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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 1

Hope, Arkansas
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Thursday, May 19, 1955
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MOM STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Wednesday, May It, t95S** lift. P. A. ftscarre will pr«sch» «f kindergarten pupils in gr»d- itoift exe**ci*fes Thursday evening ^II. 1 ? o'clock in the Educational -Bliildittg of the First Method lit *•"*"" ""• The public is invited to aV •Benjamin Gulp Chapter D«u- rs 'o! the American Revolution _ meet oh Thursday at 1 o'clocK the home of Mrs. f, C. MciUe tot a Covered dish luncheon: Ktwanlan* See r.llm Worthington was in Senators Point to Waste by Air Force WASHINGTON toavei ( — fefge bf the- program at the re« kly meeting of the Prescott Club held at the Lawson On Thursday evening and in- t»odUced- Walter Hirst who showed f Cardinal baseball film. Other guests were Jimmy an4 (ffl — Sens, and . Robertson. Man Wounds Wife, Take* Own Lift CROSf.ETT (UP) MrS. Robert Wesson's condition was "unchanged" today from two bullet wounds inflicted by her estranged fiusband yesterday shortly before DEATH OF A LEGEND WILL HENRY 1954 tr Will Henry. U«< ^ orroiMenM a. HcM, lot DittritDMl ky NEA &*•. came back to life, a forgotten era reincarnate, Big George strode briefly and shadow - tall across the darkening stage. His last statement on entering head and thought otherwise. As he did, 1880 wore away. Then slates 01 iowa, Missouri, xven- 1881 eased past January, crawled ^tucky, Tennessee and Texas. In 4U*.n..*«u Tri«u.......... nn ^ ~4—i~-i 4V>n«n Vittllotinc T'inlrnrfnn tprcnlv were dispatched into the five key states of Iowa, Missouri, Ken- through February, into March. and started ki the first week of that month these bulletins Pinkerton tersely warned his operatives: 'Missouri, the home state, is no the gang, with Frank back at longer safe for the gang. Its <M_ i. ~~^... —— T, . r -•.»—"•^•••- —• -••"-••••sine gang, witn J?ranu back at longer saie lor me gang, us Chapter XXXIII , Prison had been to Yankee Bligh, j esse < s si d e , struck like lightning backwards hideouts are all under In September, 18(9, three years kerton now replacing his famous the Pinkerton detective who had and far a fj e id- at a stagecoach'24-lhour Agency .surveillance. Its .^ . - ,to the month from the disaster as head . °f the agency. It trailed and jailed him, following outside Muscle Shoals. Ala! local peace officers are at last Jiome here. / - -. . . Police Chief D. F. Polk Wesson entered his wife's house headquarters he shot and killed himself at her !at Northfield, a telegram went said from Kansas City to the Chicago unqualified late yesterday, started an argu ment with her, and Mrs. Wesson to tne month from the disaster as n eau °i me agency. it trailed and jailed him, toll at Northfield, a telegram went was unsigned and consisted of fine the Russelville robbery. "I from Kansas City to the Chicaeo unqualified words: "He is back know any of the men who IN MISSOURI." with me." don't were of William Pin- , Worthington and C. L. Me. l.tJlelland. Center H D Club £/., Meet* With ' Mra. A. P. Jonei *». The Center Home 'Demonstration Club met on Friday afternoon in ,/the 1 home of Mrs. A. P. Jones for ;the (May meeting with 8 members ^vfand Miss Loretta McClennahan ,' Airs. Horace Jones gave the devo- j'ajwonal followed with the business |ie«sion conducted iby the president,'he had been ijlirs. A, P. Jones. 1,' A round table discussion was held wasting - lars" on its consiruetibn progritns in England and Alaska, v^ / • B The charges, were raised at t Senate Appropriations subcommit tee hearing as Air Force spokes- rheh began explaining requests for nearly 15 billion dollars. These A',r Force funds already have been approved by'the House. The subcommittee Is considering requests for-rrtore than 30 billion dollars from defense agencies. Chavz, subcommittee chairman, said "We still have waste and inefficiency.' ' tie said an example of this was a report to the committee that be- Lween 10 and 15 million dollars had been wasted on the Air Force construction program in the United Kingdom by ''needless repetition of planning." "Much greater sums have been vested in trying to execute these imperfect plans," he added. accessories and choosing the *Veerfcoloitawlth;;MisVMcClenna^ „—in .giving' helpful, hints. •f-'The next meeting will be in the •.home of Mrs. Horace Jones. i/ Pl ».A delectable salad course was en- j Joyed during the social hour. Alaska.' .'; He said Air Tprce projects there cost "a hundred million dollars more than was contemplated." Robertson said the annual "main tcnancc cost.oh, these Alaskan J. A. Yapcey •/ , 1 Hoite«» To , Club . • • home of Mrs. J. A. Yanccy colorful with arrangements &jof'roses and sweet peas on Friday ternoon where she was hostess to' e 1850 Canasta Cliib. , : score honors were won by Homer Ward., •'-.'• . ",:•. «f At the conclusion ,of the games ** ; dainty salad and dessert course Vas served. ^Quests were Mrs. Burke Shelton and Mrs. Baker Britt. Other mem- present were Mrs. Imon Gee, Sen. Robertson broke in to say informed that the in Great Britain was small part of what was ran out the back door. He fol- owed, fired two shots at her. and . c . or hen /turned the.v gun on .himself. }!°> Ohe bullet caused little Injury, and n ' Wesson fired again,-the sfecond bullet -piercing his 'brain. He died about two hours later. The couple had two sons and one daughter, ranging in age from about 10 to 18, Polk said; Mrs. Wesson 'was struck by -the 8 caliber automatic pistol bullets in the back and neck. Her first and second-grade chi.dren. By now he knew his man and But the gray-walled years had a b-Mottf Vile. ^» n 4U n J~ rrM-I-.i _ „ changed Big George's mind. outside Muscle Shoals, Ala.! It was a feint, only. On July 10 the first of the real local peace officers are _- -_, alert under an anti-James admi., istration. Jesse James is on a last, most llrtrpn it .... i-nang^u AJtg \jrcuigo- a ilium. to S fn'o'spoUight 6 fo r cu TrbeTmTen °n his release, he went straight covert "°£° ' * .1 S A, lhe be . am . fe]l to the office of the Kansas Citv condition was critical. no spo g ocus e eam fell . u , a nationwide test proved mercilessly upon Clay and Jack- to th f „ of £u e . ? «. S8S e. . , nn - nllnt f« pn way ana Jack ,marshall. That astute officer, effective. It contracted with six manufac turers to make enough vaccine for that number. The manufacturers began work last November. It takes BO days to turn out a batch of vaccine. But there are 55 million children lis- T n ---------- -•-.-_»,_., 'I'hp rjlj Sge 1 through 19, who are more n i nvpr ) susceible p susceptible to polio than adults. This meant the 46 million not in Cause of the argument was not lhe first and second grades would Tiown. but Chief Polk said thr>i have to wait. In other words: late twiliVht nf n^f i { teni "g to "is proposition, furnished - "retnpnS" him with a fake new ^ a Per clip- wa% RiMo'r,,* ™ *u ping Purporting to relate how was Blue Cut on the shepherd, unswerving in his allegi- « Alton ttailroad near ance to his nob]e bandit pals of Jackson County, Mo. yore had becorne the object o f were six men in the gang., a widespread manhunt by the very old guerilla method was em-' officia i sP he was work l ng - ... y Blows fell: on the Davis & Sex- desperate raid to make a final, ton Bank in Riverton, Iowa — to king's ransom killing and perhaps a net result of $5000 and a spot- quit the outlaw trail forever . . ." -' --' (To Be Continued) Ei.sh*. states have towns named clean getaway. But now the Pinkertons had their man back in the glare of the, searchlight. All - points bulletins Paradise. .^^^^^ ,, c VYC.C, w, ul r>,n e wim. With this sorry bait, Big George - • known, but couple had some time. Chief been Polk said separated the!' £ or ,there would be many months. a shortage for Explains Why Department Guessed Wron By JAMES MARLOW Associated Press News Analyst —- WASHINGTON Ml Mrs. Oveta mand. ulp Hobby lackcdw foresight on ..the public desire for antipolio "— cine. And her Department The horses thundered into Glen-' is "" supposed "to "have ^ught"out dale on the dead run. The rebel hls former outlaw comrades. echoed, guns roared, the win-) Weeks j ater he ret urned to Kan- glass crashed and fell. The sas city and the headlines blared at the depot were pistol- his triumph. any monts. . ee pso- Mrs. Hobby's department could whipped, herded into and locked JESSE JAMES IS DEAD! have started planning distribution Jn th f, ba S| a ge room. The train last fall when the f oundalion was fla ?e ed down, boarded. Wil- 1 —— * u Health Education and Welfare guessed wrong on the supply of It. Mrs. Hobby, explaining why her Shepherd's story was simple. _ „.. -— —• • ••"• Jesse and the boys had w.°l- placed its orders for vaccine or Jlrna ( -' rlme s, the express mes- corned him heartily. At the op- any time between last fall and sen e cr . sought valiantly and • in portune moment, he had got Jesse April 12 when test results were valn to hlde the $35.000 in his to one side, alone, and shot him announced. i cha , r ? e ; ? e was toeate " senseless | For William Pinkerton the tale Yesterday Sen. Lehman D-NYl •, and left for dead - The escape was was too simple. Bulldog - wise at a hearing before the Senate's as complete and successful as had he demanded a body. None was Labor and Public Welfare Com- been tne a ssault. There was no forthcoming. The Pinkerton office mittee, asked Mrs. Hobby why a ttempt to "take the coaches," I refused the ex-guerilla's claims placing hadn't been done ahead Witnesses by the score were giving wide publicity to their clear of time. It was then she conceded Dredged out of the Clay and Jack-'discrepancies. For some time the shn didn't foresee the public de-^ son county back country. Fearful'official Pinkerton viewpoint was j testimony was given and taken, in given broad public acceptance in Yesterday, Mrs. Hobby made secret. The old immunity was Missouri. These people knew 1C-, her recommendations, based on Broken and within 24 hours the'Jesse James. You did not just of consultations with medical and cit- Chicago office released a bulletin'walk out and take Dingus with a made flying .from them almost im- «.'••-1 i« i ••• . -—•»•••».. u.ii-ciu, aajru, i oeiieve no one Ef°l =L LiA?.? CSSIVe " _ and . tnat could have f ? 1-ese en the public de««... . t ..._ mand" f or j ti She sayg now th(j shortage is "tremendous." The National Foundation for Infantile Paralysis, private organization, planned months ahead foi getting vaccine to • nine million depart ment ma de no plans far ernment putting up 28 million dol- ahead, says, "I believe no one lars to buy vaccine for those who izen groups. She asked voluntary naming the new gang: Jesse channeling a mo ng state govern- James, Ed Miller, Wood Hite, Bill ments and doctors, with the gov- Ryan, Dick Liddell, Tucker possible." Poth he and Chavez said the Appropriations Committee wanted all facts before the Senate is asked to approve the huge bill, Including Air Force funds. jjjfMip. H, J. Wilson, Mrs. J. V. Fore, '"Irs, J. B. Hesterly, and Mrs. C. G. Solid rubber tires are bing used more extensively on vehicles in lOal mines, having been found couldn't afford it. On April 12 her department said Basham. Where, indeed, were the magic names of old? But sorry crew or not, $35,000 fake clipping. But then the months rolled on. There was no more Jesse. Cuss it all, maybe old George had got him. Maybe he had shot Dingus after all. You had to admit George had been a member . - —r —-..„ .j u .t. «...., .j v *» j i_j.^w \ji nwt,, >ptji>,uu'j iiiiL v_rtrui gt; iieiu uucii a iiiumoe] that by Aug. 1 every child in the,in very real money were missing, in good standing as of the Russel nation between 1 and 9 could be And missing with that -'"• " ' ' ' money, Bill Okays Red River Basin Work WASHINGTON W)' — A House _„„„„„.: _----.— = public works subcommittee has more effective for some operations., passed unanimously a bill to pro' ' vide flood control for the Red River Basin below Denison Dam. Passed yesterday; th estimated 15-milllon dollar project for Arkansas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas would include a nine-mil- |JMr. and Mrs. Horace Jones were "« weekend guests of Dr. and Mrs. irold Pollock in Oklahoma City. , and were accompanied ho/y Mrs. Pollock and Gary Steen who are their guests. made before the standing committee of the National .Peoples Con- ,gress. He used the same "turn (the 'other cheek" attitude he displayed at the Bandung conference bbt he ; did not budge an inch on the Formosa, question. •; He did retreat on. one propaganda line. He said a plane which C. A. Haynes and -Mrs. C. Tompkins attended a Daugh- of the American Colonist lun- heon m the home of Mrs. Frank rig in Arkadelphia Friday. , -- '.-. , r , r Dr. and Mrs. N. R. Nelson and ^Leonard Lee were the weekend gu- **ita of Mr. and Mrs. John A. Logan itln'Crossett. ' Sff&i. L ___ _ • . , lion-dollar Cooper Reservoir on Sulphur River in Texas. Another part of the program includes channel improvements on Walnut Maniece and McKinney OU*««««A »••«., .•&«. aa*u' c^ ^idllC W Jliv.ll • ' «*»» w fc .ITJ. CKJiCUU all crashed, en route to Bandung with Bayous in Arkansas. Red Chinese' aboard was sabolag ed by Nationalist agents. He did In the past five years, Americans not repeat Peking's earlier c.harges have bought more than two electric the crash, was plotted by Ameri-'appliances for each man, woman _ „ w^u.w ^v,|iiuu imoomg wim mciL muiiuy, ville, Ky., job. And that he had incoulated agamsf polio. Yesterday shadowy and swift as ever the taken his medicine for that job Mrs. Hobby's special aide, Dr. .old, glorious band was, were Jesse I without squawking on Dingus or Cliester Keefer said the foundation | and his new recruits. Frank or any of the others. Maybe Jesse had been glad to sec old has ordered 18 million cubic centimeters of vaccine for those first For months the border was quiet. Then a sudden, smoldering -^^ «t»wu<- t-iL ,} i, M LI jv- L. j. t it j i a OUUL, and second-graders and so far has!flare spring to life, received a little over seven mil- Big George Shepperd, lion. That means the manufacltir-| of the "Bloody Bill" comrade Anderson -,*, VLI . ui illc JJ1UUUJ' UllL £\HU\:l DUIl crs still have to supply it with 11! days, was released from the'Mis- million cubic centimeters. souri state Penitentiary. A legend Keefer said it may be mid- August -before the foundation's order is filled. This means those above and below the first and second grades won't get shots before then. And Dr. Leonard Scheele, surgeon general of the U. S. Public cans as well! and Mrs. Pat. Simpson have 88 their guests, Mr. and Mrs: , F Simpson, Mrs., Marion Siglcr ; and children,- Lynn- and Robin of fl«8 Angeles, Calif., and Oliver Simpson ol Houston, .Tejxas.' , ' »«_ WMHnn _ • G. Cordon and Ed Gordon yl- |, 4 ,«ltCil Mr. and Mrs. Wheeler Gordon " In Magnolia Friday. • . and Mrs. L. L. Mitchell at^'fended the Arkansas B^r Associa- that met in Hot Springs last and child in the country. Health Service, part of Mrs. Hobby's department, said he doesn't think the manufacturers can go! into large-scale production before j next fall or winter. So, he said, he couldn't predict what the supply^ will be at the. peak of the polio" season, which comes between mid-August and mid-September. George. Maybe he had welcomed him into the new gang, just the way Big George told it. Maybe Jesse James was dead. William Pinkerton shook his big PLAN NOW FOR A COOL SUMMER The newest in fans and air conditioning Solve all your summer comfort problems with these versatile new fans! ALLEN ELECTRIC CO. 114 S. Elm Phone 7-2629 what every man likes IAMPUS sport shirts A man can't have enough Campus shirts... such colors, fabric contrasts, decorative details! All washable, tailored »o last and last. Choose yours today. From $].98up LEWIS McLARTY, Inc. Hope's Finest Dept. Store and Mrs. Don Buchanan and of Tulsa, Okla., are the gu- of Mrs. GU Buchanan and; Mr, Mrs. Archie Johnson. . i ' i 'un ii ... , . „ ..'... and Mrs. Hoyt Haynie and en of Tulsa, Okla., were the &jir«efcend guests of relatives. Srt* and Mrs. Jesse Crow and and Mrs. Lloyd Cum.mings of way were the Sunday guests of ., and Mrs, Blake Crow in Mag| ( jjoJUa and attended the christening for their little grandson. ' ONLY ONE TRUCK GIVES YOU AIL 1 ... most modern styling ...biggest wrap-around windshield ... most powerful V-8 engines S. Richard Thomas of Phpenix, ., Mr, and Mrs. Jim Lockwood Malene, 111., were the Friday ?fu.ej(ts of Mr. and Mrs. Harry Ke* w , jIMr. and Mrs, Otto Hollo wa^ of jp;,R«8Ston were Saturday visitors In Chou Wants L S. Out of •orrnosa 3KYO (UP) — Chinese Com- t Premier Chou En-]ai re. his offer today to negotiate ptJy with the United States but 2t clear he was interested / in negotiating the with jjwal of U. S. armed forces from >U, In a review of the Ban African- A s ian conference Ipajt by Peiping radio, em $4 Peiping's intention o: '' Formosa but said .,„ Ch,ina w^s willing to i" It by negotiation rather ")ry force, .... . any idea of a fpj- the Formosa strait was an impossibility is an integral that it was a by the Pelty Yes, only Dodge Truck gives you all three most-wan ted features in one, truck. They're as new as tomorrow— your hallmark of a really successful business. With their low, sleek, modern styling, their modern wrap-around windshield and rear window, new Dodge trucks assure safer driving, easier handling. ( And Dodge Truck also gives you the most powerful short-stroke V-8's of all leading trucks. New Power-Dome V-8's with 169 to 202 hp. let you haul bigger loads and cut trip time. Yet with all their new features, Dodge trucks are now priced with the lowest! Indeed, many popular models are the lowest priced of all makes. Compare new Dodge features,.. compare delivered prices, too. Visit your dependable Dodge truck dealer soon. THE FORWARD LOOK.. .IN TRUCKS! ALL NEW B. R. HAMi 2C)9 C«ft Second Street "Job-f^ted" T MOTOR CO. Hope, Arkonioi To City Subscribtri: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7-3431 by 6 p. rn.,and a special carrier will deliver your paper, Hope Star AMKAMsAS » crs local thuh<tefsW*rhi ernoon, Becotninf nl* south pdrtioft tonight no important tefflpefattif«. Experiment Station 24-houfs ending at • a. m. day, High 83, Low M. ^5^t>*« ..56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 185 Star of Htft !•**. Pmi 1927 Contolldattd Jan. II, HOPt, ARKANSAS, THURSDAY, MAY 19,1955 i Oral, i MM. rtk ** , IfM Baccalaureate Service to Be 4 p. m. Sunday Brookwood Third Grade Students Take Train Trip To climax a unit on the study of trains two third grades of Brookwood School, under direction of Mrs. Donald Moore and Mrs. Elmer Brown, left today by bus for Baccalaureate service for mem- TeTxarka "a. Ibers of the 1955 Hope High School ! , In Texark ana they will be guests graduating class will be held Sun- Bof den Co. and visit their plant. day at 4 p. m. at the First Bap- ' Following the tour they will go to list Church of Hope The Droeram" 16 follows- i board Processional "Temple March"- through* r-'ln rs n r- u,, n t< \T i i inrougn tne train. Hyatt, -Vincent. When - " 16 Missou ri Pacific depot and a train for the return trip Mrs. B. C. Invocation they return t(J H The Rev. V. U. Kee- students will go to Fair park where ley Pastor of the First Methodist Church. ''Lift Thine Eyes" — Hope High School Glee Club, Mendelssohn. Scripture — The Rev. Edmond their mothers will have a picnic lunch waiting. About half of the children have never ridden on a train. Paul Raley of the local MOP office made arrangements for the group. Pcndletori Pastor of the First Christian Church. Prayer — The Rev. V. D. Keeley. Announcements — James H. Jo:s, Superintendent of Schools. Offertory "Romance in G" — Mrs. B. C. Hyatt, Shelley. "O Lord Most Holy" — Hope High School Glee Club, Franck. Sermon: "The Open Door" —The Rev. C. S. Walker, Pastor of Hope Gospel Tabernacle. Doxology: "Old Hundredth" — Congregation. Benediction — The Rev. Edmond Pendleton. fc Recessional "Grand March 1 Sflrs. B. C. Hyatt, Grieg ' . (Congregation is asked to seated). Mary Ida Adams, Willie Allen, Jerry Sue, Almand,, Mary Lou Almand, Sylvia I,.? here . have been some rum- Poe manager for Dell Arnold, Curtis Avery, James ! bhngs m Congress topped off by Bell - ArkanV* Handling of Polio May Be Political Item By LYLE C. WILSON WASHINGTON (UP) — The po«- sibility that the administration's _ handling of Salk polio vaccine i could become a real and blazing be i political issue in next year's presidential campaign is something ans are just beginning to ROCKET DEFENSE — Crewmen race to their poslfcfcns as NIKE guided missiles are raised to launching position during demonstration for the press at Norton, Va 1 ., Tuesday. This Is one of the NIKE Installations set up for protection of th nation's Capital. — NEA Telepho.to Junior Barnes, Charles Frank Beck, Rodney Judith Gail Barr >^ e angry demand of Sen. Wayne Beck, Vider Faye Dale Beckham, Charles Edward Bright, Veda Faye Brown, Jimmy Don Burke, Johnny Burke, Thomas '.Edward Charles Eubank Bryan, SCalvin Burke, Jimmy Dexter Bush, Marlin Bernard Byers, Patsy Ann Calhoun, Morse (D-Ore.) that Secretary Oveta "••' " " ' from senhower was angry when he .v.- jected Morse's idea in yesterday's news conference. He told the reporters that Mrs. Hobby was an uncommonly capable woman with Johnny Moore Camp, Wanda Faye ; a " outst andmg record of business, Clover, Aleta Joy Coflee, Gail £_°Xernment and military adminis- Gordon Cook, Billy Don Dougan, Douglas Jerome Drake, Harold Bruce Duke, Bex Marion Easter, But the discussion will not end There was a hint of more Telephone Service to DeAnn Soon Work is nearly, completed on a $12,000 rural telephone construction job to serve people in the De- Ann community east of here, P. J. Southwestern Arkansas, announced. The project, under the supervision of C. W. Parsons of Hope, tele- , phone construction foreman, will j provide new plant facilities serving about 21 customers initially, Poe said. The project also provided for future growth in the area. Used largely on the job was a new type wire wrapped in six pairs, allowing more wire to be installed more economically. In addition, 30-odd new- poles and 45 pole anchors were used.. And. for ':.,-••'• Abe District 12, Davidson Arkansas .ment of; the American Legion; will Insists U.S. Not Losing Air Supremacy By WILLIAM THEIS WASHINGTON, (INS) — Air Secretary -Harold E. Talbott said today the U. S. is not losing air supremacy to Russia. But he conceded that the Soviets are "doing a better job than I thought they were doing." ;; .;Talbott and Gen. Nathan Twining, air force chief of staff, gave :he Senate Appropriations commit- -ee an explanation of relative U.S.- Russian air power which senators said • was "reassuring." The air secretary said that the on,ly threat would come if this government were to "sit still" in its Depart-1 air program. But he made it clear Wake Hike for Postal Workers Vetoed by Ike 'WASHINGTON (UP) — President Eisenhower today vetoed a postal pay increase which would have given 500,000 postal workers an average 8.8 per cent w'age hike. Mr. Eisenhower objected to the bill because it would substantially increase the posal deficit and create new pay inequities affecting thousands of postal employes. The measure \vould cost the Treasury $179,000,000. In a veto meassagc to the Sen ate, the chief executive said the measure also created grave ad mlnistrative problems in the es tablishment of thousands of indivi dual pay rates and forced "awfc ward and unfair administrative practices" on a government de partment. Originally. Mr, Eisenhower pro posed a five per cent pay increase which along with adjustments in classifications, would have brough the total increase to BYz per cent. That would have s.cost the government about $129,000,000 a year, SPONSORED by the Democrats. the vetoed measure represented a compromise between a 10 per cent pay boost originally voted by the Senate and an 8.2 per cent raise first favored by the House. Both houses passed the compro Tiise with more than enough vote? to override ' a veto. The House passed it first, 328 to 66. The Senate followed ;suit, 66 to 11. Postmaster General Arthur E. Summerfield had served notice during House debate that ht> would .recommend a veto. This was n line with previous White House announcements that it would oppose a raise of more than 7.6 ler cent. .. . . . , , It was the second time Mr. Ei- Vena Elder, Pansy Marie Ellis. Jimmy Warren England, Margaret Louise Fagan, Emogene Fuller, lice Marie Gentry, Joylyn Jane to come in the carefully chosen and brief comment by Adlai E. Stevenson when he returned yes-i terday to Chicago froni his Afri-l Lester Gilbert, Juanita Faye Gil-i dling bert, Ginanne Graves, Janice Loet-j ..j ta Green, Beryl Judith Hammons, jj hev Forest Dale Hartsfield, Jo Ann, about Hartsfield, Autry Lee Hatfield, more economy, existing poles convene in an annual meet,here distance lines Sunday. May 22, at 2:30 p. m. „* Jho^L^o I District CommandervCecil Hiatt of the distance. | of Texarkana, will preside at the expected Jo meeftn'gi 1 that -will feature "'an ad-; d^ess.J.by; Abe .Dayidspn/^aryell, ,™_ The new lmes are the vaccine program, astounded to hear administration) knew all Martha Cloedith Hawthorne, James Henry Haynes, Rufus Vernon Herndon III, Banbara June Holder, Patsy Ann Hollis, Gilbert Ray Honeycutt, Franklin N. Horton, Doris Helen Huckabee, Paul Edwin Hud^lesion, Carolyn Naomi Huett, Ja- m'es Harold Hunt, James Warren Jackson, Doris Gladine Jester, Wayne Milburn Johnson, Jimmy Harold Jones, Charles Ray Jordon, Jack Keck Twila Joy Keith Virginia Sue Lafferty, Lee Lane, Diane Latshaw, Elizabeth Ann Lauterbach, Lyle Edward Leggett, Carolyn Muriel Long, John Eldon Mangum, Patricia Ann Martin, Judith Nell May, Russell Ray Mitchell. Donald yancil Moore, Jr., Jolly Corene •mcBay, Shirley Kay McBay, Charles Ray McCullough, Joe Franklin McDowell, .iTCaren Sue McKee, Lyndon Pate; Sylvia Gail Payne, Kenneth E. Petre, Thomas Christopher Petre, Marlene Plumley, Barbara Ann Polk, Lynn Howard Poole, Gladys Mae Roberts Sarah Sandra Robins, James Cecil Rogers, Patty Jean Rogers, Vivian Ruth Ross, Gloria Dean Rothwell, Danita Rowe, Marshall O'Neal ( owe, Jr., Bijly Grant Russell, eoma Jo Anne Russell, Norma Jean Stanley, Nancy Lou Smith, Joan Elizabeth Sundstrom, John Harold Taylor, William Elliott Thomas, Vera Ton- nemaker, Joe Barry Warren, Marjorie Nell Whatley, Lurlene White, Richard Gerald Whitley, Dorothy Frances Whitten, Ralph Dale Wiggins, Barbara Lejene Willett, Billye Alyce Williams, James A{itry Wilson, Sybil LuCinda Wor- Aey, William Larry Wray, Carolyn Janelle Yocom. for it and had it," Stevenson preparations replied and refused further comment. The .... plication of Stevenson's remark is a serious charge that the administration fumbled badly. But his criticism was indirect, implied, only. C. C. Health, Safety Committee Named At the last Board meeting of the Hope Chamber of Commerce the follownig were approved as members of the Health and Safety com- tfttee. 'Scrub Hosier, Arch Wylie. Bert Coast-to-Coost in a Few Hours LOS ANGELES W) — Breakfast in Los Angeles, luncheon in New York and dinner in Los Angeles again. That's Saturday's schedule for First Lt. John M. Conroy of the California Air National Guard, who seeks to become ihe first pilot to fly roundtrip coast to coast between sunrise and sunset. Lt. Conroy figures he'll fly about 5,080 miles in somewhat less than 11 hours at an average speed in the neighborhood of 465 m.p.h. He'll pilot the "California Boomerange," a combat equipped F86A Sabre Jet, as part of the Armed Forces Day program. Except for the 20 to 30 minute luncheon stop in New York, the Sabre will be on the ground only briefly at other refueling stops and the engine will remain running. Take-offs will be made in the opposite direction of landings to eliminate loss of time in taxi- backs. Eastbound stops include Capital Airport, Springfield, 111. tinuing construction and expansion program to provide telephone si vice to rural areas," Poe said. Other Department and district of- 8th Graders in Graduation Program Eighth grade graduation j gram for Friday, May 20: Commencement Song — Girls' Club. "Let's Listen to Youth": Ann Cole, David Watkins, John Graves. History of Class of 1955 by Gla- pro- The meeting, which will be held at the Leslie Huddleston Post Hall at Avenue B and North Elm Street, will attract delegates from the 19 posts that compose the 12th District. . James McLarty, Leslie Huddleston Commander, has issued an urgent invitation to all local Leeionnaires to attend. Poppies Arrive From American Legion Home Poppies will be worn here on that the U, S. is not marking tinie in. military aviation. .Talbott said the Pentagon issued statement last Friday disclosing viet aircraft demonstrations be- gjtuse. the information had boen published in Britain and thought it should be on the record in this country. Polio lncrea» But Not A those 'Shot 1 However Entin Program Is a Confused Deal U.S. Matching Red Buildup By WILLIAM MILLER AN AIR BASE IN FORMOSA (UP) — The United States and Nationalist China are matching the Communists massive air buildup on the mainland o pp osi te Formosa plane for plane — and bet* ter. The United States is providing planes, technical knowledge and money. The Nationalists are contributing pilots, raw materials and coolie labor to build air fields. This reporter, on a flying trip to a number of military airfields throughout Formosa, saw a full-scale effort to strengthen Generalissimo- Chiang Kai-shek's ah- striking force, • Floods Rage Following Cloudbursts By The Aiiociated Press Flood thrcates around three Tex as cities waned today almost as quickly as the cloudbursts that caused them hit the drought areas. At Brady, Ballinger and Eastland, Tex., police minimized dan- ,'cr to their citizenry and said they jelieved conditions were improv- enhower had vetoed a postal .pay c ^ s ' af,° e ™i e s of -too nni-flion T.not irnn.. k« ..«t»«J _ «.»«.»» dll.t.1 l-UCS VI IOO Reds May Be Setting Trap in South Asia By JACK BELL WASHINGTON (ffl - Sen. Hum- Phrey (D-Minn) said today the Russians may be setting a trap n Southeast Asia by spectacular moves to ease tensions in Europe. ' ncrease. Last year he vetoed a ive per 'cent pay. increase. . The eto stuck. The President said the total cost of'the ,. 8 : i8/per cent .pay jn- prease.bill would have risen.?close to $180;t>00,006. !He said the increase .was "substantially greater" than necessary to adjust postal pay to a fair jlevel, either from the standpoint of pay for comparable' work or increase in the cost of living. i ing. The waters of flooded creeks and {rivers subsided or held near-floor levels after cries of "too much rain" went up in a wide Southwest region where .black duststorms recently have devastated:the land. • Colorado. Oklahoma and Texas received downpours yesterday and last night ..ijMsvijtnak of- ;> 'their most heavily drBu^h't-i-avlshed areas. It was still raining at 4:15 a: m. at Eastland, 'Tex., after more than ii inches of rain in a little less than 12 hours. Humphrey,' a member of the Calhoun. Prophecy of Class of 1955 Elaine Thomason - Written by Mary Daniels and Ruth Shirley. Last Will and Testament of Class M 2 lsin ea « i the nation's war dead, arrived ; ' s f' d ln an interview that he •several weeks ago from Little a " "} e adm "iistration may have bv several y Rock, where they are made by dis- S 0 " lenae npy abled veterans. because of its tendency to let down" in Asia The flowers are crepe paper re- of 1955 'by Mary Sanford by Judy Ratliff. Class Song - Vocal Solo, by Polly Ruth McCorkle. Class Poem by Jimmy Lauterbach. Best Citizen Awards — Presented by Daughters of the American Revolution. "Green, But Growing" by Mrs Frank Mason. The Lord's Prayer" by Girls i Glee Club. Honor Graduates: Ann Cole, David Watkins, John Graves, Elaine Thomason, Gladys Matties, Mary Sanford, Judy Ratliff, Polly Ruth McCorkle, James Lauterbach, Mary Margaret Daniels. 3-year Students - Mary Ruth Calhoun, Ruth Shirley. Written P licas °f the "Flanders Fields" poppy, and each is latoed "In Memoriam." ropean affairs. "I think the concentration on Russians may be moving to ease tensions in Europe fi, ^ a u- the same tim " e restraining "Making these poppies has pro- Jience ta"^ C ° mmunists ^om vio- vided the disabled men profitable^- • • -- ? ormos a area in or- and beneficial employment," said Mrs. C. P. Tolleston, Auxiliary Poppy Chairman. "It gives them some- Best Way in World to Learn About Human Nature Is to Baby Sit an Hour a Day By HAL BOYLE NEW YORK W—Every adult in a bundle Why, it nearly two seems only der to mfiltra'te the governments in Southeast Asia and cut .them off from the free world country by country," he said. He called for of American re-examination In AC)a ' thing to do during the long days of convalesence and also the encouraging experience of earning | He said he does"nofexDC°ct'tha money once more. They take pride'communists to make any oneSv !L™*L ng ,*, U '- acUve flowers t°..bejaggressive move^n the F^r P ^ worn in tribute to their comrades.' "I regret the necessity of the action which I am taking," his message said. "It is my earnest hope and recommendation that the Congress will quickly consider and enact postal pay legislation that will be in the public interest and fair to all of the half million em- ployes who man the postal service." •••'•"•. To meet this test, the President said new legislation should provide tor a reasonable increase in pay of. postal field and re-classify service present workers jobs to eliminate inequities without discriminating against some groups. A tributary of Leon River, out of its banks east of Eastland. cut transcontinental U. S. Highway 80 with floodwaters and halted traffic. Trains on the Texas & Pacific Railroad were also halted east of the west Texas city. Eastland police evacuated between 60 and 75 families from a Negro residential section but sale there were no injuries and "only slight damage. Water crept within two blocks of Eastland's downtown business district. Police said they felt the worst was over. Brady Creek stopped its rise at 4 a. m.- and stood at about 200 feet after dropping to 19.9 feet from a ' The passed House '. and the postal WASHINGTON UR—A sharpf| crease in new eases of polloiV reported today by the U, !L*fr" ^ Health Service, for tne week ed May 14, new cases totaled i up 30 per cent over the'pre week. .",,,. ., ,, • "•^,"« i The number - comparer "with'? in the second week of M»y 7 ' year, and an,'average of lit the last live years. ' However, for the first,. the antipolio vaccination ran into difficulty the ;hi polio cases among 'inoculat sons remained unchanged . at>f; confirmed cases. , , \|' In another development.'''^, health service .announce^ ," cases o fpollo have now " ported, among'IndJvldffiM.,,;, inoculated themsclves.Kwnotc in close contact with children ill vaccine made by' Cutter- L«b torics of California. In theki stances, the - inoculated' -Chi! themselves have not contract^ disease. ; ,' ^•^'^^ These reportsrwere Ull^iif^f hands of the heaMi ,iervice night wherVH su^fnly.*"--" that for several days aWU^ would be no further clcara antipolio vaccWfcX The result was- to add tini ty to the gram. . ,. . The only expl statemeri" tb'y^jj Whole. vaccinatiQh:1 ^ / v V jt- * ^^ *p i ** )&>, A.«VV<^ H^tt" ,,,.. "another look _,„, .„ very confusing 'pleture."^,^ 4 Surgeon Gen. Leonard A; f- aid. howeVeftfti , "Thip * hould not be interred as r«T VT .in any way on -the vacc'lne:j«^t companies '---'-'•-" •"-* nd testing processes tudy." 4 ' } ,| Because the, shortage',/ofv s greater than, expected,, J ional Conference-/of ~ Senate increase both by more than a two-thirds ' vote which would be necessary to override a veto. But some members of Congress said privately, it was unlikely the same 'margin could be mustered to override Mr. Eisenhower's veto. : fallen but to tics. McWilliams New Larro Dealer Here The Larro Feeds Division of General Mills announces the award- ng of its dealership to McWil-i Lams Seed and Feed of Hope. Mr. McWilliams is well known' years ago. ,j n this area as nm. nf th P nrmoi.i depend on infiltration tac- Highway Board Charged With 'Polities' RCK - A charge . the Arkansas High- Commission has been ' cbrnmission, , . . area as one of the princi. 1 ^ 1 ' 86 ' fought y , e , st _ erd ^ Pi" seed dealers and wishes to ex-! W -' th _ a .'Statement Polk denying the at Hayne,ti he world ought to spend at least that I held her to my shoulder to tend a hearty welcome to *"-" ~~~" ,, ... „ ,,,.,,. _, Can't think of a better way HetUg. Pap Willis, Claude Tillery earn human nature. Seeing and Henry Spraggms. Dewey Bab- child struggle so desperately to a i dependent, that I was afraid she'd all far- to by Cecil Lynch er from the board is chairman of become a grownup you the Committee. This committee dimly to understand why has had one meeting and will have ups so often act like another one shortly to see what children, items were included in the Community Clinic their, projects. an_hour a day baby watching. burp her. So spft and frail andlmers and livestock folks helpless she felt then, so utterly him for their feed needs , , - , General Mills, because of their j^"/ 6 the man who ' s dragging it Facilities and begin grown to bend and break. Pine Bluff, chairman of the visit ( r omi ™ ssi °n. that if politics were t . Mn t . VJS1 ynvolved, "I'm inclined to think tem of ?5 ° per teacher ' Minor Accident, One Charge Filed A minor accident involving automobiles driven by Tessie -Mae Shaw and Curtis Walker here yesterday resulted in damage to both vehicles. City Police filed a charge o/ failure to have a drivers license against Tessie Mae Shaw following an investigation, crest of 21 feet. A 27-foot crest feared earlier at Brady did not develop. Rainfall , measured 8 to 15 inches in the area, It was the same story at Ballinger. Negro Educator Dies at 79 DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. W) Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune, 79, who rose from a pjantaton background to found Bethune-Cokman College here and become one of the best known Negro women of her time, died last night of a heart attack. Although in semi-retirement and ill health for years, she remained active until the end. She spent her last day at her desk, went home for the evening and collapsed. She headed Bethune-Cookman Co- ege from its foundation in 1904 a asked an 1 opinion' from service'on posjs|b|e< ujb doeses. There •, Was no reaction here, . 'j-t fx» Although the health service^ there was no, chihge,Mn jlU." of 77 for the huhifer of polio arnong Inoculate^6^,^71 ><ri it does have a pew suspectlci under investigation In Nejjr/ That makes seven 1 or mpre'^sui cases under study,,The .otherpl in California, Idaho, Kai sylvania, Kentucky and There have, bee % among vaccinated perwuw A health ?ervic^ fpiajres timated that Salk vaccine "are now pushing.^ six million •Iff : to 1942, when dent emeritus. she became presi All Around the Town •y Til* «Ur tUff WASHINGTON U. S. Public Health today that 189 new - cases i were reported. In WjfiyJiaUplli „, the week endfl^l |jay H/i--" That - repre1iented j '"8n r 4n(«r|f« abqut ?7 percent",,,ov«r '.th cases reported 1 during the pi ing week. It was about 25 " more cases tjfan "(he 1%J during the corresponding 1954. might take 4111UI U&ll'U U*V**.«»=> Illl(j'*v V«*VW | -, r ., m ,,, . ,. n note that canvassers are currently Weldon Tillery has recently been brineine around referral netitions Promoted to First Sergeant in the bringing around referral petitions which would let the voters decide whether or not the sales tax or\ feed should be paid or eliminated if the tax is not paid it would Arkansas Milling . What happens to a baby? Where lhe maintain ng of a high quality I , In a Ietter ' and also ao they vanish so swiftly? Righ 'product through Products Control jc 1 a W e *™™°- Hayne, while you're watchina, right,,.,111 v,» .KI^ *„ u-T_.u" .:.._""=_'! Ser >- Roy Riales of M desperate while you're watching rlgh t will be ab lei hep to armers „. l bcfore your e y? s - the baby fades the Hope area even more than ever H f •„. ,4 . There 1S n ° induslrv - Pastime.'and disappears. Suddenly you no'before by offex-lnK oSalltv at alow that will'relate to or hobby-call it what you will-longer are wakling a baby but a 1 "" Dy OUeiln g Quality at a low White Chapel Site of Church Meeting A Union Association at a that kindles the spirit more than small study human being running baby watching. But nothing else 1 on its own legs, pushing your gives you quite such a frightening helping hands away impatiently insight into the passage of time, and trying .to seize the whole "Why, it seems only yesterday that—." This is the phrase White find yourself fusin most often you wide world in its two little hands. When did it happen? You can't quite remember. All you know is Chapel Church will be held May 28- baby watching. You leave a baby'that the baby you loved is gone. •29 with various speakers during the for a day or,two, and when you|A child you love has taken its two-day session, including: C0 me back it 'seems to me sprung place. •Lester Ruberville, Coy Zumwalt, up with the speed of a flower rac- Joe Wright, Howard White, J. W. ing the turning sun. Story, Errol Williams, Hershell, So it has been with Tracy Ann, price. be Servl f ™ in a person's said State was responsible for the transfer of 3 Highway Department engineer from Mena. Hiales said that if the Highway n i UCnei 31 •pWrl /-. atl " " le J Mills will £P, mmission didn>£ return M. Mills will Thornton to Mena he would Q. Masons to Confer Degree Friday There is a big difference be* Whitfield Masonic Lodge 239 will tween a baby and a child. Take confer an entered apprentice de- reading, for example. As a baby, gree Friday, May 20 at 7:30 p. m mean a loss to the state school sys- all the petition does is bring the matter to a vote of the people. . . . what could be fairer than everyone deciding the issue, not just a few 'influenced 1 legislators. Yesterday at annual Honors Day at the University of Arkansas, Barney Thornton of Hope, son of Mr. and Mrs. Roy Thornton, received the Baucum-Faulkerson award for Air Force ROTC at SMU. Dallas .... he is the son of Mr. antj Mrs. Claude Tillery. . ...Robert E, Smiley Jr., 21, son of Mr. and Mrs, R. E- Smiley of Hope Route Two, has graduated from the USAF Pr.e- Flight School, Lackjand Air Force Base, Texas. , , he will now enter the first flying training phases. mand the resignations of Highway '1'terary achievement. , , . he Is a Director Herbert Eldridge and of,sophomore at the University. . . . B,urrell Smittle, senior at the Univ- Wortman, Ausie Tomblin and W. E.'a small stranger who came into j Tracy Ann loved "nothing better All Masons are weed to be pro- Thomason, The public is invited. our lives as a month-old mite in I Continued on P»|e Tbre» 'sent. '' " " ' " '" Commissioner Glenn Wallace of Nashville. The commission said Thornton's transfer was a routine change, and, , „ _«,.„ - ,„_.„. . . indicated it planned to do nothing]less than 15 per cent of graduating to comply with Haynes' demands.!seniors are acceptable, to the or- Haynes said Riales had threat-!ganization. ersity, has been initiated into Gamma Sigma Delta, society honoring outstanding agriculture students. 'Results of a Community Development Clinic held here May 8-9. In cooperation with the State Industrial and Community' Develop* ment and the Cham'ber of Commerce. , . shows some 66 suggestions by local adults, styflents a. n d Negroes. the suggestions will be published as reported. • •(}•) 30 adults, 64 studenjs and ?? wanted improved, park; and tional facilities. . (2.) some 97 I4TTkE health offipialsTreliQWtog „ ,_ igtnai inoculation plans for schf children "regardless ^ot the -• m date" of UM ~ " cine. Dr. Edgar state health that the program through the, sc.hoo. be used whenever fives. Although the heajtb, 4e has been hoping " ' by the EU J,i$ its, Ind. WQliJd school term ' , wouldn' He said rural areas to use their ts, 64 students want the highway sp- Pl-Qaphes cleaned 1^1. . .(|,) |n4u§t- -• • fial development listed by & »dwMs, . Burrell also belongs 38 students anjJ 14 Negrpes, , »o,t£er ened to get the engineers job when to Alpha Zeta, Alpha Tau Alpha.l^uggpaticais submitted will Thornton difcharged Riales 1 son agri. student associations, Animal , jlshed frojn day' {ft a road project. Industry and. Agrpnomy fisted,

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