Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 19, 1955 · Page 18
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 18

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 19, 1955
Page 18
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NO STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Thursday, May 19, ^JSIafiy tosefcU have fiv* _ aHi * fWo Of them divided into o! segments.' DOWN WEEKLY 5ILIVMS 1ST LOVILY CEDAR CHEST un HOME , FURNISHING CO. 218 E.,2rtd St. JOE HANklNS, Mgr. iM'i'in mill ^ PRESCOTT -»». . . .,.„„.,. -^ LJJ .._ J ...„ P. t, A, Officer* ....'ban f'ittman, Jr. constitution and by laws by Mrs. Daniel. Mrs. Underwood introduced Mrs. J. V. McMahen who played violin solos "Serenade" and "La Cinqu- antaine." Mrs. Cummiru*s played the piano accompaniment. _. w „ , ,. * '.< Mrs. Floyd Hubbard announced The f °"°wing new officers were The May meeting of the Prescott the Spring Clinic fOir children en- installed by Mrs. Ca'rl Dalrymple: Parent Teachers Ass6ciation was t er i ng sc hool next year for the first President, Mrs. Vernon Buchanan: held May 12, ?:30 p, m. at the Park time. This will be Friday May 20 First Vice-President. Mrs. J. T. Elementary School and was open- d-ll a. m. at the Educational Buildl Worthington; second Vice President * « U. the P I A p #y et *>y Mrs. ing of the Methodist Church i Mrs> ' Ellis Stewart; Secretary, Mrs. *'*£• ? emi ;» President. | Mrs. Carl Dalrymple and Mrs |W> s - Re g a ": Treasurer, Mrs. Wa- Mlnutes of the last meeting and H. H. Mckenzie made announce- Uon W^' 6 Jr • Historian, Mrs. R. the Executive Soard meeting were ments about the Junior and Senior '£ Murr y: Parliamentarian, Mrs. •ead by Mrs. J. T. Worthington, prom | N - N ' Daniel; Corresponding Sec- Secretary, Mr. 0. W. Watknis gave) Mrs. Semis gave a most inter- retar y- Mrs - s - M - Pankty O f the Treasurer's report and a gift esting account of the State PTA Emmet: Reporter, Mrs. Archie f\9 •! AH ***•*•* *V!**M« L.a_ Jl» _ *^fn A * _ «' .; . ••* *«***» *• * * * T *".!•••• ~«— * »*nh ! •-«•-••—--»«.•. usuug accoum OI me State irj.«. T . of |100 was given by the PTA to Convention with the theme "Bet- Johnson - Elementary School and $100 to ter Communities Are Our Con- The five clubs each arranged a High School for their libraries J cern." mass arrangement that were used r, % f * Jl ?• fiemis Save a report on I Mrs. Dalrymple, Program Chair- *° decorate the table and were Cufb Scout activity and shdwed the'man. presented Mr. Harold SmithM udged with the first P lace Soing hatter granted to Prescott PTA who conducted the impressive in-1 the Prcscot t Garden Club, sec- ponsoring Cub Scouts. Cards were stallation service of the following' ond place to the Southern Pine Gar- resented to Commltteemen W. M. 'officers: Mrs. J. R. Bemis nresi- den C J. ub and l hu ' d place to the E ™- ilYiHn nf A T3«tnr>0 t)n1«U /"*n*>,1*i,*« I J i. v» .. __ - . * *_ _ . . . . '"in* i A ; p « ters - Rual P h Gordon, I dent; Mr. Jim Nelson, 1st. Vice- Mark Justiss; Cub Scout Mas- president; Mrs. Gilbert Westmore- tf f> .1 A W . atkins a sslsted ^ land, 2nd vice-president; Mrs. J. toward Graham; Den Mothers T. Worthington, secretary; Mrs rs. Mack Roberts, Mrs: Wayne O. W. Watkins, treasurer; Mrs' H - KcKenzle, West Side Home ~ Demonstration Club hie-JohnsonVThe^-5en .MomeVsj"Th;- Zv^'dZX&TgR. mfm'berf'SVwS "SE'SSb ave been assisted by Mrs. Geo-'man were announced by Mrs. Be- Friday morning May 13 with « ge Christopher, Mrs. Allen Er-.mis: Membership, Mrs. Wayne. coffee^ h?ur assisted ? by h« Rich- dexo SHORTENING New Low , Price! ...;-.-. .;',..,3-Ib. Can 65* ROBINHOOD FLOUR A&P WHOLE Coupon In Sack Worth 30c on Next Sack Purchased 25 •' 2.05 GREEN BEANS ANN PAGE PRESERVES WHITE HOUSE met Garden Club. Covers were ]aid for 40. STRAWBERRY 2 - 59c MILK Co°ns ANN PAGE OUR OWN NOTICE TO ALL DAIRYMEN IN THIS AREA... A month or so ago -you received some letters from GENERAL MILLS with coupons inside. These coupons could not be redeemed because GENERAL MILLS services were not available to you. Now since they have a new dealer Me WILLIAMS FEED and SEED STORE. You will be able to use these coupons on the purchase of feed. We urge you to bring these coupons in and ,^, r .,- v , try some of the products that will give you wonderful results in your Dairy Operation. LARRO FEEDS GfNERAL MILLS, INC. ~ -. '_ _ _ .—,.— . "•••«• i-iviijoti^iiip, iviis. vvayne kine, Jr:, Mrs. J. R. Beniis, Mrs. Eley; Parent Education, Mrs. W. 'J. Dates; Sunshine and Nursery, Mrs. Bobby Whitmarsh; Character flrd Tnomas Qf p hoeniXi Arizona. The home was decorated throughout with arrangements of roses. j <-.... , -. r ' —"«"»•«•» «"i. wiiu aiianguiiiunts OI roses and Spiritual Life, Mr. Julius Ad- Mrs. A. E. McGuire, president led ams; Publicity, Mrs. Ralph Gor- " ' don; Library and Visual Aid, Mrs. Floyd Hubbard; Hospitality, Mrs. W. G. Bensberg; Health, Summer the group in an informal discussion of "Home Making." Mrs. Keeley was presented a lovely gift Round Up, Mrs. Dick Harvey; | Those attending were: Miss Lo- Magazme and Publications, Mrs. Er retta McClennahan, Mrs. McGuire nest Holton, Jr.; Lunch Room, Mrs. Fred White. Mrs. George' Mrs. Mack Roberts; Safety and Hunt, Mrs. W. F. Spears, Mrs E Civil Defense, Mrs. Everett R. Adam. Mrs. L. L. Barger Mrs' PORK & BEAKS 3 »» TEA DEL MONTE IONA KETCHUP -I9c GOLDEN HEMET WHOLE SPICED PEACHES "« COCHRAN'S BEST 59c W No. 303 Can Ward. In the room count the following were winners: Primary, Mrs. M. McLennand; School. Seniors in Joe Moore. Mrs. Ted Carrington, Mrs. George Sweeney, Mrs. Henry Stockton, Mrs. George Teat, Mrs. Mrs. Vernon Buchanan Heads Garden Club Council The city council of Garden Clubs sponsored a luncheon Friday at the Lawson Hotel. Mrs. N. N. Daniel, president, and the invocation was given by E. M. Rowland. • Mrs. Daniel welcomed the Emmet Garden Club as members' of High W. S. Black, Mrs, Ernest Bolton, Jr., Mrs. W. B. Sage, Mrs. Jack Leslie, Mrs. John Haggard, and the club mascot, Little Miss Tina Bolton. Other guests were Mrs. Dawson Henry and Miss Sue Keeley. the council. The program chairman, Mrs. A. R. Underwood, introduced the ' Prescott Musical Coterie trio, Mrs. Joe R. Hamilton, Mrs. L. J. B^ry- son and Mrs. T. F. Grayson, who were accompanied ' at the piano by Mrs. W. P. Cu'mmings, and sang "Where My Love Lies Dreaming" and "Mighty Lak A Rose." Mrs. Richard Thomas of Phoenix Arizona, Mrs. Warner Womack and Mrs. Ross Womack and children of Murfreesboro spent part of last week as guests of their sister, Mrs. Harry Keeley and family. ANN PAGE PURE ' PINEAPPLE Preserves A financial report was given by .me treasurer, Mrs. Watson White,' r Jr., followed by the reading of the _Mr. and Mrs. J. T. Worthington Jimmy and Jerry and Mark Cruse motored to Little Rock Sunday and saw the Littl eRock-Chattanooga Baseball game. Jar ................. T-lb. Jar u Mrs. J. H. Bemis and Jim Bemis were the Friday and Saturday guests of Mrs. C. W, McKelvey -nd Mrs.' Lillian Vaughan in Lit- ANN PAGE RED RASPBERRY , PRESERVES ANN PAGE SALAD DRESSING ANN PAGE MAYONNAISE ?i49* 254 a 434 IE. M. McWILLIAMS SEED and FEED STORE 124 EAST SECOND STREET HEARD GOOD HEWS Mr. and Mrs. Tom Bemis, Mr. and Mrs. D. L. McRae, Jr.. Mrs. J. H. Nelson, Mrs. T. E. Logan, Mrs. Wallace Pem'berton, : Mrs. J. [ C. Stegar, and Mrs. E. M. Roland attended Sponsors Day at the Vera Lloyd Home in Monticello Saturday. RATH'S SAUSAGES VIEHNAS G.E. INSECT REPELLENT YELLOW Mr. and Mrs. Saxon Regan spent Sunday in Hot Springs and attended the Arlnifiton open golf tournament. Jada McGuire of Little Rock was the weekend guest of Mr. and Mrs. A. E. McGuire and was accompanied home by Mrs. McGuire and Patti Nell who spent the past week- visiting in the McGuire home and with relatives in Blevins. BULBS <V&P GRAPEF JUICE A&P ORANGE JUICE I 60 Wart A&P GRAPEFRUIT 25* i" 29* 46 Co°n Z - 20C 46 Oz. Can 29c ^ w ^ • i r\ ri i ^ *J ** A- t+ • 25c CORN MEAL 25 "Super-Right" Meats SMOKED HAMS HALF or WHOLE BUTT PORTION SHANK PORTION CENTER SLICES Lb. Lb. j Lb * ALLGOOD BRAND SLICED "SUPER-RIGHT" HEAVY CALF HAMBURGER MEAT WISCONSIN CREAM CHEESE LUNCH MEAT PICKLE & PIMENTO LOAF CAP'N JOHN BREADED SHRIMP CAP'N JOHN FRIED FISH STICKS Lb. Lb. Lb. Lb. i Lb. Pkg. lOOz. Pkg. 10 Oz. Pkg. ^ Mr. and Mrs. John Massey of Atkins spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Reynolds and were accompanied home by their son. Bill, who spent last week with the Reynolds. NOW WI HAVE FOR YOU Larro Sure Feeds J. Phil Burns of Oklahoma City Okla., visited Prescott friends Saturday, Mrs. T. R. Moberg and Mr. and Mrs. Huey Milam were Saturday visitors in Texarkana. Ike Avery and daughter, Miss Medius Avery, have returned from Houston, Texas where they visited Mrs. Avery who is the guest of her daughter, Mrs. Kenny McRae and family. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables SUGARLOAF FRESH PINEAPPLE Eoch I9c FRESH FLORIDA CORN 4 Eors 25c LETTUCE LARGE HEADS i a * I5c FRESH TURNIP GREENS Bun* 5c FRESH GREEN ONIONS Bu , 1ch 5c Bees fan their wings to cool their hives in summer and maintain hive temperatures by bodily activity nl winter. *i,«»*7 Thafi riflhf . . , we'v, got a tARRO "Fgrm-t«t«d" Sur. F M ds. QUALITY f«edi mad* by CMWO! Mi proved of LARRO Research F d When we looked f«r a new feed to handK we didn't look for « pr.Hy bog or Ihe eheapetl feed we could find. The l«e we Were looking for wat the one that would «lve our cuslom.n the b.U pofsible resulli the mp»> profit, We know LARRO « do There'i lomtthjng else obotrf lano Sure f«f d* wt know wl p« m:0hty to you folcs who hove Never wed i nod wfc* General MiO* bos to toy about "b«fa« MtUied." SATISFACTION GUARANTU * yo* art MX omnptf My wlUfi«d ••*) lorro Sura F«»di, notify your UMQ Ovalwr or tabiman. Ht'l arrongt I* (HirdvoM pric« of lU unvt«<i f^d -J« to INXMnpHy r f fwndf 4. LIBBY'S ROAST BEEF I2-oz. Can rro IMF cp«DMttr Of THf roc; ro visrr c/s LICE AND TICKS }COST STOCKMEN \MILLIONS \ ' Control them with LIBBY'S CORNED BEEF 12-oz. Can. 494 SHORTENING Feeds M. McWILLIAMS SEED and FEED STORE , f: IIf^NP ITIifT fHONI 7-32>t LICE • TICK DIP OR SPRAY in writable Powder or Liquid Concentrate NQW 1$ THE TIME TO CONTROL THESE PESTI CRESCENT DRUG STORE 225 S. Mqin Ph.7-3424 CRISCO 3-lb. Can............ /1)C JANE PARKER DELICIOUS Cherry Pie ...:....;.;.:.. Each DINNER ROLLS B^W^^^RVI 'V^: 154 POTATO CHIPS RAISIN BUNS &?L RK ! k ' a ft 294 POUND CAKE Z8S, .™™. K WHEAT BREAD O,H SS 154 BREAD CRUMBS 174 » 3/4 ....... TOILET SOAP CAMAY 3 Reg. Bars. 23* TOILET SOAP CAMAY 3 8«»*i »«* LIQUID DETERGENT JOY OREO CREMES SWISS CREIVIES NAIISCO. ...".Tvica! "250 DILECTA1LC 1 O> UE55ERF ItCIPII" Each I 7T A&p FANCY PINEAPPU Juice 46-oz. Can OLIVES CLEANSER SULTANA - LUNCHEON MEAT rur f£0 ^ •• • BK. x 29^ Swiff's Prem 12-oz. Can 39* Spic * Span S 23< LIBBY'S SAUSAGE Viennas 2 fis 33* t* UBBY'S Potted Meat ' 7' IIBBY'S CHILI- Spaghetti 16-01. Con ILUf PETERCENT CHEER Qiant J/*e 69< Aunt [Hen's Pi-Do Mix v: 17* through ".v •" ? <S' I r AA u ,jM/;fe5,i: jjJr.V "iSfciiA- II , May 19, 1*5$ fieri MA*, nori BLONDIf If CM* Y«**f ILL BET YOU YOUR HUSBAND. DOESN'T KNOW HOW TO RELAX WHEN HE COMES HOME FROM A HARD DAY AT THE OFFICE THAT GUV COULD PUT US OUT OF BUSINESS IM TAKING ORDERS FOR THE WONDERFUL NEW "RELAXOR' CHAIR Animal Life Answer |P|O|p| |A e El Al/KUSO 1 "Buffalo Bill" hunted them 6 Desert animal 11 Large hawk 13 Cylindrical 14 The United diversity of animal life 15 Lecturer 16 Socialistic , Soviet Republic (ab.)j 17 Libyan : seaport ', 19 Abstract being" 20 Pauses anew , 22 Vexed 25 Mortgagees 29 Verbal " 30 Babylonian deity 31 Rodent 32 Oriental porgy 33 Short-napped 34 Essential 35 Encloses 38 Large plants 39 Parts of coats 41 Pronoun 44 More unusual 45 Eucharistic wine vessel 48 Flee 50 Expunger 52 One who runs away to wed ! 53 Rat ! 54 Natives of • Latvia ; 55 Highways : DOWN 1 Stud 2 Devotees 4 Worthless 5 Required 6 Wax 7 Brazilian macaw 8 Measure 9 Famous English school 0 Brythonic sea gods 2 River in Belgium 3 Throat tissues 8 Freed !0 Unit of reluctance ,1 Symbol for tin >2 Routine ll 14 16 Z 3 n Z9 31 35 23 Z4 11 48 51 W •ft T3 1 m tom yy m i? = A 1.. O 0 A S to Previous Puiitie IR! i klel IS|o|i_|Ei hrhr-tetMdJoNes aoEiigaa^stas^iB 1 1 1 p o N f 1 U S. T 1 O N t= V E N 5V = C. t s & t 3 A s <* = " y.y. c F R E '& P5 & 1 p Hi c 5 \ E CJ F e W 1 ' S 1 p 6 • R o 1 U s & * '(% •5. R ^ o ^ f LJ *, N T 9 B X E r P E A V A C T / E 1 te i * E Z R V N 7 B \ <H r E i R 23 Persia 38 Violent dread 24 Pertaining to 40 Swerve laymen 41 Foot part 26 Gaelic 42 Small island 27 Facility 43 Native' of 28 Female Scotland saints (ab.) 45 Bewildered 30 Cattleman 46 Repair 34 Bitter vetch 47 Crafts 36 While 49 Qualified 37 Slants srBustle __ 7 m m 37 14 n vy/O' '* 35 16 /b 13 15 W/, to bU % 9 W/. m, % bb 1 W, 3f W il 8 W V 10 31 tt Z8 15 % IJ7 CARNIVAL •y Dick Turner "These new models check out okay on the track—of course we've got to see what the parking garage boys can do to 'enil" SIDE GLANCES By Golbralrh T. M. Ret. U. S. P«t OH. Copr. 1955 Ey NEA Str.l^e. Inc. mind the mambo! I'll be satisfied if yoy 9911 juft | t«39h him to wait? properly!" vS j OUT OUR WAY OZARK IRI WE PEvELOPED Gb'lM* BAREFOOT TO A HI 6H ART--WALUOWIM' THE SUM-WARMED PUST BETWEEM OUR TOES AMP THE ECSTASY OF COMTRAST IN COOL. SHADEP SPOTS--THE OOZY SUMMER MUD PUDDLES-- SEEIW' WHO COULP WALK FARTHEST OM HOT RAILROAD TRACKS— HAMNAH, I CONT SVC UP LOOK, MI&TfiB PUNT/,1 / YOU'RE C3ETTIN GUSHY, 6RAMP. FORGET VDU'VE STEPPED OK) FOUR BURS ALREADY AW' JUMPED LIKE YOO WAS SHOT.' ^^fe , /, WVsIT TO HELPVOU/ , tHAT EASILY Ifi SOU OONY MCN6&T/ BUT 1PON^ KNOW SPILL, J'U. SET SEMT UP FOR' A MUBPER X PlON'r COMMIT. FRQV NOTH1N)©/ NOW COMB WASH TUBES WHEN WILLY SOKHV..WE DON'T " I'VE LIVBP M _ _ TEN DON'T 6ET OUT,OBJtHl*;ORBMW SOON, rW AFRAID ILL BLOW LUNCH BE SERVE IAEMS BETWEEN ALA,WO<30ROO LOUS ISN'T THW 1H& ALBUQUERQUE ^WD ENOUGH. I SHOULD'VE NEAREST TOWN WINUTB5 15k WUSS?>( HOLLOWMlAT' KNOWM NOT TO EXPECT AFTEK EA*/$ PLANE AIRBORWE- AM HOUK'5 FLIGHT FORCE BASE? ANV SERVICE Ik) THI& 605H-AVJFUL REOIOW'. ^-^ . WHEN) YOUP LOVE TO LIVE FOREVER '•" "* •• •• '•'* 1 !X.^:uJ7..7 > .,.e.>.r.j»!itii»x««*»i.. OUR BOARDING HOUSE With Major Hoopla OKAY, MI6TAM RKE/—HEH-MEH/ JA5ONi, WOULD YOU MlfOD LE<S5 THI6 TIMS -~ 6D556 THAT PROVES EM REALLY A MAM BECAUSE 6AY ^4O MAsl HAS IOOTS AND HER BUDDIES PEOPLE AINJT A6 LOMS INi BSD -4S-SS.'? 'WS. VMOVE r HEY, SYLVESTER*,' WHEW ARSVA? INEED A DIFFERENT VAMAOB ME.SUCE THAT SHOTINTA THIS SAND TRAP' By Herthbargcr ALLEY OOP COULD YES, BUT \ ANYTHING WHY.SURE/ OF RIPICULOU5/ \ EVEN IF COURSE! THOSE SOMEBOpy KNOCKED MOD } IDEA WHY OUT WITH A HYFO.E 'WHILE SHOE-PRINTS BACK THERE IN THE JUNGLE IT FITS/ TO KIDNAP NOBODV WHOP\ . HIM, FCTR^ ) KNOW HOW TO' DISAPPEARANCE? CATSAKErA OPERATE THIS ia^^r^?^^p« ^•••/•v-'^-^MMfe How about rearranging your brother instead oF ' i the furniture?" fWEETIF PIE By Nodin* Selz*r »PISCI14UA'S POP YOU FATHERS SUPPER SO... BUT>nr WON'T BE LIKE THIS THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNI '^""•i mm** '..'*s. PAPPY/ '', '51 *' , «y.i^»t HAVIN0 OU ywC)Ul.p.ITRVSTYC>«HAVf

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