Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 17, 1955 · Page 11
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 11

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, May 17, 1955
Page 11
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•r ,i*5*. ?£ ' former professional hockey player, life. Circus Jdds do now, but the -breaks -she MOM STAR, MOPI, ARKANSAS Tuesday, May M, spend on the road with her carni --- — • v«i %, u t> ~.mui3 uw iivvVf wwfc many didn't at that time. 1 ftaveli't Va A cre *- an * k 00 * education but the Clt •Her barkers and "roughies" •*. C us and carnival people taught the Workmen who. pitch the tents'me a lot. They were good a Bout aft dset up the-concessions — cahjthat, particularly the freaks', fhey her "mother," although some are . a staff nearly twice her age. BtfBj.w) then, flight j Evelyn was torn in . the circus, "ties 10 concessions fi small tent show; as it passed skill and chance"(through Decature, Tenn. Her moth- IfWpfne* —months at er was an aerialist. Her father. Playlandj an amuse- a Cherokee Indian, was a circus ftf 'affr .very kind. thing they to eduihft mohey. me MARKETS st. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKY AftOS, nl.i i/r) -i-tteigs 8,500 active mostly j higher btalk. good and choice 160- ..,„_. ... nigner DDIK gooa and cnOiCe 180-' At 13 Evelyn was an acrobatic 22 0 lb. mostly choice No. 2s ahdi dancer get ing $16 to $18 a week. I 3s n.75-1,8.25 choice No. Is arirl choice No l<; ^.35-50 tV Wayland, an amuse- a Cherokee Indian, was a circus u * decided nobody cduld gel'rfs arouhdt 196-200 lb. 18.35-50 220 ^J™*,,, 1 ' 6 ? 1 of'the year workman. ahead in life on a salary," she;240 lb. 17.50-18.00 240-260 lb 172,1 tetjtuib&nel, Harry, a' "I never went to school in my £ eca " ed - " So ,, r went lnto business «0 170'Ib.-down steady 140-170 lb *«Bfa*JfafcJk-^-. -J...'.-- , ..:..-... -. ."—. f °r my own." 116.75-17.50 sows 23-50 higher 401 l^m^Sn' .,.'. . ,.:• ' V "" "" r "" •'""""• •, Her first venture, in Which she lb. down a3i2.Vl4.75 over 400 lb 5. tft.'ifl So i ' K\ ' , f eciol Sole R«<TUced as low as $j!$p£M''&$-" ^^i^songif;w;iih;a.saving.: ^^' : ^Jo|^^blors in a style '(ire ?48 suits in this fcix^C ramiw^ ?mffi$$iM\ l :W f^Mi^mmli jpjf^-^ra ij&^K, /jfcji fc.jvj.v .•'.(: .'?'..-'&<^ i-:-"-V----. -•'• • ; v » ».;*>**;» »,»_.»» »»'»••»'• »»»•»« ;.-' "> •5 . INpfe ft A '< The Coupon Book Store acted as her own barker, was a small "slum Joint" •— A carnival term for a rigged game of chance In which suckers could win only the cheapest kind of small merchandise. 'No. matter how much a gu£ woh, ^1 gun made nine cents oft his dime," Evelyn said. "The big prize was a teddy bear. But those tfeddy bears cost money. The only time I ever lost a teddy bear in those early days was Whert one fell out of my truck." She has reformed now, she. says and operates what is known as "haky pahks with plush." These are games in which the patrons «hey no longer call them suckers') have a real chance to win a fairly valuable prize. "It's better business in the long run to work on a percentage basis, and let the customer get something for his.money, instead of wrapping it all "up: for-'your- Self," said Evelyn: ."Thai's'" what I keep telling my. old. : 'carhi'e ,'fribrtds You have to run; a clcnrter : 6pera|- tion today, especially 'in amusement parks." "'',':.!•: ': .-.'.../'Evelyn, wearing a' mink coat may have- nothing 'under"it but' a bathing suit, still likes no go «ut to her booths and bark', up sbrite business with her chanting-/ cry: "Hey, hey, it's over here!''This is it! .Hi!' My! Diddly,; di! '.Hey yott with' the^ kado'die. hat! .Cohie- in, Willie, and' win 'your lady a great big doll!" . ' . .Evelyn said she lived in: a' house cn'ce for three .months in : Hblly- .wbod, but— "Never again! It made me ndr- vous. I couldn't move .it down the rdad. Every .time I left it. I felt like part of me was staying behind. Ydu don't feel that way with a trailer. ' ', • "Wherever rriy trailer . y ^, .. can be.happy. I don't :fit'into, that' bridge circle, sewing,'circle- routine." • ' ; - '•/•. ' .. ;•;-'-',"•;'•'•; .-.'; •Her preserit traUer has a. ; : tele- p'hone . and hot' and";cold'.'runnirig water. But she Is ..dreaming;, of."getr ting a "'new. one : — V'a;;: r spUt-iev4l trailer, •with a : bedroom ;'and bath on .each.floor." ; - ••;_.';'••;.'..{•.: -':.''••. '••., Evelyn has only one .r'egret :abpui her gypsy circus ; :.dnd -ca'rniva) career.:. ' ' ; ' '. ;.- : ,:;';>^,:'f.5..T; "Once I-worked In a wild animal act," she said, "arid; : I' realljri would .have; liked. ; to becpme a lioni tahier. It'would have"" beisn;-a -'• L - 1 up in lifie- fbr.^.me.":.' •/.'•?'•.'>.'• 12.00-13.25 boars 8.50-11.50. Cattle S.riOO ealvefe but steady scattered sales 400 lb. slow artd choice steers 2800-23.00 scattered sales utility and commercial grade 16.0ft-19.00> choice heifers artd mixed.' yearlings 21.00-22.50 'top heifers 23.50 cows ulili'fy and C6mmercial . 12.0Cf-l!i.i>0 occasional Sales commercial grade 14.00 or extremes above cnnners and cut- extremes ab'oH/e' canners and cut- extremes aboryo canners and cutters utility ;md commercial bulls 13.5to-15.00 canners and cutter's 11.00-1X00 good and choice vealers 18.00'23.00 high choice arid prime'. 23JOO-25.00. Sheep 600 steady high choice ndf, prime sprin|g lambs 23.00-50 good and choice 20.00-22.50 small lots good clipped lambs 16.00-50 clipped slaughter ewes 3.50-5.00. GRAIN v.ANb^PfcOVISIONS CHICAGO W — May wheat was firm on'; short' '.covering on the Board Of Trade today butj deferred deliveries were weak. Indications of above normal rainfall in the Southwest during the next five days caused selling. May soybeans also were firm most of the day but weakened in ilale trade. Other /soybean contracts wore lower as processors do clined to follow price upturns. Gains in both iMny wheat and soybeans were around two cents at times. Corn showed little change and oats were firm most of the time. Wheat closed 1 cent higher to 1 lower, May $2.20i/ 4 -2.20, corn to 1/2 lower, May $1.43 7 /a- : !i. oats Vi to % Up,- May 73-74, rye '/., higher to '/, lower, May $1.01'^ and soybeans '/ 4 to 2 lower, May S2.53'/ 2 - 1 '4. Wheat: NO. 5 yellow hard 2.12. Corn: No. 1 yellow 1.51 No. 2 1.51 No. 4 1.40-47 sample grade 1.42- V4-48Vi. Oats: No. 1 extra heavy mixed 79. Soybean oil: 12 soybean meal 52.50-53.00. Barley nominal: Malting choice 1.34-53 feed 98-1.15. blic will react to : its type of facility. •:'.' '•.-. i • Limited. Security .Most companies., 'in working with chamber .'of commerce and other local promotion 'groups, find that it is not' nepe'ssary to maintain complete ..secrecy.; ( It is generally ' not detrimental If the plans become generally NEW YORK STOCKS NEW YORK M .— The Slock I Market managed a mild recovery today after a halting start. Steels and aircrafts were special targets for selling yesterday. Today, however, the steels wore higher while the aircrafts were rather mixed. The best performance today was turned in by the steels, motors, coppers and chemicals. The railroads roads were higher on bal- unce while utilities were lowar as a group. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO M — Live poultry steady re ce ipts in coops 468 . . -. — _,-_ (yesterday 859 coops, 99,624 Ibs.) S\ich local: news stories are picked-,f.o.b. paying rices unchanged lip by wire services and the secre-jheavy hens 23-28 light hens 16.517 'broilers or . fryers 30-31.5 old known in-the: city involved. However, there-is-a danger from newspaper stories which are specific. cy is completely gone. roosters 12-12.5 caponettes 3941. Butter steady rece i pts 1,439, 508 wholesale buying prices un changed 93 score AA 56.75 90 A 56.75 90 ti 54.5 89 C 52.5 car^: 90 B 55 89 C 53. Eggs , ste ady receipts 39,46( wholesale buying prices unchanget U. S. large whites 70 per cent anc over A's 35 60-69.9 per cent A's 35 mixed 35 mediums 32.5 U.S standards 32.5 dirties 31 checks 29 current receipts 32. NEW YORK COTTON NEW YORK tffi —Cotton fit- lures drifted lower today in dul! trading. Liquidation in old crop July was the feature, credited in part to New Orleans sources. Late afternoon prices were 5 to 65 cents a bale lower than the previous close. July 34.11, Oct. 34.25 and Dec. 34.41. Legal Notice No. 7747 In the Chancery Court of Hempslead County, Ark. LERONE C. BRONSON ....Plaintiff vs. MARTHA BRONSON .... defendant WARNING ORDER The defendant, MARTHA BROfT- SON warned to appear in this court within thirty days and answer the complaint of the Plaintiff, LERONE C. BRONSON. Witness my hand and the seal of said court this 9 day of May 1955. Garrett Willis, Clerk (SEAL) . . , Weisenberger & Wilson, Att'y for Plaintiff Pat Casey, Attorney ad Litem May 10, 17, .24, 31 ' PILE VICTIMS: For IAST Relief ihat lasts, fo THORNTON-MINOR Works in minutes, Juts for hounl This clinic-proved ointment in a complete formula with ingredients to relieve pain, burning, itching, and to help reduce swelling. Enjoy new comfort! — ask today for Thornton-Minor Ointment or Supposiioriei, only $1.00 at any drug store, .MONTTCELLO (UP )— Johnny Price of Ft. Smith Junior High school woh a $100 Savings bond as first prizfe for having the best essay in a contest sponsored by the Arkansas Optometric Association. N. M. Wadsworth of 'Monticello, chairman of the contest, said a $50 bond was awarded to second- place winner Anne Somers of Jonesboro Junior high. Although the United States uses more electric power than any other country, its pet capital use is less than that of either Norway or Canada. USED MACHINES $19.95 up SINGER SKWINQ CtNttR 108 South Elrti Phone I-5S40 Tuesday, May 17, If55 HO P E STAR, HOPE, ARKANSAS Duke's Beauty Salon 1019 W. fth Phohe 7-45fe§ Featuring Duke's Variation Cut Operators . Floy, Hartsfifeld — .Ethel Merlf) SOCIETY Phone 7-3431 Between • A. M. and 4 P. M. piano pupils in recital at the Junior High Auditorium, Tuesday evening, May 17, at 7:45 o'clock. Calendar Tuesday May 17 _ Mrs. Edwin Stewart will present[ The V. F. W. Auxiliary will hold her^rade and Junior High School It's annual dinner at White's Cafe Tuesday night May 17 at 7 o'clock We Wish to announce that WHITES DRIVE IN has been sold to Lenbrd and Charlotte Blood .We, also want to thank all of our .friends and customers for their past patronage; and hope>you vyi11 ; extend it to the new owners. Skeeter, Earlene and Juliana plant with a 10'O^orker payroll.," Reason for.-- Seiirfe'cy'''.' ' >• • •' :: :. ',-'.•. • ' Chamber of. ;Comm'er,iec ^officials usually keep: their'-mouths• .shut about prospective ; industries, that are -being Courted. : -.- '.?.]• • •••.'• . There; are a Inumtoer: of reasons for this. Many companies warit their plans kept quiet -un^l a transaction is 'comple'ted^ aha i if widespread publicity is :gjyen'• tine., company involved -can \isuafly -"pull out of the ; de'ar,'. with! ; liUle' 1 .or noi loss. • -,-'- "•' •„'..-.j' ..; • If; rumors of -a •.n'ew.j'p^a.iit",''. .;are circulated, to 'any. iexte^fi'p^jjrohd' the] city involved; more'.'cit'i'?|',".b^comeij interested find' enter .'bonib'e'Mticfn/, At best, .the prospective company. is given a Jot of trouble and expen- sfe in coping with the new bidders; and at worst, the drigirial city -may ps,e its -plant- to. another .town; • And an "early" ' announcement; would cause wild land .speculation in the area of a prospective: plant location. Arguments for Publicity Some companies like to. announce ;heir desires for., a, plant Jn' a certain area despite .tjie-.resuJUng "dog eat dog" corhpeUljibn of 1 ciUes In ; thai, general jie.ctipp.f'••;.-'•/.. One^of/the.Jjiaih.reasojis''^ this, is that newspapers arb glad/to ,rw> lews storieg about .the jpj-ppects »f ae coming; payroll. It 'giifls.wo'rldg f publicity that could not be bought fter the deal .Is settled, Early ahn'oiincement- also resul'ts n applications from ..personnel in? erested in joining 1,he' new operi- a tion. And it g}v?s ttie ^ohipany a chance to hear, before'.j» fiHiU com- mittment is : made, just .how we pu- no togoH V '« » d A * »; Vacation Idea ... ws/r.fOfiD norUND/*; or r«f AUTO INDUSM, ofARsoRN, MICH/GAM If you netil* . Trailer.,. Stt Ui WE U ib l i.-' 1 •nd hovi tttfNit tti ttiir «rt r*i<ty ft All Kindt if «PiM / You pay nothing extra for Ford's thunderbird styling... Luxury Lounge interiors .,, smoother Angle-Poised ride ... nor for Ford's 23*year V~8 experience that brings you frigger-Torque power! Your new-car dollars buy niufv today, F;/T example, . s- . a first-class ride in a first-class car is yours at Ford's low fare. ;•• You command a Y-block V-8 that" responds reassuringly when you need it. Ydu have Ford's • smoother Angle-Poised ride cushioning out road shock wherever you go. And you own the style-setter—the car that's styled like its brilUant running-mate, the Thuiidelrbird. You can expect more when you trade, tf»5 . ,. for Fords have been returning more in resale • than any other low-priced car. Take a Test Drive and you'll see why! Only Ford offers'.. Trigger-Torque power Whether you choose the 162-h.p. Y-block V-8 or 182-h.p. Special V-8, you get split-second "Go* when you want it. With Sp^eed- Trigger Fordomatic, you're even /artherjOut front... automatic»lly.J THE NEW BE STjSBLLER ' Only Ford off*rs Thundtrblrd styling '/ i ** ••li«' more beciiu|» Ifs worth morel • closer look at those long, low,' "fntttt-running" lines. From the smart, Vj^prfd head lights to the tapered tail fins, . tHey.'re Jhwiderbird through and through. Step inside. Colorfully fresh new Luxury kounge interiors make Ford truly your •living room on wheels." • •TBIN, •TOP e«r HOPE ,^ MMl YOUR PIALIR roroyiR if YUM HOf If AlKt . 5HEHGER * TODAY ONLY AT 2:32 - 4:43 - 6:54 - 9:05 ANOTHER BOLD STEP FORWARD IN THE HISTORY OF MOTION PICTURES! We are especiallyjD.roud to bring you the Cine- mascope production of "PRINCE OF PLAYERS", a motion picture that answers the oft- repeated challenge . . . "Why doesn't Hollywood make something different?" Etched with the fine fury of human acid at its burning, brilliant best ... it may not be gentle for many . . . but it will prove unforgettable for all! OR A KING OF SCOUNMEISI RICHARD BURTON • EXTRA • 'When Sports Were King" Installation of officers will follow at the hut. Those planning to attend thp. dinner please call 7-2017 or 7-2556. Wednesday May 18 . The"0glesby P. T. A. will meet Wednesday May 18 at 2:45 p. m. man with Mrs. Sam Strong as associate hostess. As this will be the last meeting in the home all members are urged to be present for the* election of officers year. The Daffodil Garden Club will meet Thursday May 19 at 2 o'clock in the home of Mrs. James La- Grossa with Mrs. Jewel Moore, Jr., as co-hostess. Mrs. Leon Neat Complimented with Pink and Blu* Shower Mrs. Lyle Allen and Mrs. Don for the new Webb complimented Mrs. Leon Neal with a pink and blue shower in the home of Mrs. Webb Monday even- Thursday May 19 The Azelea Garden Club will meet in the home of Mrs. Emmet Thompson with Mrs. Lylc Brown and Mrs. Milton Eason as co-hostess Thursday May 19, at 2 p. m. Hope Chapter 328 Order of the Eastern Star will meet Thursday May 19 at 8 p. m. There will be an initiation. Thursday May 19 The Gardehia Garden Club will meet Thursday at 2:30 p. m. May 19 in the home of Mrs. E. J. Whit- *Wed.- CHIEF CRAZY HORSE VICTOR MATURE SUZAN BALL JOHN LUND CINEMASCOPE DRIVE IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South • Open 6:30 • Starts Tonight 1 • F-I-R-S-T HOPE SHOWING Dana ANDREWS-Jeanne GRAIN i DAVID FAKRAR rfP% • JR. HITS • 1. Dezi Arnoz & Orchestra 2. Edgar Kennedy Comedy 3. Red Ridinghood Cartoon Tonight', Wednesday & Thursday are Bumper Club Nites. Drivers of all bumper strip cars 1 free! for the smqrf graduate seamless stockings 4 i- n o s e a m s to worry about * $1.50 Saturday May 21 The Melody Maids will ibe entertained at a luncheon at 12:30 p. m. Saturday May 21 in the home of Jo Beth Rettig. Associate hostess are, Alice Coffee, Irene Thornton, Loretta Munn, Jo Ann Hart and Bobbie J. Turner. Sunday May 22 The annual Luck and Jackson Reunion will be held at Mt. Olive Baptist Church near Waterloo on Family members and cordially invited to at- ing May 16th. The entertaining rooms were dp- DOPOTHY DIX Warm We/come Counts Most Dear Miss Dix: My son is engaged to a very lovely girl whom we greatly admire. Her people corated with lovely * arrangements have invited us for dinner and I of magnolia blossoms and red f ee l I must refuse since 1 could not Court Docket Municipal Court of Hope, Arkan- (possibly return their hospitality. Mrs. Neal was presented a cor- My husband and I live in a two- sage of pink rose buds and all room apartment, simply furnish- sas May 16, 1955. members of the house-party wore,ed. Our china rose bud corsages. Games were played and manv lovely gifts were presented to the honoree in a bassinet. Cake and punch with salted nuts were served to the 30 guests Mrs. Jack Lowe Elected President of Jr. Sr. P. T. A. The Jr-Sr. High P. T. A. met City Docket Willie Chas. Johnson, Speeding, .- orfeited $5.00 cash bond. Inf ,\, i , « silverware are| B ill Briant, Berlin Evans, Orle" (of the plainest, real y inadequate Williams, Joel Scott, Willie LaCey, for entertaining. What can 1 do? Drunkennew, (Forfeited $10.00 Cash MRS. H. bond. Answer: To decline the invita-| Edward Srnith , O Hn Smith, Drun- tion will embarrass your son, hurffcenness, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. h s fiancee s feelings and give his Willie Chas. Johnson, No driver's futuie m-laws the impression that license, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. you are unfriendly, unco-operative people. Relations in-strangers, James Stuart, No driver's license, Plea guilty, fined $5.00 between two sets of, j ames stUart, Leaving the scene to be united O f an accident Plea euiltv . . . . tho Junior High Auditorium May (through the marriage of their chil- 0 00 - , tended. Reverend Charles B. Luck ,12 at 3:30 p. m. After the reading dl- en, are apt to ,be strained under I Chas Phillins No State car He of Denton, Texas will be in charge of the minutes by the secretary | a "y circumstances. You should ene F of the morning service. Junior GA's Honored with Banquet The Junior Auxiliary were guests Friday evening at a Banquet fostered by the WMU of the First Baptist Church. The theme of the banquet was, "The Rainbow." Mrs. Hendrix Spraggins gave an interesting devotional on, "The Rainbow of Promise;" Mrs. Burton Sutterfield spoke on, "The Span of the Rainbow." Saturday, eighteen of the girls attended an assoclational Girls Auxiliary meeting and picnic held in Stamps for the purpose of organi- by Mrs Sam Strong, Broach president, presided over the overtures intended secretary | a "y circumstances. You should ense Forfeited $500 cash Mrs. R. L. (welcome, rather than repel, anyl Raymond Clow? No City car 'lie- to bring you ' ense, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. business session. A short report was given on the bosom friends of the girl's family, ' n e a c 'e""ptea ^BuimT State convention attended in T if.Uhnncrv. <-,.;«»j-i,i« u_. _._•...*._' ^_«=« gumy, i ,i . •* " --- fc,i«ox., JL V/XAdkUU. tfHJd/U closer. There's no need to makej Junior Lee Reed, ' ._ Little Rock by Mrs. Jack Lowe and Mrs. Oliver Adams. Our School was given superior rating. The national president's message was read by Mrs. James Lauterback. Mrs. Mason explained act No. 94 and passed a petition to bo signed to have the act voted on in the primary election in November. A rising vote of'thanks was given Mrs. R. L. Broach for two years of faithful and fruitful service a= president. between y° u l Disturbing 1 $10.00. Mrs. Doyle Roberts, Illegal par- wn,,Hh ' , . . 3 " » H, - lce u Ht Tv? r> y ° J " Sh ° uld kl "S' Forfeited $1.00 cash bond. accept : their hospitality and return Berlin Fuller, Failure to yield- J° Ur ^ right-of-way, Forfeited $5.00 cash fancy china and silverware bond M 6tS to en ' ertainm *l Eddie Russell, Chas. Dingier, (h ' ^T "? Dennis Higstrom, Petit larceny, things more essential. A P i ea gullty fined $25.00 i d m motor vehicle, fclea guilty, fitted 13.00. Michael L. McCourt, Attempt to aid and abet the evasion of weight scales, Forfeited $25.00 cash bond. Odell Musser, Drunkenness, Plea guilty, fined $10.00. James Allert, Speeding, Forfeited $5.00 cash bond. W. F. Sellers, Following too close to another vehicle, Forfeited $3.00 cash bond. Boyle Coplenef, Overload, For' felted $25.00 cash bond. Wyatt Crosby, Possessing untaxed intoxicating liquor, Plea guilty, fined $50.06. 6. Schwart, (Charlie peaton," Driver), Improper lease irf -Violation of PSC regulations, Forfeited $100.00 cash bond. Willie Johnson, Allowing .livestock to run at large, Dismissed, warm handclasp of welcome, a j a ii. ubu.iifjo j.wi n*^ £jui£sua<- wj. uigaiu- _ , zing a GA Council in this area. An' Mrs ' Jlm McKenzie enstalled the following officers for the new yeai 1 . President; Mrs. Jack Lowe, vico- president, Mrs. Sam Strong; Secretary-, Mrs. Oliver Adams, treasurer, Mrs. Denver Dickinson, Historian, Mrs. Vincent Foster- and Parliamentarian, Mrs. Jim McKenzie. Mrs. Lowe then announced thn committees to serve with her for _ o the coming year. Program: Mrs. of Beech Street Church' Texark-1 Geo - Robison . Mrs. J. W. Branch interesting program was given by the GA of Stamps. Officers elected were: President; Polly Rogers of Stamps, Vice-president; Judy Beth Davis, Hope, Secretary; Ann Roach, Hope, Stewardship Chairman Wanda Spruel of Red River Church, Bradley, Program chairman; Patsy Burroughs, Hope, Community Missions Chairman; Sherry Ingram ana, Social Chairman Mary Alice James of Magnolia. Music Makers Enjoy Picnic The Music Makers enjoyed a picnic at Fair Park Saturday with Kitty Jones. Suzanne McNeiU and Diane Helms as hostesses. Tennis and other games were played during the morning, and a picnic lunch was served to the 12 members and 12 guests present. Amanda Tinkle Circle Met in Home of Mrs. J. H. Walker The Amanda Tinkle Circle of the First Baptist Church met at 2 o'clock Monday in the home of Mrs. J. H. Walker. Each member gave a scripture as part of the devotional, after which Mrs. Frank Douglas led in prayer. Mrs. Gus Haynes, circle chairman presided over the business session. Then Mrs. Danny Hamilton gave a chapter from the mission study book, "Thus It Is Written," by Goerner. A delicious dessert plate was served to 5 members and 2 guests, Mrs. W. ' P. Singleton Frank Douglas. and Mrs. and Mrs. iRoy Taylor; Membership chairman; Mrs. James Lauterback and Mrs. Jim Cole; Finance chairman; Mrs. George Wright, Mrs. Jim Meyers, and Mrs. Cllne Franks; Hospitality chairman: Mrs. Lamar Cox, Mrs. Harold POE- terfield and Mrs. Charles Graham; Health and Safety; Mrs. L. J. Purtie, Miss Ann Wilson and Mrs. Ben Owens; Lunchroom Chairman; Mrs. Forrest Hairr and Mrs. W. E. Butler; Council chairman; Mrs. Burke Henry and Mrs. Hugh Garrett; Publication; Mrs. Byron Hefner and Mrs. Franklin Horton, Founders Day; Mrs. Merlyn Coop, Mrs: Royce Smith and Mrs. E. J. Whitman; Parent Education; Mrs George Peck, Mrs. L, B. Tooley and Mrs. Hamilton Hanegan. sincere smile of greeting, a genuine effort to assure the guests you are happy to have them — these are the real attributes of hospitality. Material garnishings come second. Dinner Isn't Necessary. If you aren't equipped to extend a dinner invitation, have the fam- Edward Smith, Disturbing, peace, Dismissed. • . James Stuart, Driving while intoxicated, Dismissed on motion City attorney. , State Docket Sam Bishop, 'Improper, lights on of- calling a boy every night and that's frowned upon. ily in for tea, a small fouffet sup- keeping the phone tied 'up for ah per or evening refreshments. Finan hour. This is the sort of • calllrig cial outlay can be kept very low; --•--• I'm sure, your son will help you out here. Since your future daughter-in-law is such a charming girl, she undou- Dear Miss Dix: When my hus- i band came out of service two years btedly comes from an understand- ago he began to dviiik. He made ing family. Her folks will respect .life miserable for/me and our three you for entertaining them in spite children, so finally. I,left and ,be.- of your small resources; refuse 'gan divorce proceedings. His mo- their invitation and they'll picture' ther has called me several'times their daughter marrying into a [lately, saynig how he has changed rude, inconsiderate family. Let the and that she's sure if we resume best interests of everyone concerned take precedence over your pride. life together, things will be dif• ferent. My husband, also, has told £rn sure you'll do very nicely and me he's straightened out arid that Ivwish you the best of luck with your party. Dear Miss Dix: I have often heard that it's wrong for a girl to call a boy. I want 'to ask a class- our bad times are over. I still love him and would like.to try again, but am ' : afraid:: What should I do? FRIEDA Answer: One good lesson is dll most folks need'to 1 see the'light, TEXAS TALK I WASHINGTON (UP) — Sen. George A. Smathers D-Fla said he would address the student body of Texas college today. y and "I am going to tell those tall- talking Texas students about the only honest statement 1 ever heard a Texan make: 'Of course, Texas doesn't ac- Lually have all those great .attributes and virtues we talk about but at least we have enough guts to stand tip and lie about it.' " ton's mayor-elect, W%B il lice late Wday, dtfifti Commission arid Te**f stood pat against the m association and pl his plan to thro* the open to gambling Gaiveston, 'aft always has-fce^ Mere you couTd or visit a house defiante of discretion the gafflb tutes too, after th*. red, trict was abolished l •;•- George Jioy-^GtoU radid Sttttidrt m*. pled his election' thiVh*'d gambling and. r*trttabU§h light district. of ine Use;of l|sph%*or has increasedJn*the from aboufr-htof a mittidii In South Africa,. corn is called "mealies."' •r;-: : - •"• -"•- ^'*" THE BEAUTY "THE BIGGEST LITTLE STORE mate to a party and the only way]You've given your husband proo! I'd have nerve enough to approach : that you mean what you'say.-Now him would be toy telephone. I'm'going, back is 'the best.-thing for quite sure he'll accept, too. you to do. With the;assurances you VIRGINIA M. have, and since you still love each "Answer: It isn't wrong exactly to other and have the.•youngsters tc call a boy but it is unwise to make consider, your future -life .should a pest of one's self on the telephone be happy. Just remember riot to n u ia 7-M?l"? ±lau 4 mann a " a I Telephoning an invitation is alto- bring up the past. Make a fresh Bob of Nicholson, Pa. are the gether dif f eren . t . It wou ld toe a' 1 start- ; and.let what's happened be gracious gesture to invite the boy. I forgotten. "' • ' ', ; . ..', '.. Coming and Going Belle Hausmann and Mrs. son, house-guest of her mother, Mrs. J. -E. Schooley. -While here, she will attend the graduation exercises of her son, Paul, -at Henderson State Teachers College Sunday May 22nd. Hunt—Regan Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. Bud Hunt of Patmos announce the engagement of their daughter, Mildred, to Kenneth Regan, son of Mr. and Mrs. Grover Ragan of Jonesboro, Texas. Miss Hunt is a 1953 graduate of Hope High School and Mr. Ragan is a 1952 graduate of Jonesboro. Both are employed in Dallas. HOT SPRINGS (UP) — The 54th annual convention of the Arkansas Association «(f Insurance Agents will be held here Thursday and Friday. About 350 delegates are expected to attend. Among the speakers will be Arthur M. O'Connell of Cincinnati, O., a member of the executive committee al Association Agents. of of the Nation- Insurance HAVE been filling Prescripti.ons for,.' ; . Hempstead Countians since 1887 in the same location 68 years. During those year.s we've, made every effort to give each and every Pre- ;.,:. scription the same care and skill your Doctor, • gives when writing it. Let us fill your next PRESCRIPTION. '..'•:. .'• • 102 W. 2nd WARD & SON DRUGGIST Pneiw 72291 Jpi ^^Sn$$ ss^pfejafc IT- -tv **jr- -'.^^.fe.$| ."/^ J SS^S» _ . *« - 'Vi-'-^-^KiAt J-J *t »v. . 'v>, ^w^wpil * Him ~>mir FOSTER I -y j . » I 1 " FAM.LY SHOE STORE : "Wht*. Good Sh<». or* « -*- w *^ B -- - fl — 1131. 2iwl. Corbin Fetter •f i *J - ,• *g& '. 'jSjyffili %3t What more is at any price ^C|ll!||^p Perhaps you've told yourself: "Some d»y I'm going 'all out' on a car—get the best that money can buy in style, luxury and comfort." Well, before you throw your money around, better ask yourself a few questions. Have you ever seen a car with more style distinction than this new Dodge—long and, low and dashing? Can Dpd 8 t any car, even the most costly, offer more roomy luxury, or more beautiful fabrics and appointments? Is there anything on the road to surpass the brilUant performance of the Dodge aircraft-type V-8 engine? The answer to these questions is waiting at your Dodge dealer's. It will save you a 0rea* dw J of money! ' • ' ' • •' CHICK YOUR CAR-CHECK ACCIOfNTSI R« HAiVuVl MOTOR CO» Nil IwoM flfftl

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