The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 5, 1930 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 5, 1930
Page 3
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TU_ES1)AV, AUGUST 5,_1930 CLASSIFIED ADS •ITVO cents a word lor Brst Insertion and one cent a word for each eulxfcqulnt Insertion. No irtmtljctueiit taken for less limn 50C. Count tho words and Bead the tasb. Phone 306 BLYTlICTiLLljMAUK.y COURIER NEWS PAGE FIVF COPYRIGHT 1930 j y NE. A SERVICE fnc - / S FOK SALE FOR SALE—Baby Clilcks. Custom hatching each week from now on. Marilyn Hatchery. ^!__i "IJSEDCARS Our policy of selling Used Cars| strictly at cost te, IK, is >our us-, Mir.incc of more Dollars for dol-' lar value. All makes and models j lo select from. • 1U30 Model I'ord Tudor Sedan St1!5 1930 Model Ford Tuilcr Sedan SIM! 1927 Model Chrysli-r Coupe 5210 j KKU Mudi-l Ford Stand. Coupe S!23 : 1U'!S Model Chrysler S3)5 ; \y>'J Mulct l-'cril liuadbtc-r S'!!>5 | 1928 Model Peril I'ick-up.... S2C5i 19'JS Mcil. Ford HUiincss CWIHIJ S293 : 1928 Model I'cril Tudor Sedan S293 j 1020 Model DoiiRC Panel Truck S 35 \ .'jD2li—Mcik'l Chevrolet Coupe S 91 | 1029 Model l-'oril riiacton.. 5205, i Sec our stock loilay ami make j ycu r selection, your c;ir accepted | iu:iilX ilKIIU D.V.V llOKIMKll. Yuri; UC«»II:IIKT nm nrlliiiK JU'cnsrlm ' 1'ivllirrs In Hull) Icllt-r rrnrii no ultl Yurld li'lUiiK hi TU1IAV f'urini'r l, who U r Ccinlln nod, KC rlL-nJ In Inuk as part payment. Used Car Dept. I'HIl.LII'S MOTOR CO. Autho/ L'ord Dealers PHONE 211 TOOAi" K.n ..miieU ,\.\.\K U'lXTEH, ivhn hiii, eninc from TuU:i. Okta,, lo "i-rnsti Ilic picture*." l):in I'miHiMe. rrliiclnntlj, hnl AIUIL- tirnvr* la IIP i-hMrniliif;, Sbe nrnok rmniinnlri. Amir tfnthiTft l>inl h[. l« 9 Unit- 4lnnlt»flrd \\llb llilii^x ut rnntlnenlnl. Fur une ihlnK. lie lliinkM tlicr hnvt mU- <-;IM ihi- \lnr ivhoni lhry nelrct to Iilny In ilu- |ili-tiirc Hint !• tn lie luiiili- rn.m n slurj- he hail «rlt- It-M hrfuri- i.imltiK Hi llollrwciuil. nln hi'Kili mi hi. iik-lurr. 'Dull rvenliij: hi? l?nrn» tlml Antir IN li> nork lilt- follinvlnj; imirnlnir. milking i Eir hn-onri tlnit: nhc hn» fimnil c\lrji t-nnitojniciiC. Allrr hrr tlrsl ilnj :il Crniiil I'lilti'il xti;illi», Kiln rakrK Amir for ti rT,lr In Ilir lu-.tfli. r rTii!rf Jilic 1,'IU him tin- hn» nicl n Kiil, nlsu mi 4-vTra, unit >.!ir ^ chi,i\fi.(r nr ]U-lnt? "liti l^ 1 ^ & !l1 niiri her nrri«"nt ri|iarlnifHt ninte. Anne hni nut )rl nirl. Tin- tlrl. nimiv l> MOVA MOUI11SON: hrr frit-nil 1 *. i:V.\ MAUI.i:V. .VOW (ill <1X « ITU TIIK STOIIY CIIAPTEI; VH A XNK let Ills arm slay where It \va.s: apiicarcil not to notice It. i even. l!ut a moment or l\vo later, wlien Itorimer tried to draw her | (oivard him, ho encountered tlrm | rcsistnme. and Anuc said, "Hadn't i we lietler slart Ijack? \Vliat time Is FOR SALE—S500 credit, on new Oakland or i'untiac at reasonable (libcount. Ray Jackson, rhone 8, cure Tom JackiOifs Filling Sta-1 lion. ty^ i FOE SALE— 1921 Chrysler 52, 9,000 "Oil, I licop my promises; I'll get yon back by ten." be replied ""it's no more tlian nine no\v." "1 didn't see you look at your wateh.'' Dan hruuijlit "P I" 5 wrist, squlut- oil in tbe. semi-darkness. "Well, then. D:1G," lie admitted, grinning , , new, 5325 cash. R. S. Uatti, call! 0(13 uelcfc 6:30. ^ckU : i'OB. &EK'l FOR HUNT—Two modcfn stucco! resiJences. 012 North Fii'bi and, 201 MisEuuri. Also frame residence I on CMickribtiwta, Dr. Saliba, phone 1 -.110. U<**' aililcii. "On a niglit like thi3?" [ Anuc tt'itucr smiled at liim. "Ro- niaiilic Uncle Uati!" she jeered soft! ly. "Venli? Pnrgct that, young lady; I'm nut your uiicrlo." "You woro :i few miuiites ngo." "liui 1 den't feel bo—so avuncular now; or plalonic. cither, for tliiLt matter. oru ERNEST LYNIN/ contritely, Tin sorry. Anuc.'' bouo you won'l (to tliat again," Anue said. Tlio nnrk eyes wero cvcl anil calm onougli, but bright pots flamed In her clici'li.4. l):ui snld nKalil, "I'm sorry, Anne. I'll remember." lie added thai lie hoped lie lindo't mule lir-r clinngo lier mliicl ulioul •iilliiu w'.il! !:!m In Ilio luornlne. 'You cfiti at least irust ir.o In tho lay time," no fc'-id with a latuo little laneh. Anne's fainl smile hearlcnoil liiui. "Yon cald you'd muonihci 1 ." slin mid, "and you'ro a iniui of your . CiOOll Ill&hl." nllilil, Anuc. You're n word. Coiul good Biin ho nope \-ou uon'l do llial again," Anne said. Un/ O.-1UII. n/f, > \jinji-~- , -.-•- , {den, y;ID, lie ilULULLLVJll, bIJllllltl*, , * miles, flvj new tires, practically j "will's [j minutes?" And ho [p a neil back in tlio Ecal and began! and snug il through lo <no em _«,-,- _ .1. n O I ; iTli f»-ill • •».«* ..,_.. i i _. .1 .. _. .11.1 !>,*...Ii.^n* turn M to slug: "IV'/iy tens 1 born.' IV/iy tiin 1 livinyt What <lo 1 9ft! Wliat am 1 Why do I leant a thing I daren't ;iopc forf What cun t hope lor! I iotsl\ 1 knew. . . ." Plaintive . . . forlorn . the Anno dropped tlie siibicil 1 . 'and ) so ,,g O f a lonely heart. Anfl Anne's Ilovinifr. fL'clin^ her iinpersonal j voice, low and EWccl and trcinu- _.^ RENT—Room utljoiiiiiig uath. j Private entrance, 309 West. Ash ; St. Phone 100-1. . ^1* B [ ( ii 5 . nibEa | 0 [ | ti f c n silent. lie of-ji^iy exciting, carrying right into FOfTTlENTr"SALE or TRADE-1 fc-rcd lier a claret, and Ihis time ],| a Wood. . . . ,'— .,— ... «„ i,;.ri,_, ?=ii^ Ti.rtk our. "ir/iiy <Jo 1 try to draw you near FOR RENT—Front bedroom ad-1 joining bath, private home, call; 419-W - ^<*8. FOlt UliNT—Two downstairs front; licdrdomf, 710 \V. Ash. 4pk9 WAITED j JL Wi\ IVIjVl i. ! UilU"' >J« -..-. | Five icoin house clcsc in on high-', slic took one. wav H. U Chambers. 2pM | '-«"""= '"^ "' ""< *™<~ ^ rc ' -1 garduil liui tlirouKh hall-closed eyes and wondered it blic had over given a man her love. Certainly, lie Uumslil in admiring approval of her." there muyl have been many who had Ir.ed lo win it Perhaps Uicro was a young man hack in Tiilsa: and il llicrc svas. Dan ivaa lliinking. ho was plenty. lucky. lie hpfiau presently to whistle Kollly. but tliinklna ot fomelbitiy else, checked himself and urged: "Sin;; for me, Anue." "Hing ior yon?" Elm"repealed, vc- gr.nling him curiously. "Why?" "Because I like lo bear you sing. . . SMIS thai tiling 1 \saa trying to ubistlc." And not onco did liorimer turn 111 eyes frnni tlio roadway ahead tlicin. llo was thinking that lie lia heard a volco like hers before, ove tlie radio. A contralto who san ballads ami "blues" with a smoot case anil lowncss that niailo yo shut your eyes and imaglno ihlng Only, Anne's singing was nol s (rained; not so professional. Lad. he (nought, striving for tl right word, an uncaptiircd quali in It that left him a little shaken At tho end of lier song lio turneil to look al her. She sat still beside him. her head hack against the cushioned seat, eyes half-closed. "If , Elio gets a break,"- lie said to him>« e - Ifelf, "sht'll BO a Ions way." L'ro- n jioor /ool, 6itl ichat can 1 vj(lc(] of com - = - c , tho camera and the '•'" I mircrophone did not do strange liinps to her; that had ueen. known ,o happen. BOARDING HOUSE By Ahen* . . . A darned good spot Iliini^lil. Climbing lulu his r;,r ' Why ii'd.7 I torfif \Vliy iiut / He ilrnvu to Henry's, nnd Ihcre be fouuil Jolinuy lliihllc, ono over coffoo nnd a siunlwlcli. liimy sahl, "Hollo, striiriKei'. Wlm is the lady 1 t-nw you w-iili tho her ni^litv "That wasn't no laily; at was my —' Who was air.' Ami what did you ilo with e liltlo O'Ntll Blrl-liulo Mil- Han fniil, slndylug his menu: Mildrcd'a a blond." "Nol a real one; Mills' liieacSird er luiir beiiuiso It iiiiotiiyrapluj ctlcr." "Are there any real blonds?" Dan sked, his eyes sllll on Iho card. "What a cynical yoniig man you iiructl out to be! Why. of course! See Ilic laily over Ihcre, for In- lance? Over llicrc to your lull— u Iho corner. There's LI blond— anil how 1 . That's Sylvia Patler-on." Dan swung around In his chair AUD I AM -to B6 COMMAkiP, PAKliCLJUAR io^i CRUISE A/Jo anil stared hrczsnly. "Kn that's Sylvia," be said tliat hair real'i" "Ahsuhilciy. Of course, vhe prtih- \VI:y la I cry!—you never hear i Why icas I oorn lo louc i'0«?" Tlie wind rushed past them, whip- V.ins at his hair before it (led, WANTED — Family Washings. | Washed nnd ironeil by compe-1 tent white woman. Mrs. Brown, | 704 S Lake St. ^17ck-tf, WANTED—Experienced girl tteno- i graplier. Telephone 60, Lyxora. i -l^k-Li | WANTED—Ko:m board In! private residence for conp'.c. _Ad- WANTED-Rotm ai-.u uoa.u ...j „ , W[|V Was l Born? . _ _ Uut private residence for cpnp.c. Ad- - , , , .,„,, M forlon] ... dross Bo;: B, Connor Ne-^. ol».8, ' carrying Hie last echoes of her song v:ith It. Dan fell contentment—a contentment curiously niisc-d with tho stirrings of voiceless lousing and unrest. Why do I Kant tlie Ihlnys 1 daren't hope lor! That was tlio thing that life was lived for. lie lold himself—lo want Hie tilings ono daren't hope for. Only, you did hope for them somehow, no matter how forlornly, even it they were way off somewhere be•••-~- • : inaisjuii mu ^.iv i tuuj, suniu- it iney weru i^aj wu o, \V3ntcd~bF~olci InTeUfe Insurance : liow. Does tlio ocean at night affect I yood tbo frozen stars. Compar.v, experienced manager; you shaMvny?" "Sing EOI A v - " itdid.shcasreeil. "I ltd a little | mc a6a)l ,.» IIE^ wero on her street now, and when be slopped tho car in front of her apartment ho asked It lio Slight pick her up again in tha morning and take her to the Grand United lot. "It's no trouble. Anno, and you can sleep longer if you don't have to wait for a bus." "All risht, Dan; you're certainly . , alily sees to It that It doesn't set any d:irkcr." "That man with her," Dan said with sudilen Interest; "la Unit Garry SLoull?" "That's (Jarry." . - . • • • TOOntMKil found occasion trnm ^•* time to (lino to look at Sloan. He was big and bronzed and powerful looking, and he had u vast mop of wiry yellow-brown hair— hair, Dau thouglil. that suggested an Intense vitality. Johnny Kiddle was one of lloily- worxl's boiler gleaners of ROSS!]). Pnul Collier, when ho had brought Iho two together, had Informed Dan lhat "Hollywood hides no sccrels from liltlo Johnny." Iliddlo was medium-sized and compact looking, and he had l.iughliig gray eyes, BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Martini STII-L Ul'i fcr r.orthcasi Arkansas. Unusually : iittiactivc proposition. AiiiireiS Box! '.71, Biylhcville. ^PW | LOST ; LOST—Coin inirse wi'.li money,! ctack aiul key in il. Keep the | money and return oliicr contents; lo Ccuricv News. 4pk7 I "Sing Eotne more, Anne. Sing lo MULES For Sale 0 to 15 yi'Mv.s old, Kooil condition Phillips Motor Co. U AX snid be hud been away from bi5 family too long to kisnw homesickness agaio, hut that lie felt a longing, and a curious alone- :i-:ss li:at was hard to explain, lie. started the car. backed it onto Ihej road, nnd headed it up the grade, and roiliii;; back toward Hollywood, with Iho ocean behind them. An in 1 "Do .you like lo be sung to?" lla said simply, staring straight ahead, "1 love to hear you sing." Ani! Anue lurneil on him a curi- Ho walked down the hallway with her, and when they stopped at her door bo showed her (he time. "See, Anae? Only four minutes of (en. Am I a man ol my w»rd or "You'ro just marvelous." she said, laughing, and gave him her hand. and hair lhat kept falling over his forehead iulo ouo tyc. Viitn the waitress departed with Rorimcr's order Johnny lilildlo leaned across the Inblo lo Ray Hint ho hud heard Sloan's wife was divorcing blni. "Can't say lhat I blamo her," Dan remarked, "if some of the tales about Sloan aro Irue. What's ho going lo do—marry Sylvia rallor- Ant! Anue lurneil on him a curl- And ,j an suadculy drew her lo bi ous smile at ilio slraiigo emuUaais I anl| k , ssed , lcr iu his voice; but he was still loo»- ,„.. ..,. !ucn i v llc t B cw lio hi iiig away and laisscd. it. She bcsau: : "2'»; o ilrcinncr — aren't U'C aUt Just o rfrcaiucr— aren't ice atn —" Just as suddenly he knew ho had done tho wrong thing. Anne was not angry; he would have felt better if she had shown her anger, ttut «ho was plainly hurt, and ho Johnny Riihlle shriiGged. "Is Hloan in IOVD with her?" Dan asked. Kiddle said. "Sloan's In lovo with himself, and that's why ho cinccts every woman ho meets to he crazy about him. . . . Dal he's one swell director!" " I "Is Sylvia crazy.about him?" Dan pursueii; and Hidiile said he didn't think so. "Sylvia's Dau; but Sylfla is ambitious—and sin; can bo diplomatic." (To llo Conlluncd) Clositif/ "stocK Prices NOTICE From May 1 to Scp'-cmbcr 1 :ii r dental offices will Iw closed •acli Thursday afternoon. Dr. I> H. Moose. Dr. II. A Taylor, Dr. H. S. Davis. A. T. and T Aviation Cliry.-dcr Cities Service: COCK Coin Fox General Electric — General Motors 1. T. and T Montgomery Ward ... Packard Radio Simmons United Ons U. S. Sled FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS IT 1 ( T ' V. R. WASHAM—Transfer Daily trips to Memphis. Will pick up and deliver freight and packages anywhere. Special rates on carload lots. Local Phor.9 8ol Memphis Phone 3-0315 THERE TH&/ CO,'.V£,UCWJ BssmniMs TO etT A BIT UMSA^V A30OT I S'FDSE -TH£V STOPPED TO LOC/£ AT SO.V.& IVA SLAD VJO BcVS F t.;o...Bi: AHS BA'-'^-DlDSiT % WISUVO ^A V J= AW "I30OBL? J'\ a>s>£ FC *m^^ W E R T New York Cotton NEW YORK. Ai:g. 5. i UP)— Cotton closed barely steady. Open High LO-.V Ulns 1 ? Oct. old 1310 1313 1237 I2B" Oct. r.Cft- 1235 12S1 12« 12G1 Dec. Old 1327 1334 1310 1310 Dec. new 1305 1312 1231 1284 .Jan. Old 11126 1S2U 1313 1312 .Ian. IKK 1310 131S 1290 12!H Mar 1327 133G 1308 1308 May .... 13-12 13oO 132-1 1321 July .... 13M 133-1 Spcls closed quid at 1285. off 25 iMOM'N TO! -J I Spots closed ill il-Ic Makes 'Em Set Royal C. Mills Public AccounlaiiL and Auditor Specializing In income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems rhonc 52 Ingram Bldg. Blyt'ncvllle, Ark I New Orleans Cotton | NEW ORLEANS. Aug. 5. turi — I Co'.ton closed steady. ! Open /tifi'il IJJw Close Or.l .... 1282 1294 I2H.8 126P Dec ..- 1305 1315 1287 1288 jan - 13" 1320 1297 12%h Mnr ' - 1334 133o 1312 1312 MBV .... 1316 13281) Sixiw closed tinict at 124D. oil 23 ,CAN'T have taken to sun baths. Dorothy ar.rt Doris Voinig. out- on a picnic, van ncro*s a rattbsuakc so bus; : limning itsolf tllnt u 'efusctl to i MUIA 1 . 5 / TH^RC'l !>* GOOD j yutituroR A LH vut V VtMURt V HERE'S CUE 11(\TJE_TO ORI/LP FOR DOG TAV.CH f\VJ^C, POP PUT f\ THE Lf\TiY vmo ovius tUCIlCiC, 1C f Mi VJO'JLD BVIVHG VT COOVO fflcMJ. iV> 1ft' GlYOWt [ KOW _ . XO WlKi TtWf VW1E I TO OKK WV\O COOVO OfT O^ "WE. REG. U.S. PAT. 9fF. 01930 BY NEA SERVICE, INC. A FEUCW OM 8= w-oae expuciT ..... THc AQG SCADS Of PARTS..- ViUAT DID U£ LOOK. UHE A V100LO NOO US Off TU& A'J' COT A\'W/ MIITUTU' f/.OHE 15AM1 UlW AGAW ?? -'If f*J vit_'_ f~f .t, a -' \ T- CO'JtO MA'le V -^-S "^1 to MA-IE V--^-*i ~ L...MU£a£ \S5>-|,-- ,' i lOUCt HI THC PtHSOtlAU COUJI-lt! M&VJT BUTTLE VJWO'S ^'.C'.< FROM GBIEIV1WG '-,' PftV DOG THfVT. OV1IICS CLWilCO Wit) TOOK WAY. \OU KHO'W VMM VIC WANT-ABWT ... 0\t THE VHONE VNHO WANT'S WISH VOO ,.. -. Fee IT '•'' 1USTEAD 0= OS.'.' DlDYo'Jv SI' \^_ V 5 '' ^r ••"-^41^^^- -^ '--it \^fte^w :

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