Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 20, 1955 · Page 6
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 6

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 20, 1955
Page 6
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P4 " i-i *"i' » ' a /•* it • * t "^ */ * * ? '? f NdM SfA*V H6PI, ARKANSAS May 26, MARKETS ,, **ATfOI*Al/ 'STOCK YAttfcS, 111. 1M StWfid <(*} ' _Hp»s 6,200 active, steady lid hjgher choice 200 )b mostly Nb. and -few A9&5 mo<t ftffis-fcr* lib 1785-1825 a»i.ffiab_n6,w 182S * dws Vision f go»d qand choice 180-220 lb 18.7519.00 220-240 lb 1823-75 240-280 140-170 lb 17.50' down 13.75-15.00 •12 50-13 7S. Cattle 600, calves 500 fi ° 0d about choice heifers and GRAIN AND C«ICAG0 -GrallS .inoved higher tinder a quiet, brisk buying movement on the Board t»f Trade today • • Chance of No Minimum Woge Hike gaintf, sucfi.feceHt lag.- gards as oats and rye. Oats were bought on a'utrtter Oats Co. re^ port moisture Was Heeded" sddft to w$*sut* *Kt JsT:* 1 ? cbrt ^ fal cows i2 ;tipVe;enr a :sharrd^irWs:^ tfttttl WM to be WJJ3.60 good wja^hl^ «,mmerci a ls| prospects ; * - "* •* •>. »* man being " V * UU groW h<S lesser ', Which seeHis'a poss/bil- ^^^ta^J^'^Vte*™™* ah ^ d *>^™ s ffiSS^ifif^tt^^W Ei^nhmverAt % A* Pttft {rust, Jn of _rtiofley_^or ay.x e»enfuaUy jt hihn much ',tke\s he loS late to of thV elder- soon, to "share and, ,self«conn- $mu« of the because it people, today tp,"Tive it up, road the fcuWs 8.50-11 50 utility and corti- merplal bulls llSO-1500 cdfmers aftd-etUteJ-s 1100-13.00 good and Choice Vefclers 18.00-22 00 high choice and prime 23.00-24.00 spar- Ihgly commercial and good 13.00' 17,00 cull and Utility 8.00-13.00 mediums dnd good stocke'rs 17.50* 19.50. Sheep 200 steady prime individual ' springers 23.75 good and choice 20.50-23.50 utility 15.DO No. 2-3 i pelts, clipped lambs, loadi unsold, shorn ewes steady, '3.50-5.00. PO.ULTHY' AND PRODUCE •' LITTLE ROCK W) — Northwest are^a: Market firm: Demand heavy. Broilers and fryers 23-29'/ 2 . Mostly 28-29. Batesvfllc • F lo ral area- Market firiii. Demand very good Broilers and fryers 28-29. Mostly 28. i All prices f o.b farm Agriculture Secretary* asked the tariff fequest « if rye imports were "htirtlnj tjie domestic price support, program; Wheat closed IVt-^Va higher, July $2.0l%.i,i, corn -iy« higher, July i:47-, bats iy 8 -2>/ 8 higher, July. 70-70-'/g, and soybeans i^ 2 ip 3 cents higher, July £2.4fly 2 -%. • .Wheat: nono Corn No, 1 yelloW 1.52 No. 2 1.52 Ko. 3 1.50 Oats: No l,'heavy white 77'/ 2 -7B"/ ? :.00. WAftLOW A«toel«ted Prt»i New* Analyst WASHINGTON W) — Millions of *°**" involved in-the wres- between the Eisenhow- et administration and some Senv ate Democrats over the meaning of words. ' . , . „ iCX 'vji In, not qc p? tHfe ta}k ih'd . meal Barley nominal: malting chooice 1.34-53 feed' 98-1. 15. -CHICAGO (/PI Live poultry KPJfi, a -peculiar victim ghfcjwatbou» <he,,consola i'MSl.or. tfc«*liith of th -"—^- >*ot|,me*t a H.NEW YORK STQCKS $w YORK W-The Stock Mat( advanced today fn a halting manner with aircrafts weak. • In the early afternoon, prices Jlf**?? 1 J nd ? 9°int ° U * side to around Jdwe " Aside from the lower aircrafts, most major divisions were defini- e'y hfjSher. including' steels, mo- Mjrs, merchandising shares, cop- jtere. -chemicals, railroads, airlines a*d U* seal of 195S. s"t£ady receipts in coops ir>9 yesterday 32 coops, '29,546 Ib.f.o.b. paying pj-ices unchanged heavy Ittjhs 22.5-28 light hens ' 1G.5-17 broilers or fryers 30-315 .old roost- em . 12-12.5"caporieltes 3941. 'Butter steady receipts 1,533,180. wholesale- buying prices unchang «4 93, score A A 56'75 92 A 56.7f 80- B 54.5 89 C 52.5 cars 90 B: 55£«9 C 53. JpggS ste a dy receipts 32,87 wholesale buying prices unchang' ed«to 1 lower U S large whites cent and over A's 33 60 per cent A's 35 mixed.35 mediums 315 U.S. standurds 32.5 dirties 31 checks 28 cunent 'MEW YORK CO-TTOM ., % NEW YOR KW>-Cotton futures wer steady today in routine', .trading; Activity ;:was; small- ',, in. with the preceding session-'the turnover amoun tej'd, to,-.only 51,700 bales. Near months ^ were supported on trade buying. - :i'• .Late afternoon prices were 40- to 60 cents - a bale higher -'thaa the previous close. July • ,34,15, '.Oct. 34.30.and December 34.34. ; there's ft "|66d ebartce-, ^ - lacHue. ;£ lltxes ~i, sulk'. OS Factories' pj.uum.-j iftfc goods Shipped ifHnterstatp 'com-. m*rc« — Subti a§' factories producing goods shipped in interstate com' ttxerce — are covered by the federal minimum wage law. It re- gulres that they be paid at least fo cents an hour. Another 20 million people work- coveted. This group includes farm Workers, such people as small grocery store clerks, -employes of banks, and people employed by the'ater, grocery, hotel and movie theater chains,. , and enployed in store Chains. Arkonsas Weather By the Associated Press Central Arkansas: Mostly cloudy with Scattered thundershowers this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow. Not much change in temperature. Sunday partly cloudy'and warm. High this afternoon mid 70s. Low tonight low to mid 60s. Southwest Arkansas: Mostly cloudy this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow with scattered thundershowers, little change in temperature. High this afternoon mid 70s. low tonfght mid 60s. Northeast Arkansas: Mos 11 y cloudy with scattered thundershowers this afternoon, tonight and Northwest Arkansas: Mos 11 y cloudy with scattered: thundershowers this afternoon, : tonight and tomorrow. Not much change in temperature. Sunday partly Cloudy and warm. High this afternoon low 70s. Low tonight low 66s. Rains were much; heavier in Louisiana, especially' in the south portion where Deridder recorder! 7:30 inches. Shreveport recorded 3.60 and Monroe 1.02. Nearly four inches of rain flooded highways and some homes in the New Orleans area. Fricfoy, May 20, 1955 MO ft STAR, MOM, ARKANSAS SOCIETY PhoM 74431 Between I A. M. and 4 P. M. PICKLE HONOR CHICAGO, (UP) —The nation'^ pickle plants will halt pickle pro, • « — i H-* 1 -** 11 " f *e»i*i*a TV*** i*u*v }** v***w j/* \J~ tomorrow. Not miich change induction for 59 seconds today in temperature. Sunday partly cloudy and warm. High this afternoon low to mid 70s, low tonight KNUCKLE DOWN — The characteristic stance of the marble shooter provides just the right frame around the target marbles at Tinsley Green, England. The frame is 75-year-old Sid Town, one of the starring players of the Arundel Mullets team competing In the British Marbles Championship. FuridsforAir cefjbls $2. you Nofict COMMISSIONER'S SALE IS HEREBY GIVEN, Pursuance of the authority hclons /°ntained in the de' of the Chancery Court t yt made and entered the 9th day ' of May A D. 1935 in a certain cause (No. 3038) then penduift therein between Frank urf JW'plainant, and Arthur fe Oti ^ dc *^ da n)ts. the under- ned, as ConwiS&ioner of said Pourt, will offer for sale at public ve»du« to the hjghest bidder, at & ^'°^/ por or ^tr^nce of the County Courthouse, in which sqid Court is held, in the counties of Pjke and Hempsteatf within the hours prescribed by- la\v for ju-' dicial sidles, on Saturday the llth »y o* jqne 4. D. iflss, the following described real estate, in. the County of Hempstead and State of Atkan*as, td-wit; — The Fractional Wuthwest Quarter of the Northeast quarter, and the Fractional South - of the. Northwest Quarter all " at By WILLIAM. F. ARBOGAST WASHINGTON (in — The.-Hous Appropriations •'Committee'slashe deeply -into administration request for airline; and ship subsidies to day in cutting the Commerce De pai-tmehFs new budget 18; per c'enl It also: trimmed sharply; fund fpr. .ship construction, ; .' federal-alt. liighways' .arjd, : .the Inter-American tlighway while upping. the amoun fbr federal airport aid. It recommended $1; 121,'435,1)00 In new funds for, the Cprn.njer'ce De partroent and, related,, ageaol^s-fo the bookkeeping 'year starting July i..~ " " ••• ••• ' .'. •••' • .•• , : ,,. ; This is' $244,598,M|p ]( less v than President Eisenhbwier -requestet The ' redaction • is the.>largest,'Vpf r cenl4gew,isei to be . reeornmendfe fry 'the.committee this yVdr. ;t All, but, W7,875,POO..Of.ithe, .,.._ s alptt'ed : ;to.the Coflilinfrce Di par^rfilent, ynose request for. :t 347,800^000 I'wias ; shflYed to |l,iM 560,000. The conirniitee's .'r'jecjpfh rnendatipns ar^ subject .to Sppr T al by ;the House and.siibsesque'ht • tion by..the Senate. ' In q report. drafted ' by '-a . suit cornmiltee headed .by BeR/ I*rest6 (D-Ga), the, comrtiittee^i ca,lle[d' fo "more careful; yerificatibft" 1 . 'o clairrjs. for airline subsi<li|s ,an '."clbse scrutiny" >ipr :enV'*" J " practices, and,' costs' 'of '.! ship lines. It ; said..'thU-'s_.._.,-_ -suit-in -"substantial 1 r^duicuops" ;i future subsidy payments.'::/' '"•. '''.\ For subsidy paymeiits • -tof air 'c?ir ricr;S, the co.rnmlttee: ' " ' ' : * 40: million "dr"-'--^ "" 000, le.s. strain r . _ ^ „. year and 23 ipilliort' is;, less .thji the ;cjvil Aeronautips-Bq^M h ; ;i asked. "• ' '" ''"•' '•"•-•' One Actress four (9) South, Rao Twenty:' W«st, containing 30.49 estate wijl be sold at the front or entrahqe of the Hempstead Court House between the ' i9>, 12- QQ 6'clocfc noon and ALgp the following Iqnds situated in tha Cqunty of Pike and »tate of Arkansas, to-wit? — Pour *crea of land situated in the Sputh- easj cofne? of fhe Northwest Quar- er of the Northeast Quarter of Section Fourteen (14) Township <}me -<9) South, Range Twenty-four 24) W^st,. This land will be sold It tne.iront door or entrance to the 'jke County Court House between he hours of 12:00 o'clock noon and - o'clock P, M. m Pike County, TERMS OF SALE: On a credit 9| thjee months, the purchaser be- ng required 1o execute a bond as fquired by law and the order and liecree ol said Cpurt in said caujje, J "- approved security, bearing ist at the rate of 6 per pent *r annum from date of sale untU Go Holly wood By BOB THOMAS" .one actress Hollyy/o'Qd\ w,iU,',n0i -b'ie.V to lure '— ,Jai)anese'::gt9F"'MUr,. Kimura, who. intends ;j'h|ir "cHfreij picture to be : her laitj'.' - '' - : - *••' Latest of the foreigfi be impartqi} by H[9|l; ; "' ever happened tp .the: girl?) is Miss'Kirpvi.,..,.-.-.„„-, bines striking be^utyi with:,an .almost ^painlvil shyness, this, \yeek she. suffered, through her <irst screen kiss. The bussing took place with Aldo Ray in ''The Gentle Sergeant," which was filmed largely in Ja- Mitsi couldn't have been less happy. "I have 'never kissed- any man in public, even in Japanese films," she remarked. "It is not our custom in private life, we bow and ernbrace, but we do not M^s," As a matter pf fact, shf con- ficjed that she has kissed only one man before this week. He is her an4 a Uep b^ing retained on; husband Ken Fukunaga, a former --- lF ^-'' A .. GI frohi.Salt take C3tt*,o She did 19 films beftjre sh,» w«s picked ' ' '"' Hugh spld p secure wymept, at the purchase money. ^ Qtvlwr Uhder my hapd'this ' 10th py of May, A. p. 1953 Doyle >'Jonps eo i nynjssipner 4n_ Chancery. 13. m, ?7 , . : ^t '\ (py™— ---- , --- ,.-,-—_..,. ,u ••^•ig u*n*if' uf ' .j, FOR SALE 12x1 8V, mad. 6P 2 with Hpt Water Tank, Hot **OK, on<j drain board- Shower l^hts, sleeps five, for V.HERNDON liound . Army: outlU. time to play the wile Q| 5gt. of adopting an ... , Sergent" will be her. "I hope so," .?!}$•. •£ macist in re^urq to her tp Army in 1M«, he toons <ti»eha)ri» in Japan and 5tay*d, on «r jn Army Jnt«rpr«lw-. -UB| 8ig>ed « twp' tinue in' that ''My will nw, famtty »* con- . : Ih his. Jan. 6 State of the Union message President Eisenhower said of; the minimum wage: "I recomrrfend/its increase to 90 cents an 'hpiir. I also recommend that many others, ; at present excluded, be given- protection of the mini- mjim wage."; , Cohgress: set; the present mini- [ore the Senate Labor Committee.the Senate may pass some kind to explain the administration's views. The committee is considering a bill to boost the minimum. of minimum wage bill. But it can't become law unless the House also approves. Yet, with Mitchell said he knew of no;summer drawing close, the HOUSP "sound reason" why the minimum wage should not be extended to .employes of interstate chain stores, interstate hotels and motion picture chains, : and :s|Dme other workers. They'd total about twq million. miim of;75 c^nts an hour in 1950.J Sen. Douglas (D-I11) a commit- Since then living . costs have gone tee member, said he took this to UD about 15 ner cent. • . ! .•__ _.,_.j._._j.._,._._ hasn't started committee hearings. tip about 15; per .cent. .:The big labor organizations want the minimum set at $1.25. The administration sticks to 90 cents. A boost from 75 to 90 cents would mean an automatic raise for about one millio n m ariufacturing em- ployes in the others. South, and 300,000 •' Just how many of those 20 million uncovered workers did Eisenhower want brought under the protection of the law. with a 90-cent minimum wage? He had left it "many others'" in hfs message. Bat on April 14 Secretary of Labor Mitchell went be- mean the administration was recommending those two million em- ployes be brought under the law. Then the wrestling began. Douglas says the administration is "weaseling." Mitchell says now the administration wants minimum •wage coverage "extended to millions more Americans." How many millions ex ac tl y? That's up to Congress to decide, Mitchell says. He says he hopes the issue of expended coverage will not be "obscured by quibbling about words." Before it quits Deaths Around the Nation By The Associated Press MADRID, Spain—Concha Espina Tangle, 76, Spanish authoress and jvice president of the Hispanic Society of America and a member of the Academy of Fine Arts and Letters of New York. Died yesterday. BEIRUP, Le ba no n — Antoun Arida, 92, Maronite patriarch of AnHioch and the Epst,' spiritual head of .the Maronite Church, which is an affiliate of the Roman Catholic Church and comes under the authority of the Vatican. Died yesterday. LOS ANGELE S —Mrs. Roscoe Ates, 41, wife of the movies' stut- cring comedian. Died yesterday. CEDAR FALLS, Iowa —J. in midsummer, i George Wyth, 85, confounder and low to mid 60s. Southeast Arkansas: Mos 11 y cloudy with scattered thundershowers this afternoon, tonight and tomorrow. Not much change in temperature. Sunday partly cloudy and warm. High this afternoon, mid 70s. Low tonight mid 60s. honor of former pickle peddler Amerigo Vespucci, for whofn. America is named, and to mark the opening of National Pickle Week. Calendar Friday May 20 Mrs. Jack Brown will present her piano pupils in recital at Fulton Union Church Friday May 20, t 7:45 o'clock. The following pupils /JVill be presented; Barbara Gris- whnv Joyce Grumpier, Cecelia Cox, Ruth Shirley, Gene Cook, Nancy Cox and Judy Weaver. retired president of the Pump Co. Died yesterday. Viking | DO YOU NEED LUMBER? Dimension, Siding, S4S, fleering, 10''-12" Rough boxlno. C. B. WADDLE LBR, CO. Highway 4 East Phones 7-3250 or 7-4974 GOOD FOOD AT EVERY DAY PRICES 35c BARBECUE SANDWICHES Every day price 20c HAMBURGER — Made with pure Ground Beef — Everyday price 25c I5c SUM'S BAR-B-QUE Highway 67 West Homemade Pies — Phone Orders 7-2748 Coffee and Cold Drinks - LEO'S GARAGE - Sub-Dealer far FORD TRACTOR & PARTS "Our repair shop is as near as your telephone" For All... • CARS • TRUCKS • TRACTORS • EQUIPMENT Leo Hartsfield — Owner and Operator 413 S. WALNUT PHONE 7-4314 Saturday May 21 The Melody Maids will .be entertained at a'luncheon at 12:30 p. m. Saturday May 21 in the home of Jo Beth Rettig. Associate hostess are, Alice Coffee, Irene Thornton, Loretla Munn, Jo Ann Hart and Bobbie J. Turner. •if May 22nd. Family members and friends are cordially invited to attended. Reverend Charles B. Luck of Dentof. of the morning Hospital Notes Julia Chester Admitted: Winston Duke, Hope, James Luther Ross, Rt. 1, Hope, Jo Ellen Barr, Hope. Discharged: Versetene McClel- Ian, Rt. 4, Hope, A. R. Haddix, Hope. Branch Admitted: Ruth Love, Washington, Ark., Mrs. Louise Goodwin, Tuesday May 24 Discharged: Julia Peck, Hope, Ark., Mrs. Mary Turner, Hope, Rt. Mrs. R. L .Gosnell will present, ,, ... _, t r Senio ' Mr ' a " Mrs " Tommy Love her Senior High Piano Pupils in recital at the Senior High Auditorium Tuesday evening at 7:45 o'clock. The latter part of the program will be played by John Taylor a member of the Graduating Class. Sunday''May-22 > ; The annual Luck and Jackson Reunion will be he,ld at Mt. Olive Baptist Church near Waterloo on Duke's Beauty Salon 1019 W. tth Phone 7-4389 ; Featuring Duke's j Variation Cut . ' Operators Floy HartsTield'— Ethel Moran SPECIAL FROM-THE QUEEN'S PANTRY FISHERMAN'S LUNCH Pick it up on your way out. Highway 67 East Notice All Mother's of Rainbow Girls are requested to meet at the Masonic Hall Tuesdaj afternoon at 4 on May 18, 1955. ° f a baby girl Sunday School Lesson By WILLIAM E. GILROY D, D. King Hezekiah of the King dom of .Tudah was meeting and all are urged to attend. Garland Gardeners Last Meeting of the Year bad father. the the a Ahaz, his father, was a .disastrous failure as a king. So my title might very well read: "Bad Kings Neutral Belt May Be Aim of Russians By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analys WASHINGTON W» — This isi Ort of the latest wonderings in th present Washington guessing gam about the Russians; Are they an* ious for a belt S*-; neutral nation straight down the middle of El rope? President Eisenhower was aske about it at his news conferenc yesterday. He didn't add mucl light. He said: "There seems t< be developing the thought Oiha there might be built up a Serie; of neutralized states'. . ." A look at a map of Europe shows four nations — Sweden ermany, Austria, Yugoslavia — ying in a slanting north-south line west of the Rtfss$aivdomina,ted very countries. Two of them —Sweden and Aus ri a— are already neutral. Las week Russia let Austria have her an- nesday May 18, in the Garland, . ... . ' ° nU "' In reflecting recently of that independence with the guarantee she would remain neutral. That leaves Germany and Yugo slavia. Yugoslavia was linked with Mos ,. , meetl "g pattern of good and evil so striking- cow from the end of the war until fl rv nute's ""' (h to order by the presi- ly exemDlified to the nistory ° al ° way ' Te , SeCre -i' h e Kings of Judah and Israel, ,™h have been moved to Whlch I that pattfrn runs through much of n/r _ r> . , 'life. It is not only among the kings ±i f^jV-S:! Pch £ genS wit °, a » d ^e mighty Lt the'pattern of cnuctien with evil and good has been so interwo . ven among fathers and sons. _v, j i, j My own father, who was born shown and were very pretty and in Canada o£ Ir , h ' ts who interesting. In between films a emigrated to discussion was held about birds,; Merrickville, Two films . about birds were their nests, and materials they i "thirtips are 'built of. After this. ' ' ' a in ments were served ing adjourned. and the meet- Coming and Going village called the "hungry of the last century, used to say that "sons should be a'great deal better than their fathers." I think he had in mind the very much greater advantages and opportunities that those of my generation had over his own. I think _. , ,, . . ., _ , ._ i he told me once that his own for- Lt. and Mrs. Arthur Doyle Rog-' mal educa ti on had not gone beyond ers of Denver, Colorado are visiting .. tne ru]Q of three ,, relatives this week in Hope. But integrity of ' character may mean more than formal education. It is something to build upon, and have often marvelled at how much many, like my father deprived of great opportunity in early life, have built upon such a foundation in quality of mind, clarity TODAY & SATURDAY Big Triple Program! AT: 3:43 - 6:41 - 9:46 The Savage Saga of Broken Bow! The renegades tore into town to tear it apart — till the wornen set their sights.on the worst outlaw band that ever ravaged the West! ft TerCHNl COLOR,' * COtUMIIA flCIUU ALSO AT: 2:20-5:18-8:23 WILD ACTION ON TROPIC SEAS! THE BEAUTY PRIZE OF PIRATE RAIDERS! PIRATES TRffOU TECHNICOLOR Paul HENREID • Patr,c,a MEDINA • PLUS • "CHAPTER 7 OF SERIAL, "THE BLACK ARROW" & CASPER THE GHOST COLOR CARTOON Alive in looks Alive in power Alive in features Only car in its field With Body by Fisher Ypu can't get any more life in automobile slyling (ban Chevrolet's "Body by Fisher," Those three words say all the nice, reassuring things you can say about automobile l>q<|ies. "Body by Fisher" is found in many pf AjnttriftiYinost luxurious cars. A new V8 and two new Sixes reach new highs in horsepower and performance You certainly want life in your engine. And with the choice of power-thrillers that Chew rolet offers you this year, you've got what it takes to jcarrjf v jttjFu' into; a whole new world of motoring cpii;fi£|en,<?e and pleasure. How about trying th? V8"soon? Never found on a car of Chevrolet'* • price before f Anti-dive braking that means heads-up stopping, 12-voU electrical system delivers twice the punch. Ball-Race steeringjnakes, steering and parking easier. But try these things for yourself. Let us arrange a demonstration, soon. • '30 SALES LEADER FOR 19 STRAIGHT YEARS YOUNG CHEVROLET CO. 900 fait Second St. HOPE, AUK, Phont 7*2394 fvkHj^ V<" '*?*' -" SUN. & MON. •* FEATURE TIMES SUN. - 1:27 Mon. - 2:00 3;25 - 5:23 - 7:21 - 9:19 3:42 - 5:33 - 7:24 - 9:15 If, HE HUNTED GAME... GIRLS AND INDIANS WITH EASY ABANDON! ROBERlTAYLQR' ELEANOR PARKER Victor McUGlEN'RussTAMBUN Jeff RICHARDS; James ARNESS NiWS QF THf DAY/ " f ROM THi PAST CU/\DTC SHORTS: f DRIVE-IN )/ THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • Tonight & Saturday • COLOR byUSTIUJI , ,o rf , 5 JOHN PAYNE j UZABETH SCOn • DAN DURYEA • JR. HITS • 1. Chapter 9 of Serial, "Adventures of Copt. Kidd" 2. Herman & Karnip Cartoon 3. Little Rascals Comedy 4. All-Star Comedy • LOOK • GREASED PIG SATURDAY NIGHT! You Catch it — You Keep It! MIDNIGHT GHOST SHOW SATURDAY NITE "THE ATOMIC MONSTER" Come to our Last Show — Stay Free to Late Show! SUN, & MON. |1948 when Marshal Tito broke will: 'Stalin. Since Stalin's death his sue' cessors have tried to woo Tito with soft talk. Since his split with Stalin, Tito has received many millions of dol lars of economic and military aid from the 'United States: And he put Yugoslavia into a military alliance 'with Greece and Turkey Both are members of the North Atlantic Tr eaty Organization, which makes them allies of the United States, also in NATO. Yugoslavia is not an NATO member. And Tito insists he is neutral between East and West. Last Friday the Russians an )nounced Premier iBulganin and Communist'party chief Khrushchev would go to Yugoslavia to talk with Tito. Why? They say just to establish normal relations. But Washington wondered: Would they try to win back Tito so that he was no longer neutral but Russian ally? And, if they couldn't do that, would they try to get a gaurantee of neutrality from him? The Russians, holding East Germany since the war, have tried by threats, propaganda and ma- reunification with this price tag? ny disarmed and out of NATO. Germany isn't rearmed yet but she has just joined NATO with plans to raise 12 divisions. Gen. Alfred Gruenther, NATO's supreme commander, has said that without the help of Germany's armed forces, he doubts a Russian attack could be stopped.;, But, the -Russians know >••the -lofts* ing of the West Germans for unification with East Germany. On May 11 Bulganin held out bait to the West Germans. He said "unification" was possible if there was "good will." Were the Russians going to offer reunification with this price tagA: that a uriified Germany would agree !to remain unarmed and neutral and, therefore, not a member of NATO? Maybe. The Russians would keep Germany neutralized it would be, in case of war, the equivalent of reat military victory. The Ru sians may hope that, with the hope At the Saenger Sunday ROBERT TAYLOR gets first aid from ELEANOR PARKER in tfatV scci* from MGMV' MANY RIVERS TO CROSS* Color, PRESCOTT NEWS McClellon's Group Probes Service 'Deal' fiy 6. MILTON KtLLY WASHINGTON <«| - Invtstlgat ihg senators sought to unravel to* day conflicting testimony abou Cftsh payoffs and c&sitfr fkvors la connection with lane-seal* buying tor the armed fortei. Wltileiiei told yesterday of al leged gifts of a ebfct to a woman government contract officer, . i home freezer and fine lingerie i persons not yet named, *nd |5( bills to • KW-a-week governmen inspector who denied (Hey Wen bribes. Marvin Rubin, a professiona seeker of government contracts fo garment workers, was called back as • a witness'to tell the Senate Investigations subcommittee more W. M. U. Has Royal Service Program Circle 2 of the W. M. U. of the Grain; Chaplain, Mrs. Ruby Mae Scott; sergeant at arms,. Mrs,'Jamie MtiRae; parliamentarian, Mrs. do Is face the fact that this romance is over and set out to find a new one. That won't be difficult for a nice-looking, ambitious young man. The resilience o< 20 will serve first Baptist Church, with Mrs. J Mary Shelton. Committees, -were'you .well;- in no time you'll look Fred J. White in charge, present-^appointed and plans-were made for ed the monthly Royal Service pro- serving lunch at the District Legion on Monday,meeting to be held here June 12. Poppy Day wll be observed May gram at the church afternoon.' The opening song Was ."Make Me A Channel Of Blessings." . . Mrs. Nona Matthews gave the devotional followed with "prayer >y Mrs. Roy Stainton. Discussions on the program topic 'Up and Down City Streets" W.ere given .by Mrs. Julius Adams; Mrs. L. Evans, Mrs. J. M. Ingram, Mrs. H. W. Butler, Mrs. L. L. Lindey, Mrs; Claud Cox, Mrs. Harrell Hines and Mrs. R. T. Murry. "Christ for tire Whole Wide Word" was sung by the group. The closing prayer wa-s offered iy Mrs. J. H. Langley. • Christian Womens Fellowship Meets 28, as is customary on the. Saturday before. Memorial .Day.- Mrg. Mary .Shelton .told 1 a. bea-utiful'-Pop- back on this episode with tolerance or even amusement, Dear Miss Dlx: Should a mother Seek a companion in her old age or must she devote her life to a Selfish daughter? Mr husband died py story and pointed out,the honor 115 yc j, rg agO( my son ls marrled it is to be an American Legion member-and to be ; -given (the- responsibility of bringing the^Memorial Poppy to the: people-pt-pur community and receiving-..from: them but my 22-year-old daughter is still home. She works but has no stead boy friend, I have have renewed a friendship with a man I knew years ago and he has asked the contributions which-, mean so met to marry him. I am 50, he is much to the disabled .and '-the <chil dren of the deceased and-, disabled veteians. t , Mrs.-Lawrence.Mcl£ens?ie, ,who is Pan American chairman/ gqve. a a boy friend. If you and your old most interesting talk on Panama,-friend are so compatible, why can't telling some of the history and | you marry him'and'still maintain customs of that Latin American a home for your girl? She is self- F. A. 1 Answer: You don't indicate why you call your daughter "selfish." Surely Its not because she hasn't The Christian 'Women's Fellow- year hip of the First Christian Church, Curing an flt ** «»« *» Country, which is, the .Pan 'American study of the- Auxiliary- ihis entertaining ".social f Mrs. Glen Orr with 13 members • resent. Mrs. resident, ng opened with prayer, by Mrs. C. Henry " .Thompson,! and the meet- [were served to the nineteen^-mem- Tir 'ui • A ' -u i j it- -LUC iijcciiiig in «f uiic .. Wahlqmst who also read the jointl wi , h , h L ion minutes of the previous meeting. Jtirne reports will be heard 'from guests, MrS. Nancy Green and Miss Bertha' Gray. The meeting-in June .'Will, ,bi: .held which HTn or "World Following the business session 'rs. Bennie Stpvall presented the rogram on "Paul, The Mission- ry" reading the story of his con- ersion and then conducting a quiz n the topic. Mrs. Thompson read n interesting . 'article on. J'Nepal Sfecds .HQaJltK,'Education." .Mrs. Al Loomis\.gave" ttie closing prayer. The hostess served dainty refreshments. The next meeting will be held at the home elf Mrs. Henry Thompson with Mrs. Edith Davis, leader. Mrs. T. C. McRae Hostess To • Legion Auxiliary . . The .American Legion Auxiliary met last Monday evening in the home of Mrs. T. C. McBae with Mrs. ,J. W. Teeter assistant hostess. of unification, the Germans not raise forces for NATO, will Employment Up in Arkansas LITTLE ROCK W) — Employment in Arkansas is up 3.5 per cent over the previous month, compared'to a national increase of per cent. . The state Employment Security Division reported yesterday that non-agricultural employment in Arkansas was 311,100 for the month ending May 15, an increase of ,100 over the previous month and 5,100 over the corresponding time "ast year. (After calling the meeting to order, the president, Mrs. Ruby Mae Scott) led the pledge of allegiance to the flag. Invocation was given by the chaplain, Mrs: T. C. McRae. Preamble was given in unison. During the business session, reports from various committees were heard. The ho/ninating committee presented the following officers for the coming year: President, Mrs., Bess Gist; first vice- president, Mrs. Julia Gann; second vice-president, Mrs. Josie Anderson; secretary, Mrs. ' Ruth The conventionalized lotus flo- tc iliary. will be installed. Mr., and. Mrs. Bab . Arnett .and daughter have '.returned frbm a weeks visit in DeWitt'with relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Wren Scott are enjoying,a sight-seeing trip by bus to points of interest in California. supporting and k\l you would have to contribute would toe care. Surely you could manage this. On the other hand, if the girl knows you want to marry, she might be glad to get out on her' own. Discuss '{t with her, at any rate. Mr. and Mrs. Vuel Chamberlain returned Monday night from; Grand Prairies, Texas where ,they accom* panied their daughter, Mrs. Richard Johnson, and children Johnny. Jo and Stacy Lee. ;M-Sgt. and Mrs. Bill Haynie and children, formerly of Bilojd,' Miss, are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Haynie and Mr. and Mrs.V,. Carl Brown! Sgt. Haynie will report /soon for overseas duty. Mr. and Mrs. Obert Henderson and ,son, Cam, of Walnut Ridg«.and Mr .and Mrs. Cam McGtiire are .tha guests of Mr. and Mrs. Lee ,,Mc- auire in Corpus Christi,'Texas.' Mrs.-t F. N. Rhodes'has returned from a visit with Mr.',and'Mrs/No : len Ingrain at Camden. Dear MisgiDix: Last year I met a baojitilor of 39 one year my senior At first he was very attentive though he never said he loved me. However, I wad quite certain of my love for 'him, and told him so. Since then his -visits have ceased almost entirely; I get one telephone call a week where J used to get 10 and if he asks for ft date he's so casual as to seem almost disinterested in whether I' accept' op not. I can't understand the change. i . ALMA Answer: I man's having remained single for 39 years is evidence at iwo things: (1) he's,'not particularly interested in the state of marl- jnony, and (2) he is very adroit at keeping out of U. He'll accept your friendship but will neither take nbr give anything stronger, Every now and then one of these prcnnial bachelors will change his status but the ' chtfhces are too. tenuous for you,to count on. | atSolit hls. "I haw hid »a*M Iftltte* Artt) 'ttr r i*ortt dettitl ,that fftuehc* peddler,'-' fhortf that the |80 to Navy 'itist>ectw . U.H.D ( w doldman *«W h« I«t4<m *« advance said ftubifi testified h* i Almost ev*ry fi four month* Mi fpeciiiig raiheai fot the Navy b* (Conn.) Garfrt«nt :(3, kubln Was a bu»W«" Polar bears , tiling in the Sea J061 •16 Dl ' - 1 «»**.*"' FLOOR MOD RtPO$$I$$IOTR SINOI* SIWI* lot South ttm THE BEAUTY for •>hena 74HO [INViTAt* -'-To Leonard & DRIVE ;--! ; . gloss installed Lt. and Mrs. John H.- Hesterlyj of Ft, Sill, Okla. have been the guests of Mrs. Thorne Hesterly and Mrs. Ward; treasurer, Mrs. Elizabeth B. G. Westerfield. DOROTHY Summer Romance Cear Miss Dix: While vacation- back over' every word and action ing last summer, I carried on a of mine, but can find 1 no reason for ver was one of the most commons summer romance with Laura. I her action There are no compjica- orms of ancient decoration. | considered it just a mild flirtation tions such as religion, We are liked ,and thought she regarded it in the by each other's families and I am if judgment and a sure sense of same light. I made no attempt to sure she doesn't love anyone 1 else, ,-ight in decisions and ideals. jsee her when I returned to the What can the trouble be? CAHY I). •In my own case I know that I city: in fact I just about forgot Ans.wer: The fault may not be in 'could not improve upon my fa- her existence. |yourself, dear Gary, but in'the thers integrity and the quality of| Then I became engaged to a stars —'to paraphrase the' Bard. his Christian life. I doubt whether girl I had known several years. In There seldom is a reason for loye, ,the sons of good fathers are ever the meantime, Laura had written'or lack of it. Perhaps the girl pro 1 i better than their fathers. It is well rne and I sent her a letter telling fers a sweetheart who is not await- for them, for the communities in of my engagement and, in effect,' ing Uncle Sam's call; perhaps your [which they live and for tho world saying good-bye as tactfully as long association has just wearied if they are not a great deal worse, possible. However, her letters con- her. At any rate, the best you can In my early days there was tinned in spite of every effort of ~—' 1 •» .!' fB ^^<^^• pfp-J!^ E been fUjing^ "Pr^afrjpljpijs,,/; Hernpstwqd, Countions sincp 1887',in' ' locption ,6? yeqrs., Purfng' thpse - !i scription -the sor»e care.ond>kiH, n . ^,, PR V !sCR5pflON mnfl lf \'- ^^W 102 WARP £ SON DRUGGIST PLAN NOW FOR A ^ COOL SUMMER The newest in fqps and air conditioning Solve all your summer comfort problems with these versatile new fans! ALLEN ELECTRIC CO, 114 I Elm *H0fl< 74WI ' a widespread tradition about the mine to discourage them. The mat- ALAN LADD in his Greatest Thrill role! "Pqrqtrooper" Color by Technicolor <— wirh — * LEQ GEHN SUSAN STEPHEN BALLOON SHOWIR SUNDAY NITE! waywardness of ministers' sons ter may be complicated by the fact A wag of a minister's son in my tn at. we both have relatives in home town said that he coujdn't each other's towns. How can I con- see why people expected 1 min- yince her that she holds no place isters 1 sons to be better, when. in my lit e .. VERNON J. the fathers had to spend so| Answer: Try returning all future much of the time looking after letters unopened. Tell your fiancee other people's children. tne story; after all, if she hears It is good to dwell upon the'anything about the girl's feelings hopeful facts, but sad to realize f °r you from the outside, the sum- to what an extent the pattern ofi 1 " 6 *' flirtation \v}ll assume major evil sons of good fathers in the^foportions. jhe "incident can be Kings of Israel did exist. It is, dis .9 u s se .< 1 between you and you among the sadest of all spectacles to observe from the newspapers how many sons in modern life have trailed the heritage of an eminent father in the dust. The old saying aibout the three generations from shirt sleeves to shirt sleeves applies to much more than economic status. In some instances it is a matter of moral descent, though here, too, grand children have improved upou their grandparents. In many respects children, and . . _, grandchildren may be better than facing the draft/I have gpne with their forebears. But I think myiWancy fpr two years and thought father's dictum still stands. Sons Qur relationship was headed far ought to be better than their fa,- the permanent stage. I hers They h,a.ye §o nu\cb ofl to build, will both be on guard' against a predatory female. As for future meetings, make them as casual as possible —even if necessary t6 the point of rudeness. After all a young lady who can't read "finis" at the end of a summer romance doesn't deserve too much consideration. He's Been Jilted Dear Miss Dix: I am ?0 years old, have a car .and a good position, am not bad-looking but do suffer one disadvantage — J avn. See us now for your . • f . "GE" AIR-CONPITIONE* Hornm Tire & Appliance C», , V > 8. Walnut Qt. mejy fond of her and she h^s, put it iHuctl/ jlltea n>e. I Now ii thf timt to Gft SCREENS GUNTim RiT^y wy.M"«j*Mi^ p . ^ (| , SALES SEARS, ROEIUCK AHP" >..'«' v i*H -''^^i ,5!*.. corMr. Start h«i o|Mnin|i far «mbitiiwi Th.M peiitioBf pf»«r «ll < ccrtff f 4vf ntajp tff n icttioni,' Of«w'-«i method «f c«m^tnMtitn tipurfi- 19 it § rtfiivt mt n, j •.-,.: iwwl htvt • c§if« ? ,<>. .. * *» If yt M iff fcftwwfl If «M If, ,J|, trivtff ----- W V *

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