The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah on September 20, 1977 · Page 34
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The Salt Lake Tribune from Salt Lake City, Utah · Page 34

Salt Lake City, Utah
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 20, 1977
Page 34
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t " New Proposal Readied To Protect Hillsides By Jack Fenton tribune Staff Writer After eight months of reconsideration, another version of Salt Lake County s controversial hillside protection zoning seems ready for formal consideration, Planning Director Clayne J. Ricks said Monday. Still, the planner wouldn't predict a hearing date for the measure now being reviewed by developers engineers and others who would live with a final product. Mr. Ricks pictured the latest in a series of proposals as "more realistic . more simple" than earlier drafts. And, he stressed it should be less costly to developers and home-buyers who eventually would feel a sting of added costs. Just as Tough But, it should be just as tough as early measures, he predicted. The county's first hillside protection measure got only as far as a public hearing last December before lame duck commissioner Ralph Y MeClure, with backing from Democratic colleague Peter Kutulas, said it was too broad and would curtail already approved projects. They ordered it returned to planners for more study. Specifically, developers charged that required reports would add thousands of dollars to costs in areas where building already is expensive. Existing Zoning Some contended adding hillside requirements to existing zoning would be like taking hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of property without compensation. Most significant among revisions in the latest draft is elimination of costly reports originally required with each application, Mr. Ricks said. The purpose behind those reports was to protect open spaces, fragile soils, ground cover and safe circulation. The work would have ranged from study of geology to hydrology and plans for draining, grading and revegetation of each site. Latest Version : It; tlie latest version, reports could be required by planners but only after study. "That's more reasonable," Mr Ricks explained. Also cut from the original early revisions is a formula using lot size and slope as the basis for charting developable area. "We feel now that there should be a buildable site ... that means a safe area with reasonable access," Mr. Ricks continued. The smallest buildable lot allowed by hillside zoning would be 10,000 square feet, according to the proposals. "The planning commission may require larger lots . . .depending on natural conditions ... to assure each lot contains a suitable building site," Mr. Ricks quoted from the latest draft. At least three quarters of each lot would be land with less than 50 percent slope. v «" "-If f ** ••••:• tf-^ ...,.., . ...... Salt Lake and Intermountain Area Obituaries Tkf Sa " Lil " Tril ~"- fmtttf, s»n«mi»r i^ Carbon Group Hints Secession From UMW By John Serfustini Tribune Correspondent PRICE — The first hint of a split between the eastern and western regions of the United Mine Workers of America (UMW) has appeared here. Four miners o£ Local 1859 (American Coal) are trying to drum up support for a separate western contract or an outrigh*,,secession from the UMW. They have -called for a rally to be held Tuesday night ir, the Emery County High School near Castle Dale. Tom Owings, Harvey Pinegar, Nephi R. Poecker and Dwight Hughes claim that miners in Carbon and Emery counties pay about $4,000 a year more for benefits than they must. American .Coal, pays about $7,000 per year per man to ; the DNW trust fruhds. " '"• ~ . .: Higher Eastern Cost Because medical costs in Utah are lower than in the East, a separate benefit contract would drop this cost to about $3,000 per man, they claim. "You can improve your position by getting a western contract from the UMW or changing to another union and thereby having more personal say in what is done with your sweat and money and the laws that govern you," they wrote in an open letter to the editor of a local newspaper. That letter is the first local public expression of discontent with the financial situation of the UMW's health and retirement funds. Wildcat walkouts in the East over the issue last month larther deteriorated the funds. The funds get almost all of their income from royalties paid by coal companies per ton;of coal mined. When production drops — whether by work stoppage, bad weather or a depressed market — the funds' income drops with it. Last month the funds had to borrow $3.5 million to cover the benefits for 81,500 miners under the 1950 pension trust. The funds will be $8 million short in October, the board of trustes reports, meaning a delay or reduction o£ that month's pension payments. That fund has already liquidated more than $40 million in assets in a little over a year and is now in a pay-as-you- go situation. Benefit Trusts The status of the benefit trusts is equally unstable. As of July 1, the funds dropped full coverage of professional care for miners and went to a $250 deductible policy. This caused nationwide unrest among coal miners. The UMW blamed the bituminous coal operators for not allowing the funds to transfer income from the 1974 pension trust to the three ailing trusts. The coal operators blamed wildcat walkouts for the drop in revenue. Both sides have noted the 24 per cent increase in medical costs in the East since the contract was negotiated in 1974, double the anticipated 12 per cent hike. 50-50 Chance for Showers National Weather Service Data Cloudy skies will be over most of the Intermountain Region Tuesday with showers likely. Temperatures will cool and it will be locally windy Insert temps fk . TEMPERATURE CHART Uhr. Hhr. 24tir. high tow tree. Utah Blanding...; 77 44 BrighamCify 77 46 SryceCanyon 70 30 Bullfrog _ 50 Cedar City 77 44 Coatviile 74 40 Delta ; ?a 50 Green Rivet 82 41 Kanksvilte 85 40 34 44 43 38 50 » 56 41 . 43 55 54 ...... _ ............ _ Milford .............. 75 Moab _____ ........ Z~88 Montioelto ___ ........ Osden ............ ........ 78 Price ...._ ................. 75 Provo... .................... 75 Richfietd... .............. 81 Roosevelt ............... _75 SaltLakeCiry ........... 81 St. George ------ ...... _ 93 Tooefc. __ ................ _75 Vernal ........... ___ 70 Wendover — ...... _....« IMu Boise ............. _ ..... 73 Burtey -------- ...... 75 Gooding ___________ .77 Idaho Fails ..... _ ...... _75 Lewiston ------------ 65 Malab _______ ..... _74 Pocafello ...... _ ..... !._77 Salmon ........ „ ........... _ Twin Fails ____ ........ _TJ Montana fu»e ........... - ...... -« Bozeman. ............. 73 West Yellowstone ..... u Elko ......................... 74 ETy .................... 7] Las Vegas _ ........ "..'".SR {*"» ........................ 67 Wiimemucca .......... _ 71 Wvsmins Cheyenne ................. 73 Evanston ................. 71 Rock Springs ...... 7g Sheridan ................ _76 _ OMtrado Denver ..................... gl Grand Junction. ........ 84 Pacific Starts Anchorage — ...... _...53 Fairbanks — ........ __ 46 HonoMu _ ............ ___ «9 Juneau ........... _ ...... _54 LosAngeies -------- 76 Portland _.._ ....... ___ 67 SanDtego...... ........... 76 San Francisco .......... 70 Seame ..................... 66 Spokane ......... ------- 59 MWwtst Bismarck ................. 60 Chicago. ................... 73 Detroit ................... _7« Duluth ..................... 50 KantasCity .............. 71 Minneapolis- ........... 41 OWahcraCity ......... 83 Omaha ..................... 67 RapidCity .............. -71 St. Louis ................... 65 Easf Boston .................. ...80 Ntw York City .......... 81 Washington D.C ........ 91 57 « 44 54 40 5& 4 40 41 38 49 28 57 47 37 10 35 34 40 74 46 61 56 66 W 56 51 43 64 63 <2 52 55 » 46 38 60 66 68 70 South Atlanta : 61 6B .52 Birmingham— 81 71 100- Louisville ..76 70 .14 Miami _ 87 75 .37 NewOrteans _..90 73 l.Oi Southwest Albuquerctue _ £8 53 El Paso 96 60 Fort Worth 91 7! Phoenix _ „ 101 69 SanAntonio 91 75 Tucson 99 68 Salt Lake Weather Data: Precipitation for 24-hour period ended monday af 6 p.m., none. Precipitation for September, .88, accumulative-excess, X7. Precipitation since October 1, 1974, 1193, accumuiative deficiency, .97. Sunrise Tuesday 7:13 MDT; sunset 7:»MDT. Salt Lak* City, (MM and Provo— Showers likely Tuesday. Partial clearing Tuesday night and Wednesday, btrf chance of showers conf inu- ins. Cooler Tuesday and Tuesday night. Lows Tuesday night mid-40s. Hiah both days 65 to 70. Southerly winds northerly 10 to 20 m.p.h. Tuesday. Probability of measurable rain 50 per cert Tuesday and Tuesday night. Ut* — Considerable clcuds Tuesday with showers mainly north. rr. tr .34 tr. Partial clearing Tuesday nisht and Wednesday with decreasing showers north. Cooler Tuesday and Tuesday night. Lows Tuesday night upper 30s and 40s. Highs borti days 65 to 75 except 7S to 65 southeast Tuesday Locally windy Tuesday Hevad* - Scattered showers in ttie east Tuesday. Partly cloudy west portion Tuesday becoming fair Wed- nesoay. Partly cloudy with a chance of showers east portion Wednesday Fair south portion through Wednesday. Cooler Tuesday and Tuesday night. Winds decreasing Tuesday Lows from the 40s in the norm to the 60s in the south. Highs both days from 60s in the north to the lower 80s in the south. Southeast Idaho - Occasional' snowers. cooler and windy Tuesday and Tuesday night. Partly cloudy Wednesday with scattered mountain showers. Overnight tows 3S to <5 Highs Tuesday and Wednesday 55 to Ext»«ul Outfoek Ttwnday Throw* Saturday U1»h — Mostly fair with a warm- ino trend except for chance of a few showersin the eas! Thursday and m the northwest Saturday. Highs 65 to 75 Thursday warming to 75 to 85 by Saturday. Lows in the 30s to tow 40s warming to the 40s to tower 50s by Saturday. Salt Lake Area Births .6* J)5 .38 .46 .41 .03 .37 .15 .0! .90 Births reported at Sart Lake area hospitals for the ?4-hour period ending at 9 p.m. Monday include: St. Mark's Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Danny Agra'pides. 3338 S 535 West, Bountiful, son. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Kemp. Boise. Idaho, son. Mr. and Mrs. John Ford, 80611475 East, daughter. University Hospital Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Afcrunzo. 1474 Lai rdAve^ son. Cottonwood Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Roger L. Bumside. W85 S. Torre! lini. Sandy, daughter. Wr. aid Mrs. JeffreyC Jarman, 195 Allen St., Midvale daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Jones. *6tl Rainbow Dr., Murray, daughter. Mr. and Mrs. De Loy Osbome. 115*0 S. TTh West, Sandy, daughter. Valley West Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Andrew J. DeCarlo, Dugway. daughter. LDS Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ritter, 315 Vidas Ave., son, Mr. and Mrs, Marinus J. Wells, 3S63 W. Kalhy Aye., Granger, son. Mr. »nd Mrs. A. Eric Eastman. 620 W. 1950 North, West Bounrrful, son. Mr. and Mrs. Jay Taber. 4509 Thayn Dr., Granger, son. Mr. and Mrs. Steven Roberts. 2310 E. 33rd South, daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Larry McQueen. Coatvil'.e, son. Mr. and Mrs. Dcnald M. Butler, 1591 Glen Arbor, son. Mr. *nd Mrs. AJan Bumingham, 70 W. 10th North, Bountiful. . daughter. Mr ; and Mrs. Craig L. Fisher, 84Z3 S. »0 West, Sandy, daustter. Mr. and Mrs. Miles P. Romney. 3919 OHver Dr., daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Duncan, Midway, daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Michael B. Madsen, 2615 Maywood Or., daogtiter. Mr. and Mrs. Jim Abbott, 835 E. «th South, son. Mr. and Mrs. Gary L. Spangenberg, 6» Morton Dr., oavgntw. Mr. and Mrs. Terry Smith, 3140-Sth East. son. Holy Cross Hospital Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Bower. 4197 Hopi Dr.. Granger, daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Michael Cardone. IS6I W. 6tn North, daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Erkelens, 1871 Kensington Ave., daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Ferguson. 34*5 S. 42nd West, Granger; daughter. Mr. and Mrs. Paris Brown, 1466 W. Walnut Dr., wo. Mr. and Mrs. Udo Ungrnann. !«0 E. 4230 South, sen. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer R. Mondragon, Tooele, son. Mr. and Mrs, David G. Sturlin, 3130 S. 2050 West, son. Mr. »nd Mrs. Ira C Sly, 3286 Westcrest Rd., Granger, son. Charles Nichols Payne OGDEN — Charles Nichols Pavne, 77, formerly of Tremonton and Trenton, Utah, died Sept. It, 1977, In an , Oaoen , hospital. hear! 1899- Trenton," Utah, (o J»m*s Levi *nd Ida Matilda Per nellus Payne. Married RosabM A item Larsen, S«pt. lo. 1919, Loagan LOS Tempte. She died April 24. 1946. Married Violet Parkins Hal«, Feb. 14, 1969, Farminaton, Utah. EIoW, Ogden 4th Ward. Police oHicer lor Tremonfon, Trenton and Box Elder County. Retired from Hill Air Force Base. Active baseball umpire many years. Sucmtvors: wife, Oadan; sons, daughters, Milton C., Burtey, Idaho; DeVerl, Tremontoii; Dtan Le«, VeLoy E., Mrs. Bovd (Elva) Ellis, all Brigham Clh/; Mrs. Linda Evans, Anchorage, Alaska;. step-sons, steo-daoghters, Robert G. Ch«cketts, Mrs. Clarence (Reta) Painter, bat) Roy; Mrs. Daryl (Jewel) Hendrix. Santa Fe, New Mexico; Mrs. Jack (Shirley) Coroeti, Oearfleld; 26 arandchil- dren; 23 grest-grandchTldren; 18 step-windchlidren; 10 «*p^great- grandchildren; brother, sister, Cecil Payne, Trenron, Utah; Mrs. Ed (Una) Prlft, Tremonton. Funeral services Wednesday, 12 noon, Tremonton 5ih W»nJ Chapel. Friends may call Roger; Mortuary, Tremonton, Tuesday, 7-9 P.m., and Wednesday, 10-11:30 a.m. Burial, Trenton. ClfvCamsf- ery. Arthur LaVar Rush ton Arthur LaVar Rushton, age 69, S6S West 4100 South In Hurter died September! 19,1977. 1 Bom October! 13, 1907. Hunter,! Utah, to Frank I Henry andl Elizabeth Hard-j man Rushton.I Married Una) Peterson, May I 24, 1930, Saltl Lake City. Later! solemnized inf [he Satt Lake] LDS Temple. Wgn Priest "m — the UK Church. Was ardent ballplayer. Survivors: wife; son:' Bryce; eight orandchlldren; o« areat- grandchild; brothers: Wllford. Hunter; Roy, Salt Lake City; sisters: Elizabeth Kilnack, Sandy, Utah; Myrtle Thomas, Hunter, Utah; Leone Bergstrom, LaPoint. Utah. Funeral Thursday, 11 a.m.. Hunter 2nd LDS Ward, 3970 South 5200 West. Friends call Wednesday, 6-8 p-rn., McDousal Funeral Home, 4330 South Redwood Road, and Thursday one hour prior to services. Interment Valley View Memorial Park. Jonathan Dean Crapo BRIGHAM CITY, UTAH — Jonajhan Dean Crapo, 74, of 406 North 4th East died in a £ Brleham hospi ? tal Sunday, Sep-' tember 18,1977. He was bom January 11, 1903 in Parker, Idaho, to John Burnham and Harriet Matilda Harmon Crapo Married Mary Imogene O'Nell May 5,1925, Vernal, Utah. The marriage was later solemnized in the Logan LDS Temple. She died June 8, 1977. He was a carpenter and had lived m Fillmore, Levan, Roosevelt, moving to Brigham City m 1942. He had served as' counselor and President of Y.MJA.l.A., worked in Scoutlns and Genealogical Committee, ordained a Seventy by Harold B. Lee; former Secretary of the Seventy's Quorum; served 28 months on a Stake Mission with his late wife. Survived by a son: Norman Dean, Anchorage, Alaska; daughters: Mrs. Lawrence (Nelda) Lofgren.. Sacramento, California; Bonnie Stone, Las Vegas, Nevada; Mrs. Sterling (Lafiae) Totman/ Ogden; 17 grandchildren; 16 great grandchildren; brothers arid Asters: Lloyd, Orem; Howard; Roosevelt; Mrs. Emil (Dallas) Hadlock, Roosevelt; Mrs. Vaughn (Esfella) CTNeil, Price. Funeral services will be conducted Thursday at 11 a.m. in me Brigham City North Stake Center. Friends may call at the Olsen Funeral Home, 205 South 1st East, Wednesday 7-9 p.m. and Thursday one hour prior to services. Burial: Brigham City Cemetery. George A. Reams George Ashby Reams. 72, died Sept. 18,1977, in Salt Lake City Born June I, !905, Port Norfolk, ya., to Clsrence and Carolyn HatfieM Reams. Married Loise Moen, June t, 1932, Washington. She died Jan. 26, 1954. Member Elks Club, San Rafesl, Calif. Survivors: son, daughter. George Ashby Reams, Fresno, Calil..- Mrs. David (Judy) Green, Woods Cross; 5 grandchildren. Graveside services San Rafael, Calif. Funeral directors, Larkin Mortuary. Everett E. Hills Everett E. Hills, 41, of 4530 South State, Satt Lake City, died Saturday, September 17,1977. Born May 19, 1916, Orem, Utah to Clinton and Lillie Kimber Hills Married Edna Green in December, 1938 in Evanston, Wyoming, later divorced. Survived by one son and one daughter: Chartes Mack Hills, Iowa; Edna ij>Qean Rhodes. Perry, Utah; six grandchildren; three .sisters and a brother: Clinton Hills, Orem; Mrs. Reed (Tilly) Dixon. Provo; Mrs. Orren (Lillie) Bone, Salt Lake City; Mrs. Audrey Weight, Orem. Graveside services will be Wednesday, 12 noon, Provo City Cemetery. Out of town visitors may meet before U :30 a.m. at the Sunbera O)pi n Mortuary. tK Sou* State, Orem. Dr. John T. Mason BALDWIN. Mich. — Dr. John T Mason, 67. died recently in Baldwin, Mich. Son of John F. and Molfy Gibson Mason. Graduate, University of Michigan Medical School. Practiced pediatrics in Salt Lake City from 1940-1968. Survivors: wife. Kathryn, Baldwin, Mich.; daughters, t< a thy McNamara. Satt Lake City; Mrs. Mary Aadnesen, Manassas, Vlrg.; five grandchildren; sister, Mrs. Rue U Clegg, Salt Lake City; brother, Theron T. Mason, Bradecton. Fla. Memorial services were held in Baldwin, Michigan. Lois Virginia Thompson Williams LYKWOOO, Calif. - Lois Vir- vmla ThompionWilllams, 61, died Sepl. 17, 1977, In > a Lvnwood hospital of natural causes. ! Born June 12, : . 19)6. Salt Lake; City, lo Joseph ; ^ Penrose .and i Evelyn How- crott Thompson. Married G*orae July IS. )»4o! Farmlngton, Utah. Meinber, LDS Church. Designer of «or*i and art creations. Survivors: husband, Lvnwood; d4ug««r, Mrs. Warred (Karryn Marie) Karpp. Torraoce, Calil ; sisters, Mrs. Rodney (Leah) Perry, Salt Lake City; Mrs. Donald K. (Ewa) Ewing, > oi Angeles. Calif. Funeral services Wednesday, 12 noon, Jenkms-Soffe Mortuary, 4760 So-jth State, where friends may call Tuesday, 7-8 p.m., and Wednesday on* hour prior fo services. Interment, Salt Lake City Cemetery. H. Earl Bay Horace Earl Bay, businessman and builder, 515, Nor* »0 West. Salt Lake City •" x "' > -'— •"•• -' Utah, died Saturday evening following a' heart attack a> his home. ! Bom May 34, 1897, TK was a son ol James ivmard and- Mary Eva Day.' He married! Elizabeth folaj Maxwell in the! Salt Lake Tem-l Die Sept. 29,1920.1 She died Nov. i,. .„,, o-m-u,, March 11, 1973. he married Mrs. Chartotte M. King !n me Salt Lake Temple. He served In the US Army during World War I, was a worpl- nent businessman and boiWer m' Plute County, and was Junction Postmaster a number of years. An active member of the LDS Church, he served as a member of several blshoprks for more than twelve years, {Including 6Vt years as Bishop of Junction Ward, Garfletd State He also held many other church positions. One of the founders of Bay-Way Venetian Blind Company, he was also a real estate broker in Satt Lake CHy. In addihop-to his widow, he'Is survived by his" children:. Mrs. Francis M (Helen) Gibbons, Mrs. Henry K, (Bernioe) Glad. Earl M. Bay. Mrs. Robert J. (Mary) Ellis, |U of Salt-Lake City; EK>on L. Bay, Bountitul; Paul N.; Bay, Walnut Creek, Calif., and T..Phil Bay, Salem, Oregon. He is also survived by his sfwxtrfkjrem Mrs. Gary (Ardlth) Jensen, Paradise, Utah; John Gabel, and Larry Gabel, Eugene, Oregon; Mrs. A. Budd (Charlotte) Ursen, and Joseph W. King, Salt Lake Cry; James L. KIna, Slidell, Louisiana; and Mrs. Eugene M. (Kathleen) Wlnberg, Black toot, Idaho. In addition, he is survived by sisters Mrs. Ralph S. (Ethel) Hutchings, ar.d Mrs. W. P. (Celia) Vanfleet, Salt Lake City; and brothers, Francis .L. Bay, Silt Lake City, and J. Leone Bay, Carson City, Nevada, His surviving grandchildren number 88, with *0 great-grandchildren. Funeral services will be Wednesday, Sept. 14, at 1:00 p.m. In the Twepry-Second Ward Chacel, 225 West 500 North Street, Satt Lake City, Utah. Friends may call Tuesday, & to i p.m., at Russon Brothers Mortuary, 255 South 200 East, Salt Lake City; or at the Ward House one hour before services. Interment will be in Memorial Gardens of the Valtey. Bobbie A. Martinez BOUNTIFUL - Bobble Arm Martinez. 34, died Sept. 19,1977, in a Bountiful hos- yi< Pital following fj complications ot surgery. i Bom Feb. 18,1 1943, Blrmlng-j ham, Ala., to! Robert C and Bettie l_ John-, son Terrill. Mar- - ried John a. Martina, Dec. »^ 8,19*1, Salt Lake 4 City. .Member , Mueler Park 7, Chapter ol DO P. -'• , ___ National officer of'the Muscular Dystrophy Assn. Member Bountiful 23rd LDS Ward. Served as counselor in Relief Society. Home maker £ader. Sunday School Teacher. Primary teacher. Activ in Cub Scouts. Member, Happy Square, woare dance club. Survivors: husband. Bountiful; children, Andy, Terrie Ann, Jack, all Bountiful; stepfather, Max Hyrum Parkin, Bountiful; Philip. Bountiful. Funeral services Thursday, noon, Bountiful 23rd LDS Ward, 1825 S. BOO East, Bountiful. Friends may can Wednesday, 1-9 p.m., Russon Brothers Bountitul Mortuary. 295 North Main and one hour before services at the church. Burial, Bountiful Memorial Park. Scipio Kenner (S.K.) Lambourne Scipio Kenner Lambourne, 31, of 3397 South 1300 East, oled September 18, 1977 In a local hospital after a short Illness Bom January 20.1394, Satt Lake City, to William Daniel and Blanche Kenner Lambourne. Married Floreiice Suobury February ' ». 59TS, Salt Lake Crty. Member LDS Church. • Survivors: Children, 2 sons, 2 daughters: John S. Lambourne, Scottsdate, Arizona; Em K. Lambourne, Kearns, Utah; Mrs. Glen (Virginia) Cottrell, Satt Lake City; Mrs. John (Jerree) Rooers, Mapleton, Utah; 18 grandchildren; 29 great-grandchildren; 4 sisters: Mrs. George (Ray) Duste; Mrs. Wllitam (Zina) Statterty, both California; Mrs. Howard (A9n*s> Gibby; Mrs. John (Maude) Camobeii, both Provo; sister-m-Jaw: Mrs. Barf (Dorothy) Casutt, Salt Lakff Gty. Fooerai services Wednesday 12 noon, Russon Brothers Mortuary Chape), 253 Soum 200 East, where friends may call Tuesday evenins from 4-8 p.m. and Wednesday from tl to 12 am. Burial: Sail Lake City Cemetery. Earl B. Huston Earl B. Huston, age 60, passed away September 17, 1977, at his residence. Born October 24, 1916, in Col- urnbus.Ohio, to Harry B. and Lola M. Huston. Married Mary Huston, ™ Columbusv Ohio. He was a- Nina Butts .Nina Manilla Butts Reid, 79, died Sept. 18, 1977, In a local hospital. r--- — Born April'22,1 1898, Oaden, to" Russell H. »nd Mary Fisher- Butts. Married , Clyde E. R«K :; Augjst 6, 1926,1 Farmlngton, I Utah. Employee, Keetey'sl Cafe and ZCMI Tiffany Room.: Member, First Presbyterian Church, Salt' • -" jr*!<* CilVJ m»mbw, Salt Lake City Firs Detriment Women's Auxiliary. •Survhrcrs: husband. Salt I ske atvi ton, J. Kenneth Re*;, Denver, Coto.; five daughters, Nina Trusry, Phyllis Nelson, both Salt Like City; Mrs. James (Dorothy) ftilbney. Idaho Falls, Idaho; Mrs. Tom (Wandal Termlne, San Jose-Cant.; Mrs.B'.aine(Rosalie) Josephson, Indianapolis, Ind ; 18 grandchildren; 12 great- atandctiildren; brothers, Walter Butts, Salt Lake City; Russell Butfs. Spanaway. Wash. . Funeral services Thorsday, 11 a.m., First Presbyterian Church, South Temple and C Street. Friends roey call Memorial Estates Mortuary, S850 South 9th East, Wednesday 6-8 p.m. and Thursday, one hour prtor to services at the church. Burial, Sunset . Gardens ot the Valley. >ij Donald L. Lee f J Donald Lynn'Lee, 49, 1164-1100 j fEast, died Serf. IS, 1977, of a heart !-iailment. . .- , . Borr. Feb. 23, >* iW8. Satt Lake ~ City, to Clarence Hetiry and 1 .- Beulah Cromp-. . ton Lee. Married Beth. Klrkpat- rick. July.)*, 1950, Riverton, Wyo. Veteran, Koren War. Owned and operated automobile 1 repair shape In Salt Lake City ' for many years. ' Survivors: widow; son, daughters, Marsha Lynn, Peggy Ann, Brent R^ Bonnie R»e, CynfWa. k^i* ? a ^,J < * ren ' Christine, all Salt Lake City; grandson, Matthew Oavkt Salt Lake City; sisters, VKtt$&r£ l &:%& r sirffl.'ssr*,^ 1 - 0 -"--'.^ Funeral-services Thursday,' 11 a.m., Eastman's Evans and Early ' Mortuary, 574 e. 100 South, where friends may call on* boor before services. Burial. Salt Lake City Cemetery. Oliver K. Meservy ST. ANTHONY, Idaho - Oliver , an ' avng serve in the Unrted States Army, Coast Guard and Marines, Survivors: two sons: Robert Charles. Salt Lake City; Keith Edward; three daughters: Sandra Houston. Diane and Darter* Funeral services will be' held Friday, I p.m.. in Toledo. Ohio Friends may call Tuesday evening from 6-8 pjn_, at the Deseret Mortuary, X East 7m South. News of Record Area Deaths ADKCNS, Ebba LaRee Fors. 29. Salt Lake City. Sept. 18.1977. AL8RECHTSEN, Ernest, 73, Taylorsvilte. Sept. 17,1977. ANDERSON, Harriet "Harhe," 94. Leamington, Millard County, Sept. 18, t»n. BAY, Horace Earl. 77,515 N 300 West, Sept. 17,1W7. CRAPO, Jonathan Dean. 74, Brigham City. Scot. 18,1977. EMERY, Sophronia Braithwaite, 96. Sept. 15,1977. HILLS. Everett E. 41. 4530 South State, Sept. 17,1977. HUSTON. Earl B., 40, Satt Laks City. Sect. 17, T977. IVERSON, Levi Aaron, 83, St George, Sept. 18. 1977. JARVIS, James Robert, 87, Sept. 17,1977. JOHNSON. William "Bill" Lee 60. Sandy. Sept. IB. 1977. LAMBOURNE. Scipio Kenner, 81.3397-1300 Eaa, Sent. 18.1977. LEE. DonaW Lynn, 49,1)64-1100 East, Sept. 18,1977. MARTINEZ, Bobbie Ana 34, Bountiful, Sept. 19.1977. MASON. Dr. John T ^ Ur recently in Baldwin, Mich. MESKLEY, Charles Nelson, 75, i-cgan, Sept. IS, 1977. PAYNE. Charles Nichols. 77. Ogden, Sept. 18,1977. REID. Nina Manilla Butts. /9 Sect. 18,1977. RUSHTON, Armur LaVar « 5168 W. 4100 Sou*. Hunter. Scsf 19,1977. 49, 68. SCHEAR, Wa Moutfon, Heber City, SecS. 19, 1977. SIMPSON, John James. Kamas, Sept. 18, 1977. WILLIAMS, Lois Virginia Thompson, 61, Lynwood. Calif.. Sept. 17, 1977.. WILLIAMS,- Sytvia May Child.' 7». Brigham Ory, Sept. 17, 1977. Sheriff's Docket Complaints received by the Sa!J Lake Sheriff's Office for the 24 hours ended at 9 am Monday include: Burglaries 500 East, 4130 South block, calculator, Bquor. stereo, cash, Alton Circle, 8600 Soufh block, camera. J2«. ^^ 1670 West. 4200 South block, •dock-radio, *«. Kentucky Avenue, 2400 Easl block, stereo, 23 tapes, SS40. 33» South. 300 East block, ferem-cn set. $400. 3300 South, 600 East block. wallet, tec. «00 West. TWO South block. knife, clock-radio, trophy, S80. Thefts 3*01 S. 2 AID West. 1962 Volkswagen sedan, $750. «» South. 700 East, assorted camping gear, $300. 3855 South, 4700 West block. 1948 Ford Galaxy. VSOO. 9100 West. 2900 Soutti block. garden tiller, Jioo. 3W5 W. 4700 South, f aH*e to cay A tor gasoline, J3.75. ' .- Anthony, Idaho."* of naturalr 1 causes. i. Born Oct. S.iJ 1877, .to Joseph r Robert and-5 Mary OphlljaT K.ingsbur y = Meservy. Mar-l ried Charlotte-'"• Eleanor Bbsley, .>=T Oct. S. 19W, taWliB tt>e Salt Lake! "" Temple. Pioneer j of southeast! , .^~ .«. Idaho. Personally knew Nick WII-" son, the "white Indian boy;" Beaver Dick, Lot Smith and Washakle the Indian chief Partner and Poshnaster'in southeast Idaho. Justice of the Peace m Fremont County for 25 years, member of County Jurymen, road supervisor, county assessor, !"Jaran1ine officer. Active in the LDS Church. Received Ricks OX- »9e Distinguished Alumnus Award May 6,1970. Survivors: wife,- Eleanor. VJil- tord, Idaho; three sons, two faoghters; Oliver Jr., Witford, Idaho; Forest, La Habra, Calif Royal. Whittier, Calif.; Mrs Loa Rfchie. salt Lake Oty; Eleanor Kotecn. Bountiful. Funeral services 1 p.m. Wednesday at the St. Anthony 2nd Ward Chapel. Friends may call at Fjarnm Funeral Home, Rexburg, ' dal ?>; Tuesday from 7-6:30 p.m Burial Wilford Cemetery. Sophronia B. Emery Sophronia Braithwaite emery. 96, diedSept. is. 1977, in a Santa Maria hospital. Bom Nov. 23, 1881. Manti, to Joseph and, Esther Taylor Braithwaite. Married John R. Emery, June w, 1905, Salt Lake City. He died in 1957. Member LDS Church Member, DUP Practical nurse f for more than 50 g> ' Survivors; dauobfers. Mrs. • Laura Nielsen, Salt Lake city; J#rs. Grace Parson. Santa Rosa, Calif..- Mrs. Erma Bessie Domlng- os, San ^Luis Obtepo, Calif.,- 11 grandchildren; U great- grandchildren; 7 grear-great- srapdchildren. Funeral services Thursday, 2 P.m., Grant 1st LDS Ward Chapel, 601 Mansfield Aw., where friends may call one hour before services. Burial. Wasafch Lawn Memorial Park. \ . Levi A. lverson\ "ST. GEORGE — Levi Aaron Iversbn. 83. St. George, died SeptN 18, 1977, a' his home of natural causes. Born June 4.- 1894. Utttefteld, Ariz., to Hams Pet«r and.Juliana Johamah Dorothea"; O«Tstemen tverson- Married Estefla Wharton, Sept. l, 1923. San Bernardino. Calif., later solemnized Sf. George LDS Twnpte. Family has lived in St. George since-1943. Before this fhev lived on me A^SarZ Ranch in Arizona. .White Irving there, Mr Iverson-was a rancher, justice of me peace for three years, a mail carrier for 10 years from St George to Toweap. He made this .[TIPJwice aweek. Former superintendent for Mohave Road Dept. for 10 years. Active member LDS Church. . Survivors: wife; 6 sons, 2 daughters, Duard, Harley, Boyd, all St George; Lee Aaron, Springfield^ in.; Gam. Max. both Las Veoas, Nev.,- Mrs. Ar!yn (Carla) Haw- Wnson, Anaheim, Caijf. ; Mrs Mary Maxwell, St. George; 77 grandchildren; 7 greatgrandchi!- dren; 1 sister, Annie Whi«*>, St George. Funeral services Wednesday, 2 p.m-; SL George 5th and 4th LDS Ward Chapel. Friends may call Thursday, 7-9, Spilsbury and Graft Mortuary. St. George and Wednesday at the ward one hour before servtces. Buriaf, Washington Cry Cemetery, under the direction of Soilsbury and Graff Mortuary. William "Bill" Lee Johnson SANDY — William "Bill-tee Johnson, 60, Sandy, Utah, died Sect. 18, 1977, in a Satt Lake hosoifal, following a lingering illness. Born Nov. 15, 1914, Shreveport, Louisiana, to Mr. and Mrs. James Walter Johnson. Married Louise Madden, Oct. n, 1937; later Divorced. Married Iris Miller, May 31, 1953. Elko, Nevada. Retired mechanic. Sandy City Corp. Member, LDS Church. Survivors: wife; sons, daughters, Mrs. Ronnie (Gtenda Fay) Pierce, Kearns; Mrs. Cecil (Joyce) Allen. Hope. Ark.; James r>rren. Texarkana, Texas.- Mrs Tim (Paula) Miller, Sandy; eight grandchildren,- brothers, Lawrence. Shreveporl, Louisiana: J. W.. Midland. Texas; Hubert. Gladewater, Texas. Funeral service Wednesday. 2 0 -nj>- Sandv 6ft Ward, 8525 South 1000 East, Sandy. Friends may call Jenkins-Scffe Mortuary, 4760 South Statj. Tuecday, 7-9 p.m . and Wednesday at the church one hour prior to services. Interment, Sandy City Cetrwrtery. Harriet Anderson LEAMINGTON, Millard County — Harriet "Hattie" Anderson. 94. died Sent. W, 1977, in Provo Bom June 12. 1883, Goshen, to John and Mary Ann Partridge Parson Jr. Married John W. Anderson. Dec. 6,1905. Salt Lake LDS Tempie. He died May 17. 1960 AcJive mcrnser LOS Church. Primary pres«iefrt, Sunday School tMctier and visiring teacher in Relief Society. vVift husband they managed general store in Leamniaton «or 50 years. She raised's ivfohevt Ray Anderson, WV> dSed May 30,1970. Survivors: several nephews and nieces. Funeral services Wednesday, n a^n., Leamington LDS Ward Chapel. Friends may call Tuesday. 79 p.m.. Anderson Funeral Home. Nertii and at the Leaming. ton chapel one hour before ser'.vice*. Burial, Leamington. Ernest Albrechts*n TAYLORSVILLE - Ernest Al- brechlsea age r " 1130 West, died September 17,1 Bom July 24, i 1904, Emery, •; Utah, to Severen; And M a r yl Chrlstensen At-f brechtsen. M»r-| ried DonettaS Parker, December 27, !M», Idaho Falls, tddho. Marrla Infer solemnlzcui intheManHL^U___ ,^ fm Temple. Attended High School in Wayne County and later attended Ricks Colleae. Hlah Priest ffifn? Taylorsvilt* 2ist Ward.- Served is " Aaronfc Priesthood Leader, Elders Quorum President, President of the Seventies, Sunday School Superintendsncy. Served Stake Mission ind was a Temple Work- f^Came to Sart Lake County in 19»..Retired emplovieof Granite School Diurid. Was a painter, decorator, and dairy firmer. Survivors: wife; sons ana daughters: Ernest Cecil and Mrs. Kenneth D. (Annette ) Miller, both of Cenfervllle, Utah. Brycs Parker, Provo. Utah; Mrs. (Airman B. (Darlene) Maxfield. Tavlorsvllle. Utah; Mrs. Stanley S (Carma) Beus. Flagstaff. Ariz.; Mrs. William A. (Christine) Marsh. Hunter, Utah; Mrs. Bruce (Claudia) Tagsart, Holtaday, Utah; 35 grandchildren; three areat-wandchlttlren; bromeriand sisters; Marlon, Emery, Utah; Clifford, Tremonton, Utah; Rufus, Orangevltle, Utah; Howard, Clearfleto, Utah; Mrs. Dorothy Powell, Salt Lake City; Mrs Francis Fisher, S»ita Anna, California. Funeral services will be held Wednesday, I p.m., Taylorsville !**£ Cen'i*' )39» West 4800 South. Friends may call Tuesday, £3 p.m., af McDouoal Funeral Home, 4330 South Redwood, and Wednesday at the church one hour prtor to_S£rvlces. Ebba LaRee Fors Adkins Ebba LaRee Fors Adkins, 29, died September 18, 1977 from inlurles sustained In an an- tomoblle acci dent. Born April K), 1948, Salt Lake City, fo Axel W Fors, Sr. and Allle Jessop Fors. Married William S. Adkins June 20 WO. Salt Lake City. Survivors husband' and son: Erik; parents, all Salt Lake City; brothers and sisters: Marty Tedd; Axe]I Jr.; Richard; Carol Jackson; Esther; Johan; and Katherine Fors, all Satt Lake City; aunf: Ebba Fors; mother and f ather-ln-law: Marlowe C. and Afton Adkins, all Saff Lake City; brothers-m4aw: Marlowe C. Jr, Rlchfnond, Utah; Stephen S., Salt Private'viewing and services at Larkin Mortuary. James Robert Jarvis James Robert Jarvis, age 87, died September 17, Y977, at home. Bom March 9, W90, in Columbia, Missouri to Wilbur L. and C o r d e I i a Reynolds Jarvis. Graduated as an Electrical Engineer from the : ••••:>-. University of ?••'£?' Missouri where he was a . member of several fraternal! and honoraryi societies. He 1 ~ — was employed by the Utah Power and Light Company where he held various executive positions in Ogden and Salt Lake City. Was Division Superintendent at his retirement in 1957, after 42 years with me company. He married Emma Watklns, August \. 1918; they were me parents of James Robert Jarvis, Jr., and Mrs. George W. (Mariorie) Walton. A veteran ot World War l, he was active in me American Legion and Veterans of Foreign Wars. He was a uieiiiow o* the Kiwan'rs Club In Ogden and of the Exchange CM> In Satt Lake C,rty. He was a 60 year member Acacia Lodge of F & AM. He was parttailarty noted for his life long interest in children and for years was known to neighborhood as "The Candy Man." He made hundreds ot games and puzzles for his many young friends. Survivors include his wife, son and daughter; also seven grandchildren and six great- grandchildren. Private burial services were held September 19, 1977. Ida M. Schear H6BER CITY — Ida Moulton Scheer, 69, died Sept. 19,1977, in a Salt Lake Citv>^s! hospital follow-: ing a I o n g * illness. ; Bom July f9, 1908. Heber ON, t to Joseph Giles! amd Nettle! Naomi McMillan i Moulton. Mar-! ried George- Clark Schear.J later solemnized Salt 'Lake LDS' Temple. Active, member LOS Church, serving as Relief Society -visiting teacher and Primary teacher.... Survivors': 'husband, Heber' ChV^sons, daughter*.Mrs.«ettie . both Heber City; Mrs. RussSi (Lynlie) Chrisfemen. Lake Creek; Mrs. Larry (Caralee) Wood. Moab; Rii*y, Ft. Bridger, Wyo.; LeRoy, American Fork; 17 grandchildren; 8 great- grandchildren,- brother, Orville, Hcbcr Gty. Funeral services Wednesday, 1 s>.rn., Heber «h LDS Ward Chapef, Heber. Friends may call oQn Mortuary, Heber City, Tuesday, 7-9 p.m. and Thursday before services. Burial, Midway Cemetery. Charles Nelson Merkley LOGAN-Charies Nelson Merk- tev, 75. died Sept. 18, 1977, at his homem Logan. Born March 6, 1902, Vernal, Utah, to John and Nellie Bartlett Merkiey. Married Margaret Broadbent, Sept. >, 1933. Salt Lake LDS Temple. Graduate. Utah State University and North Texas State University. Member, Kiwanis Ouh, Logan Temple officiator. District Scoutingcommis- • School. Denton, Texas. Survivors: wife, Logan; trrothers, sister. Golden, Satt Lake • City: Mrs- Elbert (Maoeena) Smith, Neola, Utah; Clvde Trideil Utah: Lotyal. ArnVta^ Fork; Gene s Motes Lake. Wash.; Mrs. Cortlan (Aneita) Hancock, Sunnyvale, Cam. Funeral services Wednesday, 1 P.m., Lowo 7th Ward OwpeJ. Friends may call Hall Mortuary, L u ^2? y ^L D - m - a™ 1 Wednesday at the ward one hour prior to services.-Burial, Logan City Cemetery. John James Simpson KAMAS — John James Simp«x\ «; *ed sept. IS, 1977. in a Coelville hospital. Bom June 6,1909, Marion, Utah. to Georee and Alice Woll- sfenhulme Simpson. Married J-UfiI'e.Ph'lliPS. Feb. 12. 1928. Satt HS? < i t '' ; l * 1 w solemnized Provo LOS Temple. Member. LDS Church. Kamas Ward; home leacher. Past-president, Boulder- Retired farmer Survivors: wife, Kamas; son, Daughter, Rex Simpson, Mrs. Wendefl (Bonni.) Wlkfc. bothOak- tey; five grandchildren.- four sreat-grandchildreni brother, Marv Simpson, Marion. Utah, Funeral services Wednesday, I P.m.. Kamas Ward Chapel may call Tuesday 6 to I P.m. it tt» Russon Brothers Mor- Juj'Vi and W*dnesd*y at me church I hour prior to services. "ferment Sunset Gardens of th* Valfey.f uneral directors Russon Brothers Mortuary. TcLMi - FumraJ services for Marlon Alioe Jukes Clegs will be heW Tuesday 12 noon In the CptpnUI Mortuary, Wit south State where friends may call Moofey 7-1 B.m. and Tuesday prior lo services. Interment Redwood Memo?!*! Estates Cemetery, Funeral directors, Colonial _ '/COLE — Funeral services for Wwren Charies Cote v*lll be held Tuesday. 11 a.m., at the Goff Mortuary Chapel, 8090 South State, where friends may call Monday, 6 to 8 p.m. and Tuesday prior to services, interment, Mur- ray City Cemetery. Goff Mortuary Funeral dLrectors. _ ^^ * * BERG SUNSET GARDENS Ol the Volley "TRADITIONAL BURIAL IN A BEAUTIFUL SETTING" 571-277) * * ft-.'Y-^*"" • • ••» o~itt.-tt.jti p.m. Burial. Manon Cemetery. Funeral directors. Walker Mortuary, Coal- vilte. FLORISTS INVITATION TO B*O Sealed bids will be received at the Purchaslns Department, University of Utah until 11 -00 A.M., September », 19)7 tor the purchase of: X-RAY MONITOR & ACCESSORIES POWER METER OSCILLOSCOPE OFFICE FURNITURE ACCESSORIES FOR MICROSCOPE LANGUAGE EQUIPMENT GRAND PIANO CENTRIFUGE LIQUID HELIUM LABORATORY. EQUiP- REMODELING TAPE TRANSPORT PRINTING ULTRA COLD FREEZER VIDEOTAPE EQUIPMENT PLAIN BOND COPIER AUDIO VISUAL .EQUIP- fln£n» I As per list and specifications obtainable from the Purchaslna Department. The riahi is reserved to accept or re)«of any or all bkfc and to waive any Informality or • technicality in any Wd In the Interest of the University. Only bkb alvlno 9 firm quotation and properly signed will be Bid proposals and speclHca- tlons .will be furnished upon •request. ROY B. PETERSON Purchasing Aoent (£>-«> University of Utah PUBLIC HEARING AMNDA SALT LAKE COUNTY COMMISSION PUBLIC HEARING AGENDA, Thursday, September 22, 1977 1. WILLIAM E. DUNN, SUBMITTING A LETTER FROM Thomas Larson reaBrdlno Consideration -and adoption of a resofotfon auttwrliina *nd pro- vldinB for Issuance of t1MX»OX»0 aoarwute principal amount of Pollution Control Revenue Bonds Due 2007 (Ken- necott Project) by Satt Lake County, Utah, pursuant to the Utah Industrial Facilities Development Act to assist Ken- necott Copper Corporation in the acquisition, construction and installaf ton of certain pollution control facilities located In Salt Lake County, Utah, and the execution by Salt Lake County of ovscutnents relating to said Bonds. ,.2434— Don Worfley — 1203 East 3900 South — R-2-8 to R-M M37 — Oscar E. Swedenborg — 3SJZ Souta Wi East 24« — American Equity Corporation — 2900 South 3XM West — R-1-8S.A-1 toR-1-7 aw? — G*erm W. Turpfn — S7S9 South 1300 West — A-5 to A-2 245? — Bafley & Hancock, Efux — 3700-3800 South 5800 West — A-l toR-l-fl 2&S4 — William R. Bailey — 5770 West 3700 South — A-l to R-l-7 _ (D-27) ADVERTISEMENT FOR BIDS Separate sealed BIDS for the construction of "South Salt Lake Animal Shelter Building — Section — \U." an animal shetter building located at AnoV Avenue and Sixth West to be constructed complete wfth utilities will be received by City of South Salt Lake at the office of City of South Satt Late, 2500 South State Street until 10:00 A.M., September 29, 1977, and then at said office publicly opened and read aloud. The CONTRACT DOCUMENTS rrjav be examined at the followlno location: Tempte- tcn, Unte 8. Associates, « West 2950 South, Salt Lake City, Utah Copiej of the CONTRACT DOCUMENTS may be obtained at the office of Tempteton, i!' n ??'.A A S soc ' ates located af 40 West 29SO South, Salt Lake Cny, Brown Floral Co. "Always the Finest" in flowers 364-5544 _ ah so. loth west _ MILDRED'S ROWERS- : . *86-7M7 _ -15H E. 33rd So. ~Any BIDDER -submitting »'.complete bM on the project, upon returning such set within M days of bid opening and In apod condmor, will be refunded his, deposit for one set of documents. Any NON- BlpOER, or BIDDER with "Wrtfojal seHwill be refunded JTO.OO of his deposit for each set returned in good condition w(th- tn 20 days of me bid opening ... „, 04-IVER P. DAVIS (0-39) _ . _ Mayor INVITATION TO BID Sealed proposals will be re- "ived by the Purchasing Aoenf of Weber Stale College. Ooden, Ut., until 2:00 p.m., Thursday, September 29, 1977, for -. 1. Concrete Waste Receptacles 2- Seal Joints 3- Wresttlng Mat 4. Graprlc Plotter 5. Electrical Cable & Fittings 6. Video Tape Equipment Bfd specifications may be obtained from the office of the Purchasing Agent. Adm. BWa.. Weber State Cortege. Weber State reserves the right to reiect any or all bids or waive any irregularities or informalities hi me interest of the College. ,„ ,,, ROBERT L. NIELSEN JP-35) PurchMma Aynt IMVITATIOM TO BIO Sealed proposals will be received by the Purchasing Agent of Weber state CollegeTOgdelv Ut., until 2:00 p.m.. Friday. October M, 1977, for- 1. Sate of Computer Related Mudems Bid specifications may be obtained from the office of the Purchasing Agent. Adm. Bldg., Weber State Coflege. Weber State College reserves the right to reiect any or all bids or waive any irregularities or informalities in the interest of the ROBERT L. NIELSEN (D-W) Purchasing Agent RKPORT AND TENTATIVE ORDER BEFORE THE PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION OF UTAH. In the Matter of me Petition of CALIFORNIA-PACIFIC UTILITIES COMPANY, for authority 1x> issue not exceeding VO.000,000.00 aggregate principal amount of bank notes and for general authority to incur short-term indebtedness not to exceed SISXXXMWXCQ and to Issue its notes or otf>er securities 'm connection therewith without necessity for filing and approval of each fmar-cing . transaction wlmm the limit of such authority. CASE MX 77-033-04 By the Commission: California-Pacific Utilities Company (Applicant) filed herein an aoolicatlon for au- I^ilX J2. S"* not iwcecding SJWMO.OOO.OO aagresate principal amount of bar* notes and for general authority to incur short-term indebtedness not to exceed MS.OOoXXW.OO and to <ssue ifs mtes or other securities m connection therewith wirhout necewiTv for filing and approval of each financing transaction within the of such authority • ""The application was filed on August S, 1977 and included supplemental rrwterial. The matttr was submitted on the facts contalnMt In said application and supplemental material. The Commits km, having InvesrHwfad this matter and considered the evidence herein and having detwmlned that this is appropriate subject matter for its summary procedure, now makes me following report c*-.ta!n!fi5-!ts Findings of Fact and Conclusion, together with its Order based thereon. FINDINGS OF FACT 1. Petitioner owns and operates public utility, electric, gas, water, and telephone systems in various parts of California and Nevada; *t«ctric, gas, and . telephone In Oregon,- and electric systems In Utah and Arizona. Petitioner Is alsoen»M*d In Jrie non-utility sate of propane in Oregon. Petitioner's principal place <* business Is tocafed at 600 Stockton Street, San Francisco. California 94108. J i^ p tUi ioner "** negotiated a 15,1X0,000.00 line of credit with Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association expiring June 30, 1978, under which notes will bear Interest at 109% of the prime commercial loan rate and a $5,000.060.00 line of credit with Lloyds Bar.k of California expfrtng June 30. 1980 under which domestic notes will bear interest at a rate per annum equal to 110% of the banks prime rate and eurodol- lar notes will bear interest at a rate per annum oqual to y«<?*> above the applicable London Interbank offering rate. The latar agreement also provides for a $1,000,000.00 acceptance facility. The proceeds of all such notes will be used to finance In part and on an Interim basis petitioner's construction program. It Is intended that the notes Issued under these lines of credit will bear a maturity of less man I? monms. although mere Is no restriction on the maturity of domestic notes under the agreement with Lloyds Bank CaTlfor- nla other than the final maturity of September 30, I980/ Petitioner's ptens for the permanent flrianclno, of its ongoing construction program Include tne refunding of Its shprt-term notes from time to time outstanding. Petitioner expects that during me terms at the ; above-described credit agree-' ments Its bank borrowings mlpht no? at any one Hme be •reduced to zero. It is expected that the line of credit wtth Bank of America National Trust and.; Saving* V#njociat»on aW^Sr^ extended from.Jun»30Tl«78 for . successive one-vear periods and that the line of credit. • agreement with Lloyds Sank-. California wIU>H>» •-extended, renewed or hi" some fashion replaced with a similar line of credit arrangement. Accordingly, petitioner Is In a position . to continue Its bank financing of construction and may extend • some notes beyond 12 months , from the date of original Issuance and anticipates mat it " will continue to have outetand- ' Ing bank deb* In excess of 5% oi the par value of its other securities. , ' In order • to gfwe petitioner adequate flexibility with re- soect to the amgunt and ultimate maturity of its Interim .bank, financing arrangements, petitioner requert authority from the Commission for the 'ssusnce of. not exceeding • 110,000,000.00 aggregate principal amount of bank notes pursuant to tha lines of credit •• dMcrjbed above, and any re- newals-extenstons or replace- 3. Petitioner may, from time to time, reouire •additional short-term financing for the Purposes hereinabove set forth. The Board '« Directors of petitioner has detagated to management, me, right and authority to Incur Indebtedness to a maximum of $15,000,000-00.. on account of short-term Indebtedness without independent approval of the Board Short-term borrowings In said amount would not Impair the financial stability of petitioner. In order to avoid the time and expense Incurred by petitioner and _?*., **, Commlislon In repeated petitions for acproval' of short-term financing, petitioner requests that tne' Commission enter Its Order In these proceedings granting approval to petitioner to incur . short-term tndebtodnes* not to • exceed t!5X»0,000.00 in aggre- . gate principal amount and to * 'i"**J5?5 * lyl °** r securities In aonnectfoR tterewith wttnout necessity for filing and approval of each individual arrangement for short-term financing, *>'d limit of authority not to te In addition to the specific authority for the bank lines of credif hereinabove referred to, but to include said lines. CONCLUSION The Commission concludes that the application of Califor- nla-Pacmc Utilities Company for authority to issue not exceeding $10.000,000.00 aggregate principal amount of bank notes and for general authority to incur short-term indebtedness not to exceed $15,0)0,000 M. and to hsue Us notes or other securities hi connection there-, with without necessity for filing and approval of each financing transaction within the llm'rt of • such authority should be granted. ORDER NOW, THEREFORE, fT IS" HEREBY ORDERED, That California-Pacific^ Utilities Company be and ft hereby authorized to issue pursuant to the line of credit aoraenieiHs with Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association and Lloyds Bank California aSa^ any renewals, extensions, or. replacements thereof promhv sory no»»s.In IJie aggregate ZWZSLJi- ""? exceeding . $t(u>OO,000-00 and notes refund' ing, renewing, or extending said •-'• I 10 !? 5 tST "* wuoses set forth • Injhe Findings hereinabove. IT ISFOHTHER OROeREo, • That California-Pacific Utl(Hies Company be aufhorliBd to issue notes and-«ner securities In connection with short-term financing arrangements not to aggregate »15,000.000.00 In-principal amount without necessity for' obtaining separate-'approval for each short-term financing arrangement) said limit of authority to Include and not to be in addition to the bank lines of crelit hereinabove referred to.' The above said authority is 'without reference to any specific Financing arrangment. IT IS FURTHER ORDERED, That the contents of this Tentative Order be published by Applicant in a newspaper of general circutotfon within the State of Utah and me area involved, as soon as such can be reasonably accomplished, for af least two Issues with proof of Publication to be filed with this Commission fifteen days from the date of first publication. Unless meritorious written pro-. test is filed within five days of the date of the first publication thereof, this Tentative Order shall be in full force and effect as the Final Order of the Commission. Should any Interested party file written, timely and meritorious protest, the Commission may, in its d.screHon, set the matter for hearing or for further consideration. . DATED at Salt Lake City. Utah this 15th day of September, 1977. M1LLY O- BERNARD .Chairman (SEAL) OLOFE.ZUNDEL Comm!ssioner KENNETH RIGTRUP Attest: Commissioner VICTOR N. G1BB _ Secretary (D-43) SPECIAL NOTICES UTAH STATE RESIDENTS Take oavcntoge of Our TOLL FREE WATS LINE to pkjce YOUS A3 in Clcssif «d 800-662-9186 S A.M. TO 4 PJ.V DAILY \^ONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY PARK CITY CORP ' INVITATION TO BID Bids will be received by tt» City Manager of Park City, until 5:00 p.m., Monday, Sept. 26, 1977 for an Equipment Building. Specifications may tie obtained from CKv Hall, S2» Main St. or tele- fwone 1-6*9-6474. Park Dry reserves me risM to reiect any or ' ailoids. DICK'S^DIESEL REPAIRS has a 1965 GMC PICKUP, lie. TW-1497 Owner has J wks. to pay bill o^ we will sell truck to highest bidder. 255-1865.

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