The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on June 30, 1949 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 30, 1949
Page 7
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THURSDAY, JUNK HO, 134S BLYTHEVTLl.E (AUK.) COURrER NEWS Newsman Tells Of Klan Activity Alabama Floggings Aired Before House Sub-Committee By Barnt.r Livingston WASHINGTON, June 30—<.'!>>—A Birmingham -newspaperman yesterday told a Congressional committee his story of a (logging administered iree Alabama women by a hooded 'R ol ISO night riders. The witness. Clarke Stalhvorth was cross-examined about an investigation he made. He Is a 32- year old reporter for the Birmingham Post. Stallworth was called before a civil rights subcommittee of the House Judiciary Committee con ducting hearing on new federal civil rights legislation. He identified the woman as Mrs. Irene Burton. 39. of Dora. Ala., and her two daughter. Billie Fay. 18. and Sally. 10. He said they told him they were hcaten in a \vooded s|)ot about four miles from Dora on the night of June 3 by a crowd of 150 men wear- in? white hoods. Stiltwortli said he was (old the mcther and younger daughter were lashed with a six-foot leather br-ll atid threatened with hanging. The same treatment \vas accorded two of three men. who were with the women, Stallworth testified. Asked by Chirman Byrne <D- NY) If the women coulri identity any of the floggers. Stallworth said they save the name of one as "Oscar Lee Colvert." Motive 1* .Sugseslfd Rep. Cellar iD-NYl asked if any reason or motive was given for the beatings. "One of the girls told me they had been dating the men and the Klan—or whoever did the beatings —didn't like it." Slallworth replied. The women claimed the night Jfcers ^ore the insignia of the ku Klux Klan on their robes, Stallworth said. Cellar then asked If Stallworth knew of any instances in which cro.s?es were burned. "Yes. sir. I saw one—at the home of Mrs. Fred HoRland on June :0," Stallworth answered. "But Mrs. Hogland told me the cross was not burned by the Klan. She's a taxi driver and' (bought it. was burned by busines competitors. She said, 'we are proud of the Klan—It is the only law in Walker County'." Chairman Ryrse waived any requirement for swearing in of witnesses. He observed the committee was only taking statements of "knowledge of existing conditions." Hitting «ith the committee were Bros. Hobbs and Battle of Alabama. The congressional hearing got underway to the tune of a "politics" charge by a Southern critic of the Truman civil rights program. VAGB SEVEN Plane's familiar droop nose hoi been elongolej. Row at antennae outline topside of PO-1W Two large humps, colled rcdomos, I which house electronic cqu'ipmenl, j* hove been installed midwoy along top and bottom oi tuseloge. Commissioner of Revenues of the S(at« of Arkansas has issued a permit, No. 213 to Welch n>ster to sell and dispense vinous or spirituous liquors for beverage at retail on I lie premise.? described as 120 W. Main St., Blyllieville, Arkansas.' This permit Issued on the 1 day of July 1949 and expires on the 30th ctay ol June 1950. Welch Foster 635-7.7 NOTICE Notice is hereby given that (he undersigned lu« fneci with the Commissioner of Revenues of the State of Arkansas for permit to sell and dispense beer at retail on the premises described as 104 West Main St.. Blytheville, Mississippi County. The undersigned states (hat lie i.s a dtizen of Arkansas, of good moral character, that he lias never been convicted of » felony or other crime Involving moral turpitude; that no license to sell beer by the undersigned has been revoked within five years last past; and that the undersigned has never been convicted of violating the laws of tliu slate, or any other state, relative to (he sale of alcholic liquors, Application is lor permit to be issued for operation beginning on th« 1 day of July 1940, a nd to expire on the 30 day of June, 1930. Moses Fa iris Simon Subscribed and sworn to before me this 29 day of June 1949. Elizabeth Mason Notary Public My Commission expires: 4-26-50. NOTICE Or GRANTING Of LIQUOR reBMJT Notice It hereby-given th»t th» Commissioner of Revenue* <rf th* State of Arkinsajt hu luued a permit, No. 214 to Welch PMUr to fftl and dispense \1nouc or spirituous liquors ror beverage it reUU on the premises described u 106 N. Broadway. Blytheville. Tills permit issued on the lit d»y' of July 1943 and expires on the 30 day ol June 1950, Welch Pcxter THE NAVY S FLYING LAB—This is the new weird Constellation which the Navy desifined to test ?K ? ? i R • i r ?",' C , "if u°" beln ? deve| oi )ed - The'modified Lockheed plane, shown here after its initial night test in Burbank, Caht., is called the PO-1W (patrol search plane). Bo*rt on thi» photo-diagram spot features of (he test cralt. ' HAL BOYLE'S COLUMN New York Colled Wonderful Town For Some; Terrible Place for Others By Hal RovJr NEW YORK. June' 30. U 1 )—Oil, I tell you New York is a wonderful town! U must be line or Ihcre wouldn't be so many people crowded here together to enjoy it. It's really a terrible place to visit or die in, but a grand town to lis-e in. For hci'e the poor man has courage, and fights for his rights. He's as good as a millionaire anv day, and he'll slay up all night, to tell you why. Yes. rich or poor, you're just another number here, and sometimes it's pelasant to wonder whether you're 8,675.311 or quite. For there is nothing as tremendous as this tremendous village, America's long dream pushed into a few smiare miles of simple and grope, where people move like moles underground and hope in terms of towers. New York Has Kverylhmi- Never a day dawns here but my spirit feels taller on the way to work from seeing (he Empire State Building shoulder the morning mist, comforting as a fairy tale in an hour of fear. And never an eve- Crime Increases, Report On New York City Shows NEW YORK —Wj— The New York police Department report for 1948 listed 315 cases of murder and ^manslaughter for the year, of which n-ere "disposed of." All in all, the report showed l 4 per cent increase in arrests despite decreases of 13 per cent in felony complaints. 9 per cent In misdemeanor complaints and 5 per cent in juvenile delinquency cases. There were 2,847 cases of felonolus assault.' 2.733 ' burglaries and 5.121 grand larceny cases. More than half were disposed of. Read Courier News Want Ads. maybe 1.435,768. Who cares? There is one thins? sure: Yon can never be Mr. Number One. Because nobody is big enough to be really Important on this $24 island. You have to belong to it- It can never belong to you. This is a man's town, and it's cut lor size. It has. outgrown everybody who ever lived In it—and it's still growing. And the people who live in It are growing too. The fat-voiced torists come here and look around and shake their heads and leave aaain. saying, "after all, New York City isn't America." Strictly American But New York City is America, and there Is no town more American. Because here people are really working toward the kind of democracy the rest of the country reads about in high school civics books. There are only a feM- cities In the world that are really cities- London for courage. Paris for loveliness, Calcutta for misery, Shanghai for sin, Rome for he'aling- and hurt. Athens for blue skies, Cairo for gold and intrigue, i'aples for a merry heart and a dirty face. ' Berlin, the tomb and womb and anvil of war. Moscow for mockery ' of human rights, and Washington, where every man who has been ' elected twice can hope for a marble ' monument. And, of course, there are smaller cities with a breadth of mind- i say Philarteljhia jay SI. Louis, say : Baltimore, say New Orleans, say | San Francisco, the city with the singin name, or Boston, the only ' place I know where nobody hollers against S2 bills. They are all old cities, each marked by an antique bigotry or prejudice of its own and stamped by an individual careless freedom, too. as all old cities are. Wrap them together and you'll almost have New York—but not sun sinks down without my spirit wearying from the sight of some ugliness that dwells here, too, in men and buildings. Oh. but they're growing better, the men and the buildings and the city they make up. Here If you have a prejudice you have to keep it silent. Because if you say :t out loud, the other fellow will haul you into court, and the judge will fine you and make you feel ashamed. Some clay there won't be even a silent prejudice left here, and the sea winds will wash over a clean city, all the way from Staten Island to the Bronx. New York is opportunity. They put the Statue of Liberty in the right place, and more and more the olrt girl reels she beloncs her=. She still holds her lamp before the golden door, and the door is New York City, where all who enter find home and welcome—and the equal chance that all men ask. It is certainly no accident that there are three major league baseball teams here. Cotton Seed Used In Manufacture Of New Synthetic Cotton seed now gnes into Ihc ] making ol a new synthetic fiber recently developed by the U. S. Department of Agriculture, according to information received here by Mrs. Gertrude B. Hollman. home demonstration agent, of North Mississippi County. Spun experimentally at the So'itlicrn Regional Research Laboratory in New Orleans, La,, the new fiber's natural tint Is yellow or light orange. Like other cotton materials, it takes dyes well and may be colored as desired. It feels smooth and soft and is about three-fourths as strong as wool, said Mrs. Koliman. The fiber, derived from the protein of cottonseed, may not be a competitor of cotton. Mrs. Holimail said but It will certainly find a number of special uses. Chemists at the laboratory suggested that it be blended with cotton, wool, rayon, or nylon to give mixed fabrk-s with more softness or elasticity, better ability to absorb moisture, or the added suppleness needed in some fabrics to make them drape well. There are 89 Certified Members of Our H)0-l!ushel Club In Arkansas! Tup 194S Yield 169 Bu. Per Acre, Certified! See your G-Hybrid Dealer: OWENS TRACTOR CO. SEAGRAM'S 7 CROWN. BLENDfO WHISKEY. S6.8 Proof. 65« Grw. Ntutnl Sjiiriti. Suirim-Dislillcrs Corpwjtion. Wirrstei Building, tew Yort NOTICE OF GRANTING OF LIQUOR PKRM1T Notice is hereby given that Ihe Presenting a New Frigidaire Electric Range MANY DELUXE FEATURES! • Here ore deluxe cooking features ot a low price ... A Frigidaire Electric Range that you'll be proud to own! • Radiantube 5-Speed Cooking • Twin-Unit, Even-Heat Oven • Double-Duty Thermizer Cooker • High-Speed Broiler • Simpli-Matic Oven Control • Lifetime Porcelain Finish • Cooking-Top Lamp Th« Cook-Waster Automori rrol may be added of sli Units Others $154.75 from ADAMS APPLIANCE, CO., INC. "Your Frigidaire Appliance Dealer" J. W. ADAMS, Manager 206-208 West Main Phone 2071 that trip For (un-on-the-run, as you've already discovered, (here's no travel mate ikw that Buick of yours —especially if it's really in the pink. So while you're readying yourself for vacation tours, how about doing the same for your car —with a little of that special Buick care that does so much to make trips top-notch? For instance — x.,. L Got plenty of f>ef>? Our engine tune- up is just the ticket to bring buck flushing, new-car liveliness on hills and straightaways. How's your view? It'll he good, night and day, when you let our experts check your lights, windshield wipers, and windows. Chassis sassy ? Does il ride roughly— squeal and squeak al you? Drive in —we'll "shool the works" wilh our grease guns and oilcans to toke the noise and stiffness out of your ride — give you easier steering. And a Bukk-trained* mechanic will give your cor o conscientious trouble- preventing inspection as well — without charge I Can you "stop on a dime"? The answer's yes —when our experts get through truing up worn drums, mounting new linings to replace old worn ones. 10] Want a good steer? That's just what you've got, after our front-end experts get through adjusting your steering mechanism' to give it new- car lightness. "•'"'•• • ———••»—•••"••••^•••••••ip.i In short, starl your trip in our shop and you'll find it free of car worries all the way. Drop in—see our facilities — talk to our experts —and see for yourself it's the best insurance of a good lime that you can buy. * as. *<, LANGSTON-WROTEN CO. Walnut and Broadway Dial 555 For Servke

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