The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on February 3, 1934 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 3, 1934
Page 5
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SATURDAY, l-'KBRUARY 3, 1934 BIATHEV1LLE. (AKK.) CUtlttlKH NEWS CLASSIFIED CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION D.nly rate ix-r lino 'or consecu- Me insertions: 'l-'ive average words to a line) Oae time per linu : I3c Two times [wr line !«r day .. Me Three times per llni ix>r day .. We Six times p"' llnc 1 K1 ' da >' •• Ox Month rate per llm GOc Minimum cli&rge 50c Ads ordered fo- throe or six limes and slopped before explra- I'OH will be cliarga for Ihe number of limes Hie ml apiKarcrt uiiu i'.djiislnienl of bill made. AH Classified Advertising copy submitted by i»rso:j5 residing outside of the cily ivust be accompanied by casli. Hales may be uifily computed Iron above- table. No responsiblliiv \vill be taker, lor more than one incorrect insertion of any clas'.llicd ad. Advertising ordeicd for irregn- jar infjcniuns take die one time BUSINESS DIRECTORY WANTED TO RENT FIVE OR SIX JiOOM HOUSE close in. Possession Immediately "CCP" Courier News WANTED WANT TO acres. Can fun isn nijseli. i Ini. v-iass references J. b. Uames, liuuu i, HolmiKi, Mo. ip K>. Turkish Children Travel 86 Days to Go to School ISTANBUL, TurV-y lUl')-Throe cung Turks nve ^u rayer for edu- intlon Hint Uu-y travelled lor sti 1r.ys by liorsvbac'e and l)i>,\( and vYe pay more \y ijccans, Jtirs hides, brass, copittr, rudinlon, aluminum, lead, Lntierie^. I'noiu J16, Wolf Arlan, l'J8 K. Mam. KKAl, KSTATK I'OR SALE—40 acres, all in vulu- vatloi:> One mile soulli of Cos- i.tll. Roland Green 6r kn FOR SALE 10 acres near l,ake C'Hy, Ark. Highly improved, £oexl buildings, flice orchard. Malta bile of colton V-cr acre, 50 bushel of corn uuc bijf hay crop lhi> year. S50 ]>fi acre, $5(H) cash, small animal payments, U'/r mlere-;l. 1'ossession at once. THOMAS LAN!) CO. 31c Dairy and Mil) Feeds Uiain and Hay. at Market Prices Cash feed Store 112 E. Mulii 10-pk-2-ll 40 acres mile of Rlytheville, on gravel road. Good resilience with elce. lights, born and ten. house, $3000. long lime payments. Possession now. THOMAS LAND CO. c k5 Tree figure diagnosis in your home. Mrs. J. J. Davis, I'hone 421 Spencer Corseticre 2Cck2-2ii FOR SALE: 20 acres unimproved valley land near BARSTOW iALIFORNlA. Will trade for property nearer home. Walter S. Lee Lepanto, Ark. 30pli5 tXFKKT Typcwrilir and Adding Machine lirpairine. II. S. lilani- rnshfp, 115 E. Kobe. Call !i!5-J. I'lows sharpened — Farm Implements liuufht anil sold by John Wade at Tom Howard Machine shop. W.-sk-'t-'O. CAKi'ENTKKS i. J. I'etcrsun — •-(•» N. 21st St. Carfu-mcr Wink ot All Kind!) lie Kt- AUTOMOTIVE Auto Glass All Kinds irslalltd Tht ArK-.Mo linnucr Cu. I lie K2-1U LARGEST "STO(.:K USEII PARIS Ufiween Memphis and St. Louis Also Auto O!c\ii—Phone t>6 JACKSON AUTO I'All'iS CO. Lie K-a POULTRY & EGGS lo it. '1 liey and i\ s-,.,111. a^l is. I'l lid 10 respective-Sin far Etisl-rn 'iiirkeslnn, then- ff.ther sold most : r liis clothes Loiiglit Ilii-m ratl- .1, am! n! them on tli-jlr v.ay to Ankiir.i vith. llllli' i'1-i lx".:oc his blcsslni: J'he ino ICK!,: fn,';i Turkestan Krshmlr, anil (r in Kashmir nn- ilher In l.orse.s day* In IV;.liawnr. |i, y .sold l] '. n:uucv In lur I' tl>cm as lur ;. rri\i',l pi-nnll':.s Charil.ibk- ir.iM'liers ald»d HMU on tlK-ir »'.(> i;> Ankiiru, '.:»< ". ,-rkitli cupllui •vlu-re Becords (UP) — the dls- oldest living oldest eld- OUlt HOAKUJNG 110081'; To Lourdes 1 Giri Saint l.OUIiUt.K. l'YuiK-0 lUl'l I'MCIUMIl ptMSMll |;i||, Umr.u ••'.'iiljinHis. leeciuiv 1-iiiiimhril "' ln ' ll ' cl) - "<>• 1W1 - i-'-OSO Irish, nesplio tin- ele>i>ri*sioii I tllc ' u « ll «' Slates-and .... In lliMf. l.omilcs WHS 11 Miiull Him' wi-iv 1.500 rtmcrleuiis. |resident of New Hampshire. : I'yu-ivi'.s city with sctuxH'ly nioi-c' . ''"'.Hum iiirul fume. Thnt yrav, now-' l-'o'.n' cs|ie<liiir;n; \n\\- ilosui over- .,-, fwr. a little ,,,,is,,,,t Htrt ,,1-,-lmrih. Nuril, 1-ole. '11-11^ " ^ " * Mp Fiesh eggs daily, direct from licn- nery. rickurd's Grocery, 1014 lip k'^SEEDS & PLANTS Fcok seed witli us now for March ^^ delivery. Tlwy nrc sure lo be higher, Hubbard He'-w. Co. c k2-5 fcOY BEANS. FIELD PEAS. Tested seed. Snecip.l prices. Earl Katchcr. Call 635-J 2ic k'2-iO Sionevilie No._ 4 COTTON SEED, 1-Tice $1.75 hundred. See F. Blnck or Clarence McDrrmott at Bl}'- tUeville Gin. 6c k2-b STHAYED Call Us When In Need of Guaranteed .Vieich-'itxlise Tires-Bat teric-T-Kei'lHcrmcnt Parts HAKDVVAKE CO. , Aulomotivc Llepl. IK kZ-i RADIOS All Radios, inclualnj K. C. A., are licir^ closed out at coat for CASH ul Hublvnd Hardware Co. JHclrt-i;! FOR SALE TWO light trailers. Ford truck. body. 100 Mulb-M:y fencn posts. C. E.' Parks, rh'-iic 283 or 107. HOGS, weighing 200 pounds each. Cheap. Rube Beck. YVant- aliugn Hotel. 2-pk-ti r'RESH RIVER. PTgH—Buffalo IQc. I5c, Ca-r, 7c. whitehcad Fish Maiket. East Main SI. Ip k5 I'ORDSON Tractor equipped with disc turnir.s piovs Paul Byrum. 17t M-24 HAY FOR SALh 1 have for silc al my ham it mile touth of Burdcttc 50 tons hay nt 510 per ton. C. W. namcy, Biy- tlieville. 25-c!c-2-2D HAY, CORN, SOYBEANS for .WlC. LT. S. DeMoulin fann, Henson : iMo. Phone or sec J. M. steward, Mgr., on farm. 29CM-29 COAL & WOOD I'HONB lOi BUCHANAN "Our Coal is Black Ullt VVc Treat \ou While" DC k2-9 UATTKRIKS New ForH lixtteric.s !ti-nlj| - llcclinrsiiii: - Repairing 777 TIRE & BATTERY STATION 2Cc k2-26 FOR RKN'T 3TRAYFJD frotn T'ciiiiilu— '2 black horse inulrs, 1 brown and 1 bay u.are mules, sinal 1 . ':ay marc. Lib- Lial reward for ir.roi malioii lead- in? to recovery, c. K Pugli. To- Ark. 31p ANNOUNCEMENTS Mrs. L. M. Burnelle announces Hie operin* of short band, typewriting and bookkeeping classes, rail Tricts. Call 821-W. It KOT1CK 1 liave on January 25 sold my entire sleek and fixtures to li. Could, of Camthcrsville, Mo.. assume all liabilities against the stock of merchandise up to that day. 27-pk-2-S L Laiisky. "FEMALE HELP WANTED Middle as;cd settled HOUSEKEEPER to live on farm. No washing o.- ironing. Address "C" Courier News. 2-ck-C Find Mammoth Bones On Ranch in South Texas YOKKTOWN, Tex. (UP?—F05SI1- ircd bones of a >^rr. t hairy mam-j moth Hut once over soulli 'i'jxas have been fi-Aind by Engci-.c Gross on his fnrir. five miles ioutli of Iiere. The skulLs. tuskc, teeth and leg tones were found 20 feet down the side of a ravine, iirr-it-rvcel in limc- tifinc and sand. The tasks n.c-re tlian twj f(-.-v long ;md the Kcth should dcuMc transverse "itlgcs which iden.ily the animal as a mammoth. University of Te.\as. Tr.xas A. !.na til. college o;,d Smithsonian institute authi]rit:i-s have assured Gross that his find will be a vt.'come addition to their exhibits. KOOMH and APAHTMENTS. . W. Mam Ht. Mrs Wcrl. 3cklOI KfCELY furnished apartment, li. L. Ward, call 9G8 or 650. 2-ck-tf i-IGHT Housckceui. g rooms a n d bedrooms. Koss licavci's, K3 N. 5th. 25c kit 'I'a'6 unlurnislicd roo;r,s, 51B Chick- asaivba. Miss Minnie Lcc Jones. I'lionc 102C. lieautifullj furnished bedroom,men lirefcrrcd. 5tS W.Alain. Call 309. 24c k2-24 FLi R MI S H ED bed'-oom. 1017 W. Walnut. Mrs. Ed Hardln after 5 P. M: 29c ktt SALESMKN WANTED 'IIIK ENCYCLOPEDIA 11RITAN- N1CA wants hlqh class ' representatives. Commissions paid promptly and leads furnished. For narticulars of choice protected fields, under entirely new sales plan, write Encyclopedia BiiUn- ntcn. HripIHy lifnk Puilrtinfj, Kan- GOOD COAL IS TUB CHEAPEST COAL Mfl^ There is no coal, *^W West <if Hie Allc- Shcry Mountirini, as hi/}h in heat and as Ion- in ash as llic GUPREMEIT •* Supcr-ncal ••' ^/'^^ That is .1 *'« slalrmenl, but it is ethical, because il's (nic. We have authoriUlue analysis O ii nl« on all toal and can prove this claim. SUPREME Snpn-Hcal is only coal of il s kind am i oaly by this company. Size Lump Ton - S7.M K TonS4.00 Casli A Rich .Man's foul a I A I'oor Man's Price Superior Coal & Mining C<>. M< W. \VaInnt - rhonc ! A 1,1,10V 001' WINE MY'REPUTATION.IN EURO :(, 6l«ZtF'l> N ill's CO TO AKl) ,WlTr\OUT OF A T>RO OUT OF A LA.UNDRY 'BAG ON YOU, ~D\D YOLI, |Kl YOUR HIU/XR\OUS EVER HKVEAvSO?, A, WINE «.-j-.iv-i>o'^-pp,iv,\t : LUNo Vvv-i Vs l \MViS J 'BUT TWRU -,.„ uu,,^ ]-\T-L\ UOW , EG/XT) 0 ICOULt5,^D( "wonU-> STILL CAN,TELVTIA£ QUNU\Y J \wtNnv-Y- OF BLINDFOLDING ME AND GIVING MI- "BOTTLt OFWlNfTO lDtNT\^Y BY SKAtLL\NG — ONE SNIFF, AMD I ) W TtLVJiNG W^-\ \T , ' WAS ONE OF OF ^r:\ CQNTi MAWlER VOLINEAU VINTAjSE , \8S'3 Q 1 TEU.VA.VII- DON'T HftfTA '° Tu t"F.' VJE CAH 70RM AUEV CX)P LOOSE, • ~ OUIv5CLVE5/WE ^-*-~ v--—-~v (-NM F GHVJ! Oil OOIM 1 .' ft GOTIA CIMD roozv OilWV, N* VJE Aim . C'WHM' OACK 1 HU WE DO/ BOOTS AND 11 Kit IJUDDIKS ISN'T CO.NVhN'CiOD! 5WO "i WAOTEO TALK IMVTW VUH NOT ARGUE WASH TUBJJS 1 -rr.U<>T, Hi?S Lf\ DREEMA, \ NO'I IF 1 SEE -I REAL SOON. THAt-IKO, DEfiRlE,! VOO "ViE MOOT : '( WA9 NEVER SO I ME SOME (iCR-RiBtt t'.'EWIG ,\ HUMlLiATEO IN / TlMt-WHIL£^ 0' MY LlfC. LIFE. y{ I'M OUT OF fOvvw ( VEAH, VJK HAD A CHftNCVl, GET 1U wmi THE HO'^T BEAmiiUL GlfUS IN THE V-WLD, AND -_. MUFFED I ALL TU' FAULT OP THOSE DERN&O 01.0 NEVER AWTHING 6L56. PROM NOWON.POONER, ITS SPOOKS, EASY. V WAR— A TIGHT ID . t GOT .-V SWSC.T IDe?\l. 'f^Erirje'^ C.^KG»J OUT COLLECTIW' BILLS? , I CftLLEO OW AT UEAST ft HUMOR6D D ec rx MOT BAD j f -Ho:o -;ci.\ pp_ < ^ar^f,,^^. TO i Mm SV / ^^ g %::; i-.-."^.:^ • '^'-~ ;--•-••••-••:. -..:• .'^•-a^y v M) HIS 1'UIKN'DS lr-Th!O6E klDS ACTUALLY DO WHAT TVIEYVE SET OUT TO DO, IT WLL E5K A MAtVELOLIS STEP IN SCIENCE 1 GJUIET, Fi.~t- ;.£.... WE MISTO- DETE'-ToR IS AT I.A&T WRVE DOME IT "YOUVE DONE rr,YOU '.'.YOU'RE WE BIO • SHOT,NCW. NUTTY..,, I'M JU&T TWE NOT BE CLEAR AKl> .....

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