Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 13, 1955 · Page 9
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 9

Hope, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Friday, May 13, 1955
Page 9
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£ \ IJ i '-•?' Ti* i,. M 0 f I I T A ft , HOM, AKRANlAi - „ 14 He parachuted his division, , _ .Oettnans * wad - the , battle. commanding in \»no* returned the to the PRESCOTTNEWS the weekend with his'fathef, John A* Davis and otlielvi-elativeii W..M. U. Clfcle 1 tfitertalrted 6y Mr*. Willis M dlicle I of the W M U. of -tWl Flrsi Baptist Church was entertain"- t *.,,,« * ,-, j . . e«t oh Mtmdajr afternoon by Mrs. •*'•> »• W. Bryan of GurdoAjias Wllburn Willis at her home with rc ," rncd home after a weeks visit with her daughter, Mrs. A. R. Underwood and Mr Underwood. nine members present* Mrs. A. R. UndeHvood voiced 1.1- *•>*** 1 the <*enUig pfayef followed with „ , W * B66R( the devotional "A Tribute for Mo" in rtferenM Mother" by Mrs. Loycfi Andrson. children of Texarkana visited his ' ' " The chBirhiart, Mrs. Buddy Sar- mother; Mrs. Vivian Goff, Sunday, rett, comhieted the business andi ~"—"-^ J 1 , T. McRae read the minutes Sunday & Monday at Drive-In 4 . „ ,. Mrs. .Fannie Newth and Mrs. and gave 1 the financial report. The study on "All the World in th* Word' Was led by Mi£s LIHid Butcher. Hit meeting closed With prayer by -M>s, AnddNon- aftef which the hostess served strawberry cake and iced drinks. short PretbyteHun Women OfcMfve Blrthdiy The women of the Presbyterian Church observed their 43rd anniversary on Monday at the church With 26 members attending. The president, Mfrs. D. L. McRae Jr., Mildred DaWston have had as their .guests, Mr. and Mrs. Milliard Whitaker find Judy of Little Rode artd Mr. and Mrs. Howard Lusby and Carol of Texarkana, -• Paul Hambright has returned to Dallas, Texns after a visit with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Hahibright. Mr. and Mrs. S»,. 0. Logan are spending the week in Mineral Wells, Texas and in Dallas where they are the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Steele Moore'and family. tt which time reports of general Officers and committee chairman Were heard. It was would be reported that May 14 Sponsor Day at the ent the weekend with his sister, Mrs. Josephine Carrington. Mrs. Emond White and Emond Jr., of Fort Smith were the week- Vera Lloyd Home Montlcello. the n Mrs. J. H. Nelson had charge of ^ 0> hr - a " hOme * EddlC guests of Mr. and Mrs. Watson 'IWhite, Jr., and were accompanied that, was i the form of a farewell party .for Me. Mitsi who* wag leaving Japan to come to America. Those taking part were Mrs. Dallis Atkins, Mrs. W* O, Benstoerg, Mrs. C. R. Gray. Mrs. Jack Harrell, Mrs. Vernon of the'Fore artd Mrs. Walter Ray Cox; The birthday offering . for the Presbyterian-Hospital In Osaka, Japan was received. . " • The meeting adjourned with the mizpah benediction. ., GIVEN, iSP'Mf k _i " •" ~~T — ——«•»» ^r» ***v • U*(lOl"lty M ^direction., «vntt»ined ,in the de- isfelal' order of ti>e Chancery cekirf 1 ';y/made and entered ' Bidder, at ttr entrance of ihe. which Kirt i« h*ll,- in th« counties of ...and HemBgfejItt .witHltv .the for* ju- '' o* stateof Quai ; Quarter, and ^ ot the ilpNfB*' ur\<24*' West, .'irforo o* Uei . . it*" will Be'Mtt at\the froM dottr Keep This Ad «i*r JFi^i^MHtuiM'-Arthrki W. M. U. Circle 2 l*«eti With /ll^l"''" Mrt. R. T. Murry Nine members of Circle 2 of the W. M. U, Of the First Baptist ; Chur- 'ch met on' Monday afternoon in the hppie -ot Mrs. R;- T. MuVry. Mrs.'H. W. Butler voiced , tho opening prayer and Mrs. Julius 1 Adams, chairman, presided over' Jhe business sessipn,, f M , ,., ^ The second,study , on , i'All The Vyorld-Jm The-Word"-was conducted by Mrs. Harrell Hines. : i A salad cttutakf slid, cold drinks Were served by the Hostess. , v t \ I - __,. _ L ._, n _^ l ; W. 3. d. ft. H«« Pltfdgt Service The regular meeting of the W. S. C. S. of the First Methodist Church. was»held.on,.Monday -afternoon' at the chrirch with the president, Mrs J. W. Teeter presiding. During the business session year- by the oily reports , ^ifefetlMta who 'the past we'ek wilh his grandparents, Miss Berva Hitt has returned to Little Rock after a visit with her mother, Mrs. Bob Hitt. ' Mrs. Scott Smith of Little 'Ro'ck has been the guest of Mrs. Robbie Wilson and Mr, and Mrs. John W.Davis. Sunday School Lesson By WILLIAM E. GILROY, D. D. The Book of Chronicles (Chapter ' 25) .says.of Amaziah, King of . Judah ( the Southern Kingdom), that he did that' which was right,'in the-eyes off Jehovah, tout "hot with a perfect heart." That is a very discerning , distinction. A perfect heart means onuch more than an outwardly correct- life; Amaziah typified-the strength and weakness, the good and evil in the times and in the kings of the time. Amaziah came to the throne upon the brutal assassination of his father. It was to his credit that he refrained from ruthless revenge, but his imperfection of heart soon bep^me manifest. In ;his lack of jjpitji. integrity and,;, wiS.dom-in the GoiStlnued from Page One 'This one is Vasco da Garria, and the other is Pocahontas." he Said." "Seen a lot of salt water, these ' babies. Got 'em both in England during my last concert tour. "I bring .iunk home from .all over the world Helen complains | about it, but after its here a while i she gets so she likes it as much! as I do." . .) Burl setlled back comfortably in a big-overstuffed couch. The phone rang. "Let it ring," he said. "I don't like to talk on the phone." The phone bell died into silencp. "I like sailing," Burl said. "Tf 1 didn't have to earn a living Id 'spend thc rest Df my life riding around on a boat. "That's thc trouble wilh this world. Life is too short You're lucky if you can get one Ihing done, let alone all the things you Want to." "I've got all kinds of hobbies," he went on. "I like to wrile books, and I've always wanted to own a dude ranch. I was going to buy me ri Western g'host town some years back, but thcr turned/ out to be too many on the market. Couldn't make up my mind.- RAY M1LLAND nnd JANE WYMAN in .1 delightful comedy sequence from Columbia's "LETS DO IT AGAIN," in color by Technicolor. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK NATIONAL STOCKYAI?DS, Til. I/I':-- Ho«s "I'd also like to own a goat cheese farm. I had 28 goats once in California. They call 'em eating goals there, and they use 'em to clear -the land. They'll eat practically anything that .grows. "I got so interested in those goats I even wrote a novel about them. You know most a n imnls can be disciplined through fear. "But the buck goat is an exception. He'll fight you until he dies. You tion. fif,"Uhe",name"s, l oi..-Che officer.s,"Mrs. J.- sW. >'»Te«ter," MrsV.Burke 'jShelton, MVs.^J. ?. jVbr.thirtgton, Mrs. _'giieiin 'rcyie;, ; m.n.o ftf,.'fpjjowing; the : V -icpllapse!; of, the ingom; _ Halrsioh, ' Mrs. J. V. McMahen, Mrs. L. C. .Ga'tlin,, Mrs. J. B. Hesterly. Mrs. E. Adams, Mrs. W. D. Golden, Mrs. W. R. Hambright, Mrs.'P.'A. Escarre, Mr^*» Adam Dan Pearson, Mrs. Fr.ed H. H. McKenzic. lr», E. .A. .IThlte, Mrs. Mrs. O. G. Hirst, Mrs. B. A. Warren and Mrs, B A, DeLanw wero called Miss Margacet .Hunter Scott, accompanied by -Miss Sim- One Gojdfn at the piano, sanj an appropriate song to each ~'6he as they-stood for recognition. Frank Gilbert, treasurer, W«B M Charge '• of,the pledge scr- ; At. lenn Hgfrston • and Mrs. B. A. Varreh told ot fiome'of the causes he gifts would support. While Miss'Scott sang "Give of rour\B«st to .the Master" the rnem- »ers placed their signed pledge in silver bowl at the worship ten* • • that- was covered VSjiH:^.;*; \ltf clpth and graced' WH^ ! a cry• 'owl hol'ding 4-ed roses,: Wfiit*. vM< silver holders' iflanked /I*' bowl. JMrs, G^ljt tclps-1 id the service with prajfer" after vhich the rtieetinK adjourned with benediction repeated in unison. m*. pe /hands of assassins. ' ' ' * ,- also by The long reign, of Uz'ziah, Amaziah's son; marked a remarkable recovery from disaster. Uzziah Was a builder, organizer, and con- ,querb.r, and the .story of .the mode, and method^ ot his military exploits Is ipteresting. 1 ; ': But, Jhere again, what might have been glorious pnds in moral collapse, and in Uzziah's death as ; a leper. The, fact is that Chapters 25 find 26 .'of,',II Chronicles make painful reading, With the story not only of-moral downfall, but also With the Jvterror of assassinations and slaughter, not only of kings .tout of thousands of people cruelty-done tp' death. :.A friend price criticized the Old Testament; ^because ,of this record of ' crufeity, ruthlesshess; ' and bloodshed. .I.reminded him thai; it is. not so .•different from the his- toryoif klh'gs' ahd /courts in many laiids and;times. The tragedies of tfncieht''Israjl. pales in comparison^ with ..the cruelties and slaughtering pf -ouv '• "6wri times, in which the Jews ha/e.'.^ee'n the. chief • and al- W. *, U. Circle t Mrs, Ro» Stainton was-hostels to circle 8 r of the W. M. U. of the First B»PtUt Church at her home On Monday afternoon. TH* chairman, Mrs. J. H. Langey, voiced the opening prayer arid conducted the business. The devotional talk was given by Mrs. Luoy Cheney after which •s. Wesley Lindsey presented the study on "All the World in th» Word." (During the social hour the hostess served sandwiches and iced drinks to 11 members. A. W. Davis of Jon«sboro spent NOTICE TO ALL DOG OWNERS 410,^—x » Msy to hcrvf fh«lr * f running of Police innumerable victinis, If-werjcptjid-profit from these an- eftt records with a revulsion that Would purge , us, from' the horrors of :to(tey.,,,jhft.d;W Testament might b'e, tfi'e po'pl< pi warning and guidance that it ought to be. One ought to read all that Is grim in .th,(! jight of all that is glorious."" In contrast with the tragedies are the "great ideas of the Bible;" and to me^it is a pleasure to turn to them from such chapters as those jtn Chronicles. Some time ago I commended in this column a book under ' that title, "Great Ideas of, -the Bible," by Kyllis Goslirt Lynip. A second volume has now been published by Harper &. Brothers^ of New York. It continues the'iBOtceHenoevof the first. !Mrs5' Lynip .r writes for "modems," She approaches the Bible- with scholarships, freedom, and-en-, lightejvmen-t; she brings out with great' clarity the Bible's great teachings. She reveals what the Bible ought to. be for everyone who reads it. Another recent book that helps to answer many questions is Bernhard W. ' Anderson's. "Rediscovering the Bible." Dr. Anderson is proi«8»pr of'Old Testament inter- pr.e&tion at Colgett-Kochester Divinity School. The book i*. published by the Association press, 291 Broadway, New York. Arkansas Horse ROCK l*^The A rkan Hone 8dio,w o^tns here- tonight for t thr*»rd»y run. '„ Mwf th»n 179 -.•tootm bart b««n *nt«r«K| fr«m Arkinwi nnd 16 other »t*.ti*. Froetw*t,W»«n W *»*nt w«» f« ft , *M ,--ft»W Children* (?o have to win him by affcc- could sit among those goats for hours doing nothing but watching Ihem. "But the Indian is the only man civilized enough to find happiness just sitling and watching goats eat. I'd like to get me some Indian herders and some goats and really go into, the goat cheese business. I'd get me some electric milking equipment put "it on a jeep, and milk the goats from the jeep." . ' Burl is says he has no- fears, few worries, and keeps so placidly busy j is low choice steer yearlings 850 Ib 22.50 commercial to high good mixed and steer yearlings 17.5021.50 utility and. commercial cows 11.00-12.50 odd head 13.50 canners and cutlers 8.00-11.00 ulilily and commercial bulls 13.00-14.50 canncrs and cullers 10.50-12.50 good and choice vcalcrs 18.00-23.00 2. lli.OO 24Q-27C Ib Hi.50-17.25, fewjj ligh choicc and Drime 23.00-25.UO 17.50 270-300 Ib 18.00-75 300-350 Ib cornmcr cial and '(good 14.00-18/00 5.71)0 active, highrr choice mivi-r! No. 1 to No. 3, 180220 Ib I7.")!)-1H.OO choice No. 1 and 2. 1J..25 ilO licrul uniform 200 j Ib choice No. 1 nnd 2, li',.50 220240 Ib 17.25-7") c'noh-e No. I nivl 14.50-16,00 140-170 Ib 10.75-17.50 sows 450' Ib , clown 13.50-14.50 heavier sows 1 1. '75- 13. 00 boars 8.50-11.50. Cattle 500, calves 400 steady he rarely finds life ever boring. "People are the only thing that can ever bore 3-011 if you keep your mind busy," fie said. Ivcs says ho has only two major theatrical goals left now. He'd like to play Falsir.!'!' sometime, and cull and utility 8.00-13.00. Sheep 200 not enough to test market few choice and low prime spring lambs 23.00 few god grade 21.00 good and choice fresh shorn old crop lambs 14.50, few 15.00 shorn slaughter ewes 4.00-5.00. NEW YORK. STOCKS •NEW YORK (/PI—The Stock Market advanced today and retraced a part of the sharp losses on the pajst 'two days in theearlyafter- hed like to make a world tour past two days in the early after- with a cameraman und soundman jnoon. and record all kinds uf national folk music and dances. "But right now I'm learning to ride a new Italian motor scooter. It's more fun than a Rolls-Royce." There may be somebody on Aircrafts, which have been under selling fire recently, did well today in the advance. Also higher were the steels, motors, radio-televisions railroads, most cals, oils, airlines and utilities. were steady today in moderately active dealings. Nearby months moved up on trade buying for mill accoxmt and covering against export sales. New crop months also advanced on buying credited primarily to short covering. Late afteroon prices we 15 t 70 cnts bale highe than the previus close. July 34.25, October 34.31 and December 34.36. POULTRY AND PRODUCE CHICAGO I* — Live poultry steady, except on hens, which continue weak receipts i coops 159 fyestertfay 705 cops, 63,625 lli) f.o.b. paying p ri ces unchanged heavy hens 23-29.5 lighl heris 16.517 broiler or fryers 29-31 old roos- lers 12-12.5 caponelles 37-41 . Butler a bou I sleady receipts 1.350.284 wholesale buying pricss unchanged 93 score AA 56.75 92 A 50.75 90 B 54.5 89 C 52.5 cars: 90 B 55 89 C 53. Eggs steady r eceipts 38,905, wholesale buying prices unchanged U. S. large whiles 70 per cent and over A's"' 35 60.69.9 per cent A's 35 mixed 35 mediums 32.5 U.S. standards 32.5 dirties 31 checks 29 current receipts 32. GRAIN AND PROVISIONS 'CHICAGO Iffl — Wheal futures' prices, which had moved upward in thc previous session, went down today on the Board of Trade. Prices were agout two cents lower at times on selling which partly was 1 profit-taking' and also was based on forecasts for' rain in Ihe southwest. . Soybeans were easy early but rallied late in the session on short covering pending thc two-day week end; Corn and oats were off slightly most of the time. Wheat closed to 2 cenls lower, May $2.20%-, corn % t 0 ii/ B i ow . Second Man in Robbery Sought ALMA, W—Police officers today closed in on a second man accused in a $26,000 Paducah Ky., bank robbery and captured him near here an hour after they had been alerted. Webb Burke, FBI .agent i|, charge at Litlle Rock, identifie*' the prisoner as John -Franklin Drake, alias Kenneth Myers, 34.C Burke said Drake was accompanied by another man, but the agent did not identify the conv panion. The FBI, yesterday announced the arrest of Joseph Francis Campbell, 20, who Burke said had been living in Little Rock under thc name Robert Myers. Northern Canada gets little mere precipation than the Saha'iJ drsert, says the National- Geogfa* phic Society. » er. May 1.44%-%. oats' unchanged to '/4 off, May 73-%, rye >/4 lower to !/ z higher, May $1.02 and Soybeans >/ 4 to I'/, higher, May $2.51- %-'/z. Wheat: sample grade red 1-82. Corn: No. 2 yellow l.'W/fe-SO'Cl No. 3 1.48'/o. Oats: No. 1 heavy white 78-781/4. . Soybean oil: Il- 7 /« ,'soybean meal: -52.50-53.00. ' ' I :, : Barley nominal: malting: choice 1.34-53 feed 98-1.15.,, ...'' i BROILERS ; LITTLE ROCK Wl —-Northwest area: Market '.steady: >'-'p.ernand very good.. Broilers and.Jfryers 2727'/ 2 cets. Mostly' 27 cent)!. A Batesville-Floral area: >;:? MarkU steady. Demand'.very, good: Broilers and fryers 27 cents. '-.- '• (All prices f.o.b.. farm)!');•..'• Spring Time is Kodak Time I We feature EASTMAN KODAK line. CAMERAS, FILMS, TRIPODS, PROJECTORS. ALBUMS, FLASH GLOBES AND OTHER SUPPLIES. COME IN AND SEE WHAT WE HAVE. '•' WARD & SON DRUGGIST Powered by the most modern V8 in any truck . ^ . .. ••**••*• ^ Chevrolet's new Taskmaster V8 engine! Chevrolet's great new L.C.F. models bring you all the advantages of a C.O.E. -plus a long list of important new advances you won't find anywhere else. For example, the cab is a full seven inphes lower than former C.O.E. mod- elsv And it has only two steps instead Of the usual three for C.O,E.'s. Just think of the time and effort this will save the driver! Also, the low L.C.F. is handsomer by far than any C.O.E. ever built! Inside, the L.C.F.'s new Flight-Ride cab has a level floor with plenty of "stretch-out" leg room and oft'ers new driver comfort. -The driver has a commanding view of the road—both far ahead and close up front-through the big, broad panoramic windshield. Quicker, simpler maintenance is another big advantage offered by the new L.C.F. Everything's easier to reach in the roomy engine compartment, In an L.C.F. you stilt get the easy maneuverability of a C.O.B. pliiS— new frames, new suspension, a whole truck-load of modern features! , Year after year, America's best selling truck! /CHEVROLET/ Shor»«*» Str«k« V« tf AMI new Taskmaster V8-the most modern V8 your money call buy-powers the new L.C.F.1 With a 12-volt electrical system for faster starting! f YOUNG CHEVROLET CO. 300 East Second St. HOPE, ARK* i^.'^i:- liVt *fm^"-~^ Friday, May 15, WS MOPI ItAt, MOM, ARKANSAS SOCIETY tend the dinner please call 7-2017 or 7-2556. place. The hat was designed and made by Mrs. B. W. Edwards, (to) Play clothes with foliage hat worn by Miss Carolyn Strong w»tt 1st. prize for the Gardenia Gar- Phone 7-3431 Srtweeft I A. M. and 4 p. M. Thursday May 19 The Azelea Garden Club will meet in the liome oi Mrs. Emmet den Club. The hat i Thompson with Mrs. Lyle Brown , and Mrs. Milton Eason as co-hostess Thursday May 19, at 2 p. m. was designed loons, Tinkle tell air»'« Auxiliary H*te Banquet the Tinkle Bell Girl'i Auxiliary ol the First Baptist Church were Calendar The Music Makers will meet for Martindale, Homer Jones, Sam Strong- and C. V. Nunn Jr., serving as hostesses. Mrs. Steve Bader, program leader, assisted by Notice Members of W. S. C. S. Circle 5 and made by Mrs: P. H. Webb. | guests Thursday evening at a (b) Foliage hat worn by Bevelyn Banquet fostered toy the Woman's Ball of the Dahlia Garden Club won 2nd prize. This hat waj made by Mrs. A. C. Ball ,Mrs. C. B. Riley and Mrs. Dalton Dragoo. (b) Miss Missionary Society. Mrs. Frank Douglas gave the Invocation, after which the de- DQPOTHY PIX Parents Malign Hu&and Deaf Miss T)ix: Many girls have). in-law£ trouble but my difficulties are caused by my own family. Three years ago I married a man who had been divorced. While he his first Wife spent Soon get over their "Kurt" feelifiis, Att Ntrw The Ibnger you postpone the de velopment of a closer votional "Rainbow of Promise" | was „,.,„ ' was P re s ent ed by Mrs. Hendrix every nickel he sent home "and betWeeH your baby Vftd her a picnic Saturday morning May MeidsTme, 1- "ortP« < l er ' Tnhnc" 160 °J ?* the First Methodist church who »»" Carolyn Phillips won 3rd. Spraggins. Mrs. Jewell Moore Jr., gave ,bi r th to a baby 13 months af- the'fuWerit will be lot heir 14, at Fair Park from lolso til p«d olanf™ »m n~« f ^ i iave agreed to bake apple pieS Kf ' he , A2e ! ca Club. The spoke on, "The Span Of The R*Uv t er he had gone abroad. Consequen- used to; him. Furthermore, 12:30. Each girl is to bring a *"/„ °[ v " ct ° n *'" Mppr .??P„! ' th 1 Century Bible Class su^er hat w dlgned d dbyb ow.-' 4 „. tly, rny husband didri't have much more o^f the spoiling she enjoys now box lunch enough for herself and Dickinson Tin\Hn2 fh. ?' ^ enve , r , are a sked to bring them to the Col- Mrs. Lahmar Cox Mary Sue| Group singing, "There's A Ram- faith in Women at alL lana.she'll be Utt Insuffefable child _ 1 ,, _ _ m. , . . *-"CKinson will Drme the devotional !lco,, m U,, c.on ^ ~, tr^i^n., •»»__ Evans. Mrs T.lnvH T.ounr-ot* and Vinui Afn,<«^ **«• ctinnl/lni-** onfl !jLii i.j ' • . .«««»>•**«:«nu»c viiiiu He opened a bank aCcdunt In his that no one except her foolish , U.S.NewsW i-iiiij- <•>•* '•A'-.if'.f^i a guest, if any. The dessert and will be furnished by the ilms and Suanne McNeill the for the Century Bible Class supper and Mrs. Denver are asked to bring them to the Col- Mrs will^bring the devotional. !i seu m by 5:30 p. m. Friday, May accom-'iath. All members who can help 3, Mrs. Lloyd Talbot Field. Monday May 16 The W. S. C. S. Circle No. 5 of the First Methodist Church will meet Monday May 16, at 7:30 .p.- m. in the Jett B. Graves Class room at the Church with Mesdames Jud will serve the supper are asked to be n, u L. ,. Tne Life at the Coliseum by 8 p. m. Memberships which were voted upon at the last meeting will be presented -and all members are reminded to come prepared to pay your this years Dledee in full. THE BEAUTY BOX I Open 6 Days a Week Appointments after 5 for those who work. Phone 7-5850 112 8. Main E-IN THEATRE Hwy 29 South NEW YORK COTTON. NEW YORK Wl—Cotton, futures of living than Burl Ives. If there he's keeping it to himself. (Low Cab Forward) Chevrolet Task'Force Trucks • JR. HITS • I.Walt Disney Cartoon 2. Little Rascals Comedy LIVE BABY GIVE AWAY Saturday Nifre! It's Already Walking and Soon Will be TalkingT Sat. Midnight DRACULA'S DAUGHTER" Come to our Last Show — Stay .Free to Spook Show! • Sun&Mon • MONEY SALE SUNDAY NITE ONLY! • ADDED DELIGHTS"* 'f. "Dizzy Dishes" Cartoon 2.Warner Bros. News Come Out Early and HAVE A PICNIC AT OUR SNACK BAR! FRIDAY THE 13TH TONIGHT AT 11;30 ]• BRING A BLACK CAT •] AND GET IN FREE "Droculo's Daughter " HOP E Drive-in Theatre iy. 19 South • Open ii ste^ffe iWf«4#*i2*j' r ' i W '**>)* *'"' SMS^L&ffMliSE^f^tESfefr/^ ,.€> ' . V\ TONIGHT & SATURDAY Awards Mad* In Hat and Style Show The Hat and Style Show Thursday Leverett and bow Around My Shoulder" and | "I'm Always Chasing Rainbows' , (c) Division-Drens suit with fruit was led by Mary Charlene Horton and his mother's name. And so it Brahdtfafents will tolerate. Please Powell won 1st place. Designers Spraggins. were, Mrs. Joe Reese, Mrs. Troy I Mrs. Charles Reynerson (c) 4rjr to appreciate the fact hat you are a .'.rhftrrled. woman, - ho 'erseas. ; My mother was ver;- an- f ub ^ 6c , t .1P.the dohiihatiott of was __..__, .1, „.,„ . . . .", . . parents. YoUr folks ehj ager for 9outhe«*t^ " al thJ* t hat worn by Mrs. Ralph were Mother's of the . , Lehman of the Daffodil Garden and Mrs. Jack Hogg, Young peo- „..„,..,.,. . „ , . , Club won 2nd place. The hat was pie director. "!fu\^ 0 ?l^" d . 1 ^""™ a , t ,!. 0 Sl°. c _ k mad * ^d designed by Mrs. Horn-1* Counselors for the Tinkle Bells a fool to continue putting money , •••'(, ' y— 'ranged that the baby and 1 would } shl y dependent on them. Thr» Am 0 ,-i r • A -,• i ae an esgne y rs . om . Counselors for the TinKie uens ; . -—- .-.— - ------ ~- — - - " ----- , „ , u,m m » M !T iff 0 ", Auxihar y Wlth two commentators Mrs. Man- er Jonc M rs James LaGrossa, 'are Mrs L C Cook and Mary Ida J01n mm overseas-and, though the ' You 'were very wrong; to permit will meet Monday May 16, at 8 p. uel Hsmm for division (a) and Mrs Flo ^ d Leverett and Mr» Jud H. O. Kyler, Sr.. and Mrs. Charles Taylor as co-hostess. The program will be on, "Music" presented by Mrs. .Tolleson. Tuesday May 17 Mrs; Edwin Stewart will present' Wa^ne her grade and Junior High School worn (a) Division- cotton casual wlth' we n' M oo7e Tr", "of Mrs, Bill Tolleson of the Daffodil Gar- den Club won 3rd place. The hat was made by Mrs. Jim Cole. den Club and won 1st prize. The | (d) Afternoon tea frock with hat hat was made and designed by made ot flowers was mode ] ed by Je " M " ' Virgil Keeley of the Dahlia Closing prayer was toy Mrs. High Jones. Coming and Go.ing Mr .and Mrs. Corbin Foster have returned from Dallas where they paper work was completed, mo- your husband to .be pushed striking ers that rag^d day and last' ther talked me out of it. |fls he was at" Christmas. At Christmas he had a leave. Of compunction^ in telling motn and gt'en "giirts: awS course our toaby scarcely knows dad that under God and'the state. but British him and wouldn't pay any alien- y°ur.husband is entitled to first al- the demon tion to him. Then. mother would .fSlance. Make yoiif plans accord- a n area a ; pick her up, lavish kisses on her ingly ! don't let your good marriage* an d say things like, who loves you, 1 "Oh, etc. you,' My; ; marred. piano pupils in recital at the Junior High Auditorium, Tuesday evening, May 17, at 7:45 o'clock. The.V. .F. W. Auxiliary will hold it's annual dinner at White's Cafe Tuesday .'night May 17 at 7 o'clock Installation of officers will follow at the- hut. Those planning to at- "Rriiitrm o A 1\T — — v-.— .-,......_ icvunicuAIUlll uanaa wnvi *- v*»«;,7 - --- — * 1 -..,. —^ , ^ nouion ana mis. Garden Club won 1st. prize. The attended the Southwest Travelers nusband was obviously hurt ..but Pear;Miss Dix: my in-laws are (a) Division- Vegetable hat was made by Mrs. A. D. Mid- Association featuring now fall style nat dlebrooks Jr., and Mrs. Floyd Ful-. shoes. - Singapore's •• - . Scientists' worn by Lurlene White of the Aze- j er lia Club and^won 2nd prize. Those I (d) Afternoon tea frock with flo-. - making the hat were,' wer hat worn by Mrs. Don West- Mr, and Mrs. Burgess Garrett ....... vu .. u i*uu ww* *wuo4^ . iit-ii, L .,. h/.Ub • T^ "*?" L •»•»"!» *^»»*t .ITA,^ m^ar*oaiK j ^ never said a word. By this time, always i asking me to do'favors forH earned to , -----f.-,---^--:-.^^, of course, he appreciated the them, Wh|ch I atn only too. glad t» duplicate 'of .nature-^.i^gjjg fact that I was trustworthy -and .ca-j-do.wlth'out charge.. Yet when I took •'• • •"•'•"•••"'-'- '-•'•''--"^ paible, so the bank account was « tehnp6rary job and asked them to .. c . . and children Bruce and Melaine of changed to include my name. He mjnd my/,ba,by, I was charged' for A, h r M . . . ,, wr n T n "' i, j brook ef <he Daftodil Garden Club stillwater, Okla., are here visiting, has done everything possible, .ib it. I d6h't know why I should Work MIS. ii. L,. Broach and won 2nd. prize. Those making tho in Ihe home of- their parents, Mr. prove, his love yet my folks won't for nothing yet pay ' them for any- e rirown. . li __ *. ______ ^ »» ___ ••-.•*« -n ___ ._ ..-'I . __ __ _ r .__ .. __ !„__•. ,*_, \ > _ *-. -,'. »>' ALI J ^. itJ^'i.a.-.*- * L:. *_.___ ^ Mrs. Lyle Brown. ' ....i. •>•*»• |ji *«j>«. Aiiwuv. 1111*1*. *nfy ».•*«>- ^jj[ mu ilUIIlc Oi' lllcll Uctlclllaf 1V11» [*»•**•*-• •••« *w r*. ^4.1, -1*1^ j.vf**>o~ .TT \^*» it-- . •, •••••"•••o J. ""*• f*» J »i*v« I hat were. Mrs. Bill Routon, Mrs 'and Mrs. Faye. Jarnes and Mr. and' admit that he's good for anything-thing they ;d.O for; me. Lilac Garden Club and won 3rd Young Jr., Mrs. Crit Stuart the Jr., and Mrs. George Frazier. AT: .2:17 - 5:22 - 8:27 TODAY AND SATURDAY BIG TRIPLE PROGRAM Police Guns Wrote The Climax of the New Orleans Story .i«n., Arthur FRANZ Beverly GARLAND • Helsne STANTOM COLUMBIA Pldu»E ALSO • AT: 3:36 - 6:41 - 9:46 HEAR GENE SING: "LOADED PISTOLS" — "JIM CRACK CORN" — "WHEN THE BLOOM IS ON THE SAGE" — "BOY FROM TEXAS" — "PRETTY MARY" • GENE AUTRY & CHAMPION • BARBARA BRITTON • CHILL WILLIS "LOADED PISTOLS" f CHAPTER 6 OF SERIAL "THE BLACK ARROW" & "PEDRO" COLOR CARTOON Sunday & Monday IN SUPERSCOPE! • FEATURE TIMES • SUN. . 1:16-3:16-5:16-7:16-9:16. MON. - 2:00-3:50-5:38-7.28-9:18 SKIN DIVER ACTION . . . AQUA-LUNG THRILLS! "TOM.MR1 ""-RICHARD LORI ROLAND • EGAN • NELSON SHORTS; 1: SBXf OF T Wi 'd) Flower hat and worn by Mrs. James Myers of the Rose Garden Club won 3rd. place. The hat wa» made by Mvs. Harry Shiver, Mrs'. Dale Wilson and Mrs. James Meyers. . The $10.00 Sweepsteak prize went G. Garrett. Mrs. Louie Carlson of Hot; Springs is visiting in Hope for several days. They igjiore him, while making ..a. big fuss over my siit'er's husband. JEANIE j •.Answer: 'This/does seem a most'' basis — toy . Dear Miss «,.„..,.!.,„. many girl friends, iho sophomore in -ar high. there are many girls, giils'.dr •"•"••"-••" He will.be out of service ini 'a -unejiu'ai arrangement. "However, j with their feoy^'ft: ., ,. .,nn.»,H v""* r and sons, Paul and Vick are year still Don' me . «"* P arents know hc comes, firpf Jng; .mbncy through their -co-opera^ ' to the Dahlia Garden Club who ? n a won the most blue ribbons in all hpome of ^ er Barents, Mr. and Mrs. " * • classes. The 'judges for this affair werr Mrs. Walter Tate chairman who is a National accrediated Flower Show Judge, Mrs. Volta Anders, and Mrs. L. H. Koose of Camden These ladies were presented corsages made by Mrs. Arch Moore of the Gardenia Garden Club. Mrs. Harold Brents, Federation Presdent had charge of the overall planning of their show. Luther Hplloman played appropriate music on the piano throughout the entire performance. Scantland—Camp Engagement Announced Mr. and Mrs. Merl E. Scantland of Lewisville announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Lois . Marie. to William David Camp, son of Mr. and Mrs. Fred Carnp of Hope. Miss Scantland attended Henderson State Teachers College where she was afiliated with Alpha Sigma Alpha Sorority. Mr. Camp is attending the University of Arkansas School of Pharmacy in Little Rock. The wedding will be an event of June 12. , Earnest O'Neal. Hospital Notes Mrs. E. O. Wingfield Entertained Judges For Style Show Mrs. E. O. Wingfield entertained with a dinner for the ladies from Camden who were Judges for the Hat and Style Show. Those attending were; Mrs. Walter Tate, Mrs. Volta Anders, Mrs. L. H, Koose of Camden, Mrsi. Harold Brents, Mrs. Lahroy Spates and Mrs. Lloyd Kinard of Hope. Julia Chester Admitted: Mrs. B. A. Orr, Hope, hirley Sue MctMillen, Rt. 4, Hope, Mrs. -Garland Pate, Hope. Discharged: Janice Hunter, Emmet, Jake Stuart, Me Caskill. Branch Admitted: Mrs. John Crow, Hope, Rt. 1,'Mrs. Alvin Moore, Washington, Larry Ark. Rosenbaum, Fulton, Discharged Carl Troy McNeelan, Emmet. Mr. and • Mrs. John Crow an- . ..... /, without hurting their feeling, "i I tlon, .they dese'fVe some monetary. leave visiting-m the . -, LESLlfe^turn;.^o-^ over- all these angWS, jP arently, ; Answer: Do you honestly "thlnki i then' if you still feel- there's-, unfair- gute, in; your.-'tbwni Leslie, that people' who have,beeji.ness,...telji".your"ln-laws 'favors:'ilre to make^an^Ff*^ so flagrantly hurting you and' yo.ii'r -t'p be '.done on,' a paid or unpaid, abide -: 1 —' io - ''• i11 ' husband deserve the consideration — " "—' --_-_-_^— •-, .:.-:._•—i you intend to give them? Dprt't you see that if you let them pursue present tactics, you and your man will be separaed before. Jong? Your place right now Is in (Jermany with him. If it's still possible for you to go, pack .up and get on -..;'a boat lor plane. Your folks'i will nounce the arrival of a baby girl|Hbpe, Ark. on May 10, 1955. • ' ;. ;.. iT .- . Admitted: Mr. Jimmie , : Jones, Hope, Ark., Miss 'Shelia: Wilson, Fulton. ' .'•'''.".. • ; Discharged: Mrs. Alvin Mo'rr.e, Washington, Johnny Allen Reed,. More Fine-Car Featu : ' -."•• .'..•, , . •••;-"-.{'>f77;.;.;v > --T- j...^-,,^v-,: ',^.-.j«..i.;«^s •-.M'3 Miss Frances Barentjne Engagement and Approaching Marriage Announced Mr. and Mrs. Charlie E. Barentine oi' Hope, announce the engagement and approaching marriage of their daughter, Frances, to Dais Ward, son of Mr. and Mrs. H. 0. Ward, also of Hope. The wedding will be an event oi June 22. PEO Entertained with Luncheon in Home of Mrs. W. B. Bensberg The PEO met Tuesday May 10th in the home of Mrs, W. B. Bensberg of Prescott for a one o'clock luncheon. Mrs, Jim McKenzie, president Jresided over the business meet- ng. The program on the History of PEO was given by Mrs. MacStuart Those attending from Hope were, Miss Mable Ethrjdge. Mesdames Mac Stuart, W. Y. Foster, Basil York, Franklin Horton, Jim Me- Kenz'ie, Gus Haynes, Jewell Perkins, F. C, Crow, Claude Nunn, E. P. O'Neal and Mrs. Herbert Stephens of Blevins. X a'•^?'*v;'^Mi$fm f l V;IEi§^ll^ ia3fe:A|«&0,M Little Tommy Garland Celebrated Fourth Birthday Mr, and Mrs. Ramy Garland honored their sor>, Tommy Pankey Garland on his fourth birthday anniversary with a party.. The patio held the gift table and the refreshment table which was decorated With a mixed bouquet of spring flowers and ' the birthday cake, carrying out thc Circus Theme, was decorated with a merry-go- round and animal candle holders. Orange pu/ich was served from a crystal bowl and Elsie Molds were served the cake. Mrs. Garlapd was assisted in the courtesies by her Mother, Mrs. Sam Pankey, Mrs. Sam Townsend, sister Mrs. Pwight Pankey an^j Vlrs. Denman Wylie, The following guests were present; Sandra Anderson, Robert iiosley, Rita Hickey, Rot)ei-t Paul. Randy Magness, Patsy Steed, Alice Steed, Jenny Lynn £ambert, Belvie Lambert, Charles Ward, Pec- Ward, Melanie Paokey and Setsy Jane McMahpn from Pres- eott and Clay Lehman el Hope. were circ\Js iiats I»d bal-| 5J,UOW« - .; nna l 81 »"' « etor ' ir than any^ beautv shi(me< STTfc*"^". t;«p fonww >• --• rp wO /ronii>B g^&ssps^* SS^sJ^stfi' 3 * f • I F you were to guefa Poijtiac^ priot ono . of its style, performance pnd 8i^e,vyov ; guede hundreds of dollars b4gl)erttu|Q r i . coat, Pontiac measures up witb the 'fii)*i ! It's a simple matter of ifact;|l^|^^i^ powerful Pontiw for te$a'W^if^^^i^,^ lowest-priced can and * much. M# Jtaft n iteu .'.'' • -After a close'inspection:^^^ -: quality and' a few mile* c,omwandii^^:|||S^^» : 200*horseix>wer 8trato,Si f«alr \^8:liiiv^fii^ JSS.«'S&;ife' • - «.'«»ttv»»*»»||» -»>»V»W ,(^»f*J pleasant discovery L' car, ypu fitw SCI AND DRIVl HISTORY* MSTtSJ-HlUHO • •' : ' /•::/-0 ; -^V--:^v-'^ HEMPSTIAfc "^ ^P ^P ^^^^P W ^P^R ^^^r ^H ^^M^P ^pJ^^^PT(_. ^'.., t ,-^i>;«»-:-'«f^^ ?? jj^n, i,s:^ : » -"^-:- r- •"• F-.i'^i.^>".'*j^r-WB!r-jj'j^""^S^HI , • :•-, •'. AV;a^.vv $#$$ Jij-liailiii^g . :,, ;>:.(••:;-\'-:'A>* i ;^:V'-v, v MKI&J»MBMll h^ -it'W.

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