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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia • Page 33

The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia • Page 33

Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia
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THE SYDNEY MORNING HERALD WOMEN'S SUPPLEMENT, TUESDAY, DECEMBER 22, 1936. 15 GREETINGS! Out of School Section for Girls and GOVS Conducted by South West Wind. THE HOUSE ON THE PLAIN. Let's Talk The Festive Season. ATHALIE JEAN LEE (18).

Pear Girls and Boys, 1 "What excitement is us now I Christmas Is almost here, Christmas with its wealth of Joys and precious traditions. We do not generally think much about the origin of these traditions, but it is often interesting to do so, just as it is interesting to consider the meaning of the Christmas names that we use so Why, for instance, do we speak of "Yule" and "Boxing" Day? The name "Yule" was Scandinavian, and meant a festival In honour of the god, Thor. This festival passed into Anglo-Saxon England, and eventually merged with Christmas celebrations. As for Boxing Day, thii name has nothing to CHRISTMAS CUSTOMS FROM THE PAST. (BY, I.

A. SHE AD.) CHAPTER H. "SOMETHING PRETTY QUEER THE two boys whirled round, looking for the origin of the welcome found. After a few seconds, their eyes straining into the blue, they saw a silver monoplane flying over the route along which they had come, but so high that It looked little bigger than a They stood watching It, disappointment on their faces, "Too high," John remarked at last. "It Aid never see us waving.

It's probably a medical 'plane from one of the missions." They watched it until it was a mere speck is the sky, and finally disappeared over a low line of gently undulating hills. The disappointment was great, after the sudden hoDe which had OLD TRADITIONS. uu wuu ugnung, dug originated irom tne fact that poor people used to go round with little collec Years and years ago, the favourite dish on Christmas Day was a boar's head. Its supplanter, the turkey, was introduced to the English about tion ooxes, Degglng for alms on St. Stephen's Day, December 26.

On the same day, gifts of money for the poor used to be placed in boxes in the churches. Thus arose the name of "Boxing" Day, also the custom of calling presents Christmas the year 1573. been born in their hearts, but neither would let his feelings be seen, once more they picked The custom of decorating at Christmas, especially with holly and ivy, is a very old one, while the Christmas tree was introduced into England from up their packs ana truagea on. ooxes. But most precious of all Is the actual name, "Christmas," which means "The Birth of Christ," and serves always to remind us that the Unv Germany, and Is traceable as far back as the Roman Saturnalia.

The "tree" with its toys Babe Who lay cradled In a manger nearly two and decorations is referred to by Virgil. The greatest Christmas favourite, Santa Claua, is another name for St. Nicholas, the very benevolent man who went about doing generous acts in secret. He appears each year to remind us to share our happiness with others. -RXW, (17).

THE GLORIOUS FEAST. uiousana years ago gave us tms, our clearest festival. Just so, too, the heavenly multitude at the Birth of Christ pronounced the greatest Christmas tradition, "goodwill toward men." Through the mists of time, this tradition has survived, so that quarrels, meanness, and unkindness are overwhelmed at Christmas time by the universal spirit of generosity and goodwill en age-old Christmas gift, but one of the most precious to us all. A Merry Christmas, everyone, with loads of Joy and laughter. Very best wishes, SOUTH WEST WIND.

THE WONDERFUL MOMENT Ute in the afternoon, Just as the sun was letting, they saw what looked like a tiny smudge Ul uiic Ul U1C IlllUt "I believe It's a house," said Jim excltedlv "Were definitely on somebody's property," added John, as they stepped through their third fence In the last two hours. "So we must be getting near some sort of civilisation." They walked eagerly on, well into the moonlit, starlit night, but were still some miles from the During the Middle Ages, Christmas was a time of splendid and joyous religious celebration, with feasting and carol-singing accompanied, by- interesting customs that varied with the people, such as the burning of the Yule-log. Such people as "Scrooge" Charles Dickens's character termed Christmas an annoyance, and In 1644 celebration was forbidden by Parliament. To Dickens In great part is due the return of the festive character of the feast in England. I often wonder what would happen now if by chance Christmas were declared illegal I How cruelly children would miss their precious gifts, and grown-ups the joy of receiving messages of smudge by 11 oclock.

John wearily suggested that they should have some sleep, so they dropped down, almost where they stood, and slept heavily until morning, when the sound of a kangaroo padding past wakened Jim. He nudged his still sleeping companion excicecuy. "I say, Johnno," he whispered, "there must be All HARDWARE STORES. GROCERS CHEMISTS guuuwin irom meir menus. FRANK MANSFIELD (15).

I waterhole or a creek of some sort near. A kangaroo just gone past. You don't strike animals living too tar irom water. Come on, let's ex lore." MY STRANGEST CHRISTMAS. With Jim leading, his eyes accustomed to pick ing up animal tracics in me nara-oakea eartn, they followed the trail of the kangaroo to a water-hole, at the base of a slight rise.

Here thev The strangest and certainly the most unnleasant surprised quite a number of kangaroos and emus taking the waters in the fresh, sweet air of early Christmas Day I have ever spent was In England several years ago. I was staying with friends in their big country house, which was really a very old castle, even possessing the much-fabled secret passages in many rooms. During a game of hide-and-seek Dlaved emits morning. After they had washed, filled their water-bottles, tnd drunk deeply of the clear spring water, the boys climbed the little hill. As they came through a clump of stunted coollbah trees, Jim grasped his friend's arm and nearly squeaked with soon after breakfast, my young hostess and I were YOU CAN PROVE THE VALUE OF ROBOLEINE AT LOW COST Doctor everywhere have prescribed Roboleine in all wasting diseases and in convalescence for over thirty years because 'Look!" He pointed down the little hill to paired togetner, and sne conceived the idea of hiding In the old dungeons.

These were entered through a door, in a remote part of the castle, resembling a cupboard in every way. Shutting the door behind us, my friend produced torches, and we descended a flight of stone steps. She led me into the largest dungeon to show me its several features while we hid, and somehow or other the big iron door clanged to behind us. Roboleine complete, energising, natural food in itself with an appetising flavour. Roboleine contains tne vitalising agents, reel and whit bone marrow to- enrich the blood, There was no way of getting out.

and so. for STAN BROOMHAM (17). getting the game, we began to shout for help. But unfortunately the dungeons were soundproof. SPIRIT OF CHRISTMAS-TIDE.

Roboleine stimulates the weakened digestion to get full nourishment from ordinary diet. Roboleine is not just a "tonic, but concentrated, restorative nourishment. and our cries went unheard. All day we remained there, shivering with cold. In spite of our warm clothes, and fearing we would never be found.

However, that night, someone thought of searching the dungeons, and discovered our plight. We were rescued, both with chills, and never to the end of my life will I forget that Christmas Day. AUDREY CRANE (17). there a house stood on tne plain. It was obviously Inhabited, for there were dogs barking and fowls cackling busily, "Come on!" ordered Jim quickly, and, without waiting to return for their packs, the boys made a dash for the homestead, arriving breathless alter their run.

No reply came to their first knock on the door, tut the second summons brought such a swift response that they were both startled. The door opened silently and swiftly about six laches, and a suspicious looking face peered at Ihem. "What do you want?" asked the man abruptly. Jim opened his mouth to explain their plight, but some instinct warned him not to disclose any iuformation. Instead, he said, "We're just wondering If you could tell us how far we are from the Queensland border?" "About thirty miles by car," came the curt reply.

"I suppose we can't put up anywhere about here for a day or so?" pursued Jim cautiously. The man's haste to discourage him was most obvious. "Noi" he almost snapped. "You'll have to keep going till you reach the border. Plenty at accommodation there.

Keep in a north-easterly direction. Good day." And he closed the door with unmistakable finality. The boys did not speak until they were clear at the inhospitable house. Then, "There's something pretty queer going on there," Jim observed Italy. (To be continued.) 0 Roboleine is equally valuable for every member of the family, young or old CHRISTMAS TREE CROSSWORD Such small doses of Roboleine are required to get the maximum effect, that is very economical The 26 jar contains sufficient for a convincing proof of Roboleine's amazing restorative powers.

I hear a sound in the silent air. The silent air of night, As of a song by a lady fair Veiled in the moon's soft light. Is it the distant bells that ring From worlds I cannot see? Is It their joyous notes that sing This music, wild and free? Perhaps 'tis the sound of reindeer bells. On that lonely northern strand. Where the children's hero of Christmas dwells, With bis elfin-fairy band.

Or Is It the chorus of angels' throats, As to the world they glide, Voicing in each of those crystal notes The blessings of Christmas-tide? No, 'Us the spirit divine, which sounds Like music upon the wind. The spirit of giving, and boundless Joy, And of peace to all mankind. NURI MASS (17). IN THREE SIZES, 26, 46, 12.. THE FLOWERS' STOCKINGS.

HOBBY CORNER. IBOLEIHE WRITERS' AUTOGRAPHS. My hobby is collecting the autographs of well- known- writers. For restoring health and strength I have only recently taken it up. but it is most interesting, and some day I hope to have a collection worthy of the name.

Among those whose autographs I already have are Noel Coward, H. V. Morton, L. M. Montgomery (autnor oi tne Deiovea "Anne" cooks), Dorothea DOROTHY JOHNSTONE (12).

Mackellar, A. B. Paterson, and Raphael Sabatlnl. Each autograph Is signed on a plain white visiting card, which I supply; when it is returned to me, I place It in an ordinary album. The white cards present a delightfully uniform appearance.

i "RiJH." U7. CLUES. ACROSS: 2, Electrical term; 5, first, chief (Italian); 8, gift; 10, note in music; 11, preposition; 12, negative, 13, always; 15, near; 16, Greek rural god; 17, similarly; 18, joyously; '22, to hall. DOWN: 1, Hung with presents and candles at Christmas time; 3, to sprinkle; 4, children's favourite friend at Christmas time; 6, concerning; 7, pronoun; 8, to perform; 9, playthings; 12, note well 14, second and third letters of word meaning 19, a food; 21, to permit. WORDS FOR SOLUTION.

ACROSS: 2, Ohm; 5, prima; 8, present; 10, la; 11, to; 12, nay; 13, aye; 15, by; 16, Pan; 17, so; 18, merrily; 22, greet. DOWN: 1, Christmas tree; 3, spray; 4, 6, re; 7, me; 8, play; 9, toys; 13, N3. (nota bene); 14, EO 19, egg; 21, let. "PLUME" MU1R NEIL LTD, Box 156ZE, GJP.O SYDNEY. 1 enclose 3d in stamps for a sample of toboleine.

CHRISTMAS DAY. i i Ohl the bens are jinging, ringing, i And the Mr are singing, All the world is bright and gay, For 'tis Christmas Day to-day. PENELOPE SDTTIE (J). Name Address 5-. 8.m.h.

M. y'A THOUGHT. FOR. WEEK. Sing the song of great jov that the angels began, Sing the glory of God and of goodwill to man.

Whlttier A Christmas Carmen..

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