The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia on September 15, 1949 · Page 7
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The Sydney Morning Herald from Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia · Page 7

Sydney, New South Wales, New South Wales, Australia
Issue Date:
Thursday, September 15, 1949
Page 7
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Paris Looks The Sydnry Morning Herald, Thur.rlay, Srpt. 15, I "49 7 Silks we've waited for. piCASSO inspired Balen-ciaga when he created this extravagant hat of black felt. The outsize side roll to the brim is counterbalanced by a stiff up. standing quill on the other side of the squared crown. Weeks ago Leonards lold us about the wonderful new silks they were expecting from the British Industries' Fair and showed us superb colour photographs sent in advance. At last they've arrived doens of glorious designs, but not more than two or three dress-lengths in each. These designs are really new. Many remind one of paisley with Egyptian and Roman motifs in the most unusual and beautiful colourings. And they're exclusive to Leonards, as in an English angel-skin crepe, too, of superb quality, in lovely new colours. Leonards Pty. Ltd., 5lh Floor, Culwulla Chambers, 67 Castlercagh Street, MA366I. Flaunting spring fashions. It's an inspiration to visit Else Ginshurg and to Wk through her collection of dehghtful new dates for spring-street frocks and suits, afternoon 5, ami ensembles, cocktail and evening gowns, "Sh all the lovely new fashion features-loose J nek Pleated hems, bustle effects pure silks, 51 Ks. ottoman silks and heavy taffetas This mektail or race suit is of French reversible double .it navv with while spot, and for contrast h, coil.iV. cuffs and lining of the floating hack panel show the white with navy spot. Chic indeed. Ginshurg. Room M5, 8th Floor. St. Jamea Biiiklinp. I.uzanein oircn. For a brave show of silver, With Christmas entertainment in mind, you d do well to look over your cherished family plate and silverware to see if any pieces need reconditioning or replating. The Norman Plating Service has a wonderful lepulalion for this sort of woik on gold and silverware . . . they repair even the soft metals that so many replaters shy clear of. lhcy quote for reconditioning and replating teaspoons 10 6 the half dozen, dessert-spoons and forks, 136 Reasonable, isn't it'.' Country clients lhcy ask to send parcels hv registered post, and they II return ihem Ihc same wav. Norman Distributors Ply. 1 td.. 6th Floor, Dymock's Block, George Street. M3620. True skin beauty. nw, something about Sister Vimard's Salon that moires confidence. it s not all chromium and ."amour, hut a place to go to for real beauty care. Htr treatments aim at clearing up any unhealthy comliiioiis "f the skin, at going 10. the root of the trouble, inther than merely covering it up. All the beauticians are highly trained and have had tide experience in every branch of skin treatment. S i( tour skin worries you in any way whatever, rai 'ill be wise to ring for an appointment nh Sister Vimard, 3rd Floor, 139 King Street. M.w:o8. Such elegance this spring We can't imagine a more pleasant way to choose one's clothes than sitting relaxed in Gwen Johnson's salon . . . it's rather like a quiet "clubroom. Here it was we saw this jacket frock tomato red linen over navy crepe both frock and bolero with three-quartcr-lenglh magyar sleeves. Her new spring clothes are most refreshing in their attractive simplicity. For immediate wear, she has trim suits tailored in springlike woollens, and lightweight summer coats to be bought separately or matched with printed crepe frocks. Gwen Johnson, 4th Floor, St. James Building, Elizabeth St. MA8454. Who cleans gloves and bags? The J. A H. Glove and Bag Service Company cL:in while and pastel, kid or suede jdoves, and wlmc h;itu!b:ii:s, loo. Their handbag service includes TPtirriiv any leather or kid while, and dark, w 'neilc- lelininii. rcpairinn, zips and clasps. Their ..!...- 1 .... o,..!,,,!. rci;t,..ino anA rar1u.i Other popular mices are invisible mending (2 iflft umbrella repairs t2 weeks), recovering W" umbrella 4 weeks). Redressing and repairing Inther uukcK and golf bags. These services are 3ihhle to country people, loo. if lhcy mail their siHvIcn to the .1. A H. Glove and Bag Service Com-p?r I id.. 3rd Floor. Record Chambers. 77 Castle-roeh Street. (h bciween Jeanne Barrie's Frock Salon ;ind the Mayfnir.) MA7I51. Doctors Prove the Palmolive Plan brings 2 out ofJfJ 3 women rfeV iw fmDWHaTTHT PUN I I DID FOR MISS Y. HOWELL 1 OF WOOLUm 1 Ahead In Fashions THESE photographs of the recent Paris collections, released to-day, reveal some of the fashion secrets for winter, 1950. It was for releasing similar photographs a fortnight ago that the Chambre Syndicate de la Couture the ruling body of France's fashion houses decided to ban the New York "Vogue" from future showings. Paris fashion houses said that buyers would regard "Vogue's" disclosures as a gill of secrets to copyists, Trends for 1950 include hemlines between 13 and 15 inches from the ground (Ihc "New Look" survives in full skirts for cocktail and evening wear), widened shoulders, bloused bodices. normal waistlines, effaced hips, ear-tipping collars, bulky unfilled topcoats, shorl AT JALMAIN'S 14 - inches -from-the-floor dance frock of black moire shot with gold; the bodice of black and gold lace hugs the neck in front, is bare to the waist at the back. Snows' Light Boucle SPRING COAT in basic colours 8l9'6 "said y HI 1 DALMAIN suggests snug pants in red wool jersey under straight panels of matching corduroy. pAQUIN named this black wool coat-frock "Dago." It is nipped in at the waist and has two long scarves in nut brown wool hanging loosely from the back. The straight collar ends in two sharp points. lancing frocks, short haircuts, ud small hats (generally). In the overall picture the lender, tubular skirt takes pre-edeuce. largely contributing to the .ist-minute look of the new styles .ire fabrics and colours. Duve-tvne. broadcloth, teddy-bear, and reversible wools appear in topcoats, flannel, and men's suitings in tailored ensembles. Near-blacks have made their reappearance in a range of dark-greys, uincs, and blues, including navv nine. Red was featured in every collection. HATS NEXT WINTER WILL BE . . . News of next winter hat fashions was brought back by Melbourne manufacturers, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Harbig, when they returned by B.C.P.A. DC6 last night after four months in America and the Continent studying materials that will he needed for next season's hats. They predicted: Shapes: Head-hugging cloches to suit short hair, cut away at the hack to clear high collars, and built up and out at tbc front to give height. Materials! Felts, velours, velvets, and a new long-haired fur fabric, flamond. Colours: Muted pastels, few jewel shades, and no vivid colours. Trimmings: Little veiling, hut feathers and feathers and feathers. fff V- f 1' ' i if & A -NT 44 I "A good Sprine coat. own' bitvpr, 'Should bp warm but vptt lisrht t it ghotild tip a cnlour that can top every dress." Here's what he meant : featherweight boticle that will still be earning its keen on January nisihts. See the flirt collar, swiiia-incr skirts. In black, navy, grey, beige. Lightly lined. Sizes X.S.S.W. to AV.X., 8198., !, 6, 6. rite, 'phone, second floor. sutda, AAA-C 766. Navy kid, S3, Come "1 Mor. hit. TPy HigfigM: WVciiW m.y.. AA-B. 5l. art. , AAA-I. 77. to Snows for Shoes styled by Qaunes Th Kayiie of London nnmp Is to shops what Kolls Royce is to earn. Raynes are worn by some of tha most nristneratip foft in the world. Don't writa or 'plione pome in for th new Raynes. THIRD HOOK. Snow' Policy: fn bring ynu tht best nf nil that's vw. irMsi it IS at fhs lowest possible prirfis. pATH S tweed frock has black grosgrain ribbon threaded through a slot on the bodice, and the godet on the skirt is buttoned down. f K. and M RS. ili A40LYNEUX follows the vogue for ear-tipping collars on coats. This enveloping dark-grey coat has a notched cape collar and deep cuffs, and fastens with four buttons. IAN MII.NHR. who arrived from New V ork this week, will leave for an ' ben a this morning, and plan to return to Sydney at the end of the month. Mr. Milner, who isi senior political officer of the: United Nations Secretariat at I Lake Success, flew from Switzerland, where he had been attend-, ing the Lausanne conference, and met his wife, who travelled from America in the Aorangi. in Auckland. They are on official home leave, and will return to their home on l ong Island, New York, early next month. KIT CONQUEST - The Story of Scorpion Rock HERE'S THI PLAN THE DOCTORS PROVE Tah your fare with Palm-eliic soap. Then for 60 econds. massage your clean face with Palmolive's soft, lovely lather. Rinse! Do this twice a day for 14 days. This cleansing massage will bring your skin Palmolive's full brautifying effect. "Skin ess coorse.ooAing in ust 14 daysl" says Miss Howell, ont of th many women of all ages and all skintypes who tried the 14-Day Palmolivo Plan under a doctor's supervision. Of the women tested, almost two - thirds won smoofAer, ceaner complexionsi lECUUK SIZE td. TH SIZE 71d. PESCHANIKI Inspect our Genuine Imported Coals, OC flnr Cepes and Jackets. Capet from Wilis PAY AS YOU WEAR Ne fuse No eitras No security Ne Collectors No references Just cell or write SKND FOR FREE CATALOGUE Coil,, Capei, loleros alio available In Silver Muiquaih, Squirrel, Watermole, Nice WMtlee of Necklets too. Newest d.ilgni In H'ch, Squirrel, Watermole, and Mink. O'EN Saturday II noon. vCioKER Vs' I mmm n.. ft a..!. THc 5AINI "Y i-esiie v.narrens fOw "-V AND I'D LIKE TO 6 A J BY THIS TIMS THERE SHOULD M I f HERE'S NEWS.HOPPV. I I' 1 ,,V r, I I NEWSPAPER. LET'S 6ST K' SOME NEWS ABOUT THE MURDER - V., HOT NEWS' r- THAT AFT&HOOH TH SUAE CMe? I OUT AND STRETCH OUR lAND MAYBE EVEN SOMETHINO NEW t r-"' e Arrets eiv Mexico ure N PENNY By Haenigsen IMIVA, l HELLO.DEAR-"fl LOCXHOSAAFPeCTToJATfeLV W I ODOLDBIi BECAUSE IDIDM'T II f J 5 1 MOTHEB - i i B j-C5 GT3E6T5 HER MOTMER SPILL INK OJ 7PE LMHS- Y-S I if lA 1 I'M &OIH616 MEET) I'M ME8TIM&) v uri ( ,s iy"3 ISN'T THAT iVEL.V?WMVfJ'r ROOMI?ua-J I Sf'''li I MV MOTHER AT MIMETOO, I' I 01 SCO SHEET ME WOH SUCH y- s. fr 1 '" ls y 22 . ?CW V If V x ,s 4 i a i x( "t, VIS .s ss t " a. r, jr THE PROFILE OF SPRING YOU, TOO, can look for these improvements in only 14 days! BrlqMer, cleaner iktn Finer teituro Better tone Fewer blemithei Leu olllnen Smoothir thin Freiher, elsarer colour The profile is slraw. At leftt Pixie-bonnet in ereamy ehip-straw, swathed with a soft drift of silk-jersey. 4196 At right: New York model in black tissue straw, lined with pink grosgrain, crowned with pink Paris-roses. 1011 (Individual-models from 4 guineas, First Floor.) At right: Reproduction of the French ellipse in hyacinth blue straw. 1010. MARK FOYS Liverpool Street, Sydney,-. Mb509

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