui4. AT V-E DRIVE YOURSELF SERVICE. 1048 SEDANS now available. Watson House. 0 Bllgh St, city. BW2056. Cars, any distance. LOW RATES. 77 Went worth Ave. city. MA2932-MA5685. ALL OUK tAtus eyaney s mwi luxurious. Drive yourself from 6d mile. Open to 8 pm dally. Noon Sunday. AUTO U-DRIVE CO.. 724 Oeo. st (next M. Sim mens). M60R2 Avi (j uem i hi: nas utn r and Better Hates. Dally. Weekly, or Monthly. Free road sen' ice. Full car In surance. MAiMiif, ma'jiw; aiicr noun, FW.1.149 P.ll Hathumt St Svdncv. AT REDUCED RATES. New Sedan Cara available NOW. Open to 10 pm dally. For safety, reliability, com wiinam mi. King a ur. eno. rrtin BbAUKtibAin, tti., am, nouv, Mil vacant WM2flR7. "TIE Wise, Hire a Car from Atta Drive yourseli. mil moaeis oniy available. Satisfaction Euaranteed. FA 1523. ,'URNITURE PACKED, Removed, any onn Australia, rma. nui. sea. lxik. wtd. Barron. Martin. FW194B. Lie. 459. XURN. VANS going weekly Katoomba. t Bat hurst, Orange, Parke. Forbes, Well'ton, Dubbo. Cowra. Yng.. Ldg. both ways. Barron. Martin. FW1948. Lie. 459 FURN. VANS going weekly Newcastle, Maltland, Scone, Singleton, Qulrlndl, ways-'BarVon. 'Martin. FW1948. Lie, 459 Sjiutux. vahs going weeaiy Lmngog, -1- Taree, Wlngham. W'hope, Kempsey, C. Harb.. Graf ten. Ldtr. wtd. both win BARRON, MARTIN, FW1949. LlC. 45. I p-URN. VANS going Bowrol. M. Vale, Gundagal, Wagga. Tumut. Ldg. wtd. both, avs. uarrcn. Martin, r-wima. Lie. lav FURN. VAN going Guyra. Armidale, , Tam worth Walcha. M us' brook etc. Sept. 27, Oct. 4, Loading wtd. both ways. THOS. MILLS. Fttl311, Lie. 2062. Iukw. van going coonamble, otl- gandra. Dubbo, Wellington, Oranre, Bathurst. Llthacw. Katoomba. etc. SDt. 27. Oct. 4. Loading wanted both ways. THOS. MILLS, FB1311, LlC. 2962. ITtURN. VAN going Lee-ton, Wagga. Cootamundra. Temora, Jimee, Gundn-oai Yass. Canberra. Bnwral ete Rent. 27. Oct. 4. Loading win ted both ways. THOS. MILLS. FB1311. Lie. 2962. I ''URN. VAN going Usmore. Grafton, Cell's Harbour. Kemusev. Taree. New castle, Gosford, etc., Sept. 27, Oct. 4. Loading wanted bcth ways. THOS. MILLS LTD., FB 1311. Lie. 2962. 1 FURNITURE VANS, twice week. Mltta-aone. Bowral. Mosa Vale. Goulburn. Yass, Canberra. Q'beyan, Cooma. Bom- bala. Load. wtd. bcth ways. Lie V2489. G. and F. Carrying Co., WB2480. FURN. VANS leaving twice weekly. Bathurst, Orange. Molong, Wellington. Dubbo. Ollgandra. Narromlne. Peak Hill. Parke. Cowra. O'fcll. Uc. V2945. V2489. O. and F Carrying. WB2480. INTfcKSi at e lAnnriNU, uountry earning Specialists. 4''d per ton per mile. Anywhere In the Commonwealth. LG335. Watrrhoure and Co.. XL1391. INTERSTATE CAKKYINu: Country X Carry na snec lailits: 4a cer ton per mile, anvwhere in the Commonwealth YQ335. Waterhouse and Co.. XL1391. ODER w rumiiure vans leave etyaney for Melbourne every Wednesday. Bst- Isfactlon guaranteed. TRELEAVEN'S. Cemwle. I.F343R. Lie. 2321. QUICK SERVICE CARRYING (V1866). r.'33R. Western Taxi Tr.ric nnr foe aoewt Truck. W0273. star ker Smith. 10 Fourth Ave. Campsle WORK wanted. Trailers. TP, Tlpnem, PT417. hr-irly tonnages. I.A26QQ. MOTOR VEHICLES BU1CK Socan. 1926. good cend. New tyre. 307 Arden St. Cooee. BEDFORD '37 2Va-t. Ti. 220 UJ3888. 102 Liveroool Rd. Enfield. BUICK. 1946. low mileage, excellent condition, registered, insured. Essential utcr. Ring I A 1660. BUICK 1836 Sedan. PUBLIC BALE. FRIDAY. CHR1STEY B MOTOR AUUTTONS. MB161 88 Svdney Street. WUloughby. MORRIS 138 DP Rdstr.. gd. cond.. new tyres, 285. NRMA report If desired. Cash or terms. LX2741. MORRIS COWLEY '28, merh. and tyres good. rtg. No. 220027. 12 mths. P 65. Alter 10 am. J. Hard-aktr. 100 Willlscn Road, Carlton. "fORRIS New Models, early delivery. BUiilSirSClJn n n Co..'474 P matta Rd. Strathfleld, ?d1' mAlea?. cprcximately 10,000 HlKh(Rt trwIe.m oa your present car, ui new car conoiuon. Appiy tr layiair S Oarags. Argyle Street. Sydnty. IKUAUWAI MUiUKS If I X . X J MOTOR CYCLES. BICVCI.FS. ETC. 1U '411. new cond.. hsrdlj A RIEL, '48, new. VO. S. Pout. 75 J Am A J new ai-. ohv. C72 dm. Immediate dwtverr. MARK B MOTOR CYCLFS. LA4197. 12S Prince's Highway, st. peters. The ROAMER England's Leteat. 150 mrg. 25 dep., 17 e K.. tree neiivery. riding tuition. FRED PYME. 46 Went-worth Avenue. Sydney. MA1482. T BARCLAY MOTORS PTY. LTD.. for IMMEDIATE DEI J VERY. ARIEL, new. 3. De Luxe. 7dfp. ARIEL, new. 2. Bed Hunter. 75 dep. VELO. MAC. new, 2, eh v. 75 dep. MATCHLF.B. new. a1, onv. .jQep. MATCHLFSS. new. Za. onv. C7tioep. R FNFIFIJJ. nw, 2'i. chr, 72 dep. A.J.S.. new. 2. ohT. dep. B 8.A.. new, 24. Ohv. t 70 d-p B R A. new. 250. ohv. . 55 drp ACME, new, 123 C C. TS. WARATAH. new, 125 C.C. TS. 40 dep. F. B'NFTT, new. 125 r.c. TS. 40 dep. ARIEL TWIN. new. 3Vt, ohv. 85 dep. awifl. n-w. 3'i. Rl Hur'er. PO dep. VTty? MPS, new, 3'i, ohT. 83 dep. A J S new. 3'k ohv. 73 dep. RELIABLE tTF ED MOTORS. HARLEY. "3S 1012. 55 dp. MATCHl.rSS. '38. 3M.. OhT. 45 dep.. PANTHER '38. 24. chT. 35 dep. WE TRADF-IN. EAPY TTPMS. BUY WITH rONFTDENCT- FROM BARCLAYS. 83 Wllllsm St. MA2242. BICYCLE. Lay. rwysi miiithj, t'e-itv nw Rlnr FB1600. R ICY CLE, free-wheel, perfect, bargain. Grocer M Reibv St. Newtown. a a linn :t i it. ffn . nine., lun.. w w snca. li mwin. m. Sat and Sun.. 17 CahlU Street, Beverlv Hills. . Kj Ltd.. eater specially for Pupplles to Wholesale Cvele Trade. ComnrehensiTe stocks, inquiries invnca. nraniry mw. Pfv. IM 67-P2 Wentwcrth At. M0411 FRIC MOORE, 82 Went worth Are. tntitaw nmw Oct.. 47. sunerb. 130. 1 Another. '42, 3'.i hp. lo, Auto- bvk. 2 weeks old. taxed. fi lUted 82. Terms. Byrne, 238 crown ei r 'fip. VELO.. new a iv orp, vrr A MAO 73 6ro. Immedlate 'delivery. MARK'S MOTOR CYCLES. LA4197, 128 Prlnce a Hign- -ITTANTED. Met. Cyclex eprt eash. Ptan Ellis. 105-7 Goulburn St. M3023. TANTED, Motor Cycles for Parte or TT rr"ie-. l?o siaear. 'L, W LTD 184-200 Broadway. Riant Odd. Grace Bios. 1946 VAUXHALL 10 Roadster. As new. Done 11,00 miles only, ducoed glistening red. Dep. 175. 1943 STANDARD 12 Utility. New re-bored engine. In excellent condition. Will carry 12cwt easily, ideal for economy reasons. Dep. iso. 1940 VAUXHALL 10 Tourer. Mecha nically perfect and most attractive. Will seat 6 and do 40 mpg. Dep. 132. 1838 AUSTIN 10 sedan. Fenectty kept. Ducoed beautiful light blue. One owner since new. Dep. 158. 1UJ3 morris b Tourer, up-top irom stem to stern. Seat 4. Will do 40-45 mpg. Dep. 65. 1931 SINGER 9 Tourer. Ideal for small family. Extremely economical and ol nice aDDearance. Deo. 45. 1927 CHEVROLET Tourer. Impossible to fault mechanically. New hood and side curtains, wen snoa. uep. 1925 NASH Tourer. Honest and reliable. Filled with good hood, side curtains, tyres, plus camping body. Cheap. Deri. H0. 30 Days' Free Service, with Free N.R.M.A. Reports are your guarantee of satisfaction. Easiest of terms, courtesy and attention at Broadway mutuk. 184-200 Broadway. MA9319. (Right opp. Grace Bros.) MA9519. TlUS: New WHITES. 25 to 45 Heaters. J completely produced in our . own nrnniuiirn Available for earlv aeliv ery. WHITE TRUCKS PTY. LTD.. 163 William RtrMt Rvrinev. Ii iit.v . zt i on irucE. sun icv, w., J Irsnit PISH CHEVROLET Deetmsster. 1946. 9500 vy mues, peneci conaiiion, riiune, FA1821, before 10, after 6. "1HEV. 1926 covercd-ln Utility, cond. KJ so good cannot be described, you must see it. 120. 325 Church St, Oranvllle, before midday, C1HEV. 1939 Standard Sedan, with ' Radio. Privately owned. Exceptionally gor.d order throughout. 5S0. Apply Office, No. 12. 185 ElUabeth Street, city. 'Phone, M4621. CHRISTEY'S MOTOR AUCTIONS, Public Sale, FRIDAY. 90 Broadway. Sydney. M6161. C1ROWN AUTO SALES for that Truck. j Some examples: All lst-clus order. 1942 Inter.. 600: 1941 Inter.. 475; 1940 Fcrd. 325: 1942-46 Dodge, 650 Others from 110. Call at 494 Crown St. Surry Hills. Ring FA2036. CARS AND UTILITIES FOR SALE. LEAHYS MOTORS. 16 Crystal St. PETERSHAM. VAUXHALL SEDAN, 1929. runs particularly well, good tyres, reg. 165. Low deposit. ERSKINE SEDAN. 1929, clean throughout, any trial, suit family. 135. Terms arranged. DODGE UTILITY, 1926-27 perfect condition, canopy back, very reliable, 110. Easy terms. STUDEBAKER UTILITY. 1925. very LEAHYS MOTORS, XM5708. 16 Crystal ot. rn riBiisjn. CENTURY MOTORS PTY. LTD., 112-126 BROADWAY. ltMQ PLYMOUTH-Chrysier seoan. 1946 FORD Prelect 10-hD Sedan, 1946 FORD Anglla B-hp Sedan. 1942 NASH Sedan, exc. cond. 1940 BUICK 8 40 Sedan. 1940 CHEV. Rldemaster DL Sedan. 1940 FORD V8 DL Sedan. 1940 FORD V8 DL Coupe. 194rt AUSTIN 10-hp Saloon. 1940 VAUXHALL 10-hp Tourer. 1939 BUICK 8 60 Sedan. 1939 PONTTAC Ch lei tain Sedan. 1939 MFRCURY Sedan. 1939 FORD V8 Stand. Utllltr. 1939 MORRIS 12-hp Sunshine Saloon. 1939 CHEVROLET Coupe Sedan. 1938 BUICK 8 40 Sedan. 1938 DODGE Panel Van. 1938 STANDARD 12-hp UtUltT. 1938 VAUXHALL 14-hp Roadster. i!3H ford jt erect in-nn sedan. 1938 HI LI At AN 10-hp Roadster. 1937 FORD 10-hp Roadster. 1937 HILLMAN 10-hp Roadster. 1D35 FORD V8 DL Redan. AND MANY OTHFHa. rRrT ft R M A Inspection Is veur GUARANTFE. Small DEPOSIT. VERY EASY TERMS. See CFNTUltY MOTORS PTY. LTD.. H2915 112-126 BROADWAY. 1ARS for Sale. 1936 Ford. 1936 Chev. Kj 1938 Plymouth. Apply Oarage. 82 nrocmneia i. t-soramaTta. CARS. LATEST MODELS. TO-DAY. AUTO AUCTIONS, the big Car Auctions Firm, offers 60 of the best cars. am To-day. 724 Grorce St. 11 am. DODGE 1937 Bedan, been taxi 3 mths. In good order. 450. 313 Lvona Riad. Fivedock. DODOE S Sedan, 36. perfect order. 323. Smith. Acme Sen-lea fitn.. Prince's Hy.. Rockdale. LX3503. Dodoe is J Tourer, public falk, FRIDAY. CHRISTEY'S MOTOR AUCTIONS M6161. tvont Mia out on tne funic sale m r o- n n on sMironv Afternoon. DEBIEN MOTOR AUCTIONS. 641 Purra- mrtta Rd. Lclchhardt, foot of Tavemer'a Hill. LM.VII8. ENGLERT AND CO.. Ford Dealers Ryde. the following Cars tor Sale, in good order: 1942 Ford 1010 Panel Van. 1942 Jeep Extended Chassis. UtU. body 1940 Ford Prefect Sedan, extra good. Austin wajto Tourer, very attract. l!39 Dodge iS'iBCwt. uiu. HOj. worx. 9m Moms b4o Tourer. 1936 Chevrolet Stand. 9 Sed. 1933 Bedford Panel Van, ready for work. 1934 Ford V8 Sedan. All are reentered. NRMA Inspection. JACK R, ENGLERT AND CO., Ford Dealers. nyae oo. MOTOR VEHICLES hp 1944 Ute.. canopy, '28. gd. tyres, eng. An nine fl.V XU4718. Wasp. 1939. Tourer. Jan M.r,aiiiMl nrlvate owner. B3AB3. A CHE'. Rcadster, 198. mechanically x Bound, gooa lyres, any kw, Unci eh Xn.113 AUSTIN 1938 Roadster. PUBLIC PALE. FRIDAY. CHRISTEY'S MOTOR AUCTIONS. M6101 A USTTN 1948 8 -hp Tourer, owner go- A.M. mg orrma. wn wn. fa, w uraay, JA4aao. A URTTN 8 Tourer. DP. 1946. nerfeet 2X Austin 7. 1937. Scwt UtUltT. Austin 10 1843 coupt utility, 'i ton. w Conruiry. 23b Baitom Ave, Darllnghurst. FA6880. . AUTO AUCTHms rii . Liu., it am 65 ef the Best Cars available).. Com plete details tn Auction Col, This Morning. I 1946 MORRIS '40 Tourer. 1947 LFA FRANCIS Sedan. 11 am. I 1947 INTERNATIONAL Station Wag. 1946 FORD V8 Sedan, It am Tn-dar. 1945 HUDSON Sedan. 11 am To -day 1941 CHEVROLET Sedan. 1! am. And Many Others To-day. AUTO AUCTIONS PTY. LTD. complete Details tn Auction Col. 724 oeorge Street (nest Mick Simmons). Highfst trade-in on your present car. Terms to 3 years. ajAbn spec, o eeoan. rwi iyira, J.1 engine, etc., 200. Roberta. FF3120 AT ASH 1938 Sedan. PUBLIC SALE. 11 FRIDAY. CHRISTEY'S MOTOR AUCTIONS. M616L NEW WOLSELEY &ALOON. li'4 litre, immediate delivery. XJ1866. New wolseley saiocn. zv litre, im mediate delivery. XJ1866. new rtiiey emuooh, ia wire, immediate delivery. XJ1866. LHAMflUN MU1UK& rl I . LTU., 377 Sydney Road. Balgowlah. PLYMOUTH 1940 Sedan. PUBLIC SALE. FRIDAY. CHRISTEY'S MOTOR AUCTIONS M6161. TONTIAC Tourer Car, 1929 model, good M3 o.d soutn iiend Road, Bondi. Poktiac sedan, radio, new tyres, excellent cond. Suitable taxi. 650. Tms. 83 Sydney St. Willoughby. JA6617. PLYMOUTH -CHRYSLER, 1047 model, genuine 3000 miles, equal to new. Price 1400. BECK'S. 75 PammatU ua , voncora. ujiso-o. PACKARD 1937 7-passenger Sedan, -wheel equipment. PUBLIC SALE, FRIDAY. CHRISTEY'S MOTOR AUCTIONS. M6161. 13AN2 Van. Bedford. 1935. good con. 225. 44 Cllsdell St. Surry Hills. PANEL VAN. '39 Morris Com., 2-t.. v. low mileage, well shod, pert, mech.. suit confect.. remov.. etc.. 320 or offer. Stewart and Elliott, 32 Palace Street, Petersham. LM1609. 1 ENAULT Snorts, lust done UP. eom- xV pletely. A real guod Job. Price 90 or near oner. UnM.i'Ntii . Aurora Hotel, liEO OMNIBUS C6ACH. 1937 Qold v thrown moaei, iJ-seaier, gooa conni-tion, mechanically perfect, reg. April, 11749. Write, R. Moran, Citizen Street, Goulburn. STANDARD 8-hp Tourer, 320 cash. Tele.. XU46I.2 after 5 pm. SUNBEAM 1928 Tourer. Just rebored rear. BY297. 'Phone. FX3092 QTUDE. Sedan, 1936, good order. Best ourr, joj u route tia. uronte. STANDARD 1946 8-hp Tourer. Will Trade for Coupe Utility. Ford or Chev., about 1940. 'Phone. JB1422. STANDARD 1939-40 TOURER. 235 (terms), owner, Robinson, 77 went-worth Ave, MA5685. dtude.. 1333. new uonoi.. euro. eng. o good cond,. tyres good. 400. H. Wray, 14 Mitchell Rd, Alex, prl v. own. C .8. JAGUAR 1936 Saloon. PUBLIC H SALE. FRIDAY. CHRISTEY'S ie NEW STANDARD 14 hp Sedan, liable for immediate delivery on 315 dtDosit 'Phone or c U for full details, R. S. UPTON. 286 Prince' Highway. Banksia. LX3202. rsiKiUMrti iyai inurcr. tiuu. saxer. x 22 McDonald St, Ramsgate, after 1.30 ant TERR A PLANE Utility. 1935. really good condition throughout, well shed, registered, 275. Holmes Garage, Edge-cliff. FM2877. X pers available for Immediate Deliv ery. WHITE TRUCKS PTY. LTD., Svdney. 'Phone. FA6703. rilRUCK, Chev. Bliti. 1942. 3-ton, dual X wheel. SP 375. Terms on 150 dep. Alexander Bros.. LM4331. 11 Hay hi. wiennarat toenina siaammi. TRUCK, 1942 FORD 5-TON twospeed diff., 15x7 body. 825x20 tyres, very sound order, neat aDoearance. 475. easy terms. 88 Sydney St, WUIoughbj. JA6617. Tipper specials onerea by BERT JACKSON. 47 AUSTIN 5-TON TIPPER. 6yd, Reg. '4R FORI) S-TON TIPPER 6vd. Rear. '44 INTERNATIONAL KS5 TIPPER. Reg. The vehicles are In excellent condition. nne appearance, souna meensmcauy, ana particularly well shed. UA3709. BERT JACKSON. TTA3709. 97 P'matta Rd. cnr. Hams Rd. Fivedock Wasted DODOE Sedan, 1KJ1-38 model. for good oar. Mr. Frank. M3947 DON T DELAY, sell your old vehicle now. Randall Umap ah. FW4433. llEr.1' "OTOR AUCTIONS accepting n"OTOR CARS AND TRUCKS for PUBLIC SALE on Saturday next 641 Parramatt. Rrf ihhrrii ir . mil, UI3S1B. wisne io Buy I04H-4B Car, x Please 'Phcne Hudson, MA7410 pORD V8 WANTED. Any model, al - Deblen Motor Auctions. LM5818. .UKD WANTED. A and B model, at fcAwcii mum,! AUCtlOn. LMOOIO. lIAT WAHrrn an. t.i x Debien Motor AucUona. LM5818. j) RAHAM WANTED. Any mod-1. at i'. men mw Auctions. LM3818. riOOD CARS. Trucks. Utilities, etc. VT Wanted. CROWN AUTO. SALES 494 Crown Street. FA2036 ILT ILL MAN WANTED Am mnrf.l .1 a L Dtbien Motor Auctions. LM581H. I- wia-w "iflitu. Any moaei, x x. Deblen Mctor Auction LM58 T T UP. WANTFT1 v XX Deblen Motnr AtirMnna 1 iLitnin I HAVE 500 cash lor a nice American Car from orlvata owner pimw Phgre MA7253. 11-8 TIME NOW TO BELL. Our Valu-....tor wm cn- 'Phone now. BROADWAY MOTORS opp. Grace Bros.) MA9519. MA9310 (5 lines). Ill ORRIS WANTED. Any model. a i-Tx Debien Motor Auctions. LM3818 It f ORRIS Sed. want, for Trav. Must -"-- oe reuaoio car. 1934-39. p M3947. XT ASH WANTED. Anv mmlet XI Drblen Motcr Auctions. LM3818 OLDS. WANTED. Any model, al Deblen Motor Auctions. LM5818 PACKARD WANTED. Any model, al Debien Motor Auctions. LM5818 1ONTIAO WANTED. Any model, al Deblen Motor AucUona. LM5818 TRICES Dronoinr hut w (Mil hii X" Sell your Car to BROADWAY MOT- uw. iopp. urace Bros.). MA9519. CINGER WANTED. Any mcdel. ij Dtbien Motor Auctions. LM5818. STANDARD WANTED. Any model, al Debien Motor Auctions. LM5818. STUDE. WANTED. Any model. al Debien Meter Auction t fftiu CELL YOUR CAR AT YOUR PRICE ' ai UHKiSihY S Motor Auction. Big Public Sale. Fri. next. Cars now ctcpiea. we picit up anywhere. '"'hoi . Aiivr noiirs wnzina, rilRIUMPH WANTED. Any model. X Deblen Motor Auctions LMS818. TOP puce guaranteed. Cars. Lorries, JL and Utilities wanted for Auction Randall Auctions. FW4433. TiO ootsin the nighest pure for your Car and instant CASH, contact 8. J. Mcunstr and Co. (Est. 1929). at 181 Castlereagh Street. MA7253. MA7410. UKOtK 1L.I requirea. good late mod. Truck. Highest pne on Inspection. Brown. BX1341. URGENTLY WANTED, any 1946-48 Model Cars. Soot cah. trisfer sr. ranged. CENTURY MOTORS PTY. LTD.. 112-126 Broadway. M2915. VAUXHALL WANTED, Any model, at Deblen Motor Auctions. LM5818. -VTAUXHALL, 1946-8, 14, urgently req Caravan, both rood order, for Small car. Faynter, Maumvuio vamping Ground. iiUHl? De LAixe iv-K neaan, perreci x cond. a 4n. Mrs. j 170RD 10 1938 Sedan. x- la Saturday. uni Piiffh 1.M2.1M. vaiuv, alter TITTY. SOcwt. PTioei LEGAL NOTICES la th tiaereme Cswrt Nrw Keatk ! Haiaa, Frawate Jartadlrlla. Will of HONORAH BO HAN (also V known a Nora Bohan) lata ol Bond!, Spinster, deceased. Probate granted by th Supreme Court of New South Wales on 17th September 1948. Pursuant to the Wills Probate and Administration Aet 1898-1940 (Testator's Family Maintenance and Guardian- snip oi iniant aci iuio-ivjo, ana Trustee Act, 1925-1940) Henry Mor. rtssey Executor of the Will of Knnorah Bohan (alao known a Nora Bohan) who died on 5th August 1948 hereby five Notice that creditors and others having any claim against or to the Estate of the said deceased are required to send particular of their claims to the said Executor at tne omce oi tne undersigned on or bciora tne zem November 1948 at the expiration of ahich lime the said Executor will distribute the assets of the said deceased to the person entitled having regard only to th claims of which he then a ill nave nad notice, uaiea me sin September, 1948. MURPHY U MOLONEY. Proctors for the Executor. TO F.llah4h Slrl flvdnev. IN the Estate or euwaku ivibbim late cf Sinaaoore formerly of Shang hai merchant deceased. Application will be made after 14 days from the pub lic tUn hereof that Administration win th Wilt Matrf 9Mh November 1840 an nexed (as contained In a grant of Letter of Administration C T.A. granted bv the flucrtins Court of Hone Konxl Ol the estate ol the abovenamed deceased may oe grantee, io aawaro leuora oitnp-sen the dulv constluted Attorney o: Raman Nissim one of the Executors named In the said Will (atth leave re. served to Reuben David Abraham Law renee Kadcone and Horace Kadoorle the otner axerutors therein named to come in ana prove tne said wun tor tn use and benefit of the said Raman Nlasim until aiie ahall bddIv for and take out re present.' lr.n in this Honourable Court and all notice may be served at the undermentioned address. All creditors in the estate of the said deceased are hereby required to send in paiticulara of tneir claims to tne unaenignea. aaan- TER, SIMPSON and COMPANY, 31 Hunter Street. Sydney. IN tn Will oi SIDNEY FA I rill KELLY late of "Babtngton" Martin Road, Centennial Park near Sydney In th State of New South Wales A Bent deceased. Application will be made after 14 days frcm the publication hereof that Probate of the laH Will and Testament oatea zist oi uctooer ivi oi tne aoove. named deceased mar be r ran ted to Theller Omega KeUy (In the said Will called "my wife Theller") tho sole Execurrix named therein And all per-sens having any claim against the Estate ci tne saia aeceasra are requesreo u forward oartie ultra thereof to the under- ilgned within the said period And alt notices may be served at the undermentioned ddre.u. BARRY NORRIB WILDES A LENDER, Solicitors for the Executrix, 60 Hunter Street. Sydney. IN the Will of RUTH TAKATOWI GUTHREY formerly of Hokltlka but late of St. Hellers Bay In the Dominion of New Zealand Married Woman de ceased Application will be made after 14 days Irom the publication hereof that Probate of the Will of the abovenamed decessrd granted by the Supreme Court of New Zealand In Its Northern District at Auckland to Charlea Henry Guthrey the Executor named In the said Will may be sealed with the seal of this Court and all notices mav be served at the undermentioned addrers. AH creditors In the Eztare of the said deceased are hereby required to send In par ticular oi tneir claims to tne under-.signed. WALTER DICKSON Sc CO Proctors for the Applicant 39 Mai tin Place Sydney TN the Estate of ADA LOUISA HANNA X BUS late of Parramatta in the State of New South Wales SDlnster deceased intestate Application will be made after 14 days from the publication hereof that AdminKt ration of the Estate of the XECAt WOTICES la th aaeraea Cirt f New leal Hale. Probate J art. ir If VO. 196766 In the Will and, coeueii i unmuT CHARTERS lata of Palara, Uingara In th State ol New South Wales, Or tier, dcjied. Notice t hereby given mat in uui 13th Account In the above Estate were filed In my office King Street Sydney tn th 18th Febnury 1946. the 6th Nnmhr iu6. and the 17th May 1946 respectively And that th 14th Aoeounu in me aia mi. filed in my office King Street Sydney by Perpetual Trusie Company (Limited) mmt MriMir Jnhn charter and all per sons having any claim on th said Estate or being otherwise interested therein are net icy requirea to come m at my aald office on or before the loth November next at 10.30 am and Inspect the tame and If they shall think m object thereto othera la If the said Account be not objected to th same will be examined by m and passed according to law. Notice la also hereby flven that on the allowance of th said 1th, 12lh 13th and 14th Account by th Court commission will be applied tor on behalf of Herbert John Charters one of th Executor ci tne saia wui sno Codicil. Dated the 21st September 194H. riiAt t: mrrfHART mil. Reaiatrar. BA1NES m HOHb FIELD, nocicrv, nin-ara. Hv their AgenU: PERKINS FTEVKNSON ft LINTON, Solicitors, 369 Ger.ree Street, Sydney. proctors for I LIMITTD), 33-39 Hunter Street. Sydney, and HERBERT JOHN CHARTERS. PROBATE No. 303187 Double Probate Nn .linAP.4. In the Will and Codi cil of CHARLES EDWARD THOMAS late of Goonama ' wee waa in ine owe or new soutn waie urazier aeceasra. Notice Is hereby given that the Third Account In th above Estate have been filed thl day in my Office. Supreme Court, King Street, Sydney, and all persons havint any interest In the said Estate may come In before me at my said Office on or before the 1st November next at 10.30 o'clock In the fcre-nnon and insoeet the same and If they shall think fit object thereto otherwise If the ssid Account be not objected to tne same win oe examinee or no ma passed according to law And notice la also hereby given that on the allowance of the raid Accounts by the Court com. mission will be applied for on behalf of Veronica Maher Thomas and Anthony Barrett coenran tne survivma tew tnx and Executor thereof. Dated at Sydney thtt 2lst day ol September one thousand nine hundred ana jony-eigni.. rui w ntiTfilAftT (L.S.i. Registrar. TN the Will Of OSWALD HELLYER x late or riaoerncia in tne state i Mm Onuth WaW i.imrmn Pecretarv deceased. Notice 'is hereby given that ih rinl An-ninn and Plan nf Distri bution In the above Estate have this day been filed in my Office. Supreme Court. King Street, Sydney by The Union Trustee Company of Australia Limited and Ruby Eileen Findlay, the fix editors ol tne win oi tne iDovtnimca deceased .and all person having any claim en th said Estate, or being otherwise Interested therein, are hereby required to ccme In before me at my said Office nn or before the 14th day of October 1948 at 11.30 o'clock in the forenoon and inspect the same and if they shall think fit. object thereto; ctherwtae if the said Accounts be not objected to the same will be examined bv me and passed according to law. Dated this 22nd day of September. 1948. CHAS. E. BUTCH ART (LSI. Registrar. J. W. BEOO. BLACK MORE CO.. Proctors for the Executors, Challls House. IO Martin Place. Sydney. NO. 170660. In the Will of ALFRFD RUMFRY late of Parramatta In the State of New South Wale Retired Orchard it deceased. Notice la hereby given the Sixteenth Accounts in the above Estate have this day b'en filed In my oinre Sunreme Court Svdney and that alt persons having anv. claim on the said Ftae or being otherwise interested therein are hereby required to come in I.ECAL WOTlCEg fat the tfaaceos Cwsrt c New" SeagsT" abovenamed deceased may be granted tolefore me at my said office on or before Gcorae Charlea Hannnbua and Agnes Holly Hannabus the Executors of the Will of Albert Charles Hannabus a brother of the deceased who survived her and all notices may be served to the undermentioned address. All Creditors In the Estate of the raid deceased are hereby required to send in particulars of their claims to the undersigned. JOHN J. PAINE ROSS and CO.. Proctors for the Applicant. Windsor. And at Mercantile Mutual Building, 117 PIU Street, Sydney. TN the Will of AUBREY FREDERICK SAMUEL anuh two taie oi ieicn- VAUXHALL Sedan wanted for doctor client. Cash transaction. M3947. WTOLSELEY WANTED. 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Retired Prospector, deceased. Application will be made after 14 days from the publication hereof that Probate of the last Will and Testament dated 4th Beotemoer. iwh oi tne novenmea deceased may be granted to William John Buckley and Ivy Mvrtle Buckley the Executors named in the said Will and notice may be served at tne undermentioned address. All Creditor in the Estate of the deceased are hereby required to send in partirulara of their claims to the undersigned. J. W. BFOO. BLACKMORE A; CO.. Proctors for the Exec ute ra. ChalLts House, 10 Martin Plarr. Sydnev. N tne Will OI MICHAEL POTIRIH formerly of Leichhardt but late of Rand wick In the State of New South Wales Retired Medical Practitioner deceased. Application will he made after 14) davs from tne nublicatlon nereol that Probate of the last Will and Testament dated 27th October 1947 of the abovenamed deceased mav be granted to Audrey Susann Patience Pot Iris the Executrix namea in ine ssm win ana 1 nonces may oe servea at tne under mentioned address. All Creditors In tne Estate of the deceased are hereby renulred to send In particulars of their claims to the underslened. ARTHUR -. uwjMOr;, proctor lor tne Executrix. 0 Martin Place. Svdnev. IN the Will of JOHN OILBERT BROOKS late of Lane Cove In the State of New South Wale Engineer deceased. Applieation will be made aiter it oavs ircm tne ptnneation hereof that Prchate of the last Will and Testament dated 23rd August 1948 of 1 ne aoovenamea aecensen mry ne granted to James Denis Henry Flynn (in the Will called Jsmes D. H. FIvnn) the Executor named In the said Will and all noncea may 09 served at the under mentioned afiflreae. ah rrredtrnra tn the Estate of the deceased are herehv required to sena in pantcuiars or tneir PIKE. Solicitors. 141 Elisabeth Street Svdney. h me win or georob Alfred late or r:aAinn in tne State of New South Wales Coaehbullder deceased. Application will be made after dava Irom the rmhllcatton hereof that Probate of the last Will snd Testament dated 4th September 1944 of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to Relnetta Florence Andrews the Executrix named in the said Will and all notices mav be served at the undermentioned address. All creditors tn the Estate of the deceased are hereby required to send In particulars of their claim to the undersigned. 8. C. MITCHELL A CO., Proctors fcr Executrix, Casino. By their Agent: W. A. MAYNE, Proctor, 28 Martin Place, Sydney. IN the Will of CHARLOTTE PENTY late of Avalon Beach In the Stat of New South Wales Widow deceased. Application win oe made alter 14 days from the publication hereof that Probate of the last Will and Testament dated 23rd February 1944 of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to Charlotte ferny ana uoroinem nnrry nn ine-saia Will called Dorothea Penty) the Fxecu-tricea named In the said Will and all notice mar be served st the undermen tioned address, All creditor In the Estate cf the deceased are herebr required to end in particulars of their claims to tne unoersignen. k. n. imnui 1 PONS, Solicitors, 28 Martin Place. Syd- TN tne win or owm Herbert X BARKER late of Christ church the Dominion of New Zealand, Engineer, deceased. Application will be made after 14 days from the publication hereof that Exemplification of Probate of the Will of the above deceased granted by the Sup- rm rnnrt or ni-w zeaiana. camersury District to the Perpetual Trustees Estate and Agency company or rtrw icraiana Limited may be sealed with the seal of this Court and all notice may be served t the unaermeniionm ana res. ai pwtitnrt in tho Fttat nf the above de, ceased are herrbv required to send in particulars of their claims 10 tne nnoer- s'gnra. niittn am-w " Vf.rHn Olau BfrillfT TN the Will M LUCIDUA ninn I lata, nf Randwtrk In the State N Rmith Wale finsnster deceased. Ap plication will be made after 14 days from the Dubllcatlcn hereof that Probate deceased may be granted to Ronald Bruce Walker (in the Will called Rcnald B. Walker) snd Arltne Mabel Uren the Executor and Fxecutrlx named in th said Will and all notleea mav be erven at the undermentioned add re. All creditor in the E'ttte of th deeeaed are hereby required to send tn p-miru- 1ST or rneir Claim 10 inei nnarrainni. WILLIAM WAIJtER and SON. Proctors! for the Executors. Wlnd-cr. N the Will or HONOR A COrTFY (! known aa Nnrah Ccffey) late of Mar- flrkvlll in the Stat of New South Wales Spinster deceased. Application will be made after 14 dava from the publication hereof that probate of the last Will and Testament dated 27th August, 1948 of th abovenamed deceased may be granted to Stewart Vance Coffey the Sole Executor named tn the said will ana ail notices may oe aervea ai the undermentioned address. All Creditors tn the Estate of the deceased are hereby required to send In particulars of their claims to the undersigned. H. HILL 7 WE IK. solicitors I0T the Executor, 10 Caatlereagh Street, pvfney. IN the W1 of ARTHUR CHARLES WYTHES late of Burwood In the State oi New South Wale Lorry Driver deceased. Application will be made after 14 days from the publication hereof that Pre bate of th last Will and Testament dated 18th April 1942 of tne aoovenameo aeceasea may oe grantea Florence Annie wymex tne axecu- tnx named In the aald Will and all notices may oe aervea at tne undermentioned address. All creditors in the Estate of the deceased are hereby reoutred to send tn particulars of their claims to the undersigned within the aid 14 dart. WILLIAM PATTERSON A CO., Proctors for th Executrix, X HAIN late cf Sydney In the State or new soutn waiea neiirea viergymsn deceased. Application will be made after 14. dava from the Publication here of that Probata) of the last Will end Testament dated 12th day of May, 1944 of the abovenamed aeceasea may m raniMi In Charlaa Keith Ham th Ex' cuter named tn the said Will and stl not lee mav h aervea at tne under mentioned sddreas. All Creditors in th Mate nf the deceased are nereov re quired to send in particular of their claims tn the unrterr ened. "Arinfii, A PEACOCK, Solicitor, lie Cattle- reaeh street, Svdney. TN th Will of JEAN WHITE late of X 146 Oxford Street Woollahra la the state of New noutn waiea Married Wnman deeraaed A on lie At on made affr 14 days from the public -ticn hereof that Probate of the last Win and Testament dated 18th Jun 1946 of ih abovenamed deceased may be granted to William Wilson the sole r,ruinr and Truttee named in tn said will and all notice may be aerved at AmiIip BHiu iM-ttir. Bf, A. C. Trends!!, M A.. LIU.D., "GREEK POTTERY." Films, Admission Pre. the 13th October 1948 at 11.3" o'clock In the forenoon and inspect the same and If they shall think fit object thereto otherwise If tho said Account be not objected to the same will be examined hv m and mssed areordlne to law and Notice Is also hereby given that on the allcwance of the said Account by the Court Commission will he applied for on behalf of the Executers e.f the said P'tat. Dated at Svdnev this 22nd Sep tember. 1948. CHAS F. BUTCnART L.S.). Registrar, william walkfr and PON (Wlnehcr), Proctor for the Fxecmort. winosor. NO. 318407. In the Will of JE8PTE SWAN SINCLAIR late of Rose Bay near flvdnev In the State of New South Wales Polnster deceased. Notice la hereby given that the Second Accounts in tne above Et'afe have this day been filed In mv office Supreme Court Sydney snd that all persons having any claim on the said Estate or being otherwise interested therein are hereby required to ccme In before me at my said office on or before the llth October 1948 at 12.13 o clock tn the afternoon and Inspect the same and If they shall thlrk fit object theretc otherwise If the aald Accounts be not objected to the same will b examined by me and passed according to law And Notice Is also hereby given that on the allowance of the said Accounts by the Crtirt commlAsion will b applied for on behalf of the Executrix. Dated at Ryrt-nev this 22nd September A.D. 1948. CHAR. E. BUTCHART (L.S.). Registrar. TRAILL and SLADE. Proctors for the Executrix, 10 CsstlereAch Street. Sydney. RE Will of JOHN ANDERSON McCLEAN late of Croydon near Sydney in the State of New South Wales Hotel Llctnsee deceased Probate granted by Supreme Court of New South Wales on 3rd September. 1946 pursuant to the Wills, Probate and Administration Act. 1998-1947 (Testator's Family Maintenance end Guardianship of Infanta Act. 1916-1938, and Trustee Act 1925-1942) James Walter McClean and Alexander MrClean the Executors of the Will of the said John Andersen MrClean who ded on the llth. June. 1848 hereby give Notice that creditors and others having sny claim against or to the Estate of the said deceased are required to send particular of their chims to the said Executors eo Messrs. Freehlll. Holllnodale tt Page. 44 Martin Place. Svdney on cr before the 28th Novem ber, 1848 at tne expiration 01 wnicn time the said Executors will distribute the asseta cf the said deceavd to the persons entitled having regard only to the claims cf which they ther have notice. Dated this 22nd dav of Sep tember, 1948. FRFEHILL HOLLINO-DALE ft PAGE. Proctors, 44 Martin Place. Sydney. N tne win ana craicu 01 mahnah MAJifL bhown late oi Homeousn In the Ptate nf New South Wales Widow deceased. Probate granted by Supreme Cnirt of New Pcuth waies on zotn June 1848, pursuant to tne wuis prconte and Admtnttratlon Act, 1898-1940 (Teatstrr's Family Mslntensnee and Guard ansh o of Infants Art. 1816-18:18 and Trustee Act, 1925-1942), Elmo Pye and Gwenvtn violet Haw kins tne fcxec 11 tors of the Will and Codicil of the said Hannah Mabel Brown who died on -9th April. 1948, hereby give notice that creditors and others having any clsim anfnst or to the Estate of the said de- ceared are required to send particulars cf their claims to the said Executors at IS Bligh street. Sydney on or oeiore the 20th November 184S at tne exotra ticn nf which time the said Executors win flmrrimite ine axseis ei Tne saia oe- eensed tn the persons entitled having retard mlT to the claims cf which they men nave notice, waiea zinn oepirooer 1948. HUNT A HUNT. Proctors fcr the Fxrcutors, IS Blicn wtm. syne". IN the Will Of WIIJ.IAM FRANCIS MON IE late of "Kymalia" West Danto tn the State of Nw South Wales Farmer decensed. Application will be made after 14 daya from the publication hereof that Probate of the last Will and Testament dated the 18th May 1939 of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to Annie lyniisa Mnle of West Dapto aroresatd wior-w. wimam Francis Monie (Junior! of COovee Svriner In the snld State Newsagent. Samuel James Monie of Brownsville In the said State Dairy Factory Employee and Stephen Monie of Scone In the aald State Storeman the Executrix and Fxeeutors named tn tne said Will and all notices may be served at tne undermentioned address, a ereo tors in the Estate of the deceaaed are hereby required to send In particulars cr tneir rmims to tne unarrsignen. tus A WT8FMAN. Procter. Wolloneong. By their Agents, W. P. McELHONS CO.. 44-40 Martin trace, yoney. T N the Est ate of PATRICK DELO- X HERY late of Aurvill near Harden in the state of New South Wales Far mer deceased Intestate. Application will be made after 14 dava from publication hereof that Administration of the Estate of the abovenamed deceased mav be eranted to Marv Clare Delchery the widow of tne raid deceased and all notleea may be served at the undermentioned ddresc. All rredltors In the Estate of th aald deceased are herebv required to send In particulars cf their claims to the undersigned. Application will also be made that the usual Admlnlstr Hon Bond with two sureties may hi rdue-d In amount, r. L. MACDONALD, Solicitor for the Applicant, Netll Street, nnmeri th Estate of ia daecaaed rn7 and in th matter of the Public Trustee Act. 1913-1942. Tak Notlc that th expiration of twenty-one day treat th date hereof, the Public Trus e m aminur th Estates of th fol lowing aeceasea person under provisions of Section 34A of th Public Trustee Act, 1913-1942, and alt persons having any claim agttust these katata must render th aaaa h detail to the undersigned within th 14 JOHN MULLER Ute at Surry HU1 a th Stale of New South Waiea. Can died 24th July, 1948, inuatata. HAHUAnsi Ncuunntu, 1st f Newingloa formerly of Surry Hill ta the Stat of New South Wai, Doouctia Outlet, died 31t May. 1948, intestat. JOHN PENMAN Ute of Gleneroofc t th Stat of Nw South Wat, Bating Steeiaoiaer, died 6tb January, 1948, uv DLNIS ALFRED RANNARD knows a DENIS RENNARD Ute ol Uverpoot is the State of New South Wale Secretan. died lain December, 1947 intestate. ZUjlcn AUAiiiA tat sc Koaarah in the Stat of New South Wales, Widow, died 1st January, 1S intestate. H Yi 1 ! N AT.T) SEYMOUR also knovn aa CHARLES HARRISON late of Uverpoot Icnneriy newmgios in ui bib 01 new South Wale RtUred, died 26th January, 1948, Intestate. W Oil AM SKIMMINGS tat of Was Kempsey in the Stale of New Bruit wales. Farmer, died 13th April, 19j, (Will dated 2nd September, 1947 nexed). DANIEL JOSEPH THORNTON 1st f Darlington in the State of New South Wales. Retired died 12th August, 194S, Intestate. Dated this 23rd day of Septem. ter. 1948. P. J. P. PULLEN, Push Trustee, 19 O'Conneil Street, Sydney. IN the WUi Of ROSE ALICE CROSS-LEY late cf 85 Broadway East Cast-ben ell in the Stat of Victoria Spinster deceased. Application will be made sfter 14 days from the publication hereof that Probate of the VVltl granted by th Supreme Court of Victoria in its Probate Jurisdiction to Robert Edward Croutey (Norman Roland Phillip Crows ley th other Executor named in th said WUI having predeceased the Testatrix) may be scaled with the seal of this Court, and all notice may be served at it undermentioned address. All creditors in the Estate of the said deceased an hereby required to send fn particulars of their claims to the undersigned. J. McNEiLL SIMPSON. Proctor lor th applicant. Lachlaa Street. Hay. By hit Sydney Agents, PIGOTT STINSCK MACGREGOR ft PALMER, Sb Castle-reagh Street. Sydney. IN the Will of FRANCIS HUBERT MAR ON late of Double Bay ta th State of New South Wales Taxi Cia Proprietor deceased. Application wm db made after 14 days from th publication hereof that Probate of the last Will and Testament dated 22nd Septem-ber. 1944 of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to Gladys Lillian. Marsa the alternative Executrix named in th said WUI and limited until Victor Francis Msron the Executor named in the said Will shall have attained the ag of twenty-one years and all notices may sa served at the undermentioned address. All creditors in the Estate of the deceased are hereby required to send Is particulars of their claims to the undersigned. TASMAN M. LARNACH Al COMPANY, Procters for the Executrix, Cath-rart House, lie Castlerexgh St, Sydney. IN the Estate of YOUNGER GILBERT JONES late of North Annsndaie ner svdney in the State cf New south Wsits. Wcod Machinist deceased intetsw. Application will be made after 14 days frcm the publication hereof that Ad. ministration de bents non of the Etta of the abovenamed deceased may bt granted to Vera Ibmeah Price a Daufb-ter ol the said deceased and that th tiFual Administration Bond may be dispensed with or reduced In amount and all notleea may be served at the under-menttont address. All creditor In th Estate of the said deceased are hereby required to send in particular of their claim to the undersigned. HAROLD T. MORGAN to SONS, Proctors for th Applicant. 74 Pitt Street, Sydney. TN the Will ot ELEANOR K1NGSMILL X HART late of Indoorooptlly Brisbane in the State of Queensland Married Woman deceased. Application will bt made after 14 days frcm the publication hereof that the Probate of the Witt of the abovenamed deceased granted by th Supreme Court of Queensland to Eleanor Hamilton Hart Elizabeth Hamilton Hart and William Ha mi! ten Hart (Junior I may be scaled with the seal of this Ccurt and all notices may be served st th undermentioned address. All creditors la the YM a te 01 t n aara acceaseo ait hirthv rniiird to send In particular of their claims to the undersigned. V1K-DIN & LITTLEJOHN . Solicitors, 23 O'Conneil Street. Sydney. IN tne Wlii Ol jamm rns tMown RJJED late cf- Nicholas Street Itxswich In the State of Queensland Funeral Director deceased. Application will be made after 14 days from th publication hereof that the Probate cf the Will granted by the Supreme Court cf Queensland to John William Reed and William Pratt (the said WIHlin Pratt being now deceased) may be sealed wun ine srat 01 notices may be served at the undermentioned address. All creditors in th . Fstate of the said deceased are hereby required to send in particulars of their claims to the undersigned. william or. if numer oirert. a?iir. IN the Will of EDWARD FRANCIS BOWMAN Ute of Woollahra near Sydney tn the State of New South Was Master uager aeecsxea. npniiniiwi m k. m.rf. .(rt- ta rtnvs from the Duel!- cation hereof that Probate of the itsl : Will and TCStameni aaiea win juhi, 1943 of the abovenamed deceased mr be granted to Reginald David Soatnait Frank Wenlworth Du-sbury and Ailred Edward Bowman the Executors named 1a the said Will and all notice may si served at the undermentioned addrnt. All Creditors tn the Eatat of the ceased are hereby required to send la 1 particulars 01 meir claims 10 w un-signed. SLY t RUSSELL, 16 Barrsei IN the Will "of JAMES WARBTJRTOJf late of 117 Marriott Street. Red f mi ,n the State 01 new soum waiea ouvi- annuated Tramway Employee oeceaseo. Application will be made after 14 jt frcm the publication hereof that Probst ci the lart Will and Testament ditd 20th April. 1948 of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to Harold Frit the Executor named in the said Will im all notices may be served at ih undermentioned address. All creditors in iM Estte of the deceased are hereby required to send in particulars of their claims to the undersigned. WILLIAM CHARLER MOSELEY. 31 CssOeruih Street. Svdney. j N the Will OI BARAH LtAlAJn jaw Mndnoran tn the Stat cf New South Wales Widcw deceased. Application ia k n..t. .ft.- u Aavm from th Otlbil cation hereof that Probate of the iari Will dated zna 01 May iw w " abovenamed deceased may be granted w James Francis Ixlor the Executor naoied in the aald Will and all Creditors in th said Estate are hereby required to send In particulars of their claims to, 'r.'.H. dermentioned address. Aad all Netiees may be served at the undermentjened address. J. J. DOWD St MURPHY, Proctors for the Executor, Dunedoo. ay their Agents: K. D. M ANION 4 CO, Solicitors. 67 Castlereagh Street. SrtnfT. IN the win of owKut LINDSAY late of Goodwin Roi4 Berowra In the State of New sw Wale Retired Bwlider deceased. Application will be made after 14 davt from the publication hereof that the last Will dated 10th June 1W of the abovenamed deceased T grated to Marie Alvilda Lindsay tfcj scle Executrix in the aald Will nasirt All notices may be served at the f mentioned address And all creditors in the Estate or tne aeceasea required to send in particulars- of claims to the undersigned. H. SHIRE WEPB. Proctor for Executrix, Ca.Miereaen street, evoney. Pi'-1. TN the Estate of FREDERICK cow I t.t. pi RVftnn In the SUt of New South Wales. Invalid Pensioner deceased, intestate. Application will M made after 14 days irom me pupation hereof thst Letters of Admlnlftr-tion cT the Estate of the Jn deceased may be granted to May Ei both Collins the Widow of the saldje-eeaaed. and all notice msy be serwa at the undermentioned address. Creditors are requested to forward parties-lar of their claim to Mr. MAY X COLL1N3. 4 Hannar Street. East 874- TN' the Estate of EMMEUNS PEAIlL 1 THOMPSON late of Watson Bsyla he State of new soutn v Woman deceased intestate, app will be made after 14 days f3 publtetalon hereof that adminlitrstion the Estate of the abovenamed eceaaw may be granted to William Thepion the husband of th deceased and ii notice msy be served it the M4f-mentloned ddresa. All creditor istsj EsUte ol the sal a aeceMeo rMiitrpd tn send oarticuisr Cf claim to the undersigned, FRroui- State of New South Wale Retired Wool and Skin Buyer, deceased. Application will be made after 14 daya from the oare nereoi mat rrooate or tn last Will and Testament dated 9th Jitlv. 1948 of the abovenamed deceased mar be granted to Kathleen O'Connor and Gerald Michael O'Connor the Executrix and Executor ntmed in the said Wilt and all notice mav be served at the undermentioned address. All creditors In ihe Estate of the deceased are herebv required to send In particulars of their Malms M the unerlsried. TASMAN M. LARNACH COMPANY. Pmctors for n Executrix ann cxecu'or, "uarncan Heuae." lie Castlereaah Street, Sydnev th Will of ELLEN MARY FRANCTP late of Ctvde in the Stat of New South Wales Widow deceased. Applieation wilt be mad after 14 dava from he publirstion nereor tnat Kroner 01 he last Will and Teatament dated 4th November 1946 of the abovenamed deceased may be granted to Cecil George Freshwater (In the Will called Cecil Freshwater) the Executor named In the said win ana an notice may D aervea at th undermentioned add res. All creditor in the Estate of the deceojea are hereby reanlred to send In oartlcu lars of their claims to the undersigned GREENWELL At YORK Proctors for the Applicant, 44-46 Martin Place, Sydney TN the Will of HERBERT WILLI A V X MOt.EftWORTH BENSLEY late of 43 Coveney Street Bexley in tha Stat of New South Wale Gentleman deceased. Amplication will be mad after 14 days from the publication hereof that Probate or in last win ana Testament oatea 20th April l23 or the bovensmed de ceased mav be granted ta Alice Etia- beth Btniey the sole Executrix named in Ihe ssid Will and all notice mav be served at th undermentioned address All crvditrrs In the Fstat of the de. ceased r herebv required to send in particular or tneir eiaima to tne iinor-turned. W. D. SCHRADER - DUDLEY prcetoea, 111 put ptr'. Sydney TN the Will of BESSIE CHAMBER. I I.tN late rf A Inner in the State of new own waiea wiacw aeread. Anpit-ration will he msde after 14 dava from th publication hereof ihst PThate of the will and Codicil of the annvenamrd deceased granted by The Supreme court of Victoria in ita Predate Jurisdiction the undermentioned ddrei Ail ereditora to William Dallvn Chamberlln and Arthur In the Estate of th deceased are herebv 1 Dean Peace mav he seeled with the required to send in particular n ineir wti ot inia nmirc and ail nntirea mav claim to the undersigned. W. D he erven' at the undermentioned addn STHRADER DUDLEY. Proctor. 1131 RfJMTNOTON CO . Solicit 0f, 17 Pitt Street. Sydney. 'O ConnoH Street, Sydney. HOLLINODALE 8c PAGE. Proctors. Martin Place. rtWWnM. Tn ine estate ri nwju . . . r.-.v 1 . . Dubrf.iB tn the Stat cf New South Wale Married Woman ceased intestate. Appeal on wOl made after 14 davs from the PuW" ticn hereof that Letters of Admtnltrs!t ot the Estate of abovered dece may be granted to James E "J the Widower ot the said deceased. w all notice may be a!1 J". L mentioned address. Creditor requested to forward PflB0-J claim to: Mr. J. S. MASON, P" Street, Carlton. IN tho Court of Bankrupt. Cr of New south Waiea and the Asftri-tlan Capital Territory. Notice of SK tration Orders, .,,.. mr No. 103 of 1948. Re WT1XIAU BFEBY, cf 31a Oeorge Street Burweoo. and lately carrying on Jbatn-Mr der ae firm nam or style of the Windmul F3 In and Sheet metal f.U,,, Street. St. Peters. Oate of pnt" of petMIcn: 2nd September 19- of sequestration osder: 22nd 8pia Nn. 104 of 194S. R KWARp OJL STONE (dec'f!) 1st of D Cmj Nambeen. conwulting and eoratrortij engineer. Date of presentation cf petition: 7th September 1&6. D seeuestrsUOB order; nd Bestow- All debt du to th ? rf should be paid to m. A. Y. RcnA-PON. Offlclal Receiver. 1 Pm xrB Sydney. 22nd Septem bar. 194. IN th Supreme Court of Tu'ni (Divorce,! To GEORGE JHOHA HARRISON, formerlT a mrwanJ Jn Roval Australian Navy. Take NoTici ( a Petition has been filed tn endorsed with a Notice W Toil to snd answer the charges In th f1 rt Phyllis Irene Harrison of rtngton street. Hcbart in Tasmanui prT ing frr a dlwolotton of wsrrisre. default of your o appearing tw wnt not be sllowed to addres the Court J the Court will proceed to hrJtt Petition proved and pronounce in re(wt thereto And -Sat Notice that for the purpose ljZ within 30 dav after th date ef "I Publication an appearance f?urt,?JL tered at the Registry of the &2r Court of Tasmania Mtcusrte 8!t Hcart. Std. J. R. Registrar. N 8 Friend f : named Oeorge Thorns HairWm; JJ see this above notleo sr request w bring It mdr hi not). -m Cal Ied ea rag )

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