Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas on May 13, 1955 · Page 2
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Hope Star from Hope, Arkansas · Page 2

Hope, Arkansas
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Friday, May 13, 1955
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r , --rr^r.-.w^^p STAR, HdM, ARKANSAS WIN A HAWAIIAN HOLIDAY FOR TWO! Prices Effective Fri. & Sat., May 13-14 RED RIPE TASTY TOMATOES < 17c RADISHES HOME GROWN GREEN ONIONS SlpP^I 2 °- 13c CALIF. FIRM ICEBERG CRISPY, FLORIDA, PASCAL CELERY Lb. LETTUCE EXTRA LARGE HEADS LB. j - • ii i •• ••" • i ^—' -— EXTRA FANCY WASHINGTON NOTHING TO BUY! JUST REGISTER! YOU DO NOT HAVE TO BE PRESENT TO WIN. HERE'S HOW YOU CAN WIN: Simply register every time 7011 visit your neighborhood Piggly Wiggly store. A drawing will be held at your neighborhood Piggly Wiggly Saturday, May 28th, and winner will be notified. The winner in each store will then be eligible for the grand drawing for the Hawaiian Holiday For Two to be held in Texarkana on the Piggly Wiggly "HOSPITALITY HOUSE" television show over Television station KCMC Wednesday, June 1. The winners in the preliminary drawing held Saturday, May 28th in our four Texarkana and our Hope and DeQueen Piggly Wiggly Super Markets will participate in the grand drawing to be held in Texarkana Wednesday, June' 1. An alternate will be drawn at that time so that in the event the winner i; unable to take the Hawaiian Holiday, the alternate winner may go. Trip to Hawaii mus; be made before July "I, 1955. To Be Given to Winner of Drawing To Be Held at Piggly Wiggly Here. Lewis - McLarty . $5.00 Gift Certificate Penneys ... Beach Towell & WINES AP APPLES FULL-0-JUICE FLORIDA Lb. Lb. 19c 6c MRS. TUCKER'S FINE MARGARINE SWEET & TENDER - ' -•- SfcC ofip ' f T THE SALAD FRUIT AVOCA 6 E 25c DRISCOLL FROZEN Each lOc FROZEN FOODS STRAWBERRIES 10 Or. Ctn. 27c t '' Campbell's Green Pea and Ham Campbell's Cream of Potato 23c SOUP - 23c BEST MEAT IN TOWN U. S. INSPECTED CHUCK Lb, RATH BLACKHAWK LUNCHEON 12Oz. Can To City Subscribers: If you fail to get your Star please telephone 7s3431 by 6 p. m.,and a special carrier will deliver your paper. 56TH YEAR: VOL. 56 — NO. 180 Hope Star ARKANSAS: ifterfiowi, toftllht, few fctaely scattered <*9 soatfcetst. Ifr a Experiment SlatiWI lf*|F«f to . t 24-houfs fendlnfc'it 8 >. «. FWd«Jr;--', B High 83, Low 8(6, prttip1ttM(«M»£:j 61 an inch. '• rttf Star ef Hope 1899, Press 1927 Consolidated Jan. 18, '1929 HOPE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, MAY 13, 1955 M*M*rt PM AHMMM MM. * A*»f B»MM .( CltMtattoM At. NM MM Cim. I MM. Intfti* Mm* fl, mi —I,M1 WllCtSe Stock Show Appeals for ocal Support Directors of the Third District Livestock Show planned an appeal for local public support to avert suspension and possible liquidation of the property in Fair Park following a joint meeting with Mayor John L. Wilson, Jr., and the Hope « ;y Council Thursday night at the liseum. ' Glen Wallace, director and past president of the show association. sponsored a motion which the board adopted to name a committee to work out a plan to refinance the association's debt and provide a subsidy to cover the amial operating deficit. The committee would comprise representatives of the show association, the city and county governments, and Hope Chamber of « 3mmerce. Discussion brought out the fact that the show's total debt is $24,000, of which $20,209.40 in notes and accounts is now due. About $12,000 of the total represents operating losses the last three years. Clyde Byrd, manager of the State Livestock Show at Little Rock, told the meeting that the last three years were the toughest in the modern history of the livestock business and its affiliated stock UN Command Protests Red China Attack By MURRAY FROMSON MU'NSAN, Korea I/PI—In a sharp protest against the attack Tuesday by Red Chinese MIGs on eight American Sabre Jets over the Yellow Sea, the U N Command « ows; but he added that the tide charged today the' Reds were "en rned before 1954 was out and deavorine to ntii!™» K-O..^,^ !,„„„. Vaccine Release Is Expected Momentarily — Surgeon Gen said, tod"ay 10 expects to release polio vaccine I Martial Low in Forrest Cily Test By TOM DYGARD FORREST qiTY, MV^ Martial law ruled this quiet town in east Arkansas this afternoon as part of an unusual air raid drill, the first of its kind in the United States, Armed patrols stalked through the streets. Shop windows were Guards stood at Sunday Proclaimed Soil Stewardship Day in County Sunday, May 15, 1'955, has been proclaimed National Soil Stewardship Sunday. The Hempstead County Soil Conservation District Board of Supervisors have made available the pamphlets on Soil Stewardship to all ministers in Hempstead County. T . . . , ., , t . ... . »t-- exijuuis lu ruiuasu uuuu vaccine' — ~— " It it hoped that all ministers will | madc ' b Parke-Davis Co. of De- town ° f a bout 7 . 500 P c °P le were participate ,n this program. Be- trolt .- a f most momentarily." cause of this being Gideon Sunday, some ministers will preach a sermon on this subject Sunday evening. .Soil Stewardship Sunday will be a yearly program - Nation-wide. The Board of Supervisors would like to know the number of ministers that preach sermons on Soil Stewardship. Gen* Ridgway, Critic of Army Cutbacks, to Resign and Gen. Maxwell Taylor Will Take Over Jammed into this cotton country i upwards of 12,000 refugees. I worn hungry and Forrest through the motions of They City I there is a new. feeling of confidence today. - deavoring to utilize" Korean bases as a "privileged sanctuary." The protest through the Military Byrd reminded the meeting that'Armistice Commission told the no public fair ever can be self-sup-1 Chinese and North Korean mem- porting, and all of them have toners: "You are officially warned that Of HEINZ WHITE DISTILLED Vinegar SALAD BOWL SALAD Dressing Quart Bottle Pint Jar KRAFT m ROAST M.S. INSPECTED SIRLOIN STEAK Grain Fed Steers Lb. Fine For Charcoal Broiling Lb. FRESH LEAN GROUND A'l •JV" PRISKET STEW GIVE''MM" STAMPS Wiggly Quality Buy a Piece to Barbecue Lb. Lb. 35 c 59c 25 c 23 c RATH CAN NED MEATS VIENNA SAUSAGE BEEF STEW LUNCHEON MEAT PATTIES PORK SAUSAGE LINKS PORK SAUSAGE CHOPPED HAM DEVILED HAM MUSH AND BACON PORK TONGUE CORNED BEEF HASH POTTED MEAT , SLICED DRIED BEEF PIGS FEET PIGS FEET O 4 Oz. •* Cans 24 Oz. Can 7 Oz. Can 8 Oz. Can 8 Oz. Can 12 Oz. Can 3 Oz. Can 16 Oz. Can 12 Oz. Can 16 Oz. Can 2 S'/4 Oz. Cans 2V& Oz. Jar 9 Oz. Jar 14 Oz. Jar 29c 39c 25c 39c 39c 53c 19c 25c 47c 33c 19c 33c 27c 37c Mayonaise Pint Jar 27 c 29 e 39 c time. said that the act setting up the district stock shows provided that each district should match state funds— but admitted this provision had never been .enforced while the state ,kad the money to cover the full Tost. Mayor -Wilson reported that the city government is now meeting interest on the note debt, paying a total of about $900 so far. He said the city underwrote the funded debt, and contributed $1,200 in cash advances the first of this year. The City of Hope holds the mortgage on the stock show property. Circuit Judge Lyle Brown, a director of the stock show, pointed out tat the property was on the show isociation's books at $125,000, that further improvements have been made, and a conservative valuation of the property today would be above $100,000. Alderman Homer Beyerley said that while the city holds the mortgage it has no desire or intention of putting the show out of business "The city," he said, "would certainly like to see the debt refunded." ^'Discussion emphasized the fact jAndrews th,at the stock show's troubles stem | Wolf-Joe back to the failure of two consecutive state administrations to pro ., if the aircraft of our side are at tacked they will defend themselves." Fifth Air Force Sabre pilots said they shot probably vaccine by Parke-Davis has been completed. "It. is likely that word is now f civilians. Overhead zoomed jet fighters 1 Q vjn a at my office regarding findings of for the the group of scientists which ! town. visited Detroit and we will be able' to announce the release of Parke- Davis materials as soon or shortly after I return," Scheele said. Release of Parke-Davis serum will permit limited resumption of thc nationwide program for vaccinating first and second grade school children. Completion of the Parke-Davis check will shift the scientific inspection iteam to the- Eli Lilly Co., Indianapolis. Scheele called for a shutdown in and jet bombers, friendly planes Physicians to Discuss Cancer HOT SPRINGS W) — Five physicians, two of them from Arkansas, will conduct a panel discussion on cancer here May 29 on the eve of the Arkansas Medical So annual meeting. WASHINGTON theW B. Ridgway, of air nrntprtion w V.k BP £dS5 The panelists will be Dr. Charles S. Cameron, medical and scienti fie director of the American Cancer Society Dr. Fred J. Hodges that program last Sunday to permit a rechec at each of five manufacturing plants. Military Slash Appears Headed for New Battle WASHINGTON Oft— Overwhelmingly approved by the House, President Eisenhower's Joseph H. Pratt of the Mayo Clinic. Dr. C. A. Archer Jr. of Conway, Ark., and Dr. Isadore Mechan of the University of Arkansas School of Medicine. Club Women Tell of Tour of Texarkana Demonstration MV Gen. Mat* critical of ad* ministration decisions to cut back the ground forces, has asked to be retired June 30 and will be succeeded as Army chief •' of staff by Gen. Maxwell D. Taylor. Taylor, a 1922 graduate of West Point, is a native of Keytcsvllle, Mo. He served a tour as deputy Cresset! Building to B« Dedicated OROSETT, OT A new $200,060 municipal building here will be dedicated tomorrow with ceremonies and a parade. Floats and bands from Crossett, Hamburg, Ark. and ifiastrop, La. will participate. Gov. Oryal Faubus is expected to' be one of the guests at the luncheon. Faubus Will deliver .the principal address at the formal dedication. , . of his Army chief of staff in charge operations prior to going tb present command. Another of his post World War II duty tours was as superintendent of the Military Academy at West Point. Ridgeay's decision to leave on the day before the new military budget becomes effective was disclosed when President Eisenhower sent the Senate a nomination Taylor to succeed him. White House Press Secretary James C. Hagerty said Ridgway wrote a letter to Secretary of the Klipsch Tells DAR About His Speaker Paul.Klipsch was principal speaker this week at the regular meet- ol ing of the Daughters of the American Revolution. , By RICHARD O'HEOAN Army Stevens asking for retirement on June 30. Ridgway's term had until Aug. 15 to run. Taylor commanded the 8th Army In some of the of the Korean serving as bitterest fighting War. He is now Fifty-five Home uemonsiration Far East command „ „ „ Club members and Mrs. Lorraine man der in program B _ Wy ^ home dcmonstration l mander in commander 'in and chief, corn- 12 IJSr^S^^ a * ent ' m ^ 6 the Educational Tour man-Moore, Zionsville, Ind., Sharpe and Dohme, Glen Alden, Pa. p; t . the new fiscal year -headed today and Scheele told the committee that Thursdav some senators, advance indica- command. His appointment as chief of staff is for a term of two years. Gen. Lyman L. Lemnitzer will *_*i-ii. ujriuaii AJ. uciniiii^ci wui •ni A u««j~ take over Taylor's two command $£*'** Mr. Klipsch told the group how he started developing his famous speaker which is now rated tops throughout th nation. He also demonstrated the . Klipschorn, playing various recordings one of which was made by Florence Ambrose, formerly of Prcscott and .well known In Hope. t Mrs. Dick Watkins, delegate to the National Congress, in Washington. D. C in April, -told of the meeting. Guests-included: Mrs. Clude B.yiA, Mrs! Jack'Wil- son, Mrs. John Barlow,-'Mrs. E: d. T* i ° ° y commandih children who received .the' Salk serum. He said approximately 5Vi million children have been vaccinated. Of the 67 polio cases, he added, down two MIGs and 55 received vaccine manufactured destroyed two more., by Cutter Laboratires, Berkeley, They said they were attacked by 32 MIGs. No American plane was hit, they said. / The U.N. protest "did not specify the planes were Red Chinese, acknowledged by the Pciping radio. It did not specifically charge either that the MIGs operated from Korean airfields. Calif. All Cutter vaccine has been on the subject some weeks hence. I The Hoi^se yesterd/iy passed i _,. • ,.„.,,_ 382-0 the bill to give the Defense I I™ m . *? £"* L C ?™»™* the shipment. ... the pickles from the time ^ the Lemnitzer is ' now and ready for Far East and the 8th Army Ridgway's two-year term as chie of staff would have, expired nex . Department $31,488,206,000 in new £ roup w . cnt through the Federal August, funds for the fiscal year starting Correctional Institution. Here the He Teached the mandatory Armj July 1. group; was shown some of the cell retirement age of 60 last Marcl Amendments which would have blocks where the inmates.are kept, 131, but the Army retained him on boosted the bill's money total and some ' : ° f the work thc inmates were active duty with approval of Pros from disSfon since nnaTntanied mmtary power dur: dotog : jz,d some of the educationa Sing" a lb c U omplete Sl s n c'lf n e the new year at levels P ,-o- investigation. There have ?. e ± d faciUties available Cub Pack 62 Award Winner Are Listed In the last meeting of Pack 62 the following boys received awards: Bobcat-Richard Turner, William Leroy McKenzie and John Scott 46 Oz. Can 19c 1 Lb i no Cans I.UU 3 Lb. AJ Ctn H-/C HI-C ORANGEADE SWIFT'S PARD DOG FOOD 7 ARMOUR'S STAR PURE LARD DERBY CHICKEN AND DUMPLINGS AMERICAN SOUR OR DILL PICKLES BAMA PEACH PRESERVES LAWN CHAIRS REG. 4.95-30 INCH PLASTIC Wading Pool 39c 3 Lb. Can 22 Oz. Jar 12.0z. Jar 89c 25c 25c WALKER'S AUSTEX CHILI DERBY WHOLE CHICKEN STARKIST GREEN LABEL CHUNK STYLE TUNA &, 35c WONDER BRAND RICE RATH BLACKHAWK PIGS FEET SNOWMAN MELLORINE 3 c£ 1.49 IK ST *'s Can 80z lOc k i 59c 28 Oz. Jar duce money with which to meet physical plant commitments and the operating subsidy. Joe Eacan, of the show board, Keesey, Larry Williams, Johnnie Case, Jimmy Burke, Bob Trout, Joey Lively, Bruce Kennedy, James Paul Hutson, David Cox, Jerry Waller and Richard McDowell. Arrows Under the Wolf-4 'silver, .„ _____ , , appealed to the meeting not to let Richard Kroesing; 2 silver, Mac the district show fall back to the McLarty, Buddy Lauterback, level of a mere county fair. Yi Gal. 49c REG $6.95 VALUE NOW ONLY Complete With Repair Kit 3.49 3.95 B&PW Hears Discussion of School Issues "A Teacher Looks at Her Job" was the topic used by Mrs. P. L. 8 3rkins Thursday at the regular onthly meeting of the Business and Professional Women's Club. __ _, , . . , , . ,, •*-\ > "'»7 *ifc\,***v.j' ( V1I1UC J Mrs. Perkins is a teacher in the don Anthony Robert M B Hope High School She pointed ou G j Dan Jon that a Teacher should ask herself Stewart and Teddy j at the end of the day, two questions-: "Have I taught my pupils anything?" Have I made them happy?" Norman Moore, a member of the ley Ninemire, Tony Purtle, Earl Ray Mruphy, and Bobby Mitchell; one silver-Mike Hudspeth, Bob Trout, Joe Enoch and Joey Lively, one gold. Bear-James Paul Hutson, Preston McLain, Robert M. Byers. | night _. ... 0 Arrow and Bears-3 silver, Reg-j Shade Church area, south of Hope" gie Turner and David Porterfield; | Coroner R. V. Herndon Jr. ruled, were beaten on voice votes. At the "M" System of the Mobile The program, approved without '* iomes ^ e w °men saw the assemb- change, calls for an over-all : cut production of trailers. At entific been ten cases of polio in children who received the Eli Lilly vaccine, and two who received Wyeth vaccine. eaS^sUeTle^aid 0 ^^^^^^! 136 trimmed" 87,000. the Navy' 8,3<)Qj™e women, were shown through a of pdilo among"those"vaccinated and "»-Marine Corps 12,qeO and-completed trailer with two bed- pi pono among tnose vaccinated 1h(j Ajr Force increased . b j 5(000 rooms.i^jath, kitchen living, and din- , i of 102,300 from this year's figure toe present time the company is by June 30 ' 1956 ' The Army wiir Producing four large trailers a day. has been about what could be normally expected, or even Zless. In a 12-page review of the entire vaccine program, Schesle^itold the committe e of his continued strong confidence that the vaccine is safe and effective and that, it will be a blessing to mankind. Yesterday, in a closed-door Banking Committee session, Rep. Multer (D-.NY) and some other members demanded that Secretary area. .... Milk; Cp'rhpany. the wo- Amendments ;to retain the Army. and l^avy''at ,their ..prespntaleyels.;! rra'nd- tb'»give' : :&6' Marifte's 1 A ari"ex- men saw the processing of milk tra 10,000 over current strength—-1from the time it was delivered by 'by Representatives the farmer until it was bottled and and Andrews (D- ready for market. were offered Flood (D-Pa) 'Ala). Flood told the House it was unsafe, in the light of existing con- 'ditions, to pare down military strength. He said Russia is build- of welfare Hobby testify on the i ng U P her arm y> navv and ail< program. The health service falls 1 ! 01 " 00 , and obviously isn't prepar- under her general supervision. John Q.James Ends Own Life at Age of 43 John Q. James, aged 43, pract- cally a lifelong resident of Hope, ing for peace. The riext stop was KCMC-TV Station where the women were guests at Hospitality House. Mrs. H. E. Patterson. Council HOC President, and Mrs. Wylie appeared on the program. showing some crafts which the HDC members had made and explaining the work being carried on by the HD Clubs in Hempstead County. The women were furnished a police escort through Texarkana and Mr. L. E. Gilliland, Manager ol Chamber of Commerce of Texarkana, and a local citizen, Mr. Ernest Walker, accompanied the women on the tour. A picnic lunch at Spring Lake . MEMPHIS, Ark. UP) — p ar k was enjoyed by the women at 'Gjroundblrfaking ceremoies to noon. The following clubs were remark the start of actual con- presented: Shover Springs, 10 Ceremonies Planned at New D-Y Plant ident Eisenhower. Ridgway will retire on leaving as chief of staff. Ridgway has not seen eye to eye with the Eisenhower administra tion's decision to cut back Army manpower. Ridgway has contend ed repeatedly that atomic and other new weapons .would' require more, not fewer, 'gr-ound'-iorces because of a necessity for:dispersal :,Eisenhower,' at a news confer) eh'ce; once 'referred to a "parochi- Continued on Page Two struction of the controversial Dix 2 silver, Jimmy Barrentine Roy Wray. Lion-Bill Anderson and Ronnie Smith. Arrows Under Lion-Paul Cobb, one gold, three silver; Roy Allison, one gold and one silver. Service Stars-David Guerin, Joe R.oy Atchley, Vince Foster, Gray- The Mississippi Valley Generating Co., which will operate the and following an investigation, that j plant, and this city's Chamber of death was due to a shotgun wound, Commerce announced plans today self inflicted. Mr. Herndon placed for the celebration which will in- the time of death at about 8 p. m. | elude a parade and barbecue for The body was found by a son of Extended Forecast Friday-Wednesday — Tempera, . ... local School Board, gave some en- tures wl " avei 'age three to six de- lightening facts and figures fco m l Bre f s fab ° ve noi ™ al with no lnv e school system in the state and P° rtant chan S.cs. Normal minimum 80. normal minimum 59. Precipita- f: Re Glen Burns, resident of the area. He is survived 'by a daughter, Martha James of Waco, Texas; two brothers, Jim of Hope and Jack James of Overton, sisters, Mrs. Glen Delia Nickels and Mrs. Roy Yarbrough. Funeral services will be held at an estimated 5,000 to 10,000 persons. Paul O. Canaday, managing director of the generating company, said construction would start im- Texas; three mediately after Gilbert, Mrs. ing. the groundbreak- He said bids are being received at his New York office on the first phase of the construction work. members; Melrose, 9 members; Green faster, 5; McCaskill, 4; Rocky Mound,. 3; Centerville, 3; and Columbus, 2. — »...*.* MA OCA V1CC3 Will UC 11C1U av £".**.J\, WA V**C bullobJ. UWIfJUll WUA ix. . firlll • 10 a. m. Saturday at Herndon-Cor-1 This phase, he said, will include| wuuamson nelius Chapel with burial at Col-'clearing and grading 30 acres of ,„,„ ^ r ?°" umbus, Masons will have graveside the site, pouring concrete founda- Clow Training School Plans Graduation Graduation exercises for seniors of Clow Training School will be held May 15-17 according to S. W. WIGGLY , inc. TO UMIT QUANTITIES 47cWOOD3URY SHAVE LOTION 49CWQOPBURY STICK fcF PP^ilr Ul^^l^^lBlkllWIw ii B 96c VALUE BOTH iijo^ awBH«7jjpV7TV,^S3?}r!F W^'"^ "" •"""" ' v*^.:.« i&^ lore in Hope. Mrs. Otis breed gave some facts about the work of (he teachers and leaders in Arkansas and in the United States • Congress. She said there is unrest in th country about the schools and with the President behind the bills trying to 'be passed, sees better schools in the fu- tiire. 'Mrs. Ellene Johnson, the Southwest District Chairman of- Texa:-•lima, installed officers: President, Mrs. Opal Hervey; First Vice President, Mrs. Thos. lion moderate in scattered most- afternoon thundershowers. services, tions and pilings and construction Active pall-bearers; Ray Turner, of a railroad spur track to serve Vance Brown, Dewey Putman, i the 107 million dollar plant. Woodrow and Dean Parsons and! Tne prevately owned plant would Reeder Parrish. Not Likely to Be Anybody on Broadway Who Gets More Zest Out of Living Than Burl Ives By HAL BOYLE NEW. YORK (0>) — "Man stress to turn there sport shirts? some of 'cm into feed its power output into TVA lines to replace electricity supplied to atomic energy installations. Its construction is opposed by many TVA supporters who call it an will be the scene of at 5:30 p. m. Sunday, May 15. Scripture will be by the Rev. O. L. Stewart, Invocation by Rev. W. L. Nelson, and the principal address will be by the Rev. H. W. Watson, D. D., Pastor of Macedonia Baptist Church. Commencement will be held at Wiley Chapel Methodist Church at CoalShoveler Looked Broke But Wasn't OMAHA Wl — Omaha police picked .up Torn. James Dalton, 59, it the public library because they bought him a, penniless loiterer. They were wrong. ., . "I am the best coal shoveler in hese parts," said Tom. .To prove it, Tom produced a billfold containing $2,755.86 in cash. , ... While police stared at the sweat- soaked bills. Tom quietly said. money in your billfold and forget it. You'd be surprised how it adds up." While nodded, books showing deposits of ver $3, 000. He pointed at his pile of cash and remarked. "This is just what I have saved in the past three years shoveling coal. I've been so busy I ain't had a chance to get to the bank to buy bonds. It's bad working with all that money. I worry about getting it sweaty." Turning to Capt. Ted Pike, the ruddy-faced coal heaver gave some advice. Mrs. Georue Frazier was taken in as a new member. VIENNA, retary of State' Dulles a>r ubllant Vienna today to al Austrian treaty o£ It .was a gratifying moment he American diplomat, Who) nsisted the ambassadors *>f Big Four powers reach »_ on treaty terms before the fotf ministers meet for the actual, ng. . i'' ', 7 ", f :, t Late yesterday, the Russiini' ceptcd a compromise solution^ fered'by the West on a-'key r ,l»ii of economic concession* s and ft way was cleared for the;s1tfl> on Sunday Of a treaty tb Graduation Exercises for Blevins Baccalaureate and Commence ment at Blevins High School wer announced today by Supt. of Sch ools Norman Jones and Principa Raymond Honea. 1 Baccalaureate Services will b sold in the Methodist Church of Bl evins, Sunday May 15,at 8:4$ a. 1 m Commencement Exercises wijl be jheld in the High School „ Gymn asium at;8:00 p. m. Tuesday'night May 17. ' Baccalaureate Program Processional—Mrs. M. A. Scwel Invocation—Rev. O. L. Daniel: Hymn—Choir Solo—Nell Jean Bonds Introduction of Speaker—Norman ones, Supt. ' Baccalaureate Sermon—Rev. Fimmy Allen Minister, Chruch 01 Christ, Prescott, Ark. Benediction—Recessional Commencement Exercise* Processional—Mrs. ' M. A. Sew• Invocation Introduction of Speaker—Norman Jones, Supt. Commencement Address—Miss my Jean Greene Presentation of Class—Norman ones, Supt. .Awarding of Diplomas—P. C, Stphens . Special Awards—Norman Jones, the stunned policeman Dalton pulled out bank upt. Benediction—Rev. Recessional—Mrs. O: L. Daniels M. A. Sewell. Marlbrook Homecoming Set Sunday (Homecoming will be held Sunday, May 15, at Marlbrook,Church, three miles east of Blevins on Highway 24. Judge James H. .pilkinton will speak at 11 a. m. and dinner, will be served oa the ground at 12; 30 "Don't drink son, staying awayjP- m. Group singnig is planned fpr tria's seven million peopW§; freedom after 17 years of occupation. * ',*'"' In an airport statement/ "I have traveled to rnVnj, tals on many missions, , i have I felt more satisfaction' I now feel in coming-to Viem sign the treaty which'.aVlonf will make Austria free 7 '' pendent. ' •; *' 'This has .been •-centrj.... of United • .States " , P?Ucjr?M achievement Will be haued|b< American people--who'.;hBV«* admiration for' the- r-''-'"-" steadfastness ( of the tT ing people of Austria. Among Dulles' U. S, Ambassador: ii. Thompson".Jr.,<brie 6f?t bassadors* at the^ r tions, and Austrian, ;F' ter Lepbld tended. It ha American help in a position'to sign thai which Austria.has '—- • 1Q years Dulles.»U -„ and indepedent." r' i . J r c Spa ftfa i uii I .|iM'>V|aJAtl'W by the Hous 1 _ 1 WASH1NGTPW l| — has Army-Navy Springs, Ark., another/ • An appropriations bill-pa erday also has a'iection't 'It is the sense of tKocof hat the Murphy" n Waltharn, M«i.. m ,„,., STavy HospHaHn Hoi SpfjHgs,' hould remain open and ' " « operate^ . . .**f^ %*'' Rep, Worrell (D;Arfc).;»J Ion inserted while' t r/ he House Appropriations ee. The Defense Department^ 0 close the Hot Springs., 1C ation June 30 for reasons forJ my, and all patients moved out. .;, Norrell, while noting ,\..,, . House'action does nOt'oblifitrt \rrny to keep the .hgfpU"^— aid that 'as far as -he can 1 n administrative depart: r has. falls;} to he^d'ji, ot the type inserted in the "I The measure now gpes> ! ,'|o ,., enate. Sen. McCieUai^<&AW member of - the Senate * ons Committee. hadUeg,,$ne ? 1 that chamber to keep the -I open,' , „• v if t.V", : j. » ** au^jpuA tti a YVIHJ waii *v ui*«- ^ -r--."•* , iU« initial step in ultimate destruction 8 p. m. May 17. Invocation by the Rev. W. L. Nelson will be followed by class speakers using the therne, "Building for Tomorrow. of the big federal power agency. One Charge in Accident Here Autos driven by Burlen Fuller from women has a lot to do with it too." His money, said Tom, is going the afternoon. This is the 96th years of continuous service, to the area by the to provide him independence when Marlbrook Church. During the-ser he retires. He remarked, "I'll take vice funds will be taken up for per* social security like anybody. But petual care of the cemetery which I don't want anything else." serves a wide area, Ail Around the Town •y TM •»•« Plans are in the making to let .nuns are i" m« IIIOJVUIB iu »w »i,,. . . . ,,,,,,,,,» fifth team in Hope's Big le.gue. , , |Washington were initiated intq Rap 1. Prologue by Eugene Floyd; 2. ... , V%W4 m „ „ .-„„_-. ... _,,.„,. , . . ; Today Determines Tomorrow, Dor-; C harles Gough polled sponsors of .P.f Delta Pi, honor society in educ- is Gamble; 3. The Tools With the four local teams and.it was a w° n at Henderson. Which We Build, Silas Whitmore; 'agreeable to everyone . . so Nat>"h- Compton; Second Mrs, Otis Ware; Recording Sec- Ives, contentedly unrolling a retary, Mrs. Cline Franks; Corres- tleship signal flag. are so many things to do, I'd likej The huge old-fashioned apart- and O. J. Harris, collided at Third 4. The Builder Must Grow, Clarice v m e w ju jj e playing in the Hope Vice President, to live 10 lives," 'said big Bui-1 bat- ponding Secretary, Mrs. Roy Mou-j The red and white flag was as ser; Treasurer, Mrs. Travis Ward, tall as Ives, the folk singer who Miss Lanelle Fuller did a Pana-'became a dramatic Slav as "Big Dollar" and^Daddy" in the Pulitzer prize play, mime of "Silver "Rock Love." Miss Clarice Cannon expressed f 'Cat on a Hot Tin Roof." Burl, who doesn't own even ment in which Burl and his wife,'and Shover Streets yesterday with Perkins; 5. Building for Tomorrow, i ea g ue> ; . ,, seem s Milton Massey, , Helen, live with his 6-year-old fender damage to both. Fuller was Ruby J. Hearon and son, Alexander, is crowded souvenirs of his travcJs. "Isn't this a wonderful to split a head open with?" quired Burl, holding up a with charged with failure to yield the Frankie Piggee right-of-way, City Police reported, thing in Maori ACCIDENTAL EL DORADO DEATH (UP) — Escar Two Hope soldiers have been assigned to Company D, 15th Armor- Former Resident ''til -> J( i%»_dL •CM 0' Mississippi Mrs. Mbdle Axsom, ,ner - resident of Ifoj day mornlm in an sissippi hospital,'.Sh of the First Christian Survivors' i Delude yi>*' Mrs. X,, A/'Ar-nUt. fc..'' a son, Pryant daughter, M^rs, P?ne BMf, Arkansas^ Mrs. John Brunso^^f Miss., an<J MFf. Columbws, " i?. FuneraJ -?'P. m- Music by a f ej low whose first love is basf) „„.., , ball, has for some time, tried U _„..., Principal speaker will be Prof. or g ari jii e a i 00 p in Nashville . . but y r ed S, Ivors, hu&pand Ol Mrs, L. M. Henry, Philander Smith and ( j ft ere simply wasn't enough boys Christine Ivers of Hppe Rou.t^ the University of Arkansas. Diplo- O f the right age'and those on hand an <J Dee Coffei son Q* war clubfrom New Zealand. "And Samuel Liggin, 31-year-old radio how do you like these parade]operator for the Civil Aeronautics Graduates are; Fezell William' mas will 'be presented by Supt. E. R. Brown. want to play baseball, ... so what . , , they will complete training in could be better than entering a lea- 1 about eight weeks. , . , A-3c L.ITTLK: 1 with one jjood. team in. a. neigh- t. Brooks, ol Mr, • ,.,,•- i •- «w j v*w luvc mwaw j^e** i*v.y 1 "f •"* **» w * *'•"• **»w ^'•T** **w* W**MV* «.w -vi******* »i »*"-• *•• » F — - — -^— •- f^MV *»**•** v**y AVW^ * w ^r*m ^.-i *f «w>«f iff, ^4vw^>,4. 9Vfl U* «4M In LOVE and affection for the Club rowboat at present, bought a com-'drums I picked up for 12 bucks Administration here, accidentally son, Charlie Whitmore, Luester j boring city? ... welcome, to Hope's j; rv jn Broojcs of Btevta*, is the out-going President. Miss.plete set of battleship flags at a apiece? Gonna make em into shot and killed himself late yes-, Souder, Jlenry^L.^ Stewart, Doro- Big loop Nashville, and'may ttw signed to Keller Rosa Harrie. J 1 , — t -- — —». . -wviinti f(l(MlV Wlli ii4t\rf | sale ol government surplus sup- lamps. Got 'em at another govern- The Education and Vocation plies. Wrappin gone of the flags ment surplus sale. You canH beat , committee presented the program around his 290'pound bulk, he said to 37 members and guests. The cheerfully: guests were, Mrs. Ellene Johnson' "I've always wanted a set of of Texarkana; Mrs. P. L. Perkins, ship signal flags, although I real- Hr. Norman Moore, Mrs. Carroll ly don't need 'em battleship size. ifynn, Miss Lanelle Ir. Olie Olson. Fuller and Now I -got 1 think maybe those surplus sales for bargains. terday. |thy R. Starr, Odell Sampson, Dor- best team take the title, Liggin entered a closet at his is Gamble, Eugene Floyd, Clarice Never can tell what you'll be able ly fired a '12-gauge shotgun. The home and apparently accidental- Conway, Levator Booth, Queen E. to pick up.' Burl walke'd over and patted on the head two drowsy looking woocl- i 40 of 't-m. Do you cn 3hip fig ui . eneads . I could get a seam- Continued on Page Two , jtt, i ' f A. ^ L blast struck his head. Coroner Tom Barton ruled the shooting accidental. Liggin is survived by his wife, one son and pne step-son, At Henderson Rolf Wylie ol Pres. cott, Billy May ol Emmet Route Two and Frances Weisenberjjer p| Hope will be initiated into Bright and Ruby J. Hearon. Hybird corn is -credited with raising Iowa's corn yield from an Alpha Phi, honorary „ T .„.,„.„,. average of 35 bushels an acre to fraternity.^, , , Juanlta Cc-x of ErO' fy'"wftiA Mississippi as ^ student in and Radar maintenince. . completed basic training 52.5, met and Mrs. Charleen T. Ettey Picked UP] SlMsei haye 94 effect on visjon, especial- ttiwr totv« Ww'"' J J s«y«r»J "

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