The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 29, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 29, 1949
Page 11
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TUESDAY, MARCH 29, 1949 ULYTHEVIU.E (ARK.) COURTKR NEWS PACK ELKVBK' JT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople WHUT THEM GTHETIG PEOPLE THAT SEEMED ALLUS PAMCIM' M DELLS ET--IF THEV DID I'VE TRIEP ROOTS, CROSSES AND BARK, AM' THEY'RE ALL AWFUL.' AVE.OLAtHOLUft. FLEE BEFORE SUCH A LOW CREATURE SPEAKS- OF POTS AM B«i»s»S AW DISHRAGS, AN' SKINNING BEEFS -•- FLEE.' FLEE, ASAPIUS, TO MORE IXSTAWT DELLS--THE FOOL SPEAKS OF SUCH LOW THIM6S AS FOOD.' .. FOOWD MlMK JUNCTION ?-*«• WHEKC t*!T? , KO8TH DELL?— LET ELBOW A F£\«J fl WALRUSES OUT OF TW WA.Y •TO S&T TO VOUR ORt LOOliS A8OOT 1OO MILES AVJAV. ^ WELL THERE (6 A THE SPRlMG'NUT- CROP W«A« B^ fcft . Vr HEA SUVICE. 1MC By Bob Wade and Bill Miller XXXIX Sin couldn't FHKCKLES & HJS FRIENDS By MKKKJLL BLUfiHBft Man Hie cravat takes Its name &nil t of its origin from victorious liiui soldiers \vho visited Puris the nth century wearing briglit- orcd neck kerchiefs. Political Announcements bjccl to Municipal Election Anrll 5 1S49 Tor LMnyni DOYLE' HENDERSON E. R JACKSON For Alderman Pirsl Ward RALEIGH SYLVESTER JIMMIE. SANDERS Second Ward WALTER C CATES J. W ADAMS Third Ward JENNINGS BAILEY LOUIS G NASH Fourth Ward (Two to be Electcdl J. WILSON HENRY LESLIE MOORE see It. Tiien, as she lifted a hand to shield her eyes from the briRlit etnbers of the campfu'e, she could discern a shadov; dnrker than the '.. ''Is thai Ine Queen, Johnny?" 'Don't ask me." John Henry muttered. "1 can't see a thins, 1 ' Mr. Trim held his eyes on the sleeping Barselou but motioned with his head. "Look up, Conover. It's in the sky." John Henry followed his advice. The outline of a wooden hull slowly took form against the rosy glow. The "Reina" had not come to rest on the canyon bottom. Rather. Ihe galleon was wedged between the roek jaws of the chasm, almost 200 feet above their heads. Either Ihe ground had eroded beneath her keel in the past two centuries or some con- ulsion of the wasteland had [JAnSELOU scrambled to his feet, ° still half-fettered by the heavy blanket. His jet-black hair stood in tanflled spikes and his pale eyes were heavy with sleep. His eyes widened, then narrowed al the three mounted figures above him in the dawn. One hairy hunt twitched toward the carbine tha lay on the ground and Trim said "No." Barselou hnlted. warily mo tionless, and looked at the pislo muzzle. "Rude to awaken you like this, Trim pattered on. "ParUcularl B We know watches EXPERT "Jfatch repair • All Work Guaranteed Reasonable Prites l Uniilii.v . . . Wear Diamimd.t 316 \\EhTM-\I\ !i'l ii. IIUHEVIU.I A C'rappie or Catfish 24 HOURS DAILY Special Sunday Dinner 75c Simpson Cafe Ark-Mo State Line ropped her below ground level nto the great gap. The Queen was ai'lhbouncl, a? in some gigantic ry doc!;. Her timber sides ripped the sister cliffs, but her oimd belly scorned the earth and ested on air alone. \ The sails and masts and most of he high stern had rotted away, exposing three layers of deck to heir gaze. Below the galleon near Barselou's temporary camp was a pile of rubble that hac ;allcn oyer the years. The heap was overgrown by the octopu vines of a green- succulent, but here trailed a rusty length of chain nnd there jutted a crumbling plank from the rudder. "There's enough to prove she ised to be a treasure ship, anyway," Trim's jubilant voice cried. His gaze sharpened. The sleeping form on the ground stirred, moaned and raised itself on its elbows. "Good morning, Mr. Barselou!" Trim greeted him. His voice was climbing back to th* octave the Conovers familiar with. to the noise of a dream castl crumbling about your ears. Bu that's the picaresque life, isn't it Yes. Mr. Barselou. Calamity ha come.'* Barselou sagged visibly II rugged face turned gray and h caned for support against th boulder beside him. His colorles eyes, which seemed sudden! deeper in their sockets, glinte veakly at the Conovers. "It wa ,-ou—" he began hoarsely, the stopped as if the effort were to much. No," said Sin earnestly. "We" :iere by accident. Don't you u derstand? He's Jones." "Or Trim. Or Jordan," said t little man gaily. "Yes, don't gi these two credit for my adve luring. The Conovers were brought because they knew of Walking Skull and tor company through the night. And principally—" his voice gained metallic edges "—because they stumbled onto one of lile ntio 1 owned a couple o.' ilos in Las Vcgns. llomor ce worked for me. " he mused nnd shook s head. "A borderline rase of tenuity. He hurried to me with of the Queen which you red him to discover. 1 know lie as spiling to both sides, but lie ought he hold the reins secretly/ is blunder wns to disregard my struclions to communicate by whnn all WQF ready. He lele- raphcd." fALLS FROW VH B/eR OAVS HAVE ASOOMO MEBI/ "Daddy said ho usod to bo a social lion when ha was younger, mother—who tiiniod him?" Unfinished I'lirlniii my last resorts in my wallet. Something 1 didn't care to have publicized." 'Jones," said Barselou dully. 'A mailing address only." Trim chuckled merrily. "It's comical that you took it (or more than that. At this point, there's no barm in telling you that my 1 real name is Jordan, widower, U lifted hi.s head. "1 £ pressing him'." Color begun ourinn back into Ihe fierce dice. So you guessed I saw Ihe wire." "I couldn't ignore the chance, onsidering the hold you hail in Azure. I generally include a female companion in my exploits— ley kick up such a blinding dust. And in tills cnse it wa« a sorl of elebiation. My daughter Fnyo lad just been released from—" I'rim halted abruptly to glare at he pale couple on Ihe horses beside him. "She was held illcj;ally. ler only illness was over-originality! "Forget that curbine!" he snapped, twislins back toward Barselou. The unmounted man shrugged and dropped hie hands. Trim continued pleasantly. "So we had to separate for the lime being, as you were expecting a pair of Joneses. The cottage had been reserved for a week, with no mention of number or sex. All arrangements had been made for an appointment with Anglin there— except the day. When he wiled instead of writing, Faye was forced to occupy the cott.iRc alone, while 1 took a room. We didn't dare to bear the least resemblance to a Mr. and Mrs. Jones of San Diego. Anglin made a stupid mis- Lake over the cottage number,thought I had reneged on the deal, and turned to you in desperation. 1 couldn't catch him, but I slopped him." A tinge of gold was on the cliffs HERE IT IS, HAZEL.' JUST THE LOT WE'VE DREAMED ABOUT/ I CAN PICTURE THE UN PORCH OVER THERE,. WITH MF OOZING ON DAVENPORT HERE 1 PICTURE THE LIVING ROOM..., WITH A BIG, FIREPLACE.' By AL VEKMEEft (NOW IF ONLY I COUV.O \ VPICTURE THESWSO**.' J ^V VIC FLINT l.iuly on the \Yin path By M1CHAUL O'MALLKY and RALPH LAMB * [/^VOll SAY YOU ' WfRE ON THE POLICE FORCE? WHEN? WHEN YOU AND JISGER \ JACKSON CONTROUEDTItt | . SYNDICATE. REMEMBER, F06?J S, WASH Tumis HAD MTTtPt TAMt IN (MNO THt TAlLfiIRr •'"*'—- Ik- Won't IMiiv Hull By LKSME TURNER SCOTT ALLEY SIGN & NEON SERVICE • Better Signs • Better Service 808 North Franklin Phone 3203 THE CRANES COMPANY L\E .\LTOL\S Real Estate - Morttiiitjo loan*- IrmirdrKi. OSCEOLA BniHfMII Phone 521 Phone 30751 Soy it .... With Flowers The Flower Shop Glcncoe Hotel BIdg. I'hone 4491 or 2747 Nu-Wa Offers You the Biggest Laundry Value! ROUGH DRY lAc . BUNDLE IU ALL FLAT WORK FINISHED WEARING APPAREL STARCHED Shirts Finished . . . 12c each Extra Pants Finished 20c each Extra Co 114474-4475 NU-WA LAUNDRY CLEANERS Six Service Trucks Chemically deltated cotton Med germinate quicker, plant and plow the same week. Reduce chopping expense " ! produce more cotton per aere. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE D. & P. L. No. 14, per 50 Lb. Hag $10.1)0 U. & r. L. No. 15, Per 5« Lb. Bat 10 - ul) Stoneville 2 B, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Htonevllle ^ C, rtt 59 Lb. Bag 10.00 I EUwden 41-B, Per 5» Lb. Bag 10.00 Half & Hal/ (Hlbred), Per 5» tb. Bag 10.0U Cokrr's IM Will Resistant, Per 5» Lb. Bai; 10.00 Paola. Per 50 Lb. Bar 1(MK1 Rmpire. Per 50 Lb. Bat 10 - (H) Come in and place roar order or get vnttr supply loriay BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Phone 856 Bljtheville. Ark. Phone 857 Branches: Leacrmlte, Ark., llorncrsvillc, ^ and Senath. Mo. FEOW VODE OUTLIIOB O 1 WILTY'S DISIMTECRATtOIJt LRUDLUDS'S 1 GWIIER HE'S ft HEfkW DEINK.EC.. WHMS MOEE. CAPTMM BH.SV... HS's AM M.COHOLIC! *,wi>, I'M 6.KRAID, ft HOPELESS CASE! HIE PLEftDED WITH HIM.... SHAMED 'IM... EVtW IKIED SCARIWS •IMS 50 H(WE ML MS FHIEMDsl BUT *t oor UOWHEEE! ~J NOTHING CAN HELP / HHO, KtT_0« GM VK I * kAMl MHO WON'T ( W TrtfW*,y. RI«0»,«UEM 1 CO-OPERATE: K HASVWHC H NO PRIDE \ORCONBDeNCE LEfT!/ IIMM.-.I SEE. \\t\6 HE TRIED ALCOHOLICS MJOWVMOUS ? TUSH'UE HELPED THOUSMWS Ci|RE TIIEW5EWES — the imprisoned galleon. Light enough tb work by," he daughter, «nd racing interests on Shall we join the the coast which return me enough indulge my hobby of seeking FARMERS A lluf I'rcsunl ISUCS IHINNY By KUEI) HARMAN. j .STUDEBAKER FINE CARS AT A FAIR PRICE P I '49 License on All These Cars 1/1 "1947 Chevrolet, very low mileage, clean inside and ""f out. C 1947 Ford, radio, neuter, and seat covers. O 1940 Mercury, new painl and HRAN1) NK\V m MOTOR W 1940 Ford, new painl, equipped with overdrive y 3939 Chevrolet, good motor, radio and heater H 1947 Studebaker 1 '/i Ton Truck, good motor, tires m and body yg • Come By Before You Buy • Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Studebaker Dealer" Railroad & Ask e 2195 ISTUDEIAKER HIYA, CHiEFIE, 01: PAL HOW CAN VA GET TIRED FROM JUST A BLANKET? , , -Al TIRED FROM \7',IM'\ BLANKET... TIREO FROM HWJL-UM A.ROUNO STORAGE BATTERY TO MAKE-UM BLANKET WORK / — -- IS THIS ELECTRIC 3LANKE7 t'SOLD YA KEEP IN' VA. WARM ? " PLENTY BUT MAKE-IM PLENTV TIRED. TOO. 1 By V. T. HAMLIN WEU-.IM MOST / INDEEP Y0U CAN. FLUTTERED TO ( MY DEW?... JUST BE IN ON THE V COME SECRET, YOUR. \ WlTH MB.' MAJESTY... CAN I BE Of SOT-IE HELP' . THISLL CAUSE flUITE STIC. AM ON S MOO'S ELIGIBLE YOUNG \VOMEN.' OH. I HAPDLY THINK SO... THERE'S ONLY ;N= Vs'HO'S ELIGIBLE.' DECIDED LEM'5/ .. AND NE'XT OUE&N /I'VE COME \s'ILL BE A H£<SE TO TXXE MSB ,- .. „. ,t.Y-a. ~ r . i»-JVV. A. Hy EPGAR MARTIN HOOTS AND HKK HUDDIKS

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